Extend the ecoEnergy Retrofit-Homes Program

On Sunday, February 12th, 2012 in Get Involved

17% of all energy consumed in Canada is used to heat, light and cool homes.  Over half of the energy used is wasted due to wasteful infrastructure. The ecoEnergy Retrofit – Homes Program supported job creation helped reduce energy usage, creating a win-win situation for the environment and the economy.

Help Elizabeth extend the ecoEnergy Program. Sign below or download this petition, have as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

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1776 people have signed this petition. Add your voice to the growing number of Canadians speaking out about this issue.

Your petitioners call upon the Government of Canada to re-instate and extend the ecoEnergy Retrofit – Homes Program.

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  • Joyce Hall

    Thanks again, Elizabeth. You are keeping hope alight in our very discouraged hearts with your consistent watchdogging. I don’t see a way to sign this petition online. Please advise.
    Joyce Hall, Markdale

    • craigcantin

      Hi Joyce.

      For the moment, most of our petitions are-paper based, as that is the only format the House of Commons will accept.

      With that said, many have asked for an electronic version. Plus, it will work better for those who access the website with a mobile device. So, this is in the works.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rosemary.breschukchiu Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu

    Thank you, Ms. May. Although I am an NDP supporter, I do support many of your causes as well. I’m happy to sign the petition, and have gotten family members to do the same. Thank you for focusing on the IMPORTANT issues. Minister for Religious Freedom!?!? Phfffffttttt!!! Heaven preserve us and grant us freedom from religion!

  • Ian Stephen

    The ecoEnergy Retrofit was a fabulous business generator. Sales people used it to close deals on much more work than just what the program covered. People would take advantage of the grants and while at it would do all kinds of other home renovations and upgrades. Kept me busy as an electrician, doing mostly kitchen and bathroom upgrades.

    • Old School

      Well! Thanks for telling us that you’ll take advantage of the Canadian taxpayer and feel good about it. In fact, there will always be people like you that will gorge off the system but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the program is bad. What it does mean is that the initiative ought to have better transparency and accountability with punitive damages for those that enable fraud like yourself and those of your clients that encourage you to take advantage of what we used to call trust……you know like what’s going on in the senate. But thanks for pointing this out!

      • Marg

        So providing work and helping to save the eco system isn’t important to you. You would rather destroy the eco system for future generations, than spend the few dollars in taxes to help save it.

  • Patrick

    940,000 homes participated in ecoENERGY creating tens of thousands of jobs and cutting CO2 by over a megaton – every year. Sounds impressive right – too bad that 940,000 represents about 1 in 20 of Canadian homes.

    Also, look into PAPER programs discussed by David Suzuki Foundation promote deep retrofits and are cash flow positive right away.

    Follow me on twitter to improve Canada’s homes – @paretoenergy

  • David

    Good job Elizabeth keep up the good work. Keep after the conservative government to make changes.

  • Ocean

    Elizabeth May – I am grateful for all the important work you do. THANK YOU!

  • Karen Coverett

    Thank you Elizabeth May for being a politician of whom your riding can be proud and for whom we are still happy to have voted! That is a rare and wonderful thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/DanMar-Dinsmore/726106873 DanMar Dinsmore

    Thank you Elizabeth May we are proud of you

  • clive hawkins

    Make sense to keep energy here where we need it . Not leaking into the environment, or down pipelines to benefit someone else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tod.williams.52 Tod Williams

    My father in law`s oil furnace was bought in 1969. they need a upgrade to natural gas can you give me any ideas on any program or subsidy?

    • DaveW.

      We have to stop burning carbon to keep warm. Invest in a 30 year solution that will save the planet: geothermal.

  • Lars Friis

    Keep up the good work Elizabeth May, British Columbians are proud of You!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Murrman44 Murry Setzer

    You build it they will come!

  • Heidi Schwende

    Green Party has my support 100% at Federal and Provincial levels.

  • Melana Janzen

    Thanks for your continued work Elisabeth… particularly this important issue of restoring the Retrofit program. Melana Janzen, Residential Architect.

  • Dan Dinsmore

    Many more homes need eco upgrades and it stimulates the economy

  • solarisgeothermal

    ecoEnergy for retrofits and business achieved a tremendous amount of positives for jobs, energy savings, and carbon reduction. The program cost the Government nothing, it was net revenue positive – they received more in tax than paid to incentives.

    The key change is to make the time frame longer, 2 years is TOO SHORT. Germany got it right when they made it semi-permanent, with 10 year horizons, so there is stability for industry and consumers.

    In BC we have a new Solar Water Heat Pump that saves 80% of energy, and can be retrofit to homes for much less than solar thermal or ductless heat pumps. We should be supporting this new technology. http://www.smartheating.org

  • http://www.facebook.com/jo.unrau Jo Unrau

    I wish solar panels were inexpensive enough we could afford. I would like a home completely run with solar energy. If we all had that it would save our planet & everything on it.

  • Donna Lang

    I don’t know why you only had the last wave for 9 months, before closing it. Retrofits are a great way to get people to male energy efficient actions and measures. Also, as per the other person below this email said, it was great for stimulating the Canadian economy, so it is a “win win”.

  • Wendy Wall

    I would like to see this program expanded to include stratas. It’s currently only accessible for MURBS with a max of 20 units and 2-3 stories. Just one more program that our building of 94 units doesn’t qualify for. There are 700,000 condo owners in BC alone. Programs such as BC Hydro’s “Live Smart” home and business energy audits and the proposed “Pay As You Save BC” also exclude strata owners. Our 1970′s buildings are wasting so much energy and we need at least one program that can help.

  • karoly ban matei

    Going beyond the great economic advantage we have to look at the great picture. As our resource get scarce we have to look at ways to decrease our energy consumption. this program is a great one and it should be continued.

  • disqus_mwzFKvUOmb

    It truly is a laughable but oh so sad situation, when the housing stock that contributes to such a large percentage of green house gases has no programs to bring it up to Green Standards. When we travel throughout the states we are stunned at the money available for so many different initiatives. Yet here in Canada, our federal government withdrew the program, even though there was still money in it allocated for Canadians to use on existing housing. This is low hanging fruit. I guess their desire is for us to need more of the Oil Sands fuel, so they can pocket more money. It seems our whole country has fallen down the White Rabbit Hole where reason is up side down.

    Thank you EM for your continued work on so many levels, in so many place, with so many topics. You must feel dizzy somedays as you whirl from one federally manufactured crisis to the next whether it is democracy, the economy or the environment. Thank you so much for your dedication.

  • Patch

    I have been an NDP supporter recently although I did vote for you in the last election. I’m very happy to sign the petition and have asked others to sign as well. Thank you.

  • Louis Domingue

    Thank you Elysabeth for your work, Canada needs a leader like you, someone who can look at the big picture and do what makes sense, can I suggest you jump to a different party, one that has a chance of being elected, so you can be our premier?

  • Carol S. Halberstadt

    Here in Massachusetts and all over the US, retro ecofitting, free energy audits, and assistance for insulation, updating of heating and cooling systems, setback thermostats, water-saving flow faucets, energy-saving light bulbs, subsidized solar panel installations, even new high energy star-rated refrigerators, ACs, and water heaters (free to low-income people) and highly subsidized to everyone (including tax credits and steep discounts via the stimulus program under President Obama has made a huge difference in fossil fuel burning costs of oil and natural gas for everyone. It;s also provided a LOT of jobs. Cities and municipalities and towns likewise benefit from similar programs, with “green” eco-fitting that has cut energy use in Mass. enormously. Finally, with deregulation, competitive rates on 100% wind energy generated electricity “tradeoffs” are available to every Mass. resident. If everyone signed up for this, more wind installations would be built, supply and demand would function, and fossil fuel energy use would also drop accordingly.

    Canada can also do all this and more–starting with stopping the dirtiest and devastating tar sands destruction of the boreal forest and all the impacted ecosystems in Canada. We are fighting here in the US to stop TransCanada’s Keystone XL from crossing our borders to go to the Gulf to be shipped to China!

    With hope for life on Earth and the Earth who sustains us all,

    Carol in Newton, MA, USA (about 8 hours drive from the Canadian border)

  • Wally and Heather Erickson

    Conservation should be the top of the list of priorities for our country and its politicians but Mr. Harper has effectively taken away all legislative protection. He stands for devastation of our natural resources, not conservation so it is understandable that he does not support any program that would provide both a means of conservation energy and creating work.

  • Tim Seitz

    Practicing more Conservation of energy can replace our dependency on Nuke Power.

  • Nadine C. Erickson

    Continuing this program just makes common sense.

  • Alex624

    I would suggest that one of the best things that this country could do to both fight climate change and to increase employment is to improve the energy efficiency of all public buildings as well as the entire fleets of government vehicles. That would be a much better way to spend tax dollars than on PC propaganda and support of PR and research for the benefit of oil companies.

  • Laurie M

    EcoEnergy Retrofit was one way the government created real jobs not just on paper and allowed people with limited incomes to upgrade their living spaces. It was especially helpful for seniors.

  • Eric M

    This is an excellent program. We were able to insulate our attic to R-50 & our basement to R-24, as well as add in new energy efficient windows(4 for our basement, 8 for our 2nd floor) & a new back door. None of these upgrades would’ve ever been possible without this program due to our income. Please bring this program back so low income families can have the opportunity to upgrade their homes & feel better about where they live.

  • J. I. Sullivan

    I heartily support the extension of the ecoEnergy Retrofit program. One thing I would dearly love to see added to the eligible improvements is a solar panel. For heavens sake, if we are going to be getting more sun, let me use it to lower my gas bill.

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