Date: 2019/06/20 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Speeches

Mr. Speaker and dear friends, the hon. member for Langley—Aldergrove can now be addressed by his real name, because he has passed from us. Mark Warawa was a dear friend of mine, and I want to identify some things about my experience of knowing Mark, in expressing my deep condolences to Diane. One thing I noticed right ...

Date: 2019/06/06 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Democracy, Issues, News, Parliament, Speeches

Mr. Speaker, it is such an honour to put this question to my friend from Edmonton Strathcona, who has decided not to run again and who has done stalwart environmental work. I think I first started working with the hon. member for Edmonton Strathcona around 1984. We look younger than we really are. However, this is such essential ...

Date: 2019/05/31 -- Category/Categories: Democracy, Issues, News, Parliament, Speeches

Mr. Speaker, knowing that we have very little time left, I want to say it is unfortunate that deletions are necessary at this point. I want to again put on the record the deep unhappiness of many of us seeing, in Bill C-97, the use of an omnibus budget bill to bring in provisions such as ...

Date: 2019/05/10 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Debate, Democracy, Issues, Parliament, Speeches

Madam Speaker, I want to put on the record that I will vote for Bill C-55, the Oceans Act, as it comes back to this place. This is probably my only opportunity to say something I have been wanting to say for awhile, which is that we owe so much to the former minister of fisheries, ...

Date: 2019/05/10 -- Category/Categories: Bill S-203, Debate, Democracy, Issues, Parliament, Speeches

I thank those members who are applauding this historic day. I speak for myself and for many Canadians from coast to coast to coast when I say we are very grateful for the assistance of the hon. Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, the assistance of the hon. Minister of Environment and Climate Change and ...

Date: 2019/05/03 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Speeches

Ms. Elizabeth May – Member for Saanich—Gulf Islands Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleagues. It is with great sadness that I rise today to add my voice to those of my colleagues who have expressed their deepest condolences to the Sri Lankan people. I appreciate the words of our minister of global affairs, the leader ...

Date: 2019/04/09 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Speeches

Elizabeth May on Bill C-88: We have to fight to protect the environment in Northern Canada! Print this page...

Date: 2019/02/14 -- Category/Categories: Speeches

Elizabeth May delivered the 2019 Viscount Bennett Memorial Lecture at the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Law. Her speech was titled “1.5 To Stay Alive: Honest Hope in Dangerous Times.” Print this page...

Date: 2018/11/26 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Debate, Speeches

During the Emergency Debate on the closure of the Oshawa General Motors plant Elizabeth had the chance to speak to the importance of helping workers transition to green economy jobs: Print this page...

Date: 2018/11/02 -- Category/Categories: Speeches, Statements

Elizabeth May responding to the Minister of Vetran’s Affairs speech in the House of Commons marking Remeberance Day 2018: Print this page...

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