Date: 2015/03/26 -- Category/Categories: Speeches, Videos

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I am honoured to be allowed to speak today on the motion before us to extend the mission in Iraq, to expand it into Syria and to conduct it over the next 12 months. I want to start by saying I appreciate your words, Mr. Speaker. The disrespect and the heckling on ...

Date: 2015/03/10 -- Category/Categories: Speeches

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I would like to speak to the bill on pipeline safety. In my view, it is a good first step toward ensuring pipeline safety, but there are still problems. I want to speak to the overall scheme of pipelines in Canada, acknowledging, as I said, that this is a good first ...

Date: 2014/10/23 -- Category/Categories: Speeches, Videos

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I thank all my colleagues for giving me this opportunity to speak on this very serious and grave day. We had a horrible day yesterday. I especially want to thank the Prime Minister for his words today, as well as the Leader of the Opposition and the leader of the Liberal ...

Date: 2014/10/15 -- Category/Categories: Householders

May 19, 2011 Just weeks after the May 2nd election I wrote the Chief Electoral Officer to request an investigation into the attempts at electoral fraud across Canada. “During Election Day, May 2nd 2011, Canadians from coast to coast reported receiving bogus calls misdirecting them to the wrong polling stations. This sort of activity is ...

Date: 2014/10/15 -- Category/Categories: Householders

I think so. Defeated Liberal candidate Briony Penn thinks so. Do you remember that election? The Conservative candidate was incumbent Gary Lunn. Penn was the Liberal candidate, Andrew Lewis was running for the Greens and the NDP candidate, Julian West, had had to withdraw from the race. By the time West withdrew it was past ...

Date: 2014/10/15 -- Category/Categories: Householders

Mr. Justice Mosley found “that the most likely source of the information used to make the misleading calls was the CIMS database maintained and controlled by the CPC, accessed for that purpose by a person or persons currently unknown to this Court. There is no evidence to indicate that the use of the CIMS database ...

Date: 2014/10/15 -- Category/Categories: Householders

Michael Sona was convicted on the evidence of a number of people. His friends, testifying reluctantly for the most part, painted a picture Mr. Justice Hearn found convincing – of a young man with a flair for drama, who loved his role in a political act of criminality. Michael Sona was so thrilled with the ...

Date: 2014/10/15 -- Category/Categories: Householders

It is instructive to read the two court rulings back to back. One, Mr. Justice Mosley from the Federal Court was dealing with what is generally called the Council of Canadians case – an attempt to overturn the election of six conservative MPs where fraudulent calls had been made. He ruled in 2013. In the ...

Date: 2014/10/15 -- Category/Categories: Householders

In my town hall meetings, I am privileged to hear from constituents about a range of issues. One concern that comes up frequently is deeply troubling. Voters are worried that we cannot count on the next election taking place without dirty tricks. This is Canada. We send experts in electoral fairness to emerging democracies to ...

Date: 2014/10/15 -- Category/Categories: Householders, Survey

In this issue… Can we be sure the next election will be fair? What we learned from the two judges who have studied the robocalls Why the judge in the Sona case thinks the Crown witness was likely involved Findings related to the Conservative Party in Mr. Justice Mosley’s ruling in the Council of Canadians ...

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