Date: 2018/05/11 -- Category/Categories: News, Parliament, Publications, Week in Review, Week in Review

Week in Review: May 7 – 11 Welcome to Elizabeth May's parliamentary week in review! This weekly e-newsletter recaps her work in Parliament when the House is in session. Using the links below, you can watch videos of Elizabeth's interventions in the House, keep up with her media releases, and read articles she has written.  Elizabeth ...

Date: 2018/05/11 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, it is hard to know where to start. I would point out to the member that, in 1972, there were extensive consultations when the government of the day, under former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, enacted a moratorium against oil tanker traffic in the passage that includes Hecate Strait and Dixon Entrance. ...

Date: 2018/05/11 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, a little known and anti-democratic provision of the trans-Pacific partnership appears to be making its way into NAFTA. It is called chapter 25 in the TPP. What it does is reduce the abilities of governments to pass regulations in the public interest and expand the powers of foreign corporations to object ...

Date: 2018/05/09 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Madam Speaker, some future generation, if there is one, will watch the debates here in the House and weep at the tragedy of the Conservatives denying that there is any reason to bring in a carbon tax, at the Liberals patting themselves on the back as if bringing in a carbon price will ...

Date: 2018/05/09 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Madam Speaker, I am astonished that the member for Red Deer—Lacombe is apparently unaware of the reason why Petronas, a state-owned company from Malaysia, cancelled its LNG project on Lelu Island and why Trans Canada cancelled its energy east project. It had to do with market conditions and a lack of profitability. We ...

Date: 2018/05/09 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I want to clarify something that has been bandied around in the House quite a bit lately, and that is about the high price of gasoline in Vancouver. This has no relation whatsoever to either pipeline accessibility or to carbon taxes. The only refinery in the Lower Mainland used to be ...

Date: 2018/05/09 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I agree entirely with my friend from Nanaimo—Ladysmith and share her concerns that Premier Rachel Notley experiences death threats. I have already said in the media recently that I do as well. I want to hone in on one area where the comments are the most vile and are not really ...

Date: 2018/05/09 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Madam Speaker, we in this place are quite united in our desire to ensure that workplace harassment, sexual harassment, these kinds of activities are no long tolerated or accepted in any part of our society, although the bill only goes to the issues surrounding work within government and particularly here in Parliament. I ...

Date: 2018/05/08 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Statements

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, today begins National Nursing Week. Every year at this time we celebrate and thank the hard-working nurses of Canada. This week was chosen because on May 12, 1820, Florence Nightingale was born. If Florence Nightingale had been a man, she would not be remembered as the “Lady with the Lamp”. She ...

Date: 2018/05/08 -- Category/Categories: Committees, Parliament, Press Releases, Publications

May 08, 2018 (OTTAWA) – Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands) today lamented the Liberals’ plan to pass the weak environmental protections bill, C-69, with little debate, and a rushed committee process. The bill ignores many of the recommendations from the government’s expert panels, and breaks important election promises that helped bring the Liberals to power. ...

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