Date: 2021/03/08 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

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Date: 2020/12/09 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Mr. Speaker, it is very tempting to ask about the Parliamentary Budget Office report from this morning, which made it clear that the TMX pipeline only makes money if all climate actions fail, but we have another hot topic. That is the government’s attempts to evade the Basel Convention on the shipment of plastics and ...

Date: 2020/12/07 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands) 2020-12-07 15:39 Madam Speaker, it is a real honour to join the voices of the hon. Minister for Women and Gender Equality, the hon. member for Calgary Skyview, the hon. member for Shefford and the hon. member for London—Fanshawe, marking this occasion with all women’s voices in the House. I ...

Date: 2020/02/03 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Democracy, News, Parliament, Question Period

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the hon. Prime Minister. The B.C. salmon season of 2019 was a complete disaster. It constituted an emergency situation for many indigenous peoples for whom salmon is a staple food of deep cultural and spiritual significance. For the fishermen, tendermen and shore-workers, it is an economic disaster. These groups ...

Date: 2020/01/29 -- Category/Categories: Democracy, News, Parliament, Question Period

Madam Speaker, I am pleased to see this legislation back in the House. I also want to thank former minister Ralph Goodale. It has been a concern for a very long time that the Canada Border Services Agency has no oversight body. I agree with the member for St. John’s East that it would be ...

Date: 2020/01/27 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Democracy, News, Parliament, Question Period

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Prime Minister. We are in, unquestionably, a situation of climate emergency globally. Canada participated at COP25 in Madrid, and we all know that this year every country within the Paris agreement has to improve our target. We know we are not yet on a track to hit the ...

Date: 2019/05/30 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Democracy, Indigenous Rights, Issues, News, Parliament, Question Period

Madam Speaker, we have been debating in this place a climate emergency. We know we are in a climate emergency. It is not in the abstract; it is real and happening in real time. In the community of Pikangikum First Nation in northern Ontario right now, 4,000 people are one to two kilometres from a ...

Date: 2019/05/17 -- Category/Categories: Democracy, Issues, News, Parliament, Question Period

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Minister of Environment. We are part of a very important agreement—and full credit to the federal government and the government of B.C.—as well as an indigenous partnership to protect an iconic species, the southern mountain caribou. I am afraid. I am hearing reports that the consultations of the B.C. ...

Date: 2019/05/03 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Ms. Elizabeth May – Member for Saanich—Gulf Islands Mr. Speaker, I do not need to tell members of the House that our country is in the midst of a climate emergency. We see flooding throughout Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, killer wind storms in British Columbia in the winter and forest fires in the summer. ...

Date: 2019/04/08 -- Category/Categories: Question Period

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