Date: 2020/01/19 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Good Sunday Morning! Depending on where you are in Canada, you are likely dealing with one form of unpredictable extreme weather or another. For those of us on southern Vancouver Island, folks in Winnipeg and St. John’s are entitled to think we are a bunch of wimps who cannot handle winter. But, honestly, as a ...

Date: 2020/01/12 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

A Hard Morning! It is not possible to write a cheery “Good Sunday Morning” after the multiple tragedies of this week. As a country, we are in mourning with deep pockets of grief in ever widening circles around each victim. We grieve with increasing intensity as we learn more of the individual lives cut short ...

Date: 2020/01/05 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Good Sunday Morning! Happy first Sunday of the New Year! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? And if you do, do you keep them? I came across this wonderful set of resolutions from legendary folksinger Woodie Guthrie. On January 1, 1943, he put pen to paper and made 33 promises to himself.  He started ...

Date: 2019/12/29 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Happy Hanukkah – one last candle!  And Fourth Day of Christmas! It seems incredible, but this is the last Sunday of 2019.  I do not need to ask “where did the year go?”  My 2019 was busy -national tour of every province and one territory – 37 communities, a summer of coast to coast Pride ...

Date: 2019/12/22 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Good Sunday Morning!! Happy Solstice! And Good Sunday Morning from Bergen, Norway.  We arrived by train from Oslo yesterday evening to visit my two newly attached grandsons – John’s son and family live here.  So three more sleeps until Christmas!  God Jul! Being the festive season, time for some good news for a change. First ...

Date: 2019/12/15 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Good Sunday Morning! My Sunday morning started many hours ago.  As the clock ticked past midnight in Madrid (3 pm at home in BC), negotiations were still underway, as they continued throughout the night and early morning hours. It is now afternoon Sunday in Madrid. It is quite typical for climate negotiations to over-run their ...

Date: 2019/12/08 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Good Sunday Morning! As you read this, I am likely to be lugging a suitcase off the carousel at the Madrid airport. COP25 is about to enter its second week – known as the high-level segment. Every COP has the same rhythm, while some are more intense than others.  The Conference of the Parties (hence ...

Date: 2019/12/01 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Rabbits! Happy December. (Sorry about the “rabbits.” Old habit for starting the first day of the month from my British dad.) The climate-related news this week focused on a new report on carbon pricing. The EcoFiscal Commission made the case that raising the carbon tax to $210/ton by 2030 is the best way to meet ...

Date: 2019/11/24 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

I remember loving the Sunday ritual of Thomas Teuwen’s weekly message – with equal doses of information, insight and inspiration. And, like you, I have missed it. What started in 2015 as an update to share the news from the canvassing team became a very informative weekly newsletter. It is time to bring it back! ...

Date: 2019/10/24 -- Category/Categories: News, Parliament

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada Langevin Block, 80 Wellington St. Ottawa, ON October 24, 2019 Dear Prime Minister, Many thanks for taking the time to speak with me on October 22, 2019. In thinking about how we can maximize progress in the coming 43rd session of Canada’s Parliament, I wanted to ...

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