Date: 2016/10/19 -- Category/Categories: Période de questions

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I am aware what I am alleging is indeed shocking, but it appears that three federal government departments colluded with Petronas, the proponent, in order to suppress science and mislead ministers. The threat to the Skeena salmon is real, but the ministers were given a report that cooked the books. Will ...

Date: 2016/10/18 -- Category/Categories: Débat

Mr. Speaker, I am particularly concerned about those provisions that remain somewhat hidden. We do not talk about them enough in Canada. Almost by rote, people who defend investor state agreements say that it is just a standard FIPA. I would ask my hon. colleague if she would agree with me that there is nothing ...

Date: 2016/10/04 -- Category/Categories: COP 21, Débat

Mr. Speaker, to the hon. Prime Minister, a deep vote of appreciation for the leadership Canada showed in Paris. I was there. I have been at many previous conferences of the parties, one led by our Minister of Foreign Affairs. The last good conference of the parties that actually achieved anything was in 2005, in ...

Date: 2016/08/17 -- Category/Categories: Déclarations

On behalf of the Green Party, I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the family of Mauril Bélanger. Mauril was a dedicated parliamentarian and a dear friend. He was incredibly brave in the face of his terminal diagnosis. It was an honour to stand in the House earlier this year as he presided as ...

Date: 2016/07/07 -- Category/Categories: Comités

Watch Elizabeth’s video blog about the meeting by clicking on the image below. Print this page...

Date: 2016/07/07 -- Category/Categories: Committees

Today the committee heard testimony from outgoing Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand and former Chief Electoral Officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley. Watch the videos by clicking on the images below. Print this page...

Date: 2016/07/06 -- Category/Categories: Committees

Watch Elizabeth May’s video recap of the Electoral Reform Committee Meeting by clicking on the image below. Print this page...

Date: 2016/07/06 -- Category/Categories: Committees

Minister for Democratic Institutions Maryam Monsef testified at today’s committee meeting. Watch by clicking the image below. Print this page...

Date: 2016/06/21 -- Category/Categories: Committees

The Special Committee on Electoral Reform got underway this morning, as MPs discussed how the committee will proceed. Watch the video of the meeting by clicking on the image below. Print this page...

Date: 2016/06/15 -- Category/Categories: Question Period

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