(E) TEDx Stanley Park: Electoral Dysfunction and Reform

2017/04/13 -- Catégorie(s) : Evénements, Discours

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  • preConfederation

    Well done Elizabeth May.
    How you managed not to mention our last election, where Justin Trudeau promised over 1,800 times, pre election, that this would be the last election that used First Past The Post is a mystery.

  • https://heywhichwayisup.wordpress.com/ satinka

    A pill for every ill? A pill for voting dysfunction? Good one!
    And a voting system based on horse-racing? Yup, that’s what we have right now in Canada. I’d like to see that change. I prefer the MMP system like in New Zealand.

  • canadisk

    See, politicians can be entertaining as well as enlightening . . . why are they so few and far between ? This is truly an important issue, one that a PM may not unilaterally dispense with absent an electorate’s displeasure – if only out of principle !

  • http://www.transitionnelson.org andrepiver

    The most effective way to check out alternative systems is to get together with a dozen friends and order pizza, literally using one of the pro-rep methods and then “taste” the outcome. STV actually comes out closest.

    More importantly is our current state of declining civilization where so much of the population is too desperately just trying to survive socially, mentally, financially the torn fabric and not owning the capacity to participate beyong immediate gratification in order to hold Mr. Trudeau to account. This is mirrored in our mostly torn “fourth estate” a.k.a. free press.

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