(E) Parliament: Speaking to Tax Fairness and Closing Tax Loopholes

2017/03/07 -- Catégorie(s) : Débat, Parlement

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  • Jeff Bosma

    I’m appalled to see this wall of shame for people with evasions of less than $5000. I also wrote to the Prime Minister’s office to mention my frustration. I also commented on how the CRA put a large advertisement in the weekend Globe and Mail warning tax cheaters they will be punished. Obviously very wealthy individuals are above the law. The ad wasn’t meant for them.

  • frankmitchell

    No surprise. Trudeau is Harper light. Today’s exploit of receiving awards and endorsement from the Texas oil industry says it all.

  • Tim Fisher

    What do you expect, they have KMPG to protect them just as the bank that was caught laundering money for a client was never named – because they accepted a negotiated penalty including a confidentiality clause.

    PET jr is not getting the message that the electorate is fed up with a system for the rich and go beat up the poor and working class

  • hodges356

    I see your video and i think it should be so well for us also if the government reduce the tax and i think it help the students also. For so more improvement we found more better opportunities in here.

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