National Moratorium on Fracking

On Monday, January 14th, 2013 in Get Involved

There is a lack of regulation, lack of enforcement, lack of oversight and lack of scientific understanding regarding the nonetheless extremely widespread practice of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the search for new and ever more marginal supplies of oil and gas;

Over 200,000 wells have been hydraulically fractured in Western Canada alone, and every well requires approximately 11 million litres of water, enough to fill 4.5 Olympic swimming pools, which is mixed and contaminated with up to 220,000 litres of toxic fracking fluid

Help Elizabeth push for an immediate national moratorium on hydraulic fracturing fracking. Sign below or download this petition, have as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

Online Petition

2865 people have signed this petition. Add your voice to the growing number of Canadians speaking out about this issue.

Your petitioners call upon the Government of Canada to immediately implement a national moratorium on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), compel oil and gas companies to disclose all chemicals that have been used in fracking to date, conduct a comprehensive environmental assessment and, in accordance with the polluter-pays principle, hold companies to account for the cost of cleaning up the damage already that has already been inflicted.

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  • Helen

    “Fracking” may be dirtier than the tar sands. I think it’s more dangerous to our health.

  • Temara Brown

    I signed the petition but it still says zero people signed it. Yet another sting on Valentines Day :( hahaha

    • craigcantin

      I think it was just a caching issue. If anyone else has a similar problem, let us know! Thanks! :)

  • Eve Richardson

    I have serious concerns about the effects of fracking on our underground water systems. We have polluted so many waters already, to add fracking to the problem is just plain wrong.

  • Elaine

    We seem to learn nothing. We must pay attention to what’s happened in Pennsylvania.

    • Lea McNalley

      In more States then that!!

  • Susan Barr

    Please stop this fracking find another way, when will we realize that we are out of fuel

  • Rhonda Mansfield

    there should be another way !!!

  • Rob Palo

    This method of Nat Gas extraction uses enomous quantities of clean water which is sullied with unknown chemicals as it goes underground. Does the industry pay a realistic fee for that clean water, does it recover 100% of it after frac’ing, does it clean up any of the polluted water which is recovered such that it is drinkable? Lots of questions but no answers. It’s a mining venture that exploits our valuable water resource like many before it then abandons the site once the primary resource, Nat Gas is gone.

  • Graham Hughes

    Fracking is ridiculous. We need to repeal free-trade to stabilize our economy, not rape our nation to sell of cheap resources to Asian markets.

  • Sandra Bruderer

    Idle No More! Kill all the bills. Kill Bills C-45, C-38, S-8, S-2, S-6, C-27, and S-212.

  • Laurie Scott

    Fracking is evil. Chairman Harper is evil. NDP in NS are evil.
    Go Elizabeth go!

  • Anne Onymous

    The Members of the House of Commons and the Senate should be forced to consume fracking water before the vote. Let may think it is OK to force future generations to drink the stuff, but the vote will be unanimous against fracking if they had that taste in their mouth. Flamimg water on the rocks Mr. Harper?>

  • David Cyr

    Wasting water when billions on the planet do not have the same access we do. 20% of the people using 80% of the resources. A system that makes those 20% survival depended on gas and oil. This while 2% of the population controld half the monetary wealth. We need to do something to change all this but what? Lets start by saying no to fracking at the very least then go from there.

  • Michele Maxted

    The REAL jewel in Canada’s crown is our water! The fracking and tar sands industries are robbing Canadians blind of our most precious resource. This MUST stop!!!

  • Paul Jones

    Stop being so greedy and worry about what you are doing to our planet and our childrens future.

  • Larry Haines

    it need to looked into and done right

  • George Simich

    We have to wean ourselves off fossil fuels and stop poisoning our water.

  • Gail Morrison

    Fracking is poisoning our water. Water is life. There has to be a better solution.

  • Lisa Barrett

    Stop the climate catastrophe and water contamination. No fracking. Period.

  • Alan MacLeod

    If corporations are “people”, Frackers are “I-Me-Mine”, coddled, greedy children – not paying for the fresh water they squander, not cleaning up after themselves & then, denying all responsibility for wrecking other peoples’ stuff. Governments need act like adults by forcing Frackers to “grow up already”.

  • Anita Rotheram

    Watch the interesting CBC fracking documentary on Nature of Things. The fresh water that is used is NOT recoverable; it’s toxic & being pumped deep underground thus removing milions upon millions of gallons of fresh water from the environment. Our descendants are going to curse us to hell for leaving behind a scorched & toxic planet.

  • Nancy Arsenault

    Thank the Good Lord, Elizabeth is fighting the fight!!!

  • frigginfrakkers

    Watch Gasland and follow Josh Fox
    @gaslandmovie on twitter for more information on the fight against fracking.

  • Agarnier

    This fracking moratorium is a no-brainer. So, where does that leave Harper and HIS Conservatives?

  • Tariq Ahsan

    Fracking pollutes the water supply with dangerous chemicals and endangers the health of communities. Should be halted immediately.

  • JPierre33

    Clark and her projections are all based on NG expansion by ‘fracking’ – unrealistic for the ‘get go’.

  • Kris Ta

    Fracking needs to be banned everywhere, forever!

  • Christine

    How can one justify contaminating fresh water, which is gradually coming in shorter supply, when ALL living things on Mother Earth depend on it to survive… do they have a death wish for our planets future?

  • Suzanne Denommee

    Fragmenting is done with drinking water. The Earth contains very little drinking water. Already a lot of people die of thirst. They cannot recover any of the water used as it is so polluted. The Nature of Things on CBC explained the situation very clearly. They take water from two whole beautiful lakes just for one extraction site. In my opinion, these companies are murderers: they are murdering our lakes, our planet and the human race, site by site, for the Almighty Dollar. I repeat: THEY ARE MURDERING OUR PLANET!

  • Tony Dorling

    I’d really like to support the Green Party but unfortunately the standard modus operandi of many environmental groups is to cry wolf, demonize project proponents, and stifle debate by clinging to absolute positions, supported by tenuous “facts”.

    To be fair, governments and industry often employ similar tactics, so any debate that survives becomes simplified and polarized and devolves down to whether a project is “good or bad”. This is certainly the case for fracking. Every fracking operation is different, and each presents unique challenges and opportunities.

    In reality, no petition is going to stop fracking, and to think otherwise is just delusional.

    IMHO, environmental groups often spend too much energy to focus on single issues, like fracking, XL pipeline, Northern Gateway, etc to the detriment of being able to encourage reasoned debate about larger environmental, social and economic issues.
    Fracking it seems is merely the media darling issue of the moment.

    • Agarnier

      You come across as a corporate shill. The only criteria used to determine fracking , or any other polluting projects, is its threat to human life and the environment. When any project can exhibit full accountability to the public on the science of public safety and pollution regulations, I am sure that the sane citizens will make the appropriate choice. To underestimate the force of public opinion in stopping fracking in this country is a fools opinion. The war on the mindless wealthy and their greed seed in political corruption has just begun. As the Liberals say, “Just watch us”.

  • tim matheson

    It’s a rush to get established before there can be regulation of the process, Fracking will be seen to be a bad idea so they are hurdling forward

  • nbwater

    We are in the thick of it here in New Brunswick

  • Bonnie Hamilton Bogart

    Hydraulic fracturing and natural gas development will intensify Canada’s involvement with resource extraction and increase our dependency on fossil fuels. Greater use of fossil fuels will propel climate change beyond sustainability. This is not only about what fracking can do to our water resources, our air quality and the social fabric of our communities. This is about what climate change can, and will do to our children’s health, and the health of every human being on Earth. Read EPA’s latest report, America’s Children and the Environment, page 138.

  • Michael S Hampson

    We must unlearn how we treat our Environment.

  • Nadine Lumley

    Here is a link for the entire Gasland film. It has Spanish
    subtitles but they aren’t very intrusive.


  • Nadine Lumley

    Canadian landowner Jessica Ernst, who is suing the giant
    frack company Encana and the Alberta, Canada provincial government for
    polluting her groundwater well with methane and other chemicals, goes to court.

    • Tony Dorling

      Fracking didn’t lead to the pollution of Jessica Ernst groundwater. The area is coalbed methane – production is stimulated by nitrogen injection, not fracking. I wish people would get more informed before jumping on the anti-fracking band wagon!

      • Logan Anderson

        Alberta’s main oil and gas regulator will argue in an Alberta court this Friday that it owes “no duty of care” to protect groundwater from hydraulic fracturing and that a regulator can violate the basic rights of citizens if it regards them as an “eco-terrorist.”

        In a landmark case that has attracted global attention, Jessica Ernst, a 55-year-old scientist and oil patch consultant is suing the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), the Alberta Environment and Encana for contaminating her water well with methane and other chemicals nearly a decade ago.

        The $33-million lawsuit, which has attracted media attention around the world, effectively puts the practice of hydraulic fracturing on public trial.

      • Jonmon

        Where in Hell did you come up with that crapola???????????????????

  • Nadine Lumley

    “Shattered Ground” on Fracking CBC Nature of
    Things February 7, 2013

    45 min. long vid


    • Tony Dorling

      This documentary lacks balance, science and verifiable facts. It does nothing to move forward any meaningful discussion of the real risks and benefits of fracking and natural gas extraction.

      The documentary lumps all fracking together disregarding the fact that every operation has different challenges; geographic location, geology, water sources, regulatory regimes, proximity to settlements, etc. And the fact that fracking technology and environmental safeguards are evolving.

      • Logan Anderson

        Can you give a benefit of fracking besides profit?

  • Chris A Hooymans

    We live in the “anything for a buck” age – we need to grow up and fast.

    • Jonmon

      The Conservative Govt’s who are allowing the destruction of water-air and soils are Environmental Criminals-and should be treated as such!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Margaret D. Taylor

    We cannot afford to waste the water and pollute the water table. Fracking is a ridiculous concept. Why are we not spending money on tidal, wind, geothermal and algae??!

  • Anne Marceau

    This issue is heating up in western Newfoundland. Small start- ups anxious to cash in on the buzz around shale gas and oil. We know there is oil here- it has been drilled repeatedly for over 100 years and produced slow seeps. But now there is a big rush to exploit it using fracking, without taking stock of the full costs – environmental, social and health.

  • mdouble

    Canada should take note of all the problems with fracking techniques which have already become obvious in other places where it is currently being done. The potential for long term environmental damage much we weighed against the projected net gain in terms of energy supply. At a minimum no fracking should be allowed in Canada until such time it can be demonstrated that there is no risk either to people or the natural environment. It is my opinion that fracking may well be to dangerous to allow without very tight regulation and oversight, if at all.

  • Brenda Boldt

    We have to protect our ground water. Take a look at what’s happening south of the border.

  • solarisgeothermal

    Quebec got it right, after some broken promises and kids getting poisoned, they put a moratorium on fracking. BC needs to understand how risky this is to our air and water.

    Natural Gas also needs to be re-classified, because it is not as clean as made out to be in the lab. In the real world, 7.9% of extraction leaks Methane into the atmosphere, which is about 290 times the GHG of CO2, so from this simple accounting, NG is about 6 fold more CO2 than the baseline.

    • Logan Anderson

      Methane has 21 times the global warming potential of CO2.

  • maureen wagner

    check out jessica ernst wed site
    she is suing encana for fracking her land
    her water is on fire
    she received “women of courage” from the united nation’s for taking on the big boy’s
    she just came back from speaking in ireland

  • Marlene Abbott

    Anyone who considers supporting fracking should at least spend one month in a place where water is unfit to drink and bathe in so they can understand the repercussions of deliberately poisoning our precious natural resource of water. After the month, if they still think it’s a good idea, leave them there. The rest of us will continue to support alternatives that won’t destroy this life-sustaining gift of water.

    • Lea McNalley

      Exactly – I always say that, let the CONS live next to the sands or a fracking well if they’re so sure it’s safe!

  • Rainhard Pitschke

    The corporation of CANADA is doing a fine job for it’s shareholders….banks and resource extractors. Since we are only the livestock (human resources) aka ‘tax cows’, it’s only fitting that we get cancer more and contribute to the medical industry too. Fracking is a boon to the future poisoning of generations leading to more growth. Well done Hipler.

  • Snowman42

    I remember 30 years ago saying that I don’t ever want to have to buy bottled water. It seemed like a still distant reality, but now I live in an area where fracking is done and my water is GROSS! It has so much chlorine in it to kill whatever needs to be killed that I buy water in large (reusable) jugs. It’s terribly sad, and I’m disheartened not only by the state of our dear Earth, but by our own government, whose thinking I cannot begin to understand, other than realizing he is a madman. I am sure we will look back in history on these days and someone will ask, “why was he not removed and charged with being criminally insane or something?” His policies are poisonous.

  • Ben

    The only thing that will save us is a conscious awakening or more likely triple digit oil prices. Work that magic peak oil!

  • Janet Rossetti

    Geological formation of our planet has taken millenia. Imagine if your automobile were to be corroded and fractured…. how long would be roadworthy before it just crumbled ?

  • Edi on Denman

    Fracking is insanity at its worst….what are we thinking? Stop the insanity!

  • Lynn Montague

    Let’s put our thinking caps on… pay attention to the negative outcomes of fracking south of us… let’s stop it now.

  • janice cowley


  • Amanda Jayne Cleaver

    3o human rights for all

  • rick

    Absolutely I want a govt that will start saying no to big industry when everyone knows the amount of toxic chemicals injected into the ground to produce this stuff. There is a better way to energy solutions without inflicting mass casualties on our earth and groundwater, not to mention the amount of water it takes to get the end product.

  • pcakes

    It is so important for us to speak up about what WE want in OUR country. Our polite Canadian voices MUST be raised to prevent this relentless pursuit of PROFITS before PEOPLE. Politicians are public servants, THEY serve US and, like any other employee, if they don’t do what they were hired to do they must be FIRED!!!

  • Ruth Rogers

    Thank you for doing the right thing!

  • Allhabit

    Fracking is unnecessary – just use methane from our biowaste – i.e sewage, green bins, composting projects. To waste this gas (release it into the atmosphere) contributes to greenhouse gases and is not justifiable for another reason – we could use this gas to heat or homes and produce the electricity we need – with no fracking!
    Worth a look!

  • Brad Grozik

    Spend time and money on Wind, Solar and Tidal Power not finite oil extraction and use. This type of Green Power will never run out! Nurture the earth and it will nurture you!

  • Chris Armstrong

    “FRACKING BIG OIL” is an absolute disgrace to humanity: they are, in my opinion, nothing less than CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS. The very large volumes of highly toxic off gasses from the treatment process (benzene, propane, etc., etc.) have been proven to have extremely adverse health impacts, especially on babies and children, particularly in populated areas of the U.S. such as Colorado where the public outcry justifiably was FIERCE! In remote areas in Canada, particularly BC, the same large volumes of toxic off gasses obviously have an extremely adverse impact on the “voiceless” local wildlife (not that Big Oil gives a damn!), and the contamination of the atmosphere with their immense volumes of greenhouse gasses contributing to global warming is horrific. Likewise, the plundering of totally obscene volumes of precious fresh water should NOT be permitted by pliant government bureaucrats. This is many magnitudes worse than Big Tobacco’s verbiage regarding the carcinogenic impact of smoking ! To generalize, much of Big Corporate America (North, Central, South) have ZERO ETHICS: nothing counts but the bottom line and the almighty dollar. The best legal minds and spin doctors with obscene budgets prostitute themselves to their psychopathic masters, and, criminally, it is future generations that will pay the horrendous price.

  • Natural Nurture

    There are people who’s wells in Alberta are ruined and who’s water can be literally burned…flames are emmitted from their faucets.

    What is wrong with this picture?

    It is the 1% riding on the backs of the 99 once again…while taking no responsibility for the reprocussions of their actions.

  • Christine

    “We did not inherit the world, we are borrowing from our children”.
    ~ North American Indian Saying
    Our children will pay the price for the insatiable greed for energy. Explore and expand clean and renewable energies instead.

  • Susan

    I have been signing petitions to fight toxicity in our air, water and food like there’s no tomorrow. Somehow it’s not enough. We the people must take a stand. Actions speak louder than words. When we buy a new home, we must demand green energy and not accept oil or gas heating. When our furnace needs replacing we have to buy electric (provided by hydro) or solar power. There are many electric cars out there. We just need the infrastructure for charging cars on our streets, malls and at our offices. If the people representing and shaping our municipalities and cities are not listening that we have to make them listen. We all need to start small and get involved in making changes in our own communities. We can create change. Look at California. They are making so many positive changes. People just need a little push in the right direction. I wonder if our cities would listen if we all stopped paying our taxes and demanded green energy? Where is the infrastructure for solar power? The USA has companies that lease solar panels for less that what we pay for hydro per month. There is no up front cost. They start saving money immediately after they install solar energy. This is a brilliant solution and our chance to save the planet and ourselves.

  • carlyfedup

    I keep signing these petitions but am wondering if our elected officials really give a damn! Every documentary I have seen on TV shows fracking is a nightmare waiting to happen–I cannot find anything on this which speaks in its favor. So it is time to simply STOP. If we can put people in space then surely the brains are out there to figure out alternatives to this fossil fuel nightmare!

  • Krisanna Nicole Mazur

    Fracking has to be the most delusional and stupid idea ever. We need to let go of our attachment to fossil fuels and look towards alternative energy sources. Also, it has been said that the next world wars will be fought over water… so why are we wasting ours?! What the frack people!

  • Neville Gosling

    The oil and gas industries do not tell the truth. They pollute with chemicals they won’t name all in the search for the $ at a huge cost to the environment.

  • tania szablowski

    we can live with less energy. we can thrive with energy conservation and a full transition to alternative energies. we can’t live without water.

  • Heather O’Meara

    I just fired up a new petition to tell SWN Resources in no uncertain terms that they are wasting their time and their investors’ money exploring for shale gas in New Brunswick. Here’s a link to the petition:

  • Carol

    Is this going to work if we get enough signatures? Or do we need to actually physically get people to sign a petition?

  • Johanna Ryffel

    Fracking is deadly….it destroys our Earth, and its Life- Blood…..Water !!!
    Fracking destroys our Earthly Home on which all Life depends !!!
    Please Stop Fracking Now ,and for all Time !!!

  • Geordie

    I live in Alberta, the heart of fracking in Canada and I took a directed study on it last year, and heard first hand from farmers who are affected by fracking. The industry and the Alberta government blame farmers for well contamination and provide no compensation unless they are paid off with the rule that they cannot talk about what happened. To learn more about how farmers and land owners are affected check out this website created by fellow University of Alberta students:

  • Noel Jensen

    Fracking is brilliant! Simultaneously squander precious fresh water, force toxins into the fresh water aquifers (our drinking water), push toxic gases into the air, create huge quantities of super toxic waste water which we have no idea what to do with. Unbelievable stupidity! Stop ruining our planet!

  • Noel Jensen

    Fracking – what we’re allowing corporate monetary interests to do: Simultaneously squander precious fresh water, force toxins into the fresh water aquifers (our drinking water), push toxic gases into the air, create huge quantities of super toxic waste water which we have no idea what to do with. Unbelievable stupidity! Stop ruining our planet!

  • Lea McNalley

    It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that flammable water is not o.k.!!

  • MomOnEarth

    No water, no life.

  • Paul Richard Jonassen

    The current price of natural gas is very low because we already have a surplus we cannot sell. So why the hell are we fracking for more? Who benefits? Certainly not the average citizen. Au contraire. This is a dangerous scam and should be viewed as a political scandal.

  • Jo. Unrau

    Fracking is destroying our country & all the Harper government is doing is lining there pockets & covering up as much of the dirt as they can.

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