Bill C-442 – Lyme Disease

On Monday, July 16th, 2012 in Get Involved

Lyme disease is an emerging infectious disease that is carried by nymphal and adult deer ticks. Early symptoms may include fever, headache, fatigue, depression, and a characteristic circular skin rash. Left untreated, later symptoms may involve the joints, heart, and central nervous system.

Because of a warming climate, the range for the black legged tick that carries Lyme disease is expanding. New cases are being found across Canada, with thousands now afflicted by what’s rapidly becoming a national crisis.

Help Elizabeth establish a national strategy to combat Lyme disease. Sign below or download this petition, have as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

Online Petition

15351 people have signed this petition. Add your voice to the growing number of Canadians speaking out about this issue.

We call on the Government of Canada to support the passage of Elizabeth May’s Bill C-442, the National Lyme Disease Strategy Act, which would convene a national conference with provincial and territorial health ministers, representatives of the medical community, and patients’ groups, for the purpose of developing a national strategy that work towards ensuring the recognition, timely diagnosis, and effective treatment of Lyme disease in Canada.

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  • tocamo

    a recent study discussed ticks from coyotes and fox were the culprits..any further news?

  • Nansea

    Bless you, Elizabeth. As someone with Chronic Lyme Disease who has been fighting for years to have this disease better recognized & understood by the Canadian medical community which, in turn, will result in an effective treatment strategy I can’t thank you enough. Elizabeth, you are ushering a very serious disease into the light and thereby bringing hope and a modicum of health to thousands of Canadians.

    • kindara

      Hi: saw your comment on Eliz. May’s page about Lyme’s Disease. Do you know about Byron White formulas? They have been doing a lot of good in the areas of lyme’s disease as well as other health challenges. You can check them out on the web and get your health care practitioner to order a kit to test you with them…naturopaths, some doctors, etc. have been using them.

  • Mary Anne

    Hi Elizabeth, I live in London, Ontario and have a niece who suffers terribly with Lyme. Can you outline a little of what you’d like to see in a National strategy? Thank you

  • Wendy Yaxley Aitken

    It has been brought to my attention that having your own MP present the petition in the house. So MP’s will be kind of tweeting all over the place instead of Elizabeth May presenting them. If you would like me to deliver petitions from the Kingston and 2-3 hours from Kingston petitions to MP’s in Ottawa I will be there hopefully next month.
    I am also writing a booklet called what every Canadian MP should know about Lyme and Tick Born Illnesses. Any input would be appreciated. it is 3 sheet of regular sized paper folded to make a booklet. Tx

    • Wendy Yaxley Aitken

      It will perhaps have a larger impact, if your MP presents the petition, and has had at least a primer on Lyme.

  • Valarie Hartling

    Any idea when C-442 will be before parliament? I have been hounding my local MP and have asked all my friends to also write to their MPs.
    Valarie Hartling

    • craigcantin

      Hi Valerie.
      Elizabeth’s spot for Bill C-442 is still a year away, sadly. The silver lining is that we have more time to convince her colleagues in the House of Commons to support this legislation.

    • kimberley

      thank you xo

    • lymewarrior

      2nd reading was this week. Videos are on Elizabeth’s site. All parties are on board. thanks for your your help Valerie contacting your MP

  • end all suffering

    I have two friends with Chronic Lyme who are suffering a lot and leading compromised lives. This disease must be taken seriously.

  • catwing

    Finally – the mainstream medical information just doesn’t encompass the variety of experiences in the real world.

  • Tracy

    I wish this wasn’t political, but a straight forward attempt to help people with Lyme disease.

  • Robin Lee

    In hopes for Heather King and all who suffer from this <3

  • Gilbert L

    Finally somebody wakes up on the hill to pass a bill about this terrible disease. I hope it will lead to some treatments for those who suffers of it instead of treating them like lepers or worse. Sending prayers for auntie H.

    • Heather King

      awe, thanks so much Gilbert♥ I love you

  • C. Ciccolini

    Thank-you for leading a direction of change for Lyme sufferers. I have been declared incurable by Infectious Disease specialists after receiving the government sanctioned treatment. My family and I continue to fight and suffer through neurological attacks, arthritis, and many other scary lingering affects of Lyme disease. I am only 34. hopefully I will see the day when nobody else needs to come to this point of suffering. Thank-you! xo

  • Mui-Ling Teh

    In support of my friend Heather King and all who suffer this disease – and to all who maybe affected in the future. Thank you Elizabeth May.

  • Peter Kendrick French

    I would like to thank for finally addressing many of the concerns I have had for many years now. you can count on my vote in the upcoming election. as a footnote everything else you are doing, if you really want to appeal to the huge number of people who do not vote because of a sense of alienation due to lack of representation, you might want to include marijuana legalization in your mandate and publicize it widely, I know with certainty it would motivate many to come out and vote, both for and against.

  • Duck poop

    I <3 lime disease

  • KootenayMom

    My son has lyme and could not get diagnosed in Canada. Lets pray this bill passes and future citizens will not have their health put at risk by the ingnorance and inaction of the medical establishment.

  • Christina

    We needed such a bill 20 years ago! This disease is devastating families. What is taking so long for our government to DO SOMETHING!??!?! Is it benefiting our country or our government in some way to have so many citizens on sick leave: LTD or social assistance???

    • Lori

      Actually, yes. Haven’t u noticed the country slowly becoming communist? Majority no longer rules, minority does, for a reason, divide and conquer. Ever notice how various ‘tax credit’ u had claimed are all being renamed as ‘xxx beneifits’, that way they can call them entitlements and later take them away bc they can’t afford to keep u. Eg. Cpp, they’re already referring to this as an entitlement, but it was yours and your employers money. They’ve already made changes to the original plan. It will be renamed soon, with a whole bunch of new ‘conditions’ in the legalities.
      Socialism pays well for people at the top. The rest, not so much.
      And to think we had the best healthcare in the world at one time. Hmm

    • marie larose

      You are Right Daughter is on assistance ..

  • Daryl Swain


  • Mary

    My son-in law is having the worst time trying to get the doctors to listen to him, let along test him for Lyme Disease. We are quite sure that is what he has, but as you say the medical world for some reason is not taking this serious. He is in excruciating pain and each doctor he has seen has sent him away like he is imagining it all. Imagine a 30 year old man with four children and a spouse trying to work(hard, he’s a drywaller), and he’s in constant pain. I sure hope something is done… and soon. Two of the children have had ticks on them also and the doctors did not do anything for them either…. it’s a sad, sad world when all they would have to do in the first place is put them on an antibiotic just in case, and an antibiotic would not hurt them even if it weren’t Lyme-disease. ALSO… they live in what was known as “a hot spot”… Thorburn, NS

    • Luella Gilchrist

      Mary, Dr. Maureen McShane lives in Quebec but practices in NY (because of Health Canada?) and treats Lyme . She uses Rife technology as well as other protocols. Just google her, this young man needs real help. I can tell you about Rife technology, but he needs other treatment too. Go to NY as several doctors there are world experts on Lyme.

    • My Lyme Disease

      I had to send my bloodwork via my Naturopath to iGeneX in California. Health Alert last Fall makes it clear ELISA (used in Canada) is faulty.

      • Denise

        Me too… Canada’s testing is sub-par and BS!!!!

    • tennesseetuxedo59

      cannabis oil orally administered

  • Karen

    This disesas seems to be slowly but surely killing my husband. LYME DISEASE IS IN CANADA!!!!!

    • Jillian Augey

      I am so sorry to hear this. I lost an acquaintence to Lyme disease (in Canada). I am a self-appointed Lyme advocate now. Ironically, I have been diagnosed with babesia and bartonella, coinfections of Lyme. No test for those in Canada. I would be happy to give you some information and help if I can in some way.

      • Sharon Woodrow

        Where are you/area of Canada?

    • Luella Gilchrist

      Karen,have you tried a true Rife machine? I had Lyme too, contact me if you like

      • blueskyonrainydays

        Also Ozone is very effective.

        • blueskyonrainydays

          Should have mentioned also ,as regards to Rife therapy and ozone,google “Bryan Rosner”.Much information on the topic.

    • Denise

      Dr. Risk in Calgary…. google her!!!

    • marie larose

      you are right Don’t worry They know ,,they are scared to break the Canadian medical system

  • cybermouse

    It’s a terrible thing living with an illness like Chronic Lyme Disease. It’s a terrible thing having our medical establishment turn a blind eye to Lyme. Does it make any sense to say that it cannot occur in humans in an area where the veterinarians have already confirmed finding it in area horses and dogs? It’s a tick bite transmitted parasite and those ticks are tiny. That’s what is happening on Vancouver Island. “No danger to humans, just keep your dogs out of the bush.” Shameful.

  • Ann

    I have no idea why a disease that we are warned about so often…’beware of ticks!’ is so hard to be tested for….and once tested and found infected…how difficult it is to be treated…I have seen a number of people suffer needlessly…having been diagnosed with other diseases such as MS, when in fact it turned out to be Lyme disease….

  • jana

    misdiagnosed for 15 years Lyme take my life a way bedridden with out help stand up Canada

  • CG

    I have seen the devastating effects this disease has had on my brother, and it is not recognized in Canada! Its very frustrating to see medical professionals stand by while he dies a slow death. WAKE UP!

  • Jillian Augey

    Please, if you have a Facebook page, put the link for the petition in your status today. I noticed that the amount of online signatures was only 200 last week. I put the link on my Facebook page and most of my “friends” online posted it as well. I am not saying it was because of that, but within two days of doing that the count is 552. Let’s use social media to help spread the word. I also included a clip of Under or Skin.

  • K Smith

    Thank you for the support

  • Terry

    The Canadian medical community has failed to adequately diagnose and treat Lyme disease,which has left those suffering from this horrific disease to fend for themselves. My son ended up with Lyme and went from a healthy hockey player/honors student to a bed-ridden, patient in our own home while we sought expensive treatment in the USA. Specialists here denied his illness and added insult to injury!!

    • Evelyn

      I can not believe what I am reading!! Why is the medical profession denying this disease? It baffles me, I have a friend who owns a Health Food Shop and she was showing me a bottle of something that no Dr, Without
      Boarders will go without. She says it has cured so many really awful diseases. I wish I had paid more attention to the name. but if you know someone who knows her or his stuff ask about it.

      • Evelyn
      • sunny77753

        Hi Evelyn, Very curious as to what the Doctors Without Borders used .. TY & be well

  • Heather

    We have struggled for the last 3 years to find adequate treatment for my daughter in Canada – Last year we finally had to go the US to get treatment. It is nice to see that someone recognizes the struggle that anyone with Lyme has to go thru and make some changes.

    Thank you .

  • Ian Wilson

    Research is showing that Lyme disease is also possibly tied into ALS – Lou Gerhigs disease. As such it is essential that this disease becomes totally extinct. I have two cousins who have contracted ALS,

  • Elizabeth Buchanan

    Amen Elizabeth! We have to get L.D. Covered

  • Vipin

    Chronic Lyme disease is real.I got it in Toronto from migrating birds near our area and did not think it serious enough. I am struggling as it has affected my heart and do not know where to turn to and get help from. Do not have finances to go to US for treatment. Been to many doctors but was never diagnosed.

    Why donot they make public aware about this disease? The only reason which comes to mind for not treating chronic lyme disease may be someone high in the hyrarchy does not want healthy population and reduction in profits from pharmacutical drugs.

    Why is it so difficult to take an urgent decision to treat lyme patients?

    Please do something before it is too late. A patient with arthiritis pain can bear it but if lyme affects the heart it is serious and can result in further burden on canadian economy.

    • Luella

      Maureen Mc Shane, MD practices in NY. Google lyme in Toronto and see what comes up, you will find many clinics treat it but don’t advertise because of problems from Health Canada, or so I have been told.

    • tennesseetuxedo59

      cannabis oil

  • Catherine Hall

    I have family with Lyme disease. It is a nasty and persistent condition. We must have more education and better treatment for this disease.

  • Pamela Gray

    Elizabeth, please keep moving this forward. It is critical for those who are ill with Lyme Disease and those who are ill and can’t obtain an appropriate diagnosis in Canada. For those who have the strengtb and courage to advocate please continue! My sister Maureen Landry is a hero!

  • Dansingraven

    Many who have been diagnosed with MS actually have Lyme.

  • Heather

    If you haven’t seen this documentary on Lyme Disease…you should!

  • ceri harris

    Have had a brief encounter with this disease, would like to see more education about ticks and Lyme Disease


    i got this 64 years ago as a baby and I am hearing my daughter who got i from me congenitally is being treated in USA and has been showing SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS!! Very expensive in USA… PLEASE KEEP AT IT AS I TOO WANT A BETTER LIFE AND I CANNOT AFFORD TO GO TO USA.

  • David Anderson

    Thanks for taking this up Elizabeth! I don’t understand how it is that we are so slow to respond to such obvious threats.

  • Forrest Boden

    Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I’ve been with Lyme since August 2007 and the response from conventional medicine has been ABYSMAL. My life has completely changed from being very active and involved to a trip to get groceries being my expedition. I’m on PWD and CPP and can barely afford my rent let alone the ones who are seeking big profits from treating Lyme privately… thank goodness I was covered while in the hospital. I hope this gets the attention and the treatments that we need and deserve.

    • Judy

      Hi Forrest,

      This is Judy Ilan. We have worked together in the school district and you have visited my place in Shawnigan Lake a couple of times. I last saw you in the Old Farm Market in Duncan and you looked really sick. How are you doing? I have wondered how you are but I didn’t know where you are.

      • marie larose

        and granddaughter in Victoria bc

  • helen Brown

    A friend suffered with this for over a year. Good to be pro-active

  • Suze Dickinson

    Thank you for working so hard for us. My new favourite colour is green!

  • Jim Findlay

    This is a serious concern for all Canadians and needs to be dealt with

  • Gyan

    My wife contracted Lyme while living on Gabriola Is. in the 1990s. We had no idea what the bullseye rash was all about, and her health got worse and worse.

  • voter BC Canada


  • kim langley

    i have Lyme disease,it has ruined some potentially excellent years of my and my families life.I had to fight for a diagnosis,and despite 3 Canadian doctors agreeing it was Lyme- they could not access appropriate IV treatment for neurological Lyme ,plus cardiac irregularities without the support of provincial infectious disease,who deny almost every fact about this infection-bedridden for 2 years and wheelchair bound,in severe pain and unable to form a sentence due to an inflamed brain- thank god we figured it out with the help from Dr.Murakami ,american Doctors,and the quiet GP’s who treat the most ill with fear of being caught.,i am lucky to be alive,and vastly improved with intensive antibiotic therapy, Alive,but living in fear that ignorance and politics will prevent Lyme victims from getting appropriate testing and effective treatment before its too late..I was also told Lyme was a rare disease,and so i hoped it was-this hope was squelched when our 10 year old son was infected last summer,He was probably diagnosed and treated only because he developed a target rash,,a high fever and had parents who were informed and could communicate with a surprised ER doctor.,who also felt Lyme was rare….rarely recognized maybe?Lets deal with reality,like AIDS, Lyme cases can be prevented, through education and improved screening.Treated it early,so you don;t have a wheelchair sitting in your house,for you or someone you love,Lyme is dead serious,the men who wrote about this disease in the 80′s quoted from there own work and court evidence has had the Authors of the Lyme IDSA Guidelines with untruthfulness regarding prevalence severity,treatment and etiology of tick-born diseases.Time to look at other studies,there are hundreds,they end any controversy over the necesity to recognize Lyme for what it is:an epidemic in the making-lets not ignore the facts,we are better than this.

  • Joan

    Thank you!

    • Bob Pirie

      My 36 yr. old Daughter has been suffering from lymes disease for a year and was finally dianosed through a natureopath. She has seen every specialist in Calgary allmost and none of them had any idea what was wrong. She was tested for lymes 4 time and came back neg. all 4 time and that is because the
      canadian test has eliminted to elements of the test 31 @ 34 and that is why a majority of people in this country test neg. She had to send her blood to the USA before they finally got it right.Thank God for the ND. she was put in contact with. Keep up the fight Elizabeth I for one am behind you all the way.

      • Kevin

        Hi Bob,
        How did the Natureopath diagnosis her? What tests? What process did she go thru to get her blood to the USA for testing?

  • Janice Holdershaw

    The lack of knowledgeable physicians able to recognize and treat this growing epidemic in Canada is criminal… it is a rich person’s disease – even then, without your brain working it is difficult to sort through how to access avenues to getting help…. I have lost 7 years of my life so far and counting…. was able to finally get positive Canadian tests only to be told they were probably false positive….here by our own CDC – I pay out of pocket for Lyme treatment – excuse me my relatives do – I am getting better finally, but due to the delay in recognition and treatment my prognosis is uncertain. It haunts me that other Canadians will go misdiagnosed or stigmatized……or worse called ‘head cases’ – often Lyme can present as a mental disorder….. yes – a treatable bacteria….. so very sad…. It haunts me that current IDSA guidelines reflect an unscrupulous small group of physicians who were/are in the pay of the US Medical insurance corporations… Canada needs funding to pursue her own research and review the thousands of existing studies that prove the complexities and persistence of this disease before it is too late……

  • ccrew

    Prevention! A vaccine for Lyme Disease should be in PLACE! Government needs to be pro active in Constructional attitude rather than Destruction! If our PM or one that he loved suffered ….. what a quick response he would assume!

  • Chuck

    It is a wonderful thing you are doing here. I went to a doctor a few years ago because I had pulled close to 12 deer tics that were imbedded and I was showing some symptoms of lymes. He told me that he wouldn’t even check me until I reached the stage of aching joints and inflammation. If it actually got to this stage which is stage three lymes I don’t think the disease is actually curable.

  • Marilou Eva

    My sister contracted Lyme disease eleven years ago and it was only through persistent badgering that she finally was able to be given tetracycline. So thankful Elizabeth is raising this issue.

  • Andy Ross Thomson

    How to remove ticks safely when you are in the bush and don’t have access to a pet superstore that sells tick removal tools!!!

  • Manitoba lymie

    I lost my spouse to Erhliciosis Muris, over a year ago…within 10 days of symptoms….I have since been diagnosed with Lyme…am getting help but am in need of iv and being denied it by the Manitoba government! I am willing to pay for it, but cannot get a script. Filled here in Manitoba!! Either I suck it up and go further In debt and go to the USA or try other ways to try to stay mobile. Thank you Elizabeth may for standing up for us!

  • Charissa Reeves

    My sister is afflicted with Lyme disease and two other tick borne illnesses. She resides in PEI but the Health Community there refuses to acknowledge that Lyme disease has reached the province and infected people (despite the fact that a vet in Brudenell confirmed four cases of Lyme in dogs last summer). This disease is horrifying and painful and the medical community in Canada is ill informed on what it is or on how to treat it.

  • Luella Gilchrist

    I had/have Lyme and found my own treatment through but also found that Rife treatment is very effective. Please contact me if you are interested in this lalli.gilchrist

  • Rem Campbell

    I am impressed with you work and I do support you.

  • CfrOnt.

    I have had lyme disease for 4 yrs. now. Doctors in Canada MUST be educated about lyme disease. 4 Years is a long time…. Canadain Standards and testing must be changed. Many are suffering and can’t afford to go to the States to be treated. We have good Doctors here but many fear loosing their licence if treating chronic lyme. (Lyme Disease- An emerging Epidemic with No Effective Means of Treatment in Ontario … by Helke Ferrie) Vitality Magazine. That must change…. CDC and IDSA standards we follow must change. It’s outdated period!!! Thank you for fighting this Elizabeth.

  • Ingrid Bittner

    Lyme Disease diagnosed here in Dwight, Ontario near Algonquin Park. It is here and we need to support this bill. I will post on facebook as well.

    • Heather King

      it’s all over Ontario and bad, it’s huge in Ottawa, please post this to as many Canadians as possible dear Ingrid. I am one of the unfortunate ones that has this disease:(

  • Heather King

    I have been living in Ottawa, ON chronically ill since 09. I have been treated like a leper by the majority of the doctors in this city. It wasn’t until I travelled to the USA that I was properly diagnosed with lyme disease. Last year even CANLYME said I had lyme disease from my test results, but NO Canadian doctor, infectious disease dr, etc would accept this or treat me. please ELIZABETH, we are slowly dying, please make this happen!

  • Gilbert L

    I hope that when you will present this bill at the parliament, Harper and his goons will wake up and for once stop piss off Canadian people and do something for them. Would be good too that the ”Collège des médecins” stop hidding their heads in the sand and consider this disease as a real threat.

  • Fiona Buchanan

    My name is Fiona. I am a journalist based in Ottawa. Anyone here who might be open to talking with me about your experiences in the Canadian medical system with Lyme disease, please email me: (valid until March 31, 2013) or

  • Donna Lugar

    I signed a paper copy at my local MLA’s office so not sure if I should sign the on-line one as well. However, I just wanted to note that my Lyme Literate Doctor that I had been going to in Nova Scotia is now off on stress leave and probably won’t be returning (he is 63 1/2) due to an ongoing investigation of his treatment of Lyme and associated tick borne diseases. We need this ongoing persecution of Doctors just trying to help to stop! A few hundred Lyme (and other) patients of his now have to scramble to find someone else to help. I am not aware of anyone else in the Maritime provinces! :-( Not all can afford trips to the U.S. or elsewhere. What now????

  • Debbie

    Thanks for confronting this issue.

  • M

    As a newly diagnosed Lyme patient I have been dumbfounded at the lack of awareness and effective treatment options available. This is a plague that our medical community needs to acknowledge – and treat – under MSP of BC!!

  • Kim Roper

    When I called the health line in Quebec (InfoSante), I was told that there was NO Lyme Disease in Quebec. How can we address this problem if our own health professionals deny it exists?

  • HT

    Finally my new C6 peptide Elisa Lyme test is positive by OPH… (2nd /3rd stage of Lyme Disease), the old one back in fall 2011 did not recognized…2 years of horror, being passed from “specialist to specialist” and getting worse day by day !!!

    Waiting for my husband’s results (3rd stage of Lyme), even though we are positive with clinical symptoms, we have been denied treatment already by 3 ID doctors. Also the cost of antibiotics would just put us on the street. We are forced to go to Europe to get proper medical treatment !!!Very tragic Canada!!!! Who will be responsible for this!!!
    This is insane!!!

  • JT

    Sick with Lyme for years (3rd stage). No one recognized it until now. Still no doctor to help!!!!

  • Anna

    Thank you so much.

  • Louise

    How is it that dogs rate higher than people? If vets take Lyme disease seriously and treat it ASAP, why can’t doctors? This is a very serious disease, and needs treatment.

  • CH

    Thank you Elizabeth. It is hard for anyone to possibly understand the effects of Lyme disease, it is so progressive if not diagnosed early. I continue to suffer years later from the effects of misdiagnosis, as it was years before I was properly diagnosed. I am baffled why the Canadian medical system resists treatment, as the cost to leave a person untreated is far greater in the end. Thank you again for all your efforts.

  • Tom

    If people really looked into this disease they would find that Lyme Disease was developed and patented (under another name)by the U.S military as a bio weapon. I believe the lab that developed it using ticks as carriers is on pelican island across from the mainland town of Lyme or Lymeville. This probably why the governments don`t want to look to hard.

  • Vipin

    I have lyme symptoms since last 2 years but dispite various visit to many doctors and emegency rooms no diagnosis. Ultimately self diagnosed which was confirmed by IGENEX test. Canadian ELISA negative twice and they would no do western blot test.
    Now my heart is affected by lyme disease with no hope for treatment here. I donot know where to go and what to do. My heart is enlarging and I am heading towards heart failure. When I tell this to doctors they brush it off and seem helpless.

    Is life so cheap here in Canada? Why so much of manipulation in medical diagnosis and treatment? Everybody seems helpless. Patients, doctors against such a disease which can be cured with simple antibiotic treatment provided diagnosed in time. And why there is no publicity or awareness about it from govt or health authorities?

  • Penny Poole

    Thank you so much for all the work you do Elizabeth– I will forward! Such a debilitating disease– tragic and misunderstood and diagnosed. xox

  • Marni Gent

    We live in the HEART of Black-Legged Tick zone in NS with MANY cases of Lyme disease being reported every year…& those are just the ones that are properly diagnosed. This is a SERIOUS health risk that MUST be addressed & dealt with NOW before it causes more harm & puts MORE strain on an already financially stretched Canadian health care system. It’s called prevention, as in “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”… Remember that old adage? So wise & true!!

  • Lord. Christopher Ferens

    its time to vote green!

  • Rob_Vann

    This is a great initiative. Lyme Disease is spreading in Nova Scotia far the approach has been grin and bear it. While vets are treating lots of dogs you have to wonder just how many people are walking around with it.

  • Lucky

    I was affected by lyme disease, and did not even see the tick. I was fortunate that when the symptoms started showing up – fever, headache, lethargy, bullseye rash, and severe heart palpitations while our family was in NY vacationing. Within a few days of the first symptoms, I had to be driven to emergency in the US near where we were on vacation. (wasn’t even able to drive). Because of a pamphlet at work, I mentioned lyme to the Doctors, and they immediately started examining, testing, and discussing my symptoms with some experts at a city hospital. My condition was worsening (potential heart attack, difficulty swallowing), and by that afternoon, the Doctors clinically diagnosed me and started treating me with antibiotics. Within a few days, I started coming around. Released from hospital and home with antibiotics for 6 weeks. I can’t say enough about how well I was treated and how quickly they helped me in a small town US hospital – I was their 1st lyme patient. Had I been at home in Ontario, who knows if they would have properly diagnosed and treated me with such urgency. We have several people in our small town that have not been diagnosed, or treated, and are suffering with this horrible disease. Thanks for your help in bringing this to our Goverment’s attention – our Doctors need our help!

  • Edi on Denman

    I personally know someone diagnosed with Lyme and it nearly killed him. Denman Island is riddled with them and they can carry the disease. Trying to get properly diagnosed in Canada is a joke and it’s time to change, you must pass Bill C-442!

  • sandra commerford

    On behalf of my sister and all those who suffer from Lyme disease both physically and financially , thank you Elizabeth for recognizing this new epidemic.

  • not a Stever fan

    Thanks Elizabeth. Good luck getting “THE STEVER”- Harper’s name from a This Hour Has 22 Minutes skit- Leave IT TO STEVER ( Beaver)- to give bill this a second glance since there’s no money to be made and climate change does not exist. We live near the St. Lawrence and my husband had an tick on him last Nov. He wasn’t taken too seriously but he persisted and was given an antibiotic. About 3 or more months later the lab report came back saying yes the tick was a carrier for Lyme disease.

  • drhenny

    Lyme disease is a serious problem, best dealt with earlier than later. I am glad someone is taking it seriously.

  • Briansz

    In a proper democracy, we don’t pass the buck and bless our elected officials
    from the comfort of our armchairs as stadium managers applauding our favorite
    players. These subjects like Lyme disease and others should be discussed
    regularly in each of the electoral constituencies where an executive committee
    has been elected. Regular constituency meetings help to motivate the citizens on
    subjects that they do not always understand. It also keeps the party alive in
    the constituency between elections.
    Hence, why do we
    not hear about any regular constituency meetings in Marc-Aurèle-Fortin where
    there has always been a Green candidate for many years. If such a constituency
    committee doesn’t yet exist, the local candidate and structure should organize
    to have one elected and organize it’s year round functions between elections.
    Tax payer money should be made available to run local constituencies rather than
    the way some of it is being used today for trips and parties and financing
    corporate welfare bums that skip their taxes and export our well paying jobs
    into the third world while calling themselves patriots.

    The NDP has an elected constituency but does not
    organize regular meetings to discuss subjects like Lyme disease, the economic
    myths of monetary scarcity, etc.. It seems that all political parties and
    constituencies go back to slept after the elections for the next 4 years rather
    than to keep these discussions opened locally between elections and to encourage
    regular participation by citizens in the constituency.

    Maybe it is time for the Green party and the NDP to
    let us hear from the people that make these constituencies work in their areas
    and how they do it rather than blogging our live away and dumping on our
    members of Parliament from the comfort of our easy chairs while expecting them
    to look after everything including blowing our collective noses every time we
    collectively get the political and economic sniffles.

    Alternative parties cannot expect to win elections if
    they are not organized locally with the citizenry in mind for membership and
    local meetings. The NDP was very lucky that the Québécois voted massively for
    their candidates mostly unknown and unorganized locally. Jack can no longer
    serve as a scapegoat and local hero. Such massive support does not work to many
    times in Québec. We have learned from “FOOL US TWICE, SHAME ON US”.

    By the way, the NDP seem to still be unorganized
    locally even after the elections because their constituencies are mostly asleep
    at the wheel between elections. How can the citizenry get to know a party and
    what they stand for if there is no constituency meetings, or discussions on
    important subjects between elections? The same phenomena is happening at the
    municipal level.
    Of course laziness rules today in
    the “J’ai pas le temps” and the “J’ai pas le choix” world connected to the hilt
    with gadgets and still no time, but it doesn’t have to be like that when there
    is organization and motivation as we once had in unions that brought us our
    collective lifestyles that we now scoff as cynics as if we can no longer lose
    this lifestyle on a corporate whim.
    And then we
    wonder as offended virgins why corruption is so rampant in our modern
    technological society.
    Hence, it would seems like Political Parties do not
    want any participation from the citizenry between elections other than centrally
    controlled. Thinking globally while participating locally seems to be just a
    cynical baby Boomer and generation X, Y, Z saying that we like to collectively
    toss around with “thinking out of the box”.
    As the
    Québec students tried to show us, it takes work to get the free education
    promised to us all since our different governments, Trudeau, Lévesque et al,
    signed an international pact in 1976 and which most political parties today have
    conveniently forgot about while blaming the ÉTÉ ÉRABLE Québec students for being
    unrealistic while the rest of the Canadian students briefly aped temporary and
    pretend student strikes. The Québec student strike did not just happen as it was
    aped in the rest of Canada, it took organization and structured education of the
    student constituency by leading teachers and educators in Québec who established
    the economic facts and myths instead of the economic hearsay that we are
    collectively fed by our old political parties and corporate cronies.

  • Aleta Karstad

    I find it incredible that this debilitating disease is not better recognized, by government, the medical profession, and the public. Surely a large part of the effort needed is education, on all fronts. Way to go, Elizabeth! What this country needs are people who think from first principles!

  • Dorothy Turcotte

    See my A Small Drop of Ink Column in the Grimsby/Lincoln News next week, May 15th.

  • Shirley

    I have been suffering from many symptoms including all over body burning pain for 11 years, and my last two doctors only roll their eyes when I show them my two positive test results for Lyme Disease (one for Lyme from California CDC and one for a co-infection in B.C. test). The doctors totally dismiss me. Thank you for your understanding and for fighting for us! One Infectious Disease Specialist in Surrey, B.C. even said to me that because I could still put a sentence together that was lucid, I couldn’t have Lyme disease! Yes, so we have to become totally unintelligible to get any recognition of being ill. I am sure my story is one of thousands!

  • Beverley Robinson

    God bless you Elizabeth .you will be Prime Minister and kick the old boys club out this round!!!!!

  • susan feindel

    my son also contacted lyme disease while working in the woods. Fortunately, his symptoms were immediate including the classic ‘bulls eye’ rash symptom, He was treated by antibiotics immediately. We think they might have been the ‘correct’ dosage but would like Health Canada to require a thorough training and treatment program for all physicians, especially those working in areas of high concentration of lyme disease bearing ticks, deer, rodents. (Lyme disease is also spread and transmitted by rodents which then infect blood loving ticks). Thank you.

  • 2paws

    Good for you for publically supporting and promoting recognition and treatment of this disease and the lack of adequate treatments available in Canada…it’s shameful.

  • Gaston Bourget

    Gaston Bourget
    Berthier sur Mer Province de Québec
    Il semblerais qu’au Canada avec le gouvernement Harper on ne fonctionne que par pétition .comme si les députés n,avaient aucun sens commun pour les gens qu’ils sont supposés représentés..Il est très important qu’au Canada pour un pays de cette envergure que l’on soit au fait des maladies qui menacent ses citoyens et que des mesure appropriées soit mise en oeuvre pour répondrent aux besoins de tout les Canadiens et Canadiennes..
    À bonne entendeur ,Salut! et MERCI d’optempéré à cette demande.

  • Sylvie Van Brabant

    Lisez cette histoire du jeune universitaire qui a eu sa vie complètement chambouler par la maladie de Lyme et supportez Elizabeth May dans son travail de sensibilisation.

  • Daria

    You’re doing a wonderful job Elizabeth, on so many levels!

  • Jennifer McCarter

    My job has me working in areas where there are ticks carrying Lyme disease. It’s a constant concern. I’m really shocked at the lack of awareness about Lyme disease in Canada – even within the medical community! I’m so happy to see this initiative!

  • MisterEnglish

    You’re the greatest, Elizabeth. If only you were the Leader of the NDP! I appreciate your Green policies, but am also extremely concerned about the unemployed, poor, disabled, homeless, and otherwise dispossessed people of Canada, who Stephen Harper obviously despises because they’re not rich like him and his pals.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you Elizabeth May! I contracted Lyme disease 7 years ago in Waterton. It took over 4 years to diagnose (have up here and sent blood to Igenex). I now am under the care of a US physician and have made huge gains against battling this horrible disease. Canadians should not have to cross the border for care.

  • Karlin

    Looking at these comments, it is obvious that Lyme Disease is thriving in Canada… but the medical authorities are still doing the Ostrich dance. Doing nothing and denial are harmfull, and Lyme Disease denial has been going on so long that it is getting pretty difficult to believe that Doctors are being sincere about “First do no Harm”.

    I guess they don’t have a drug to treat it with, so they pretend it isn’t there.

    My condolences to all Lyme Disease victims.

  • Louise Bougie

    Lyme disease was created in a lab out of Plum Island and released……! Also no words on that new disease called Morgellons?

  • Stephannie Robins

    Let’s step up health care in Canada. Why not offer thorough testing? We test for so many other things, the idea of cost efficiency is lost in stubborn refusals seen in the stories below.

  • shane grattan

    I even brought my tick to the doctor after being bitten and was told not to worry about lyme in victoria…ive been in bed sick for over a year now…i was strong, successful and happy before my infection…now most days i really don’t want to be alive any longer…i hang in there for my parents. Im tired of the comments and treatment of nurses and docs in the system who are told this disease does not exist.

  • Jean Hemond

    My name is Jean. I was bitten by may ticks while backpacking the Appalachian trail 26 years ago . I remember removing many ticks and still have the scars on my leg. My symptoms crept to an unbearable level after 5 years. It took 4 more years of investigations to obtain a first clinical Dx of Lyme by a research biologist and an infectiologist Dr. But the Ottawa Elisa test,( very recently declared highly unreliable,)came back negative. Nevertheless I got the IDSA protocol four times the standard duration. Symptoms came back a year after. I got a sick leave as long as four years and retired three years early. I cost me and the system hundreds of thousands dollars in investigations by specialist. I had a few surgeries and many antibiotics protocols for infections that to my idea were related to Lyme disease.

    Finally I got my own access to the web to discover I still had Lyme disease and associated coinfections. Thanks to CanLyme I got a Lyme literate Dr in USA and I am now clear with all infections symptoms except for one. I am positive that it is a crime for Health Canada to let people suffer from this recognized rampant epidemic in a large number of countries.

    There are no intelligent and real scientific justification for the persistence of organized ignorance by medical bodies for the chronic state of this disease. It appears obvious that the only benefit to continue acting this way is to avoid loosing face for the time being in dealing with a complex disease that will require a high level of dedication by Drs and will also require revisiting a large number of misdiagnosis.

    As I trekked in marshes infested by snakes alligators and various critters I politely submit the Drs that tagged me and so many of us with hypochondry are &*$”)? arrogant incompetents.

  • Ralph

    Thank you for taking this devastating disease seriously and trying yo do something about it. My wife and I have both suffered for years with a chronic case do Lyme, have been blessed to find some amazing healers along the way, and have had to spend much of our annual income trying to overcome Lyme. I know a number of friends with Lyme who cannot afford treatment and are suffering terribly. We were all energetic people before this hit.

  • Mac Campbell

    As a bushman of several decades, I can say that I worry more about this disease than any predator. First, the medical authorities here in NS were in denial about the very existence of this disease. Now that they have admitted that it is here and that there are a significant number of cases, they still haven’t made any concerted effort to train medical staff(s) for diagnosing and carrying out treatment. You don’t have to spend time in the bush to contract this disease. Your children can encounter black legged ticks while playing on your front lawn.

  • Gail Taylor

    It so refreshing to find a politician who is really concerned about individual Canadians. Hope everyone remembers that in two years.

  • Leslie

    It is time someone stood up for this cause, hundreds of sufferers have been ignored by the medical community who refuse to admit the extent of this disease in our Country of Canada

  • Irene Reiche

    Zakara had something similar, and misdiagosed over a period of years died. More information at Piujuq Inuit Art Studios under the links, and on youtube

  • Wendy

    Thanks Elizabeth. As someone who has received treatment many years too late and only after going to the USA, I know that lyme needs more attention in Canada- doctors need education, testing protocols need changing, and money needs to be made available for research. Mostly the divisive,and in my opinion bizarre, politics of this disease needs to end!

  • Kirsten Knechtel

    I have two friends who have seriously struggled with Lyme disease. They both live in Canmore AB. I’m signing this petition with them in mind, and the rest of us who work in the outdoors and really don’t want our lives so effected by a deabilitating disease that has long ago been under control in countries that acknowledge its existence!

  • Diane Bonneau

    My daughter has been afflicted with Lyme for 3 years now. It has been impossible to get her diagnosed in Canada. We had to get the blood tests done in the US and she is getting medical attention through the US. She was tested in Canada and the tests came back negative as only 20% of the cases are confirmed with our very “unsophisticated tests”. It is time for Lyme to be taken seriously in Canada and that something be done to alleviate the suffering of thousands of people who go undiagnosed, with no medical attention available to them or financial support.

  • Penny

    I had received a negative test result for Lyme in Canada and went to US for a 2nd opinion. Test came back positive. I took this to my Dr and he asked infectious disease Dr about it and I received a personal call back from my Dr. I have just been informed that the US test is a scam and they will not accept it. I have to be retested now in Canada. I said what if the test comes back negative and he said not likely since the US test shows positive. My question is then, if the US test is accurate, why is it a scam? The infectious disease Dr also said that all if the information on the Internet is bullshit and there is no such thing as Chronic Lyme. The most I have been told they will do, is 21 days of antibiotics and my Dr told me that he will guarantee that I will NOT be better but that is all they can do for me. He said that is all I will need and that over time my symptoms should get better. I am devastated and my body is so tired, I am off work and I am relying on my doctors to help me. Guess that won’t happen.

  • BC

    Thank you Elizabeth for doing this for those who have had devastating effects from Lyme Disease. I lost my husband 4 years ago from Lyme Disease. It affected his heart, moved to his lungs and finally his kidneys. He wasted away in hospital in the final days and it was all due to that dasterly tick that infected him. We had been fighting for 10 years for better recognition by physicians to identify the symptoms he was experiencing and to not depend on the inaccurate testing done here in Canada. The burgodorph (sp?)was finally identified as present in his blood but the antibiotics were administered months after he was infected and never worked as well as if it were identified sooner. So thank you for bringing this to the attention of Canadians and I will continue to watch the progress of the legislative process in getting this Bill passed. It is vitally important that it does get passed. Many thanks again Elizabeth.

  • Red

    I am so interested in this because of the diseases out there that have all the same symptons but are called something else yet no cure. And not one doctor or specialist can help any of us because of the lack of knowlage.

  • catherine moorhouse

    Thank you Elizabeth May for your action for the Lyme Disease strategy. More and more people are bitten by ticks when walking in nature. It is important to make people aware of the disease that the tick carries and to make the medical community more informed about its consequences. My doctor did not know much about it when I went to him to have the tick which had penetrated my skin removed.

  • Tanya

    Thank you Elizabeth !!!!! – I am a single mom that has been struggling for almost 5 years to get a diagnosis and recently had to go to the states to get treated which I can’t afford but I have no other choice. My doctor at the time said he wouldn’t test me for lyme because it was a waste of the tax payers money but I have had about 10 MRI’s, 2 CT scans, saw numerous specialist – which I think is more of a waste of the tax payers money considering I could have had antibiotics at the onset and been done and I wouldn;’t have had to endure joint pain, vision problems, partial paralysis, seizures, etc…
    Plus I personally do not understand why doctor’s can’t treat in Canada. They treat other diseases based on clinical symptoms why can’t they treat Lyme??

  • kim

    Dr Marie Matheson at Hampton Wellness Centre specializes in treating Lyme patients. Check out her information at

  • Kim

    My daughter contracted it at the age of 3, and got the tick at our park in town. My dad contracted it this year, on his farm. Both in Manitoba. I believe they both received timely treatment, however, so little is known about the disease that I have concern (in particular) for my daughter’s long-term health.

    • Kim

      To clarify, neither of them had blood drawn to confirm, however, they both had the bulls-eye ring around the bite area. They were fortunate, as many do not get “the ring”.

  • loyd

    The Rife is not the best use the “Beck Protocol”
    Looks similar but not the same.

  • Ken Kenmuir

    Why will the government NOT wake up-and do something about Lyme Disease–May -be if they All got it something would be done.–They could roll back their pensions–and put it toward Lyme. People are dying. Yet the government does nothing.They seam to have blind eyes. When their loved ones start dying of Lyme-maybe-then-they will help. Hope so-But how long will it take. Ken Kenmuir

  • Lori

    And to think we used to have the best healthcare in the world. :(

  • klymepie

    Thank you Elizabeth for bringing Lyme disease to the forefront of political/medical agencies. It is difficult to understand why there is so much resistance to treating Lyme in this country. Why do we need to pass a bill to get basic health care for Canadians with Lyme disease? I thought our mandate was to “promote and protect the health of Canadians.” My sister has struggled with this disease since 2005, and her doctor was hopping mad when she went to Michigan to finally get a diagnosis. A Windsor infectious disease specialist refuses to see her so she can get a diagnosis in Ontario and pursue disability benefits. She can no longer work.

  • Gary Bowen

    Thank you Ms May!

  • Name

    Thank-you Elizabeth, for all you do for this most deserving cause. My son at 40, has just had a double hip replacement, from a lyme disease co-infection of rheumatoid arthritis. Even when lyme disease may be gone from the body, it can leave devastation in it’s wake. We are all begging for help from the government, to fight lyme disease and its’ affects. Obviously what the government is doing, is not working….it is not enough. When will they wake up and learn about this disease? When?

  • D

    I have just been diagnosed, thanks to IGenX in California. I have been SO sick for so many years and they said it was MS. Now… time to start a way to get better. Healing Lyme by Buhner is step one. I went gluten and dairy free two years ago and from my readings… it’s essential. I just want to get better and get back to work! xo good luck all….. there are Chinese Herbalists in Canada that will help heal, it’s just pricy!

  • E.

    Thank you Elizabeth. For those who are suffering with Lyme, I would like to share this article I read recently and also suggest two other resources Richard Horowitz, MD and author of the new book, Why I can’t Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease and to check out Dr. Klinghardt’s work and website.

  • Marilou

    We have one of the largest populations of deer in Canada. Isn’t it about time we cared enough to act with compassion?

  • Jasper

    I’m a bushman and I fear this insect more than any predator. What concerns me even more is the lack of attention that this condition has been getting over the years. Here in NS, the authorities were in denial for decades about this condition. Because of that, we are lacking in diagnostic and treatment procedures. This condition, if not treated, can be fatal or have permanent serious health consequences.

  • joan scott

    I had the typical target rash. I live in NL and had just returned from 2 weeks in the south eastern UK where I had been sitting in tall grass, and could have been bitten either place. Medical friends and relatives drove me to my Doc. Was given a course of anti biotics. Never did have a symptom. It seemed like over-treatment, but perhaps not. Keep up the good work and all best to the sufferers.

  • David Patriquin

    Thanks Elizabeth for highlighting this issue. A question I have asked the PMRA – Why can’t permethrin treated clothing be sold in Canada? Combined with personal pesticide on exposed skin, it is considered 100% effective in warding off ticks, & it is considered very safe. (The Canadian military uses permetrhin treated clothing, and Health Canada advises Canadians to use it when they travel to areas with malaria, other insect borne diseases.) I asked PMRA why requests in 2007 to register products were turned down, and whether any are now in the works. Reply: we are not allowed to answer those questions.

  • Lynne

    With Lyme disease on the rise, it’s about time! I have several friends with this cruel disease who have to go to the States for treatment. I’ve listened to their problems in dealing with our Canadian health system and it is pitiful to hear. Thank you for taking the initiative when no one else has!

  • Toothfairy

    My brother with Lyme and is cured! go to it works! and is basically free!

  • Jane Ferris

    Biophoton Therapy was better than a lab test for me to discover that I have had Lyme for many years. It is also an effective healing modality when used with herbs and other protocols. There are two practitioners in Toronto though I see. Google: Chiren Biophoton Toronto

  • michel sarault

    I thank you for all the efforts you do and I agree that there is a need for this disease be supported but why should we have to have bills pass for such things. Our health system should support all diseases without having to have bills approved. Some are deadly some are not but why why can’t our government just help those that really need help. I deplore that as a Canadian that we have to fight for a better health while we give millions of dollars to other countries. We should be using this money to help Canadians first then help other countries if any money is left. We have not only to support the ill ones but also our seniors with a better income, our disable, our homeless. The government spend millions on other things but little on us.

  • P Cousins

    Lyme Disease killed my mother at 69. Local doctors on Manitoulin island lacked the knowledge to properly diagnose the illness. A national strategy is welcome and must start with building knowledge!

  • Simon

    Thank you Elizabeth I didn’t know how important this issue is. I signed the petition. I suggest the petition have a larger place on your letter and site.

  • Sara

    Thank you, Elizabeth. My father got Lyme disease about 20 years ago (in Italy I think), it attacked his heart and then he had to get a new heart. During that time, I remember hearing that doctors did not know enough about Lyme disease in Canada and it could have been why my dad was not diagnosed properly here in Canada when he began to not feel well. My dad was treated for months in Italy, because they know a lot about Lyme disease. There are a lot of ticks during the spring and summer where we are from in Italy. I am grateful for the help and knowledge of the doctors in Italy who treated my dad. I hope that one day, Canada will be better able to help those who suffer from Lyme disease.

  • Sue Clinton

    We definitely need a Lyme Disease strategy – long overdue!!! I know sooo many who suffer with the disease and diagnosis is vital and has been sorely lacking in our country. Doctors who try to treat the disease are chastised and penalized. This has got to stop. Wake up and see the suffering oh government of ours -elected by the people. Many of those I know who finally were diagnosed are young farmers trying to grow local, sustainable food for our communities. That is extremely physical work. They are other Lyme suffers need support and proper diagnosis and treatment. I, myself was bitten by a tick months ago and never did receive results from sending the tick off for analysis. Thank you Elizabeth May for taking this extremely important initiative!!!!!

    Sue Clinton
    Registered Holistic Nutritionist
    Greater Kingston Co-Chapter Leader
    Weston A. Price Foundation

  • Joanne C

    I have had lyme from a tick bite in my back yard since 2008 can NOT get proper diagnosis or Treatment in Ontario….. This NEEDS to go through

  • Mag Cornfoot

    Now that I have a diagnosis of Lyme Disease all of the symptoms of nerve damage to my heart eyes and peripheral nervous system can be explained

    What cannot be explained is the lack of communication by all of the specialists eye, cardiologist, and neurologist. the system failed to connect all the vital information relating to my diagnoses. I had to be my own advocate to have the information faxed to the infectious disease specialist…I am now on a waiting list. Why should I have had to go to each doctor requesting that the information regarding eye heart and brain now be referred to the infectious disease specialist?.

    Mag Cornfoot

  • Mary Myles

    My husband had Lyme disease several years ago from a tick bite picked up in Scotland. He was diagnosed after about 6 weeks of no sleep and constant pain. After several months of antibiotics he has recovered and is back to normal. I gather we were on of the lucky ones with an early diagnosis.

  • Kathy Johnson

    I just got Lyme last year here in Manitoba. I have been diagnosed as negative through the Canadian test but positive through the US test. I have taken my test results to my family doctor. He told me that it is not his field of expertise so he passed it on to an infectious disease specialist here. The specialist here sent him back a letter telling my doctor that because the testing isn’t FDA approved that he could not accept them. So because my Canadian test was negative, I DO NOT HAVE LYME AND IT DOES NOT EXIST IN MANITOBA. Well I guess someone forgot to tell my body that. Suffer every day, have to work because I can’t afford not to, to young to retire, no chance for disability…..WHAT DO YOU DO? HEALTH MINISTERS NEED TO RECOGNIZE THIS DIEASE. WE NEED BETTER TESTING IN CANADA. WE NEED SUPORT FROM THE GOVERNMENT. If all the people that are suffering die (and the number are increasing quickly), who will be left to pay taxes to cover their wages

  • Lee

    Thank You Elizabeth. We need more politicians like you, that care more about the people they serve, than their expense account.

  • Lore Grant

    A resident in our Community in Brock Township in the Province of Ontario, contracted lyme disease while working in her garden. She has spent huge sums of money in the US and is no longer able to work. This is a very serious condition that our Politicians need to address. We are not exempt from this disease in our urban centers.

  • Jrain

    Thank You Elizabeth. I have been disabled from 3rd stage Lyme disease for almost 8 years. I lost my ability to work, and for several years couldn’t walk without without staggering. At one point I couldn’t understand what people were saying. This is a terrible disease that will disassemble your body and brain in ways you could never imagine. I was misdiagnosed 7 times and finally labelled “head case” by my medical community including by three specialists. In spite of positive tests from the US and letters written to my medical community from two international Lyme specialists – my diagnosis was ignored. I test positive in Canada for 4 years now and still have to pay for medical treatment due to a reluctance by my MD doctors to understand this disease and treat . I am not included in the country’s stats even though I am highly positive on the C6 test and have had a documented bullseye rash. The C6 is the test of choice now in BC. I am still disabled and may be for life due to the years I went untreated. Thanks to antibiotic treatment I function – sort of. Without it, I would not be able to write this letter, or live independently. My fight to be listened to and treated was horrific and without supportive family I would have not made it….. I see the media now thankfully has ‘picked up’ on Lyme disease – but most of it glosses over the suffering and the irrefutable science that proves bacteria persistence. The fact that thousands(and growing numbers) of Canadians are now infected and unable to work, love and take care of their families, and function in a daily normal life will eventually bring health care to its knees…… thank you so much for shining a light on what is a complete disgrace in this country.

  • Deb

    We have a cottage in Turkey POint, on Lake Erie–a hot spot for LYmes disease and both my husband and i have been bit. The local doctors –emergency rooms staff are not educated enough–and don’t really know how to remove the ticks!! We were bit in November and March– months that people wouldn’t think to be bad months……………..and it is only this summer that there have been signs posted warning of the ticks on trails. WE need more strategies to protect ourselves and doctor ourselves.!!!!!……

  • Kevin Hull

    As I understand it, even though my wife has had a blood test through her GP we can’t know if she has Lyme Disease because the tests are not adequate. We certainly need to do a lot of work here in Canada if we can’t even diagnose the disease. Thank you for taking up the cause Elizabeth!

  • Claude Balloune

    for one poor Quebec fool’s suffering at the hands of the Canadian medical establishment!

  • Krista Voigt

    I have an appointment with Dr McShane in the USA, scheduled for November 2013. I didn’t receive any treatment for Lyme Disease until 8+ months after I was bitten by an infected tick, even though I had the classic clinical presentation of symptoms and bulls-eye rash. By then, the TBD had spread to my spine, joints, and brain.

    I was told “There are no ticks in Simcoe County…”, convinced by an E/R doctor that there is “no Lyme Disease here”. My first test (the ELISA) came back as a “false negative”. It was only because of a ROGERS TV video on Lyme Disease that was able to make sense of things and get help!

    My family doctor really wanted to help but he said he just doesn’t know enough about this disease. He tried to refer me to a specialist in Ontario, but did not succeed.

    Thank you to Elizabeth and the YORK NORTH LYME DISEASE SUPPORT GROUP.

  • tick identifier

    One good advice of Lyme disease is looking at the vector of transmission. Lyme disease or the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi is transmitted by several tick species only, amongst them, Ixodes scapularis, I. pacificus, and I. dentatus. If a person is bitten by a tick, try to bring it to the nearest entomologist(or acarologist) for identification. Usually the tick will stay 24 hours or more in the body and should be easily detected. Spend more money to acarologists to find endemic areas where Lyme disease is rampant. Alert the public to look for those ticks. In North America with 80 known species of ticks, only the three above are definite carriers of Lyme disease! Of course Lyme disease could be carried by birds, but they are rare. I have been identifying the ticks in the last 20 years in the capital area. Whenever I find one of the 3 species, I immediately send it to Winnipeg for further identifying Borrelia burgdorferi. Most of the results come back negative. Prevention is better than cure. All the process of identification is free to the public.

  • Brenda Rantala-Sykes

    it’s time we diagnose lyme’s disease in Canada as soon as possible…not have to send these patients to the USA to have diagnosis. It takes years some times and then these poor people suffer for years. Good for you introducing this petition!

  • Terri A Cross

    Thank you for helping all of us <3

  • Daryl Swain

    and in alot of cases like mine they called it so-called m.s. and quit looking for a real dx not a theory of m.s.

  • Leslie Stanick

    Thank you for spearheading this important and urgent matter. The CMA has denied the existence of Lyme disease for decades, letting carriers suffer from horrendous symptoms. It is time for Canada to admit we have it, it is real, and it is a serious health concern. We need medical treatment for all people suffering from Lyme Disease, not denial.

  • sheila dixon

    i happened to read an article on Lyme’s in Alive Magazine, in 1991, just before I got a bulls eye rash on my neck, a couple of months after a tick bite. When I started to get ill with the symptoms I put it together and after being rebuffed and contradicted by doctors, I called the Center for Disease Control in Vancouver and talked to a retired Dr. Kennedy whose own daughter had been severely affected by Lyme’s. He gave me the phone # and address of the Lyme’s Society of Sask and they sent me literature which I read and then took to my GP. He gave me a 10 day pres for tetracycline with the option to refill it x2 that he made clear was my responsibility. After completing this I went to my naturopath and followed a program for a few months and regained my health. I have had no further symptoms and am very thankful. This was 22 years ago and the Lyme’s Societies of Sask and Manitoba had it figured out then! I suffered for just a few months and I have real compassion for those that continue to do so. It’s hard to understand the denial in the mainstream medical community and the arguments that divide them, instead of coming together to offer solutions.
    Thanks Elizabeth May and let’s hope that the petition is acknowledged and acted upon for the well being of Canadians .
    Sheila Dixon

  • Jean Beattie

    I have heard on radio and TV, and read about, people across Canada afflicted with Lyme disease, and how often the doctors are unable to diagnose and/or treat it. It seems criminal to allow this situation to continue.

  • Linda

    Hi…Years ago, after hiking, found something lodged in my back! Yikes! A tick!
    Went to the hosp and they took it out! They were going to send it away,,,but lost it.
    I later developed ‘flu’ and it went on for months. Then I got tinnitus…still have it 12 years later! Then one of my retinas detached….a few other things…and my doctor figured out that I had Lyme disease!!
    But…a test came back negative….now I believe it was the wrong test…and that several tests are really necessary to confirm the disease. I have had no treatment and at the hosp..they told me there was no Lyme disease on Saltspring…the vet at the time also said this…although someone at the pharmacy told me they were giving meds to some people for it…..and the Costco pharmacist on Vancouver Island said they give meds to lots of people there who have it…..including some people on Saltspring also. Why is there a cover=up? Vast conspiracy?
    Keep up the good/great work, Elizabeth…as always! When will you be PM?

  • j in sechelt

    I wonder why we can protect our dogs from ticks and why a person would be left to suffer when they have Lyme disease, with this in mind why can there not be a vaccination available to people who go out into the woods, if this is not cost effective to the private agency’s then could not costs be shared by the people who are being exposed, gee they give out free flu shots and some pay for the flu shot, so come on and do something about it.

  • Lois

    I have chronic Lyme disease. The Canadian medical system has not only abandoned me but often have abuse and ridiculed me. Thank you for your help

  • Mary

    Last night ,Oct 10 “The Nature of Things” presented on C.B.C an hour program on the exteme difficulty Lyme Disease sufferers face in Canada. Thank you Elizabeth for responding to the need and doing something about it. The ticks are moving our way. Our Medical System must wake up and respond!
    Mary Chelsea Q.C.

  • Paul

    An excellent initiative long overdue

  • Gerry Green

    Thank you Elizabeth May. I had Lyme disease and it was agony. Thank goodness I was treated early and got over it.

    Gerry Green

  • K. Strotmann

    My dog contracted Lyme disease from a local natural park that is extensively used by my suburban community. I was astonished that this disease could hit so close to home (on the Island of Montreal!) and that no one was aware of its existance. After speaking to my vet who treated my dog and several others, he confirmed that the Vet Association is no longer required to report the disease to Health Canada. I made an effort to contact my municipal councillor to ensure that the population is advised of this public safety issue and I offered access to my dog’s medical records as proof that this disease is in our area. To this day, a full five months since contacting my City official, nothing has been done. I have emailed, telephoned and spoken face-to-face with my Councillor requesting that a public notice be placed on the City website and in the City Newsletter, and that the City take a pro-active approach to this issue – to no avail. I do not wish to cause public panic. I simply wish to sensitize our community to the fact that this debilitating disease can be contracted locally and that we must be vigilent when enjoying our local park. My fear is that a person unknowingly contracts the disease needlessly. I am doing my best, on my own to tell everyone I meet that Lyme is here. I only wish my local government would be as pro-active.

  • susan

    You link to the legislation is not working because you spelled legislation incorrectly in the url text.

    • Craig Cantin

      Thanks for catching that, Susan. Fixed!

  • Hermit2003

    In addition to the effects of the disease itself, there is now research indicating that Lyme Disease, often unrecognized, triggers auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, as well as heart, brain and nerve problems.

  • Hermit2003

    This is long overdue. In addition to the brain, heart and lung problems created by Lyme disease, there is also research that shows Lyme Disease triggers auto-immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I believe that is how both my neighbour and I contracted Rheumatoid Arthritis. Thank you for promoting this in Parliament.

  • Barrie Briggs

    A few years ago a friend and I were in Manitoba and visited an ancient Indian site in tall grass and on getting in the car we noticed ticks and cleaned them off. We went to a restaurant and noticed we had more ticks. Got in the car to drive home and more ticks. Stripped outside the house and had a shower and next day found another tick. Thank God they were not carrying Lime Disease. I now have a new respect for walking on animal trails.

  • CDSinclair

    People have to listen to Dr. Ernie Murakami. He knows what he’s talking about and has helped many people with Lyme Disease. Why the BCMA forced his retirement is beyond me. This is often what happens when one goes against the established order.

  • Robynn Kerr


    THIS IS WHY WE NEED ALL TESTS, (ELISA, IgG, IgM and Western Blot, but the best test is probably
    Dark-Field Microscopy Test with Silver Nitrate Stain, Striker Panel.

    - See more at:




    It’s very possible that I may have this Disease. Seven years ago I
    was a Healthy Cyclist. Now I am barely able to move most days. I can’t exercise,
    or Ride my Bike. I used to Cycle 20 plus miles a day 7 years ago. In the
    last few years I have become markedly worse, to the point where I can barely
    walk, and am Housebound at 48 years old. A lot of days I can barely even get out
    of bed due to Exhaustion and Pain. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia &
    Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with a Differential Diagnosis
    of Multiple Sclerosis. Now I’m being tested for Psoriatic Arthritis. I’ve been
    diagnosed with so many of the things that are now being linked to Lyme Disease,
    it’s ridiculous! My Memory is getting extremely bad. I’m not old enough to have
    some of these things happen to me. I’m on Disability, I
    can’t afford to pay for these Tests and Treatment in the States! I know there
    are many others like me who cannot afford it, who are on Social Services /
    Ontario Works, or have Low Income Jobs and No Benefits at all!


  • carol

    Bill C-442 is a step in the right direction but I believe that there is such a fear of Lymes in the medical community that it is like hitting your head on a wall. Our son has had Lymes for twelve years now and we have found that the only way to get help for him is to deal with naturopaths, who are more than willing to help. I suggest that part of the push on Lymes is increased support for naturopathic care to help pay for the huge costs of supplements and IV’s. Hybaric oxygen treatment is very successful with Lymes but astronomical in cost. In B.C., naturopathic doctors have been given the go ahead to treat as they see fit, even to the point of prescribing IV antibiotics. This is a huge step and one that should be copied across Canada. This disease destroys lives for not only the patient but their families. It needs to be dealt with.

  • Suzette MacSkimming

    This is a threat in our area near Perth, Ontario. We live where there are many deer and finding ticks is not unusual. It frightens me to think that prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment might not be available

  • Susan

    Thank you for doing something about this atrocious disease. I was diagnosed with fibro when Lyme was the actual problem. If I had had antiobiotics right away, I would not have llost my health, career, physical fitness and relationship. I’ve had it since about 1996, when I remeber being bitten by the tick and getting the rash. My Dr still won’t believe that I have Lyme since he goes by the results of that focacta test they use in Cda., Sigh. I wish they had a LD clinic somewhere close where one could go and get the alternative treatments and whatever it takes to be healed!! Trying to eat right at home is difficult when one is so tired – its hard to be your own dr when one is sick. God bless you Ms. May for trying to get something done.. I hope Cda can “man up” and set its own guidelines without the influence of the CFDC, and I hope they will take into account anecdotal data as it is such a new disease all the info we can get is helpful.

  • Owltree

    Thank you Elizabeth. My daughter has had Lyme for 17 years destroying a major art career and costing us thousands of dollars as she lives in US. Now there are more resources in the States than Canad but still awful. David Foster’s wife has it and she has become a spokesperson for Lyme in the States. Amy Tam, the American writer has it and I understand that she is bedridden. She has a blog and as she got the tick bite around the same time as my daughter her story is basically the same as my daughter’s. Get in touch with your MP to support this bell, please.

  • Deborah

    Thank you for believing and fighting for those suffering with Lyme Disease! My partner has suffered from Lyme for 4 years and it is a very scary, painful and heartbreaking disease. We really need to get help from our Canadian Health Care community and get a cure for this debilitating disease. Please help all those effected from Lyme Disease, from young children to older adults.

  • Manitoby

    It killed my friend. Misdiagnosed then turned to ALS. The neigborhood dogs had it. Dogs can be tested with almost instant results. People not so much.
    North Dakota has lots of Lymes but apparently southern Manitoba has little.

  • marfnerd

    Yea, I got bit about 1980 or so, got a big round multi-ring bullseye on the back of my calf…

  • Teresa J

    We live on the west coast and my husband had Lyme Disease diagnosed in the US back in 2000. We were appalled and angered by the denial and lack of knowledge of our physicians here in BC. It basically was if they didn’t know about Lyme then it can’t exist. For a short time my husband was able to receive help from the only Lyme literate doctor at the time – Ernie Murikami. However our BC medical board forced his retirement and then there was no one. As a result, and at great cost to ourselves, he had to seek treatment outside the country. So 14 years later we enthusiastically applaud Elizabeth May’s initiative. Bravo!

  • Michelle Millar

    I lost my spouse to Ehrliciosis Muris like a co infection given by ticks. Within 13 days from infection he died a brutal death. I to have Lyme disease and co infections. I live in an endemic area in southern Manitoba, where many people have fibromyalgia, MS, ALS, lupus, rymitorid arthritis , Epstein Barr etc etc etc…without proper testing of Lyme and co infections,these people may very well be mis diagnosed. Doctors in this area have not been trained about Lyme, and many people including myself have been told we need antidepressants as we are imagining symptoms, of which is not true. We are so frustrated and disillusioned with the medical system and it’s lack of knowledge on this world wide epidemic.
    I along with many others have had to travel to the USA for treatment,of which costs us financially but also physically and emotionally.

  • DrMJW

    Thank you for doing what individual MDs can’t do—reach large numbers of people, particularly MPs who need to enact the help needed to address this growing disease so people are educated about the disease and it’s symptoms. Ads for this “action” would be a useful use of our tax dollars.

  • Michael Sherman

    Thank you for taking the lead on this issue.

  • sam mcgee

    Is there a facebook page? That’s a great way to get the word out and get petitions signed. Also has had a lot of successes

  • Tanis Magnusson

    We are so excited, my husband nearly died of Lyme disease, the doctors said it was not possible, and did not exist. thanks to Dr Greg Blaney of Stillpoint Centre in Vancouver my husband has his life and ours back. It took over 3 years of treatment to stop the disease. Thank you for bringing this disease to light. I think of all the people not diagnosed due to the unknown factors, or blind Doctors. It also passes thru the blood , so your children and their children can all be infected , generations of this horrible disease. The medical system continues to deny the fact that this is a real disease. They tried to say our Dr was a quack, and that my husband would die from the amount of antibiotics and treatment he was on. Well here he is living proof, now holding down a full time camp job, 12 hours a day, he used to work 4 hours and have to come home and go to bed, he has energy and lives a full and complete life again. Thanks,
    Tanis Magnusson

  • Blacktiger

    With the influx of deer within the town and city limits I’m wondering just how to explain to the animal activists that their wish to NOT CULL animals is NOT the best idea.

  • Liz DeVries

    My dog has been vaccinated for Lyme Disease – We live in area that has a lot of ticks. But my research found that the money for the research into vaccinations for humans has not been available for many years, although there has been some initial work in this area. I have been bitten twice by the type of tick that carries LYME – I don’t know whether it was a carrier or not, but the doctor I saw gave me antibiotics to take as a precautionary measure. I appreciate this disease getting more and ore public recognition and hope that a vaccine for humans will be developed sooner than later, and that education for doctors is more widely promoted.

  • Alex Gonsalves

    Thank you Elizabeth May for supporting us and fighting for a national strategy to deal with this horrible disease. We need a united effort to help the sufferers. Currently we face denial and controversy while the sick are misdiagnosed and the healthy are put at risk. Proper research, education, testing, diagnosis and treatment is long overdue.

  • Stef

    Thank you so much for all that you have done and are currently continuing to do for LYME disease! We thank you so very much!

  • Denise

    I have CLD and was told by a Lyme ‘expert’ that it not only doesn’t exist in Western Canada, but I should have NEVER sent my blood to IGenX (I got a positive from them)…. he actually yelled at me in the room and I left in tears…. I was dying from Lyme and no one cared!!
    I found Dr. Risk in Calgary… it is SO expensive, but I will get better.

    I wish I could get funding or financial help, though!

    • NehaStar

      What doctor did you visit in BC?

  • NehaStar

    We need more people to sign this petition! If you are someone reading this (or knows someone) that understands how to properly execute viral social media campaigns, please lets create more awareness of this disease and get more Canadians to sign this petition.

  • Cheryl Coulson Yelland

    Fantastic Elizabeth!! Your work is being recognized and appreciated….nice to see someone in parliament
    is someone who actually is concerned for her fellow man/woman and is
    not just talk….action speaks for its self! My son has Lyme Disease
    and I am so grateful to know you are out there fighting for our rights
    and I truly feel you are there for the people!! Good for you!!! Thank
    you! :)

  • Terri James

    Elizabeth, I
    treasure the fact that you are bringing Lyme disease into the light. Many of
    the tests out there are not as comprehensive as I would like and there are many
    components of Lyme disease and many different types of treatment depending on
    the individual. Perhaps you can integrate that into legislation as well. For my
    situation I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity. Luckily I
    found a company called Envita that provided me the specialized treatment I need
    to beat the disease. It took a while but
    after a year I now feel brand new. My symptoms have disappeared and I am even
    dancing again!

  • marie Larose

    Thank you Elizabeth ..we have been fighting with doctors here in Victoria bc for 2 yrs now .We have had a doctor walk out on us at the least mention of Lyme is costing thousands of dollars and meds are not covered .Why not just treat it .,and get it over with ,,the USA must be laughing at our medical system .they are the only one accepting blood test for Lyme and for curing lots of Canadians ..Of course here they make the money thru doctors visit and prescriptions for Fibro-MS-artritis-and on (what this disease mimics) and on Neurologist that say ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD ..can you imagine saying that to a 12 yr.old …….this really upset me to see my granddaughter with Lyme disease .Pretty soon they will say that I need a prescription to for being upset ….

  • Tony Q. King

    Why do nine out of ten sufferers of “Chronic” Lyme disease happen to be women?
    Does it somehow affect only women?
    I had Lyme disease, and nearly died. But a 25 day regimen of doxycycline cured it all up. More at

  • Ann Stephenson

    Lyme sufferer. Thank you Elizabeth!!

  • mike destiny

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  • ldisabel

    Hope that CRA recognizes Chronic Lyme Disease treatment and related costs so we can all claim out of pocket expenses.

  • vera santos

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