Personal Expenses for Elizabeth May as Member of Parliament, 2012/13

On Monday, June 17th, 2013 in Press Releases

MP ExpensesWhen Members are in travel status (meaning outside their riding), they may charge their travel-related accommodation, meal and incidental expenses to the Travel Status Expenses Account subject to certain conditions as determined by the Board of Internal Economy. Only Members’ expenses may be charged to this account. The Board of Internal Economy has set a maximum limit that Members may claim against the Travel Status Expenses Account.

You can also review a summary of her expenses.

Secondary Residence Costs*
Ms. May only claims rent but does not claim phone, cable and utilities for the secondary residence.
Travel Costs**
Ms. May absorbs the vast majority of travel costs within her riding personally, which is less than 1% of the allowable travel claim.
Per Diem***
A member can claim up to approximately $11,000 while the House is sitting.
Travel Points
Allowed 64 points in business class per year. (Ms. May travels economy.)

Travel Status Expense Account includes the following claimable items:

  • Secondary Residences Costs
  • Per diem costs when outside the riding
  • Travel costs within the riding or within the province the riding is located

* Secondary Residence costs CAN include the following:

  • Rental of furnished or unfurnished apartments, condominiums or homes, whether leased or rented by the day, week or month, except for leasing or rental arrangements that include a purchase option;
  • One basic telephone line;
  • Basic cablevision; and,
  • Utilities (oil, natural gas, propane, electricity, water and water tanks).

Note that Elizabeth May only claims rent but does not claim phone, cable and utilities for the secondary residence. ** Travel Costs The Member is allowed to claim all travel costs for travel within the province their riding is located and for travel to/from Ottawa. Note that Elizabeth May absorbs the vast majority of travel costs within her riding personally. *** Per Diem A Member of Parliament is allowed to claim a per diem of $83.25 per day when outside the riding. Elizabeth claimed a total of 70 days in the 2012-2013 fiscal year, however she was outside the riding approximately 6 months of the 2012-2013 year.

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  • JoAnn Clark

    I am only more impressed with Elizabeth May as time goes on. This is the type of person we need at all levels of our government.

    • Matthew Seaboyer

      I completely agree JoAnn. It makes me wonder what our country could be like if we had a governing body with the same ideology that May has.

  • R. Wiles

    I’ll bet that Elizabeth May took home economics at school and the Prime Minister did not.

  • Marg Rothery

    I concur with JoAnn’s comment.

  • Lorna Robin

    Elizabeth May for Prime Minister!

    • Renee Boileau

      Hear, hear! If everyone followed her stellar example, the only news about our government would be what they voted on. (And if the country were run this way, how could there be a deficit?)

  • Albert Lionais

    I’m very proud of Ms. May. Let this be an example to the rest of the Canadian MPs. It’s sad that this is so amazing, and not a requirement for the position.

    • Iancanadian

      I concur 100.000%

  • Mike H

    Bravo !! This is the way all politicians should deal with taxpayer money. The recent behaviour by certain leaders has left a sour taste for most voters.

  • Debbie

    I am signing on as a Green Party supporter today. Thank you Elizabeth for everything you are doing.

    • Iancanadian

      i will not sign onto a party but i will support it 100.000% if it supports me the same 100.000% and we are both staying on the side of the declared and standing for the good and the Right, never again the Wright God please.

  • Gail S.

    She is a very commendable person — honest to a fault! Oh that we could have someone like her leading our country! It would be such a breath of fresh air for the world.

    • Iancanadian

      agreed 100.000%

  • Nancy Merrill

    I am sending Dan Albas, the Conservative Party MP elected in my riding, a link to this page, asking him to post his claim for personal expenses online on his website.

    • Iancanadian

      hey why dont all the good smart people do that to every MP REGARDLESS of party and keep it up until they do… they actually do work for us you know and as CANADA we do not need to wait for an election to FIRE THESE ah… not so fine mostly un-gentlemanly with a few un-gentle ladies; if we decide as a country they must resign then they must, truth=truth people…

    • Edie Cartwright

      Good idea Nancy. I’m going to send my Conservative Party MP, James Lunney the same link. Shame on all of them. They’re not in there for Canadians; they’re in there for themselves and their buddies.
      Elizabeth May for Prime Minister. Can you imagine how efficiently this country could be run if she were PM?

  • HammyJ

    Ms. May…..not only do you talk the talk, you walk the walk…..We need more MP’s like yourself to restore Canadians faith in our MP’s, Senator’s, and the Parliamentary system. I applaud your integrity and honesty. Keep up the excellent work.

  • elfi

    I’m just wondering if this puts you at a disadvantage in terms of accomplishing parliamentary tasks? Communication costs such as internet and some utilities such as long distance might be applicable for secondary residence costs, and your travel costs are ‘way below the allowable. Could you elaborate on why you chose not to use them or point me to information you may have already shared?

    If you are satisfied that this is fair, why are the allowable costs so high? At any rate, I applaud your economy.

    I have proposed that all MPs, and maybe government officials too, spend a month or two a year on the fixed incomes that they expect citizens to live on. What is your opinion of this proposal?

    Thanks for taking this initiative. As a long-time supporter of Green Party policies I was very pleased to see you elected and to follow your QP and parliamentary activities.

    • Iancanadian

      well ill field this one for fun.

      Hi friend, the allowable costs are out of whack to be sure, but there is also definitely a middle-ground to be found on those costs and its call the actual receipted costs… i believe we will all find that 100.000% fair as the “cost of doin` business” is just the cost of doing business… now if you want to wrestle THOSE cost factors be my guest.
      I believe a number of Green members, supporters and others have done exactly as you have suggested and that is why they are where they are ideologically and i agree with the concept but again the practicality of such is quite limited given the diversity of the people who support democracy and politics. And yes, I am a run-on sentence kind of guy ;)
      Thank you for your concern and comment and please speak out more!
      Ciao from the Iancanadian team!

  • appaulled

    I am not at all impressed with her disclosure. How do we know it is accurate? I would rather see an audit of all MP and Senate expenses. I give her credit for the gesture though.
    Her position on Kinder Morgan and Northern Gateway as well as the free trade deal with China. are strong and I am glad she is fighting for them but I do not see a big difference between her positions and that of the NDP. For the good of the country ( ie getting rid of Harper) the green and NDP need to amalgamate.

    • Iancanadian

      well thats a bit buZy… but i dont like amalgamation, i like it right here thank you very much…i think that OTHER PEOPLE need to get off their bloody too HIGH HORSES and come to the light side of the Green Gables to the World! hehe too much…tad.

  • Sockmonkey

    Thank you once again Elizabeth for showing everybody how to do things right!

  • Ged Ayotte

    Ms. May: You’re challenging my established conviction that “integrity in politics” is an oxymoron. Thank you.

  • Liz Duchene

    Wow! Elizabeth May extremely ethical, hard working and great value for our tax dollar. She will be Prime Minister when? Thank you so much Ms. May for your selfless service.

  • Joe

    For real transparency, and open government, will you please release line item spending of your expenses and encourage others to do the same? Since these bulk categories don’t tell us that much. thank you

    • Erich Jacoby-Hawkins

      You can click on a big PDF file that has scans of all the receipts, which is even more detail than line-item.

  • D.Low

    I agree with JoAnn’s comments

  • Victoria Resident

    Is this incorrect? Or just misleading? The “travel costs” according to the **note includes “travel to/from Ottawa” – but that cost is obviously excluded from this summary, making the total far less than it actually is. Perhaps Ottawa/Victoria travel costs are what “points” refers to. But this is not explained and the common understanding of travel points is much different. Furthermore, the actual cost to taxpayers is hidden. With respect, this disclosure is partial and therefore misleading.

    • Craig Cantin

      Unfortunately, for plane trips, it’s based on travel points and it’s amassed by the House of Commons and not ‘charged’ to the budget of an MP.
      With that said, it would not be hard to get an approximation. Go to the Air Canada website, pick a return flight from Ottawa to Victoria in business, and multiply by 64. That would give you a very general idea how much it would cost for Elizabeth to tavel to and from her riding 64 times if she did so, and did so in business class.
      Then, pick a return flight from Ottawa to Victoria in economy, and multiply by 32.5. That will give you a general sense on how much it cost for Elizabeth in 2012/13. The difference between the two numbers will be a rough approximation on how much she saved Canadians by flying less often, and in economy class on top of that.

  • Manuel

    What is the rationale for NOT claiming reasonable expenses like phone, utilities, and travel costs? Why is EM absorbing business expenses? Is this now turning into a race for sainthood? I think the Greens should set an example of transparency and reasonableness not of martyrdom.

    • Iancanadian

      bit off base…

    • Erich Jacoby-Hawkins

      I’m just speculating here, but perhaps she feels that her MP’s $160,200 base salary is enough that she doesn’t have to also claim every car trip or ferry ride, and that when the public pays her that salary, it should cover basic/minor expenses, leaving her to claim big things like a rented room in Ottawa or flights to/from her riding.

      • Manuel

        Possibly. And she might have other reasons. What she’s doing is just as important as Why. Transparency? Reasonableness? Frugality? Personal preferences? If Canadians are having this discussion, let’s have it then.

        • Erich Jacoby-Hawkins

          From what I know of her, keeping her expenses down is out of life-long frugality and a wish not to be an unnecessary burden on taxpayers.

  • VoxFox

    Good start but these are NOT itemized but summarized.
    The next step is to list the transactions under each category – this would be full transparency.
    It is only the individual transaction that reflects reality.

    • Craig Cantin

      That is why Elizabeth has the actual receipts online. It’s a 115 MB pdf.

      • HereHere

        I didn`t realize that there was an actual detailing of the expenses until you wrote this. I didn`t see a link to a PDF or detailed expenses, but I did press on the total and that does seem to be slowly loading a document. Why not a PDF icon, so people can see what you are offering?

        • Craig Cantin

          Valid point.
          I have added an image of the pdf, which is clickable.
          Thanks for the suggestion!

          • HereHere

            I appreciate the attention to this, but it isn’t obvious to the reader this image is for a PDF. (I was thinking of the red adobe PDF logo). The image is great, so using it isn’t a problem, but you need to add text underneath (eg. Click above for PDF of expense claims) to make it obvious there is a PDF available. I looked at the download, and she even included the copies of advertising, which is the gold standard of paperwork, in case one gets audited. She has hired competent staff, for sure.

      • VoxFox

        I was hoping she would but I was looking for an omline link to this file. Where is it?

        • Craig Cantin

          Click on the little icon on the upper left of the press release, just below the title. And then, depending on how fast your internet connection is, grab a coffee. ;-)

          • VoxFox

            Sorry, your tip remains opaque to me.
            Can you please explain more fully?

  • Denis Benoit

    BROVO Élisabeth etre sains dans ses dépences cé tres bien si le gouvernement en place pourrais en faire autant ,il n,y aurais plus de déficite ,encore bravo beaucoup de canadien ,et de québécois sont derriere vous ,aller big hugg ,gros calin a toi et ton équipe

    • Iancanadian

      j`excuse mon Francais est tres terrible, written spoken and reading lol and i apologize for it as i know you can likely do it in both, but im trying Denis, Im tryin`. Merci for the kind words and I agree with you and LOVE Quebec!

  • disqus_mwzFKvUOmb

    I am pleased our Green Party is not crumbling to the pressure to amalgamate with any other party to defeat the Conservative government. If the NDP and Liberals want to amalgamate they can go for it. Members from both the Liberals and NDP keep telling Green Party members to amalgamate with their respective party. The fact is, most of the Liberal and NDP party issues that take a similar stance to the Green Party were uncovered and promoted by Ms May. They those two parties take them up and act as if they figured them out on their own.

    If members joining other parties is such a good idea, I think Liberal and NDP members would be very happy as Green Party members. I issue them an invitation to join a party where our leader has integrity, intelligence, loyalty and a titanium back bone. She will not embarrass or disappointment them with her behavior. Rather they will stand proud and encouraged by her actions for Canadians, Canada and the world. Pretty good I think.

    This open accounting of her expenses from day one is just another example of Ms May as a leader of leaders. I say Ms May for PM!

    • Guest

      No one has seriously supported amalgamation of parties. What has been proposed is cooperative strategies to only run candaites of the party (Liberal, NDP or Green) most likely to win the riding against the Conservatives, to avoid vote splitting. This is something supported by the green party, for example in the recent Labrador by-election when the Green Party elected to not run a candidate however the NDP did.

  • Iancanadian

    say what you like as it is about the person and not usall and i think we are finally getting that simple truth as fact; Elizabeth May is a decent person regardless of what others may say simply because she truly is. now i got one more fact for usall
    #pmharpermustresign eh.

  • Tara

    Thanks for sharing Elizabeth – you are such a great example of what an honourable politician is! Quick question, is there a cap on secondary resident costs that MP’s can claim?

  • retired gov’t bean counter

    Kudos to May for her transparency and her frugal ways. Clearly she has plenty of smarts given that she opts out of watching cable tv.
    As for the MP’s being allowed to travel business class, what’s wrong with mingling with the ‘average joe’ in economy?
    Minor point, but $83.25 a day per diem, couldn’t some logical thinker have rounded it to $83?

    • imcanadian

      that must be the new tax:-)

  • Linnea

    Honourable Elizabeth, you are the best! Thanks for your frugality and your accountability. Now – I think you should go ahead and claim your phone and cable at the second residence. Definitely work-critical.

    • HereHere

      That`s what I thought at first, but you can get TV over-the-air and most communication these days is not by landline but by smart phone. I do think she should claim utilities and travel costs that she incurs doing her job. That is what employees expect. Even claiming these expenses, we can see that Elizabeth May is spending taxpayer money responsibly. Until others publish their expense claims, we can only assume they have something to fear.

  • Dwight Makepeace

    Maybe Mike Duffy should follow Elizabeth around for a while. After he gets out of jail, that is.

  • bp131313

    Good for her. I doubt if anyone really cares.

  • Victor M. Owen

    An exemplary MP !
    Hopefully your actions will serve as some political conscience.

  • greg

    EM for PM!

  • Terri T.

    Wonderful example for all. Thank you.

  • Sharon

    I think you should claim for a phone line, cable vision and utilities. We don’t expect you to be out of pocket, just all expenses legit.

  • Dale Lauber

    I do not know if Elizabeth should be congratulated or not. She has spent only a limitit amount on travel. Is that because she does not travel in her riding or is that because she is wealthy and can afford to absorb the cost. I do not object to legitimate costs because some politicians are not rich and I would not want to set the standard that you need to be wealthy to contribute politically.

    • Craig Cantin

      I assure you that Elizabeth travels around her riding very often, and makes an effort to get to all corners of Saanich-Gulf Islands as frequently as possible, including her 16 townhalls and MP office hours on the five gulf islands to help constituents who want to meet her avoid the trek on the ferry.

      • peter haley

        That must be a tough summer holiday traipsing around the gulf islands. Btw, just saying, I think Ms May is the real thing, and optimistic in thinking she’ll lead the way on expense accountability.

    • Erich Jacoby-Hawkins

      The base salary of an MP is over $160,000, which is about at the top 2% of incomes in Canada, so there is no such thing as a “not rich” MP. At other levels (provincial or municipal) this may be more of an issue. Before being elected by the citizens of SGI, Elizabeth was not wealthy, but while in office, she is not in danger of penury.

  • Nicole Provencher

    BRAVO Madame May. Pourquoi les autres ne font pas comme vous? À qoi ils pensent de dépenser l’argent du peuple, et surtout sans gêne. Continez à donner l’exemple et comme ça on va se sortir du déficit. Merci d’être là.

  • Bill Harany

    Where are your travel expenses to and from Ottawa? Although I applaud your low expenses, this list seems incomplete.

    • Craig Cantin

      Hi Bill.

      Those are the “MP Points”. Members of Parliament are entitled to 64 round trips in business class, per fiscal year. Elizabeth used 32.5 points last year, in economy class.

  • Edie Cartwright

    Every time I hear something more about Elizabeth May, I get more and more impressed with her knowledge and integrity.
    I sincerely wish that she was my MP instead of James Lunney in Nanaimo. IMO, he’s nothing but a parrot for Stephen Harper. Not good for this country.
    I will be seriously thinking of voting Green next election and if the candidate here is anybody like May that will seal the deal. She is a refreshing breath of fresh air coming from a very stinky present government.

  • Jennifer D.

    Thank you for posting this information. I wish more politicians would adopt your positions on expenses, transparency and accountability.

    One observation though — I do realize there is a certain cost associated with doing your job. I would hate to think you are out of pocket for legitimate expenses. I am not in favour of our politicians over-spending taxpayer money or being frivolous with their expenses, so I am certainly not encouraging that (ha-ha!). I would just hate for you to be taking a personal financial hit for things necessary to you to do your job well or effectively.

    I really admire the work you do and thank you for everything you do on behalf of, not only your riding, but all Canadians.

  • Eric

    Bravo Elizabeth! The “I’m elected now so I’m entitled to all the government perks” MP’s need to take note. Just because the perk is their doesn’t mean it has to be exploited. Talk about the feelings of entitlement! MP’s and Senators are the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Just Right

    It’s a little sad isn’t it? Sad that we should feel the need to congratulate someone for meeting minimum expectations – as in being honest and following the rules when claiming expenses. What does that say about our political class?

  • Joel Tremblay

    Félicitations à vous madame May cela est un exemple d’une bonne façon de faire de la politique responsable. Ce genre d’initiative me redonne un peu plus confiance au monde politique j’espère que l’ensemble du monde politique feras comme vous. Ce serais là déjà un bon pas dans la bonne direction pour une réconciliation avec les électeurs!
    Joel Tremblay

  • Janskio

    She rents a two-bedroom apt at the Strathcona, where heating, hot water are included in the rent. Maybe her roommate pays the cable? Don’t forget, she’s still a politician.

    • Craig Cantin

      Hello. Heating is *not* included in Ms. May’s rent. Heating and hydro are on top of rent, and is paid for by Ms. May herself.
      Ms. May also pays for her Bell services.

      • Janskio

        Calling me a liar? You’d best check the Strathcona website on that one, Craig. Here, let me help you:

        Are they ripping her off, you think, charging ONLY her extra for heat?

        Ms May MIGHT be commended for not ripping off the taxpayer, but exaggerating the extent of her sainthood doesn’t help her credibility.

  • David

    MPs are given travel budgets and residence allowances for very good reasons. Although I appreciate many of the things Ms. May does in parliament, I don’t appreciate the implied suggestion that other MPs who use these budgets rather than spending their own money are somehow abusing the system. This can only make it more difficult to get good people to run for parliament.

    Ms. May, please keep up the pressure on Stephen Harper!

  • Paul

    Wish my riding had such a person.

  • Locutux

    Merci Mme May pour votre transparence exemplaire. Pour votre déclaration volontaire et vos interventions pertinentes en Chambre. Mille mercis!!

  • Asmj

    I am impressed Ms. May, however I would appreciate it if you were to use more of the budget assigned to you in order to win more seats.
    We need more people with your ethics sitting in the House.

    • Craig Cantin

      Thanks for that.

      With regards to this budget, it is for Members of Parliament to represent their constituents to the best of their ability. While we look forward to more Green MPs in the House of Commons, this budget can’t be used for partisan purposes such as winning more seats.

      Hope this helps clarify things a bit!

  • frothquaffer

    Can you perhaps put a running tally on this page (with links) to other MPs who have followed suit? that would be interesting.

  • Olivier Maltais

    Si tous les députés faisaient la même choses peut-être que nos impôts diminueraient.

    Félicitations !

  • Tending Ethers

    I really like the transparency. I have a mixed feeling about absorbing the costs of travel for work. While I do that for the most part myself, and I can relate with the willingness to sacrifice when loving what one does, I wonder if it is not a tendancy of us women to be also willing to give too much for the benefit of others. While I recognize that our Hon. Ms. May is creating something precious and something new in her actions for politicians in Canada to acknowledge and measure their own behaviors. I wonder if not claiming expenses directly related to political service reflects the martyrdom expected of women in the old guard, or if this action speaks to a different and new relationship with political abundance and protection of public funds. At the moment I am leaning in he direction that the Hon. Ms. May is needed to serve the public interest and should reconsider claiming her travel expenses as a representation of appropriate reciprocation by the public coffers.

  • Noah_Scape

    Yes once again we are proud of Ms.May – its not about the money really, it is the attitude – as someone said “walk the walk”, and always be a role model.

    Free cable eh? Ahh, they are just trying to get you to watch mainstream news – I don’t miss it one bit since I cut my cable. Online Alt news has so much more information!!

  • beaudazzler

    Elizabeth,I voted green here in Victoria,I find the false claims from elected MP,s to be utterly obscene.It would appear nowadays that there is no longer much political public service,simply self service at far too many levels.I do commend your honesty,its a rare commodoty in politics and so refreshing yet I also believe you should not be subsidising your travel etc unless you are a very wealthy woman.
    Claiming legitimate expeneses is fair,you should not be short changing yourself.
    Why are M.Ps and senators not obliged to publish their expenses.
    If an individual falsley claimed expenses on a tax form they could well be imprisoned.
    If a politician does so it would appear to be acceptable when he or she is in fact stealing from the public purse.
    Whatever am so delighted you won a seat,keep on being your unique self
    salute jonathan bennetts

  • Richard Cloutier

    Félicitations Mme May pour votre franchise et de montrer que l’argent des contribuables peut être bien dépensé. Je pense que si tous les autres députés et ministres faisaient le même chose, nous aurions de GROSSES surprises.

  • Alan Griffiths

    An example of integrity and transparency.

  • Syed Mahmood

    How would our parliament looks like if majority of the members are like Ms. May..Imagine that..Wish it was true!!!!

  • Duncan

    This is all very laudable, but if a member does not claim all receipted expenses to which he/she is entitled, it potentially puts pressure to look good by under-claiming on members who may not be able to afford the donation to the parliamentary funds.

    The transparency is good, but under-claiming for legitimate expenses is not necessarily good as it distorts the true costs. If the level of reimbursement is too generous, that’s a separate issue.

    Traveling business class to ensure a member is more rested and less stressed for attendance at a meeting close to the arrival time, may be a good investment. Traveling business class to arrive home for a two week recess may not be a reasonable use of the funds.

    The allowances should be generous, and the scrutiny of expenses rigorous, to ensure each claim serves a legitimate, justifiable parliamentary expense. Low spending is not good in and of itself. Serving in parliament should not be affordable only for the well-off.

  • John eh!

    The part that is missing is what is the real cost of her holding office? She is paying for items out of her own pocket to look good? If we file our tax returns with the CRA using this method, we would go to jail for fraud. I admire her wanting to show she is fiscally responsible but it also shows she is disingenuous. Where does the extra money come from? Is she claiming those expenses through other “not so transparent” methods? Come clean Ms. May. Ultimately, if she is dipping into her own savings to pay the bills, she will run out of money sooner or later. Is this the kind of leader we want? Someone who doesn’t know how to properly balance the books? Are her extras being paid by the Green party? If so, isn’t that like the problems going on in the senate? People, WAKE UP.

  • Michael Imhoff Arsenault

    Very eloquent lady! I’d vote for her if she’d be in my riding.

  • Heather Hill

    So Elizabeth May is not only smart, she’s ethical too.


    Were it not for Elizabeth May (and maybe Elizabeth Weir during her time in politics), I would have lost all faith in in all Canadian politicians. You are an example of what public service should be about.

  • Claude Balloune

    OK. Now, all we’d like to know is how much you get paid per speaking engagement.

    $20,000 like some other party leaders?

    Any plans to refund it? ;-)

    • peter haley

      nasty comment, you must work for the cons. the party leader you speak of raised money for charitable organisations,,,that’s what he did long before he became leader. he also did much work for free. if ms may does the same, which you are intimating, then more power to her, and more money in the right places, the cons have had their share of free rides for far too long…time to set them truly free in 2015.

  • Peter Masson, Markham, Ontario

    Thank you Ms. May for your candor. We all would appreciate your example being followed by other members who are elected to serve the public (and certain honorable members of the Other House who have been appointed)..

    I concur with the comments that your utility expenses in your Ottawa residence should be recovered as part of your expense allowance. And the comment regarding use of a cell phone is also one that I hope the bureaucracy will now recognize as a justifiable expense.

  • Tracy

    Elizabeth May is the one to follow; she is an example of who belongs and those who choose not to disclose should be audited and let go as this is for all tax payers to see, so follow her lead

  • Dave P.

    Very refreshing to have an honest MP.

  • vadne

    Thank you for showing such fine leadership in claiming your expenses and posting them on-line. One could only wish that more MP’s were as forthright, upstanding and frugal in using public funds. I will forward this to the representative for my riding – he is the MP for the riding, but does not represent me!

  • libertas

    what is Miss Mayes total salary/income per year?? why is that not posted on this well timed “disclosure” page?

  • Louise Morissette

    Merci de nous faire connaître vos dépenses en tant que députée, je trouverais parfaitement normal que nous chargiez vos dépenses de base pour votre téléphonie et votre câble. Aujourd’hui, ce sont des dépenses inévitables.
    Portez-vous bien.

  • Hugh d’Entremont

    I applaud Ms May’s step in making this information available. All elected officials who claim reimbursement for expenses should automatically expect the information to be made public. No person spending other people’s money should expect privacy when it comes to those expenses.

  • Bernie Campbell

    This is what we need for all MPs and Senators. Hopefully Ms. May’s seatmate Justin Trudeau can be convinced to be as transparent along with his Liberal members. Keep up the great work Elizabeth.

  • Angela Bardeesy

    Wonderful. If only the other MPs would be so honest and open

  • Erwin

    Ms. May is commendable for her effort. She should not have to personally absorb living and travel costs. Government representatives are entitled to fair compensation for valid expenditures. Per diems are set for meals and kilometers traveled, they simply need to be justifiable and on record. The system breaks down when no-one is checking the expenditure submissions to hold representatives accountable.

    Government employees are certainly held accountable for their expenditures and face disciplinary action or termination for failure to abide by the rules. Same scrutiny needs to apply.

  • Joan Bedford

    Good example for other MPs to follow.

  • Fran

    Thankyou Elizabeth May….Lets see who will follow……

  • Stephanie Bowman

    Personally, I think Elizabeth needs more money so she can attend more face-to-face meetings in Ottawa to model her morals, maybe just maybe others will follow?

  • JF hautcoeur

    Nancy Merrill has a good idea, i’ve sent an email to John Duncan conservative MP for van isl north

  • Ed Gullickson

    Thumbs up !!
    MP E . May is setting an example for the rest, lets hope that they fallow but don’t hold your breath.
    Ed Gullickson

  • Graham Stewart

    transparancy is good and now necessary, but you should not be out of pocket for doing such a necessary and demanding job. I want honest, not cheap as that can create another set of problems.

  • rosesandthorns

    Where are your travel costs for all the flights you take to Ottawa and back? I think it is misleading to only list your travel costs within your riding. Tanks of gas take a long time to add up.

    • Craig Cantin

      Hello roseandthorns.

      The trips to Ottawa and back are represented by the “MP Points”.

      • rosesandthorns

        So how does the point system work then. One trip per point? Why do they use points?

        • Craig Cantin

          That’s right. One round trip = one point. This way, an MP has the same number of trips regardless if their riding is in Toronto, St. John’s, Victoria, etc.

  • Jan Havelaar

    In 2011/2012 Elizabeth May’s cost to the taxpayer was $340,834.57 from ‘Individual Member’s Expenditures’ from House of Commons records. While I don’t know what the total is yet for the 2012/2013 fiscal year I would think it will be in the same order of magnitude.

  • rosesandthorns

    The travel accumulated within her riding is mainly from hiring out water taxis to the smaller Gulf Islands. Everyone I know takes the BC Ferries to them.

    • Craig Cantin

      Indeed, Elizabeth takes the BC Ferries most of the time. However, there are occasions where it’s logistically impossible to do. Thus, the need for water taxis.

  • Jan Havelaar

    Peter Julien, NDP MP, has been reporting all his expenses (unlike EMay who only reports part of them) for six years–even before EMay became an MP!

    • Craig Cantin

      Hello Jan.

      Do you mean this?

      This is provided by the House of Commons. has this summary information for every MP, and is not something the MPs themselves do.

      It’s great that Peter posts this on his website, to make it easier to find. With that said, it’s nowhere near the level of detail that Elizabeth provides voluntarily.

  • Red Brown

    Lead by Example, simple as that! Others just cover up

  • Santiago

    While I agree that her travel expenses are low, she is not in the same situation as all MPs. I mean, her riding is 504 square km. Brian Jean in Northern AB has a riding that is 176,000 square km, with roughly the same population. You would expect Brian Jean to spend more on travel within his riding, and probably to use more travel points. You could also look at whether she is married or has young children (she isn’t and she doesn’t as far as I know). If you don’t have to fly a spouse with you, or you don’t have to be home to see your children, it’s easier to use less travel. Same goes for per diems, I know that $160K is a lot of money, but if you work hard and have a few kids that need daycare and flights and housing and food in 2 different cities, not to mention a spouse that maybe can’t work because they are helping keep your life together and can’t find good employment when they split their time between two cities, $160k doesn’t go that far. I don’t begrudge our MPs their salaries or expenses. If we want to attract good people to the government we should be willing to pay them a decent wage. They still could make more by filling cavities, playing hockey, defending drunk drivers, or sitting on a corporate board.
    I’m more upset about fraudulent claims. But I do applaud her transparency.

  • Marfee

    em for pm

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