Elizabeth May Supports Ontario Chiefs’ Policy Initiatives at AFN Annual Gathering

On Thursday, July 9th, 2015 in Press Releases, Publications

OTTAWA – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP (Saanich – Gulf Islands), attended the 36th Annual Assembly of First Nations’ (AFN) General Assembly in Montreal yesterday. Ms. May delivered a speech to the General Assembly and was the only federal party leader to receive a standing ovation.

In addition, Ms. May met with the First Nation Chiefs of Ontario, including Chief Fawn Wapioke (Shoal Lake 39), Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day and Wray Maracle, Councillor Six Nations of Grand River. At the meeting, Elizabeth May and the Green Party pledged to work towards the following policy initiatives if elected:

· Repeal Bill C-51: the Anti-Terrorism Act 2015 and the omnibus budget bills C-38 and Bill C-45.

· Fully fund the infrastructure needs of First Nations communities listed in the First Nations Safe Drinking Water Act 2013, and removing regulatory penalties for communities in non-compliance with the act.

· Amend the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 and the National Energy Board Act 1985 to recognize Indigenous approval of projects as equivalent in weight to the federal government’s approval.

· Support Shoal Lake 39 in their efforts to defend their community and their water.

“I was pleased to find that First Nations are interested in the Green Party proposal for a Council of Canadian Governments – Bringing governments at all levels around the same table,” said Ms. May.

“For Shoal Lake 39 we need to end the buck-passing between different levels of government to find a permanent and fair resolution to the Shoal Lake 39 and Shoal Lake 40 decades of injustice.

“In the next election, the Green Party pledges to work with Indigenous communities to create jobs and improve the health outcomes of all Canadians and First Nations. Canadians expect and deserve a Canada that works together. I look forward to working with Indigenous communities in the next Parliament towards these goals.”

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  • Dr B

    Considering our Governmental process is based on the original first five nations democratic system except for the senate body which then should be filled with Grandmothers who reflect and weigh the choices of lawmakers and the impact of those proposed laws on the people for the next 7 generations,,,our Senate is filled with appointed business men to ensure business interests.
    Sadly I say…the only terrorism is corporate terrorism, as each spend millions to protect and ensure it’s business interests and it’s existence…The corporate entity or fiction trying to become real through the monetary power they influence with. It is not real…human beings (the people) are real….yet our government regards the corporation above the people and this must change.

    So if every town,city,county,province and Canada are a corporation what makes them real or seem real? The tolerance of the people..maybe?

    Yes Bill 51 must be repealed or allowed to die on the floor where it belongs….and as for any and all laws,orders and Bills that take away any basic right to life and freedom which have already been in place since this country was created by more people minded leaders.


    Canada has already contravened the British North America Act 1867 which is the core of the constitution of Canada ( Canada is a Crown Corporation) this act empowered it with certain powers to create it’s own governance, money, military, civil laws etc and hence have continued to breach said act with the many laws it has since passed. Especially with the laws that immune law makers and corporation from judicial process or to pay for the crimes…yes crimes… they have committed and or influenced others to commit.


    When we look at all the first nation treaties not honored by Canada and all the political ploys and bureaucratic delays for the last 130 years…it disgusts me….while it seems that the Canadian government hopes the first nations people will die off and the younger generation will forget their claims to these treaties. Beside the fact that most of them were settled on reserves in radio active areas or with contaminated water supplies….this is short of genocide…hence the need for the First Nations Safe Drinking Water Act 2013.

    People awake up our Gov is doing the same thing to you all…yes all of us.

    They are businessmen looking out for corporate and business interests and influential power. It seems everyone has a price…what is yours?

    I commend you, Elizabeth May, in your interest and willingness to right our governments past wrongs…while maintaining an open dialog with all people of this great country.

    What would it take to right these wrongs?

    When will the people,,,yes the human beings and their welfare…come first ?

    When will the great assets of those who perpetrated these crimes against our people be seized to pay the debts of this country…so they will no longer be able to influence their sick and disturbing agendas?

    When I ask, will the justice dept act ?

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