National Climate Strategy

On Thursday, January 12th, 2012 in Get Involved

Unmitigated climate change will cost Canada approximately $5 billion per year by 2020, and between $21 billion and $43 billion per year by 2050. Adapting to climate change makes economic sense. It can lower the cost of climate impacts by preventing damage, saving money and lives.

Help Elizabeth push the federal government to keep its promise to adopt a National Climate Strategy. Sign below or download this petition, get as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

Online Petition

5028 people have signed this petition. Add your voice to the growing number of Canadians speaking out about this issue.

We call on the Government of Canada to live up to its promise of ensuring Canada’s long-term prosperity, recognizing the central role that a stable climate must inevitably play in achieving this goal and, to this end, adopt a National Climate Strategy that describes, in a transparent manner, the specific measures to be taken in order that the government adhere to the CO2 targets adopted by the 40th Parliament of Canada for a 25% reduction below 1990 levels by 2020, and followed by an 80% CO2 reduction below 1990 levels by 2050.

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  • Greg Loftus

    Our government is way behind and trying to get furthr back Racing towards the starting line

  • Concerned

    it’s extremely sad when we’re ranked 4th worst country in the world just above Kazakhstan, Iran and Saudi Arabia for Climate and enviromental performance. United States and China are both well above us too.

  • Mohammad Ataullah

    We need to remind government and wake people up to ask and get federal tax break from their eco friendly homes, Apt bldgs, cars, factories, businesses to shopping centres. Maybe start a report card or point system for all.

  • Carol Young

    We need a petition to promote green tech – creating jobs at the same time as taking care of the environment. Fossil fuel is the fuel of yesterday, it has no place in our future.

  • A grandmother

    Let the people lead and the politicians will follow.

  • Andrea Becker

    We need to educate people, politicians and business people especially, that making the leap to a sustainable economy won’t hurt us, in fact it will be enormously beneficial and will save us! Read Chris Turner’s ‘The Leap’ to see how other countries are making the leap and leaving Canada dismally far behind. Our so called red hot economy will suffer eventually if we don’t get on board the sustainability track.

  • BabsStreisand

    No country can accept glory when emissions are arguably down from the previous year. It is a measure of a depressed economy, slowed manufacturing, not stewardship.

  • nature nut

    I wonder how long it will take for our atmosphere to look like China’s if something isn’t done to reduce the pollution…

  • Jane Smith

    We need to wake up the government to the wishes of the majority of Canadians!

  • Susan South

    I would like to see more incentives for green initiatives, more protection for rivers and wild animal habitats, abolish fish farms and give tax incentives for home owners using energy efficient solar or alternatives to oil and gas products.

  • Thomas Brawn

    One irony I find amusing is that very few of these regressive “Conservatives” seem to have the intellectual capacity to have read George Orwell’s “1984″. Mr. Oliver has labelled objectors to pipelines and oil tankers in Alberta and B.C. as “radicals”. A look through any current major english language dictionary will cite the word “reformers” in the definition of “radicals” . I’ve heard that word before…….Holy newspeak Batman!
    Are we not doomed? It’s like every cabinet minister has had a therapy session in Room 101!

    • Barefoot Nomad

      How true!

  • Gyrithe Startup

    I can hardly wait for the next fed. election!!!

  • Sabina Hill

    Looking forward to election time so we can replace our current ‘leadership’ with one that actually respects our environment.

  • organic grocer

    We need a change in Political Will,
    We need a change in Ottawa.

    We need a Canadian Government not a Harper Government.

    • Barefoot Nomad

      Amen to that! What I don’t understand is why the Governor General hasn’t been formally asked to prorogue parliament yet? Isn’t there something we can do, as concerned Canadians, to make this happen? Surely there must be some way we can oust Harper from government?

      • Cuneiform

        Cause the GG is a harpercrit pussy that’s why!

      • Unseen

        I say get rid of the so-called “Head of State” which is a step in the right direction to that.

        • Ice Bear

          Our Head of State needs to realize that although he was appointed by Harper, he actually represents the Queen, and as such is supposed be be above Harper in the pecking order. If we could get petitions large enough to represent a significant number of Canadians into his hands, and the backing of the opposition members of parliament, with request that these be presented to the Queen with the request that he, on her behalf, excercise that power that officially still rests with the Crown, there might be hope. It happened once in Australia.

  • Debby

    I always hoped and thought that I came from one of the greatest countries in the world but when our Environment minister gets up and says we won’t stick to the Kyoto accord because the U.S. isn’t going to, that is not leadership, it is not long term planning and it means we only want to get elected in four years time by saying we will have a balanced budget, so; money comes before a healthy environment and a world for our children and grandchildren. Someone must remember that it is cheaper to prevent more damage than to have to cure/fix the damage later.

  • Helliem

    Greed trumps everything in the end. Most corporate entrepreneurs and their government enablers don’t think they will be around when the dirt hits the fan.

  • Paul Anthony

    Our government officials are pulling us closer and closer to extinction for their own trivial gains.

  • Disgusted

    The Harper government is an embarrassment to Canada and does not represent the majority of Canadians. Their self serving agenda does not reflect what needs to be done. I am sick of the hand puppets (an insult to puppets) that are supposed to be representing the people, not King Harper. Our current Federal government has abused their power and should step down. An autocratic government is NOT what Canada stands for nor should Canadians stand for it!

  • Ashamed of our gov’t

    Canada use to be a world leader in environmental sustainability and conservation of our natural resources…now we have been set back and have lost all creditability in the international community’s eyes..I am proud to b a Canadian but am deeply ASHAMED of how this government represents me as a a matter of fact, The Harper regime does NOT represent my values as a young Canadian..

    • Barefoot Nomad

      I agree with you 100%

    • Shas Cho

      Harper does not speak for me!

    • Michael Peiffer

      We need more Green Party members.

  • fed up

    I am so ashamed of our federal and provincial governments. Hopefully climatologist Andrew Weaver will be elected for the Green Party in our May provincial election in British Columbia.

  • Lawrence B. Erdile

    The Conservative have betrayed Canada and Canadians yet again. They are short-sighted and ineffectual.

  • Peter Smith

    According to Webster’s, among other things, “conservative” means “tending to preserve established traditions or institutions and to resist or oppose any changes in these.” Shouldn’t then a Conservative government seek to preserve the existing climate and established life on this planet? Or do they perhaps believe in continuing the established tradition of burning ever greater quantities of fossil fuels and generating ever greater quantities of emissions in pursuit of ever greater profits for the oil, gas and coal companies?

  • Eduardo

    With ‘Big Oil’ pulling the ‘puppet strings’ any government in Canada
    would be in their pockets. We need a government that will support all
    efforts at reducing emissions and gradually get us out of being over depended
    on fossil fuels, and foster support efforts in research and science . Oil is the biggest ‘drug’ on the planet, our ‘Conservative’ Government is the facilitator for Big Oil only
    Pipelines across this country don’t help Canadians; they help Big Oil

  • Greenie

    The Tories are unresponsive to the people of Canada at the national and local level. I’d like to have some say in what happens to me but even my Tory MP responds with boilerplate to every question. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a say between elections?

  • lani4

    Harper was right – I don’t recognize Canada anymore. Even worse I’m ashamed to be Canadian and ashamed because of the Harper government’s actions and policies regarding the environment, big business and his racist attitudes toward First Nations people.

  • frank arturi

    Prosperity built on the destruction of land, water, air, people, is no prosperity, but death by a thousand cuts. People like Mr. Oliver and Mr. Harper will have to pay for their misguided, self-serving, demonic policies which favour only their corporate masters.

    • Michael Mallin

      Gee…nobody here seems to like P.M. Harper.
      Am I the only one? NOT! Can’t wait for the chance to get rid of this detriment to our society.

  • Karen R Stackaruk

    Has Harper not seen the environmental changes in his own life – beaches closed due to high bacteria levels, indoor recess for elementary students due to elevated UV readings, only 4% of old-growth left on our west coast island … Can he not see the forest for the trees? Oh, right, they’re gone!

    • A Smith

      He probably can see it he is just another right wing fundamentalist who sees it all as another step closer to heaven. Why would he want to slow that down? Extreme Christians should not be allowed to govern countries. They are incapable of unbiased compassion.

      • Guy Morin

        Harper is not an extreme Christian. Where do you get that idea from. You are beginning to sound like the Americans with talk like that. Harper is a bad politician – that is all. I am a Christian and I don’t believe he is at all!

    • Crying for Canada

      He is not concerned with the future for his children or grandchildren. He has enough money to move somewhere safe with them after he destroys Canada.

      • Jo. Unrau

        That is my take on things. Harper just wants to load his pockets, then disappear when Canadians catch on to what he’s doing & kick him out of office.

    • Ullrich Fischer

      It looks like he may be one of those religious nutjobs who welcome the apocalypse and wants to do whatever he can to create as much chaos as possible so the Biblical predictions of disasters in the Book of Revelations will come true that much quicker.

      • Guy Morin

        That’s not fair Ullrich, “religious nutjobs”? are people too that greatly disagree with the present government. You will only alienate those that would help your side to make change if you keep talking like that.

  • Pinkibus

    The Harper government(TM) is opposed to anything that doesn’t benefit the oil companies in the tar sands. Water is our greatest asset and he is allowing the water to be destroyed. He silences all opposition to his backwards position that belongs at the beginning of the 19th century. Canada has never had such a destructive tyrannical government.

    • Tiamat

      that is true,but it reflects the global politic of our times,in which corporations – not goverments,rule !! on the tar sands issue,i am with makes me sick in the pit of my stomache.a few months back i said out loud ‘i wish a comet would hit the tar sands and wipe it out’… the very next day… i saw the news of a comet crashing into a town in the Ural mountains in Russia.I asked my husband to go check the latitude and longitude; it was almost exactly the same latitude,and just a few degrees off the longitude,as the tar sands-on the other side of the Earth !! one wonders; DOES GOD DO ACUPUNCTURE?! ( i can only hope!)

  • janice cowley

    Why is Harper so bent on destroying Canada and Canadians vision?? We want clean sustainable renewable energy NOW and we also want to protect our most vulnerable resources, Air, Water and soilt and our citizens, plz

    ps. could you please help me strengthen Canadian Law on cyber bullying by signing my petition at to the Minister of Justice

  • Liz

    Climate change will have a big impact on Canada, especially for those of us who live along Canada’s coasts, or in the Arctic, or use melt water from snowpack or glaciers in the summer – a large proportion of the population, in other words. Harper’s policies are not in the interest of Canadians.

  • saorsa

    China has some very bad air pollution, fired by coal., now they will drive it up with our oil. Are we enablers ????!!!!

  • Julia Henderson

    Steven Harper is eroding this country. I deeply oppose his environmental (or rather un-environmental) policies…and especially this move. We need a different government!! This one is shameful.

  • Ashamed with our government…

    These days, when I read something like this, I’m too shocked to think of anything. It seems so inhumane, the corruption in our system. It’s not democracy anymore, as long as political agendas are more important than the people. The fact that we have to fight back is good – at least it doesn’t look like we live in a dictatorship. I just wonder, what will it take for everyone to wake up and realize that each one of us has to tell the government what to do, in order to avoid all this trickery?

  • Kent Felks

    How much more damage are Canadians let Harper get away with??……he is dragging our Country through the mud!!! Canada once had a good reputation world wide….now we are being looked at as a Rogue Nation!!!

  • Teresa

    I don’t know when our government decided its citizens don,t care

  • Rose Hawkins

    I am still proud to be Canadian but Harper’s choices offend me and his actions are devastating to our great heritage, the beloved land we live in and to the moral responsibility we have to our country and the global welfare.

  • mk1313

    What we need is a new style of government that represents all Canadians, 1st past the post has to go! Additionally, any government, MPP or MP that does enough to piss off the majority of Canadians/regional voters needs to have a means to YANK that government/yahoo out of office regardless of whether an election is imminent or not. Lastly, all corporate donations/influence must end, governments need to be responsive to people not soulless money grubbing corporations! Only when government is responsive to the PEOPLE of Canada as a whole and not a minority will changes like this come to be!

  • Patrick Guntensperger

    Frequently during Mulroney’s Prime Ministership, occasionally during Chretien’s tenure, I was ashamed and embarrassed by our government. That, however, is a constant state under the government of Stephen Harper. Harper brings constant shame to this country.

    I travel a great deal, and since Harper has placed his brand on my country I no longer feel that little frisson of pride when people ask me where I’m from. I now tend to look at the ground and admit it it quietly.

    Pagun ( )

    • Janis Booth

      Patrick you are absolutely right, there is no kudos in being identified as Canadian anymore rather just shame and despair.

  • SK

    Harper has one heck of a nerve, especially when a worse draught is being predicted for North America this summer.

  • Rebuking demon Harper

    Harper is the devil and Canada is the Zion he attacks. God bless you Ms May and all of us Canadians who won’t be blinded by lies and simple ignorance. Where have the honest and true leaders gone, who LISTEN to the people they are suppose to represent? You won’t get away with this Harper, you WON’T. For sure your soul won’t.

  • Benalbanach

    Harpers Magazine (no pun intended lol ) in their index lists Canada as the number one garbage producing nation per capita. It must irk our Harper that there’s nothing he can do to surpass that.

  • Cuneiform

    Who will be able to garner enough votes to kick this contemptuous POS government out?

  • Kathy Leveque

    Blessings to you Elizabeth. I hope that Trudeau and Mulcair will take up this cause with you.

  • Al Jaugelis

    I am ashamed and outraged at the Harper government’s callous retreat from sound environmental policy and the dismantling of vital research programs in multiple areas, including the environment. This period of Canada’s history will be remembered as a “dark age” of benighted, narrowly ideological and hostile politics. I can’t wait for a new government.

  • Gil

    The Harper government is out of control. We need to stop him before we are hated as much as the US used to be.

  • Louis Mikolainis

    Mr Harper the gutting has to stop! Canada and Canadians are loosing face in the eyes of the world!

  • Bevcpro

    what happened to our political will? We need to defeat the Conservatives and get our Canada back on a sane fiscal track. Reliance on a fossil fuel economy is short sighted at best and frankly, stupid in the extreme.

  • Frankie Rothschild

    Per Carol Young 3 months ago below – “We need a petition to promote green tech – creating jobs at the same time as taking care of the environment. Fossil fuel is the fuel of yesterday, it has no place in our future.” I agree, don’t you?

  • JudithF

    Shame on Canada!

  • tlp

    I suggest Harper read (or re-read) the journal article regarding libertarianism of environmental laws by Ont Premier Mike Harris that led to the tragedy at Walkerton. We sure haven’t learned our lesson. This move does not represent me as a Canadian.

  • PaulaD

    Elizabeth May I fervently hope that one day The Green Party comes into power in Canada. Maybe then we can see a real change in the way our beloved country is run.
    It’s time for the working people of Canada to have a say in how it’s run, not just by the ruling rich.

  • Grant

    Steven Harper seems to be president of the flat earth society

  • Ellen Wardell

    Thank you again, Elizabeth May, for all of your work advocating for the environment! You are a model of what a politician should be!

  • Trudi, Stephanie & Christopher

    How disgraceful that our country that has so much would not want to help other poorer countries meet this terrible threat. Why do we have CIDA projects abroad when our government does not support this important work? Are the personnel there just to escape our Canadian winters? It seems we have millions, if not billions, to host a meeting of the G8 countries, but nothing for people who really need our help. For shame.

  • No longer a proud Canadian.

    If there were a cartoon to depict Canada as a character in the climate change world stage he would be an overweight, arrogant, condescending individual waving his finger while his pockets full of black oil oozed a slimy trail behind him. That is how I see our once great country on the environmental stage and it saddens and infuriates me. Kyoto, Convention on Drought, Experimental Lakes, Fisheries Libraries – all victims of a very sick character.

  • RSB

    How much pollution is Harper’s aircraft producing during its unwelcome and unnecessary flight to attend Thatcher’s funeral?

    • janis

      They say birds of a feather don’t they, Thatcher was wrong in about 90% of her policies( the only right one was standing up for the Falklands.) Harper is borne of the same ilk, Utterly despotic!

  • Beth

    This gets added to the myriad of reasons why I NEVER vote conservative!

  • Luluspeakeasy

    We are the ugly Canadians! We seem to have outsourced our values!

  • Janis Booth

    This man should be like his cohort chucked out of office, he is a menace to civilised society and an utter bully to boot.

  • Pierre Langlois

    Félicitations Mme May. Cet homme es un anti progrès, non seulement pour le Canada, mais aussi pour la planette entière. Que se cache derrière les élucubrations de ce pauvre homme ?

  • Jacques Béique

    J’aimerais que la liste des changements à nos ententes internationales et nos lois de gestion du territoire, modifiées depuis l’avènement du gouvernement de M. Harper, puissent être publiée dans nos journaux et sur internet de façon à sensibiliser la population au fait que l’on est en voie de détruire notre milieu de vie, et, l’image du Canada sur la scène internationale en ce domaine.
    J’ai maintenant honte d’être canadien !

  • Alienated

    Wealth is largely created by stealing. Not only is the current government of Canada allowing the rich to inherit our great-great-great-great-great-grand children’s food, they have the audacity to not even tax them for it… Shame

  • Dont get it

    How this government can be higher than the Nude Garden or Rhinoceros parties in the polls is an utter mystery to me.

  • Ahti Tolvanen

    We have to remember that about 40% of Canadians voted for this government. The main thing they were likely suspicious of was Stephane Dion’s “Green Shift”. The people behind this government are our friends, neighbours and relatives. Isn’t it about time we started talking to them and not taking the attitude that those of us opposing climate change are the silent majority the government is selfishly riding roughshod over as it messes up the future for our grandchildren. A goodly number of Canadians we know and talk to daily probably think the government is still doing a good job serving their interests. Isn’t it about time we startedto care enough for our neighbours to convince them that we also care about them and their grandchildren when we speak out against climate change. Time for some heart-to-hearts and quality time discussions over the backyard fence this spring and summer.

  • Donna

    Thank you for all your efforts

  • Jan

    This is so important. All plans for economic security will go for nothing if the climate spins out of control. We need to act while there is still time.

  • Pat

    How shocking and sad that the Harper government is turning their backs on the environment. Water, air and soil are necessary for life. We all need safe water to drink, clean air to breathe and water and soil to produce our food. Very basic needs for survival. Right?
    So why withdraw from Kyoto? Why cancel The Experimental Lakes Studies? Oceans and Fisheries were doing great work in protecting our rivers and lakes and ocean fish stocks. They need more support not less. Expanding drought conditions in Canada and in Africa is scary. As global citizens we must help.

  • Pete

    I would like to see the end to tax incentives for large industry as a constant, some relief can be given on a one time basis for projects that will create jobs that are long lasting and environmentally sustainable. Protection of our lakes and rivers should be a no-brainer. Every child sees the beauty to be found there . For us to waste away that beauty for a dollar is a great sin.

  • Virve

    I don’t understand how anyone can think that Harper will easily win a majority in the next election. ANYONE would be better than him. I challenge members of the Conservative Party to do what’s right and vote against him in the legislature. I don’t want to wait and see what he’s going to do next.

  • Get rid of HARPER!

    How can we get rid of Harper and his conservative admin EARLY? We can’t wait 2 more years! He’s destroying everything! It took generations to build our country and our global reputation. We need to start Canada’s recovery now!

  • Green Granny

    Whatever happened to the democratic, socially responsible Canada that we were proud of? The Harper government has bent over for the multinationals and the almighty dollar!! I would like to know what can we do and how can we intitiate the public voice, because the Conservative MPs sure don’t seem to be representing the constituants!!

  • Peggy Lynd Binning

    Our name and country is being destroyed by Harper. Where we were once respected now others are shocked at our lack of compassion and participation.

  • Debbie from Ingersoll, ON

    I read many of the comments on this page and I have to say that I am ashamed as well to have the government we currently have represent my family and I. They have sold us out so many times and are planning on more of the same in the future. From trying to make more free trade agreements that will sell out our beautiful land to mining and selling asbestos to developing countries when we can’t use it here is appalling. My pride in our nation is slowly slipping away. We have so many great people living in this country who care so much about the nation and the world we live in. My greatest wish is that more and more Canadians start to really speak out against these atrocities rather than sitting back and keeping silent.

  • Guy Morin

    Where are we going with this government? I did NOT vote for this government so am not quite ashamed of my choice of leaders. This is not right Canada used to be known for many great things and now we are losing our credibility and our integrity because of an incompetent governmet OR because of an incompetent government leader that thinks this is HIS country. This is not HIS country – this is OUR country and he is not speaking for me because I would not make these foolish choices for ALL Canadians. I would let the PEOPLE SPEAK!

  • anita utas

    Beaver are a keystone species and are recently being used to mitigate drought in areas in the USA. Beaver are routinely trapped and killed throughout North America, and their habitat destroyed for development. If you saw The Nature of Things “The Beaver Whisperer” you’ll understand how critical it is to protect beaver because they maintain our water tables. Also, check out an article in Canadian Geographic, December 2012, “The Beaver is Back: How the once-reviled rodent can protect us from drought.”

  • 400ppm

    We have now reached 400 ppm CO2 in our atmosphere and I believe we have reached the proverbial tipping point scientists have been warning us about since the 1980′s. In a mere 100 years we have irreversibly changed the balance of nature and are leaving a devastating legacy for future generations. It is critical that we stop the Harper government from raping our nation and contributing to the downfall of the natural world. The only thing transparent about our current government is their lack of concern for our environment.

  • 400ppm

    As I read through the posts I can’t help but notice the comments about right-wing fundamentalists. Please believe that there are Christians out there who do not fit that description and who strongly oppose the Harper government’s position on a multitude of issues. We are called upon to love all people and to be judicious caretakers of this incredible planet we call home. That includes ALL Canadians, natural resources and wildlife.

  • Robert North

    Right Hon. P. M. Harper, do you not care that your vile worship of Money by your governments’ laws and actions threatens the future of your own children? If they understood that your support of Oil and stubborn refusal to do what will take care of the Earth and its climate will destroy their future they would rebuke you themselves but no doubt you have lied to them as you lie to us. You are vile. Jesus sees through you.

  • The One and Onni

    In the name of Corporate Greed, Can you not understand the problems you foisting upon future generations? Or is satisfying current Greed so much more important?

  • Donna Havinga

    We have a national climate strategy at There are also provincial strategies and many local strategies. We need action not more strategies and reports. Studies, strategy sessions and reports cost taxpayers endless monies with no concrete results except another lovely report.

  • Francine Renaud

    we do need to change our mind and our way of doing certain things…

  • Shas Cho

    These are very, *very* minimal demands.
    I signed it because we must grasp at any straws we find,
    but what we need is an immediate ban
    on oil exploration, drilling, bitumen mining, pipelines,
    refineries, oil ports and oil tankers.
    The billions of dollars thus saved
    must be invested in sustainable energy.

    Canada has fallen from being a world leader
    in ecological responsibility
    to being paired with the USA
    as one of the primitive, dirty nations.
    We can turn from oil and coal to sun and wind in three years.
    We will *never* change if we don’t begin,
    «and next year may well be too late.

  • pinkibus

    The way in which Harper has used my tax dollars to lobby the American government and pay for ads claiming the Keystone XL pipeline will be good for America enrages me and shames me. The senate scandal of Duffy is not a crime against humanity. Mining the tar sands is.

  • Joe Lanteigne

    I dont trust our govt. to create a climate strategy.

  • Marian Leslie

    Canada’s lack of action regarding climate change is distressing, and shameful.

  • ispi

    I think grade 5 students could do a better job than Ottawa is doing, for a lot less $$$$$’s

  • brad

    Harper is a scumbag who will do whatever it takes to get that dirty oil to Asia,he doesnt care about the future just a large bank account.

  • concerned in Courtenay

    After the Calgary flood (and the other AB affected areas) – right in PW Harper’s own riding, how could anyone deny climate change is an influential factor in our daily lives. After the 40 + heat wave in Central Canada, cannot everyone agree: we need to act now to save our species and to reduce its negative impact upon our Blue Planet.

  • jBarry

    It is hard for me to summon my, now historical pride re: being Canadian. Politically our federal & provincial governments are determined to stay the course with fossil fuels, be it natural gas or oil while removing all science & safeguards which might impede. Our green dialogue is dead in the (contaminated) water. So much moral dismantling in such a short space of time. History will show the Harper regime denied Canadians participation re: energy evolution for a decade and Canadians woke up too late to rescue any semblance of that hard-earned (historical) prideful place in the greater world.

  • Gardener

    It is frustrating that Canadians keep electing and re-electing ignorant government that lies to its people. Opposition to their actions does not seem to be loud enough or more wide-spread. Does the government really represent the ideology of the majority of Canadians because Harper, the autocrat, is not listening to those who oppose.

  • Ice Bear

    For us, and most of our friends and associates, we no longer feel that we have any representation in Ottawa. Canada is becoming a country of rules, or lack of rules, that we no longer recognize. What has always defined Canada is rapidly vanishing as we become a free for all of toxic, resource based raw materials, providing profits for foreign multi nationals, and offering us only a desolate future of devastated landscapes, poisons and sickness. Wonder where Harper is planning to retire? Someplace well removed from the disaster he is creating, I expect.

  • Jaspera

    I, too, am very ashamed of our Canadian Government and what it has done to Canada and the Earth in its 7 years of dictatorship. I love Canada and what it has always stood for, and I appreciate the fair-mindedness, common sense, and decency of Canadians who have been so betrayed and duped by this Government. We desperately need a National Climate Strategy, in addition to an integrative energy policy, environmental and biodiversity policy/strategy, so that we can again be at the forefront of combatting global warming, climate change, biodiversity loss (on land, sea, and air), and even the collapse of human health and well-being. I agree with Ice Bear – the Governor General as Head of State, though appointed by Harper, is supposed to be above the Prime Minister and acting on behalf of the Canadian people, but he is not. Although apparently a very nice man, he disappoints, as he seems to be not much different from all the other political appointees, in or out of the Senate, by Harper, and merely does the present PM’s bidding. He is not representing the Canadian people at this point and certainly not intervening on their behalf. It’s a good idea to remind him that Australia did bring about the type of change that Canada needs now.

  • Kathy

    Let’s return to our original commitment and more….otherwise we will ALL pay a very high price economically, health-wise, and environmentally.

  • Ariadne Etienne

    I’m ashamed of the federal government that Canadians may or may not have elected. I’d like to see Capital Punishment reinstated but only to punish political and corporate leaders when they lie, cheat, and steal from Canadians. Harper should be headless after the next election.

  • mightymax747

    give Harper a wake up call, they have been tip toeing around this issue too long.

  • Ninaohman Ojeda

    I became a handicapped person since 2010 with no possibility to work or make money because outdoors contamination in closed spaces can kill, the government of Canada and health services greatly contributed to this,

  • noharperfan

    Harper would do well as a dictator in some banana republic – he’s certainly not my idea of a responsible western leader. Can’t wait for the next election to get him and his bunch of yes-men out of office.

  • Gary

    I see two effective ways to get rid of Harper. One way is political, the other way is violent. The first way is to have Mulcair and Trudeau get over themselves and join Elizabeth May in forming a Coalition Party to defeat Harper’s Conservatives in the election. Canadians are traditionally perceived as very polite, but to rid ourselves of this Harper menace we must put politeness aside. Harper is a threat to the quality of life Canadians value and it will take a unified front to force him from power. If that way fails, then the second way becomes a more serious consideration.

  • Peter H


  • Jo. Unrau

    Harper government is destroying our country & care nothing about Canada’s future or Canadians. Vote Green. None of the others care.

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Learn how to support Elizabeth May with her work in Parliament ALT

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June 22nd, 2017

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June 21st, 2017

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June 7th, 2017

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May 15th, 2017

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April 27th, 2017

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April 13th, 2017

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Sidney, BC  V8L 2Y8

Phone: 250-657-2000
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Parliament Hill Office

518 Confederation Building
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A6

Phone: 613-996-1119
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