Date: 2013/06/10 -- Category/Categories: Question of Privilege

Mr. Speaker, I will not take long. I had not signalled the Speaker that I would make a substantive question of privilege on this matter. However, since I have not had an opportunity to speak on the floor of the House before to this issue, I just want to thank the member for Toronto—Danforth for ...

Date: 2013/03/26 -- Category/Categories: Question of Privilege

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I want to thank my hon. colleague from Langley, as well as the hon. member for Vegreville—Wainwright. As a specific case, may I say this is one of the most important points of privilege I have heard in the brief two years, almost, that I have been serving here? It cuts to ...

Date: 2013/03/06 -- Category/Categories: Question of Privilege

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I completely support what we have just heard from the hon. member for Winnipeg Centre. What we have been forced to see is bill after bill, and those of us who have practised at all in the law who are watching recent court proceedings have a grand sense of misgiving that ...

Date: 2012/10/25 -- Category/Categories: Question of Privilege

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I will make an attempt to not repeat anything that has already been said, but I do believe, having tracked this issue very— Some hon. members: Oh, oh! The Speaker: Order, please. The hon. member for Saanich—Gulf Islands has the floor. Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I repeat, I will not say ...

Date: 2012/06/13 -- Category/Categories: Question of Privilege

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I think this is a critical issue. I have been attentive to this debate. I have already made my submissions on the substantive question of privilege and do not intend to enter into that again. I have had my opportunity. However, the hon. member for Skeena—Bulkley Valley made his point in ...

Date: 2012/06/12 -- Category/Categories: Question of Privilege

Nathan Cullen: Mr. Speaker, arising from a question of privilege that we raised just recently, it is incumbent upon us to respond to the government’s intervention on this point. As you will remember, Mr. Speaker, the question of privilege had directly to do with the access to information that all members of Parliament require for ...

Date: 2012/05/29 -- Category/Categories: Question of Privilege

Irene Mathyssen: Madam Speaker, I have a petition from a number of constituents who are calling on the government to end poverty among seniors. Almost a year ago in the House I presented a motion calling on the government to improve guaranteed income supplement benefits so that seniors could be lifted out of poverty. Here ...

Date: 2012/04/05 -- Category/Categories: Question of Privilege

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, having heard the hon. member for Toronto Centre and the points from the hon. member for Windsor—Tecumseh, I want to make this one point very clearly. On behalf of the Green Party of Canada, I would like to associate myself with every point made by the member for Toronto Centre. Also, ...

Date: 2012/02/28 -- Category/Categories: Question of Privilege

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I only wish to add a comment to the comments made by the hon. member for Windsor—Tecumseh. I also deplore the use of private information as a tool of intimidation against any member of the House. That is a valid point of privilege. I appreciate the clarity with which my friend ...

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