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On Thursday, January 12th, 2012 in Get Involved

During the past decade, the Federal Government has purchased millions of dollars of bottled water for personal use in federal institutions across the country. Bottled water represents a huge solid waste issue, and a number of Canadian cities have banned this product in government buildings where potable water exists.

Help Elizabeth get a ban on bottled water in federal institutions. Sign below or download this petition, get as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

Online Petition

1989 people have signed this petition. Add your voice to the growing number of Canadians speaking out about this issue.

We call upon Parliament to discontinue the purchase of bottled water for personal use in federal government institutions, wherever potable water is already available.

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  • halmarc

    I think a law should be passed to ban the sale of bottled water completely in Canada except in vending machines.

    • Mmevalerie

      Brilliant idea! I agree!

  • Diane

    I had no idea the feds were so fond of the bottled stuff. Disgusting waste of … pretty much everything.

  • Sandra K

    What a bunch of pathetic derps we have working for us. Thanks for further wasting the taxes we pay. Harper will cut spending on healthcare, education, the environment, yet use MY taxes to pay for every federal government worker’s bottled water. Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me….

  • Donald

    What a waste of money! We all survived years ago without bottled water, so why now is it so important?

    • Jim

      Because of manufactured demand. Because they’ve convinced people they need it and it is a huge easy cash cow for them. Netflix has a few good documentaries on this topic.

  • Hyde

    They add extra salt to bottled water, its not natural and not healthy, and all those bottles are a waste of our resources.

    • Shaylynn H.

      It takes 2 bottles of water to produce and manufacture one.

  • Shaylynn H.

    I could not be more angry about bottled water. I will NEVER shut up about it until it is gone completely. Except for emergencies only. It is NOT a good thing.

  • e r

    BAN Nestle alltogether.

  • valerie

    if the public has to drink fluoridated water so should you..

    • Katie

      No, I don’t. I will not encourage or drink chemicals being added to the water I drink. It is a huge waste of money, does no one any good and I do not have to drink it.

      • PniB

        hi Katie,
        Where I live the water is not fluoridated, and the chlorine that is used evaporates mostly if let to sit for 24 hours. You could buy a good quality filter that cleans them both out as well as other toxins in the water. Sadly I’ve heard that there are traces of antibiotics and anti-depressants and other prescription meds that are not yet being efficiently removed from our water source. Despite that, the toxicity of drinking from plastic bottles that leach BPAs or BPSs (estrogen disrupting, likely carcinogenic) into the water that you are drinking regularly (in plastic bottles), and the extreme damage that the bottles are doing to land and oceans will have far worse health repercussions for you and your loved ones, and the babies-to-come of your loved ones…………

        • Jo. Unrau

          We put good filter on our kitchen tap I fill pitchers & put in the fridge & thermos jug for car. This system works very well unless you’re so lazy you might as well dig your grave & crawl in.

      • dragon flyer

        But you should check the statistics on dental health in children who drink flouridated water…

    • keepin’itreal

      There is flouride in bottled water too ;-)

  • lani4

    We carry water in safe bottles that we clean and refill for ourselves with filtered tap water. Bottled water is an environmental disaster – first in the sheer numbers of empty plastic bottles littering our planet and the carbon foot print of creating these bottles and filling them and transporting them. They make no sense at all. A manufactured ‘need’ created by advertising and a manufactured fear of tap water.

    • katie

      Get the added chemicals out of it and perhaps I will consider it.

  • Debra Macapagal

    It’s scary that bottled water can come from anywhere. There are no restrictions or regulations. I remember a friend of mine doing a study on Dasani and water from Lake Ontario. The water from Lake Ontario has less bacteria than Dasani!

  • steve

    i believe bottle water is a menace to the global population, there is a documentery on big business in third world countrys that pump out ground water purify it and send to to consumers across north American and around the world leaving the inhabitants scrounging for water to feed there crops let’s band bottled water all together. in this country we have no problem with fresh water let’s give tax breaks to home owners for installing home filtering systems instead.

    thanks you for this opportunity to speak

  • Sjmanz

    Bottled water should only be used if the water is not fit for drinking. All Canadians are drinking tap water. If there is a problem, bottled water should be provided for all Canadians.

  • cc dubuc

    This petition does not go far enough The matter of drinkable water, our main resource has NOT been discussed yet. Pretty soon, water will be more valuable than petroleum or gaz. How come some rpivate companies can bottle OUR water and sell it to us with no profit for us collectively and a huge problem to solve with the empty bottles

    Please please, let’s wake up!!!

  • Holly

    There is no reason anyone in Canada needs to drink bottled water. The fact that large companies are taking millions of litres of water from aquifers and filling plastic bottles makes no sense for depleting our natural resources ! Why don’t consumers realize this and stop buying bottled water? Recently in a hotel in Montreal I asked them to consider removing the free bottled water from the rooms.If customers really want it they can purchase from the vending machines !!

  • GC_Toronto

    Bottled water companies are sucking the aquifers in Ontario dry and shipping the water elsewhere to the tune of millions of bottles per day. It’s just NOT sustainable. Bottle water is just plain unnecessary and is nothing more that huge cash grab.

    Excerpt from a Polaris Institute article:
    “The Coca-Cola bottled water plant in Brampton is a case in point. A
    one-litre bottle of Coke’s Dasani usually sells for around $1.70. It has
    been estimated that for the same $1.70 Coca-Cola can obtain up to
    34,000 litres of water from the public tap water system in Brampton for
    its bottled water plant. In other words, the municipality of Brampton is
    providing Coca-Cola with a huge subsidy.

    A 1.5 litre bottle of Pepsi’s Aquafina, for example, costs around $2.70, but the same amount of water taken from the municipal tap system costs only 1/500th of a cent – only a tiny fraction of the price paid for bottled water, depending on water rates, which vary from one jurisdiction to another.”

    Imagine – invest $1 on drawing aquifer water… re-sell it for $1,350!
    Now THAT’s a cash grab.

  • Mark G.

    With all due respect, before we ban bottled water, let’s ban additives and chemicals in tap water. I will continue using bottled water (although I avoid the little bottles and use 18L bottles on a water cooler to reduce the bottles, and they are reused over and over again) until I can be confident I’m not drinking fluoride and other chemicals, which CANNOT BE REMOVED, despite what the industry tells you…

  • meg

    I think we need to bring back public water fountains, and have re-usable bottle filling stations (as they have at some university campuses) at all public/government locations.. Lead by example!

  • Spark

    Plastics are filling the oceans, threatening the life support system of the planet.
    Stop buying bottled water and drinks. There should be a 10 or 20 cents deposit on each plastic water bottle. This will discourage people littering the green areas. It will also motivate

  • Spark

    Plastic particles are filling the oceans, threatening the life support system of the planet. Stop buying bottled water/drinks. There should be a 10 or 20 cent deposit enforced on each plastic water bottle. This will prevent littering by some, and motivate others to pick them up and make some money!

  • Fiona Hoey

    We give away the water to companies like Nestle and then buy it back at outrageous prices! This is so ridiculous and here we have the government spending our tax dollars on this product. So much is wasted and the landfills just don’t need the added stress etc. There is nothing good about this product at all. Just stop feeding Nestle’s coffers!!!

  • dragon flyer

    And to add insult to injury Nestle et al are pumping water from our aquifers for free…

  • AMH4

    Yes, governments should give good examples of pre-thinking by making bottled water unavailable in their buildings. How difficult is it to carry your own reusable water container, and refill it with tap water? MPs and MLAs and EVERYONE can do that! It’s a beginning in teaching the public that they don’t need to depend on using processed, plastic packaged water! The bottled water industry has done a prime job of brainwashing the public into believing that bottled water is BETTER, and they NEED someone to supply them with water in packages! It will take action by the public to stop buying bottled water to change the prospect of corporations profiting from public ignorance!

  • Steve halas

    Neasle company pulls out ground water to filter it and bottle water leaving the inhabitance lacking the ness army water supply to the surrounding area’s farmer from growing crops so let’s band nestle bottle water as well

  • Helen Robertson

    Restrict water bottling companies from taking water from Municipal Sources or charge them a prohibitive premium. Tap water is Best – use TVO’s “Water Brothers” for education.

  • Cheyenne Glasford

    Just the thought that these water companies TAKE millions of Gallons FREE every Day from our Water Tables then bottle it and pay nothing for it or the Disposal of the useless bottle waste, infuriates me to no end, especially after multiple tests have proven the tap water is as Good or sometimes Better than this bottles water is. Wake up Folks stop buying Hundred of this Cheap bottle water or not only will be be Drained and Dry but Buried in this Plastic Waste. Cheyenne Glasford

  • Laurie M

    I’m with the last commentor – Ban Nestle. The Nestle company pays a low license fee ($1,500 ?) per year to draw thousands of liters of water from the aquafer near Guelph Ontario to put millions of dollars into the pockets of the company.

  • authorquestions

    Next up, Canadian universities — supposedly at the cutting edge of knowledge, right?

  • Anna Weiler

    Why would the government want its workers to drink water that is not as rigorously tested as tap water?

  • peter rueschmann

    if our system had any brains which it does not have,we would ban plastic and use glass and forget about making money from water which we should get without having to pay for it.but don’t forget the corporate greed.they run the system not the people.

  • Greg DePaco

    Testing has shown that the tap water where I live (Vancouver area) is far purer and cleaner than any brand of the bottled stuff. Yet people pay for the inferior product rather than use the superior product they have already paid for because advertising tells them the bottled water is better. This is perhaps the best indicator that you can get people to do absolutely anything if you do enough advertising.

  • Zoe

    Its disgusting that our governments buys bottled water. Nestle practically steals water from us and sells it back to us at exorbitant prices. Seems a bit counterproductive and typical of the thoughtlessness with which all governments spend our tax dollars.

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