Ban Animal Testing

On Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 in Get Involved

Ban Animal TestingFor more than 50 years animals have been used in painful tests to assess the safety of certain chemicals used in cosmetics products.

Modern alternatives to animal testing are increasingly less expensive, faster, and more accurate at predicting human reactions. The use these methods to animal testing has a huge positive impact on animal welfare.

Additionally, the European Union, which accounts for nearly half of the global cosmetics market and worth an estimated 90 billion dollars a year, as of March 2013, prohibits the importation and sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals. Norway, India, Israel have also banned all animal testing for cosmetics.

Help Elizabeth secure a ban on animal testing for cosmetics! Sign below or download this petition, have as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

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  • Jay

    Is the number of people who signed broken (stuck at 24)? Or do people care more about the color of their M&Ms over animals being disfigured.

  • Carly Swan

    They need to ban all animal testing on all products worldwide! It’s archaic!

  • Jean-Pierre Guay

    so sad those petitions don’t get more coverage

  • Peggy Wilkey

    Plz use modern science an not animals for products.

  • Linda Bielby

    I am going to share this on some petition sites on facebook and see if we can get more signatures. I am also going to print out the paper petition and bring it to March on Marineland May 17…see if I can get more signatures that way as well. Testing on animals is wrong and not necessary!

  • tylor coffey

    animal testing is cruelty. i am 14 and love animals!

  • Irene

    How about we stop buying the products which use animal testing and demand that we label ALL products that use animals in this cruel way.

    • Phoenixrising

      Cruelty free items are even available in the dollar stores. Look for the rabbit.

  • GreenQueen11

    The more I learn about animals used for testing the more sickened I am. A high percentage of information garnered from these experiments are useless when applied to humans. And, as for testing various irritants in cosmetics, well, thats is absolutely absurd. We should know by now which ingredients are safe, harmless, and helpful for human use. The torture of millions of animals must stop if we are to live in a humane society.

    • EDRFTGyhujik

      That is right. I agree with you. Even household cleaners and things like that. All of us know that bleach burns and you shouldn’t get it in your eyes or drink it. Parents need to baby proof their house. I did when my kids were little. Why torture an animal when we know what these products will do. Why should a poor dog or rabbit be tortured by making them ingest these products or putting it in their eyes when a little supervision of parents would stop any accidents.

  • md

    Have you seen the Cruelty Free International Petition? It calls on Rona Ambrose to ban cosmetics testing on animals by December 2015 and it currently has over 6000 signatures. Is there any way the signatories to this petition can be added to the other one? It seems a shame to have lots of petitions and disperse efforts everywhere

  • Elaine Gardner

    All animal testing needs to be banned. It has been proven to not work and has killed people because of that. Animals are being tortured for nothing!

  • Dr Brenda Bernhardt

    You can tell a lot about people by how they treat their animals – let’s get our rules in line with our ethics and hearts!

  • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

    Corporations must be extracting government funds for these insane excuses for these also insane practises …. there’s no great ape rocket science in biology compared to the tremendous effort required to synchronize social and corporate truth and honesty within their spirituality

  • RIEDEL Fascination

    I created a simple explanation for anyone wondering why I am vegetarian. “IF IT HAS A SOUL, IT DOESN’T GO IN A BOWL”. :) Second remark: I used to voluntarily test products. Pay people for research! To breed or thrust any being into research is frightening / painful / fatal. The results are additionally inadmissable if tests aren’t performed on human mammals. It is grief over inconclusive results and what happens to the hijacked test subjects thereafter?

  • IamSalome

    Now that were a grown tissues in laboratories, we no longer need living animals. We can test on any human tissue and organs grown in vitro

  • Greg DePaco

    I support ending animal testing period, not just for cosmetics.

  • Louise Peacock

    Testing on animals for all purposes needs to be banned. No exceptions.

  • Darci Michaels

    You hit me in the heart with this one. I’d like to not stop there. I know a Veterinarian Doctor who was in animal research first and quit because she could not handle the abuse the animals went through to test any product and or drugs. Don’t’ get me wrong, this is a great beginning and I am 100% for it!

  • Jennie Leaver

    We use animal testing for more than just cosmetics. Lets ban it all, why just one industry?

  • Kathy Dunn

    Ban ALL Testing on animals WORLDWIDE!! It is no longer necessary with modern simulators and technological advances that are far more accurate as well!

  • Cymry Gomery

    Thank you, Elizabeth May, for initiating this petition. Support for a ban is at 81% in Canada according to HSI so it is time.

  • Ty Savoy

    Amazing to see the Green Party in The US forming an Animal Rights Committee…

    Green Party Establishes Animal Rights Committee
    April 5, 2016

  • Penelope Hetherington

    All testing on animals should be banned–including that done for medical purposes. Our perceived intellectual superiority does not give us ethical license to use other living creatures in this way.

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