Date: 2020/11/27 -- Category/Categories: News, Uncategorized, Week in Review

Week in Review: Nov 23 – 27 (le français suit) On Tuesday, Paul succeeded in passing his first amendment. It was an amendment on Bill C-7, Medical Assistance in Dying. His amendment requires that, where possible, the Minister of Health must consult the Minister responsible for the status of persons with disabilities when carrying out responsibilities associated with the Act. In ...

Date: 2020/11/20 -- Category/Categories: News, Week in Review

Week in Review: Nov 16 - 20 (le français suit) This week began with a press conference held by Green Party Leader Annamie Paul to illustrate the Green Party’s expectations for the Government’s long-awaited Climate Accountability legislation, Bill C-12, tabled Thursday. On Tuesday, Elizabeth and Paul engaged in extensive debate on an opposition motion tabled by the Conservative Party. The motion concerned Huawei’s involvement in Canada’s 5G rollout, and a ...

Date: 2020/10/26 -- Category/Categories: News, Week in Review

Week in Review: October 26 - 30 (le français suit) On Monday, Leader of the Green Party of Canada Annamie Paul came in second in the Toronto Centre by-election. She received 32.7% of the vote, representing a 25% increase in her support from the 2019 federal election and the highest ever result for the GPC in Ontario. Up for debate in ...

Date: 2020/10/02 -- Category/Categories: News, Week in Review

Week in Review: September 28 - October 2 (le français suit) This week saw all three Green MPs in Ottawa to debate Bill C-4 and continue debate on the Speech from the Throne. The Bill passed unanimously in the early morning of Wednesday, Sept 29. Bill C-4 lays the groundwork for the financial aid programs that will replace CERB. With ...

Date: 2020/09/25 -- Category/Categories: News, Week in Review

Week in Review: September 21 – 25 (le français suit) This week, Green MPs Elizabeth May and Paul Manly travelled to Ottawa to participate in debate on the 150th Speech from the Throne on Wednesday, September 23rd. The speech marked the opening of a new session of the 43rd Parliament. MP Jenica Atwin joined virtually from her riding in Fredericton. She stayed there in solidarity with Mi’kmaw lobster ...

Date: 2020/08/24 -- Category/Categories: Democracy, News, Parliament, Publications

Click here for Elizabeth May’s submission to the Elections Canada consultation entitled “Digital Communications in Federal Elections. Print this page...

Date: 2020/08/23 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Blogs, News, Publications

Good Sunday Morning! And what a week it was.  Major political assumptions were turned upside down – chief among them “nothing happens in politics in the dog days of summer.” For a quick review, on Monday, the Minister of Finance Bill Morneau stepped down and also announced he was resigning his Toronto Centre seat. The next ...

Date: 2020/08/16 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Blogs, News, Publications

Good Sunday Morning! So here’s a good one.  An epidemiologist, a virologist and a pediatrician walked into a bar…. Just kidding.  They are way too smart to walk into a bar in a pandemic. Is it too soon for COVID humour? And how about how we can no longer use that expression “avoid it like the plague”? ...

Date: 2020/08/09 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Blogs, Democracy, News, Publications

75 years ago today, Canadian uranium from Saskatchewan loaded in a nuclear warhead detonated, destroying the Japanese city of Nagasaki.  The radionuclides from that chain reaction continued to poison people for long after in radioactive fallout. One reader reminded me last week of Toyama and the other cities destroyed in that dreadful first week of August. ...

Date: 2020/08/05 -- Category/Categories: News, Press Releases, Publications

August 05, 2020 OTTAWA – The deadline for the federal government to submit its final approval on the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 expansion is August 24, 2020. Earlier this year an independent review panel identified major environmental implications as well as infringements on aboriginal and treaty rights. “I wrote to Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson in ...

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