Date: 2017/03/20 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I congratulate my friend and hon. colleague, who is now the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety. I certainly hope that his experience as parliamentary secretary for public safety will not be as frustrating as it was to be parliamentary secretary for democratic institutions. I highly doubt that the ...

Date: 2017/03/08 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, it is my honour to rise today to speak to Bill C-22. I had not thought that we would see government amendments at report stage that undo a lot of the good work that has been done by the committee. I approach this issue by first saying I support the creation ...

Date: 2017/03/07 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Madam Speaker, as this is my first chance to speak to the opposition motion today, I want to put on the record that I will be voting for the NDP motion. I think it is important and timely. The Green Party recently issued a very similar statement to the media calling on the ...

Date: 2017/02/23 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Madam Speaker, I want to begin by thanking the preceding speaker, the member for South Okanagan—West Kootenay, and in fact, the whole NDP caucus for allowing me 10 minutes to speak in this very important debate. I have been struggling today. I keep thinking to myself that people who live in glass houses ...

Date: 2017/02/21 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Madam Speaker, although that sounded a bit more like a question, I would like to add a few comments before the close of debate today on Bill C-18. The Rouge National Urban Park Act is extremely important. It has given us an opportunity to have a discussion about the larger purposes of national ...

Date: 2017/02/21 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I took Bill C-23 back to the riding with me so I could read it carefully over the weekend. I recognize that the bill emanates from an agreement that was made between the previous U.S. administration under President Obama and the previous prime minister, Stephen Harper. I find it heavy-handed in ...

Date: 2017/02/16 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, we do not have to go back very far to find quite outrageous things said by former parliamentarians. I would like to have seen this House in the wake of the tragedy, the murders, in Quebec City. We were quite united. We were clear, as parliamentarians, that we were denouncing the ...

Date: 2017/02/14 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Saanich-Gulf Islands, BC Mr. Speaker, I rise to present an amendment to the bill, but I want to say that it is extremely important that this legislation be passed and that we move expeditiously on the fentanyl crisis. The opioid crisis is a national public health crisis, and for the first time in my ...

Date: 2017/02/09 -- Category/Categories: Débat d'ajournement, Débat, Parlement

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to rise in adjournment proceedings this evening to return to a question I originally asked on February 1. The House will recall, because we have spent today discussing the subject of electoral reform, that it was on February 1 that the Prime Minister changed the mandate letter to ...

Date: 2017/02/06 -- Category/Categories: CETA, Debate, Parliament, Speeches

Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Implementation Act Government Orders Elizabeth May – Saanich—Gulf Islands, BC: Mr. Speaker, it is an honour to rise again in this place to speak to the concerns I have about Bill C-30, legislation to enact the comprehensive economic and trade agreement between Canada and the European Union. There ...

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