Date: 2016/04/25 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, COP 21

I write this from the train heading back from New York to Canada.  The last time I made this trip was September 2014, coming home from the Peoples’ Climate March.  My daughter and I marched with over 400,000 people through the streets of New York, with the explicit goal of encouraging the climate talks to ...

Date: 2016/04/20 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

The Liberals’ election promises were clear.  The way out of the economic stagnation of the last number of years lay in giving our country a serious dose of stimulus spending.  And the place to spend that money was in addressing the massive infrastructure deficit.  Not afraid of going into a budgetary deficit, the promise laid ...

Date: 2016/04/04 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Island Tides

Analyzing the new Liberal budget for Canada is difficult.  It is so deeply disappointing, yet compared to any budget in the last ten years it represents a huge improvement.  So the key question in deciding whether it gets a passing grade is to determine against what standard it is measured.  Do we compare it to ...

Date: 2016/03/30 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

It is the boldest reform, wrapped in an unequivocal promise: 2015 will be the last election held under the first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting system. It was part of the Liberal platform and was confirmed in the Speech from the Throne. The NDP also promised‎ to get rid of FPTP, as did the Green Party. So while ...

Date: 2016/03/21 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Island Tides

British Columbians need to have a say on the provincial government’s commitment to link the province’s economic future to a very large bet on LNG. The total number of plants currently proposed for BC approach in volume the entire current global capacity. Yet, any review of the global industry reveals declining demand. When examined for ...

Date: 2016/03/21 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

We can no longer discuss the economy in isolation from the climate crisis. Put bluntly, we have no economic future if we continue to assume the changes to meet the Paris Agreement commitments are mere tweaks on “business as usual.” Nor do we avoid climate disaster through carbon pricing alone. We need to set a ...

Date: 2016/03/16 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

Ever since the first televised leaders debate in 1968, the conduct of debates during Canadian elections has relied on a loose set of mysterious rules employed by the nation’s largest broadcasters, tempered by an unhealthy degree of backroom bargaining by the larger parties.    As Andrew Coyne once described the 2011 leaders’ debate decision to exclude ...

Date: 2016/03/10 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Island Tides

It looked as though we had a chance to rid the world of the consistently perverse non-trade aspect of all new trade deals – the so-called “investor-state agreement.”   And then along came a sneaky European Union proposal dressed up as reform of the investor-state dispute mechanism.  It looks like, once again, Canada will agree to ...

Date: 2016/03/07 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

There is a constellation of serious issues piling up on the desk of our new Health Minister, Jane Philpott. There’s how to legalize cannabis, while ensuring medicinal marijuana is accessible and of high quality. Simultaneously, the government must manage health warnings that should be applied as healthy people look to cannabis as a recreational drug. There’s ...

Date: 2016/03/01 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, COP 21

So much carbon; so little time. It is true globally and it is true for Canada. From Canada’s early entry as a climate action leader – hosting the world’s first international scientific climate conference in 1988 – until today, most governments have played for time. Stalling tactics and procrastination, two steps forward and one step back, have ...

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