Parliamentary and Personal Expenses for Elizabeth May

by Craig Cantin | February 5, 2015 7:50 am

Since Elizabeth May’s election as Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands in May 2011, Elizabeth has made public her personal and parliamentary expenses.

Parliamentary Expenses

A Member of Parliament is allocated an annual Member’s Office Budget to run their operations. The annual budget is used for the following purposes:

Note: The House of Commons central budget covers hill office costs for each MP. Each MP is allotted the same resources to run their hill office (furniture, computers, phone lines, utilities costs). Any additional supplies such as software, additional computers or furniture are paid for through the Member’s Office Budget.

Personal Expenses

When Members are in travel status (meaning outside their riding), they may charge their travel-related accommodation, meal and incidental expenses to the Travel Status Expenses Account subject to certain conditions as determined by the Board of Internal Economy. Only Members’ expenses may be charged to this account. The Board of Internal Economy has set a maximum limit that Members may claim against the Travel Status Expenses Account.

Expenditure Reports and Invoices

Below you will find a summaries of expenses for each fiscal year since May 2011, as well as copies of all invoices for expenses incurred parliamentary activities.

2011-2012 Expenses

2012-2013 Expenses

2013-2014 Expenses

2014-2015 Expenses

2015-2016 Expenses


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