Date: 2018/05/04 -- Category/Categories: News, Parliament, Publications, Week in Review, Week in Review

Week in Review: April 30 – May 4 Welcome to Elizabeth May’s parliamentary week in review! This weekly e-newsletter recaps her work in Parliament when the House is in session. Using the links below, you can watch videos of Elizabeth’s interventions in the House, keep up with her media releases, and read articles she has written.  ...

Date: 2018/05/03 -- Category/Categories: Adjournment Proceedings, Parliament

Elizabeth May Madam Speaker, it is an honour to rise tonight at adjournment proceedings to pursue a question I asked. I am really pleased to bring it up when not too much time has passed since the question was raised. It was toward the end of March this year, when we were seeing Prairie grain ...

Date: 2018/05/03 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Madam Speaker, I am so glad to be able to get in on private members’ business. Given my status in this place, I am not allowed to make a speech on the bill but I do want to state that I am very proud to be the seconder of this private member’s bill. ...

Date: 2018/05/03 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Ms. Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the member for Vancouver Quadra, hon. the parliamentary secretary. I completely agree about the hazardous area of the Hecate Strait. From the last time I rose, when talking to the parliamentary secretary for transport, I looked up the reference. Environment Canada’s marine weather hazards manual lists ...

Date: 2018/05/03 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I thank the hon. minister for the report back of this bill. I would have liked some more of the Senate amendments to have been acceptable to the government. However, I wanted to focus on the bigger question while we have the chance with the minister in this chamber. I am ...

Date: 2018/05/03 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I am going to use my time to put a question to the parliamentary secretary, and in the context of that, answer the question from the member for Foothills. This ban on the north coast of British Columbia against large oil tankers has been in place since 1972. It was only ...

Date: 2018/05/03 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, yesterday Canada lost yet again in a challenge that we made in Federal Court against a secret Chapter 11 tribunal that had overturned a very fair, full, and robust review of the Digby Neck quarry. The company Bilcon went from losing to the Nova Scotia Conservative government, the federal Conservative government. ...

Date: 2018/05/02 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Speeches

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, we all wish we were not rising on a sombre day to share memories of such a good guy. The hon. member for Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes has left us far too soon at 57. It is for all of us a deep shock. We heard the news just hours ...

Date: 2018/05/02 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I wish I shared the enthusiasm of the member for St. John’s East that the current government has a climate plan. It does not have a plan. However, nothing makes me more sympathetic to the Liberals’ attempts to deal with climate change, which is a current crisis, than hearing the Conservatives ...

Date: 2018/05/02 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I will follow up on the last question from my hon. colleague from Vancouver Quadra. The carbon tax approach to reducing greenhouse gases is accepted by experts globally, including The Economist and the International Monetary Fund. It is very establishment-accepted by economists that it is a precursor to basically correct a ...

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