Date: 2015/04/14 -- Category/Categories: Bill C-51, Island Tides

The fight to amend C-51, the so-called Anti-Terrorism Act, ended after a forced march through the Green Party’s 60 amendments (all defeated), as well as the NDP’s 28 amendments, Liberals’ 13 amendments and ten from the Bloc Quebecois — all defeated. It was a grueling ten hours (8:45 AM- 12:45 PM and 4 PM til ...

Date: 2015/03/31 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

Years ago, when my daughter was about ten years old, we visited my relatives in Charleston, South Carolina. I had not seen them in years – cousins of my mother who live in one of the most beautiful cities in North America. My daughter had no memory of ever having met them. Charleston still holds ...

Date: 2015/03/05 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

For many years, Canadian governments could rely on a sage and experienced cadre of diplomats. Canada has traditionally had a fine foreign service. Its officers represent a standard of excellence envied by the world. To gain entry to the foreign service was a competitive process. Only the best and the brightest were accepted. Those with ...

Date: 2015/02/05 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

The Governor of the Bank of Canada Steven Poloz has dropped our interest rates to help avoid the threat of deflation. In doing so he gave his judgment that the dropping price of a barrel of oil was unequivocally bad news for the Canadian economy. Finance minister Joe Oliver has so lost his way in ...

Date: 2015/01/20 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides, News

On Sunday, December 14 at 3:30 AM the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP20) in Lima, Peru limped across the finish line. The deadline for the acceptance of the treaty that failed in Copenhagen will be next year at COP21 in Paris. Lima was supposed to create an ambitious agenda propelling the last phase of ...

Date: 2014/12/08 -- Category/Categories: Blogs, COP20, Island Tides, News

By the time you read this, I will be in Lima, Peru at the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP) of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  When I say we are “down to the wire,” many Island Tides readers (being well aware of the threat of runaway climate change) may think it ...

Date: 2014/11/27 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

Unlike our current prime minister’s attack on climate policy and push for every pipeline and tanker in sight, this one is flying under the radar.  In fact, Conservative Party talking points make great claims of having expanded the national park system. The following is from the Conservative Party website: Since 2006, the Government has taken ...

Date: 2014/10/16 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

MP Elizabeth May gave this speech in Parliament on October 3. Mr. Speaker, with that, let me convey my thanks to all members of this House for the rare unanimous consent to allow a member from an unrecognized party to respond, although I do stand here recognized as a member of Parliament for the Green ...

Date: 2014/10/02 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

On Sunday, September 21, 2014, the global climate movement mobilized as never before. Organized by in 160 countries, in over 2,600 separate events, over 600,000 people spoke as one. Those voices demanded that we reject fossil fuels, protect the climate and save our own lives. The impetus for the rallying and marching was an ...

Date: 2014/09/18 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides

Those of us convinced that the climate crisis is the single biggest threat to our kids’ future are not known for a parallel worry about the profits of multinational oil. Nevertheless, a piece by one of Canada’s most outstanding journalists, Andrew Nikiforuk, made me very interested indeed. In online news source The Tyee, August 29, ...

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