(E) Will the government do more to support families and individuals living with autism?

2017/06/21 -- Catégorie(s) : Parlement, Question Period

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  • Judy Kubrak

    Start by watching the documentary “Vaxxed” to understand why there is an epidemic of autism and how the causes of it are being covered up by the CDC, etc. When I was a child, autism was virtually unknown. Now, we have an epidemic – we need to look at CAUSATION in order to effectively deal with this huge issue.

  • Melvin Townley

    Dear Elizabeth: Thank-you for your support on Autism. As a family member affected, (in my opinion) the first thing that needs to be addressed are the rights of children. Any child that is spanked because of a condition of their disability, I personally consider (as child abuse) and that stems form the person or persons who are given the care of the child.Children in Canada have less rights than animals, and until that changes children will continue to be abused. Caregivers that do not accept the disability, this includes mothers and other partners,who do not recognize it are in denial and need to be counselled in these areas.Awareness is the answer. Google (encyclopedia.com/autism) there is an article that is well worth reading. I am speaking from experience now as this is right at home with me and I am not able remedy the situation with the help available ie. Child protective services. The child spanking law needs to be changed (now to protect children with disabilities). I am positive there are many more people that are living with the same or similar circumstances, I am experiencing at this time. On behalf of all Canadians, would you please push the prime minister to address this issue to protect our future (our children). I can not celebrate 150 years as a nation without our future being included. If and when it happens I will be able to celebrate.
    With Thanks and all my support for all your efforts
    Melvin Townley

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