Date: 2017/06/13 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament, Speeches

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I am rising to speak to this bill but doubt very much that I will use a full 10-minute or 20-minute slot. I realize that debate is on the verge of collapsing. I only wish to say more than I was able to say earlier in questions and comments. It is ...

Date: 2017/06/12 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Speeches

On June 12th, Liberal MP Arnold Chan, who has been battling cancer, stood and delivered a moving speech in the House of Commons, appealing to parliamentarians to elevate their debate and practice, and to citizens to value their democracy. He also gave a gracious “shout-out” to Elizabeth (starting at 07:23). Both his full speech and ...

Date: 2017/05/31 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Parliament, Speeches

Elizabeth May C-46. This bill presents a number of complicated and novel problems for lawmakers. I will say first that I will vote for this bill at second reading. It should get to committee. There are many things in here that we need to move ahead with. I hope that my speech can reflect on ...

Date: 2017/05/16 -- Category/Categories: Parlement, Discours

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to my colleague and friend. I met the member for Sturgeon River—Parkland 11 years ago. I was not in politics yet. I was executive director of the Sierra Club Canada when I first sat down at a table opposite the current interim leader of the ...

Date: 2017/04/28 -- Category/Categories: Speeches

On Earth Day, April 22nd, 2017, Elizabeth and Sheila Malcolmson (MP, Nanaimo-Ladysmith) participated in ‘Protecting Our Islands,’ a public meeting and fundraiser to assist with the First Nations court challenge of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project. The event was organized by Island Residents Against Tanker Expansion. Please see below, for video footage of her ...

Date: 2017/04/13 -- Category/Categories: Events, Speeches

Why does Canada use a voting system that allows the minority of voters to elect a majority government? How does 39% of the vote translate into 100% of the power? How does a voting system that allows a micro-targeted riding-by-riding campaign style lead to negative campaigning, toxic politics and a hyper-partisan, never-ending campaign replacing governance? ...

Date: 2017/02/09 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Speeches

Elizabeth May: Madam Speaker, I rise today and want to begin by acknowledging that we are on the unceded territory of the Algonquin of Golden Lake. We say meegwetch. Before I begin my speech, I would like to thank my colleague, the member for Perth—Wellington. I am delighted that he decided to share his speaking time with ...

Date: 2017/02/06 -- Category/Categories: CETA, Debate, Parliament, Speeches

Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Implementation Act Government Orders Elizabeth May – Saanich—Gulf Islands, BC: Mr. Speaker, it is an honour to rise again in this place to speak to the concerns I have about Bill C-30, legislation to enact the comprehensive economic and trade agreement between Canada and the European Union. There ...

Date: 2016/11/29 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Speeches

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, it is an honour to rise today to speak to Bill C-26, a bill to enhance the Canada pension plan. I want to start by lamenting, as I did this morning, time allocation, which is bringing this debate to a premature end. I think this is one of those times, particularly ...

Date: 2016/11/22 -- Category/Categories: CETA, Speeches

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to address Bill C-30, the act to implement the comprehensive economic and trade agreement between the European Union and Canada. It is my intention to focus on the investor-state provisions within CETA. I want the record to show that the Green Party shares ...

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