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National AIDS StrategyWidespread use of highly active antiretroviral drug therapy, a strategy known as Treatment as Prevention (TasP), has proven effective in both increasing life expectancy and preventing transmission of HIV and AIDS.  However, Canada is falling behind its G8 counterparts in both implementing TasP strategies here at home, and funding TasP strategies in high-risk countries abroad.  Many Canadians still do not have access to a sufficient level of diagnosis and treatment, especially First Nations people living on reserves and Canadians in remote communities generally.

Help Elizabeth secure effective treatment for HIV/AIDS through a national AIDS strategy! Sign below or download this petition, have as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

Online Petition

93 people have signed this petition. Add your voice to the growing number of Canadians speaking out about this issue.

Your petitioners call on the House of Commons to recognize that all Canadians, no matter their location or socioeconomic status, deserve access to pro-active diagnosis and effective treatment for HIV/AIDS, and immediately implement a National AIDS Strategy based on the proven principle of Treatment as Prevention.

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  • Denis LeBlanc

    Why is Eliz May leading a petition on this subject? Should this not be led by people living with HIV-AIDS if this what they want? When did May lead a consultation to determine this is a strategy people living with HIV or the national HIV movement would support?

  • Bob

    people living with HIV/Aids, did ask Elizabeth to take up this petition for us,,,, as our M.P. she has listened to her constituents,, who by the way happen to be benefactors of a Strategy called Treatment as Prevention,, B.C. is the only province in Canada, to fully implement this model,,,, we are patients advocating that this level of care be available for all Canadian,,, we are grateful to the Green Party, for bringing this important issue forward and table it for discussion in the House,,,, our Gov’t relies on the hope that we are bound by stigma, and will not speak out on this issue,, we are proving them wrong,,,, again as patients we are championing this approach ,, we want to connect with others across the country,, who are living positive,, we hope that with some education on Treatment as Prevention you can check out their latest conference with tons of info on this approach,,,at this link presently in Canada, their is too much emphasis on economic growth,, i.e. money from sale of dirty oil,, and a lack of social justice,,, in this case for a very vulnerable group,,, as a member of that group, we thought it important to stand up and voice our concerns,,, Canada dismantled the Health Accord, fired scientists, made each province autonomous in spending it’s health care dollars,,, HIV/Aids has a thirty year history of evidence based science and research to show a national strategy is necessary to fight this disease,,, and could act as a model because health care for Canadians, needs to flow from science and research, and not focus on business models, the late Jim Flaherty, was a strong advocate for people with disabilities, he was all about inclusiveness, and he would have seen the importance of basing health care in the roots of science and research would achieve the desired goals financially as well,,, just read the research,,,

  • Bob

    Finally,,, there is presently NO NATIONAL HIV movement,,, with the help of our M.P. we are creating one,,,

  • Shirley Grant

    I signed this petition because there is NO reason with all of the resources and medication available, for women to have to go without treatment. I don’t want another baby to be born with AIDS or HIV… Especially knowing this can be prevented!
    Shirley G

  • Bob

    Health ministers response to petition

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