Ban the use of neonicotinoids in Canada

On Monday, April 8th, 2013 in Get Involved

Ban the use of neonicotinoids in CanadaPollinators, including honeybees, are a central element of our food system and a critical pillar of our ecology. While the impact of honeybees extends far beyond the pollination of commercial agricultural crops, the monetary value of just this service is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year.

In the past decade, extreme declines in bee populations have been measured across North America and throughout Europe, prompting widespread concern from citizens, scientists, and many governments.

While many theories have been put forward for this collapse of the bee population, one of the most likely is a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids, which attack insects’ central nervous systems causing paralysis and death, and have proven very harmful in sub-lethal quantities.

Help Elizabeth convince the Canadian Government to follow Europe’s lead and ban the use of neonicotinoids in Canada.

Download the petition, have as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

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  • Lise Chevrette

    I have signed the Avazz petition for the ban of this pesticide. it was recently successful in the E.U. Is it surprising that the Harper government has not picked up on it? It probably does not have enough return on the tactical politicking of the Conservatives.

    • tocamo

      Harper is for Big Oil…agriculture does not interest him..not enough money for the corporations.

      • Keith McDonald

        Could not of said that any better. Harper and his Conservative goonies could care less about any other industry besides big oil companies, or the big mining companies. Since the Conservatives we now always seem to be last when it comes to banning stuff that is bad for the environment. oh wait! that’s because Obama did not engage his puppet strings. Harper is Obama’s puppet. So when the USA does the ban, guaranteed we will follow suit, it wont be the other way around. This petition should petition to States to ban this pesticide then we might get something done.

        • tocamo

          I don’t care which politico carries this banner for bees..It is just common sense to ban this for all humanity.

          In the US..Monsanto has their feet planted firmly in the White House,..they probably MAKE some similar products, or have funded pesticide companies.. Therefore, can’t rely on the US. There is a comment from I. Bennett.below that is about control on every thing considered food. Damned scary. Have not checked out that comment..seems probable though.

          • Bonni Tremblay

            Monsanto is a BIG problem. There are marches against them planned world wide for next weekend. Send me a friend request and I can send you the link. There may just be one in your community-I found one in mine and we have a population of about 350,000. Anyone please feel free to send a friend request as I don’t think I can post those details on here. Be well.

          • anon

            Monsanto CEO needs to die.

        • Julie

          Harper is Obama’s puppet but Obama is Monsanto’s puppet so it might be harder then you think.

        • John

          Don’t agree. If you still subscribe to the notion that Cons are really Reform and therefore a western-based rump, then Alberta produces a lot of honey. It is also considered to be among the best honey available anywhere. Lots of Alberta honey producers are conservatives, ergo, Harper could just as easily care a great deal.

    • Bonni Tremblay

      No surprise to me that Harper has not picked up on it. He has decimated environmental protection for lakes and rivers-why would he care about this?

    • Helena Handbasket

      Harper has proven time and time again that he cares nothing for public opinion- in other words for the opinion of the people of Canada- he was elected to serve. He is a dictator who’s only concern is that the interests of his political cronies and big business be protected and preserved.

    • disqus_fhQIZHMNhF

      It is not surprising ..harper plays multinational tune

  • Sarah Albertson

    Bees are necessary for successful agriculture, neonicotinoids are not. Please implement a ban immediately.

    • Rebecca Graham

      well said!

    • Mel

      Yes, absolutely, well said! I will quote you!

    • Enrico Camasso

      I agree 100%.

    • BiancaD

      Hear hear!!

    • Johnny Rodgers

      Yes I agree 100 %

    • mocato

      Exactly bees=no food=no life then neonicotinoids are useless

    • Pakoo

      Bees make Honey. Honey is a natural antiseptic, full of good for you things. and it NEVER SPOILS. EVER. Did it get all crystalized? heat it up, bam, honey again.

    • Diana Lutz

      Im am all for the ban of pesticides and herbicides and GMO for that matter I sign peitions against companies that sell these products and would encourage many to do so ,God saw to all was good and we have enough to feed 12 billion people ,bees help us with 1/3 of our food , not all ,we would still have food but it wouldn’t be as much , many animals are part of our eco-system and we All need to respect that ,everything connects

  • disqus_XUeNXCmjbe

    It is absolutely essential to ban neonicotinoids as soon as possible and, hopefully, bees may recover given half a chance. Everyone should be up in arms pressuring Government to move on this right now. Without those little busy bees our food sources are in grave jeopardy. If Europe can do it, why not Canada?

  • Geoffrey Pounder

    Pesticide proponents claim that it would be a significant
    cost to farmers if they had to give up seeds treated with neo-nicotinoids.

    What is the cost to farmers if pollinators are reduced or disappear?
    Something wrong with our accounting.

    Equally perverse is our monoculture system of agriculture,
    which contravenes the laws of nature and causes endless destruction.

    • Blaine Cameron

      Excellent points!

    • RuralGirl

      Without monoculture agriculture how do you propose we feed the world?

      • HerrKaiser

        by reducing the amount of meat intake that human beings consume. The amount of meat intake in the last 50 years has increased by fivefold and is well above the required and healthy amounts. By reducing the amount of livestock consumed you reduce the amount of grazing lands required. Those lands in turn can be used for produce for human beings. We use an enormous amount of land for grazing cattle and other livestock and even more land to feed those animals. It’s an enormous waste just so that people can buy cheeseburgers for 99 cents or whatever they are going for these days.

        • D Ferris

          Where does meat come into this? Concern is for pollinators for vegetables and fruit. Man can survive without meat. However, that may need another petition.
          Dianne Ferris

          • Diana Lutz

            There is a petition for everything concerning these topics ;)

          • Doreen Agostino

            EARTHLINGS is a powerful and informative documentary about society’s
            treatment of animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. This multi-award winning film by Nation Earth is a must-see for
            anyone who cares about animals or wishes to make the world a better

          • Jay

            You said it all and I agree 100%

          • Gail

            In his song “Before the Deluge”, Jackson Browne sings, “Let Creation reveal its secrets by and by/ When the light that’s lost within us reaches the sky”. I want that light to be recovered before I ‘reach the sky’. So much to do, and so much apathy, but gotta keep the light from dying.

          • Gail

            Ummm, pesticides on forage crops?

        • Diana Lutz

          I agree I know its not a sin to eat meat however how they treat the animals is a sin with factory farming and such.. , how much food we need to feed animals is far more than we need to feed people , its devastating to the environment as well because of the methane gases these animals produce ,meat is not so good for us anyhow , once upon a time we were all vegetarians ,they feed animals GMO foods too ,ive seen a video they also feed they chips and chocolate (to cows) unreal! for these reason’s it is best to go Vegan

          • Doreen Agostino

            EARTHLINGS is a powerful and informative documentary about society’s treatment of animals. This multi-award winning film by Nation Earth is a must-see for anyone who cares about animals or wishes to make the world a
            better place.

      • Rita Grier

        with out bees how will we feed ourselves?

        • Diana Lutz

          Im am all for the ban of pesticides and herbicides and GMO for that matter I sign peitions against companies that sell these products and would encourage many of us to do so ,God saw to all was good and we have enough to feed 12 billion people ,bees help us with 1/3 of our food not all we would still have food but it wouldn’t be as much , many animals are part of our eco-system and we All need to respect that ,everything connects.

      • Vitalia Daza

        lol really? um maybe the way nature intended it with biodiversity? Urban farming, food forestry, permaculture, gardening, composting, communities coming together.

      • Heather J. Pinske

        The BEST solution for feeding MORE people is SMALL scale organic farming, at a global level!! It doesn’t take much to grow yourself a bit of food, and there are increasingly easier ways to grow INDOORS. I hope to see a future where every person has a small scale indoor garden.

        • Stephanie De Ayala-Larragoiti

          I agree and a little often goes a long way.

      • po’d

        feeding the world feeds the problem of overpopulation… all means deal with poverty and starvation now, but don’t do it in a vacuum. control population growth……and btw a large part of increased crop production came from better farming methods, including irrigation, NOT from GMO seeds. Monoculture, with its emphasis on GMO, pesticides and herbicides, grows “product” not food, and poisons our earth, water and air…..

    • Cretius

      Monoculture puts all your eggs in one basket. If anything goes wrong you have a catastrophe of monumental dimensions. Monoculture gives control of our food supply to the agrochemical industry. That is totally unacceptable. They already seem to control North American governments to the detriment of the citizenry. A time for revolution is near at hand.

    • Paula Bourque

      Not to mention the human health care costs in the long term.

    • Jenn

      What is the cost to mankind if there is no non-gmo choice. It’s a shame farmers took a chance at planting what hadn’t been tested. The cost to pollinators has been known for quite some time, and still no ban. They could learn a lot from the actions of José Mujica, President of Uruguay.

  • James M Patterson

    I signed the petition. Unless there is some major Damascus Road experience for ruling Junta, I doubt they will do their beesness as they ought. I did, however, sign.

  • twillabme

    I wanna keep eating, so we’d better do all we can to ensure the bees keep pollinating!

  • Ann Eastman

    Bees are not only critical for the production of many crops – most fruit and vegetables, they are significant indicators of environmental health, ‘canaries’ so to speak. The stresses on bee immune function caused by these pesticides, along with other chemicals, pollution, etc, are resulting in colony collapse disorder. In a sense similar to the effects of the AIDS virus in humans, chemically-induced immune function suppression makes bees highly vulnerable to disease.

    • Hayeska

      Interesting how you mentioned AIDS as I just read an article on how bee venom can kill the HIV virus. If Canada follows in the footsteps of the US, it looks as though bees may be extinct before we realize all the ways in which bees can save us (including the obvious necessity of bees for successful agriculture). Perhaps this is exactly what Monsanto wants – eliminate the bees and have the world solely dependent on their product.

  • Sylvain Lamoureux

    I guess someone should
    send copies of the Bee Movie to all politicians. It
    was a wonderful animation that educated kids and adults alike about how
    important bees are to us and how dangerous it would be if they disappeared.
    They need to ban all the poisons they use in agriculture. The
    book that opened my eyes about the dangers of insecticides,
    herbicides and pesticides is Rachel Carlson’s “Silent Spring”
    (published in 1962) that I read over 25 years ago. I’ve been saying for decades that these are the unseen products that is killing us faster than anything else.

    • Jim Wallace

      Another great film on this issue is filmmaker Jocelyn Demers’ new documentary “Saving The Life Keepers”. Demers spent 3 years interviewing beekeepers in México, the USA and all over BC, compiling their insights on how to protect and propagate these amazing creatures. Check out his website at

    • Grace Joubarne

      Gee, but the movie only works on those with a conscience…few politicians fit the criteria.

  • Anti

    We need a better agricultural Policy !! Get rid of big agri business and go back to sustainable farming with good animal husbandry and soil health, non of this more and more GM poisoning of the soil and US.

  • marshlc

    The agriculture industry survived the banning of DDT, it will survive this.

    • Alec Bruyns

      It will not survive the loss of pollinators.

      • h20phoenix

        Neither will we.

  • Anna

    It seems to be a no brainer.
    Pesticides kill bugs + Bees are bugs = Pesticides kill bees.
    No bees + no food = no humans. Any questions?

    • Robert Allison

      yeah , how long we gotta wait ? the sooner the better .

    • Nancy Billings

      AMEN !

    • Jenn

      People should research glyphosates with POEA as a surfacant and you get an idea of the danger. This can’t be good for the bees, or any pollinators for that matter.

  • Dabn

    Precautionary Principle? Well played Ms. May.

  • Lani4444

    Killing bees = killing ourselves.

  • kevinsaldanha

    We are gradually destroying the strands of the web of life on which we depend.

    • Debra Hadley

      Except not so “gradually,” especially everything Harper touches!

    • MisterEnglish

      I think you mean, Our Dictator and his goons are creating the destruction, don’t you Kevin?
      He’s enjoying it too. In a few years, when Canada is in ruins, he’ll join the boards of Monsanto, and all of the other anti-social International Corporations, with whom he has arrangements, collect his offshore investment stash – because the CRA won’t have the manpower now to actually collect their overdue taxes – and retire to his tropical paradise, with his hand picked RCMP bodyguards to protect him.

  • Barbara Watson

    Thanks again, Elizabeth, for doing all that you can to stop the Harper government from ruining our country and our environment.

  • Kristina

    Bees are extremely important. There will be no food production without them.

  • Coastline Rentals

    No bees no food! surely Mr. Harper can understand this need, or maybe not! It is not a tar sand, or pipeline.

    • D Vandeleur

      A True Tar-Baby!

  • Malcolm (ex Bee Keeper)

    Hopefully our Govt. will not need a study on this . Why they would not implement an imediate ban is worrisome. The evidence is there the polinators are there….. do we need to lose more polinators before we take action!

  • Nicole

    Bees are part of the foundation of life sustenance on earth…they are a fundamental key…
    Educate yourselves before making irreversible decisions threatening life as we know it…
    Stop playing God!

    • D Vandeleur

      Our Creator CREATED THE BEES! SH is for wiping them out – by definition, that can’t be ‘ playing God’!


    Another well crafted and dutiful response from this fine MP who is inexorably earning the mantle of a true Canadian champion. I applaud your sterling ethos.

  • Ross Gray

    It is absolutely essential to ban neonicotinoids as soon as possible and, hopefully, bees may recover given half a chance.

  • comedyflyer

    We have our own honey. So far the bees are ok. But EVERY year I fear for them…I always worry every spring if this is their last year because of all the poison being sprayed around us. The bees need our help to be able to stay healthy so they can continue with their very important role in the circle of life. Honey is the real gold. What an amazing insect.

    • Ann-Marie Hunter

      Agreed. The bees are absolutely amazing!

  • Juliana

    The Conservatives seem hell bent on destroying nature. This has to stop. BEES ARE TOTALLY NECESSARY TO LIFE!!!!

  • Don Gillis

    Short term gain for long term pain. Same for the environment. Time to treat nature and the environment with some respect, maturity and intelligence for a change.

  • Matthijs Mohrs

    Another example of how nature/environment is suffering for the all mighty economy. Mankind will surely kill themselves with this kind of selfish, financially conservative thinking. I wonder how these pesticides affect consumers of the resulting “bug free” produce? Yum, yum. Ban these pesticides please! Man, am I glad I can grow my own veggies.

  • l. Bennett

    We do not want to follow the European lead, they are right now in the process of passing a new law that stops everyday people from growing their own food. They are requiring the registration of all seeds with the government and you cannot grow anything not registered. You will not be allowed to keep seeds, trade or sell them you will have to purchase them from Monsanto. The laws regarding our food supply have gotten out of control. They are putting our global food supply in the hands of multi nationals so they can control the food supply. This has nothing to do with precautionary principles, if they still cared about that we would not be on the way to serfdom!

    • Seeking Truth

      Has it come to that, already??? not surprised , if you follow the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers & Mark Carney/Goldman Sachs – it’s eye-opening to learn how they “Run The World” & its politicians. I wonder how these ‘Elites’ will hide themselves from all the poisons in the monoculture food products? There are many Canadians who belong to that bunch. I sometimes think that only a natural disaster will stop them. Sigh….

  • Sharon Cross

    As a hobby beekeeper for many years, I agree with Sarah Albertson. Bees are necessary, as well as other pollinators, all of which are being affected by neonicotinoids and other pesticides.

  • Grace Cockburn

    This is also becoming a problem for home gardeners. I recently learned that one of the neonicotinoids, Imidacloprid, is being used in some potting soils (Bayer brands), and is also being used in potting soil by major nurseries supplying ornamental plants across Canada and the US (one company has confirmed this in writing, and I am waiting to hear from others.) These plants are not marked as such, and because this class of pesticides is systemic, the entire plant, including the nectar and pollen, will excrete the toxin for as much as 4 months–the entire first summer the plant is in the garden. Washing the original potting soil off the plant might help, but then what do you do with that soil? Given that I garden organically, I very much resent this ‘stealth’ introduction of such a long-term pesticide into my garden without my knowledge or permission.

    • Ann-Marie Hunter

      Horrible. What really shocks me is that these companies feel no remorse for using such compounds and foisting them onto innocent consumers with no documentation given. We are killing ourselves in the name of profits and the government supports it!

      • Rob Holz

        We are not killing ourselves. They are killing us, and intentionally at that. We’re just paying them to do it.

      • Will Panos

        Company’s don’t have feelings, just deep pockets.

        • Cretius

          …. and greed for more and higher profits!

    • Carolyn Budd-Goertzen

      Thank you for this information–I am an avid gardner and did not know about this–I will discuss this with my nursery owner who grows all of their annuals etc–I find the many things I need to know rather overwhelming to keep in top of–this helped me.

    • Debra Hadley

      Oh, gawd. That’s a new one by me, and thx for posting this. Looks like we need another, closely-related petition/movement at the same time! Virtually *everything* is done by stealth nowadays & it’s stressing all aware people out of their minds. (if they didn’t sicken us one way, they’ll get us another way)

      It would be super if you could also post what brand names AREN’T using this, once you find out.

      Anyone got a few thousand dump trucks that could deliver all this rotten potting soil to 24 Sussex Drive?

      • Michele

        Costco sells OMRI certified potting soil and sea soil composts. The OMRI certification means they are safe for organic gardening. I bought some cheap potting soil to plant some flower seeds in at my sister’s place, angry now about the potential Imadicloprid contamination. Fortunately have only used OMRI certified soil for the vegetables.

        • D Vandeleur

          make your own organic soil in an compost tumbler, or worm farm! then you can be sure.

          • bonnie

            Yes i agree,,if u take the time than u know for sure…their r so many things that can be compost but watch what u compost that it hasn’t been tamper with the winter alot of our food in Canada is imported wash all fruits and vegetables and u can compost egg shells but waht do u say about regular eggs to organic eggs which is better to compost i wonder..buying several compost tumblers which will cost in the beginning but will pay off in the end i believe

          • Jenn

            bonnie where neonics are used you can’t wash it off because it’s right in it from the treated seeds.

        • FeelALot

          Thanks for that useful info, Michele! I’ve now purchased some of Costco’s OMRI soil for my own use.

          problem I discovered, though, is that you can’t get ALL the nursery’s
          soil entirely off any bought plants where roots are fine &/or bound
          tightly together, and disturbing the main root ball *too* much could
          kill off the plant in the process. Plus of course, given that these
          chemicals are systemic, they’re already IN the given plant,
          regardless…so not sure just how long it takes the plant to rid itself
          of them, even w/o being constantly ‘fed’ them by any contaminated
          potting soil.

          For everyone’s interest, there is also now another
          petition at against Lowe’s and Home Depot, regarding the
          sale of neonicotinoid pesticides at these stores. I’ll also post this as
          a new post so it’s more visible up top, but here’s the link:

      • MisterEnglish

        Well said!

    • Bonni Tremblay

      I’d be interested in hearing what other companies are using it.

    • Radarradar

      Thank you for the information. I agree we need to be informed about such products. I plan to mention this to the gardening centre I shop at – hope others will too… the fastest way to get the information out there these days it seems.

    • Rob Holz

      That Bayer is involved is no surprise. I think they’re in the business of population control.

      • Bob Chi

        It was Bayer (I.G. Farben) who produced Zyklon B for the Nazis.

        • elaine lee

          Not just population control…I think they are in the business of keeping us sick and dependent on “medicine”.

      • h20phoenix

        Bingo ;)

      • mike mackinnon

        Bayer is an out-growth of the IG Farben corporation that operated in Hitler’s Germany, so yea, no surprises there.

    • Richard Johnson

      According to the OBA (Ontario Beekeepers Association, the use of neonics for cosmetic use is banned in Ontario. If you contact Julie White of OBA with your evidence, she will follow up.

    • Marilyn Marshall

      I had no idea that neonicotinoids were being put into potting soil. This year, I have had exactly TWO bumblebees and ONE honeybee in my garden which used to buzz with them.

    • Stephen Kelland

      if it doesnt say pesticide free assume it isnt

    • Piecemaker

      That’s a good reason to stop buying commercially prepared soils and start soil-building by backyard composting. There is plenty of material available-just think of the amount of waste that gets put into greenbins for disposal by the city. Here’s a challenge: reduce your green bin deposits to only those that don’t do well in compost bins (think avocado pits and peels, too much citrus peel, thorny + woody branches, morning glory and other pernicious weeds.)
      Augment with straw, leaves, shredded newspaper, chipped branches, seaweed etc. Nature will take care of the rest.

    • Roxanna

      God, when I read things like this, all I can do is pray for that asteroid to hit us.

    • Dianne Ferris

      Grace Cockburn, can you share this on Facebook? Or even in a newspaper, as it’s so important and there are many organic growers [like myself] who didn’t knowo this! Thanks you.

    • Cretius

      Simple solution. DO NOT buy commercial potting soil. Make your own.

  • Tom M

    Feeding the world’s populations is difficult enough as it is without systematically destroying such an obvious, natural component to successful agriculture. This ban is a no-brainer.

  • tocamo

    No bees= a WIN for Monsanto’s gm horrors= Death to all living things

  • molly

    This argument by chemical companies is ridiculous, farmers know very well if the bees are gone so is their livelihood. so lets cut the crap and do it!!!

  • Honesty is the best policy

    Any other government would protect Canada’s farmers and consumers

    • tocamo

      Well said..time for another government. What happened to the ‘ X ” Harper petition?

  • Pashta MaryMoon

    I don’t think I can say anything clearer that those who have commented before me.

    Taking a wisdom saying from our Native peoples, we need to consider all choices carefully “unto the 7th generation” — not just in our own species, but for all the species of life on this blessed planet, whose ecosystem upholds each and every one of our lives. Gaia — like any living being — only has so much capacity to heal and revive from the damage that we do; and we have been crossing that threshold for decades now.

    Throughout most of the ancient world of this planet, bees were consider sacred — mythologically those who moved between the upper and world worlds, makers of the ‘food of the gods’, and speakers of the truth. Non-mythologically, in the present world, the killing of the bee species by man-made pesticides (for short-term gains in crops) is — or should be — a clear symbol of the harm we do for short-term gain, and deafness of agricultural capitalism to the truth of their choices. Make bees sacred again, and we begin to re-sacredize our world.

  • robert macdermot

    the plight of bees ( and therefore the plight of us all ) is yet another indication of the self-poisoning inflicted by our continuous and uncritical exposure to petroleum and its chemical by-products. Without bees we will starve.

  • Stephen Chessor
  • Plain English

    No more delays in addressing this serious problem! Ban all substances that have been shown to harm the bee population… NO more delays….

  • tenbear

    no bees > very limited pollination if any > mono crops > GMO
    > sickness & great suffering > billions dead > beautiful
    balanced natural world gone

  • Ann-Marie Hunter

    As a beekeeper, I realize the importance of bees to our society and the importance of protecting this very valuable part of the natural world. It just makes sense to do whatever we can to ensure the continuation of bee populations. Of course, what makes sense to the general public just might not seem reasonable to the money grabbers of society. When will we realize that we can’t eat money?

  • Deborah Markle

    Perhaps the Harper government needs to view “The Bee Movie”. I’m sure their kids have seen it. Perhaps the kids aren’t yelling loud enough.

  • Rick M

    Neonicotinoids should be banned, and safe alternative methods encouraged. It is the responsibility of our government to protect Canadians from threats to their health and the health of their food supply. Bees are far more important than the profits of a chemical company.

  • Wally Roth

    Without bees to pollinate our blossoms, we will not survive. That’s what I’ve learned and I believe it!

  • Don

    Harper is a career politician , his only other job was working for an oil company, now it seems they own him and his party. But he still doesn’t own Canada, try as he might.

    • Anne Kaufmann

      Hopefully he will not have enough time….only 2 more years!

      • MisterEnglish

        I wish you could get a guarantee on that …

    • Seeking Truth

      You’re right, he doesn’t own Canada, … it’s the International Bankers who do, & they own him too. They would sooner get rid of us & keep our resources.

      • h20phoenix

        AND they will go live in their military/police/drone plane protected, artificial & environmentally controlled houses/underground facilities/gated communities, with filtered air & water and bio-engineered ‘clean’ food,- because the elite will be the only ones who can afford it.

    • h20phoenix

      But, wow, he is trying! ..a nasty little puppet isn’t he..

  • nurbees

    Oh what a sorry sate. Now we are stinging the bees. we must learn to bee better!

  • anne marie benoit

    I grew up watching fireflies at night in the summer, catching some, releasing them and they were there for a reason. 25 yrs later, the fireflies are no longer there, and the blueberry farm near by where the fireflies use to be got bigger. The blueberry farm don’t need people to pick blueberry by hands as they started using big machines in the 80″ and pesticides as well. Faster and bigger doesn’t fill the void of all missing species. I can understand bees dissapearing when dangerous pesticides are use. My fireflies are gone and I do not want to see the day where our bees are gone for good. Please stop using neonicotinoids.

  • Ann-Marie Hunter

    Thank you, Elizabeth May, for your voice in Parliament! Where would we be without your reasoned objections to the way our Conservative government is dealing with such important issues? Please keep advocating for us with respect to environmental (and any other) governmental plans that are objectionable! Love.

  • garth owen

    It seems to be a no brainer.
    Pesticides kill bugs + Bees are bugs = Pesticides kill bees.
    No bees + no food = no humans. Any questions?

  • mdouble

    Bees are a figurative canary in the environmental coal mine. The world wide issue of colony collapse is something which every person irrespective of their social position or place of authority must take seriously. Every dead bee sends a tiny but powerful message; what we do to the environment we do to ourselves.

    Vested interests and profit motives aside, we simply can not allow the impending disaster caused by the use of pesticides to continue or the policies which allow their use to go unchallenged. This is not a time for political posturing, back-peddling or double talk. Direct immediate and decisive action is required.

    • Carolyn Budd-Goertzen

      I like your image of the canary–I believe salamanders are another–I played with them as a child and have not seen one for over 45 years–and where are the garden snakes etc. Thank you for your thoughts

      • Janet Simpson

        They are alive and well in my garden along with my bees, but for how long? I too have to watch everything I bring onto the property to ensure our health and that of the land and creatures with whom we share. The only reason we are doing relatively well is some isolation (an island) and a very proactive, informed population. Thank you Elizabeth for staying on guard for all Canadians including all the non-human ones!

  • Onni Milne

    Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring” in the 1950s. It was about DDT then as she observed the effects on birds. Why, oh why, can’t we ever learn before we destroy the world around us.

    • Beibs

      It’s called GREED!

  • Doug Marr

    This may actually be more important than Climate Change. No bees. No crops.
    Even 50 billion chinese crop dusters couldn’t handle it.

  • Carolyn Budd-Goertzen

    there are some things which are called “no brainers!” and this is one of them–we cannot continue to poison any part of the environment for any reason! Bees are one of God’s most wonderful creations and a life devoid of them would be pitiful indeed. What will we say to our grandchildren when they ask us “Why were people so stupid to poison the world and destroy so many living things?”

  • satinka

    I have been concerned about the absence of bees from my yard for several years now. I wish governments were more concerned about maintaining the natural balance in nature. Gaia will always look after us if we care about her.

  • Jeanette Campbell

    When a government doesn’t follow the Laws Of Nature the nation will suffer…that is their plan…haven’t you heard of Agenda 21? Corrupt the land, sea and skies. Cull the population…cull the sheeple.

    • D Vandeleur

      Yes! I’m convinced of that. They pay absolutely NO ATTENTION to letters or protests, & reply (if at all) with boiler-pot BLAH BLAH. I love all these wonderful, gentle, nature lovers & promoters of a clean & healthy food source. How can we turn this ugly globalization frenzy around before it’s too late? …when they are hell-bent on dismantling our nature which supports ALL LIFE?

  • Patriot

    Our Food security is an aspect of national security, once again the government is acting weak on the critical issue of national security.

  • marilyn dyer

    It’s my understanding that without the natural use of bees for pollination, Britain would be without FRUIT/FOOD within 3 years! That’s devastating news! Why do we spray and kill off the very species that are our greatest allies./.helpers? When will we ever learn to accept the interrelationship of all living things? Yes, the use of chemicals IS a global issue and because we import so much of our food these days from other countries,eg. Mexico, China, Peru, we are less able to control the use of chemicals during food production, Thanks for articulating the seriousness of the use of neonicotinoids in Canada and elsewhere. WE ARE DEFINITELY IGNORING THE RISK OF LOSING OUR PRECIOUS FOOD SUPPLY, GLOBALLY. Our Canadian government needs to take a stand NOW in order to bring Canada’s stance on this problem in line with European legislation. NOW. Actually, Canada should be a LEADER for this kind of problem, not a follower. Are we too afraid of the large companies who are producing the chemicals we sell to kill off the bees and other insects? We are definitley behind in our laws about protecting our working bees! YES, ban the use of chemicals, and we’ll not only save the bees and other helpful insects and birds,but we may even see a drop in Cancer related illnesses.

  • Beefriend

    I would try to shame the chemical industries and the Federal Government for their collusion and negligence, except that in public life the capacity for shame seems to be shrinking even faster than the bee population. Glad to see that moral outrage is still alive though.

  • Charles

    we need the BEES!
    do not cover the bees please, that would be cruel.
    Nest thing you know we will be hand pollinating, oh yeah they already do that in Asia where they have smothered the bees with the chemicals.

  • Heather Peebles

    I am a beekeeper, we have so many challenges dealing with pollution as it is. If we know that this chemical is directly interfering it needs to be banned immediately, no time for debates. No honeybees, most food and color would leave the planet. How would we like that? This is a very serious situation. Please ban this chemical NOW!!

  • Lin

    This would be a foolsih petiton NOT to sign. Have foresight everyone, let’s
    try and preserve this planet, not destroy it….

  • Will

    Without a strong healthy bee population there would be no pollination and this would rapidly impact our food chain. The quickest way to kill off humanity is to illuminate the growth of food.

  • neilemac

    Buzz on, eh!

  • Howie

    I agree fully that widespread destruction of bees should be prohibited. Use of pesticides should be limited to confined areas where threat to human or wildlife is very likely.

  • Don Colby

    Bees do much more than provide honey. They are essential in pollinating many of our food crops and must be protected from deleterious pesticides.

  • Valerie E.

    Compromising our pollinators may not only result in catastrophe for humans but demonstrates our ignorance (yet again!) about how to live with nature. Please help us evolve with a resounding NO to neonicothinoids.

  • Becky Mason

    It’s simple we need bees to grow our food. They are also worth protecting because they are important to our whole environment

  • rick

    This is the first petition I’ve seen re: bee plight from any Canadian source. Thank for standing against this terrible issue. I would like to see you also start cirrculating petitions in regard to GMO’s there is so much scientific evidence to support the fact that these products are being fed to us knowing they are cancer causing, as well as a host of other healthh issues. Also since thee UN seems to be invvolved in the attempt to outlaw seeds coming from other sources. It would seem everyone is on monsanto’s side to help them dominate production of crops. Espescialy now that Obam has passed the Monsanto Protection Act. Will you help us Elizabeth? Get petitions for Canadians going in these issues. Fight for us and you will have my vote for the remander of my days.

  • David J. Parker

    It is absurd to assume we can continue to destroy species, eco-systems, livelihoods in the pursuit of more money. More so when we now know that happiness actually declines after our basic needs are met. Growth is a cancer that will eventually consume everything of beauty and value.

  • Lori Maloney

    I have seen a documentary about colony collapse and it is a serious issue. I don’t use sprays on my flowers and pull my own weeds so that I protect bees. They are a keystone species.

  • Peter Colbourne

    If bees disappear, all crops fail within 4 years.

  • Mama

    Ban neonicotinoids immeditely. And start paying attention to scientific facts which affect the future of everybody including parliamentarians, their families and their constituents. Being an elected MP does not provide protection or immunity from neurological and agricultural disaters.

  • Beekeeper

    Please save the bees by doing the environmentally responsible thing: ban the neonicotinoids immediately!

  • Mavis

    The choice is clear: Vote for the Bees, not the Neonicotinoids.

  • Lesley

    Bees are lifes nessecesities, Harper most assuredly is not

  • Cam drysdale

    Highly support this cause, bees are a ‘keystone’ species that IF removed from our ecosystems will have devastating effects

  • bob

    There was a soundbite on tv yesterday where an MP suggested they need to do a study to see what is really killing the bees. If you wait, they’ll be gone. Let’s do something now. If it turns out to be wrong, then try something else, but at least do something now

  • Elizabeth May

    The Cdn. Cov’t. banned Weed and Feed so now we have an impossible amount of dandelions. If you think that was a reasonable ban, than I suggest that the poison neonictinoids should also be banned immediately for the the sake of the few bees we have left. I really don’t know how you decide your priorities !

  • embrey daniel

    It is time to call the Harper regime to account for its terrible environmental record

  • Debra Hadley

    “if all insects on Earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on
    Earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth,
    within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.”

    Biologist Jonas Salk

    Food for not just thought, but immediate ACTION. Without the incredible bees, no food, and no world…..not even for Harper, his cronies, or all the core Elite players. So if they don’t already have a secret spaceship & new planet for themselves… I can’t even believe how LONG it’s taken for this issue to hit the limelight, when I’ve been reading about it for several years already!

    • D Vandeleur

      Yes, & it’s terribly frustrating & sad that even our friends roll their eyes & don’t want to believe what havoc these politicians are creating for the world.

      Elizabeth May we’re all behind you as you so brilliantly struggle on!

  • John Rushforth

    C’mon Stever Bees make honey and pollinate the flowers. Don’t kill them with neonicotinoids.

  • Joseph

    When in doubt about its potential harm, ban the product until you can prove its safety. That is being prudent with Canadians.

  • stubbleduck

    Put a stop to the Monsanto-Cargill Bio tec companies harmful food altering processes immediately. It’s all about greed and destruction of natures food chain .

  • Lydia

    Our blueberries are effected this year by not enough bees.

  • Aatos

    It is time for Canada to, once again, be a world leader in protecting our environment. Otherwise our grandchildren will be wondering what kind of fools were making decisions in this decade – destroying the world because of their personal greed. What do we want history to reflect of us?

  • Kim Hunter

    EU just banned this colony collapsing poison. :) Another county.. (which one escapes me in the moment) banned this chemical a year ago and their colonies are already recovering. Economically, socially, and ecologically, there seems to be only pestilence associated letting chemical companies patent food and control food. More countries and counties ban these GMO, chemical dependent inventions every month. See “GMO GLOBAL ALERT” for the most recent results of bio-tech food.
    Now Bio-tech like Monsanto is on a tear, trying, and in the case of the US, succeeding in manipulating laws to make their toxic chemical food practices above liability. Even more disturbing, they are now trying to control real food and heirloom seeds.

  • Patrick M.

    We had our only 2 hives die off this winter, a neighbour lost all 3, another the only one they had, a commercial beekeeper lost 35 of 70 hives – all within a 10 mile radius here in south eastern On.

    Others that we know of about 30 miles away also suffered catastrophic losses.

    Many many different things are causing the die off but pesticides are a big one.

  • Janet Carey

    Harper doesn’t stand up for anything to do with the environment. Without bees we will all perish. Can’t wait for the next election.

  • Helen

    Keep the bees alive keep ourselves alive, no brainer!!

  • Maureen

    The excessive planting of corn around our property killed all the bees in my two hives….they were like pets and pollinated all our fruit trees. If Europe can do it, let Canada follow. Save the BEES.

  • Josh Buzzell

    I have message for Stephen Harper: “Canadians, especially young Canadians, only want to vote for true Canadians to be our politicians. And young Canadians, WE want to vote and we WILL vote.” #HarperBetterWatchOut

  • Mark Milotay

    This is so important. I lost my apiary this last year to combination of factors. The first was climate change which has drastically changed things in our part of the province from a beekeeping perspective. Much more feeding and intervention is required from beekeepers to address the changes to our winters. I would also say that pesticides were also a strong contributing factor to my losses.

  • Dawna

    Without the bees we all die, it is as simple as that, no pollination, no food. Smarten up Harper Conservatives!

    Harper approved Monsanto and the like, are killing our planet and all living creatures, genetically modifying all our food, farmed fish, beef, pork, chickens etc, now they want to get away with putting carcinogens in seed such as seeds treated with neonicotinoids that will kill the bees.

    All creatures on this planet will pay the price. This is insane! Who would want to wipe out the inhabitants of this planet?? Is this just a retarded government or is there a secret agenda?? What the heck is going on??

    Very disturbed and upset

  • Merlin

    NO bees, no pollination no food! Simple, now just need to stop the poisoners!!

  • Stephen Jenvey

    Why have we allowed a poison, banned in Europe, into our environment? Do we have to find out for ourselves what other country’s bees have already experienced?

  • Joni McMillan

    Glad to see you are backing this initiative, Elizabeth. It is more important than a lot of people realize. To me, bees are the canaries in the coal mine and we’d better pay attention before it’s too late.

  • Jacqui

    Why must Canada always lag behind the Europeans in this type of thing? Every man and his dog knows that bees are essential to our very existence. What kind of perverted logic prevents those in government from passing legislation to protect that which protects us?

  • joseph

    Absolutely, the evidence is strong against chemicals, must ban immediately.

  • jcosgrove

    Pollinators are essential to much of the terrestrial plant life in the world including most commercial agriculture. All possible steps should be taken to ensure that pollinators, such as bees, are protected. The banning of neonicotinoids is a reasonable action.

  • Stephen Do

    Stephen Harper has his head in the sand (the oil sands) if he thinks this topic is of no importance. It should be #1 on every government’s list of priorities, for without bees, there will be no humankind.

  • Grace Joubarne

    Bees are worth far more to this earth and to humanity than pesticides. Bees are worth at least $29 Billion…pesticides are worth billions only to shareholders who should be ashamed of themselves for investing in such destruction.

  • cherylmprince

    Bee’s are necessary for all human life…and plant’s too…please don’t bugger with our bee’s.

  • Adam Osmak

    I love me some bees! seriously though this is a dire situation that needs addressing years ago, nevermind now. Kudos to Mrs May and The GPC.

  • Grace Atkinson

    This is scary business. Why would we risk losing such an important link in our food chain in favour of a chemical?

  • Winnie Cornish

    I love honey so yes please we have to stop the use of these pesticides before there are no bees left…And we need them them for pollination.

  • Larry

    It has become clear we cannot wait any longer to follow the lead of Europe and take action to protect the bees and ultimately our food supply. Once the tipping point is reached, if it already hasn’t, it will be too late.

  • M. J. Epstein

    Food supplies are at stake. No machine, chemical, or human intervention can replace bees — we need to ensure their survival in order to ensure our own!

  • fredmole

    There is a way to deal with this. Ban humans, then the bees will be just fine. Pesticides only strengthen the pests that they are supposed to kill and destroy the environment that we need to survive. Why do people use pesticides? Because the chemical companies are greedy and care nothing about the future and fill people with lies and propaganda. More food for more people? How about reducing the population (naturally). Uncontrolled growth is a terminal disease.



  • Jo Unrau

    No bees, no pollination, no food, not exactly rocket science. Only a total moron couldn’t see that.

  • Monica

    Please implement a ban on neonicotinoids and keep bees alive to keep our food chain intact. Please act quickly on this urgent issue.

  • Karen Cantelon

    As Sarah Albertson very succinctly and eloquently wrote.:
    Bees are necessary for successful agriculture, neonicotinoids are not.
    Please implement a ban immediately.

  • Jeff

    As an ex-bee keeper I know that bees here in NS are already under attack from various diseases. Let’s not another threat to their existence.

  • Kim

    Time to take care of the environment instead of big corporations who exploit it!

  • michela m.

    Please Join &
    Invite friends to Join

    Men of the Forest

    together with Sumatran Tigers
    (Java & Bali Tigers already EXTINCT), Elephants, Rhinos, Clouded Leopards, Sun Bears, Wildlife, Biodiversity they face Extinction!! Only 300 Sumatran Tigers left on Earth!!! 300 Football Fields of Rainforests are CLEARED every hour in SE Asia to produce Palm Oil: a hidden, not labelled, unhealthy ingredient in the products we buy. We MUST do WHATEVER is possible to SAVE them all!!

    AGAINST: Corporate Control, Deforestation, Illegal Logging, Global Warming, Pollution, CO2Emissions, Indigenous Peoples Displacement, Pet Trade, GMO Food, Vivisection, Pesticides… Also other Primates, as Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Gibbons, & Monkeys for Vivisection are dealt in this Group. Petitions/Info/Videos/Pics are here.

    Please!! Join, Sign, Invite friends to Join!! Individually: we are one DROP, all together: we are an OCEAN!! ALL together we can make a
    difference!! Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
    can change the world -Margaret Mead Thanks!! Michela

  • Karen Napper

    It is time for the government to be held accountable!!!

  • Gale

    Our dictator is hell bent on destroying our environment, and Canadians put him in this position. The world is going to hell in a hand basket, and I am looking for my personal space and I will defend it to the death against government. I will be generating my own electricity and using ground source heat.

  • Luna Broderick

    We must act now and protect bees.

  • Linda

    This issue of ‘chemtrails’ and the toxins dumped by military planes into our air, soil and water are as deadly to the ecology as the other chemicals such as neonicotinoids. Everything is being poisoned via the mass spraying in the sky. Read the USAF Chemtrails Manual 131 1990 for proof this toxification of the environment has been going on since the 1990s, which explains why we hardly ever see a normal sky anymore and the increase in chronic health problems, dying plant and insect life.

  • Freda Paterson

    What will the farmers do when there aren’t any more bees to pollinate their crops?

  • Blaine Cameron

    We are of the earth and part of it’s ecosystems, any damage to these systems is a direct attack on our well being and survival. It is in our direct interest to ensure these systems are in optimal health, ban immediately, there are better ways.

  • Alex Michelle Danvers

    The problem is if bees respond to these chemicals how sensitive are we.

  • JT

    This is so vitally important. Will this be another example of the Harper Tories attack,on reason, science and the environment?

  • Jana Bodiley

    SAVE Bees, it’s common sense and / or wisdom to do so …

  • Gavin

    Europe can do it, so can we.

  • Bridget Courchene

    We are killing the bees. We should stop that. It’s not nice. Plus if all the bees die, pretty soon we’re all gonna die.

  • Cheryl Todd Shergold

    Wake up Canada!!! Wake up WORLD!!!

  • m.e.

    So many of us know how dangerous it is to ignore the chemical threats to the bees. Why is our Harper cat lover and family man so insensitive to this great peril. I guess he knows he’ll always be able to get food for his table one way or another.

  • James Fankhauser

    Video which explains a devastating reason (besides pesticides) why the bees are dying: has to do with their navigation system being disturbed by cell phone towers and other micro waves: proven in experiments in Germany. A long and comprehensive video, but this is a serious matter and as a thinking earthling you must see it through, or else:

    Resonance – Beings of Frequency (documentary film) – YouTube

  • Ed Deak

    I have been involved in fruit tree spraying, without any protective clothing, in England from 1948 to 55 I was lucky, it only paralyzed me for months, but killed my friends with multiple cancers. Today people who are doing the same work are dressed like deep sea drivers, with breathing masks, etc

    The chemicals may not only kill the bees and other insect and animal life, but may be responsible for the growth of cancer rates from 2% of the population some 50 years ago, to 30 and 40 % today. We grow our own organic foods, but are forced to buy some in the stores at times and can taste the chemicals on most, that end up in the garbage.

    No point in looking for cancer cures, whole permitting the cancer causing poisons in our foods killing bees and people.

    Ed and Marta Deak.

  • Jeff Beck

    When there no bees left to pollinate ,the door will be wide open for Monsanto and their GM seeds.

  • Dylan

    where have all the fruit trees gone?
    Long time passing.
    where have all the honeybees gone?
    Long time ago.

  • John

    Bees I hope you sting Harper in the eye.

  • Joanne Tipler

    No life for bees, no life for us.

  • Polly Tee
  • Jerry

    I am a beekeeper who has lost 290 of my 520 hives….most of the losses are due to pesiticide poisoning. The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (Health Canada) confirmed that tests of the dead bees revealed high levels of clothianidin ……a neonicotinoid produced by Bayer. And yet, this family of systemic pesiticides continues to be used in Canada. You will notice that companies like Bayer and Syngenta are spending tons of money on “warm & fuzzy” propaganda in an effort to convince the public and politicians that their poisons are not only safe but necessary….don’t believe a word of it! They are making ridiculous profits at the expense on environmental and human health. Beekeepers are banding together to launch class action law suits against those responsible for approving the use of these pesiticides. Even if our politicians ban the current assortment of neonicotinoids, you can be sure that these chemical companies have already developed new poisons to take their place. Let’s be vigilante!! As any sane thinking person knows, this goes way beyond the health of our bees. Its the health of our environment and the entire food chain. Please support the ban of neonicotinoid pesticides everywhere!!

  • Joe Joseph

    Don’t let corporate interests ruin our natural food supply, please think of your grand kids.

  • David

    I used to keep bees. Wonderful little creatures who do good by us. We should do good by them too or we will go the same way as them.

  • Laurm777

    Please be mindful people who make decisions

  • Wes

    Last night on Vancouver Island we released our new bees into our new hives and our friends did the same, no gloves and no stings. Today I revived this e-mail! B.C. Voting starts today I know who I’m voting for! Go green party!

  • Mel

    Another spineless government and or elected officials looking to fill their own pockets first and worry about our planet, people, animals etc later on. Hopefully some will wake up to see all the damage being done. We are doing more damage in a very short time frame that will take centuries to hopefully be able to correct. Maybe the politicians & chemical companies will need to start selling and using feather dusters to pollinate plants & trees once the bees are gone. More stupidity for greed.

  • Lynn and Jeff

    Thank you Elizabeth! We must do our part to save the bees – the birds and ourselves from this continual poisoning of the land!

  • Bonni Tremblay

    This is vital and people are concerned about our farming, growing and natural communities. With colony collapse disorder such a problem, let’s do what we can to save bees.

  • Marsha

    My sister-in-law and I are bee keepers.No bee’s no food.Bee pollen it’s self is 40% protein.

  • Kerri Maier

    More damage would be done to our food chain if our bees were lost then to simply ban these pesticides. It is a no brainer.

  • Philippa

    Follow Europe and ban the use of neonicotinoids please

  • R. Ledbetter

    We own a bee yard, but these chemicals are also killing many of our wild bees as well.

    • D Vandeleur


  • Nancy Billings

    No Bees = No Plants = No People & No Animals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed Cave

    The industry should be asked to assist in replacing the bee stocks to help with their crops/seeds

  • Lin

    Let’s hope that Harper is gone May 14th and whoever gets in has a working brain.

  • Molly on Salt Spring

    No bees, no pollination, hungry humans – no brainer

  • Ed Cave

    I think the grain industry and the MEA should get busy re-stocking the bee population because if we lose the bees we lose the crops we lose the ability to eat our local food

  • Barbara Drury

    I hope that Canadians wake up to this important issue soon! And do something about it!

  • Kim O

    Can we please have Elizabeth for Prime Minister instead??!!

  • Kym Afford

    Think it does not affect us in Australia? Wrong it will, Cease this action.

  • Jeremy Burningham

    It’s time to confront the corporatism that feels they can perpetrate whatever means possible to make a buck at the expense of everyone else including other species we share our planet with. Its time for companies to work with the environment and not against it by using and harnessing the natural systems that already exist in nature.

  • KHORVAT, Egor Vladimirovich
  • Patricia Valiquette

    We must protect our Bees, No bees + no food = no humans.

  • Kevin L Van Belle

    It seems to be a no brainer.
    Pesticides kill bugs + Bees are bugs = Pesticides kill bees.
    No bees + no food = no humans. Any questions?

  • KHORVAT, Egor Vladimirovich

    Oops! Wrong article, but great magazine anyway.

  • Heather

    Another of the many reasons I will March Against Monsanto May 25.

  • elmontcalm

    Agriculture of all sorts requires bees. The decimation of bee colonies should concern us all, if we like to eat that is, or want bio-fuel….

  • Primrose Wylde

    Of course we need bees. Mother Nature is always correct. Let’s get rid of the pesticides & chemicals. Totally unnecessary. If one researches into organic farming- it’s really about nurturing a soil rich in all the required nutrients. NOT depleting them from over usage. When I grew up in England,in the 40′s & 50′s, there was a rotational system, and a year every 2nd or 3rd, as I recall was left to ‘fallow’. The meaning of which is: farmland- Plowed and harrowed but left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility as part of a crop rotation or to avoid…depletion of nutrients. What happened to this perfect way of treating The Earth?? Greed for money- I’d say! Yes- bring back the bees to a Healthy Mother Earth. TUTUTU

  • Eldon Hay


  • disqus_uvuui5atoF

    Pollinators are being killed off at an alarming rate due to the over use of toxic chemicals, which do not need to be used as there are a lot of natural methods that can be used. Then there are companies like Monsanto, Cargill, Dupont, and a long list of others that simply want to make money at the expense of vital insects that are needed to pollinate crops. Companies need to be reined in and their toxic chemicals banned in order to protect vital insects.

  • Fiona Gold

    thanks from us beekeepers!!!

  • Suelynn

    Get rid of the poisons and let nature do what it was intended to. No bees = no pollination – no plants

  • Denis Lacroix

    Ban all chemicals that hurt the environment ,just because you have no knowledge of science doesn’t mean we want your ignorance spread across this great country!

  • GAQK

    It is a sad and shameful commentary on the ‘political leadership’ of this richly blessed country, Canada, that such a petition is necessary. No use of neonicotinoids or any chemical herbicide or pesticide that would, eventually, lead to the death of that which contributes to the circle of life should be tolerated by Canada’s legislators.

  • Grant Bristow

    Short term profit and greed for chemical companies must not trump sustainable food supply for our planet. Bees are necessary for successful agriculture, neonicotinoids are not. Please implement a ban immediately.

  • MisterEnglish

    As a Bee himself, Harper ought to support the Bees … Oh, I’m sorry, the shortened designation for him should be B, is that right? So maybe he just doesn’t like them, any more than he likes Canadians, and especially Torontonians!
    Perhaps we should try some on him?

  • Tahirih Goffic

    I absolutely agree with Geoffry Pounder…

  • Hélène Bernardin

    There is no ifs, buts or ands – neonicotinoids must be banned!

  • Vicki

    Thank you for bringing this to Canada. Let’s follow the EU and do the smart thing.

  • john

    As a small beekeeper who lost all his hives last year probably due to sub lethal Neonic poisoning this ban is very significant. There is also a feeling that these chemicals may be harming bird, amphibian and small mammal populations as well, not to mention other native polinators that are directly affected.

  • Werner T

    We all know what DDT did to the environment and we still have to beg and plead for common sense to prevail.Gee did Monsanto develop all plant life to be self pollinators. I live in the Okanagan and I can tell the difference when the orchards were and are being cut down for grapes. I had a cherry tree that produced fruit enough for myself and friends, I finally cut it down, all blossoms and no fruit, NO BEES.

  • Heather Clarke

    My father was first a dairy farmer, then worked for Farm Credit of Canada, farmed on the side and kept bees and planted trees. Bees are vital and need protection. They also help us.

  • Margo

    First it was the frogs and toads, now the bees. Living in the fruitbelt, we are extremely conscious of pesticides and their negative effects on the plants who depend on these insects and amphibians for fruit and vegetable health and productivity. SAVE THE BEES!!!!!!

  • Fraser GAbbott

    I don’t care who calls it a wasted vote, I cannot with conscience vote for any party but Green. Bless you Elizabeth May.

  • Julia Badger Banford

    These pesticides have been banned in Italy and the bee populations have come back. Please use some common sense.
    No bees=no humans

  • Rob Parry

    we can live without pesticides..

  • Peter Lewis

    I agree with your petition. Keep up the good work, Elizabeth!

  • najma

    Lets not leave it till it is too late to save the bees and our complete agricultural industry.

  • Jennifer

    As a gardener of many years and an outdoors person I find it alarming that the number of pollinators (not just bees) seem to be a record lows. These are first hand observations over many years.

    It only makes sense to follow in the footsteps of the European union in implementing a ban on a commodity that is harmful.

  • Ruth Rogers

    This effects all of North America and the whole world — so please – ban these “neonicotinoids”, pesticides, and/or herbicides — that are killing off the honeybees.

  • Jeannette Bolli

    We managed to farm without neonicontinoids for thousands of years. We’ve never farmed without bees. It should be easy to see what must be preserved here and the faster the better.

  • Julia Thomas

    This is such a no-brainer I’m amazed I’m having to write this message. It’s time to get back to basics and grow our food responsibly. Healthy plants don’t need the pesticides that Monsanto, Dow, Dupont etc. would like the average person to believe. Our government is supposed to be looking after the citizens of this country and we need it to have a backbone and say NO to these mega producers of poisons.

  • SJ

    Symbiosis with the planet including its people species. Absolutely necessary.

  • John McGeachie

    Better living through chemistry. Our own inventiveness comes back to bite us. We never seem to learn that there is ALWAYS a reciprocal effect whenever we attempt to alter the natural world. From introducing nonnative species to control native ones to GMOs to pesticides and herbicides we think we know better. It’s all BS. There is nothing better than that which got us here, we just have to understand it. Our conceit is astonishing. Conceit in concert with greed;
    a marriage with dire consequences.

  • Chris Armstrong

    No bees equals no flowering crops equals agricultural devastation. How insanely and criminally ignorant can humanity be? Through Government action, any and every Corporation whose products destroy bee populations must have those product lines SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY, and bear the entire cost of re-establishing the damaged bee populations in ALL AREAS WHERE THEIR PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN SOLD AND/OR USED. In addition, heavy, deterrent fines must be imposed on those Corporations and their executives. The situation truly is both INSANE and CRIMINAL !

  • Natalie Drache

    Let’s not forget that other species on this planet are as valuable and helpful as we think we are; to ignore or decimate a species is the crime of ecocide; respect the lives of bees and their ability to help produce the ongoing plants and foods which nourish us. The consequences of not heeding the voices of those who sign this petition puts us all on the edge of eco-system disaster.

  • jocelyn demers


  • Chris Armstrong

    No bees equals no flowering plants equals drastically reduced food production. How criminally and insanely stupid can humanity be ? For any and all Corporations whose products destroy bee populations, those product lines must be SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY, and those Corporations must be held responsible by Government to restore the affected bee populations EVERYWHERE those sold products are used. No Corporation has the right to destroy living creatures that are a necessary part of food production. In addition, immediate and heavy, deterrent fines must be imposed by Government on those Corporations and their top executives. Destroying bee populations is criminal and insane !

  • Cecilie Davidson

    Bees are the staff of our lives.

  • Ashley Coe

    This is long time coming, and must happen, our world depends on it.

  • oklakebc

    Pretty sad that we even have to sign a petition to keep ourselves alive ain’t it!!!!

  • Ian Gordon Stewart

    The evidence against neoniconitoids is very worrying for bee populations. Given their utterly crucial role for the future of all plant life, this is a no-brainer.

  • Jean Cuillerier


  • Narelle Jury

    The whole world should be worried about this -

  • Jenna ComandoCombat Beattie

    We’re dooming our own planet. :/

  • stew

    give me spots on my apples, but leave the birds and the bees like Joni said years ago.

  • Ben Zajarny

    Who will protect our future if we dont

  • Marie-Louise

    No bees + no food = no humans. Any questions?

  • Robert Jones

    Bees especially are the heart of pollination! IF you DON’T stop this DISASTER of a herbicide, we won’thave bees much longer..COME ON, BUCK up ..STOP THIS!

  • Rob Holz

    What Sarah Albertson said.

  • RoslynLevin

    There are some risks that may be worth taking but the use of neonicotinoids is not one of them. Is pleasing a chemical company’s wish for profits really of higher value than the possibility that bees may be damaged beyond repair?
    I think not.

  • Laurie Maus

    As the former head of the policy section at the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, a scientist and now a farmer, I will say that I have had concerns about the neonicotinoids for a while. While some pesticides have a role to play in an integrated pest management system, they should not do so at the cost of organisms such as pollinators that are central to the overall ecosystem including the agricultural ecosystem.

  • Lynne

    With one third of global farm produce depending upon pollination, largely done by honey bees, we should be gravely concerned. If our government has some other scientific option to replace our declining bee populations, then that would be fantastic; however, we all know that they don’t. If we want to be part of the solution to assisting scientists in trying to cure the problem, then let’s help them by banning neonicotinoids pesticides, which have been proven to be one of the contributing factors to the declining bee populations. Canada should be setting an example to the world by banning these pesticides and show that we are want to work towards preventing a global food crisis in the future by helping prevent the continuing decline of our bee population.

  • sogi

    There is a walk against Monsanto on May 25th – it is a worldwide event When the agricultural regime and big pharma are the same corporations, public health is not in their “interest”; private profits are. Let’s stand together for the health of our children before it is too late.

  • Robert FriendlyCane

    Please mister Harper/Kent, show some leadership in at least one ecological significant issue.

  • Vicki

    Plants, over a period of millions of years, have figured out a way to defend themselves. They only need help from humans to allow their natural immunity to flourish. They don’t need piles of pesticides thrown on them. The plants without immunity are those which have been bred by us to put their resources towards bigger, juicier, brighter, marketability etc., to the detriment of forming appropriate defense mechanisms.
    North America is in the process of impoverishing itself.

  • Elizabeth Grant

    A successful ban on these pesticides passed recently in Europe, partly due to public pressure. I am a gardener, a supporter of Canadian agriculture and a citizen concerned with the far-reaching effects of pollinator loss. Short term solutions only lead to bigger, long term problems. Let’s find better alternatives to these destructive pesticides.

  • Ian Thomson

    It is clear that we must ban neonicotinoids, among other chemicals, however, given that honey bees are an introduced invasive foreign species which have displaced indigenous North American pollinators, their decline is periferal to this issue. We should be focussing on developing an economy in their absense- not just sustainable, but prosperous to the environment. The question should rather be, what are these chemicals doing to our native pollinators and how can we encourage their return to dominance?

  • melanox

    im really affrais about bee they scared me but we need it

  • Lindi

    Let’s not let the profit margins of a couple of pesticide corporations destroy the human race!

  • michel lavallée

    C est très important de protéger les abeilles parce qu’ils sont à la base de l’alimentation puisque sans polenisation il n’y a plus de culture plus de fruit plus de fleurs enfin plus de végétation et plus de vie.

  • Marie-Claude Pineau

    J’ai déjà signé la pétition du groupe Avaaz pour l’interdiction de ces pesticides en Europe et les résultats sont concluants. Je crains toutefois que pour la inième fois le gouvernement Harper fasse la sourde oreille à nos demandes. Les abeilles sont sur cette planète depuis des milliers d’années et il est souhaitable qu’elles le soient encore pour les millers d’années à venir.

  • Linda Wayne

    Join the global march against Monsanto on Saturday May 25th in your area. Go to to find your city and the info on your local march. Please spread the news.

  • Mamie Cat

    Without the bees too much is compromised that qualifies as a necessity to feed human beings and animals we feed on Not the case with that nicotinoid product, sorry greedy nico machin friends A ban is a NECESSITY, no less

  • Jacques Nadeau

    À l’instar de Rilke, « nous sommes les abeilles de l’Invisible. Nous butinons éperdument le miel du visible pour l’accumuler dans la grande ruche d’or de l’Invisible» comme le fait madame Elizabeth sur le plan de l’environnement. Puisse le pollen de nous chères abeilles pénétrer dans le coeur et le cerveau de tous les pollueurs, qu’ils soient de niveau idéologique ou environnemental !

  • Lucie Mrtin

    Sans les abeilles, plus de pollinisation efficace pour la production alimentaire alors on ne fera qu’aggraver la problématique de la faim sur cette planète unique. Tous, nous devons réagir à ce dictateur qui gouverne le Canada.

  • Reece dolezsar

    I feel so bad for the bees! We need to help and protect them. I grow as many flowers as possible for the bees :)

  • Breathtaken

    There used to be a little story about two mice riding on a log down a fast flowing river singing “when the log rolls over we will drown.” A good analogy for environmental handling by the Conservative government.

  • Martin

    It is frightening to think that bees may no longer exist. There goes our beloved honey and so much more we take for granted. Please ban neonicotinoids now!

  • Samos

    Donnons la chance aux abeilles de faire leur travail de pollinisation.

  • Lyne Marceau



  • WesternWilson

    All bee-dependent crop farmers should be dedicated to the health of bees. If they kept on their land the apiaries they need to pollinate their crops, we would see real attention paid to bee friendly agricultural practices and the planting of bee-healthy hedgerows.

  • Michael McFadden

    We need Bees more than we need dubious chemicals in the environment. Please ban neonicotinoids until there is more convincing peer reviewed scientific evidence that the risk of using these products far outweighs the potential risk to the basis of our agriculture

  • stlouisy

    entierement d’accord..

    PS. Je crois que les lobby des fabriquants de chiniotherapie sont trop influents
    ce qui retarde la recherché et la mise en marché de medicaments beaucoup
    plus efficacies. Ce serait peut être une autre chose a débattre dans un proche future.

  • Ben Little

    This being my second year in Beekeeping which I made it into a business , anything that directly impacts the Honey bee is a major threat to me as well as my bees. Not enough people know about long term effects of all of the garbage we are sold to eat. The public needs to make a stand and force a change ! If nothing changes at the top we are on a road to Hell !

  • Charmaine

    I would like to see Canada become a world leader in environmental protection and in developing a green economy, which begins with understanding and valuing the balance of nature, down to the last bumblebee!

  • Laurel Andrews

    Bees – not so small a link in the chain when you put it all together.

    Please protect our bees in Canada.

    Ban neonicotinoids – as in Europe. Why are we not cottoning on to what others already know, and are taking action on?

    The EU seems to take up the cause in an alert proactive way – Come on Canada!

  • Eric Perreault-C.

    Thank you Elizabeth for all that you do for our country!!

  • Lucie Mayer

    Si les abeilles disparaissent, l’humanité disparaîtra aussi, trois ans plus tard.

  • HorseArcher

    This is a mother-nature & apples-may-die Issue for me. Incredibly important that our Canadian government follow Europe’s lead and ban these pesticides.

  • Lori Wallace

    What will we eat without bees? Pesticides?

  • Dimitrios Raptis

    petite pensée pour les humains qui devraient avoir droit à manger du miel, sans
    la crainte de tous ses insecticides et pesticides, trop souvent cancérigènes
    etc. Les abeilles sont récemment attaquées par des insectes parasites qui
    mangent leur miel, au point de détruire les colonies. Les néonicotinoïdes sont une espèce de cout de grâce. Les OGM n’aident pas non plus.

    La production des bleuets au Québec souffre depuis des années à cause du manque d’abeilles que les fermiers font venir pour avoir la pollinisation.


    Les abeilles sont nécessaires à l’évolution de la vie sur terre. Il FAUT LES PROTÉGER pour l’avenir de la Planète et de nos enfants

  • Eric

    Bravo! Vous pouvez aussi lire le rapport de Greenpeace (Europe) (en anglais) sur les néonicotinoïdes et les abeilles :

  • Michele

    The fact that bees are needed for pollination of the plants we all live in, we would not be around very long without bees.. They are our stewards in the nature of this world.

  • Al Ferguson

    We must protect our food supply! What good is money when there is no food to buy. As for all these chemicals used to grow and process the things we eat as well as all the GMOs, we need to remember that just because it tastes good, and we can eat it without it killing us right away, does not mean it is food!

  • Save Barrie’s Lake

    75% of our hives died this year. The hives are located on the edge of Provincially Significant Wetlands Barrie’s Lake ESPA 57 in an Environmentally Sensitive Landscape in North Dumfries in the Region of Waterloo. Corn is planted across the road and beside the wetlands. Boom sprayers are used along the edge of the wetlands and helicopters are used to spray unknown chemicals. Our house fills with fumes. We have called every agency and no one will do anything to help. They say the farmers have permission to spray.

  • Lavie Chabom

    Si ça continue je vais signes toutes vos pétitions

  • Nicolas LeBlanc

    Exigeons que nos gouvernement prennent leurs décisions en fonction des faits que nous apporte la science et non sur des idéologies.

  • Lori Higa

    We have the same growing problem in the U.S.A. We need a global ban on neonicotinoids!

  • David Kempton

    We were in the UK this spring, and this is a hot topic there, too. Here’s a letter from the 6 May Manchester Guardian, which replies to another earlier letter that apparently tried to blame badgers rather than pesticides for falling bee (and hedgehog) populations. It’s brilliant:
    “If badgers are indeed responsible for the decline of hedgehogs and bumblebees (Letters, 4 May), they are clearly cunning and devious enough to play the waiting game, living in balance with these species since the ice age, biding their time and waiting to launch their attack just as we begin to spray pesticides and pave over our gardens. Stuart Darmon, Theddingworth, Leicestershire”

  • Lisa G.

    Why is Canada always among the last to demonstrate common sense and initiative when we should be among the first?

  • Maria Kasstan

    While snuggling up with pandas provides a great photo op, two SPECIES of native Southern Ontario bumblebees have gone extinct in the past decade. These are among the most valuable pollinators. We cannot afford to lose more bees.

  • Jean-Marie Plante

    Les études sont convaincantes, il faut bannir les néonicotinoïdes dès maintenant,

    Encore un autre produit chimique mis sur le marché sans les précautions


  • Annie

    Take your head out of the tar sands Harper, dig the sand out of your ears
    and listen to the fading sound of the bee”s.

  • Mark McEwen

    one third of the food we eat is because of pollination by the honey bee. We could all bee a lot better off with out these chemicals

  • Harold Smith

    Pesticides must be banned!

  • John Urquhart

    Honeybees rock our world.

  • Hélène B.

    Nous détruisons progressivement toutes les belles choses de la nature sur lesquelles pourtant nous dépendons.
    Merci, Elizabeth, pour faire tout ce que vous pouvez pour arrêter le gouvernement Harper de ruiner notre pays et notre environnement.


    The forward thinking E. U. Has banned their use only weeks ago! Bees are vital! Come on Canada! Wake up and smell the coffee!

  • Diane Currie Sam

    Save the bees!

  • Paka

    Bees are ESENTIAL actors in the life chain!!!!! It is hard to beleive that we have not enderstood it allready in a collective way. I end up with the conclusion that we are the destrucive specie.

  • J L Penney

    This is a really important issue! Bees are critical not only for agriculture but for the pollination of many native plants and wildflowers. In some parts of the world, pollination already must be done by hand, a time- and labour-consuming process that is not nearly as effective as pollination by bees and other insects. Bees are under severe pressure from varroa mites and other infectious diseases. Neonicotinoids are adding to this pressure, and causing colony collapse in many parts of the country.

  • Kathryn Manry

    I am a beekeeper and have informed myself about this issue – and it is very frightening!!! The implications are grim if we do not take action against this chemical. Bayer and other chem-corps have immense influence, but we must act in terms of the future of food security for our species, rather than the corporate profits – this is something we cannot compromise on!!!

  • Linda

    No neonicotinoids. I’d rather have the bees. Let’s err on the side of caution.

  • Steve McKechnie

    Destroying the animals, insects and bacteria that designed and built the environment we evolved into, to create conditions favourable to invasive plants designed in a lab.
    I’m glad my grand parents weren’t allowed to be this stupid.

  • Theresa Harding

    I have a garden for bees in the middle of blocks and blocks of buildings and they find my garden and fill my heart with joy and hope… but I know my efforts are puny compared to the scale of damage to bees and their food sources. Stop using the neonicotinoids!

  • Charles

    Juste un peit mot pour vous dire que «email» se traduit à «couriel» au Canada français et non par «email» qui est le mot anglociser de la France.

    Bon courage

  • Mary Russell

    Monsanto has previously been condemmned for the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in respect to bees, but nothing came of it but pointing of fingers full circle, with the no recognition of the reality of the dangerous and destrucitive nature of Monsanto’s neonicotinoid pesticides above the general state of poisonous factory farming today.
    Also Monsanto’s Roundup-ready “Bt” genetically altered corn, rape and soy crops contain genes of the ‘Bt’ insecticidal bacteria found in the wild plant Monsanto used— but amplifed to the power of 8x in in the seeds of corn, soy and rape crops, and possibly others. And this led to the death of a reported 57 cows belonging to Monsanto, which it tried to kept secret, but wound up being sued this spring. However the lawsuit seems to have died in bed as have not heard any more on this.
    At any rate, the milllons of tons of Monsanto’s favorite pesticides interacting with a constant barrage of new poisons it sprays sprays across the land in North America, is most likely related to the rise in neurological problems and illness in this country. LIttle kids never used to go to school on breathalizers, or sit lonely on the stairs affeced with ADD and other neurological disorders. Nor is anything stopping cancer’s rising toll, especially in little children. Truly the failure of Canada and US leaders to curb the use of pesticides and herbicides is sickening. And that President Obama voted against the petition by thousands and thousands of Americans and Canadians, that Monsanto label it’s genetically modified food, shows he is bowing to the shady world of corporate power and control;.
    And yet even knowing the harm, every hardware store and nursery still idiotically carries jugs of Round-up and Weed-no-More, or the latest poison of choice to spray on the garden or grow a lawn bereft of golden dandelions and dangerous to go barefoot on! It was recently reported that Weed-no-More gives robins who walk on the wet grass “a slow and painful death”. In this age of overt pollution we should simply ban pesticides/herbicides on food altogether. Who needs food to die for?.Elizabeth May seems the only leader in waiting with the wits to save the world.

  • Ann Dawson

    we just had success with demonstations, petitions and e-mails through and other groups in Europe. The EU has banned these pesticides and refused to enable Bayer et al to prosper from them…

  • Richard Teasdale

    bravo et continuons la protection!

  • Sev

    I can’t believe the current leaders of this country are so stupid as to require signed petitions to go into action on this issue. Thank you Elizabeth May for your common sense and humanity! I do have hope in this beautiful country but it doesn’t lie with either the conservative or liberal parties. Their time is up. The new generation won’t take this lying and corruption anymore!

  • M-A Dupont

    Voici un autre geste, nécessaire, à poser pour la planète.

  • chance

    OH the poor farmers! they will loose money if they stop using these seeds containing nea-nicontinoids and other deadly chemicles on our food and in our air ?quess that means only 3 to 4 months in florida instead of 5 or 6 every winter I realize farmers feed citys but they also are killing citys with this crap they spray all around us every year and the cancer rates keep climbing and climbing, essex county ont. is an absolute disscrace with this…. Not against the farmer we surely do need them but they must stop looking at the almighty dollar as the most impotant reason why they are farmers in the first place and that they may have to give up a little for the good of us all including bees ,animals, frogs etc. etc. and convert to” yes “a more exspensive but enviorment friendly and healthy alternative of growing these crops .these extra costs may include the hiering of help and may take a bit longer to produce but they will still have plenty of money and time for florida . plus these extra cost will no doubt come down eventualy once this healthier way of farming is implemented and chemicle companys start making enviourment friendly products because you know that they can do it …but why should they if they are not forced to?


    Another thing we can do is encourage people in our communities to keep bees. SUPPORT LOCAL HONEY PRODUCERS!

    Let’s hope it is not too late!

  • Mary B

    An Immediate ban is even BETTER!!!

  • Roman Buryska

    With the EU placing a dollar value on the bees, something gets done. Sadly, it seems the only way we can protect our environment is to be able to affix a price to it. This has, and always be the only language our leaders, and big corporations understand. Best we figure out the net worth of our pollinators for Mr. Harper.

  • Jean-Philippe

    La survie des humains dépend de la survie des abeilles!

  • Sam

    As a keeper of bees myself, I see the fundamental need to help protect these valuable little creatures. We need to keep them healthy. My bee were healthy and still took a major hit last year during the corn planting season. We need to work together. I’m sure if 45% of the cattle died those “fat cats” in Parliament would fight to save their steaks. What they forget is that good beef is grazed on bee pollinated greens, not fed poisonous corn.

    Let’s march on May 25th Millions Against Monsanto coming to a city near you!


  • M Rose

    Without bees to pollinate our food, humanity would not be able to meet basic nutritional requirements and would starve to death without pollinated fruits, vegetables, and other plants to feed us. Ban neonicotinoids immediately. Our future depends on it.

  • Marie Thomson

    As a child I remember fields of wildflowers and the tremendous ruckus of bees among them. No more. Canadians need to do our part!

  • Douglas Barnard

    Add my name to the thousands who want this poison banned.

  • karoly ban matei

    Our food is tainted by more and more chemicals each day, as a result of the intensive cultures. But these intensive cultures are a blessing in disguise. While providing high yields they rely on many chemicals, that in turn affect, among others, the bees. When the bee population will go really low all this intensive agriculture will start falling apart.

    Now beyond this doom scenario: if this substance kills a bee, therefore is toxic, why is it allowed on our food? Why do we have to ingest it? Do we know the long term effects? What about the cumulative effect with the other chemicals used in food production? (and please , don’t start testing on animals to “demonstrate” it is safe)

    Let’s stop this reliance in chemicals and save the bees. Ultimately the bee puts food on your plate, the chemical company doesn’t!

  • France Lemieux

    Pas de néocotinoides, mes petites abeilles de mon unique ruche n’aiment pas ça.

  • Martin Lacoste

    No succes could stand on the destruction of one individual or its species.

  • Al

    The world as we know it, is an illusion. It is based on lies and deceit. What is an illusion you ask. I will use something simple. We tell our children that santa claus is real, yet we
    know that is a lie. They beLIEve because they “TRUST AND BELIEVE” what
    we tell them is true, so they believe. We actually conspire together
    against them to make them beLIEve that it is real. So in essence we are
    all co-conspirators. So for anyone who
    doesn’t believe in conspiracies think about that one. Basically the
    world as we know it, works the same way. We trust and believe that what
    are we are told the truth every day is because we trust and beLIEve that
    the people we elected to lead us care about us. This beLIEf could not
    be further from the truth. The fact is that the people who rule over us
    only care about profiting from us any which way than they can. This
    includes lying, cheating, steeling, conspiring against us and even
    killing us. To understand why, people need to see that the world is run
    by a bunch of psychopaths. Have you ever heard the phrase “good guys
    finish last” or “it’s a dog eat dog world”. Where do think all the bad
    guys are? Basically we have a world run by a bunch of Bernie Madoff type
    characters. The most ruthless migrate to the top of the food chain. They are the top executives and politicians. They dictate policies and others just
    follow for profit. Just look around you. The rich are getting richer,
    there are wars all the time(who do you think profits from all these
    wars) and people are starving all over the world. This just didn’t
    happen by chance, it is all by design. They run this planet like a
    business, because they believe they own it. Until you come to that
    realization you will never truly understand what is going on in this

    Everything you think is real is an illusion (a lie ).
    It is nothing more that a sting operation, a big con job and we have all been duped.
    Now is the time to see the world as it truly is.
    -Our world is run by a psychopathic bloodline.
    -That the worlds monetary system is a ponzi scheme.
    -That technologies for clean energy have been suppressed to maintain humanity in a state of slavery.
    -As well cures for cancer have been suppressed, allowing people to die for profit. I call that murder.…

    -That are food supply has been contaminated with toxins intentionally
    and has been devoid (completely lacking; destitute or empty ) of
    nutrition through
    processes such as pasteurization,homogenization
    and irradiation causing an epidemic of illnesses.
    -That war is for profit and you are not free, so there is
    no freedom to fight for(
    We have been duped into murdering innocent people for the control and
    the enslavement of those psychopaths.Fact is we are only free to
    -That the people you think care about you, are actually
    part of the con to profit of off your misery.
    -That our much of history has been re-written.
    -That the media is complicit in maintaining the lie.

    World Ruled By crooks

    All US Presidents Except One Related To One
    British King, Found By 12 Year Old Girl……

    That our air is being poisoned

    I could bury you with info if I had the space. I hope this gives you an idea the size of the lie.

    The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy
    so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The human mind simply has not

    come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our
    midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse
    a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.
    J. Edgar Hoover, as quoted in The Elks Magazine
    (August 1956). For more info go or

    • al

      Human race being terminated by ‘scientific suicide’
      by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

      (NaturalNews) This is, without question, the most important article I’ve ever penned, because it discusses the idea that the human race is being destroyed in the name of science.

      Stopping these “scientists” from destroying our world and our civilization must become our top priority if we hope to survive……..

      The globalist Agenda DEPOPULATION!!!


      Ignorance is not bliss, it is how we are all being used and abused.

      Share this with others. If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

      Alone we have the power none, but together we are the power of ONE.

      They are the 1%, We are the 99%

  • HiDefBob

    It is time for the government to take action to protect honeybees that are critical to agriculture!

  • Jacqueline Nugent

    How can our government officials be so stupid as to imagine that their food will arrive on their dining table on schedule, if there are no more bees. I guess they think that bees only produce honey. Maybe we should send them a book called “Pollination facts for DUMMIES.”

  • Karen

    I have mason bee houses to try and increase the survival rate of bees in our area. I would like my government to do their part in ceasing the use of neonicotinoids.

  • Gordon Handford

    Neonicotinoids are one piece of a larger puzzle that includes varoa mites, spirical mites, imported/non-locally evolved queens, etc. which beekeepers are just starting to get management strategies in place for. We don’t need a new assault just as we are beginning to see some progress. Banning neonicotinoids seems a no-brainer.

  • Guy Lajoie

    madame May, je vous félicite et vous encourage à continuer à nous faire connaître les débats auxquels nous ne sommes jamais informé autrement que par vos info-lettres. Merci de nous permettre de nous impliquer et par ces actions, je souhaites que tous les canadiens et canadiennes prennent conscience de l’importance des valeurs que seul votre parti véhicule.

  • Kerry

    Bees are so important to our food supply. I don’t understand why farmers use these chemicals as losing bees will affect their bottom lines too.

  • Ed Sturgeon

    We must protect the pollinating insects of this planet!

  • GL

    No Bees = No Food……simple. Some of this technology people are coming up with now is NOT needed and only destroying our beautiful planet. Greed, money and power have all seemed to take over now….it’s sad and I am so afraid for the future of my kids and grandkids…

  • Richard

    The ROOT of the problem is MONSANTO’s GMO and it’s direct involvment in OUR food chain. Quit using and IMPOSE BANS on GMO crops..

  • Searching4Hope

    Far more than enough environmental harm has been done since this government has come to power, this would be one small but important step towards a brighter, greener future.

  • Matt Janes

    Bee’s help us everyday, let’s do our part and return the favour! Ban all pesticides that are harmful to our pollinator partners!

  • Russ

    The otherwise fractious EU has come together on a ban, at least for 2 years.

  • Margo Jamieson

    It’s about time we started protecting Mother Nature instead of destroying every living thing in Planet Earth with poisons of one kind or another!

  • Dave Hohn

    My wife and I live on a lot with approximately 3/4 of an acre of “lawn”. It consists mostly of grass and moss with a healthy proportion of clover, buttercups and dandelions. In the last five or so years I have noticed a huge decline in the number of bees that are on the lawn when I am mowing it. At one time I was constantly swerving or stopping the mower to avoid running over them. Now it is rare for me to see more than a few bees in the 3 to 4 hours it takes me to cut it. I cut it the other day and did not see a single bee.
    Recent changes to our federal environmental laws indicate that the conservatives do not give a damn about the planet. I will be shocked if they do anything to save the bees. The latest pole indicates that about one third of canadians support Mr Harper and his cronies, and yet they are calling all the shots. I feel like I am living in a dictatorship. Our first past the post system is seriously flawed.

  • Ev

    It is TIME to listen to the voice of NATURE and the PEOPLE over the profit of big corporations!!!

  • Erika T

    Please ban the use of any pesticides in Canada. Let’s become the next role models!

  • Davy

    I’m a hobbyist beekeeper. I lost all my hives last year. The fields around us are filled with ‘Poncho’ treated seeds and pesticides. Poncho being the cute, inoffensive name given to neonicotinoids. When you open your hives to find that all your bees are dead, it’s no so cute.

  • GABoud

    What would we eat with out bees? Not very much…

  • Jeanne Hqarris

    no, no

  • Cédric Jamet

    Les abeilles c’est la vie! En quoi les néonicotinoïdes font-ils avancer la vie?

  • Doreen Agostino

    A vast majority of Earth’s species is now extinct. There is no special dispensation for the Human branch of the primates. The fact we can understand this compels cooperation, and peaceful action by vast numbers of people to end all harm, while we still have the huge advantage of FORESIGHT.

  • Annastacia Dickerson

    Birds and insects are our barometer for public health and safety. Bees and butterflies have the added importance of pollinating our food supply. Both are becoming extinct though unconscionable chemical use. Ban these products immediately, please.

  • Terry Dale

    No bees – no food. It’s not rocket science.

  • Carla

    For the sake of our food security we need all of our natural pollinators. I urge you to follow Europe’s lead and adhere to the precautionary principle by banning the use of neonicotinoids in Canada.

  • Debra Macapagal

    No Pollinators=No Food, at least not Real food

  • Kate_H27

    Hell No to GMO’s!

  • V

    Something so obvious to protect, should not even need a petition or discussion. Somewhat of a ‘no-brainer’ to protect the bees…

  • Lynnbo

    We so need the bees to make this world a better place’ to help us feed ourselves; to make things grow. Please stop the use of these pesticides and make our world (and the food chain) a safer place.

  • jyne Greenley

    In this day & age its really sad that Gov’ts are doing this …with all the knowlede out there. paid off by companies like Monsanto. Absolute greedy morons!

  • Narelle Jury

    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Save the bees!

  • Mary Benson

    we are nothing without the bees. period. non-negotiable. period.

  • Jackie Leginus Bruce

    We must ban them now before its to late

  • Lisa Lisa

    poisoning the earth for the all mighty dollar,…senseless greed!

  • jocelyne Bellemare

    Les députés et ministres aussi doivent manger. Pourquoi ne pensent-ils pas à leur santé future et celle de leur descendants, petits enfants. Ces derniers n’auront plus de fruits et légumes à manger.
    Nous nous devons de respecter les abeilles et leur habitudes de nous nourrire.

  • Denise Near

    Last year we lost 50% of our hives. Beekeepers in Ontario have seen up to 75% and more losses. not all of it is due to this .. BUT it is all adding up and we are losing our bees. The pollinators of this world help feed us all!! Please do what you can…

  • Trish O’Reilly-Brennan

    Bees are necessary for successful agriculture, neonicotinoids are not. Please implement a ban immediately.

  • Ina MacLeod

    done, signed!

  • Jamie Francey

    Simple fact of life, when the bees go, we will follow, after an agonizing famine…….

  • Rae McRae

    I love bubble bees. One of our honey places has been closed down years ago, we notice there are less bees here. We love our honey!! And Unpasteurize/ raw honey helps gets rid of headaches and cramps, helps lesson migraines. Just heat up water, add a spoon full of honey and a few quiets of lemon juice :) found out by accident while studying and doing homework everyday, my headachs keeps going away from my favourite tea :)

  • Gina Roitman

    We need no mopre proof than the recovery of the bee population in Italy one year after neonicotinoids were banned. Let us follow a brilliant example.

  • Travis

    Needs to be a ban implemented NOW ! No need to wait until there is an even more overwhelming awake people to the harmful effects to the BEES that we NEED !

  • Liz Bennett

    I have a honey bee hive starting in my eave so I am protecting them with my life. We need these little guys in order to eat. They are being wiped out by Monsanto and their pesticides. In order to get rid of the chemicals we have to get rid of the GMO food this is what is causing it. Go for organic or local small farmer to get your food, all food in the grocery stores is poisonous. Oh and by the way, it would be nice if they quit spewing chemicals from planes, chemtrails!!!!!!! that is hurting the bee colonies as well.

  • wonderful world

    We need the Bees, Let’s save the Bees

  • Eroca

    I am concerned
    that these chemicals which are so bad for bees may also be harming humans and other animals.

  • Luciebou

    Si je prends le temps de répondre, c’est que je prends mes responsabilités!
    À vous…

  • Susan Barr

    Please stop this, our future depends on the Bees, think of future generations, not some greedy chemical company

  • Betty Ann Watt

    I read that Albert Einstein calculated that if bees were to disappear from the earth, other life, humans included, WOULD BECOME EXTINCT after 4 YEARS. What are we doing?

  • Anna

    Ban pesticides which kill our bees. At the rate we are killing our bees we will no longer have any honey thanks to our brainless politicians

  • mook keye

    All lobbyists should be held accountable as well as the politicians who accept thier poison money and make decisions based on corporate intrests.

  • Jesse Hohert

    Please ban neonicotinoids.
    the cost in the future will be billions to do the work that bees are doing now for FREE!
    thank you for thinking of the future

  • Jana

    ‘and when the last bee dies humanity’s days are numbered’…Albert Einstein

  • Chris Swatman

    ban this poison! It is killing everything

  • FeelALot

    For everyone’s interest, as of May 23/13, there is also another
    petition at involving Lowe’s and Home Depot, regarding their
    sales of neonicotinoid pesticides:

  • disqus_Gw40CsT1y2

    Bees are necessary for successful agriculture, neonicotinoids are not. Please implement a ban immediately.

  • Chris Payne

    This must STOP now! We need this ban put on immediately, what is happening to this world???

  • Chris Payne

    This must stop now! The ban must be put on immediately. What is happening to this world?????

  • KDD

    Poison kills. A child could tell you that. Using poison to eradicate one invariably eradicates another. Turning our heads and pretending it does not happen is not going to change reality.
    It is despicable that plant companies are using pesticides in potted plant soil. But then I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, there have been those that have been destroying our environment for the sake of money for more years than I can remember. Was wondering why the bees in my garden were dying of no apparent cause even though I buy only organic soil.
    On another note, sometimes if a bee gets exhausted or weak, I discovered you can sometimes revive them by placing a small amount of honey to their tongues. It’s amazing to watch an almost dead bee stick it’s tongue out and lap up the honey slowly, then more vigorously as it gains it’s strength, then fly away, on it’s merry way. Alive and well, unless it encounters the poison the government allows to be used.

  • Galden

    The not so funny thing is BC is reporting a shortage in Bees, and blueberry bushes will not be flowering much longer… the suppliers that we normally use, which bring in Bees ALL THE WAY FROM ALBERTA did not supply us this year. Not sure why though..

  • David Oxland

    Time to stop neonicotinoids!

  • S L

    Our Bats are being threatened with extinction as well.

  • KBrock

    Our survival depends on the health of bees and other pollinating insects. Each, however small are crucial links in the food chain. This is not news – it is well established science. Who will pollinate the crops and other plants when all the bees have died?

  • S Allan

    Spend a day with someone who has Parkinsons, ALS, MS, cancer…We have to get rid of these toxins & poisons, protect our bees & the food chain! PLEASE BAN NEONICOTINOIDS NOW! We can change the outcomes for future generations.

  • Kirsten Mawle

    We need bees for getting our food locally

  • Chloe

    Please, ban completely neonicotinoids pesticides, not only a part of the year as European Commission is tragically about to do :’(

  • Yvonne Hummel

    Ban these toxins to the bees and ultimately, us.

  • Janet R

    we live by the grace of the earth, kill the earth, and we kill mankind ….no grace !

  • inthistogether

    No bees = no plants. It’s a no brainer. Ban neonicotinoids

  • paulae

    We need the bees, research in Germany showed that the bee guts were affected by the chemicals and they could not get rid of the mites in their tracts. This seemed to be an immunological effect somehow, and there has also been immense speculation about the MANSANTO COMPANY, not the nice guys they would like for you to believe, but some feel the total destruction of the world as we know it. we must ban the pesticides that we know are affecting the bees, before it is too late and there will be a 50 per cent reduction in the available world food.

  • paulae

    stop the neonicotinoids before there are no bees. ban them .

  • dasha

    Really has the government not watched bee movie

  • Shas Cho

    We must stop destroying our planet for Corporate Profits.
    The earth must be our number one priority.

  • Christian Dyer

    neonicotinoids kills bees, essential for natural pollination of crops and causes cell malfunction i.e. cancer in people

  • Laura Jane

    No person who knowingly poisons the bees can live with peace of mind. Bees are necessary. Please implement a ban IMMEDIATELY. don’t just pass the responsibility on from meeting to meeting, NOW is the time. JUST DO IT. You CAN do it.

  • Parkerfamily7

    Please ban all neonicotinoids!!!

  • AssHat900

    Don’t take jobs from robot bees.

  • Renée Wilson

    Ban neonicotinoids now! Save our bees. Without them we will suffer. Hold these giant corporations like Monsanto, Bayer, Safari etc responsible for their crimes against nature and humanity. We have to stop them. Ban these companies. Now before it’s too late!

  • Mike

    Albert Einstein stated that if the Bee’s die, We die!

  • Doreen Agostino

    RUSSIA Suggests that WAR May Be Necessary To Stop MONSANTO.

    At the center of this dispute between Russia and the US, this MNRE report says, is the “undisputed evidence” that a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically related to nicotine, known as neonicotinoids, are destroying our planets bee population, and which if left unchecked could destroy our world’s ability to grow enough food to feed its population.

  • Deb DeGrande

    We need to stop killing out pollinators!

    • Deb DeGrande


  • Gord k

    Please wake up to what is happening and consequences of this wonton use of pesticides including Glyphosates and neonictanoids. These must be banned immediately to help avoid an agricultural disaster and a future food shortages.

  • deb

    If Canada makes the right choice to BAN these deadly toxins… it will be looked upon as global leadership in the right direction, not only for the bees but for the health of global food supply and mankind. PLEASE ban these herbicides and make the right choice to protect these pollinators!

  • Erinn Williams

    If the bees die, we die.

  • Maja

    It is frightening to me that this is not a larger priority for our government. Please stop allowing agricultural tech companies with deep pockets gamble on our future with our lives. Neonicotoids need to be banned immediately.

  • Janine

    I thought that the next world war would again be be nation against nation, but it’s not. It’s Monsanto against all of us and our planet.

  • Ivy Hayes

    I agree !!


  • Doreen Agostino

    Ecosystem crisis: Bees dying by the millions in Canada – cause unknown

    To which I ask, ‘Who’s truth is it that the cause is unknown?’ after receiving evidence of a ‘Quiet War’ waged against humanity by globalists 59 years ago to secure global domination. To learn more visit

  • Elizabeth

    My heart goes out to you Canada, We here in America would love to see the same thing…. And We will win!!

  • Siobhan Scott Brodowski

    Please stop using this chemical, it is killing our mother nature and will not survive these ecological imbalances and a great shift may occur….you cannot see the future but you can see the death that it is causing RIGHT NOW.

  • Bonny Sommert Rambarran

    To all Canadians – - -SIGN THIS. we need our bees!!!!

  • Pamela_Hryskiw

    Please don’t wait until they’re gone! (You’ll end up scratching your heads wondering, “Whaaaaah happened to our food???” )

  • Kristy Hiltz

    Advantage, a commonly used flea treatment for dogs and cats, is a neonicotinoid pesticide. I have refused to stock this product since I first learned that it has been implicated in Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees. I have not sold it since 2009.

  • TristanTerrific

    I don’t want a world without bees. They are super important for every part of our lives. Please protect them.

  • Darlene Spakowski

    I am a beekeeper and am very concerned about the millions of honey bees that have died in a very painful way this year. Without the honeybee, our crops will not be pollinated and will fail to produce. Please take the responsibility to bann the use of neonicotinoids in Canada before we loose our honey bee population and cause damage to our human population as well.

  • Joanna

    I do not understand why this is even a question – we need to respect this beautiful planet we have been given and continue to use it properly, and to give back. These neonicotinoids are not giving anything but hurt to the planet… Stop now.

  • treshombre

    Give me spots on the apples but leave me the birds and the bees

  • Lisanne

    Flaws in regulatory testing has proven to be lethally toxic to birds, moths, butterflies, aquatic invertebrates, and other forms of wildlife. This form of insecticide needs to be banned before severe damage is done to every living creature! So long neonicotinoids!!

  • Cynthia M Rice

    We need this banned or face a food extinction within four years! BAN! BAN! BAN! With the need for more food on this planet we don’t want to go this route, do your research before you allow this to go forward! Stop killing the bees and ultimately the people!

  • boskie165

    The definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  • MiesSansPuer

    It wasn’t until I was stung in the butt, digging in the garden, that I realized wild bees make hives underground and seal them up with mud in the fall and dig themselves out every spring….Amazing creatures to watch :D

  • Benjamin Laurie

    i stand for the bee’s knees

  • Kerry Smith

    Bees ensure that we all eat, what part of that are people not getting??! It’s time humankind took a step back and let Mother Nature do what only she does best!

  • Barb

    The purpose of eliminating the bees is so that bees who are Monsanto seed resistant can continue to pollinate. Eliminate the bees and Monsanto wins with their GMO seeds. GMO seeds only grow once a season and then you have to buy more the next year. Monsanto wins the seed for profit game and the bees have no longer needed for cross pollination!

    • Barb

      Sorry, it should read “cannot continue to pollinate”

  • Amanda Bokovay

    I heard the bee farmer on AS IT HAPPENS last night and the poor guy was in tears describing how the bees have died a horrible painful death,for no reason!!!

  • Lori Clements

    When the Uk has banned this already you would think we could learn. No pollinators
    means the start of the end of mankind.
    Think People

  • Deanna Hergert

    Thank you for presenting this petition Greens!

  • Lena

    Europe already has a ban Canada needs to follow!! In Elmwood ON 600 hives=37,000,000 bees died after neonicotinoids corn seeds were air planted in June 2013. To continue on this track is insanity. This needs to stop!!!

  • Kevin

    Wonder what else this is doing other than killing pollinators.
    No need looking for this in the WHMIS binder either.

    Canadian Regulations

    Regulated under the Pest Control Products Act–WHMIS Exempt

    Registration No. 27128 Pest Control Products Act

  • Kent Hunter-Duvar

    Big corporations like Monsanto are all about $$ forget about everything else. How many disasters do they get away with before we say enough, or do we wait until they’ve killed of life on the planet?

  • L. Cullen

    It’s time to stop the madness! Nature is telling us that something is wrong…Please listen! It’s time to implement a ban immediately on neonicotinoids!

  • Tara

    I believe governments, especially ours, cannot be trusted to make the best decisions for the environment. Perhaps, it is time that the United Nations Environment Programme step-in and regulate on a global scale. This is not a country by country problem.

  • frecki

    Bees are necessary for our survival, they pollinate the world’s crops. How do these oblivious governments think the crops are going to be pollinated once they’re gone. In the long run these pesticides not only affect bees for also our livestock other wildlife, our pets and humans as well. Maybe not right away like bees, but down the road when those chemicals collect in our food and in our bodies. Wake up government are you going to let these greedy corporations mess with all our futures or are you going to grow a backbone and do something about it. Do the right thing and stand up for our rights and your children’s rights and ban the use of neonicotinoids in Canada. Everybody else please sign the petition and tell all your friends about it, this nonsense has got to stop.

  • Christine Staeger

    sad sooooo sad

  • Robby Johnson

    SAVE our bees–ban that crap

  • Roxanna

    I have seen bumble bees dying en masse, on the sidewalk in some areas here in Vancouver. They crawl madly around in circles, flopping upside down, buzzing but not able to fly, others dead. It must be the neurotoxins. We will pay dearly for inflicting this cruel end, if we continue to allow not just pesticide use on crops, but in home gardens. It goes directly into the water supply and poisons everyone, not just bees. Once upon a time, bees were worshipped for all they did for us. If one bee died, people had a funeral and burial for it. The careless killing of bees is putting a curse on humankind, one which we still have time to lift, if we wake up. Unfortunately, most people just don’t seem to make the connection between what goes on their table and the work of bees. We need public awareness/education, and fast.

  • Donna Johnson

    “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”
    ~ Albert Einstein

  • Meaghan

    If neonicotinoids kill ANY species why should humans eat produce covered in this chemical?!?! Imagine the health implications we are causing!

  • Amber

    If this is the result for pollinators, what are neonicitinoids doing to the people of Canada? I urge you to implement a nation-wide ban immediately.

  • Andrew

    We need a complete ban on ALL GMO corn and wheat and soy…All products made from Monsanto product. The corn itself has a built in pesticide in it’s dna, which when consumed by bees and butterflies and other pollinators, kills them off. Banning a pesticide is of no use if you ignore the other issues involved.

    Gmo corn has been proven to create infertility in cattle who feed on it, as well as pigs and other animals, until their diet is changed back to NON-Gmo. Everything is being affected…If the cows and pigs are being affected, how about your children who consume these products throughout their lifetime?

    There are consequences when we mess with the foodchain. Corporate greed is at the root, and they need to be held accountable.

  • toastywoods

    No matter how much money you have you can’t buy food when there is none.

  • Elaine Gross

    Life is essential: Neonicotinoids are not.

  • Fitzroy Jones

    It seems likely to me that if neonicotinoids are harmful then they would be banned! I can’t think of any reason not to ban neonicotinoids unless it proves beneficial to certain members of our government whom may or may not have been successfully lobbied to do the wrong thing! I’m just saying!!!

  • Markansas

    Know bees, know food. No bees, no food. Simple as that.

  • Richard (dick) Wheeler

    They should be banned from using this stuff worldwide. Here in the UK the idiots are just waking up to the fact that protecting the bee is essential. You can’t do everything by machine.

  • Jan Hawkins Piller

    I have noticed a huge decline in the bees in my garden – where there would be dozens on one clump of flowers, there are now none. Please take steps to help the citizens of this country ban the use of killer pesticides.

  • LS

    My apple tree was loaded with more blooms than ever before. I expected a huge crop this year. Right now not a single sign of any apples. There was a distinct lack of bees during the bloom. This is clear enough evidence for me! I lived in Chatham On for 4 years and the abuse the land takes with GMO seed, roundup, 24D it is a chemical soup!

  • Dawn DuVall

    A ban is necessary! Dead bees are proof! Terrible…=:(

  • Richard

    Let’s save them for the future men so they also learn to appreciate nature

  • Shawn Van Daele

    BEE THE CHANGE. If 36 million dogs were found dead – it would be headline news. And dogs aren’t responsible for sustaining life on this planet – but bees are. If 36 million people were found dead – it would stop the world. If 36 million cars were stalled on a highway – it would interrupt everything and be on the front page of every website and newspaper around the globe. But no one is talking about 36 million bees that died in 600 hives in one small town – and it’s more important than any of those other 36 million hypothetical situations. STOP the use of neonicotinoids, STOP the use of GMO crops – and START BEE-ING THE CHANGE.

    1 – Sign this petition

    2 – SHARE THIS

  • Lyn Adamson

    I have been waiting for this campaign! thanks for doing this petition, it is past urgent to act on this. We need the bees!

  • Ian

    The world has gone completely insane. I am sick of the greed corruption and lack of vision being shown by the worlds financial elites. They may have money but certainly lack brains and human decency.

  • Shallon Smith

    No bees. No life. :(

  • likalaruku

    How about a petition American can sigh too?

  • Doug Morissette

    For the last 2 years I have let my back yard go natural. There have been no pesticides (chemical or organic) used in my yard since 2008 when my father was still alive. On any day when it’s not raining I can go into my yard and count between 20 to 50 honey bees. My neighbours complain about how my yard looks, but they are not complaining about all of the bees that I attract to the neighbourhood. It is benefitting all of their flower and vegetable gardens. I always make sure the any already started vegetable plants or seed that I purchase is natural and not genetically modified and have very large crops of what I plant. I wish that people would quit complaining about my property and realize how I am benefitting them. There are only 13 neighbours out of 52 in the neighbourhood not growing vegetables, but those 13 neighbours have flower gardens that have been started over the last 2 years.

  • Cameron Austin

    Bees are our ancient friends and providers…and this is how we support them?!

    ….more short-sightedness for the sake of the economic bottom line….how much money can we make today regardless of the cost tomorrow….when I went to school, I was taught the ABCs – Abiotic, Biotic, and Cultural impacts….it is not acceptable that corporations are permitted to treat our world, our nation, our biomes and ecosystems as laboratory experiments….the more we muddle with the environment, the more the earth, as a super-organism, will fight back to produce conditions for its own survival…namely, through the removal of the virus….us…..

    More proof is not needed to recognize that we are killing the earth, and thus our species….this is an old story with plenty of factual data to support dating back to the early 1900s (at least)….most decisions that we make are based on facts and common sense….except when money is involved….so – who’s getting paid, and who’s losing…the needs of the corporation out-weigh the needs of the general population, the law-makers and politicos are befuddled in a web of capitalist greed and competition between nations, and meanwhile, the informed must flail like contaminated pollinators attempting to share knowledge, only to be silenced, creating a more complacent and ignorant populace….

  • Elizabeth

    Please save our planet and all the creatures it in necessary for our survival.

  • Stella

    Enough already! Stop using my country as a guinea pig for the agri-chemical business.

  • Nancy Dickey

    We need Bees to keep food on the table, we don’t need neonicotinoids!

  • Charlene Anderson

    This isn’t just about banning the pesticides, it is about mono-farming and the import of foreign bees (ie from Australia and the bee-killing virus that came with them). We can’t just complain about half the problem. The other side of the coin is that, who is going to train people to keep bees? Sustain our existing bee population? Protect and nurture the bees that are left so that they are able to perpetuate their own populations?

  • Sharloo

    Right now, we should make it illegal to profit from providing a solution to a problem your product has created. Monsanto has made a freakin’ fortune selling round up ready seed. Isn’t their next obvious move patenting a GMO version of neonictinoid-ready-bees?

  • Theresa Maria Gauche-Kile

    If we don’t have pollinators for our fruits and veg then the only grains or seeds of corn, rice, and wheat would be our food sources, other than mainly meat . I hope our politians act quickly on this issue as it becomes more urgent than it was yesterday or last week, or the previous spring/summer season..

  • CR

    Come on people get with it. In the year 2013 we don’t have a natural safe pesticide alternative ? This is just lazy and I can’t even believe this is an issue . It doesn’t make sense to me !!!!!!

  • Ashley Inman

    As our government you can do something now, Because if you cant correct the problem and do what is right now, Than I have no faith that our government is going to be able to do anything when there is a food shortage and people are starving. When is it enough how much more is big business money and greed going to destroy before someone in charge grows a backbone!

    We are here to live in harmony with the Earth and our Government should be leading the example instead of standing by and allowing people to destroy it!

  • David

    Short sighted, narrow minded, commercially motivated chemical compound development should be more seriously policed, and the mending and cost of the environmental damages should be solely the responsibility of the business that created it. Unfortunately, the damages created by neonicotinoids, are irreversible. It must be banned. It’s use should never have been allowed in the first place.

  • Lesley Hadrill

    This bee crisis represents a threat to our food chain, and we have the ability to avert further crises, by simply showing some will and action to protect the bee population by eliminating the use of this pesticide in Canada. A ban on neonicotinoids is the only answer, so please act responsibly now.

  • VKennedy

    This IS about the economy, our financial security, and our food independance as a nation. The fact that this is killing bees leads us to wonder how good it can be for people’s exposure over the long term. Please be political leaders and ban these substances.

  • Tina Gooding

    Ban the chemicals that are killing them and do it FAST!

  • Doreen Agostino

    A review of research into the effects of neonicotinoid insecticides on bees with recommendations for action

  • Spencer Moran

    Bees are people too! Lets stop this madness.

  • Dash/JJ

    A healthy bee population ensures our very existence!

  • Dr Al

    Be aware and share!!

  • sandy

    It is insane to risk bees, and our future, for pesticides that are unnecessary.

  • Dylan Troyer

    50 hives (not sure if that number is right) basically all but one hive was wiped out a couple weeks ago just outside of Guelph. The hives were decades old and kept by one of the worlds top bee experts. The hives died within two weeks of a neonicotinoid laced crop it soybeans came up in the neighbouring field. Again thes e hives were decades old and died within weeks of the crop coming up. There was an article in the Guelph mercury. Last week.

  • Merle Hayes

    When I was a kid growing up in Winnipeg, my dad was a keekeeper had several hives in the back yard (wouldn’t be allowed today). I got to see the honey that the bees produced. It was very interesting!! How many times I got stung running around in bare feet. Seeing and knowing this practice, it is impertinant that the neonicotinoids are banned IMMEDIATELY, or we will not have any bees left to produce the ever loving honey we all enjoy!! I seldom see any bees flitting around anymore!!

  • Sue Jende

    I read an article years ago, that if we lost our bee population, we would lose 99 of our fruits and vegetables.

  • Enabled

    I farmed commercial produce for 12 years and we found the wide spread use of pesticide/herbicide was unnecessary if monitoring was in place. We only used pesticide twice in twelve years when numbers were epidemic. Unfortunately lazy farming practices of spray just in case are encouraged at every level. Coated seed is used all to often just in case of wet weather or a pest outbreak. We found that a few extra rows made up for most losses in wet years. Good farming Technics/practices can eliminate most usage if people are willing to take a little risk. Unfortunately the risk is all on the farmer as we well learned and the years that troubles strike no one is there to pick up the tab. I don’t believe the total loss of a pollinators livelihood is an acceptable solution to a field growers problems either thou.

  • J


  • teri

    Without trying to sound too melodramatic, we will look back on this; if left unchecked; as a crime against humanity.

  • Doreen Agostino

    Big News For Bees! Oregon To Ban Pesticides After Latest Bee Die Off – 8 July 2013

  • Carol King

    I can’t believe that after years of chemical pollution, effecting ground water and insects, among other things, that this type of pesticide is still allowed. Please act responsibly and stop using neonicotinoids immediately! Thank you!

  • Cathy Hooper Lowe

    Bees are an integral part of earth’s cycle of life. If we lose our bee population then we won’t be long on this earth either. What affects the smallest of us will eventually affect the largest of us. There are better safer choices out there that will protect our bees and our crops. Make the right choice or go down in history as the people that could have saved the future, but decided a chemical company was more important.

  • Suzanne

    This destruction of the bees because of pesticide use cannot be our generation’s legacy.

  • Jenny

    Let’s not forget the impact insecticides are having on butterflies, ladybugs, bumble bees and countless other insects

  • Carmen P.

    I am a Canadian living in Finland – and despite the distance, this issue is important to me!

  • Bill_Bell

    This looks extremely dangerous to me.

  • Squirrel

    We were warned years ago about the decline in bees. Also, that if the bees die it will be the end of civilization because you will not be able to survive without them. We need more restrictions on pesticides of all kinds but especially with big business. GMO is a killer and must be prohibited along with others. What about golf courses and the extreme pesticides they use? Stop the run-offs. There is so much we can do… eat organic! Buy organic! Support your local farmers and businesses.

  • Carol Nothrop

    Would the government quit the scandels and get down to business this is just a warning something is not right….

  • joethewrench

    we’s bee’s without plenty a food source , it just can’t be worth it …..just can’t give, yer head a shake …get it outta jur ass maybe?


    I am a small time hobbyist beekeeper, losing bees every year. Check out the Basswood trees in flower at the moment…not a bee to be seen anywhere. SAVE THE BEES AND SAVE THE HUMAN RACE !

  • Dawn Demers

    We need to do something NOW….before it’s too late.

  • shonshonSHON

    they will kill all the bees and then try to sell us little season long lifespanned flying robot polinators…

  • Canadienne

    These pesticides that are destroying our future must be banned, banned quickly before its to late!

  • getwise
  • Mike

    Government is “In Service” to the population. Please do your JOB properly!!!!

  • Edward Taylor

    Stop this because if we don,t we all starve.Simple fact.

  • Juanita Bongartz-Perry

    Please read and sign..our lives depend on this.

  • Pri

    Stop putting greedy, controlling agri-business in front of people’s right to eat, breath and drink, clean, healthy and non-GMO! We are fighting for our lives!

  • nance

    Eliminating possible causes, nonessential substances such as neonicotinoids is a good place to start and an easy – just stop and ban it.

  • Mark

    if neonicotinoid pesticides are the problem, and one of our most precious ecological commodities (i.e. bees) are being directly threatened, then this is a no-brainer. If our very survival is at stake then why would it take more than a week to pass a bill through parliament?

  • Mark

    if neonicotinoid pesticides/insecticides have been banned in Europe (on April 29th, 2013), they why is it they can see this as a problem, but we here do not?

  • Andrew

    I would like there to be food for my children and their children. No GMO! We need bees!

  • Aaron Hamill

    Everyone should be writing their own MP’s to get on this too. It doesn’t just affect one area.

    • FeelALot

      My MP is a useless, brainless Conservative hack (for many years) who only sends his infuriating form/propaganda letters back, so it’s an utter waste of my time.

  • cindym

    Cease and desist already!!!! Why are you trying to kill the future of our earth?? Money is NOT everything – get your hands out of MONSANTO’s pockets and lining your’s with the evilness this company is… When will YOU learn?

  • Kathryn Brillinger

    Even in my Kitchener garden there are fewer bees this year!! Please ban pesticides that hurt bees.

  • Dave Logan

    Didn’t Albert Einstein say: If the bee’s die the earth will follow within four years. (not exact quote, but close) Something defiantly needs to be done!!

  • Rosicler

    I live in Brazil and i understand your cause..congratulations for your initiative.

  • canuckgirl

    Bees are the Canary of our environment and Earth. Listen to the dwindling buzzing and ban all that destroys these essential workers of our world.

  • Rick

    There is no debate – it’s a no brainer as to what has caused the CCD events and the death / disappearance of bees whatsoever (only in our government’s minds – they will destroy our food for money – wonder if they can eat their money!!!!). They’re called neonicotinoids!! Ontario’s agricultural bee inspectors have
    sampled dead bees and hives routinely for 2 years now and the laboratories have analyzed both and found neonicotinoids in them – ask them to prove otherwise. (OMAFRA & PMRA) – we have the smoking gun so to speak – the murder weapon. Mites do not kill bees right in front of you while you’re looking at them – poisoning does. Please take steps to wake them up and protest by writing your MPP & MP’s now before we have a FAMINE to deal with as well as dead bees!! I’m a beekeeper and losing bees and hives every week!!!!! Mites do not do thisat this time of the year – someone must think we’re stupid; ie- gov’t and chemical companies. AND IT’S NOT JUST ON CORN – IT’S NOW ON SOY, CANOLA, WHEAT (ALL GRAINS), POTATOES, APPLES, RICE, TEA AND IT’S IN YOUR WATER, SOIL AND AIR.
    Please take action any way you can. Thank you.

    • Will Panos

      You are exactly right Rick, Varroa mites bad weather viruses are all distractions used by both the US and Canadian governments to avoid the pesticide issue $$$. Further more Varroa mites are visible to the naked eye so if your bees were infested with them you would know it.

  • michele

    Bees are absolutely necessary creatures in our biosphere. They not only add to beauty of our planet, but they are also key players in maintaining the continuum of our food chain. I support banning neo-nicotinoids and all similar products!

  • Bill

    From a policy standpoint, we give tax deductions for everything under the sun, except for anything related to our local food chain. Therefore, we should make memberships with Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) that follow organic practices tax deductible and stop subsidizing the production of corn, soy and wheat. A change in policy like this would ensure we diversify our food base, bring more local food to our tables and reduce our reliance on monoculture-driven, processed, non-organic food products.

  • Lyssa

    Neonicotinoids are banned in Europe and everyone is surviving just fine.

  • eaglegray

    Canada is light years behind Europe on many fronts; certainly environmental, but also social, political, cultural. And all the more so since the rise of this ‘Reform’ government and the sad demise of ‘progressive’ conservatism.

  • Charles

    Agriculture in South-Western Ontario has been operating for decades now utterly unregulated. Family farms, the few that remain, are under siege by huge trans-nationals as the practice of farming mutates into a mega-industrial endeavor where profit and the over-production of a shrinking list of corps becomes the new normal. There are only a tiny and isolated fraction of farmers, brave enough to practice sustainable growing and husbandry. The land is contaminated with chemical sprays and GMOs dominate the ecosystem. Where once every municipality, no matter how small, used to enjoy some of the world’s best and cleanest ground water, contaminants from industrial run-off have poisoned wells and aquifers forcing even small rural communities to pipe in water from the great lakes; often over hundreds of kilometers. The death of some to the world’s most wholesome farm land is occurring at an alarming rate in the face of naked corporate greed. I fear honey bees are the tip of the iceberg of ecological disaster that may take another generation to show itself fully. This situation needs deep scientific scrutiny before an avoidable disaster takes place right here in Ontario.

  • Sybil Nunn

    If the bees go, the entire human race will follow quickly. I don’t think Monstanto gets that. Ban neonicotinoids immediately.

    • FeelALot

      SURE they do! (and why do you think plans to populate Mars are also in the works?) It’s all a part of the evil cabal’s plan that’s been going on behind the scenes for decades now, to deliberately cull the world population (largely through global ownership & control of food, use of life-damaging vaccines, drugs, the monetary system which is a farce, and more), wholly control the few remaining, and allow the evil cabals to create their slave population to do their entire bidding. See this link if you don’t believe it: (the first quote is the most telling)

      Or simply google “Rockefeller admits to secret global plan,” &/or add “youtube” at the end, see what-all comes up and go from there.

      For more hopeful news, google “Ben Fulford” and read his insider reports wherever you can find them. (he’s a Cdn. journalist, now living elsewhere, on a personal mission to help uncover what’s been kept hidden)

      As said, “the truth is stranger than fiction.” And the public has been consistently and deliberately lied to and manipulated for so long now, it’s a wonder there are even any of us left who can still think for ourselves!

  • Chris Colegrove

    Ode to the bee’s

    Our real job creators are those fiesty pollenators!

    Think about it for a while,,Earth’s true wealth in each live mile!

    Let’s give due credit to the bees who pollenate our trees with ease.

    For the fruit that tastes so good,Year after year upon the wood.

    A world without fruit won’t be worth a hoot!

    We could fly to the moon,

    Our point would be moot!

    If we don’t save our bees,say goodby to the fruit!

    And a thousand other crops to boot.

    Stop the sprays,there’s other ways!

    We’re in a blasted round up haze!

    It’s in the dust it’s in the water.

    It’s in us too,and it hadn’t oughter’

    We don’t want this stuff you brought us!

    Or the fables that you taught us,

    Cause without bees knees haulin pollen,

    Our life supports will soon be falling!

  • Dee Latta

    I have seen a photo put together on what our produce aisles will look like if we were to lose our bees to extinction.. It was NOT a pretty sight.. The produce aisles were almost barren.

    Please, please. DO the right thing & BAN the use of neonicotinoids in Canada!

  • megan

    this shouldn’t have to be protested it should just be. Our Canadian government needs to start supporting the people and their futures instead of selling out to corporate control and money that only benefits the select few(1%ers) We the people will continue to protest and stand together and we will start with the protection of the bees. Lets go Canada lets go.

  • BEEing

    Use your brains! We can NOT BEE without our bees! We shall stop existing. Halt the poisening! NOW!

  • Polly

    I stumbled on this site while looking for information on spider spraying. I am a manager in a mobile home community and we recently stopped people having their units sprayed for spiders. After looking into the implications that these products have and the purpose of there use it seemed a no brainier. To my surprise the minister of Environment can see no issue with using these products for what to myself and others boils down to a cosmetic issue. Not only do they approve such spraying, so does the local conservation authority. It blows me away to think such empowered bodies cannot see what the implications of using these pesticides for such a trival purpose is having on our environment. One only needs to type the word permithrians and all kinds of horror comes. I sincerely hope that as an MP you may be able to get these ignorant groups educated as to the diverse damage they are doing. Spraying the outside of a house to kill spiders is rediculous and should be stopped immediately.
    Thank you and good luck.

  • Wendy Sheppard

    Everything- animal, insect, human, or plant- has a purpose on this earth!
    Please protect our bees. They are essential to our everyday living!

  • Christine

    “There is enough in the world for man’s need, but not his greed”
    ~ Mahatma Gandhi
    It all boils down to greed and as usual, the animals pay the price.

  • Jen Durocher

    we HAVE to do all we can NOW NOW NOW to save our bees…I’m feeling all

  • Kristen

    Please protect our bees!!!!

  • Linda Knight

    Always boils down to greed and power – No common sense whatsoever.

  • Mich

    They should stop using it , if they stop using pestisides in our ditches and home gardens . Why is it ok for the farmer?. Im starting to think The government wont do anything till its to late.

  • Sharon

    I live in the industrial agriculture area of southern AB. Cutter-bees have to be imported to provide the pollination required to grow canola and other seed crops. Each year there seem to be fewer bees in our yard. There are also reduced numbers-0 hummingbirds in this area.
    Birds that are feeding in the fields where this is used are exposed to this dust and treated seed as well.

    Yet they continue to use this product and spray insecticide during the morning hours when the bees are in the fields feeding rather than the afternoon or early evening.
    This product should not be used and the spray planes should only be allowed to poison insects when the bees are less active.
    Thank you for bring this to the attention of people.

  • Dee Latta

    PLEASE BAN! This is a useless & unnecessary process to our fragile agriculture!

  • Sharon Doolittle

    There is not 1 honey bee in our yard,we use no pesticide,fertilizers etc. We support pollinators and birds,we grow our own food.As well as no bees,I see something wrong with the birds,they are dull in appearance and very few.Our yard is lush and normally full of life.Have not seen a Monarch or Swallowtail butterfly either.there is something seriously wrong.The only bees we do have are some smaller bumbles 30 max and some black and white bumbles.There are no crickets or toads as well.
    Whats not going on in your gardens?

  • jeffm

    From Courtenay here, noticed this year that the number of bees is near zero. Not just in my backyard but almost everywhere I’ve been. Comox, Campbell River, Courtenay. At first I thought maybe the local beekeeper just quit doing it as there are not many of them around but I’ve asked several people, gardeners, farmers, etc if they noticed this too. They have….the numbers are way down.

  • mk1313

    I have asked Ag Canada and the MOE to ban these and their response is “everything’s OK, don’t worry!” Bought and paid for Harperites!

    • Will Panos

      What they really wanted to say is go away we are all making
      money here!

  • FeelALot

    It’s only been a few weeks since Elizabeth’s article here, and I’ve just learned that things are even WORSE than we’d last heard….hence a new comment here, to help KEEP the masses informed about this overriding and vital issue.

    From a new article about the Russians’ rightful anger towards Obama’s protection of bio-tech giants like Syngesta, Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and DuPont, and a 100-page report (in March/13) from the American Bird Conservancy:

    “A single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird,” Palmer said. “Even a tiny grain of wheat or canola treated with the oldest neonicotinoid — called imidacloprid — can fatally poison a bird. And as little as 1/10th of a neonicotinoid-coated corn seed per day during egg-laying season is all that is needed to affect reproduction.”

    …neonicotinoid contamination levels in both surface- and ground water in the United States and around the world are already beyond the threshold found to kill many aquatic invertebrates.”

    “…the greatest agricultural apocalypse in human history as over 90% of feral (wild) bee population in the US has already died out, and up to 80% of domestic bees have died out too.”

    The entire, must-read article is here:

    So it is not just *humans* who will be without enough food to survive, or who will be killed more directly by the use of these systemic chemicals. These chemicals threaten *everyone’s” lives.

    And could THIS be why we’ve got almost NO Siskins this summer (as opposed to usual reams of them), and also had an alarming number of Redpolls dying in our back yard last winter?…not to mention the lessening numbers of honey AND bumblebees in our garden each year. Are we inadvertently poisoning them all, with contaminated sunflower (or other such) seeds?!

    Sadly, I don’t think petitions alone are going to change Harper’s warped mind, as he’s clearly already a part of the infamous Bilderberg Bunch.

  • Dianne J Ferris

    BEES are the canaries in the coal mine…a warning for HUMANS! Save the bees and mankind may survive. Where are we without our pollinators?

  • Shelley Smith

    Bees are necessary for successful agriculture, neonicotinoids are not. Please implement a ban immediately. (Copied from well-spoken Sarah Albertson)

  • Jim

    It seems questionable that the same groups that are marketing neonicotinoids are the ones who profit the most from a world without bees (Genetically Engineered plants don’t need bees)…

  • Crock the Mighty
  • Grace Cockburn

    @Dianne Ferris I am currently writing to as many nurseries as I can, to determine which ones use neonicotinoids in their potting soil. Once I have responses, I will be doing exactly that.

  • Melissa Lockhart

    In todays day and age one would think we could think clearly and add things up. No bees=no food, no food= no life, no life= no money for the government to steal and waste uselessly on travel, socks, torcher, you know the normal government stuff. Not to mention most of them have family’s and love something (at least a dog or a cat) who shockingly like to eat and live. I know crazy and that all requires Bee’s.

  • Emma

    Congratulations again Elizabeth! Fabulous work.
    As a beekeeper I hope that Canada will not only look at neonicotinoids but also at glyphosate (Round-Up) which was formerly believed to be benign to both humans and bees.
    Please check out Croplife Canada the “Canadian” conglomerate of Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Dupont :
    and please look at how they are pushing for more urban (cosmetic) pesticide use.
    The area code in the picture below is 604.
    I hope you can effect a seismic shift in agricultural practices (including the labeling of GMO products.)

  • Harry S. Nydick

    I am not a Canadian citizen, but have visited on 5 different occasions and plan to return again. Unlike me, however, bees do not need a passport. They just need to be alive – which is something which we will not be, if we continue to permit the use of pesticides that are killing the bees, which happen to be our primary pollinator. If the bees are all gone, the only food left for humans to eat, would shortly be the dying bodies of one another.

  • Lynne Sky

    NO Bee’s – NO WE’s

  • Donna Johnson

    “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”~ Albert Einstein

  • Kathy

    Without bees none of us will be. Get rid of the neonicotinoids if we plan to continue living.

  • joelle

    no bees=no food.

  • John Brekelmans

    I literally had to pluck flowers from my vegetable plants and cross pollinate them by hand. Unfortunately I didn’t realize the problem earlier in the season and have a small crop in an ideal year as a result..the problem was that there were no bees here to do it for me!

  • Michael

    Care to guess how many bees there are in our
    pesticide-free garden at the moment?

    ONE. It is normally loaded with bees this time of

    I live in a rural area in Eastern Ontario . If
    this experience is being shared by others we are on the cusp of a VERY serious

    I don’t want to over-react, but if there is even a
    chance that certain commercial products are responsible for this problem they
    should be banned at once until further studies can be done.

    • Ed

      No let’s kill everything first and do the study later, and
      if that was the cause we can ban it. Just think all the extra bushels of corn
      and soy we can get!

  • Sean

    researchers at Purdue University made a presentation the the Ontario bee working group last week to share there 2 years of research and they said that they could not find any yield loss in corn that was not treated with the neonic seed treatment. A much different story then what the chem companies and the Grain Farmers of Ont Org is saying…. Neonic treatments i believe are health risk also the farmers who have to handle this stuff ….

    Sean McGivern


  • Sean

    There is this age old story in the farm community that we need all these products to feed the world, but let me remind you all that us growing cheap food in north america and dumping it into the world market displacing peasant farmers is not helping feed the world and its not a great supply of food that is required, wjat is required is for people to either have access to money to buy or to have land to grow their on, this myth that that its north americas duty to feed the world with the help of monsanto is 101% BS

  • Steven Sauvé

    Bees before Greed

  • sue

    For years we didn’t know what was killing bees in such massive numbers. Now we do. Without bees, our food production will be in real trouble… ban neonicotinoids now!

  • TedChar Mcgill

    I just don’t understand why this is a hard choice to make. It’s time to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. It’s not like we have another planet to move to.

  • kelly

    indeed, Bees are necessary for successful agriculture, neonicotinoids are not. Please implement a ban immediately.

  • Dave Reynolds

    the writin is on the wall ,how long do we have to wait , i thought we put intelligent people in office to stop ,destruction of this sort ,come on people ,dont screw with mother nature

  • carollucas

    This is good…also…Canada’s conservative government subsidizes horse slaughter hell houses…the horses die a inhumane death in these hellholes…they need help…why does animal cruelty continue in our country?

  • Gordon Muma

    Another issue confronting Canadians, which it would seem, nobody really cares about.

    August 28, 2013

    The Honourable Gail Shea
    House of Commons
    Minister of Fisheries and Oceans
    Parliament Buildings, Wellington Street
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A6

    Dear Ms. Shea,

    As a tax paying Canadian CITIZEN, I would like to know why you do not place any importance on the situation developing on the West coast of Canada, with regards to the Fukushima nuclear problem.
    According to news reports, ” August 14, 2013: Fukushima radiation leak not a concern to Canada, officials say [...] Increased levels of radiation pouring into the Pacific Ocean from the fractured Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan do not concern Canadian officials. [...] In recent weeks the situation has worsened and been declared an emergency. An estimated 300 tons of radioactive water is pouring into the ocean each day. But in Canada, officials said they don’t believe there are any concerns with the increased levels of radiation. [...] “We don’t believe there’s any radiation being carried across the Pacific.” [B.C. provincial health officer Dr. Perry Kendall said.] [...] Health Canada also said it doesn’t consider the radiation a threat […”
    I think that your avoidance of this issue is cause for great concern, not only to the citizens of Canada, but to the entire World population. You have been put into a position of GREAT responsibility as Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and I find it extremely abhorrent that you fail to recognize the dangers facing the world as a whole. If I were a member of your staff and failed at my job, it is without doubt I would either be demoted to a lesser position or ultimately relieved of duty. The same should hold true for those elected officials within our Government and that of the B.C. provincial health officer, Dr. Perry Kendall.
    I would request that you revisit this grave situation and give it your fullest attention until such time as this issue is safely resolved, which given the current state of affairs, will not occur within our lifetimes.

    Gordon S Muma

  • Tasha

    If pesticides are killing our bees, what is it doing to us? We eat what they are gathering pollen from one way or another.

  • Holly Berkowitz

    Hi Elizabeth: Bayer and other toxic profiteers have conspired to destroy pollinators and many, many species to cause a 6th extinction.

  • Toni Bacon

    Please follow Europe’s lead – Bees are essential to our future food production. Boycott Bayer.

  • Bee Lover

    Bees are necessary for successful agriculture, neonicotinoids are not. Please implement a ban immediately.
    This is als a problem for home gardeners. I recently learned
    that one of the neonicotinoids, Imidacloprid, is being used in some
    potting soils (Bayer brands), and is also being used in potting soil by
    major nurseries supplying ornamental plants across Canada and the US

  • Linda Bell

    Stop the GMO’S and save our bees and our health

  • LoveCanada

    It’s ridiculously obvious, supported with scientific evidence and needs to be corrected immediately. It’s not an issue that can be ignored or dabbled with. Canada needs it government to make a firm stand on this issue…banning these chemicals is the only way.

  • Barby

    Even my 5 & 6 year old children know how important bee’s and natural, chemical free food is. They watched “The Bee Movie”, a cartoon with talking bees, where the bees stopped making honey so all the flowers died & wildlife moved on looking for food. Even they know to look for organic food in the grocery store- i wonder if these big descision makers feed their children chemically enhanced foods? I seriously doubt it.

  • Pam

    For the health of our ecosystems and food security we need bees – these pesticides need to be banned

  • Consilience

    Stand up to big corporations and protect the bees and crops requiring pollination.

  • Petrab

    Is our government totally nuts to even consider this!!!

  • Hotrail

    We need the Bee`s !!!

  • Eric

    For the sake of all children, present and future, ban neonicotinoids and do not bend to corporate greed.

  • Wendy

    There is an opportunity to submit comments to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency. The more people they hear from, the more likely they are to implement a ban. Check out the following link:

  • Jim

    A new study conducted by Royal Holloway university has found
    a direct link between colony collapse and neonicotinoid exposure that bees would
    normally find in the fields, how much more evidence do we need before we ban this stuff. Here is the link.

  • Neville Gosling

    Bees are natures pollinator and essential to nearly every form of agriculture.

  • Doreen Agostino

    Is the loss in diversity of bees, a pivotal species for
    agriculture and biodiversity, our planetary canary?

  • jesse

    sup brps

  • jesse

    this is perpotiress

  • Aaron

    All pesticides should be ban

    • Anthony Ramirez

      100000000000% True

  • jesse


  • jesse


  • jesse


  • jesse


  • Anthony Ramirez

    If people use neonicotinoids, bees will die, if bees die, there will be less food, if there’s less food, people will starve. so that means they’re just making themselves starve.

  • jesse

    hi anthony

  • jesse

    hehe supppp

  • Johanna Ryffel

    Ban Neonicotonoids for all Time !!!
    No Bees……No Food……No People……!!!

  • Brian

    Neonics….look around…what other insect, butterfly, bird populations are in decline?

  • Susan

    A little of topic. Is anyone aware of the chem trails in Ontario more? My fb American friends are saying they are spraying them like bugs. U.S. Military program called smart dust.

  • Gail.

    Bees, like many other animals and insects, are an integral
    part of nature and need to be protected. Our very existence depends a balanced
    environment. To deliberately destroy the bees with the use of these chemicals,
    is at the very least, negligent. So please ban the use of neonicotinoids. They
    are detrimental to our planet.

  • Diane Wallrich

    I posted an item yesterday about robotic bees, can pollinate flowers, surveillance, survey. Might some corporation be killing bees to sell their star-wars bees?

  • Kelly Friesen

    Bees = Food……pretty simple.

  • Shar

    I’m presenting to my English class about the vanishing bees tomorrow. I’m going to collect 25 signatures. I just watched a documentary called Vanishing of the Bees. I highly recommend it. It was very informative.

  • Gordon Chamberlain

    How was Neonicotinoids approved? The evaluation system must be reviewed because this case demonstrates it is seriously flawed

  • Matt Cameron

    We dot not need Monsanto here in Canada nor anywhere in the world!

  • Mary

    Seriously, why do we have to have a petition? Is common sense really that far gone ??? Killing our own food chain…DUH!

  • Candace Robinson

    I agree. As a wildlife biologist and beekeeper I am completely in agreement with a ban on these pesticides. The EU already has a temporary ban and Canada appears to be doing nothing. I can’t emphasize enough how serious this issue is.

  • stefy31

    I love honey! and bees are so important to our ecosystem and provide honey full of benefits. I aggree Neonicotenoids are neither necesary nor beneficial which is why they must go!

  • Natalie Bond

    Natalie Bond

    Agreed 100% totally. Neonicotinoids are poison and destroy nature and the Bees are not – gives us food for living. We need them not the poison. Common senses.

  • Inducted Kitty

    Why wouldn’t every single one of us on this planet want, no, NEED, to save our bees?! Do the right thing for this Country, set a good example for others. We all need food.

  • Cretius

    How much of a catastrophe is necessary before government acts? Siding with Agrochemical over food safety is criminal and not to be forgotten at election time. I would spoil my ballot in protest if none of the parties puts forward a cogent food safety platform.

  • Momcani

    My dad lost a couple of hives two years ago .. the just one by one died. Heart breaking

  • PamEyre

    Einstein said four years after the last pollinator bee disappears, so do humans begin to become extinct. That’s one electoral term. We are best served saving the bees.

  • Diana Lutz

    It is there food though I dont think they make extra I dont take from the bees this is
    why you have them replacing honey with high fructose corn syrup they are feeding bee’s poison!

  • Donna Frakes

    Our City had a ban on the use of neonicitinoids for 4 yrs.. in that time we started with 1 honey bee hive and grew to 3 by the end of the 4 yr ban, within 2 mths of the ban being lifted last summer we lost 2 of our 3 hives(our friend had 50 hives and within 3 mths of the ban being lifted he lost every one of his 50 hives).

  • astracha

    It is time to start looking at our future and getting rid of anything that will destroy something this vital!

  • Madamehypnose

    According to Albert Einstein, mankind would survive up to 4 years if the extinction of bees occurred. I personally, don’t want to test his hypothesis…

  • Wanda Boomhower

    Bees are necessary for LIFE! No bees, no food!
    Immediately ban neonicotinoids!!

  • CarrieinSK

    Save the bees, save the world!

  • Navaro

    I really appreciate the work you are doing, Elizabeth. Thank you also for being willing to expose the Lyme Disease epidemic, and bring awareness to that. I have a friend with Lyme and am shocked by the lack of media attention to this epidemic. It is strangely suspicious.

  • Martin

    Bees are necessary for life-period. Pollen has to be spread naturally without interference of insecticide that can also affect us as humans, as well.

  • Sherree Ball

    This ban is strongly wanted in order to save the bee’s. Our vegetables and meat’s as well are affected due to chemicals etc. It needs to be stopped immediately.

  • Jay

    It is like Mocato saids –No Bee’s –No Food –No Life–Say Good Bye Man Kind..

  • A. Edward Cullin

    Governments have tried for years to restrict access to tobacco because of the harm nicotine does. Banning the use of neonicotinoids should be a no brainer.

  • Marion

    I just bought wave petunias from Home Depot and planted them and then read about them using neonicotinoids and it makes me feel sick. I will have to dig them up now. How do I know where I can buy plants and feel safe that they are not going to kill anything? Why are these companies trying to kill the world they also live in.

    • Desiree74

      You can call local nurseries and ask them, I called around and found a local nursey that no longer uses these pesticides and relies on nematodes.

  • mamasita hansen

    how dare them

  • Ron

    Interestingly, examples, of what is now called colony collapse disorder, have been documented as far back as 1869. Over a century before neonicotinoids.

    It`s my understanding that declining bee populations have actually been linked to NUMEROUS factors including malnutrition, pathogens, immunodeficiencies, mites, fungus, beekeeping practices and electromagnetic radiation.

    While I`ve heard suggestions that a total ban for neonicotinoids should be considered, I personally think that it would make more sense to utilize management practices that reduce the risk to non-target insects from neonicotinoids.
    For example, this insecticide is used as seed treatment on both corn and canola. But, in the canola-growing regions of western Canada, the same problems aren’t noted as are found in corn-growing regions of eastern Canada.
    The majority of canola seed sown in western Canada is coated with seed treatments that include neonicotinoids. In fact, it’s my understanding that this is the major use of this insecticide in Canada. Canola also serves as an excellent host plant for bees.Yet, the majority of the bee colony deaths occur in the corn growing regions of Ontario and Quebec. Not in the canola growing regions of western Canada.

    The most likely reason, for the difference in the impact on bees between western and eastern Canada, is due to the differences in the equipment that is used to seed the 2 crops. The air seeders, that are commonly used to seed canola in western Canada, do not produce airborne dust as the vacuum planters used to plant corn do.
    It`s my understanding that corn and soy growers, are now being advised to utilize whetting agents on their seed, to prevent dust from the seed treatment from becoming airborne. To me, this simple management strategy seems more sensible than a total ban.

    I have used canola seed treated with neonicotinoid insecticide. For me the advantage is flea beetle control that only targets flea beetle which chew on the leaves of the emerging canola seedling.
    If the insecticide were to be banned outright, as you are suggesting, myself and other canola producers would become totally reliant on spray insecticides that would indeed impact non-target species of insects and have a greater negative impact on the environment.

  • Ron
  • Stephanie De Ayala-Larragoiti

    This is about poison and the effects upon living creatures and humans. In my opinion, unnecessary, known, intentional poisons should be illegal unless there is no other known alternative to human survival.

  • Janet Curtis

    bees die we die..same of the oceans

  • Helen Gibson

    We need to get rid of Monsanto preying on governments’ greed. No wonder so many people are sick.

  • senjam singh


  • Tatjana

    Save our bees, save our crops, save our food, save ourselves. Ban these poisons.

  • Liz Hewetson

    II believe this pesticide should be bannec Asap

  • Christopher Robin

    To quote a news article as stated by a scientist: “life without bees would be horrible”.

  • Dale

    We need Bees Or We will all Die

  • Jennifer Vavra

    I hope to someday just grow my own crops, but until then I’ve started making a point to buy the ‘ugly’ fruit. Just because it’s not perfect and has a couple small flaws does not mean it’s bad. Maybe someday we can learn to have unperfect produce again and not require pesticides to make the perfect fruit, and if these little buggers kill our crops, well ce la vie (sp?). We should learn to deal with it, or someday there will be nothing to deal about.

  • Jacqueline Steffen

    There is enough evidence that neonicotinoids are killing our bees!!! So why is Canada not doing anything about it????

  • Concerned Voting Citizen

    I haven’t seen a bee for three years, straight, in Aurora, Ontario. We have loads of flowers, but no bees. The situation is critical. Our Government, if they don’t act NOW to ban these dangerous pesticides, will be held accountable by the voting public for the tragic SILENT SPRING REPEAT we are seeing now. SHAME ON THOSE WHO OPPOSE BANNING THESE CRIMINALLY PERPETRATED SUBSTANCES!

  • Diana Lutz

    Ive seen many more dead bees latley than living ones. On one of my many walks I saw many staggering bees and dying bees.Another time on another walk 6/8 Bees dead along Parkinson rd. in Woodstock On. I dont see many living bees anymore ,whatever is happening It needs to stop!!

  • TeriSong

    Today, August 16, 2014, #SaveBees day I am not going to cut my grass that needs cuts badly be, and I enjoyed my morning coffee in my yard, there are tens of bees in the clover, dandelions borage, chamomile, lemon verbena, dahlias, rises, poppies, corn flowers, sunflowers cucumbers…

  • snowballl

    they are necessary for life on earth

  • Darrel Pyke

    Not only are honey bees being depleted but many beneficial insects, such as bumblebees and wasps and lady bugs, are also being significantly reduced due to the use of neonicotinoids. Many bird species that depend on insects for food are also being killed due to lack of food since the pesticide is staying active in the environment, in the surface water, for periods of up to 3 years. Time for this chemical to be removed from the ecosystem of the earth.

  • Katie Joy Turner

    Many people do not realize that our very lives depend on the beez !!!!

  • Winsome

    I have been avidly placing information on my Facebook Page about the Bees and GMO’s and the need to have our Foods Labelled, for months now…and the 20 + Members of the American Gov’t, Congressmen, the Speaker of the House, etc. who are also on the Board of Monsanto. This should be illegal, but it isn’t, apparently, in the U.S. This massive destruction of our habitat is all based on Corporate Greed, which goes in the Face of all that Canada stands for. Kill the Insects that pollinate the grains that you need to eat in all the breadbaskets around the world, and the Birds that eat them…what madness! And totally ubsustainable, how long can the insects survive, and consequently, Us!?

  • Doright

    Chemical companies are spraying poisons on our foods, why do we ingest it?
    Why do we just accept it and follow like a bunch of sheep?
    We have to take a stand and refuse to buy it.

  • Jo. Unrau

    If we don’t want our whole planet to die we need bees. This is a no-brainer. Bees pollinate everything. If you want to eat we need bees.

  • locust

    There are far better methods than using neonics. If the Bayer company has its way we will soon have no more bees left and humanity will starve. But they will have made a profit!

  • Dr. Kathryn Jackson

    Along with neonicotinoids, we should also ban the use of glyphosate which is the active ingredient in RoundUp. See for recent paper by Dr. Don Huber regarding colony collapse disorder and glyphosate.

  • RIEDEL Fascination

    Beliefs come from intuition, what we witness, what we are taught. Paired with radar for what’s right or wrong, is information. I wonder how many think a bee is solely for honey. Folks need to know bees pollinate our garden plants – aka FOOD in general! Many insects are beneficial, like ladybugs removing aphids that devour plants. I wonder if pesticides harm more than one hard-working, imperative insect.

  • johnwnoble

    we need to look at smart meters radio frequency also since they have been in place,i have no bee’s or bats on my property anymore have seen 2 bee’s no bats?

  • Sandy

    Duuuuuh $$$$$ over intelligence says the Greedy lazy gov

  • Cynthia Joan Morrison

    Update on this petition please?

  • Bonita Poulin

    Ontario already has banned this poison, but it must be done nationally.

  • Jhong Revonne

    Useful comments , Speaking of which , if someone was looking for a RI DoT RI-1040NR , my boss saw a fillable form here

  • carol

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