Date: 2018/05/08 -- Category/Categories: Environmental Assessment, News, Press Conferences

On Tuesday, May 8, deliberations commenced at clause-by-clause regarding Bill C-69, An Act to enact the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, to amend the Navigation Protection Act. Over 400 amendments have been submitted, of which Elizabeth provided the most at 155. Click below to hear her remarks on the process and ...

Date: 2018/04/20 -- Category/Categories: Press Conferences

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Date: 2018/04/20 -- Category/Categories: Press Conferences

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Date: 2018/02/01 -- Category/Categories: Democracy, Press Conferences

February 01, 2018 (OTTAWA) — Today marks exactly one year since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau abandoned a central campaign promise — to make the 2015 federal election the last held under the first-past-the-post electoral system. “This betrayal of the trust that Canadians, myself included, put into this government, will never be forgotten,” said Elizabeth May. ...

Date: 2017/12/15 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Press Conferences

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Date: 2017/11/10 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, COP 23, Press Conferences

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Date: 2017/04/10 -- Category/Categories: News, Press Conferences

Dear Friends and Supporters, On Tuesday, MPs from all parties and a Senator gathered to call for a strengthened Federal Lyme Disease Framework. Senator Kelvin Ogilvie, Conservative Senator from Nova Scotia, a world-respected scientist before being named to the Senate and Chair of the Senate Social Affairs, Science and Technology Committee, joined me, as well as MPs ...

Date: 2017/04/03 -- Category/Categories: Parliament, Press Conferences

On April 3rd, 2017, Elizabeth held a press conference, seen below, and released a report detailing a number of changes which could be made to the rules and procedures governing the House of Commons in order to improve the democratic legitimacy, sustainability and functionality of Canada’s Parliament. A pdf copy of the accompanying report, submitted to the Government and ...

Date: 2017/02/06 -- Category/Categories: Press Conferences

Prominent U.S. energy and climate policy expert Daphne Wysham, Director of the Climate and Energy Program at the Center for Sustainable Economy, and Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands), held a press conference to discuss climate action and the Paris Agreement in the context of a Trump presidency. Ms. May also discussed ...

Date: 2017/02/01 -- Category/Categories: News, Press Conferences

“I feel more deeply shocked today by this government’s actions than any other in my adult life. Thousands upon thousands of Canadians put faith in this government’s – and in this prime minister’s – direct promise that 2015 would be the last election under First Past the Post. This betrayal is one felt by all ...

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