Date: 2021/02/28 -- Category/Categories: Good Sunday Morning, Publications

Good Sunday Morning! And ushering in March tomorrow – marking a full year of pandemic. My husband remarked the other morning as our dog Xo came bounding along, all chipper and ready for another really fun doggy day, “The best description of dogs I have ever heard,” said John, “is the ‘Designated Optimist.’” And – ...

Date: 2021/02/14 -- Category/Categories: Good Sunday Morning, Publications

Good Sunday Morning! And a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Here on Vancouver Island, we had an uncommonly large snowfall yesterday after a deep chill from the Polar Vortex that has gripped much of Canada. Another reminder of the climate emergency generally missed by our nightly news and weather reports. How the warming of the globe ...

Date: 2021/01/31 -- Category/Categories: Good Sunday Morning, Publications

And the last day of January. This last week was our first back in parliamentary work. It was a relief when the rules to allow virtual sittings were quickly adopted by unanimous consent first thing Monday morning. (Actually, my “first thing” on Monday was a 5 am meeting of our Global Greens working group to ...

Date: 2021/01/24 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Good Sunday Morning, Publications

And Happy Robbie Burns Day for those who celebrate! Apologies to my brother in Cape Breton who decries the veneration of a lowland Scot who spoke no Gaelic! I have been thinking a lot lately about the nature of Canadian federation and the challenges, in so many areas of public policy, caused by jurisdictional boundaries ...

Date: 2021/01/17 -- Category/Categories: Good Sunday Morning, Publications

I don’t know how many of you are on twitter – speaking in tweets – engaging in advocacy in small bursts.  A sort of rhetorical Haiku. There are many social media platforms out there – FaceBook and Instagram and Tik Tok and others – all ways to communicate, organize, bully and terrorize.  These digital giants collectively get ...

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