Date: 2019/04/05 -- Category/Categories: Changement climatique, Environmental Assessment

You can find the consultation by Elizabeth May here. We would like to thank all the Saanich-Gulf Islands constituents who took the time to send us their thoughts on this important consultation. Print this page...

Date: 2019/03/18 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Question Period

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Date: 2019/03/18 -- Category/Categories: Adjournment Proceedings, Climate Change

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Date: 2019/03/14 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Press Releases

OTTAWA — Inspired by the actions of one 16-year-old Swedish girl, students in 50 towns and cities across Canada will join hundreds of thousands of students around the world, to strike on Friday in defence of their future. What began as a lonely protest by 15-year-old Greta Thunberg, has now morphed into a global phenomenon ...

Date: 2019/03/13 -- Category/Categories: Blogs, Climate Change

March 13, 2019 Dear Constituent, The government has released a draft of its Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) for 2019-2022. The FSDS is updated every three years to fine-tune Canada’s sustainable development priorities, establish goals and targets, and identify actions to achieve them. Thirteen areas are covered under the Strategy, from infrastructure to clean energy, ...

Date: 2019/03/13 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Blogs, Climate Change

We are in a climate emergency and we are doing nothing substantive or effective to confront it. Within Parliament and media circles, we ignore the urgency of the climate crisis. Some Members of Parliament understand the grave nature of the threat. Some of us grasp that when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports ...

Date: 2019/01/31 -- Category/Categories: Adjournment Proceedings, Climate Change

Elizabeth May’s adjournment proceeding from January 31, 2019. Print this page...

Date: 2019/01/07 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Climate Change

For politics watchers, the big event of 2019 is clearly the federal election. But for me, the central focus of every month is heeding the clear warnings of scientists that we must meet the climate crisis. I am keenly aware that the best electoral chances in 2019 for the 338 Green Party federal candidates are ...

Date: 2018/12/12 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Blogs, Climate Change

A few decades ago, the department now known as Natural Resources Canada was called Energy, Mines, and Resources. The department had robust analysis and did work on our energy sector, as well as mines, and substantial research and science and policy innovation in forestry. Under Stephen Harper, the slaying of the Canadian Forest Service was ...

Date: 2018/12/07 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Press Conferences

Elizabeth May, with Members of the NDP and Bloc host a press confrence about the non-partisan nature of the need to act on climate change. Print this page...

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