Date: 2014/09/18 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

I am going to vote for the NDP’s motion on reinstating the federal minimum wage. A federal minimum wage would only apply to federally regulated industries which comprise only a small portion of the workforce. The reaction to this motion has been fairly predictable. Labour supports it and the Canadian Federation for Independent Business opposes ...

Date: 2014/08/24 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

I missed summer vacation last year, and (living up to my reputation as “hardest working MP”) I was horrified to realize I hadn’t had two days off in a row since Christmas. So I was bound and determined to have some seriously lazy days in the summer of 2014 –  or regret it throughout what ...

Date: 2014/08/07 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

On Sunday September 21 I will be with my daughter in New York, marching with tens of thousands of concerned citizens – demanding action on the climate crisis. The march is timed to build pressure on world leaders and in support of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Solutions Summit on September 23. In December ...

Date: 2014/03/17 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Last week I wrote to US Secretary of State John Kerry to urge him to reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. In the letter I was clear about four Keystone XL facts: - Keystone hurts the Canadian economy: The Keystone pipeline — along with the other proposed pipelines across the country — would carry unrefined ...

Date: 2014/02/22 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

The title might suggest I am about to point out you’ll never find him at the Saturday Farmer’s Market on Salt Spring Island or the Galiano Island Literary Festival, where I happen to be at the moment. But this blog is not intended to be the event equivalent of Yann Martel’s reading list for the ...

Date: 2014/02/15 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

On second thought, this blog should be titled, “Why no self-respecting MP should vote for the budget.” And it’s not because it’s a “do nothing budget,” as the approved NDP messaging has it.  Nor because it fails the middle class, as the Liberal messaging has it.  Not even because it has some good things and ...

Date: 2014/02/14 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

“I saw you in the news!” a co-worker told me yesterday. “Pardon me?” “In the news, in a bee costume.” The front page of this week’s Embassy, Canada’s Foreign Policy Newsweekly has a story: “Little-known federal monitoring centre tracked bee protest.” Apparently, “Canada’s little-known global monitoring nerve centre, which has moved to share more data ...

Date: 2013/12/31 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

I have been over the last few days, like most Canadians, getting the deluge of retrospectives on 2013.  Rob Ford’s name looms large in these reviews, along with Duffy and Wallin, Senate expenses and shenanigans. This review will not mention those names. The highs and lows of 2013 as I saw them: The “Lows” Greenhouse ...

Date: 2013/11/24 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

Special blog by Kennedy Graham, New Zealand Green MP. – Elizabeth The 19th conference of the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change ended in Warsaw on Saturday.   Last-minute concessions produced a limp agreement.  A Copenhagen-style train-wreck has been avoided. It is 21 years since the Framework Convention undertook to stabilise global emissions ...

Date: 2013/11/24 -- Category/Categories: Blogs

As I wrote my Friday blog Saturday morning from the Warsaw airport, it seems only right that my Saturday blog should be written on Sunday on VIA Rail as I complete the last leg of the (too) long trip back to Parliament from Poland. I am sure you know that I would have much rather ...

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