Date: 2014/04/03 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

In the last few weeks, there were a few shake-ups on the Canadian political scene. Allison Redford resigned as Premier of Alberta, the Supreme Court ruled that Stephen Harper’s new Quebec appointee did not meet the requirements of the Constitution, and his long-serving Finance Minister, playing that role since 2006, Jim Flaherty resigned. All three ...

Date: 2014/03/20 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

There was a time when the United States had high regard for its own rules of citizenship. If a US citizen moved to another country, took up citizenship in that other country and lived there for more than five years, Uncle Sam didn’t welcome the returning former American with open arms. There was no re-enactment ...

Date: 2014/03/06 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

There are a lot of intersecting issues coming to a head in the health of Canada’s rail capacity and safety. We have explosions and derailments in shipping hazardous materials, while simultaneously dropping the ball on shipment of nonhazardous commodities, namely grain. The safety of rail in shipping bitumen, dilbit and diluents is critical. The deadly ...

Date: 2014/02/20 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

It is shocking to hear the Chief Electoral Officer for Canada, Marc Mayrand, describe the overhaul of the Elections Act as ‘an affront to democracy.’ But that is, in fact, the core of Bill C-23—the so-called ‘Fair Elections Act’—an affront to democracy. It was introduced for First Reading on Tuesday, February 4 and the hammer ...

Date: 2014/02/06 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

In every one of my January town hall meetings, certain issues were always raised. Constituents of Saanich-Gulf Islands spoke out against the Enbridge and Kinder-Morgan projects for risky tankers and pipelines, were appalled by lifting the moratorium on toxic fish factories, expressed concern about contamination from Fukishima, Canada Post cut-backs, our dysfunctional voting system, and ...

Date: 2014/01/24 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

It used to be understood that a healthy economy included low unemployment and available jobs right across the country. Pockets of persistently high unemployment would receive help in stimulus investments and in enhanced unemployment insurance coverage. Now, all that has changed. Just as ownership of raw resources is globalized, with multinationals from all around the ...

Date: 2013/12/13 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

As 2013 winds to a close, I have good news to share of a doubled caucus!  Independent MP Bruce Hyer (MP for Thunder Bay-Superior north) has taken out a membership in the Green Party of Canada and will now sit with me in Parliament as the second Green MP. I am so very honoured that ...

Date: 2013/11/21 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

Despite months of aggressive lobbying from the Canadian government, the European Parliament remains poised to support a measure that would see Canadian bitumen exports labeled as more polluting than conventional oil. This policy has many tar sands advocates, including Canada’s Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver, worried about potential spillover effects for the Keystone XL approval ...

Date: 2013/11/21 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

On November 11th there was more than one set of sombre events. While those nations that observe the Armistice of 1918 gathered at cenotaphs to honour those lost in war, countries from around the world met in Warsaw, Poland to begin the two week annual climate conference. This time, the nineteenth such ‘conference of the ...

Date: 2013/11/01 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

Okay, maybe this is not really the beginning of the end. I think the beginning of the end may have been last spring when some of the Conservative back-benchers had the temerity to complain publicly that they were being deprived of their right to free speech. And Brent Rathgeber, MP from Edmonton, was even braver ...

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