Date: 2013/10/28 -- Category/Categories: Backgrounder

At his trial last week, there were a number of events that could have been taken into account: Omar is blind in one eye due to shrapnel from the Delta Force bombing of the compound where Omar was staying. During a decade in Guantanamo, he did not receive any medical care to prevent total loss ...

Date: 2013/09/25 -- Category/Categories: Backgrounder

In September 2013, Elizabeth May conducted a series of eight town halls in her riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands and participated in several other events. Elizabeth loves the opportunity to meet consistuents, give them an update on the previous Parliamentary session and respond to any questions the town hall participants might have. Over 780 individuals were ...

Date: 2013/05/20 -- Category/Categories: Backgrounder

John McCauley Director, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency 160 Elgin Street, 22nd Floor Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H3 RE: PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE REGULATIONS DESIGNATING PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES UNDER THE CANADIAN ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT ACT, 2012 May 20th, 2013 Dear Mr. McCauley: The following comments are submitted as a response to the government’s call for ...

Date: 2013/01/29 -- Category/Categories: Backgrounder, TPP

Environmental Assessment of Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement Negotiations Trade Agreements and NAFTA Secretariat (TAS) Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Lester B. Pearson Building, 125 Sussex Drive Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0G2 January 29, 2013 To whom it may concern, The following comments are submitted as part of the Environmental Assessment of the Trans-Pacific Partnership ...

Date: 2013/01/28 -- Category/Categories: Backgrounder

IRS Tax Collection: Evasion of the US or Invasion of Canada? The Green Party of Canada is calling on the government of Canada to stand on guard against the demands of the United States (US) for extraterritorial enforcement of an American law: the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The Government of Canada must protect ...

Date: 2013/01/23 -- Category/Categories: Backgrounder

First Nations: Working Towards Fundamental Change In the true spirit of commitment to initiate dialogue to discuss both Treaty and non-Treaty Indigenous issues on behalf of our First Nations Peoples of Canada, Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat First Nation and Mr. Raymond Robinson of Cross Lake, Manitoba will continue their Hunger Strike, pending outcome of ...

Date: 2012/12/14 -- Category/Categories: Backgrounder

Canada is required under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to maintain an inventory of overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to submit an annual report. All of the GHG emission reduction targets that Canada has set for itself refer to reductions in overall emissions. This includes the Kyoto target set in 1997 ...

Date: 2012/12/13 -- Category/Categories: Backgrounder

May 2, 2011: Federal Election May 14, 2011: Green Party of Canada wrote to Elections Canada to register complaints about electoral irregularities. February, 2012: Postmedia News and the Ottawa Citizen reported that, during the 2011 federal election, misleading automated phone calls were made in the riding of Guelph Ontario using...

Date: 2012/10/01 -- Category/Categories: Backgrounder

Leader of the Green Party MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands October 1, 2012 Dear Ms. Elizabeth May, As the new Medical Director of the Complex Chronic Diseases Program that was initiated to help patients with Lyme disease, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, I would like to request a meeting with you. In your private member’s ...

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