Date: 2015/11/25 -- Category/Categories: Get Involved

The Centre of the Universe is the National Research Council’s astronomy outreach centre is located at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory on Observatory Hill, Saanich. This facility is an important part of the community and has educated and inspired thousands of young Canadians through its tailored school programs, Astronomy Camps, and mobile Starlab outreach programs. The ...

Date: 2015/05/08 -- Category/Categories: Get Involved

Should Bill C-51 become law before the next federal election, I will fight to make it an election issue and ensure it is repealed by the next Parliament. The bill passed third reading in the House of Commons on May 6, 2015. I was the first opposition leader and first Member of Parliament to oppose ...

Date: 2015/05/06 -- Category/Categories: Get Involved

Canada maintains a strong bilateral relationship with Egypt, despite Egypt’s human rights violations. Our foreign policy advocates for the respect of human rights internationally. Thus, a review of this relationship is much needed. Non-violent student activism in Egypt has been stifled and crushed, in which Egyptian authorities have imposed strict security measures on campuses and ...

Date: 2015/05/06 -- Category/Categories: Get Involved

Canadian forces are currently stationed in Iraq and Syria to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), engaged in ground combat with enemy forces in Iraq, despite assurances from the Prime Minister that the Canadian military would contribute only in a non-combat role. Canada has no legal mandate to intervene in Syria ...

Date: 2015/03/09 -- Category/Categories: Get Involved

The Harper Conservatives willfully ignore tax loopholes that could save Canadians billions of dollars every year, instead claiming that slashing environmental protections, social programs, and public service employment are necessary to save money. The refusal by the Harper Conservatives to meaningfully enforce the fair taxation of very wealthy individuals and large companies, while cutting programs ...

Date: 2015/03/09 -- Category/Categories: Get Involved

Canada’s ratification of the UN Convention against Torture and other forms of Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in 1987 requires states to take effective measures to prevent such acts from occurring. However, torture still exists globally because of the complacent and non-complacent actions of states, in part due to the lack of transparency and ...

Date: 2015/01/10 -- Category/Categories: Get Involved

According to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act, CSIS’ mandate is strictly limited to the collection of intelligence, and it is not responsible for investigating criminal activity.  However, Bill C-51 would give CSIS new powers, allowing them to operate as a ‘secret police’ – engaging in ‘disruption’ techniques whose only caveat are they cannot kill or ...

Date: 2014/11/13 -- Category/Categories: Get Involved

Canadian citizens, who do not hold Canadian birth certificates, urgently need secure federal government issued photographic identity cards to accompany the current insecure Canadian citizenship certificate. As of February 1, 2012, new Canadian citizens have been, according to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, issued insecure citizenship certificates without photo identification. Help Elizabeth push this ...

Date: 2014/11/13 -- Category/Categories: Get Involved

Given current ecological, social and economic crises, our collective future depends on all levels of government and Canadians to make informed and responsible decisions regarding environment and sustainability matters. The government of Canada should provide coherent national leadership in environmental and sustainability education and recognize the importance of Indigenous Knowledges and practices in the education ...

Date: 2014/11/13 -- Category/Categories: Get Involved

A Lost Canadian is someone whose Canadian nationality and citizenship are not recognized due to discriminatory provisions under the Citizenship Act of 1947. 114,000 WWI and WWII war dead were recognized as Canadian nationals and citizens before entering war, then stripped of their citizenship if they died before the Canadian Citizenship Act in 1947 while ...

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