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On Thursday, September 27th, 2012 in Press Conferences, Press Releases

Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada Leader and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, held a press conference this morning to warn the Canadian public about the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) made public yesterday by Harper’s Conservatives.

“What we have heard so far about this agreement always concerned Canadian companies’ new rights in China. What we need to talk about are the new rights given to state-owned Chinese companies who want to buy up Canadian companies and resources, like CNOOC in the case of Nexen,” said Elizabeth May.

“This agreement contains measures similar to NAFTA’s Chapter 11 which allows US and Mexican companies to sue the Canadian Government if its laws threaten their ‘expectation of profits’. Chapter 11 has been utilised in Canada, for example when US-based Ethyl Corporation sued the Canadian government because it had imposed a ban on the use of MMT, a gasoline additive, manufactured by Ethyl, which was toxic and harmful to public health. The Canadian Government lost the arbitration battle and was forced to lift the ban on MMT in addition to paying $19 million to Ethyl Corp. This was a private corporation from the United States; what Mr. Harper is doing with FIPA is giving the same kind of power to Chinese state-controlled corporations. This is giving the communist Government of China a veto right over the laws voted by the Canadian Parliament,” added May.

“We do not know if Prime Minister Stephen Harper will ask the House of Commons to ratify the Agreement. It is important they do so if we want Canadians to understand what is hidden in that document. We should consult across the country with Canadians to explain what this agreement means and hear what they have to say. We are the only party in Ottawa confronting the Conservatives on this issue. This Canada-China Agreement is a challenge to Canadian democracy,” concluded May.

May also pointed out during the press conference that:

  • This agreement is for 15 years, and can be exited with one year’s notice, but any Chinese company with investments before the letter to withdraw is filed has 15 years more protection;
  • The agreement gives “national treatment” protection to China, so no Canadian government could insist on Canadian workers;
  • The agreement commits to access to China to Canadian resources and only allows reduced access to China if Canada reduces its own use of the resources proportionally.

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  • Frederick Warner

    Thanks for warning us, Elizabeth.

  • Valerie Barnett

    Keep at it Elizabeth! We need your voice!

  • Dag Andy Hercum

    Typical harpenator sneaky dirty so and so

  • Ken Lovering

    Most politicians do not want the public to know this. Thanks for posting a warning about our relations with China and trade. We are the losers. Looks like the Gulf Islands and Saanich have the highest percentage of intelligent folks.

  • Sheila Rea

    Wow, I had no idea about the NAFTA Chapter 11 agreement, nor this one with China. Where oh where has our democracy gone?…To Corporate Profiteers and their gangsta cronies in Our Government!!! Time to rise up and be heard people…..Elizabeth is doing all she can, and these power boys are going to make sure it is as little as possible. Thank You Elizabeth and all who help her to bring these issues to the public. Together you spell HOPE. I for one am sending a letter or two off….wish I could say the same for more Canadians.

  • trailpny

    you are a brave, brave woman, and we are so proud of you.

  • Phil

    More neoliberalism that will wreck our current Canadian society.
    There is also TILMA that most British Columbia’s are not aware of

  • annette

    CALL YOUR MPs AND RAISE YOUR VOICES-WRITE TO YOUR NEWS PAPER EDITORS!-THANKS ELIZABETH FOR THE ALARM !!!-I’m so very lucky to live in the Gulf Islands and already have a TUNED IN and TRUELY CANADIAN MP!!! Let the world know how you feel about this-it’s the only way to stop it! I’m writing the SUN and the National Post!!!-and the MAYNE LINER TOO!!!

  • Sharon Danley

    We desperately need you cloned Elizabeth!

  • Grace Cockburn

    You seem to be the only politician who a) reads the fine print b) understands it and c) is willing to share it with the public. I am so grateful you are my MP!

  • Denyse

    We need to spread this message to everyone everywhere I can imagine how most Canadians would feel about this deal We didn’t want it even without this horrid news I feel as though Harper and his crew could care less about Canada and Canadians why else would he be causing this amount of grief?. This is not his Country to do as he pleases he is supposed to be the protector of Canada and its people yet Canadians are the ones who end up paying again and again.

  • Denyse

    Elizabeth You have done so much for Canadians and I’m so grateful for ALL that u do we Canadians would have no idea about half the stuff this Conservative Government is up to if not for you.Thank You Elizabeth.

  • Nick

    Go Elizabeth go!! Let’s try to make it clear to the people of Canada that Harper is taking away our freedoms and rights. This person is retarded…

  • Jennifer Conkie

    Thank you for drawing this out so clearly and strongly for Canadians to consider. I am as concerned about the process here- the PM giving away critical rights and power without consultation and perhaps without briefing, parliamentary debate or vote- as about the ramifications of these signed agreements for all f us.

  • Chris Noway

    why do governments love using abreviations and anagrams we’ re all being trained into a formula kind of mind set and it would appear that government does what ever it feels, poor Elizabeth like a lamb surrounded by wolves ,and the rest of us like spectators at a circus, is it no wonder that it can only get worse before it can get better !

  • Beibs

    Why is this not mentioned in any of the news papers. I have written the Globe and Mail, CBC and the National, requesting this story be brought out in the news. To date nothing. Oh, I guess they will print it ONCE it is too late. I advise everyone on those blogs about what Harper is trying to do. Doesn’t seem to faze people like it does me. I don’t understand it.

  • Alexandra Lucas

    I’m not a Green Party member but this has nothing to do with party affiliation. Thank you, Elizabeth May, for being our voice! We have to stop this before Oct 31! Where on earth is your NDP and Liberal backing? I’m so proud of you! EVERYONE: CALL YOUR MP AND DEMAND A VOICE!

  • Benton Middleton

    China, as a communist superpower, should not be fully trusted with buying up huge amounts of natural resources anywhere. In fact, they should NOT be trusted much at all. Their underlying intent could very well be a military operation in disguise, and if left to their devices, could easily use this as a port of entry to expand their own empire first, using this as a launchpad for a major North America invasion, including Canada, Mexicao AND the United States. Be careful and proceed with extreme caution. Don’t be blind-sided by the lure of easy money, because China and the Communist Empire don’t succumb to materialism as easy as westerners do.

  • BG

    Why is Harper selling Canadians out to an authoritarian dictatorship? Why are the NDP and Liberals turning a blind eye? Why isn’t the “free” press covering this? What the hell is wrong with this country? Are all our leaders cowards? Yes they are.

  • Beibs

    Elizabeth may have had a press conference, but I have NOT seen one media article on this agreement. Has it been banned from publicizing this?

  • Georgina Howe

    Canada and Canadians refuse to be enslaved through this FreeTrade Propsed Agreement with China.
    Recently in the news Canadains learned about Royal Bank hiring workers from India through a agency at a lower wage and replacing higher paid Canadian IT workers.
    Also a few years ago a India firm purchased a steel company in Northern Ontario and then immediately tried to replace Canadian Workers with workers from India, the only reason they were not successful was because of a strong Union.
    This Treaty for China if ratified could easily make Canadians, all of us, by law, slaves in our own Country. For years now North America has been fighting for Human Rights in Countries like China,India etc. Do not let our short sighted goverment barter away our freedoms and institutional protections of those freedoms
    NAFTA was written between Western Democracies with similar economies. Chinese and India’s values are not the same.
    Say No to Harper and the Trade Agreement to China as it stands. Canadians, protect your values, freedoms, ability to engage with your goverment and choices for the future of your families, friends and neighbours.
    Georgina Howe

  • Tonyandoc

    NAFTA is a done deal.
    The TPP, described as NAFTA on steroids, is nearing completion totally in secret and specifically excluding elected representatives, consumers and labor groups.
    Look it up – and weep!

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