GMO Labelling

On Monday, April 8th, 2013 in Get Involved

GMO LabellingA growing body of evidence is pointing to harmful effects of eating Genetically Modified Foods.  With full scope of the hazards and risks of Genetically Modified Organisms are still unknown, coupled with an overburdened healthcare system, it’s important that consumers make informed choices in what they eat.

Help Elizabeth obtain mandatory labelling on all Genetically Modified Products. Sign the petition below, or download it, have as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

Online Petition

6329 people have signed this petition. Add your voice to the growing number of Canadians speaking out about this issue.

We, the undersigned citizens of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to adopt legislation requiring all Genetically Modified Products and ingredients to be labelled as GMO’s, allowing consumers to make informed choices about their lifestyles. .

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  • Laurette Anderson

    I would like to know if the Green Party is looking into the cloud seeding/weather modification / “chemtrails” programs that are filling our skies with a milky film that’s loaded with aluminum particulates and strontium and Barium among other proprietary secret ingredients. Any one else noticing an increase in Alzheimer’s cases?? For this comment I would like a response please and would be glad to point whoever is interested in the direction of some good credible information on the subject – which by the way ought to be the top of the agenda for 2013. It’s deadly, it’s destroying our farmland, our food and making our population sick.

    • concerned

      Thank you for bringing up this issue. I live in Victoria and our skies are full of Geo-engineered clouds on most days. Don’t know if you are aware of the documentaries available online: ” What in the world are they spraying” and “Why in the world are they spraying” We need to wake up the masses to this issue. Most people I talk to about it think I am crazy

      • Doreen Agostino

        Suzanne Maher, Ontario: A brief introduction into chemtrails that
        requires serious examination. Look up. Hook up. Speak up, to raise awareness and peaceful action to stop this inhumane act on a population.

        • Doreen Agostino

          APR 18.15 Toronto, Canada with ELANA M. FREELAND:
          Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth

        • concerned

          Thank you for sharing this u-tube video. Love that you have started this action in the Toronto area. Have been aware of chemtrails for years now and talk to people about it a lot, but most say they are contrails and that it is a conspiracy theory. There is a great news paper that comes out monthly called the Agora, that talks about chemtrails on a regular basis. I am so excited and proud of you for getting the word out. Thank you for all you are doing and for being a role model for all of us who are aware.

    • Doreen Agostino

      CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering

  • Tom

    Europeans have GMO labeling. Why don’t we?

    • shawn

      because they are more concerned with money than people?

    • Just Ice

      Because they don’t hire Monsanto executives to be in charge of their food.

    • George

      Maybe because Monsanto doesn’t pay their politicians enough. (Hint: European countries severely limit political contributions from corporations.)

  • Peter Colbourne

    Ban, watch and then label if the data says they are safe. Let someone else be a guinea pig!

  • rick

    I also would like this issue of Chemtrails brought forth. There is so much evidence of this practice that mainstream media is starting to pick it up. We want this practice banned in Canada.

  • michela m.

    Please Join & Invite friends to Join

    ORANGUTANS: Men of the Forest

    together with Sumatran Tigers (Java & Bali Tigers already EXTINCT), Elephants, Rhinos, Clouded Leopards, Sun Bears, Wildlife, Biodiversity they face Extinction!! Only 300 Sumatran Tigers left on Earth!!! 300 Football Fields of Rainforests are CLEARED every hour in SE Asia to produce Palm Oil: a hidden, not labelled, unhealthy ingredient in the products we buy. We MUST do WHATEVER is possible to SAVE them all!!

    AGAINST: Corporate Control, Deforestation, Illegal Logging, Global Warming, Pollution, CO2Emissions, Indigenous Peoples Displacement, Pet Trade, GMO Food, Vivisection… Also other Primates, as Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Gibbons, & Monkeys for Vivisection are dealt in this Group. Petitions/Info/Videos/Pics are here.

    Please!! Join, Sign, Invite friends to Join!! Individually: we are one DROP, all together: we are an OCEAN!! ALL together we can make a difference!! Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world -Margaret Mead Thanks!! Michela

    • Shas Cho

      I don’t disagree with any of your statements
      but this page is about labelling GM foods.
      It is not helpful to throw a dozen other topics at us.

  • Barbara A. Kaiser

    It’s really frustrating how the responsible people in this Government ignore the concerned voices of informed persons.

    If nothing would be bad on GMOs, than would a labeling bring no harm to the sellers, but the consumer have the right of choice what he/she put in the mouth.

    I wrote already 1 year ago to my MP, Brian Storseth, about the needed action in par liament when the American Government gave GMO Alfalfa free without a positive result. Canada is from our Parliament sold per Salamitechnique” (slice after slice after slice) to the interests of the big industries.

    Our members of Parliament all lacking of self esteem to be “Canadian” and not an appendix from the States.

    • Ralph Shaw

      It’s not just self esteem issue, for govt to ignore the of its own citizenry…. there must be some huge barriers such as bribery, and fear of personal safety being threatened, and of course the age-old excuse of politicians: we’re working on it, these things are delicate matters and take time. That’s making it look simple, but I believe is pretty much the case. For too long Monsanto has been granted far too much infringement on the rights & freedoms of the farming industries. Now there are members of the board of directors of Monsanto sitting in plush offices in the White House. Exposing this terrible travesty and unbelievable disregard for the health & well-being of all humanity has been done many times. However, it seems there is no shame amongst those who should be responsible; neither do they have any courage our backbone. We shouldn’t think for one second that govt process will attempt to change this worsening situation; it’s far too complex, and entrenched into our food production system.

      • opinus

        Yes, in a world of such sophisticated surveillance, politicians, who are not exactly well-known for their honesty, can be easily bribed;
        This is why E. May can say what she wants – they’re never going to be able to bribe an honest woman.
        In a sane world, Miss May would not have to struggle to be taken seriously in Parliament, she would be prime minister.

  • janice cowley

    Leave our food alone, We don’t want GMO food, nature has already done a great job, stop killing our planet with your profit driven mentality. Canadians start making your voices heard. Its our health that matters!

    • opinus

      And it’s not only our health but the health of our ecosystems as well given the contamination of wild species with transgenic pollen and the impact of glyphosate on plants, animals and insects.
      As well, look what Monsanto et al have done to hard working farmers such as Percy Schmeiser. The power these cos. have is criminal and is an abuse to the entire country.

  • Abdul

    Am definately concerned about GM foods and would like to know what i am putting in MY body.

  • Janet

    This is the first time in the history of agriculture that farmers no longer have control over their own seed. We have lost approximately 80 percent of the seed diversity that once existed only a generation ago. We as a nation are being told that GMO’s are harmless from the same company that gave us organophosphates and some very nasty herbicides which have now contaminated most aquifers. The only long term study that has been done has shown multiple tumor growth in rats.
    I have the right to know what I am eating. I have the right to an option of choice.

    • A Scientist

      The rat rumour study was retracted. It was really, really bad science. Farmers do not saved hybrid seed — nothing to do with GMO.

      • Rob Bright

        The rat study by Seralini was retracted by the Ellesvier Scienc Journal after they hired a Monsanto employee to review articles submitted to them. Scientists have supported Seralini and accused the journal of not following its own publication policies, and are now boycotting the journal for their unethical, unprofessional decision to retract Seralini’s study. Seralini (and many other scientists) still stand by the study and condemn the journal.

        • A Scientist

          Should never have been published at all. Really, really, really shoddy science. You do realize that the negative control rats formed tumours as well, don’t you? However, those pictures were left out of the report. This wouldn’t even be acceptable for a high school science fair project.

          • debbie3554

            It was a really, really, really excellent study. As you know, it was a toxicology study, not a carcinogenic study. It was a repetition of a Monsanto study that was continued past the 13 week limit of their study. You probably also know that the same type of rat was used for both studies. If a two year study was no good, then a 3 month ‘study’ was pretty useless as a measure of safety and approval for human and animal consumption.

          • pcakes


          • George

            By a journal that didn’t hire a Monsanto employee to review it.

          • George

            While pictures may be included in a report, it’s data that real scientists look at. Tables and tables of data, collected by months or years of carefully controlled, double blind experiments. Any undergrad student will know how to do this. The study has been re-published, and all the data has been released.
            BTW, certain lab rats are intentionally bred to develop tumors easily, so it’s the DIFFERENCE in tumor formation that’s important, not the control group forming tumors. You would think from your handle you would know this.

        • kim hunter

          :) (smiling) I just shared the same info. with an update. The study has now been republished and Seralini has won a defamation lawsuit against those false accusations from biotech. :)

      • kim hunter

        The journal that appointed the Monsanto editor and subsequently pulled the study has been boycotted by 1400+ scientists for “violating codes and ethics in science”. The Seralini GMO / Glyphosate Study has since been republished and Seralini has won a defamation lawsuit against these unfounded accusations. You can find the details online with a simple search. We are so lucky to be able to research for ourselves today. :)

      • BobA

        Exactly what is your training to claim to be a “Scientist”? Most scientists I know, which would number several hundred, would not spell “tumor” as “rumour”, or fail to be aware of the situation regarding the censorship of a clearly acceptable and peer reviewed study. That Elsevier publishes commercial journals featuring ads from frankenfood companies is well understood. Surely, if you are truly “A Scientist”, you are aware of all of these issues. What do you know about epigenetics? What do you know about Hill’s criteria? Do you have any understanding of “effect size”? Or do you get paid to post?

        • George

          The latter, I think.

      • patgenie

        There are numerous studies that show conclusively that GMO foods eaten by humans, fed to farm animals and lab animals produce negative health impacts. These studies were not financed by the industry producing GMO products. Please review all the studies and eliminate those financed by questionable sources. If you work for any organisation connected with the sale, creation or support of the GMO for profit companies then your comments are contaminated by a conflict of interest. You should admit this affiliation before making comments here. If you have no such connections then I suspect you haven’t done your homework or your scientific credentials are not related to GMO science. Either way passing yourself off as “A Scientist” is intended to snow job the reader. I’m a scientist to, but not GMO science its computer science so I won’t advertise myself as “A Scientist”. I’m just a concerned citizen wondering why our last census shows a drop in life expectancy despite improvements to medical science. What will our next census reveal? I personally buy organ foods for my family and pay the higher costs since I have lost confidence in the food production industry.

        • A Scientist

          I am actually a scientist at a university. Part of my research is related to developing technology that can be used both in organic and conventional agriculture to increase crop yields. It does not involve plant genetic modification. My research is not funded by any agricultural companies. The shill accusation is only used by those who are afraid and desperate. Yes, I understand that fear is a very powerful force. If you haven’t already, I recommend that you take a look at the recent report from the US National Academies.

          it is comprehensive, balanced and informative.

          You should also be aware that the Organic standard was instituted as a marketing tool. You are welcome to pay more for food that is not more nutritious, and production of which is not better for the environment. This is not something that I am interested in doing.

          • A Scientist

            Here is an excellent commentary.


            Yes, many people are afraid. And that fear is hindering the development of safer and more sustainable food production. If you consider yourself an environmentalist, this is something that you will eventually have to confront.

          • patgenie

            I don’t know who you are nor the university you are employed with. What I do know is that you are wrong about organic standards being simply a marketing tool and organic foods not being more nutritious. Canada’s Food Rules is a marketing tool. You saying things without supporting them presents a marketing strategy for your opinions. My reply to you is a marketing strategy for my opinions. We do our best to follow up on the truth. We draw conclusions and form opinions based on what appears to be logical, reasonable and understandable. What I have read and the content I’ve viewed suggests to me that government sponsored anything (direct or indirect) generally supports financial interests at all levels whether they are legitimate or not). This makes them biased and unreliable. The FDA and the Department of Agriculture in the US are good examples of this. So I don’t trust any of their conclusions. Universities gave us the “green revolution” of the 1950′s with disastrous consequences in S.E. Asia and elsewhere. Universities can’t be trusted to provide reliable information. That is why we don’t have consensus on all our human knowledge where financial interests and personal reputations get involved. That is why governments and the masses do not understand the environmental crisis we are facing. That is why people don’t understand nutrition. As a species we are not that interested in truth we are far more interested in being right, being rich and being first in line. We live in a world where the best marketer wins. Truth is lost in all this. You know I’m right but you’ll never admit it because you have a vested financial interest in being a university academic first and seeking the truth second. Of course if the truth hits us in the face and knocks us down we start paying attention but not a moment before.

          • A Scientist

            Sorry, I can’t help you with your conspiracy theories. Take a look at the report, you might find it enlightening. Interesting that you trust the government organic certification, though.

          • patgenie

            I most certainly don’t need your help to resolve my so-called conspiracy theories. We have 911, Kennedy’s assassination, the bombing of Pearl Harbor to fill our days with wonder about conspiracy theories. Your link is unbelievably void of facts and enough to make me a conspiracy theory aficionado after reading it. My opinion of the National Academy of Sciences didn’t drop because it had already fallen to the floor some time ago. If you are implying that Organic products use GMO ingredients, artificial fertilizers, artificial flavoring (ie. MSG) then yes I trust that organic foods don’t have these. However I’ll counter with ; ; of course mainstream media sites will claim the opposite so who is right? In the end we use our own weighted logic against the barrage of marketing for and against organics. My logic is simple. I want lower pesticides, herbicides, higher nutrition (because of lower p and h), safe food that doesn’t need testing (GMO still has huge controversy therefore the truth isn’t out there yet) and lower growth hormones in my food supply. Logically natural fertilizers, crop rotation and using insects to kill insects is far more environmentally friendly and sustainable than modern non organic agricultural practices that use fertilizers that are mined far away and shipped in to replenish soil that has no life left in it. You must constantly replenish the soil with the minimum ingredients that allow plants to grow (artificial fertilizers contain basically three components nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) but they do not adsorb the plethora of nutrients helpful to the animals (humans) that eat them because such stripped soils are void of them. That is the essential logic as to why organic plants have more nutrient value.
            Either you didn’t know this (doubtful) or you have a reason to not accept these apparent facts and spread essentially lies about the nature of food production. I suggest the latter since you claim to work in an industry trying to improve on agricultural productivity. So what is your bias?
            You preach a dangerous story filled with unfinished or poorly crafted testing of a myriad of technologies that have not gained the confidence of the masses and yet we force these on the population (in North America). Governments are suppose to protect and defend the will of the masses not obey the few that have financial interests to serve. We don’t have transparency. We live in an age that Jacob Bronowski’s “Ascent Of Man” calls the Endless Childhood. We are like children playing with a loaded gun we found along the way. I also recommend this as a great read despite its age.

          • A Scientist

            I can’t help you with your Dunning-Kruger either.

          • George

            You didn’t even mention that the herbicides and insecticides we spray on crops not only kill the pests, but also the bacteria and other organisms in the soil that that produce the nutrients in the soil that feed the plants. We are essentially growing green water.

          • George

            Don’t you find it even a bit strange that we can alter the genetics of our food, and spray them with poisons, yet we have to label food with nothing on it? I do.

          • George

            You are certainly right that governments have long since ceased to represent the interests of the people. Glyphosphate, for instance, the main component of most GMO crop systems, was licensed for use in the USA based on research conducted by the manufacturer. It never even got to the point of independent study. Now, since it is considered safe for humans, there is no federal or state funding available for further independent study.

          • George

            If you really are a scientist, which I doubt very much, you would be aware of studies conducted several years ago that showed organically grown foods have a higher vitamin content than petro-ag crops do. They certainly taste better.
            You would also know that GMO foods normally show measurable amounts of Glyphosphate, which works by disrupting the shikimic acid pathway, which is present in plants, as well as the microbiome in our gut which aids in food digestion.
            Glyphosphate has also been labelled a “probable carcinogen” in humans by the WHO, based on evidence gathered by 17 scientists from 11 different nations. Anecdotal evidence shows a significantly higher rate of cancer in people working and living near areas where Glyphosphate use is widespread, especially in extremely hot countries where dehydration is normal.
            Flowering GMO crops like Canola and Alfalfa are pollinated by bees, which don’t know the difference, so the GMO traits are quickly spread through the entire genome of the species. This is an infringement of the rights of farmers that have no interest in growing GMO crops, but have their seed contaminated anyway.

          • pcakes

            You have provided a link to “A political document supporting U.S economic interests”, in the words of this analysis of your cited NAS Genetically Engineered Crops: Experiences and Prospects;


          • kim hunter

            Your National Academies link… see:
            “…The NRC and the National Academy of Science take millions of dollars in funding from corporations like Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow Chemical, FWW reported in its issue brief, Under the Influence: The National Research Council and GMOs (pdf)…”

          • A Scientist

            Did you intend to link to an article or report? In any case, the shill card immediately demonstrates that you don’t really care what the science says. That’s fine, you have that right. Do you feel the same way about the National Academies and climate change? Here is a recent report that might interest you.


          • kim hunter

            No cards, just research. ;) You can search the source by copying and pasting the quote into a search engine such as google to read the PDF report. The precautionary “scratch the surface card” all too often expose biotech funding. :’(
            Scratched your new link -> See: “GMOs Safe to Eat, Says Research Group That Takes Millions From Monsanto
            “We won’t have good public policy on new technologies like GMOs until these rampant conflicts of interest are exposed,” says Food & Water Watch”"

  • BiancaD

    I am not interested in being part of this experiment, thanks for not asking.

    I’ve seen what happens to rats, pigs and other animals that are fed food containing genetically modified organisms. Label it. No label, it ain’t going on my table.

    And by the way, healthful food – food that nourishes, not things that burden our bodies – is a *right*, not a commodity. Get it together government!

  • Roger Priddle

    The idea that we are eating “food-like substances” created artificially rather than evolved, especially when we have no idea about the long-term impact of these experiments, is disturbing. Perhaps some people aren’t concerned – perhaps they feel that lowering costs makes it worth the risk – and maybe these foods should be available to them. But we should be able to KNOW. We can’t make informed decisions if we are denied the information.

  • Kim O

    NO to GMO’s and Monsanto’s frankenfood!!

  • Ken on PEI

    It is interesting that we talk about openiness and transparency being an asset in government and business generally but the food industry (probably supported by agrica business and the likes of Monsanto) resists any transparency (labelling) with respect to GMO foods. Coupled with the dismantling of of Government oversight (CFIA) the public is left to the mercies of the food supply industry!

    • Purpletrees

      Openness and transparency are irreverent to the Harper government- we are no longer living in a true democracy.

  • michel lavallée

    Ça serait normal de savoir ce qu’on mange. Il y a a déjà une politique d’étiquetage établi pour les aliments préparés je ne vois pas pourquoi ça ne serait pas pareille pour les OGM

  • Val

    I have the right to know what I am eating and to choose not to put certain things in my body. GMOs have never been proven to be safe for human consumption. The only human feeding studies ever done, showed only that more study was required. I cannot imagine how having pesticide-producing bacteria in one’s gut could be considered “safe”.

  • Laura

    This is such a serious issue! Thank you so much Elizabeth for taking this to the House!

  • Thomas Teuwen

    Thank you Elizabeth for being on top of this issue too. Food Security is such a basic premise. And patenting life is so Orwellian. It must stop.

  • Ky-Lee Hanson

    Yay!! keep it going!!

  • Norma

    It is an absolute necessity that GMO labelling is mandated. The use of these products as hidden ingredients is unconscionable.

  • Sophie Hawkins

    Try to look past the greed and payoffs and do the right thing. Ban GMO”S and charge Monsanto with Crimes Against Humanity.

  • David Weber

    Mutate, patent, control. Decide who you sell seed to and for how much. Make them sick eating your food. Sell them drugs from your pharmaceutical company that you also control.

  • Ann-Marie Hunter

    This is absolutely one of the most important issues facing the world today. Thank you, Elizabeth, for keeping this in the forefront. Canadians need to maintain their control over what they eat. I grow my own vegetables, and I am becoming increasingly disgusted by the way Monsanto is able to control seeds! It just doesn’t make sense to allow a corporation to have such power. We can and should be up in arms over this!

  • Steven Allen

    Reddit science had a posting on the damage that roundup can do, in particular regarding Alzheimer’s and autism. This may be a game changer for GMOs if research bears out the damage.

  • Eric

    And NEVER allow for a so-called Monsanto protection Act as was done recently in the USA. Protecting GMO companies from the courts is immoral, unethical and disgraceful.

  • Bonni Tremblay

    Labeling is a must on food products, vitamins and supplements and also needs to be extended to cosmetic products, baby care items, all clothing, footwear, upholstery and textiles, etc. Also a bill needs to pass -requiring companies like Monsanto to reimburse farmers that have their crops tainted by Monsanto’s engineered seeds, as pure crops are becoming “the one in demand”.

  • Jane

    We need to demand our food is labeled ..we have the right to know ! GMO’s and Monsanto are nothing short of murderers … Get out of Canada ..leave our food alone .. I just hope it’s not too late :(

  • Steve Pickett

    We have the right to know what we are consuming and to be able to make a choice. In addition to the potential risks for health, the potential impact to wild or unaltered species, there is also the spectre of food being copyrighted. Some producers are already already feeling pressure from corporations like Monsanto. We need this regulated and labeled!

  • Andrew Roger

    I usually support most of what the Green party stands for…but on this point I differ. I think the concerns about GMO foods are misguided. There are problems with some of the specific genetic modifications in that they can produce toxins to animals or they can render crops infertile forcing developing world farmers to buy from big companies….but those are not problems with the technology itself. Tranferring genes between species is not unnatural — horizontal gene transfer happens all the time in the natural world. There is nothing inherently dangerous about it. There can be unforseen biochemical consequences by the introduction of novel enzymes/proteins, so GMOs should be extensively tested. But the technology itself is not a problem in general. One just needs to try to understand the science a bit more. I think that its really the way in which GMOs are used that are the problem (Monsanto’s attempts to make farmers reliant on buying new seed every year etc). Keep in mind that pesticides are extensively used on most vegetables unless you buy organic….these are more likely to be dangerous than GMOs. To the extent that GMOs allow us to avoid pesticides/antimicrobial chemicals, they will probably be good.

    • Andrew Roger

      Note that I agree with labelling GMOs (people should have choices), I just don’t agree with the ‘alarmism’ that surrounds this issue.

    • excusemebut2

      Andrew, your argument defeats itself. The things you are concerned about are being done, Monsanto is doing them, and has no notion “thoroughly” testing everything that they put on the market to the degree I think you, or any thinking person would like. The pesticides, herbicides are still there, a record 12 billion dollars was spend on chemicals by American farmers in 2012. Herbicide resistance is a major problem now, and yet the industry is busy turning out more “solutions” like herbicide ready alfalfa, (thankfully not in Canada yet) and more chemicals to deal with the mess we are in. Time to take a breather, look at what we are doing and why and who is benefiting. I think you are oversimplifying the genetics.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    Feed this crap to your own families for 20 years first! Then report back to us if it is safe!

  • DEnise

    If we want truth and transparency about GMOs, why is that so hard, unless its all based on deceipt

  • Monique

    There are so many reasons to label GMO, not the least of which is that I want the choice whether to eat it or not – and I cannot always tell what is GMO and what is not! Simply avoiding the processed food aisles is not sufficient, because there is more and more of our fresh produce which is GMO now. I want to know what I am eating.

  • Jody

    For the love food! We cannot allow experimentation on the food supply for the purpose of profit. There are Safe food sources for the elite, if you think they eat the crap we are forced to, you need to take your head from the clouds.
    Stand up against food tampering. Stand up for choice, and the right to know. We must have labels on genetically modified food if the evil is allowed to exist.

  • shawn

    how do we go from want to ban GMOs altogether, to just wanting labeling?

  • Nana

    Thank you Elizabeth for representing our children and their future now!

  • sonia

    j ai voulu partager mais y a seulement en anglais! pffffffff! je cherche la version francaise…..

  • Maianna

    Please get the webmaster to change “gemetically” to genetically” in the first sentence. We all know what you mean, but it looks bad.

    • Craig Cantin

      Thanks for catching that! Fixed.

  • Louis Mireault

    Cessez de nous empoisonner à notre INSU

  • Jon Smith

    My petition at has been going for some months and has almost 24K signers so far. It is in regard to Mr Ritz private members bill in Canada to bring labeling. Please help, sign, share, pass it around. The lives of your grand children may depend on it as well as your own.

  • Guy Lajoie

    C’est notre droit fondamental de connaître ce que nous consommons. Le consommateur doit avoir toute l’information pour faire un choix éclairé. Il est immoral que les multinationales s’approprient autant de pouvoir et que notre gouvernement ne nous protège pas. Cette collusion doit cesser immédiatement.

  • marvida

    Un commentaire pour ceux d’entre vous qui veulent pratiquer leur français ;-)
    Si ces OGM sont si merveilleux, pourquoi ne veulent-ils pas les afficher? Les producteurs en donnent-ils volontiers à leurs bébés? Je voudrais avoir le choix!

  • rjd

    It’s not simply possible human health effects ascribable to eating transgenic foods that I am concerned about; but more broadly, the effects that transgenic crops, whether grown for food or for fibre, have on naturally evolved organisms living around them; and the herbicide load implied by their herbicide-resistant genetic engineering.

  • ztjangle

    Canadians first need to be more educated. Only then will they jump to 100% support this. A lot of us are lulled into thinking that the government will take care of us. Monsanto has their people at all levels of governments.
    Everybody download the non-GMO shopping guide: See these important videos to make decisions good for your health: GMO free food producers should start voluntarily labeling their products as “Non-GMO” like I already see on some Miso and other items. That will help raise the awareness.

  • elaine

    please label foods so i know what i’m buying…it is my right as a consumer to know what i’m putting in my body.

  • lily valiquette

    depuis longtemps que l,on demande un étiquetage, on a le droit de savoir ce que l,on mange, on est pas dans un pays communiste, on a le droit de mange de la nourriture qui nous tue pas

  • Doreen Agostino

    To Solve Societal Ills Stop Feeding Psychopaths

  • Marion DeCaro

    I am very worried about eating GMO foods. I keep hearing from govt. that it is safe or that they have found no reason to doubt it is safe. I don’t think that’s true or good enough. I think govt. is being bought out by big agro companies and the likes of Monsanto. This govt better start caring about it’s citizens and not about profits for big business. I seem to remember way back when Harper was first trying to become our PM he talked a lot about transparency and openness, what a joke that is now.

  • Debra Macapagal

    I want REAL food, not food from a LAB!

  • Jamie Francey

    Why can’t organic be the norm, worked well for us as agriculturalist civilizations for the first 10,000 years dating back to Mesopotamia., Monsanto has patented almost all seeds, it is shear greed. The Corporatist Masters and their puppet Governments of the world Unite and allow this as the sleeping masses bleat.

  • JohanR

    Genetically Engineered organisms need to be label EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING it is used… Food… live stock feed… meat from animal fed with GMOs… vaccines… various medicines… supplements…. etc….
    Further more…. no GMOs should be allowed in the country without the informed consent of the population and without LONG TERM INDEPENDENT STUDIES, which has never been done…!!!

  • Rae McRae

    The trees can’t keep up the amount of CO2 we are putting in the air by burning fossil fuel, tones and tones of it. CO2 is known to trap heat in the atmosphere, CO2 are bleaching carols, CO2 is causing the ocean to be more acidic. Algae is the best plant to absorb CO2 and they can be grown in tubes than can be hooked up to power plants to help increase the oil yield by triple in 24 hrs. Once the algae is thick enough, you can press oil out of algae to be used as fuel for trucks and ships with no engine modification. If everyone grows algae in bottle tanks or whatever by their vehicles or anywhere, it would make a bit of a difference. I have been studying this since January 2013 on websites and YouTube. Every person should get involved!! Can be grown inside your home during winter, using solar panels and wind (small one) to help keep the bill down while using LED lights.

  • The Real Food Guy

    The time is NOW! Let’s send those Monsanto, Dupont, Sygenta… punks packin!

  • Chloe

    This is our right to know, as we are the ones paying for and consuming these products. This has population control written all over it…If that is not the plan.. at least inform us of the toxic compounds put into our filth we call “nourishment” these days. Seed control? no one wants those evil seeds in our grounds or our bellies! Save our freedom, WE the PEOPLE DO NOT want GMO foods, let alone, UNLABELED GMO products.

  • HRoss

    As long as there are huge questions about the effects of GMO’s it is unconscionable to allow citizens/humans to be guinea pigs for this unregulated experiment.

  • Patrick

    At the very least, we own the god given right to know what we are eating!

    Label it and let us make the choice, if we feel it’s okay, that’s our choice, not Monsanto’s to make for us!

  • MaryDC

    I’m not a scientist or a nutritionist, but I really believe that the foods that most people purchase, either processed from the grocery store, or fast food places, are the cause of the obesity crisis we are presently experiencing. GMO’s, steroids & growth hormones, etc. are not natural and have to go somewhere – the human body.

  • Doreen Agostino
  • Robert North

    Harper and his Conservatives are putting considerations of money and power above peoples health and God is not amused!

  • Myrna Pfeifer

    FrankenFood does not make a happy family!
    Leave our food alone.

  • Doreen Agostino
  • Ed D

    I believe we have a right to know what we eat. Why would our government try and hide this information if it was a healthy choice? Wake up Harper and do what’s right for canadian citizens !

  • disqus_mwzFKvUOmb

    Our democracy and farming are running parallel tracks these days. Big Government and Big Business both see citizens as fodder for their mills, but not as a group that needs protecting or nurturing. I recently learned that Monsanto has admitted the GE wheat in Oregon “escaped” somehow. This wheat may do serious damage to wheat exports in the USA as Europe doesn’t want GMO products. We can only hope that the market place will somehow turn Big Business’s direction forcing them to stop this insane GMO running full speed to the edge of the cliff. Now what the heck can we do to get Big Government to realize “we the citizens” must be considered in their decisions rather than just Big Business.

    As with most folks on this site, I stand in awe of all our wonderful work EM does daily to protect Canada and to inform her citizens. We will all need to work extra hard to keep her in her seat in the next election as you can be sure the Harperians will have targeted her riding with some delightful candidate sure to sway uninformed voters. Canada absolutely needs EM and I would love to see EM and PM.

  • Kerry

    Thank you, Ms. May, for keeping this very important issue at the forefront!!

  • Doreen Agostino

    Supreme Court has issued a groundbreaking decision that affects us all.

    Today’s ruling means that human genes cannot be patented!

    This is a victory for human
    rights, dignity, freedom and justice. It means that biotech and pharma
    companies can no longer enslave us with genetic
    monopolies over our own genes.

    Here are the details of
    this hugely important story:

  • Barb

    I think it’s our right to know what’s in the food we’re eating and make our own choices!

  • Erin Middlebrooks

    I believe the situation is dire. Personally I would like to see GMOs completely banned in Canada. At the VERY LEAST they should be labelled. There will be a time in human history where our descendants say ” oh my God, what were they thinking”!!! As they try and try to eradicate the menace. The GMOs.

  • Pam

    All these companies are going down…just a matter of time. I say take all the GMOs and destroy them. Including the GMO Flu vaccines! 2 people died during trial runs of these vaccines and they still approved them safe and effective!! This is crazy!! This is all part of the world wide conspiracy from the shadow government…Harper is only one of the little puppets, his hands are tied…it will always be the same whoever is in government, until this shadow government is eliminated.

  • Lori

    Labelling may not be enough if gmo alfalfa cross contaminates all of Canada! arrrrrgggh

  • kim hunter

    GMO rips up my gut.. After a decade of progressive food related illness, I stumbled on GMO rat studies. Luckily, the study results were similar enough to my own ever growing food intolerance and symptoms that I switched our staples to organic. It took only days to start to heal. Removing GMO and the chemicals attributed to these same chemical companies may have saved my life. Now a year later, I can eat everything with no pain or illness as long as it’s organic.
    Can. Dig. Health Assoc. cites 50 -300% increase in intestinal disease yet makes no mention of GMO. Now with scientist showing terrible stomach inflammation in pigs on GMO, the LEAST we could do is label these “novel” unrecognized invasive bio-tech inventions. Canada is releasing “novel foods” based on 18 year old guidelines. If our public servants represented Canadian citizens, much suffering and disease would be aleviated if we only knew what was making us sick. To keep it secret is maniacal and cruel.
    I share my very personal experience with a deep concern for those who suffer and have no idea why.

  • Shas Cho

    Labelling is an essential start,
    but I’ve been reviewing the published results
    of the *very* few research studies
    and GMOs are suicide.
    Not only do GM corn and soy cause illness, infertility,
    abortions, birth defects and death,
    the agricultural poisons *required* to grow them
    (Roundup and 2,4-D)
    cause horrible birth defects.
    Just Google Images for “Roundup birth defects”
    and “2,4-D birth defects”
    and you’ll see why GMOs must be banned!

  • Amelia

    THANK YOU ELIZABETH MAY FOR THIS!! It’s about time that GMOS are labelled so that I can keep them out of mine and my family’s body! North America remains one of the only countries without any labelling requirements in place so that consumers can make informed choices. This is a crime. Food Democracy Now!

  • canuckgirl

    I agree that GMO foods must be labled. I am deeply distraught that farmers have little to no control over their crops. Monsanto needs to be brought to its knees through public pressure of one way or another.
    Boycott anything this corporation makes!

  • Sjmanz

    God created food that is healthy for us. I am not against research but modifying food just for the benefit of more money or that it looks more appealing is harmful for us. The creator gave us the best, lets be more grateful and sharing. It is the quality not the quantity. It is important to know what we are eating , this should be our right to choose. Introduce the labelling so we know.

    • A Scientist

      Actually, most of the food we eat has been bred by humans for thousands of years. Very little of it is truly “natural.” Very disturbing lack of knowledge about the history of our food supply.

      • Sheryl McCumsey

        I guess you don’t know what a GMO is. Genetically modified in the lab is what we are talking about here….not the same thing at all.

        • A Scientist

          Actually I do know exactly how a GMO is made. Do you prefer precise genetic modification, or mutagenesis that makes thousands of unknown mutations? Only the first is considered GMO and is thoroughly tested, the second is not. I never get a response to this question.

  • A Scientist

    I wonder how many people posting here can actually describe what a “GMO” is? Who would like to try?

    • Sheryl McCumsey

      How about you?

      • A Scientist

        Well, I have made thousands of “GMO’s” in my lab over my lifetime. The same goes for anyone working in a molecular biology lab. There are many different methods. Where would you like to start? In the mid 1970′s with Berg, Cohen and co-workers who constructed the first recombinant DNA molecules, or more recently with Nester, Chilton and colleagues developing methods to transform plants? It has been a fascinating journey that has transformed our health, agricultural, industrial and yes, even environmental sectors.

  • A Scientist

    Elizabeth, your credibility is threatened if you accept scientific consensus on climate change, but not on GMOs. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Sheryl McCumsey

      There is no scientific consensus…this is a fallacy. I see you don’t use your name. Just because you see the majority voting on an issue does not make it the truth. At one time most people believed the world was flat. This science is difficult for people to understand. The companies that market it are concerned about their money not health or environment. I have more respect for someone who is capable of asking questions and can use their own brain.

  • graningrey

    If the Conservatives won’t demand labeling for GMOs, at least we can buy organic. I also keep contacting companies asking them when they are going to start labeling their products. Our government doesn’t listen to the people, we’re only part of their “Action Plan”, when it is time to vote. We have more chance of getting change by our buying habits and contacting companies directly than trying to change Conservative thinking.

  • Steven Sauvé

    Whether or not GMO foods cause us direct bodily harm, they are a disaster in the making for the biosphere. Any government that doesn’t recognize this and act upon it is irresponsible, and puts not only its own people at risk, but the entire world. The movement to put a moratorium on GMO or to ban it outright is growing, for good and obvious reasons. What is Harper waiting for?

  • Shallon Smith

    Hell No GMO!!!!!

  • Bernard Donville

    I believe that much of our obesity epidemic has been caused by genetically modified wheat. The case has been well made in a book called “Wheatbelly, The Cause of our Obesity Epidemic.” I prefer to eat food the way God made it; . . .not the way man messed around with it. That way, we know that it has stood the test of time. I too do not want to be part of the GMO experiment.

    • Sheryl McCumsey

      GE wheat has not yet been released. It has been hybridized and is sprayed with glyphosate to knock the stalks down. This herbicide is much more toxic than previously thought.

  • Susan Pereira

    June 5th was a day of celebration in Europe. Look what could happen if Canadians stood together and demanded Monsanto out of Canada as Europe has. The headline read: Monsanto Concedes Defeat in the Face of Europe’s fierce opposition to GMO’s. Canada needs to take note: Europe has defeated the biotech giant by refusing to be contaminated with Monsanto’s GMO offerings and toxic farming methods. When will our government stop allowing Monsanto to do anything they want? Posted on The Sleuth Journal, Real News without Synthetics

    • Sheryl McCumsey

      They are constantly fighting them still…..TPP threatens everything.

  • Nadine C. Erickson

    The onus is on you to protect the health of the citizens of Canada. We need to be able to make informed choices.

  • angela

    No to Monsanto and toxic GMO’s. No to Corporatism in our agriculture!

  • Mike

    It is one thing to able to make informed decisions about the food I am eating and to worry about the effect on farmers of agri-businesses dictating what seeds they can and cannot use. But I think we need to be concerned about the unseen effects of GM plants. Assuming that the decaying stubs and roots of, say, corn stalks provide food for the organisms and micro-organisms in our soil, we need to be certain that the stubs of GM plants are not harming these organisms in any way. Because if they are we risk killing off these essential creatures which make our soil productive. What research have the leading GM proponents done on the long-term effects on soil of GM plants? We don’t wake up in 40-50 years to find that our soil is no longer able to grow our food. Armageddon by mass starvation would be the result.

    • Sheryl McCumsey

      Round-up ready plants contribute to this as they are sprayed more often. This herbicide does damage the soil and water. The problem with GM foods would be in cross-pollination. Bt corn has an insecticide within the plant cell.

  • Deb

    No GMO’s for our families! We need the right to make our own choices, by reading properly labelled GM foods , the right to save and grow our own seeds and stop being bullied by Monsanto. Stand up people! Next up for Monsanto is shoving aspartame down the throats of our children in school milk and dairy snacks under the guise of “helping” with childhood obesity.

  • Aleka

    As someone who already deals with allergies & sensitivities to most foods, I am definitely not in favour of this.
    We need to get back to a more natural way of living.

  • JustAGirl

    Ban GMOs in Canada. At the very least, require honest labeling of all Genetically Modified Foods and/or products. Canadians do not want to be guinea pigs for big business. We do not want to consume GMO’s. We do not want to wear GMO clothing. We do not want GMO fish polluting our environment and cross breeding with wild fish. We do not want GMO fertilizers in our gardens. We do not want to grow GMO foods. We do not want low GMO alfalfa crops grown in Canada, cross pollinating and polluting our country. We do not want GMO seeds. We do not want GMOs in any form.

  • Jackie

    No testing has been done. We are the laboratory rats. Labelling should be mandatory.
    I buy mostly organic, which labels their products, NO GMO!

  • Ninaohman Ojeda

    We all living beings are made of the same energy and substance either mater or antimatter, therefore we have to respect life in all its disguises starting with animals and environment, going organic and vegetarian is a priority,

  • Gary

    Rhetoric is good, but I want to do something physically. So here’s a simple proposal: travel around to all the gardening and landscape supply stores that sell packaged seeds and buy up all pre-GMO seeds. Create a storehouse for accumulated non-GMO seeds that Joe Public can mail and/or submit seeds to, versus the government or WHO warehouses where lab-approved seeds are stored. Some older stores still sell the little paper seed packs, anywhere from 15 cents to a dollar, to gardeners wanting to grow their own food. I’ll leave it to the stats people to determine what quantity of seeds would be sufficient to make Mansanto worry about grassroots opposition to their programs.

    • Sheryl McCumsey

      People are growing their own more and more but the primary GMO’s are corn, canola, sugar beet and soy…not likely you will find any of those seeds.

  • Spark

    A few years ago when people started to demand mandatory labeling of GMO products, we were told by the GMO lobby that this will be a big economic burden on the food industry and the fruit growers. Today you can not find any fruit without the annoying brand sticker/label on them. Try to wash your apples, plums and very soon your individual cherries. Let’s hope they will not implant them with micro-chips!

    • Sheryl McCumsey

      This is not true. Companies change labels all the time AND several countries already have labels….organic cherries do not have such labels….this is certainly something that can be done.

  • Caroline Parker

    this should be BAN gmo forget labelling!

  • Liana Del Villano

    I am concerned that online petitions do not have to be brought to parliment in the same way written ones do. Please read what the NFU has to say,,,,

    ” Explains our decision to use a paper based petition in our campaign rather than an on-line petition. Currently on-line petitions are not admissible in Parliament; MPs are under no obligation to pay attention to them. However, MPs are legally required to pay attention to properly written paper petitions signed by voters, and are expected to present petitions in the House of Commons on behalf of constituents even if they do not personally support the petition.Paper-based petitions are particularly effective when the MPs know that voters in their own ridings are taking the time and effort to bring signed petitions forward.
    In January 2014 a motion was passed asking a committee of Parliament to study a proposal to allow electronic petitions. This committee will report its findings within a year “.

    THANK YOU for what your doing here! I sent you an email a few months back, very pleased to see you are taking action – the first of our government. We stand by you here – now bigger / louder then ever!
    Liana Del Villano

  • Dia

    There should be no other option than organic food!

  • Judy Wilson

    The conservative government has announced plans to require food shops to post calorie count. When will the government require GMO labelling on all foods? Our great grandchildren will suffer because of the mistakes we make today. Say No to GMO.

  • Elaine Gardner

    We want organic food grown in rich natural soil that is full of natural nutrients and minerals. Not frankenfood.

  • Léa Maro Langelier

    Wonderful! I hear a lot of disillusioned Canadians complain about this one A LOT. I wonder if they’d sign the petition if I showed it to them … *shrugs*

  • reddfish

    We have a RIGHT to know what is in our foods

  • KT

    GMOs are slowly killing us each day, look at studies done in Europe, not the short-term ones done in America by guess who… The GMO seed companies themselves. Ban them altogether, or at LEAST make mandatory labelling. We have the right to know what’s in our food and we have a right to choose what we eat.

  • Rita Grier

    I get more concerned to the point of fear. What is the government up too? If we have the option to choose pulp of no pulp in our orange juice, why not gmo’s? I cannot express how much I would hope to see a more sustainable ecological friendly way to grow CANADIAN food.
    what would it take to develop alternative energy. When the greedy oil companies have squeezed out the last drop of oil from this planet, and polluted it.

  • Freethinker

    You are what you eat…do we really all want to be infertile and susceptible to disease?

  • its a wonderful world

    thank you Elizabeth for caring about our planet and its stewards.

  • reddfish

    Our foods are actually losing their nutritional value

  • Mike

    I have many friends who love GMO food (I am the opposite). They should be given a clear choice, otherwise they might consume by mistake organic food that they hate, haha.

  • Winnipeg green

    You can have whichever opinion you may concerning the Seralini study, there are political motivations on both sides. The problem however, regardless of the study, is how little science has been devoted to the question of whether there are effects from these foods. Health Canada is not doing their job, and that is certainly due to corporate interests. One thing is for certain, the only party to benefit from gmo’s is the monsantos, there is no benefit to consumers, or farmers, and it increases pesticide and herbicide use. It also would seem quite likely that crops with more pesticides and herbicides, or plants which themselves produce pesticides, will probably end up having a negative effect. The point is there is zero science and that is because industry has dictated the political agenda on this issue, which is essentially about patenting and monopolizing all seeds, and controlling farmers.

  • Natalie

    GMOs have no place in our food nor our environment and people need to be able to vote with their wallets. Label GMOs and let consumers decide if they want to spend their money on them.

  • Guest

    “Damn your science. It is not alright for me to find that anything I
    wish to grow or eat, is owned by a patent holding foreign corporation.

    is slavery in my book. I consider myself a citizen of a free country
    that does not need to explain to you why I do not like your GMO.

    So, please take your science, take your patent, take your GMO, take your pesticide – and leave Canada. Get lost.”

    also understand that GMO is in Canada not because of Monsanto or
    Croplife. it is in Canada because Canadian politicians have sold our
    country to foreign corporations. IT is for the people of Canada to
    recognize where the demon is, and boot the bums out of office and
    replace them with honest people that cannot be bought or coerced.”

  • Grams

    My family does NOT want to be part of the GMO world wide experiment & we DO NOT want corrupt chemical companies owning our government OR owning our FOOD Sources! Never mind labeling …. ban ban ban & charge companies that poison our world with crimes against humanity!!

  • artfullady

    Don`t let this issue die …..we need to protect our food source for the future generations. Seed should not be a patented commodity. GMO pollution is costing us billions in health care and quality of life for all. Stop it now. If you not sure read seeds of deception.

  • Sharon Pylypiw

    Canada has sold us out to the US…. Please stop the insanity!!!

    We should have the right to know if our food is genetically modified organisms GMO or NOT!!! The food labels should also have where the food originally comes from… so country of origin and a full list of ingredients.

    The Canadian government needs to tighten up this huge gray area that they have created by allowing third party companies NOT to have any guidelines when it comes to our food… This gives an open door for terrorism!! Really Canada!!!!!!

    Food labeling should advise us of ALL of its content and do we REALLY need to have a dual label just because it’s Canada???? What a waste of a label!!!!

    The government makes sure that all Organic Foods Products have to have a full ingredient list and if the food is Non-GMO on it… so if these companies are forced to do it…. then WHY aren’t the other companies NOT made to???

  • Deb MacDonald

    Thank you, Elizabeth May.
    A question for other representatives: If Genetically Engineered foods are good for you (and by extrapolation, good for the planet) why do so many government and company board luncheons feature organic food? Just asking…

  • kim hunter

    I became “lactose intolerant” in the mid 90s. (The same time animal feed was switched to GMO) Switched to the”healthy” soy alternatives. Then “gluten”, switched to corn “gluten free” based products.
    The suffering only escalated with 20 years of progressively horrifying health issues.
    Wasting away and running out of food that didn’t hurt, I started researching very specific (and horrifying) symptoms, I stumbled on GMO studies whose results mirrored my own failing health.
    We tried our own experiment by simply switching our staples to organic and no other change in our diets. In less than a week I was healed.
    Now 44, it’s been over 2 years GMO / biotech free and pain free.
    After stumbling around in the dark for 20 years, eg: lactose, gluten, ibs, celiac, cysts, etc.. no more suffering. Happy to report, not one organic food I’ve tried has caused any problem at all, even milk and junk food.

    Not one person I talked to since about my experience has not improved their health by removing GMO from their diets.
    I emailed Health Canada to inquire what it was in these “Novel Foods” that had such dire and immediate effects on my body.
    I was sent to a site that looked to be written by Monsanto themselves that calling concerned scientists “anti-GM-Campaigners”.

    Cruel to think how many suffer due to politics. Especially our elders and babies. (GMO pablum, GMO meal supplements) So cruel.
    With multiple proven studies, some as long a 30 years, showing harm, pestilence, disease and no benefit from biotech / chemical food practices, restoring our food to a sustainable, safe and healthy practices should be of utmost importance.
    If 30 countries have already banned these practices and another 60+ have strict labeling laws, where are Candians rights and protections?
    I implore Health Canada to research the latest data independent from bias (and proven manipulated more than once) chemical / biotech “studies”.
    I have learned I am not the only one who suffers terribly from these chemical foods policies.

  • Erin M

    I do not believe the Seralini study was flawed, but even if it was, ‘a scientist’, why do you have such a problem with GMO labelling. One doesn’t really have anything to do with the other. I want to know EVERYTHING about the contents of my food. That’s all!!!

  • BCBud

    At present, we have no choice to unknowingly consume GMO poison. Labeling would give us that choice. BC is presently the healthiest province in the nation and 3rd healthiest on the planet; we do grow a lot of our own food here which could be part of the reason! Imagine how healthy we would all be if we could chose with a glance non-gmo food!

  • Brenda J. Morris

    Not only are they trying to sell us GMO foods without our knowledge, they are contaminating the real foods while they are growing this unwanted food – soon it will all be GMOs just because of cross contamination. Stop growing it but especially stop growing it here in BC. If you bring it into our neighbourhood make sure it is labeled so we can avoid it.

  • Doreen Agostino

    This Natural Food Could Finally Put an End to Harmful Pesticides.

    Perhaps the most enticing element of this biopesticide fungi is that it’s essentially free. According to the patent, it can be “cultivated on agricultural
    waste.” We are looking at a 100% safe, natural technology that gives
    reason to halt the GMO and pesticide manufacturers overnight with a new
    class of SMART Pesticides (Sporulating Mushrooms And Repelling

  • Foxii

    If Monsanto keeps going they will not only kill all the natural born species of plants on this planet but they will have a patented seed to replace them as well. Then the only food can be grown will be what Monsanto provides and what they provide is making the population sick. They will totally control our food at the rate they are going. Isn’t that a horrible thought, that a corporation could totally control the food that everyone is provided…. wow…..they will be able to control entire countries.

  • Richard Clarkson

    No GMO food, period. GMOs include toxic proteins and toxic chemical RoundUp/glyphosate that enters every single cell of a plant and cannot be washed off.

  • Jenn

    I would prefer an all out ban on GMOs but labelling is a step closer.

  • AvivaStop Humantrafficking

    i shop in stores that sell European food as gmo is banned there!!! also some middle-eastern stores but as far as i know many middle eastern countries use gmo too :( the usa is trying to force the EU to accept their deal of gmo imports contaminating the whole continent’s food supply, that will be one of the biggest disaster in history worst than war as poisoning the food supply is a genocide itself, i just dont understand if everyone dies of cancer and no one lives long, who will pay taxes for the money-hungry governments? isnt it more logical to keep the patrons healthy so they dont need hospitalization, time off work, disability, etc and they are able to go to work everyday and pay taxes !!!

  • Albert

    Capitalism, greed mentality are the really terrorism that are killing the planet, and putting to much disharmony in the mankind…those corporation, the CEO’s and MP’s, presidents and advinser should be charge for crime against humanity..

  • Bruce Tompkins

    Not only are companies like Monsanto committing crimes against humanity with their GMO seeds but also scientists who promote GMO foods and who refute the scientific evidence that GMO foods are harmful. The US FDA, the governing body on food safety that the rest of the world follows, accepts GMO foods for consumer use with no GMO safety testing requirements! Wonder why that is?

  • Paul Christensen

    I demand the right to chose which agricultural process I support through my food dollar. With out this labeling I have no way of voting with my wallet. Freedom of choice was been efectively removed through lack of labeling regulations.

  • Karen Joy

    I am becoming increasingly disgusted by the way Monsanto is able to control seeds, our universities and possibly our govenrment. No corporation should be allowed to have such power. We can and should be up in arms over this! Watch “Genetic Roulette.” It is very powerful and scary!

  • Christina Beattie

    I am not sure why the Green Party would not be trying to ban GMO’s rather than have them just labelled. It is the GREEN Party. The growing body of evidence showing negative affects from GMO’s should be enough! The party that I vote for will be the one that has the willingness and courage to fight big business and stand up for Canadians and their right to healthy untampered with food!

  • bernard murphy


  • catladytwo

    All Canadians should pay more attention to what they are eating and stand up on mass to BAN GMO food! All GMO food or GMO ingredients should at least be labeled, so for those of us who do care we have a choice or know not to buy it. If it is not purchased it is a waste and the companies including Monsanto will get the message we will NOT eat their contaminated food. Of course that is why they don’t want it labelled. We have the right to know what we are eating; it affects us all and you too government people, so please do something about it!

  • Sandy

    The real terrorist is Monsanto , parents are blind or uncaring….. U feed em monsanto then poison em again with big pharma, don’t run for the cure, march against the cause

  • Pat

    fyi – I am also sending these petitions to NDP friends who should be more concerned about these issues instead of being concerned about “electability”

  • rob

    When will the politicians get over their dunkeness of power and greed and finally just do ONE, JUST ONE right thing. Ban GMOs and all products made by Monsanto.This is the sickest company on the planet.
    Think about it. Here we are as citizens of this country allowing this company to put food on are table.Monsanto was the creator of PCBs, DDTs, Agent orange and roundup just to mention a few. THEY TOLD THE PUBLIC IT WAS SAFE.They have poisoned millions of people , waterways and envirnmentally sound areas. Stand up for whats right and stop bowing down to the money.Rob

  • les braden

    Which ever way you slice it scientist or lay person any seed that is created by the toxic chemical industry, as GM seeds are, and then soaked in toxic chemicals before being sown in fields that are then sprayed with tons more toxic chemicals do not enter the food chain bereft of at least some trace of those toxic chemicals. We already know that it takes very small amounts of toxic chemicals to entirely disrupt the human endocrine system so the fact that our government continues to defend the right of the GM industry to HIDE their toxic products in our collective food chain is blatantly criminal. This is only done because of wealthy lobbies that manipulate government and government policy have been allowed to usurp our collective rights. It is now up to us as a collective people to downright demand a change in that policy that allows GM to be HIDDEN in our collective food chain. As it stands right now the GM industry is being allowed to dictate that we will eat their toxic products whether we like it or not. IS that acceptable to you? It isnt acceptable to me. I want the policy that allows umpteen tons of toxic chemicals to be sprayed on Canadian lands in support of GM crops to be changed. Those chemicals linger in land on water and end up in the ocean where they continue to damage the entire health of the planet. Kill the krill and everything down and up the food chain will die along with them. Dead oceans mean dead planet. It is time we Canadians stood up for our rights and demanded an end to the tyranny that foreign toxic chemicals wield over our Canadian agriculture and food production.

  • satinka

    I believe there are enough tests now to prove that GMOs are harmful to health of animals and humans because they cause cancer. Most of this information is never publicly mentioned by media.Why are GMOs allowed as food in the first place? GMOs need to pass right out of existence, IMHO. Forget the labeling. People need to wake up. If Hillary Clinton gets elected as president in the USA, that means quite literally that Monsanto becomes president. Wake up USA! Before it’s too late!
    Give me back REAL organic food.

  • Mike S

    GMO Products , must be labeled !!! A GMO label must have a detailed information on what the GMO products was modified with . GMO products should undergo 20 year testing before being released into the environment . The corporations that sell GMO Products should not be able to sue farmers because of cross bread crops that got pollinated naturally . Lastly , Just say no to GMO’s and sue the corporations who’s GMO products have contaminated other field’s .

  • DJ

    As for GMO Foods, I believe that they are not needed and not good for our health.. I want to be able to buy food that is natural and untampered with. GMO foods should not be allowed in Canada. Farmers should have access to all of their own natural seed supply and not be beholding to the manufacturers of GMO seeds. The research done by independent scientists such as Seralini has been ignored. With his studies he found a high incidence of breast cancer tumors and other types of tumors in rats. I would rather not have to make a choice between eating cheaper GMO foods and Organic Foods. All foods should be organic and grown without the use of pesticides. Pesticides not only kill insects but also birds, animals, and fish. Did I forget to mention that humans are at the top of the food chain. Common sense should rule what the agricultural industry is allowed to produce and sell. All food should be grown from natural seeds. Who ever heard of a company such as Monsanta patenting our seed supply and at the same time making the seed sterile so that farmers are forced to buy them every year.
    This should have been made illegal from the start and it is not too late to change the laws. Is our government interested in changing the laws so that GMO foods would be completely banned in Canada?

  • Mark Neumeyer

    Why is it such a big issue to require mandatory labelling of Genetically Modified food and products. We have the right to know what we are putting in our bodies. Let us the consumer decide whether or not GMOs are wanted and do NOT let government and corporations decide what is “best” for us. We are supposed to be living in a Democracy !

  • Janine Rhodes

    Janine Rhodes- We as “healthy consumers” need to know exactly what we are consuming at the kitchen table. Healthy eating starts with the farmer & Agriculture
    Canada which put Kemptville College of Agriculture & Technology on the map in the first place in 1917…. almost 100 years ago. Sadly we lost our college & the last classes are due to graduate this summer. Go on the website for more info.The town depends on the college & we as consumers depend on our farmers so we know what we are eating…..

  • Kazimiera J Cottam

    The basic info about the toxicity of GMOs: 1) contain toxic proteins 2) demand very large quantities of RoundUp, a controversial herbicide believed to be highly toxic. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) considers it to be likely carcinogenic. RoundUp collects in each individual plant cell and cannot be removed. Thus consuming GMOs amounts to consuming RoundUp, in contrast to consuming non-GMOs where toxic residues can be removed before consumption.

  • George

    GMO crops are only one component of an unsustainable commercial agriculture system that adds about 33% to the total global warming effect. I support labelling, but in the long run, we need to redesign our entire food system so we are not eating fossil fuels.

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