Date: 2018/10/23 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Question Period

Elizabeth May in Question Period: Print this page...

Date: 2018/09/26 -- Category/Categories: Question Period

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, the urgent warnings from climate scientists are increasingly punctuated by extreme weather events, whether forest fires, floods, hurricanes or tornadoes. However, the government is prepared to spend far more on pipelines than on climate action. It is as though we really believe in reconciliation for indigenous people but first we need ...

Date: 2018/09/21 -- Category/Categories: Question Period

Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich—Gulf Islands: Mr. Speaker, I do not think there is a member in this place who does not suffer for the long-standing unresolved issues for Kashechewan. That community has suffered too long. Their students came here to Ottawa this week to plead for a new school. My question would ...

Date: 2018/06/15 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, earlier today, a major report on the safety failures of the pipeline safety system in this country was released by Équiterre. It is a very disturbing record, and it is getting worse. Fifty-five percent of the oil pipeline incidents in Quebec since 2008 occurred in 2017, most of them involving the ...

Date: 2018/06/08 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Eliizabeth May Mr. Speaker, buying the 65-year old Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan shows the kind of brilliant business acumen of buying up all of Blockbuster’s assets while Netflix takes off. I am wondering when we will see the contract of sale. We know there are apparently 121 pages of fine legalese that could ...

Date: 2018/05/31 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan, Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, the Government of Canada apparently just bought a pipeline from Kinder Morgan for $4.5 billion, which it bought for $550 million. There are 15 different court cases right now: indigenous rights cases, environmental group cases, and municipal cases. When the Federal Court of Appeal rules, if the court rules that the ...

Date: 2018/05/25 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, as the first member of Parliament to raise the issue of the Aecon sale in this place, I am enormously gratified that the Government of Canada has decided to stop the takeover of Aecon by the People’s Republic of China, but I am very worried because there is the Canada-China investment ...

Date: 2018/05/11 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, a little known and anti-democratic provision of the trans-Pacific partnership appears to be making its way into NAFTA. It is called chapter 25 in the TPP. What it does is reduce the abilities of governments to pass regulations in the public interest and expand the powers of foreign corporations to object ...

Date: 2018/05/03 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, yesterday Canada lost yet again in a challenge that we made in Federal Court against a secret Chapter 11 tribunal that had overturned a very fair, full, and robust review of the Digby Neck quarry. The company Bilcon went from losing to the Nova Scotia Conservative government, the federal Conservative government. ...

Date: 2018/04/27 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I appreciated hearing the Prime Minister in the U.K. at the commonwealth summit giving a hint of what the leadership of Canada will look like in the G7 on climate, and also approaching the huge issue of ocean plastic pollution. There are eight million tonnes of plastics entering our oceans every ...

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