Fixing What Harper Broke: a to-do list for the incoming government

by Elizabeth May | October 29, 2015 11:03 am

We need a stock-taking. A “to-do” list. Some of what the Harper administration broke will be easy to fix; much will be very hard indeed. What we must do is insist the damage be reversed. There is an equally long list of steps to take moving forward – but we need to repair immense damage to nearly every aspect of federal law and policy. Here’s a start: 1) Fixing security law:

2) Rebuilding our criminal law system:

3) Reverse trend to slippery citizenship:

4) Immigration and refugee law:

5) Restore evidence-based decision making:

6) Repair environmental laws and policy:

I. Damage to Fisheries Act (restore habitat protection, reverse administrative changes in interpretation of “deleterious to fish” as meaning acute toxicity at LD50, as well as removing the equivalency provisions for provincial down-loading); II. Section that amended NEB also damaged Species at Risk Act, Navigable Waters Protection At, Fisheries Act exempting these acts – as not applying along route of a pipeline; III. As above in decision-making section, restore CEAA as sole agency to oversee environmental reviews.

I. Restore Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA), and repeal the 2009 omnibus bill that re-defined “navigable waters” to a matter of ministerial discretion. Return NWPA to its pre-2006 condition. Navigable waters are any and all waters that can be navigated.

7) Climate action:

8) Repair Official Development Assistance:

9) Service Canada:

10) Reverse monumental mistakes:

11) Repair national parks:

12) Repair legislative damage to First Nations rights and title:

13) Women’s rights:

I. S-7 (Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act) II. C-36 (Sex trade worker law) 14) Restore funding to CBC-Radio Canada:

15) Reverse cessation of home delivery by Canada Post 16) Re-engage with international sustainable development:

17) Investor State agreements that cannot be undone:

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