(E) Dissecting the Prime Minister’s excuses for ditching his promise of fair voting

2017/02/16 -- Catégorie(s) : Articles by Elizabeth, Island Tides, Publications

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  • Ron Turner

    Jonathan Wilkinson – our MP here in North Vancouver – also tried to use the lack of consensus argument as an excuse for why the government was breaking its promise. It seems to me that this government rolls out the consensus aspect of an issue when it suits them (whether pertinent or factual…), e.g. Electoral Reform, but totally ignores consensus when it’s inconvenient for them, e.g. the Trans Mountain Pipeline decision. Trudeau (and Wilkinson…) have shown their true colours early in this government’s mandate and will likely make more self-serving, promise-breaking decisions in the future, thus giving those of us who are fed up with this kind of behaviour more ammunition to use against them in the next election…

  • Ron Turner

    I just received the government’s official response to Nathan Cullen’s petition (421-01221) urging the government to reconsider its stance on electoral reform. Unfortunately, this official response spews the same patronizing, unsubstantiated garbage that Justin Trudeau and Jonathan Wilkinson hope would sustain those of us hungry for electoral reform. It won’t.

    For those living in BC, please attend your local all-candidates meetings and find out where those folks running in your provincial riding stand on electoral reform. If the whole country can’t benefit from ER, then perhaps we in BC can start the ball rolling :)

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