(E) Grading the government

2016/11/17 -- Catégorie(s) : Island Tides, Publications

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  • ILUVmyCountry

    Many issues are still lingering without action and Elizabeth is addressing them. If the Liberals are such a “pro-trade party” why Isn’t everyone celebrating and welcoming these trade deals? Could it be they are simply not up to snuff? Show me the skill it takes to involve Canada in these second-rate deals; they say the best negotiators know when to walk away. In ignoring what Canadians want or ignoring the environmental crises… we’re no further ahead.
    How many times have we heard that the TPP is the worst trade deal ever? or CETA will hinder forming a pharmacare plan that would save billions??
    Being satisfied in fattening corporations’ pockets through these deals is an attitude of the past. Isn’t it time for trade agreements that will benefit the people in ways they can see? Is this government up to the task and why isn’t it eager to be free of the countless lawsuits caused by the ISDS provision? Canada is the most sued in the world in this regard. LJB

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