Personal Expenses for Elizabeth May as Member of Parliament

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When Members are in travel status (meaning outside their riding), they may charge their travel-related accommodation, meal and incidental expenses to the Travel Status Expenses Account subject to certain conditions as determined by the Board of Internal Economy. Only Members’ expenses may be charged to this account. The Board of Internal Economy has set a maximum limit that Members may claim against the Travel Status Expenses Account.

Allowable Personal Claim
for 2011-2012
Secondary Residence Costs*
Travel Costs**
Per Diem***

Travel Status Expense Account includes the following claimable items:

  • Secondary Residences Costs
  • Per diem costs when outside the riding
  • Travel costs within the riding or within the province the riding is located

* Secondary Residence costs CAN include the following:

  • Rental of furnished or unfurnished apartments, condominiums or homes, whether leased or rented by the day, week or month, except for leasing or rental arrangements that include a purchase option;
  • One basic telephone line;
  • Basic cablevision; and,
  • Utilities (oil, natural gas, propane, electricity, water and water tanks).

Note that Elizabeth May only claims rent but does not claim phone, cable and utilities for the secondary residence.

** Travel Costs

The Member is allowed to claim all travel costs for travel within the province their riding is located and for travel to/from Ottawa.

Note that Elizabeth May absorbs the vast majority of travel costs within her riding personally.

*** Per Diem

A Member of Parliament is allowed to claim a per diem of $83.25 per day when outside the riding. Elizabeth claimed a total of 56 days in the 2011-2012 fiscal year, however she was outside the riding approximately 6 months of the 2011-2012 year.

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  • Rick Papineau

    Like usual, Elizabeth May is leading by example.

  • Ali Mc

    Pretty interesting to even be able to read something like this :) thanks for sharing

  • Rahul Mehta

    A wonderful leader…and she will keep on leading!

  • Anastassia

    Hopefully, other politicians follow suit and release their own expense reports. I’m also hoping for a much larger victory for greens next federal election. I’d like to see Elizabeth may be our first real woman Prime Minister, and not some one-off colossal screw-up for a couple weeks so we can pretend we’ve had a woman leading our country.

  • Stefanie Helbich

    What an amazing example of transparency. If only every other MP/MPP could set this example.

  • Don Duvall

    If you ever need a leading by example, this is it! Thank you Elizabeth May.

  • Sandra

    You are a shining example, Elizabeth. I admire you and you make me proud.

  • Dianne Kyd

    Thanks, you do set a good example and have commendable accountability,however, this should not be the exception. The people that are trusted to take care of our affairs politically should NOT be taking advantage and cheating people .

  • KenSfromRamara

    I’ve asked my guy Bruce Stanton to follow your example. Still waiting for his reply

  • Nick

    Honestly, I couldn’t care less whether or taxi fares and whatnot are billed to taxpayers. Things like this are expected, and I’m sure we agree that in most cases they’re necessary. However, the concept of having available for people to see demonstrates a transparency that is sadly so rarely seen in politics today. Hats off to Elizabeth, and I truly hope that such transparency becomes the norm, as it very well should.

  • Amanda Eels

    Wow..Elizabeth is what a politician should be. Bravo.

  • mgoode

    We just had the pleasure of hearing Elizabeth speak and answer questions at one of her 8 town hall meetings! She answered all the questions with honesty and integrity. She is a true parliamentarian and I only wish there were more of her in Ottawa. We feel lucky to live in her riding especially with Mr. Harper and his henchmen in POWER! Yes, I’d like to see all MP’s publish their expenses for all to see……it is our $$$ after all!

  • Sue Sargent

    Thank you for sharing. We need more like you.

  • henry guo

    Our may is a real leader. Proud of her.

  • Stella Britton

    We, the people, really should make it mandatory for every MP and MLA to do the same as Elizabeth. As mgoode says, it is our $$$ after all. So how do we make this happen?

  • James L Roberts

    The public should demand this from every mp.
    Was there a bill voted on to make this a law?

  • eugene

    thank you for caring about Our tax dollars and The People’s Treasury. please join couchsurfing dot com. you’ll Love it and you’ll love the wonderful people you’ll meet and stay with in Canada and around the world.

  • Mark

    Thank you for this! You’re an example that other MP’s and officals should be following.

  • Susan Summers

    It is so refreshing to have a transparent politician who is articulate, wise and really listens to her people. I hope that she will continue to shine by example, showing leadership where none exists. Thankyou.

  • Birgit Walch

    Thank you very much for being a responsible Member of Parliament.

  • Elizabeth Greene

    wow…nice to see an politician be responsible with public funds….our local MP Russ Heibert was flying himself and his wife and kids first class to Ottawa (plus expenses)…he had the highest expenses of any MP in the country….what a reckless disgusting greedy way to use public funds. I am sure he would not spend his own money managing himself like this.
    thank you for being an honest & responsible leader Ms. May!
    You should become prime minister!!!
    Elizabeth Greene

  • Zlin242

    Amazing. A political figure that is accountable and transparent. Elizabeth is demonstrating that there can be honest and clarity within a community typically marred by scandal, less-than-honest activities and misuse of public funds. Keep up the great work!

  • Murrie

    Nice to see at least one politician who is not “at the trough” at the expense of the people.

  • Dave

    Elizabeth May is to be commended in keeping her personal expenses low, but as the Green Party leader she needs to be able to carry her message across Canada. As a tax payer, I wouldn’t begrudge this expense. I don’t want this to become a race to the bottom.

    Same for office staff needed for constituency and research.

  • Babs

    Wow, Elizabeth May is a saint. How did someone so honest ever end up in politics? Well thank goodness for you Elizabeth. You give us hope in otherwise dark times.

  • Edmontonian

    Seems to be more than a year out of date. I hope we will see 2012-2013 soon, and the prior figures archived, and the dates spanned for continuity. Also, separately, expenses incurred for GPC work.

    • Craig Cantin

      These are from 2011-2012. You can find 2012-2013 under “publications” in the main menu.

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