Date: 2015/02/23 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, News

Green economic principles are pragmatic. Thanks to the influence of Green parties around the world, these core principles have been tested. They work. Central to our policies is understanding that there is no conflict between environment and economy. A smart economy is one that is resilient. A smart economy is diversified, less vulnerable to global ...

Date: 2015/02/09 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

I remember the events of October 22. While I was in lock-down on Parliament Hill, I remember who hid in a closet and who ran toward gun fire. The guy in the closet is now planning to concentrate the powers of the state in his own hands while converting the Canadian spy agency into a ...

Date: 2015/02/05 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

Stephen Harper’s fiscal strategy is being undermined by an economic nightmare. This one isn’t coming out of the eurozone or the United States. No, this time it’s the prime minister’s own policies that are the nightmare. True, Canada rode out the 2008 financial meltdown better than most. Our prime minister was quick to take credit ...

Date: 2015/01/19 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, News

It’s crunch time. The science of the climate crisis is clear. We are running out of time to reduce global emissions. This year Canadian policymakers must accomplish two goals – ensure Canada adopts a meaningful plan to cut carbon pollution while also preparing for the upcoming critical negotiations for a new global treaty. I learned ...

Date: 2015/01/06 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, News

Few see it now, but that is the way the media will cover the next federal election campaign — after it is over. Dismiss it as wishful thinking, but no national media coverage anticipated that I would win a federal seat in Saanich-Gulf Islands, nor that Dr. Andrew Weaver would win a provincial one in ...

Date: 2014/12/17 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, COP20, News

Walking through the streets of Lima on Wednesday in that nation’s largest-ever march for climate action, I turned to a friend and said: “If you had told me when I started working on this issue in 1986 that I would still be in climate marches when I was 60 and that Canada would be ramping ...

Date: 2014/10/09 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

As the multilateral process within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) works toward a new, more inclusive and stronger treaty to limit greenhouse gases to be completed by December 2015 in Paris, the impacts of the climate crisis are ever more visible. As greenhouse gases build in the atmosphere, the patterns that ...

Date: 2014/09/22 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

The federal government, regardless of political stripe, has a poor record of picking technology winners.  Canadians essentially lost tens of billions when the giant white radioactive elephant Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL) had most of its assets sold at bargain basement prices to SNC Lavalin.  AECL went for $15 million, with the government pledging ...

Date: 2014/08/28 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

To the Editor, I couldn’t agree more with Mayor Fortin that citizens of southern Vancouver Island must have a say, and a definitive say, about the proposal to dramatically increase bitumen-loaded tankers through our waters. I am also an intervenor in the Kinder-Morgan National Energy Board hearing process. By reducing the process to largely a ...

Date: 2014/08/02 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth

What follows is my original piece rebutting the National Post editorial. The NP editors requested cuts and changes which I accepted. Still, on reflection, the edits lost much content, particularly in explaining my vote against bombing Libya. I offer it here, unedited, for a fuller explanation. In a catalogue of alleged failings of the Green ...

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