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On Friday, January 11th, 2013 in Get Involved

A new pipeline from Alberta to its Westridge Terminal in Burrard Inlet and quintuple to an estimated 360 per year the number of tankers through the Port of Vancouver and Salish Sea carrying raw tar sands bitumen to foreign refineries.  A single large spill, or several smaller ones over time, including regular spillage during tanker loading, could be devastating to local tourism-based economies and the already vulnerable marine ecosystems upon which people and communities in BC depend. Also, Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway project will bring the first ever bulk crude oil tankers, including supertankers, to BC’s northern coast and Great Bear Rainforest.

Help Elizabeth ensure BC coastal waters are crude oil tanker-free, forever. Sign below or download this petition, have as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

Online Petition

12083 people have signed this petition. Add your voice to the growing number of Canadians speaking out about this issue.

Your petitioners call upon the House of Commons to establish a permanent ban on crude oil tankers on the west coast of Canada to protect BC’s fisheries, tourism, coastal communities and natural ecosystems, forever.

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  • Lynda Maloney

    We need to keep tankers away from the west coast. It’s too treacherous to try and navigate. There will be a spill and then it’s too late to go back.

    • mocato

      That is the real truth..Harper can not ‘adjust’ for the currents and tides no matter how much spin he puts on it!

  • http://twitter.com/Help49now Ron Rankin

    Can’t imagine it happening.

  • Carol Anne Collins

    Thank you Elizabeth you are important to B.C. don’t ever forget that cause we will never forget you.

    • Al Milne

      Elizabeth is very important to all of Canada.

      • Jacques Lechasseur

        Elizabeth’s message is important to the world!

  • Anthony

    I doesn’t seem to matter how many protest. Harper wants big oil to be happy and big oil thinks we just don’t understand.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jerryeberts Jerry Eberts

      They don’t care about anything but making profits. Damn the possible consequences. They know they are lying; there is no guarantee. They need to be drowned in a vat of petroleum.

      • mocato

        Make that a vat of Alberta bitumen, mixed with crude..and do it in Alberta!

        • Francine

          LOL LOL LOL

  • Laura

    THE DOWNLOADABLE Petition isn’t dealing with this issue, it links to the wrong petition. Please update it so that I can print it off and start getting signatures :) Thanks!

    • craigcantin

      Thanks Laura. Sorry about that. Fixed!

  • Wendy

    I don’t live in BC but I believe we must all be concerned about this – it is only a matter of time…..

  • Brett W

    Elizabeth, the “download this petition” link takes you to the ‘dying-with-dignity-petition.pdf’ … this needs to be corrected ASAP.
    This was pointed out in a comment [below] by Laura two days ago & it still remains uncorrected. Please get it fixed.

    • craigcantin

      Sorry Brett. Should have gotten to this faster.

  • Anne Fitterer

    This is the first such petition….I am grateful to sign it and get our responses in to government… for this issue, all Canadians need to get out on the street. The full scale deterioration of our environment is unfolding in rapid succession. I would never have believed I would be seeing this in my lifetime. Consider the next generations. What will be left? At some point, we will be forced to consider a new value system of sustainability and conservation; by then we will have no choice. Thank you Elizabeth! As far as I’m concerned, you are the most intelligent and authentic voice in parliament; the Green Party under your leadership will have my vote!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rosemary.breschukchiu Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu

    Two words: No Tankers. Two more: No Pipelines.

    • wraven44

      Three more: No Fossil Fuel.

      We lived without it until just a few hundred years ago. Humans are supposed to be so adaptive, let’s do so.

      We need some lessons in cultural relativity. Our culture is not the pinnacle of achievement, it’s just one more complex society that let itself get beyond its limits. Stop believing the propaganda on your screens and get outside and get to work at something life-affirming. Time spent conserving nature and growing food doesn’t cost you money, it’s better for you than what fossil fuel does in many ways, and when the fossil fuel goes wrong, well, it’s just toxic.

  • sharon

    Thank you for this page, I have printed off a copy and will get it signed and send it to you. Sharon

  • Pam Steeves

    My Dad spent the majority of his naval career at sea as Captain of many ships on the east and west coast of Canada. During war time he served with the British navy on Convoys in the Baltic and the Med. During peace time he commanded ships on manouvres all around the world. He is 90 now but says the most dangerous waters he ever encountered were the Strait of Hermeus in the Med and the Hecate Strait off the BC coast. This is where the proposed oil tankers from Kitimatt are supposed to be going. This is bad enough but are the tankers owned by Enbridge? Who accepts liability for a spill? Is Enbridge off the hook once the oil is loaded into a tanker from who knows where?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000477874830 Bertram Allen

      Pam, thank you for posting, interesting post. I guess what we really have to do is stop this pipeline, so we don’t have to figure out who is responsible after an oil spill does happen. : ( They say there will be at least one ship every day! That’s an accident waiting to happen in my book.

    • appaulled

      I too spent seven years in the navy. I have bee in the Hecate straits during winter storms and it is indeed very challenging. My uncle told me he used to work of fish boats in the area and also feels these waters are too dangerous for tankers, and he is from Alberta. It is a pity that those who support Northern Gateway do not go to the area to experience it. I would suggest they go out during a winter storm so that they understand what we are talking about.

    • BigBlueMarble

      No, the tankers are not owned by Enbridge and Endbridge’s responsibility ends at the waters edge. Who will accept liability for a spill, probably some Liberian registered ship owner that has no responsibility, so in other words you and me will have the responsibility thrust upon us.

    • Jo. Unrau

      We live in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island We’re within 5 min. walk of the ocean & I’m very worried about the tankers in our harbour. Between oil companies & logging soon our Island will be destroyed & our homes. It’s bad enough Japanese garbage is washing up on our shores. Seems they won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed everything.

  • Geoffrey Farmer

    Thank you Elizabeth, I will join you in the charge against this idiotic, dangerous and destructive pipeline,

  • Maureen

    Thank-you,Elizabeth, for common sense politics

  • http://twitter.com/eddddddward edward westphal

    i want ‘CANADA”,back!not the ‘harper tar sales country’!!!

    • mocato

      don’t forget Harper also wants a FIPA with China. Appears he’s not satisfied with Canada..wants to give us away, ecologically damaged beyond all repair. Harper also destroyed the Protection of Navigable Waters, (this hidden in the budget),all in preparation for pipe lines and tankers. He thinks we are all brain dead not to see through all this.

  • Christine Richards

    Thank you Elizabeth – we are so thrilled to know you are our watchdog – keep going, please…

  • solarisgeothermal

    All-In with oil or gas is too risky. BC needs to swing the pendulum back towards balance by developing the Green Economy of the 21st Century, not continuing to expand carbon resources of the 20th Century. We can only burn 20% of known reserves before surpassing the 2 degree upper limit, that means 80% of coal and oil needs to be left in the ground. http://www.carbontracker.org/

    • Charlie Coleman

      I was trained by Al Gore to give Climate Change presentations. We’ve already passed the 2 degree limit. It’s hold on to your seat belts from now on.

  • Gyrithe Startup

    NO! NO! NO! Just plain NO!

  • Rena

    The documentary about Cordova Bay Alaska Exon oil spill
    needs to be aired frequently so that unaware
    people can really comprehend what oil spills do to community and how the families
    were devastated – suicides, financial devestation, divorce, economic devastation as the Exon kept racking in the $’s . No tankers. No pipelines. Thank you Elizabeth for
    your bravery when tackling the greedy oil magnates.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.wrightman Sandy Wrightman

      Yes! We seem to think if we promise to clean up the spilled ‘milk’ that everything is fine. I agree, we need to see this regularly and acknowledge that we can’t clean it up and even if we could untold damage would already be done. No to tankers and pipelines. Let’s put our thoughts, money and plans in an entirely different direction. NOW!

    • D.Mattingly

      Cordova Bay in the Victoria area?

  • R Hebner

    I cannot state how angry I am with Enbridge and their Northern Gate pipeline which is supported by Alberta, Redford, the Corporate Conservatives in Ottawa and Harper as the lobbying continues while Canadian taxpayers pay them to lobby while totally ignoring what Enbridge failed to do in Michigan. To those who are wondering why there is so much opposition to Northern Gate, they only need to stop and consider how irresponsible Enbridge has been as they have actually provided the very reason why there is so much opposition to oil pipelines. BC Tourism, Fishing and Nothern coastal waters cannot be subject to any oil spills EVER. There are plenty of options for Enbridge to get their oil to all the markets but Northern Gate and Kitimat is not going to be a door mat to those markets. This insanity has to stop before they build it as there are other options to the shortest, cheapest, riskiest route to the Pacific and its time Enbridge was forced to consider them. Start with rail lines, refinery in Alberta and leave the pacific coastal waters as they are as nobody needs another Exxon Valdez or Kalamazoo oil spill cover up. Oil spills in the Pacific cannot be cleaned up regardless of what they propose, how much insurance they provide, money or resources they have. Winter storms with gale force winds will not allow for any safe travel into Kitimat and as for air surveillance, its ridiculous as all aircraft would be grounded for days if not weeks.
    Even with air surveillance, if a spill takes place, its already too late to respond to.

    • Lawrence

      I fully agree with the above comments. With Fukoshima dumpings in the ocean already, we don’t need ever more deadly concoctions to worry about. The planet is not large enough to withstand all our hubris, nor are we advanced enough to clean up our mess.

    • Sonja

      It’s not insanity, it’s an epidemic of stupidity, anti-intellectualism, and corporate fundamentalism. In some ways, it’s an epidemic of mental dysfunction.

    • Ruth

      I agree. But, we musn’t forget all of the assurances that are being provided with taxpayers money in government propoganda ads that require double hulled oil tankers and look at all the pretty flowers that are growing in “restored” tar sands lands. I feel so much better. Not! The fallacy of sustainable tar sands and oil “development” is becoming increasingly clear due to the efforts of thousands of people. Thanks Elizabeth for giving voice to these concerns as well as leadership on this critical problem on behalf of the public, the public interest and the environment.

    • Norine

      I propose that the Green Party or some other organized body begins the process to demand a referendum on this issue. The only downside to this proposal is ensuring that the people of our once great nation get to vote in a legal, valid manner. My worry is the recent Harper government election fraud (a.k.a. “the Robo Call scam”) will be repeated in some new underhanded manner. How can Canadians vote on anything after the courts do nothing when election fraud is revealed?

      • wraven44

        Imagine if you will how bad things will have to get before enough Canadians get off their butts and actually do something? But it is necessary for them to get off their butts so that their heads come up for air.

        In order for this to become a real issue, everybody in North America needs to go up to the tar sands and take a deep breath, then drink some of that Athabasca River water from beside the settling pond 50 feet away, and then tuck in to one of those tumorous fish from Lake Athabasca.

        Those fish should be served publicly to Harper and his little gang of toadies and they be made to eat them for a couple of weeks. Then we’ll have an interview and see how well they are doing. Those cowards wouldn’t even go on the march awhile back and nobody has made them accountable for that – they cannot have a legitimate opinion on the issue until they have experience of it.

    • wraven44

      You can’t treat this as an alternative means to move petrocrap. This and the other pipelines have to be treated as lines in the sand – we start now to bite the bullet as residents of this continent, and start redirecting our resources to cleaning up the existing messes and making things habitable for ecology and the grandchildren. The only debate should be how can we do it quickest? The economy is not the independent variable.

  • Nedene

    Elizabeth, our environment is our life. People need to realize that. You are doing well, Thank You, and don’t give up!

  • Trevor Greene

    When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
~ Cree Prophecy

    • http://www.facebook.com/sylvia.adams.3152 Sylvia Adams

      Thank you for this. I’ve highlighted and printed it out.

    • Nick Gurnick

      How can you teach people who prefer to bury their head in the sand and pretend all is well?

      • frothquaffer

        Make sure their heads get stuck in the tarsands and that they choke on it!

        • wraven44

          They are already doing that to themselves (and to their children) – cities and the urban lifestyle aren’t exactly sustainable.

        • Nadia

          Yes, let’s do that! Except that what Harper’s government and its friends from the oil industry are already doing to the people in Canada, never mind all demonstrations against tar sands from very concerned First Nations and other citizens

      • Jacques Lechasseur

        Keep showing them unreality TV and sports… And hide the reality by doing your best to keep it off the main stream media, and all will be peachy… for a short while longer… Hopefully our public broadcasting networks, English and French, will be able to resist jumping on that bandwagon.

        I sure don’t envy what’s coming to our children as a so-called future. So we better force Big Enterprise to change its self-destruction plans for the Future of the world RIGHT NOW! Cuz you can’t eat money… We should listen to our First Nations. After all they were here thousands of years before us.

      • elahug2

        Or . . . put your hand on their wallet!

    • Jo. Unrau

      It’s unfortunate that greed & stupidity prevents so many from seeing that.

    • Ralph

      I couldn’t say it any better and if that isn’t the truth. Thank you for that wise prophecy.

    • Ann Gelsheimer

      What a great way to sum up the problem. How can people remain so blind??

      • wraven44

        I’m not sure they’re blind, I think they are in denial and it’s just so damn easy instead to keep living the good life, so don’t rock the boat. That myopic perspective is sure to be blind-sided, though.

    • Pizindan

      It’s more then a Cree Prephecy at this time. Turns out most Nations on this continent had the same prophecy about “new-comers”.

    • Name

      I agree with Trevor 100%

    • NightFlight

      The world is just a slightly bigger Rapa Nui.

      We wouldn’t carry on like this in the fragile ecosystem of a space ship would we? Well look closer. The Earth is a space ship.

  • Don Gillis

    Here’s an idea. After the next election, should the bad guys win again by hook and by crook, the progressive parties, in the event of a minority, must join forces as a coalition, immediately denounce the Reform Party with a non confidence motion, and agree to let Elizabeth May preside over the new government as Prime Minister. That would remove the big prize from the more populous parties (e.g., NDP, Liberals) by presenting Elizabeth as a compromise PM. This situation would remain in force in order to safeguard our country until a subsequent election produces a majority government or until Parliament is reformed to better represent democratic principles. To permit the further destruction of this country by right wing extremists is unthinkable. Oh, and please abolish the Senate as a first course of action.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000477874830 Bertram Allen

    Short term thinking for quick cash is no way to Govern a country. Alberta’s Tar Sands are an ecological disaster. One 2 minute human error, and B.C.’s coastline is ruined for a decade or more. NO! NO THANKS!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lovelyLATy Lori Ann Thomas

    In my opinion those who are in charge of this insane oil deal are exercising power without accountability. What makes me very angry is the lack of integrity and responsibility to those Mr. Harper works for. Even though I am angry about what he has done, I acknowledge that we all make mistakes, even Stephen Harper. I just hope he gets the opposing message and corrects his actions before our lovely part of Canada gets ruined with oil.

  • Thea

    No tankers, No pipelines, No Enbridge!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1188914097 John Blenkiron

    I often feel that you are the only Member of Parliament that truly hears the voices of the constituents. I am not really a worthy environmentalist; I’ve done my share of flushing non-biodegradable detergents down the drain. But I want my grandchildren to experience a healthy marine environment that will sustain life.

  • Wendy Qureshi

    Keep up the good work! We cannot allow this to happen.

  • Lani4444

    I too thank you Elizabeth for all that you do for this province and for this country.

  • george ritter

    you’re making more and more sense , speaking in a dignified responsible manner and you are consistently on the right side of the right issues.

  • concerned citizen

    the people are speaking, loud and clear: there are no safe pipeline routes through the mountains or tanker traffic routes along the Pacific coast.

  • Lord Walker

    Harper, only listens to big money, one of our worst prime ministers ever

    • Adrienne Scott

      Does he even know that BC is part of Canada???

    • Don Bruce

      No Harper is not one of the worst. He is it,numero uno,the worst!

      • Jacques Lechasseur

        I totally agree!!!

        I’m 65 and I’ve seen enough of them to compare.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lefrancois.399 Marc Lefrancois

    Thank you Elizabeth, we love you :) I hope for you to have the energy necessary to carry on your fantastic work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=563705049 Jennifer Anderson

    How can anyone underestimate the reality of an oil spill devastating our coastal waters? How can we, as Canadians, allow this to happen? Stop this now!!

  • http://twitter.com/prior2good Susan Good

    I don’t think I’m being unrealistic when I support exporting our oil but I just wish we could refine it in Canada and not ship that goopy bitumen. If oil is too hard to come by countries resort to burning coal which is much worse for the environment. It’s my understanding there is already a very old pipeline to Burrard inlet which unless it is replaced is at a higher risk for spills. Also, I don’t think the big huge tankers can get under the Lion’s Gate Bridge so that’s another issue. I’m just trying to sort this all out as there has to be a compromise somewhere.

  • Rod Hebner

    I can only hope you’re successful in providing more support for First Nations although BC will have to send the BC Liberals packing in the next election as their Alberta corporate campaign donations coming from Alberta will come with pipeline strings attached. The next round of mega bills may eliminate environmental laws while providing the federal government to legally enforce pipelines through BC and that becomes a bigger threat in this Corporate Conservative dictatorship.

  • jpk

    This is why Harper is firing all of our scientists. The less public info the better for him. No scientist in his right mind could honestly say this pipeline is a safe and viable means of transporting oil or that the environment won’t be hurt. They have bought off some scientists and gagged the rest .Democracy my @$$ Where Is Suzuki. Pretty Quiet isn’t he.

    • mocato

      Maybe he’s a Conservative?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Masterson/568392465 Kelly Masterson

      Suzuki is ALL over this… You just have to broaden the circles you’re moving in friend… ;) https://www.facebook.com/DavidSuzuki?fref=ts

  • Myron Kremko

    Oil (even conventional) is carcinogenic so any attempt to prolong its use for the sake of wealth is ridiculous and completely uneconomic. I am a geologist, but I am also human with progeny. My son has had cancer and his life is not worth all the oil in the world as are all the countless lives lost to the dangers of this fuel. There are cancer anomalies in most if not all areas of the world where petrochemicals are produced.

  • J-C

    I don’t care how many TV commercials Enbridge makes to try to persuade Canadians that their delivery of their god awful oil products will not destroy our beautiful environment – I don’t believe them – their agenda is $$$$, lots of it and oil companies don’t care about the environment, they only care about their bottom line. I don’t care if they quadruple the hulls of their ships – I don’t care if they have 1000 tugboats to push the giant oil ship around the tight bends – I just don’t care – I don’t want their oil anywhere. It is time for the world to wean itself off of oil – IT IS TIME. With all the alternative options, we don’t need oil anymore and I, for one, am totally willing to sacrifice my lifestyle to make it happen.

  • andy

    harper government’s environmental policies are a monument to hypocrisy. History will judge them appropriately.

  • R. Bruce Chamberlin

    Thank you Ms. May. Please keep hammering away at these block heads that claim to represent all Canadians. I get ill when I see what they are doing to my Country. Would that you were Prime Minister. Maybe we need a people’s petition to have you sit in that seat?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eva-van-Loon/1261267855 Eva van Loon

    Did you catch the news on the Arkansas Exxon spill? The pictures are horrific–should open Canadians’ eyes.

  • Val Jeske

    I cannot believe all the ads on TV recently about the safety of pipelines and tankers and the need British Columbia has for developing our natural gas resource – how helpful it will be to countries like CHINA (a Harperism?) and how much we need it to sustain PUBLIC health care and education in our province!! Thank-you for standing up against this environmental crisis in this Conservative political environment – both federal and provincial.

    • Lynn

      I’m with you VAL. I don’t watch much TV, never have had cable, and CBC was always a mainstay. I was so sickened when I first saw those ads that I tried to contact CBC directly, but with no success. All I could do was to provide input online, to which of course I received no response. How do we get CBC to stop showing those ads, with no counter to them? Thank goodness at least for shows like Rick Mercer and 22 minutes who do spoofs on all of this, which I have always hoped gets people thinking about it (or does it?). Harper has total control of the media as this cleary shows. This is Big Brother, 1984, but worse, it’s all real!

      • Jacques Lechasseur

        Harper even tried to change the CRTC’s mandate in order to help his friend Pierre-Karl Péladeau, the owner of Sun News (our Faux News of the North), have his phoney brainwashing network forced on all cable and satellite TV networks as a BASIC service for the PROGRESS of all of US… No shame for Harper. I didn’t vote for him, and we have to kick him out next time around. We’ll send him on vacation in tar sand country since he enjoys that stuff.

  • Mary m.l.k42@primus.ca


  • Faye

    Thank you Elizabeth May, we need more people like you in Canadian politics.

  • mocato

    The fact that the Exxon Valdez happened at all is criminal..then there was BP in the Gulf of Mexico..and the Enbridge horror story in Kalamazoo Michigan..what they ALL have in common is environmental disaster. NOT going to happen in BC!
    Thanks Elizabeth, for keeping us all informed.

  • Danielle

    I really appreciate your emails and all you are doing in your term Elizabeth, thank you so much.

  • Yerhiness

    It really isn’t a matter of if, but when. A spill is inevitable, and the Government knows that – that is why they are using such underhanded methods. that is why they are removing those pesky regulations at every turn. We have to stop it.

  • linda cheu

    Thanks for calling thier bluff Elizabeth. Our coastal waters are not for sale.

  • Jackie and Steve

    Harper, Corporations and Oil Companies cannot be trusted. So, no development that will harm the environment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bernadette-Slosmanis/100002809264481 Bernadette Slosmanis

    Thank you Elizabeth! Hope the Enbridge tanker project gets cancelled. Can’t think of anything more disastrous. Enbridge track record for oil spills should be enough to stop any government, except of this course, this one……

  • Artena

    Stay with us Elizabeth we need you and will support you as much as we can dear.

  • S. Morrier

    This Canadian says no freaking pipelines going west, east, or south. Next will be an attempted pipeline north to the Arctic Ocean. No, no, no. Keep up the pressure, Elizabeth.

  • Robert Ledingham

    You, and the Green Party are helping to educate Canadians about the risks presented by governments – like the Harper Conservatives – whose focus is almost exclusively on economic activity. What they are not seeing, as many governments around the world have started to do, is to see the real economic costs of environmental degradation. Thanks for your efforts to help shift the focus of parliamentary discourse toward issues that involve the planet – and all the species on it – as opposed to the limited (economic) interests – profits – of the resource development sector in Canada, which is all that conservatives in this country seem to be able to think matters. Keep up the excellent work, Elizabeth. Best,

  • http://www.facebook.com/rita.grier.7 Rita Grier

    R Hebner, my words exactly. enbridge gateway, pretty words. you f^%ked up in USA, don’t f with Canada.

  • mel

    Thank you for starting this petition, our wilderness areas are compromised enough already.

  • Linda Cooney

    We love you Elizabeth, I only wish that another Green at least would be elected to officialize the party. Best best wishes.

  • Elaine Gardner

    Great work people! Keep it up!

  • Paul

    We support you in Ontario as well. This country is all of ours and we need to take care of it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Masterson/568392465 Kelly Masterson

      And watch out for the ‘bait and switch’ harper will try running… sending the pipeline EAST right down the middle of the 401… We ALL have to watch each others backs. :D

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Masterson/568392465 Kelly Masterson
        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Masterson/568392465 Kelly Masterson

          Against Enbridge In Ontario United… :)

  • Pam

    “Thanks” to ExxonMobil, dozens of Arkansas families were forced
    to spend their weekend breathing in toxic chemicals like benzene from
    their own backyards. 84,000 gallons of toxic tar sands crude
    from Exxon’s latest pipeline spill poured down the street and continue
    to threaten Lake Conway. Officials have no idea when it will be safe for
    residents to return home. Keystone XL would carry nine times more tar sands than the broken Arkansas pipeline. Big Oil’s track record speaks for itself. A similar tar sands spill
    happened in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River in 2010, and more than two years
    later, it still hasn’t been fully cleaned up. Families faced toxic
    health effects for months, and some even lost their pets.

  • CoastalFisherman

    The new Gateway commercial depicts a sunny summer day with clear weather and seagulls flying past the tankers, the pilot on lookout can actually utilize binoculars – optimal and rare conditions for Hecate Strait. I’d like to see their interpretation of a typical day in November (Dec, Jan, Feb…) in the dark, with rain or snow, and a gale blowing. Has anyone offered to take our environment minister or Mr. Harper on a crossing by boat to HG in the winter?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dee.g.bird.7 Dee Gee Bird

    Canada needs your help.

  • Army

    Our coastal ecosystems belong to all Canadians and shouldn’t be left to the whims of corporations and their government stooges.

  • http://www.facebook.com/al.johnson.5055 Alan Johnson

    Oil production is a primitive technology from a bygone era. The old boys club that’s made trillions raping the earth and buying off politicians to look the other way need to realize this IS the 21st century. Green energy is inevitable and it is technology for healthy living…invest in that! In otherwards it’s a simple choice…get busy loving the living, or continue killing the people, and the planet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/garyncorinne.funk Gary N Corinne Funk

    Thank you for being a visionary and understanding that life on earth does not exist with out a healthy environment. It simply is the balance of nature. These days so many of us are so far removed from the balance that we don’t even acknowledge that we are killing our life giving support system. And the beat goes on…….for now.

  • madronawoman

    I am 4th generation coastal person, born and raised in Vancouver. Mom and grandmother born in Prince Rupert. I now live on an island in the Salish Sea. I lived and worked in Bella Coola for over a decade. A spill anywhere along the oil line will eventually end up in the sea, polluting food for coastal seafood industries and people, already struggling. That is the beginning of the food chain. We are just not being heard. Harper, in his zeal to quick dollars from China is releasing our assets to the Chinese right over top of us and in spite of our objections. Let us collaborate with the Chinese to develope alternative safe energy Release the scientists and corporate disincentives and bring us to a safe, harmless and sustainable sustainable energy. Perhaps we need a panda mascot?

  • Caroline

    I know Dogwood Initiative is also out there in BC fighting the oil tankers..I support their efforts as well as David Suzuki Foundation..please don’t give up the cause..I am in the Environmental science program (my second degree) we need to band together and put even more pressure on the federal government..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Masterson/568392465 Kelly Masterson

    Elizabeth May………. You sooooo rock! How do you sleep nights? :D <3

  • cory

    Some more petitions plz green ,,, especially the heavy train loads of oil tracking through our lands all across Canada…stop the railway passage of oil that’s rolling now, ask white river and the winter herding area of the moose …this is got to stop now! Find alternatives for the making of the value of money, this is not fair value when the creatures and humans are at stake for the value of what…its our call, so lets finally make it…cause we are the land, that’s where we came from and that’s where we will return,,, dust or ashes… but at least you and I lived here and were taken care of by mother…next generations are still uncertain :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/Marysue5252 Susanne Shaw

    David Black (who owns the newspapers and who dictates the brainwashed crap in it) os now an oil baron, too…

  • wandag

    here we go again, another rupture, Arkansas. How many more do we need to convince the governments, this is not a good deal for anybody. we all suffer the consequences. time to get rid of the greedy, vote for elizabeth in next election.

  • Ayani

    “We’ve already passed all kinds of tipping points,” [Bill] McKibben, the founder of 350.org, tells …. All Things Considered host Jacki Lyden. “The NASA scientist Jim Hansen was saying, ‘There’s no other word for where we are now than planetary emergency.’” (I think one of the best books ever written on what is now happening at an ever-accelerating rate is Hansen’s “Storms of My Grandchildren,” 2009).

  • anita james

    a study/survey is not the same and legislation…I hope the next government we vote is is more honest when it comes to wild animals and the environment…

  • marilyn

    Your courage in facing and countering big oil/government gives me courage with what I can do. Thank you.

  • Larry Church

    If there was to be an oil spill it would never be able to be cleaned up. The Exon oil spill is still there, and will always be, just turn over any rock on the beach and there it is. NO pipe line NO tankers = NO spills ever…..

  • Edi on Denman

    More insanity from greedy exploiters of the planet earth..shame…we all need to use cars less if we really oppose pipelines and fossil fuel extraction. The waters around my small gulf island are now so high in acid (from C02 emissions) that the shellfish spat (babies) cannot form shells! Oyster seed has to be imported from Hawaii.. ..WOW

  • Bob_Hearns

    All of these oil & gas issues would end if the focus is put on developing renewable energy. Unfortunately, Capitalism is about the love of money and not about health and safety.

  • Patricia Marson Vaughan

    Thank you for doing this.

  • Sue

    Our coast will be pollutant free in future, we grannies afirm it

  • Dianne

    Why do the people doing this bother to have kids if they are so hell bent on destroying the planet for future generations?!

  • Argentadavid

    Vision without action is a daydream.
    Action without vision is a nightmare.
    (Japanese Proverb)

  • Kirsten Knechtel

    Thank you for this petition. An oil spill on our coast would be devastating to our environment, wildlife and to BC’ers!! I have recently been to Alaska and even today you find oil on the beaches!! Please read Rici Ott’s book on the wide reaching devastating effects of the Exon/Valdez spill. Many local people suffered severe health effects from this spill and of course it devastated fish and wildlife for years. A must read to educate yourself on the effects of one tanker spill!
    Now let’s all individually think about our personal use of oil and energy. How can we personally cut back a take steps for a more sustainable future?

  • http://twitter.com/Planet350 ProtectOurPlanet

    Everyone should read TAR SANDS – Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent by Andrew Nikiforuk to understand exactly what they are supporting when they agree to a pipeline. WELL TO WHEEL.


    there is a cancer in ottawa and its STEPHEN HARPER im 6ft 200lbs and he scares the shit out of me he is an evil man out to destroy this country braking unions pandering to anyone with C.E.O. after there names he must be stopped ELIZABETH keep up the good work BILL FROHLICK

  • http://www.facebook.com/patricia.valiquette.5 Patricia Valiquette

    Thank you Elizabeth for being there for us

  • S south

    Please develop alternatives to oil and gas. We need to live in harmony with the earth.

  • Paul

    Id like to know why we are not processing the oil….it will give us more jobs, and cheaper gaz…..not to mention being able to then ship (only the excess that canada does not need) to the rest of the world without middle men making billions…..
    let us make the gaz and then find safe ways to get it to canadians first then the world

  • westcoastborn

    If we keep fighting the oil-mongers, they’ll have nowhere to go but into the hole they have created to extract this sickness. Stay strong, keep fighting.

  • D.Mattingly

    High time to go with tidal, wind and solar. Oil is so primitive culturally, if we are as intelligent as we think we are as a society, then why do we still use gases that deplete our air and water supplies? Don’t shit in your water dish! (Cat prophecy)

  • lgarding18

    I am remembering a poem I have a slight recollection of: Tell me again when forests had tree, tell me again…….

  • Julie

    Just have a look at Ken Burns’ documentary on the Dust Bowl to see we are going “back to the future”, but this time there will be no recovery.

  • lani4

    As Trevor Green quoted “When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been
    hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to
    breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
~ Cree

    What else is there to say?

  • Enough already

    It’s time these corporate flunkies governing this country listened to the people instead of pushing through their own agenda. What payola is involved in these deals for these decision makers? We have seen it before with this Conservative gov ie lying Balony.

  • Doug McKee

    The B.C. government is quite content to leave a B.C. ferry on the bottom of the ocean obviously the government is not accountable to the people of B.C. the government & shouldn’t be in charge of anything!!!

  • Globecare

    There are simply better, cleaner, safer and more economical ways to produce energy than fossil fuels.

  • vegguy

    Refine bitumen in Alberta. Pipe refined product east. No bitumen to leave Alberta in any form.

  • sterling haynes

    Harper and his band of ‘control freaks’ –It’s oil and the bottom line that rules the conservative party.

  • Susan Andrews

    Dear Elizabeth
    I am sure you are aware that the election in BC really is a turning point. IF the NDP or Greens get in, we have a chance to block the Northern Gateway, and Kinder Morgan pipelines and then move forward on killing the tar sands. If the BC Liberals get in – there will be no chance and they will go ahead.

    If either of those pipelines – or the Keystone XL happen, the tar sands will increase their CO2 output by 40% or more. That will be a death blow to the planet. Why?

    The tar sands already account for 30% of CO2 emissions globally.
    Ocean acidification has already killed:
    75% of reefs in the Caribbean, 36% of the Great Barrier Reef, and worst of all 40% of plankton.

    Although reefs are only found in 1% of the ocean, they are the habitat of 60% of the species in it.

    Plankton are the lungs of the earth. It creates 50% of the air we breath. It is 40% gone already!!
    We HAVE to stop the tar sands. NOW – or the oceans die – and so do we.

    Please go and see the movie Revolution – or watch this http://www.therevolutionmovie.com/world-issues/ocean-acidification/
    This too:

    PLEASE consider woprking with the NDP in a way that is completely outside the norm.
    This election is unprecedented in it’s importance. We are literally teetering on the brink. This is no time for party politics. I know the Green Party agrees with this. I just hope the NDP will listen too.

    • Rebecca

      I can’t believe that individuals with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren wouldn’t want a bright future for them. Instead we get a bunch of short sighted rednecks that refuse to find other sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of making a living. David Suzuki is a hypocrite… I read his ‘beat around the bush’ articles in the local rag and wonder why anybody listens or looks up to him for answers… he singing the party line… and doesn’t seem to want to step on anyone’s toes. Thank you Elizabeth for stepping up to the plate and speaking up for the environment… one person can make a difference but hopefully there will be more and more voices offering up their support! Keep up the good work… we need you!

  • Fran Manary

    Thanks Trevor for reminding us regards the Cree Prophecy. And thanks Elizabeth for your intestinal fortitude in pounding away at this egregious possibility.

  • Soul Dipper

    Let’s also put our energies toward freeing the development of energy sources that replace archaic practices – i.e. ones that created the demand for these over-needed resources.

  • Nicole Beland

    As Trevor Greene brought forth, I agree wholeheartedly with this Cree Prophecy:

    “When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
”~ Cree Prophecy

    We have a lot of great scientists…it is time to use their talents to unravel the mystery of pure, clean, safe, no-taxing our planet source of renewable energy, be it in the electro-magnetic field or a baby of our quantum physiscists…

    It is time for a different sort of energy…and leave the last remaining healthy parts of our once beautiful, pristine country…in peace…so we can survive as a species.

    It is time we focus on progress embracing healing approaches as well as moving forward, leaving behind the ruthless abusive exploitations that are buying the government’s endorsement through their lobbyists…Big businesses are failing all of us as human beings having the birthright to clean air, water & non-modified foods…

    There has to be other solutions & these old paradigms politicians have outlived their usefulness…

    So in closing, I strongly oppose this project…

  • linda

    keep up the good work, Elizabeth. i am hoping for some provincial Green candidates to be elected this month.

  • http://twitter.com/rustygreen59 Doug Marr

    If we have to develop tarsands at all then let’s refine it on site or ship to eastern refineries. At least in our hands we can be as respectful as possible to environmental damages.
    Shipping to already polluted and totalitarian China is MADNESS !!
    PS KinderMorgan should be forced to refine bitumen already coming in to Vancouver via TransCanada on site.

    • Jacques Lechasseur

      Eastern refineries? I live in the East, and the hidden story about the possibility of refining that bitumen in the East is: no go, not in Québec, but possibly by Irving in the Maritimes. But it’s most certainly going to be shipped from a Maine (U.S.A.) port to the world, and particularly China if the BC project is killed for good. Tar sand crude is a heavier and more corosive oil, from what I gathered in the news, and requires more pumping pressure, hence the possibility of leaks if not the huge spills associated with high pressure pumping. Harper is doing his oil serviceman job with diligence and hypocrisy. I can only guess that he’ll come out of it rich enough not to worry about what Canadians will be saying about him in future generations, if a future he leaves us…

    • Doug Marr

      Having said that we really should be leaving filthy tarsands alone and developing a thriving solar energy industry.

  • Nick Gurnick

    It doesn’t matter whether they run pipelines east or west. They will endanger many diverse ecosystems. It won’t just be our oceans in perril, but our whole country.

  • neilemac

    Bravo Elizabeth, “up and at ‘em!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/edcave1 Ed Cave

    Thanks for standing up against a wall of opposition

  • Dale

    Clean water, pristine coastlines and nature are the legacy we owe our children and grandchildren. We do not have the right nor the NEED for sure extravagant waste of resources and risk taking. This plan to bring in more money via such means is a WANT for cash, not a NEED. It is GREED. There are so many other viable options to be explored and used. Our heritage should be clean clear waterways. Lets keep it that way please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deraek Deraek Blackmetal Spnquebro

    Only when the last tree is cut, and the last river poisoned. Only when the fish is caught will you find that money cannot be EEAAATEEEN
    - Lamb of God lyrics

  • Merlin

    We need to process the oil right here in Canada. Creating our own jobs and making sure we have fuel while we translate to a green society with little to no need for oil.

  • Martha

    Very important point about oil and eastern Canada! Thanks for all your good work.

  • Samm Port

    Remember, the ramifications of what you do now will be left for your children and grand children to deal with. It is very short sighted to think only of the “economy now” and “jobs now”. You need to consider the LONG term. How do you want to be remembered – as a person with blinders on or one with vision? Will your children thank you in the years to come?

  • Tracy Dubya

    “A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”
    ~ Albert Einstein.

  • Sylvia

    I rely on Elizabeth to keep me up to date on the environmental front and on the sneaky things the Harper government is trying to get past us! Keep up the good work! I’m sorry you’re not my MP!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001231486080 Mike Smith

    I think in addition to the impact of leaks and spills we have to remember that even if not one drop is spilled, the oil has to be burned somewhere, in China, the US or elsewhere. The world is spewing 81 millions of carbon every day into the atmosphere and atmospheric carbon has risen from 280 ppm in 1900 to 399 ppm today. We are losing our ice caps (which reflect the sun) and we are getting more extreme weather while our coral and trees are dying because of the increase in temperature and carbon in the ocean.

    The sad part is if we do nothing for the next 3 years, we could hit the turning point when global warming would be unstoppable and catastrophic. It is not a legacy we want to leave to our grand children and their grand children.

  • stew harvey

    Time Canada pulled together and started taking care of its own interests and its environment, and its own people, not corporations. Thank you Elizabeth for defending what is left of our once great and caring nation.

  • bernadette slosmanis

    This is such an obvious solution. Go east with the pipeline. Protect BC’s beautiful, unique coastline, communities & natural ecosystems, forever!

  • Ron Kinch

    One voice, one person multipled a million times can not be ignored, especially if truth is heard, understood and responded to. That is the essence of democracy.


  • mel

    I remember hearing about this in college in the 70′s and thought then that a system this asinine would have to be changed sooner rather than later. Apparently i was wrong

  • Common Sense

    Please Refine the Fort McMurray Bitumen in Fort McMurray Alberta. THEN, sell the gasoline and Oil to the USA..

  • Geoffrey Farmer

    There may come a time for civil disobedience as was the case over the struggle to save B.C’s first-growth forest from clear- cutting. I’d be quite willing to join such a movement.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wayne.j.froese Wayne Froese

    The risk is doubly unacceptable, when you recognize it’s entirely unnecessary.
    The Smart Money is on Renewable Energy:

  • Morrier

    What about the Arctic Ocean?

    “NWT Premier throws support behind Alberta over pipeline…that may include opening the NWT to Alberta oil, shipped from a potential port in Tuktoyaktuk.” Globe & Mail Aug. 2012


  • spherical earth

    “RAGE” Here’s a dirty little secret, the world is run off of oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy. We could have run everything all our energy needs, from cars , heat, electricity, from water. http://www.youtube.com/watchv=pXo7CVFI5Sk http://www.panacea-bocaf.org/meyerswatercell.htm Simple grade school science of electrolysis separating hydrogen and oxygen as a fuel source . But I expect those addicted to the power and control and economic state of the world wouldn’t want to be out of a job. I expect humanity will have to become self extinct or near self extinct before we change. Politicians making future decision on the future taxes of unborn children ,to keep perpetuating an unsustainable future for the elitist and corporate to stay in power and control , I say NAY to that , as I will not bring a child into this worlds future , and with that said Politicians can not bank on the future taxes on one that has not been born .

    Humanity could have made many decisions that could have led to a different future then the one that I see , but instead money is made buy the debt,debt of war and the backing of national security maintain the survival of the state through the use of economic power, diplomacy, power projection and political power.
    And the military cannot run without Oil ,Gas, Nuclear energy, so it then becomes a matter of national security to maintain the current structure and direction of society in the current direction heading into the future until such time as the current global system can no longer support or sustain humanity as it is now . Security is a business ,debt makes money, money needs energy, energy needs security.
    And that’s why I have such a bleak outlook for the future of humanities future and am predicting that we are headed for near to total extinction ,within a short 100-250 years from now .

    We were taught by our past and know only that which we know from , as did our parents and grandparents before them ,It’s up to us now to see the mistakes of our past and create a new future however unsecure it may be ,and not leave it up to the futures unborn children to deal with for the future of change is up to us to lead the way by learning from the past .

    We cannot continue to deplete the resources we rely on and radiate the planet and dump toxic waist and pollute and extract every last mineral and drop of oil and get further in debt to keep the old system running with the expectation of our unborn children to deal with as our parents did before us ,we are the future children that our parents passed on the expectation that we would be the ones to change the world and make a better future . But all we pass on to the unborn children is to pass it on the unborn children of the future. We fail to learn to take responsibility and pass it on to the unborn , we as humanity are stuck in a catch 22 of rinse and repeat what we have learned and this is what we teach . We have a global security issue at the moment, and that issue is our future failure to take responsibility for the here and now and quit passing the future to our unborn children to take that responsibility for us .

    If all I can do is type a few words and maybe it gets read and ridiculed and forgotten then I’ve done something . First we must admit we have a problem before we can deal with it , but like most addictions we have to hit rock bottom before we realize we have a problem even if those around us can see we already do or end up dead before we realize we have a problem.

  • spherical earth
  • Denis

    We need the pipeline. The east coast needs more work.

  • http://twitter.com/aepette Anne Fredette

    It is time to stop destroying our world.

  • Kim O

    Nix to Enbridge and their brainwashing. All of the bombarding the public with their public service announcements infuriates me. How stupid do they think people are? I smell a giant smoke screen to keep the sheeple thinking it’s a good thing. WRONGO!! One single spill on this coast would devastate everything in it’s path and ruin the entire ecosystem. Not to mention what would happen inland!! BC is NOT for every Tom, Dick and Harry to pillage for their own pockets. Maybe we need to put up an electric fence. This is our Eden. It would be nice to keep it that way. Thanks for fighting for us, Elizabeth!!

  • Morrier

    Why are we not throwing all our expertise and ingenuity into renewable energy? No political will. Let’s do it anyway!! Despite Ottawa. Let’s be the fabulous Canadians we think/know we really are.

  • Tony Longman

    This proposed oil tanker route on our coastline is completely disrespectful of our environment – just how would we clean up oil from billion boulder beach on the Hesqiuat Penninsula?

  • Jo. Unrau

    Soon our planet will be destroyed & everything on it will die, including us.

  • Lori Maloney

    We need to protect our coast and our salmon. We can’t afford a mistake. Alberta is destroying their water and we don’t need to do the same.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=546465867 Sandra Frederiks

    Canada is far too dependant on fossil fuels. Instead of squandering time, energy, money, and the future of our children on oil. Spend money instead on alternate energy sources, wind power, tidal power etc. set up the infrastructure required so that electric vehicles can be charged up in a parking space.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Landry/622051435 Ron Landry

    BIG OIL is a conspiracy by the 1% who think they rule the world. It is not so, it’s just that the 99% have been patient and forgiving, but only to a point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lrothney Leona Rothney

    what kind of future would it be with oil spills up and down the B.C. coast? How can these big corporations live with themselves? We hear of huge oil spills all over the world but governments just ignore the fact that this is major destruction. They are ruining the world for future generations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Wayne/120814539 Linda Wayne

    Thank you Elizabeth May. You are a true Canadian and I hope to live to see you sitting in the PM’s chair. That will be a happy day for the tattered remains of my country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=772965467 Craig Hubley

    I am in coastal NS and all my neighbours want more transit and smarter power grid and to get off oil and coal. We like that Irving Oil has less Tar Sands in it and would pay more for Tar Sand free diesel.

  • dennis

    don’ these people have children and grandchildren they have to be concerned about? maybe they are not people…..or they feel protected somehow from the destruction being imposed by the actions of a few

  • Chris Armstrong

    The proposed NGP/Northern Gateway Pipeline is
    a guaranteed economic and ecologic disaster for BC! It is NOT an “oil”
    pipeline, as many writers state, it is a proposed pipeline to carry HIGHLY
    ABRASIVE DILUTED BITUMEN/”DILBIT” which, as Kalamazoo (July, 2010) demonstrated
    “in spades”, can chew through a pipeline very quickly. Proven, obscenely
    incompetent, and highly unethical, (“1000 sq km of islands removed from their
    maps of Douglas Channel”) Enbridge, should not be permitted to operate in BC,
    period! As with Canadian Natural Resources, who, with a partner, are reported
    to be building a refinery in Alberta to produce DIESEL FUEL,
    (uncharacteristically?) timid “Big Oil” should, collectively, step up to the
    plate and build a refinery in Alberta to yield high value (non abrasive) hydrocarbon
    products that can be pipelined, or otherwise sold, safely and profitably. Get
    with the program, Canada!

  • http://twitter.com/Allhabit Allhabit

    Excellent work Elizabeth. Please ensure that your appeal not to
    transport any bitumen – instead process it in Alberta is also a central
    part of your lobbying effort. I am grateful to you – your work is
    essential for our future. Doug Jones

  • John Hague

    One super tar oil tanker sinking will kill all of the Salish Sea and more!

  • http://twitter.com/moxyladies janice cowley


  • Adolf Manz

    It would be wonderful if alternative energy sources were allowed and promoted, so there is less reliance on oi.

  • Miranda

    Excellent quote Trevor

  • http://www.facebook.com/sylvia.griffiths.16 Sylvia Griffiths

    It is time to take Canada back ,,out of the hands of the PCs

  • http://www.facebook.com/sylvia.griffiths.16 Sylvia Griffiths

    It is a pity, there are not more loyal members in the house like Elizabeth

  • Kim Kondra

    If you were a guest in someone’s house, would you pillage through their belongings, take what you need, and carelessly discard the rest? Would you displace their children, destroy their foundation, throw toxic (or any) garbage everywhere? Would you make it impossible to continue to inhabit their home, when
    they so graciously welcomed you in, generously provided you with every thing you need to, not only survive, but be engulfed in beauty, and spirit? That is the way we are collectively behaving as guests on this planet. If we continue to be greedy, thoughtless, selfish guests, She will not only show us the door, but she will make sure we are never welcome back.

  • http://twitter.com/ktagseth Kate Tagseth

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for paying attention to what is really going on in the HoC. Between the flat out lies and Conservative spin, it’s very difficult for people to know what the government is really up to, and what it is doing to our beloved country. From what I’ve seen and heard, Lawrence Martin’s Harperland was right on the money. I can hardly wait for the day when the Harperment is a distant memory. . . Only then, might we get our values in place with people over profit, environment over greed.

  • Torborg

    No security measures are 100% bullet proof! Sooner or later, accidents will happen. Make sure it doesn’t by leaving the coast oil free! You should also stop foreign and national companies from extracting the tar sand. Renewable energy sources is the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anita.coolidge Anita Coolidge

    As a native of Seattle, Washington, having sailed throughout Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and now by the ocean in SoCal, I am SO against anything happening to our wonderful waters — especially when it is absolutely NOT necessary (except for greed, of course — which is NOT acceptable) with the wide range of easy energy sources of wind, water, and sun. No!!! STOP the pipeline. It will be best for ALL.

  • sharon

    Absolutely everything we produce comes from the earth.

    When our minds go into thinking ‘economic prosperity’, we are distancing ourselves from cause and effect, from nature deficits caused by human actions.
    Time to slow down, back off of destruction and begin the path back to nurturing the very planet which supports all life. Do it the Green way.

  • Paula Bourque

    I’ve been chatting with some folks from NB. Most don’t want the pipeline there either. Unfortunately they have been set up in such a way that there is very little work there and not much hope for any, They will take the jobs rather than live in poverty. :(

  • Jo. Unrau

    I love the Cree prophecy, so true.

  • Jo. Unrau

    If we could just make the greedy pigs realize that without a planet we can live on all their money won’t be worth anything, so many stupid fools in the world, can’t understand idiots who can’t seem to see what’s happening or care. MORONS!!

    • Hai li

      Well said, and so eloquently!! I agree.

  • DJ

    The Valdex Exon Oil Spill off the Alaskan Coast was a warning of what can happen. I hope the oil companies and our governments heed that warning

  • raginggranny1250

    Thank you for caring, Elizabeth May.

  • Caringresident

    Do not be lulled into a sense of complacency that the B.C. Liberals will squelch this project. The Feds could well push it through and Christy would blame it on them that it went ahead. Keep blogging against it and get others to sign Elizabeth’s petition. We need thousands more signatures.

  • Mary Smith

    Greenpeace knocked on my door last night asking for money. Check out the Arctic Council – as oil slicks know no boundaries

  • J Krause

    Please keep our coastline free fro increased oil traffic. We need the clean environment for all time and must protect it for the future generations.

  • Judith

    Elizabeth May, you are the first politician I have ever known that I like. I see that you are working hard to put forward the wishes of your constituents and the welfare of countless humans, wildlife, fish and sea creatures habitat is your great crusade. Thank you for standing up to the eastern bullies.I admire you.

  • aidanz

    more cars less trees

    • Hai li

      you’re an idiot too.

  • Carol Mazur

    The tar sands development can be seen from space. This shows how extensive the operations are. Besides the risk of oil spills on the environmentally sensitive western coastline, I would like to know how we will clean up the toxic mess left behind on the land, inland rivers and lakes, and in the tailings ponds. Who will be responsible for cleaning it up, and can we possibly clean up such a vast toxic wasteland?

  • Leona Matte

    Thank you Elizabeth for your stalwart and relentless defence of the British Columbia environment. You are an example to all citizens on how we should join our voices in protest against these threats to our fragile ecosystems, which in turn are part of the greater planet. As we live here, it is truly our responsibility to protect and act as stewards of this land! May your voice not grow hoarse and may your smile grow broad…….know that there are a lot of British Columbians that don’t want to see dirty oil shipped through these pristine waterways! We must speak out against the corporate giants who don’t give a sh.. about the planet or us!

  • Heiko Nyland

    I consider the health of the environment, and the rights of all other animals to be far more important than any humans right to health, wealth, or freedom of choice. How many of us empathize with all the threatened animals and their situation humans have created. Humans are a good thing, until there are too many, then they are a cancer. Now humans are a cancer. Long past time to sterilize a large percentage of them.

    • Hai li

      Have you lost your marbles???

  • Morrier

    The Prime Minister didn’t answer Ms. May’s question: Will he respect provincial jurisdiction? Nor is Ms. Christy Clark to be trusted, BC gov’t did not respond with an explicit “no”.

  • muggins

    When something is so obviously unsafe and unsustainable, it is hard to even think up a comment which is not trite. These decisions not only endanger the integrity of our ocean and landscapes, they set a tone. If we go ahead with this pipeline, putting business interests ahead of those of the people, other species and the environment, we help define the way of the future, using the world as a mere commodity to be exploited. I regret that our leaders lack spiritual vision or understanding of the need of humans for beauty and diversity of life forms. Let us not let them run roughshod over habitat and natural geography, assets which make our world a rich and magnificent place, in order to gain financially from an outmoded form of energy. Canada is so far behind the trend now for clean, sustainable energy, it is an embarrassment to many of it’s citizens. Please take a moment to wonder what your grandchildren will think of you, having robbed them of this pristine land and sea, and your lack of wisdom displayed in a time when you could have helped set the world in a new and healthy direction.

  • serena

    Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will~Ghandi

  • Brian Crinkley

    Piping oil across the Rockies is both extremely high risk an ludicrous. The only real motive is greed.

  • emwatcher

    Hey, maybe I can post here! I can’t post on other Green Party pages because I’m not a party member. Anyway ….

    In the excellent question Elizabeth posed to the oily Steve, I wonder why members of the Official Opposition and the third and fourth parties didn’t applaud. Do they agree with Harpie on this issue (pipelines über alles), or is it simply that they won’t recognize a contribution from outside their ranks?

  • Hisao Ichikawa

    It is insane. With the money you make, can you buy a new planet to pollute after destroying our planet?

  • Mary Anne Schleinich

    Thank you Elizabeth May, for representing ecological concerns and a broad-based view of Canadian politics. You show us what leadership can look like, leadership that is responsible to a very wide world. And you do this so capably!!

  • David Price

    To allow the Northern Gateway Enbridge Pipeline would be an act of insanity – the devastation of a province and much of the Pacific. When will reason ever rule in Ottawa?

  • Anthony Robinson

    No one seems to think of the backlash if Bitumen from Canada is spilled off Japan and China. Their fishing tradition employs hundreds of thousands and is more a way of life compared to our mechanized fishing industry. Anthony Robinson.

  • Anne

    Thank you Elizabeth for being a strong voice for our environment – our pristine coastal waters and Beautiful BC

  • Carolyn Saucier

    As if pipeline spills of refined oil , which are inevitable and all too frequent, ,are not bad enough, it is outrageous to even consider shipping bitumen, which is mixed with a highly toxic dilutent, which is virtually impossible to clean up, when there is a spill. The pollution of the land and water would be horrendous.The oceans are already being destroyed. It would be insanity to add bitumen to the damage.

  • loyd

    A major spill on our coast would have the same effect as taking away
    the Eiffel tower in Paris.

  • Mariane

    Greed makes people hungry and thirsty … not just here in Canada but in many places in the world. Industry and governments need to operate from new tenets that place people first.

  • Wayne Magnuson

    Have you ever heard Harper answer a question with “yes” or “no”? Have you ever heard Harper answer a question directly? No, he wiggles through an answer that sounds plausible to his party and his base, but most of the time he’s lying through his teeth. Shame on you Stephen Harper! Transparency, yes! We see though you and your tactics.

  • Lulu

    It has all been said over and over, but those who need to listen wear money coloured glasses.

  • les

    Tar sands crude promises riches but at a price too costly to be worth it. The Oil companies promise the world but at the end of the day they cannot guarantee there will not a be an accident and that it wont be catastrophic and that it wont damage the LIVING environment for decades afterwards like the exxon valdez disaster and the gulf of mexico disaster. IF Canada spent the same amount of money it is proposing to spend on the construction of this pipeline and developing the tar sands into developing competitive green technologoes that we could sell to the world we’d all be a lot better off,

  • Stella

    Cordova Bay in Prince William Sound in Alaska was where the oil spill from the Exxon Valdez occurred…the documentary is powerful and should be telecast again and again on CBC Passionate Eye or PBS …tie it in with gulf spill and Kalamazoo spill in Michigan and goodness knows how many others.

  • mona nahmias

    When is the , so called, responsible government understand that ecology must be left outside the realm of politics and taken seriously. The oil companies care only about their bottom line. Government who represent people must be more cautious about our environment. The voters expect it.

  • Chi

    What man creates man can destroy and rebuild, man can destroy nature and nature may never fully recover. No to the pipeline – no to supertankers.

  • David

    It is unfortunate, but Mr Harper is obviously ‘in bed’ with the US, which is clearly on the road to Globalist Fascism (see today’s news of NSA tapping into nine ISP’s to track NON-US Internet users and demanding all phone records from Verizon on a daily basis for spying purposes). Canadians, unless we make it very clear that we do not want this or any other pipeline to feed the American machine, we will very soon be a part of the North American Union (Union of Canada USA & Mexico ….I recommend that you do some research on this agenda) and no longer have any say in what happens in this country. Thank you Elizabeth May, for being the most upstanding and outstanding MP the House may have ever witnessed!

  • Valerie Hopkins-Talbot

    This government is oblivious to GMO foods and how they effect our health. All people should be entitled to Clean earth,water,air, food and DNA.

  • Barbara Berger

    We must never give up the struggle to voice our concerns about these issues even if they don’t at first seem to hear us!

  • Linda

    So I guess the question that has been uppermost in my mind for some time, given Harper’s stance on this and other critical environmental issues, along with some humanitarian issues, are we as a country ready to declare him an environmental hazard? He is unequivocally the worst PM we have had, ever I think. He has no concept of long term impacts, not just environmentally, but on just about any topic he tackles. He seems to have no real concept of planning for a future that everyone can enjoy, not just those wealthy enough to find a way that money can buy. Harper and his back room boys don’t seem to get the human cost of the choices they are making. Or maybe they just don’t care. Or maybe they are completely overwhelmed by the power of money lobbying. What doesn’t happen to them personally simply doesn’t happen. If he can’t see it himself, it doesn’t exist. He will have Canada completely censured in the world’s view, a significant turn around and in what, less than ten years? And what is the point of it? I don’t understand what he feels he or Canada will gain by being looked upon as backward and sliding in a world view. Does he feel he has some unique pinhole view into the future that will exonerate him in some way? Because history will judge him. And sadly Canada along with him because we allowed him. What is the way out?

  • disqus_LvNejoDPJK

    No means NO.

    Any further arguments?

    Our PM is a bully. A sneaky ‘uses politics/his political position’ to forward his agenda’ kind of bully, but IS one non-the-less.
    Why does no one in politics call a spade a spade these days?
    Ugh. I’m so sick of all these self serving politicians, who, live these weird self serving lives surround by a closed group of their own ilk COMPLETELY out of touch with reality & the fact they live on a FINITE BALL. And they’re running the show??.. and not a single one is EVER held accountable!
    I feel like I’m living in a feudal system with all these parasitic nobles sucking the world & us commoners of life to do so . Ah!
    Thanks you, Elizabeth May, for NOT being like the rest on Parliament hill*

  • Maggie

    I believe what Trevor has just written says it all for all of we Canadians.

  • Shas Cho

    Thank you for working to keep BC safe.
    I am glad to help in any way I can.

    Two issues I have not seen addressed in any depth are

    1- the certainty of an overdue tsunami in the near future
    and the effect of that on tankers and storage tanks along our coastline
    (I have gathered a few historical facts and figures on the tsunami problem, and will post or forward them to you upon request. They may be of some use in your discussions and publications), and

    2- the dumping of seawater ballast,
    pumped on board from the Chinese coast and jettisoned in the Douglas Channel.
    This ballast is filled with plankton, much of which comprises the larval form of all sorts of fish and invertebrates indigenous to China and alien to BC.
    We have seen the invasion and proliferation of many species
    which have had a disastrous impact upon the host ecology and economy.
    It is self-defeating to an absurd degree to deliberately repeat errors
    which have so often been catastrophic in other places.

    There is no way that the pipeline and tanker traffic can be made safe with today’s technology, and as the next wave of technology will be post-petroleum, there will never be a need for such a project. No amount of money and no number of jobs, however inflated, can clean up the inevitable oil spills.

    Keep BC’s waters oil-free!


  • Edie Daniels

    I have a very learned and reliable source (expert) who assures me that trees will not grow in the tar sands area until the next ice age. No politician will ever convince me otherwise.

  • Kim

    I think it is absolutely ludicrous that we have to engage in petitions at all. Logically it doesn’t make sense to continue to ravage our planet all any expense. Just how many other planets do we know of that can support life of any kind? Yet there are those who won’t rest until they have destroyed the only home we know.

  • Deb Watts

    I am completely opposed to the proposed Enbridge Pipeline and their plan to ship oil down the coast of B.C. This must never be approved.

  • Marty in BC

    One has only to look at the devastation that the tar sands projects have caused in Alberta, and the immeasurable damage they have caused down steam in the NWT and Yukon, as incentives to tell Redford and Harper NIMBY!!! The rally cry for BC must be NO PIPELINES AND NO TANKERS. Do not let the same devastation and damage happen here.

  • Jennifer Kuiack

    Canada is moving backwards and i’m ashamed in the way our country is going. The pipeline effects all canadians. We want to move forwards with new inovative ideas in green, clean, renewable energies. Not backwards to the stone age. Our Education is the worst in the world our kids can’t even come close to competing with over seas children. Our health care has become a joke. Hard working Candains go to work every day to pervide for there families you tax the crap out of them and give it to people who take advantage of the system like alcaholic and drug addicts (Because they’re unemployable) Instead of getting them help. ??????SO SO ashamed. Sorry if my spelling and grammer are bad i’m just the product of canadain schooling system.

  • wonderful world

    This will affect all Canadians, all for the love of money. Our RoboMinister is not listening to the people. He has become complacent and should step down and let someone who cares about the environment(life) as it should be.

  • 46nd2

    Elizabeth May, you’re doing great work. Thank You

  • Roger Redman

    Harper and his reform party buddies have got to go. Then bury their shit ass bodies
    in the their beloved Tar Sands….

  • Barbara Lee

    Thanks for all your hard work on this Elizabeth (and Paul).

  • Sarah

    The environment is destroyed for us all. When it is all gone no amount of money will be able to provide the rich with fresh water. Think ahead! Why does this government continually not listen to the people that they are suppose to represent. They are destroying environments all over the world and violating human rights. It is shameful!

  • David

    Thanks for keeping the debate alive and for keeping federal Conservative government honest.

  • Alex624

    Many of the structural and process components for these oil sands mining facilities are being made cheaply in Asia where there are limited, if any, environmental and labour safety regulations and put together here after being transported long distances over taxpayer funded highways. There are increasing efforts by oil companies and their political lackeys in Canadian government to take the raw bitumen out of the country to be upgraded and refined into usable petroleum products. Oil companies say they will restore the environment to it’s pre-mining state but they really haven’t done very much of this so far. What’s to stop them from just packing up and leaving the mess for taxpayers to clean up after they extracted everything they can? Nothing really since they will have all kinds of money to fight lengthy legal battles to avoid having to do any clean-up. It should be transformed into value added products in Alberta or elsewhere in Canada which would mean 10s of thousands more good jobs here. The people of Alberta and Canada should be getting greater benefits from the exploitation of this resource or it should just be left in the ground and our resources and energy directed towards the development of greener communities and alternative energy systems.

  • Cheryl Erland

    Keep it up Elizabeth. Only with constant pressure brought to bear on this current, corrupt, government is there a hope of it being kept in line.

  • Paul Pb

    we have enough green energy to look after the world forever but to many people have money invested in oil and untilll every drop is used they wont quit

  • Jane barry

    Big oil and it’s advocates represent a frightening disconnect from nature and nurture and earth stewardship (for generations to come) that is hard to fathom. I guess one either gets, believes those concepts or one doesn’t. There is no playing nicey nicey with the kids in the oil sandbox.

  • Jamie Jorgensen

    I love my Country but I DO NOT trust any politician man or woman that will give it all away to be more comfortable than his or her constituants . Represent us dont RAPE us!!!!!!!

  • D Easton

    Nature thrives on patience,man on impatience.

  • R.Rogers

    I love the Cree message…

  • W.Rogers

    Time to EDUCATE our people!

  • Rena Rogers

    David Suzuki is probably depressed and exhausted trying to deal with all the luddites !
    A prime minister who disdains scientists and followers by suggesting they are radicals ?
    Has anyone ever heard of a
    Canadian P.M. blocking Scientists?
    How about silencing journalists by appointing them?

  • Patrick’s Mom

    We are only care-takers of this land for future generations. I want my future grand-children to have a safe environment and know their ancestors set the example to respect what was given to us by God. I also want our guests to learn about respect, it has only been 130 years of colonization on this coast, long enough to fall in love with the land. It is time for everyone to stand up and say “NO” to GREEDY corporations! We need to co-exist not act like the parasites of the earth. I have faith that we as a people can protect this coast. Please take your stand on the right side of humanity.

  • dee dee

    When will we Stop this ridiculous dependence on oil/fossil fuels? I had hoped it would be in my lifetime. I know now, that it will not. It’s criminal.

  • D from Toronto

    I Do Not UNDERSTAND How Stephen Harper lives with Himself.
    How Does He Sleep at Night and why Would Any Man Want to be Associated With Him?
    Are There Any Decent Honest Men Left in the Harper Regime that Will Let there Conscience Be There Guide and Do Right By There Fellow Man?

    Surely Not Everyone is For Sale.

    What Price Does a Man Put On the Willingness to For-Go Truth, Honesty. Decency and the Love and Respect of Your Brothers and Sisters?

    What Price Does a Man Put on Consent by Silence? How Long Does a Man Do Nothing While KNOWING HIS CONSENT is an Integral Support of Massive Lies, Destruction, and a Direct Intent to Poison Our Planet?

    What Is The Price?

    What Is the Price for Selling Your Soul???????????????????????????

  • wondering

    Wow ! from Canada as the shining light of the world, and in 6 years ??? the conservative party proudly standing opposed to the people of Canada, allowed, simply by all conservative party members, bowing before a fake king. Is it for the international multicorprorations that they dismantle all that made Canada great ?. How do they all bow to a fake king when 93.7% of Canadians no longer beleive a word.?

  • Jobs for community

    If British Columbia does not want this, I think that the Federal Government should not be hypocritical.

    If it is ok to destroy the Alberta tarsands and the federal government stays out of that. But when another Province takes the pposite approach and wants to preserve lands, then it is now ok to interfere from the Federal government.

  • Fran Manary

    We can only hope that the people can get their message across as it is ONLY ‘the people’ that care and seem able too access the egregious damage that our BC MLA’s, such as the arrogant Rich Coleman, who fanatically supports all pipelines, will cause!

    Elizabeth May…………..God bless you for your courage in standing up to the House!

  • Patti

    The quote below stirred my heart…I was on Google earth yesterday to locate a spot in B.C. where friends went on a fishing trip…I was appalled at the satellite view of the land showing a spotted province. Those large spots are now barren fields where trees used to be…OMG…I have never despised anyone so much as I do this prime minister and his weak character…he has bowed down to the corporate greed of this world…do they really believe that they can take it with them when they die?

  • personne

    We, all, must change our behavior. We have lost all respect of nature. All ideology (religious and politic) put the human over nature. And we are the last evolution sigificative spicies. What arrogance.. But we will pay the price some time for our artificial behavior, if we don’t recognise our real place in this world: we are the child of this Earth. The only one ideology is this one : we are all human been, whit different times’culture: religion was our significant recognition, that was and are (for many, due to education and his conditionnement) our limit of anderstanding the world. But today, we must recognize our thrue origin; nature evolution. We must respect our culture heritage: one: because its our time passage; two: for us, its the most important, for put an end to our errors on what we are, our false identification, I’m not a christian or musulman,, but an human been, the nature evolution thaught me that. For the part of our culture, we must learn our errors (war for false reason: superiority among others…but for their richesse..today the same patern: lois du marché), and the truth human value: take care…
    Solutions exist: autogestion coop, revenue base, human education…

    Revenue base: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cwdVDcm-Z0

    If we continue whit our false ideology (religious and politic…but one is new: Economic ideology. the worst of all) we will continue our sempiternelle war and perhaps put an end of earth’s life like some preacher announce. An exemple: to announce the bible apocalypse. We know today, our ancesters make mistake about the furies of nature, like comet destruction… Can we go over our psycholigical fears about our identification: they are just words and we are the creator of those words. But we’r not aware about our thought process and his thrue influence on our behavior. It’s us who make war, but we justifie it whit words. It’s our responsability.
    Questioning is the first step of human liberty, responsability and to grow up.

  • BrettJ

    It is time for us to realize we need to find other methods to use and other products to sustain us. The ones that we have been using are not working.

  • chickensurfer

    Ever since Stephen Harper became Prime Minister, he has been removing all of our Environmental protections we have had for decades. Harper and his Corrupt and Arrogant Conservative party have taken away Canadians ability to fight back and dispute the govts horrible policies. From selling off our Country OWNED Water rights to his Corporate buddies to lying and backstabbing our First Nations peoples. Harper is by far Canada’s Worst ever Prime Minister. Him and his hidden agenda secretive govt have done nothing for us Canadians , all Harper has done is help his corporate greedy buddies. Canadians have constantly and consistently asked questions but never get answers , we instead only get ignored and a bunch of BS Spin. In the next Federal election we all must vote Harper and his Corrupt and Arrogant party out once and for all and instead elect a new govt that will listen to Canadians and once again Protect our Lands, Waters and our Rights. I have never seen a Federal govt have so many major Scandals and act so arrogant and secretive, Harper is a lowlife bastard that should be investigated for election Fraud and charged accordingly. Thank goodness the Federal election is only 17 months away. :)

  • Deirdre Phillips

    In every way, we north americans have truly allowed those in power to foster a modern culture that values $$ profit above all else. It’s shameful. My Dad is 91 years old and he has witnessed the rapidity and escalation of the destruction of our environment here in bc/canada in the name of profit. Our beautiful beautiful country – on a precarious path of destruction – in one person’s lifetime. Shame on us. What a legacy we are leaving.

  • Rena

    Another oil spill in B.C. Once again the say “it is contained”

  • disqus_OJXKE0pJ41

    NewOld Media on soundcloud.com

    political satire
    The Wreck of the Ho Chi Harper – tar oil mega tanker!
    This is available in the public interest, in the public domain.

  • Leah

    I am aware of other energy sources/technologies that have been proven and presented to the Canadian and the U.S. governments which have been rejected.

    My sense is that there is a political agenda that is behind this.

    Elizabeth May, as a leader of a Canadian political party, could possibly be a bridge to see the implementation of this technology.
    If Liberal, NDP and Bloc were to simultaneously express interest it is highly probable that implementation would be expedited.


    I love your work Elizabeth. Thank you for your amazing patience and persistence in dealing with the political mayhem that is the current Canadian political scene.
    You have my vote to be the new Canadian Prime Minister of our beloved land.

  • John McGeachie

    I find it very difficult to understand how Steve and the boys reconcile a global movement to divest ourselves of fossil fuels with the promotion of the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet. Am I missing something here? My understanding is that the time to act to avoid the calamitous effects of global warming has already been passed. The best we can do now is to minimize the results. The effects are horrendous, millions of lives lost due to starvation, global lack of potable water the list goes on and yet here we are hanging our hat on the “Tar Sands”. That name will go down in infamy.

    I heard the CEO of Exxon say last week that it’s all ok because humans will just adapt to the changing circumstances. We’re all such a resilient bunch don’t you know. This kind of attitude just baffles me. Wringing the last ounce of habitability out of the planet in the name of what – more money? Are you serious? What good is money when there isn’t anywhere or anything to spend it on? The Cree Prophecy is just around the corner. What kind of wine would you like with your dinner of $1000 bills?

    Human beings are becoming a disgrace to this universe if we haven’t already reached that marvelous milestone. I’m appalled, disgraced and embarrassed by our ignorance of how things actually work. I don’t know the answer or the reason for a lot of things that this life brings us but one thing I do know is that you don’t cut your nose off to spite your face.

    Our planet is being managed and governed by a bunch of buffoons. Honestly. Monsanto, tar sands, Rio Tinto, Barrick, Halliburton, Nike the list goes on and is proliferating. Give me a break. Sometimes it’s just a little too much to bear. Maybe at some point in time the grassroots activists will actually win the day but it will be too little and far too late. If you think I’m being “chicken little” here go check it out for yourself, please. We have just reached the magical number of 400 ppm of CO2 concentration and all it caused was a little tremor in the media. The proof is in the pudding.

    Steven Harper and Joe Oliver. These two have, more so than any other twosome in Canadian history, brought disgrace and disgust to this once fine nation. My head is hung low. I apologize to all the peoples of this earth for unleashing these two morons onto the planet.

    Thanks Elizabeth for the voice of reason and sanity in this body politic. Good luck and good wishes. Your a hell of a lot more optimistic than I could ever be. Keep up the good fight.

  • Shas Cho

    According to Environment Canada we are far overdue for a tectonic plate shift and a resultant tsunami. Such a wave could destroy the proposed giant storage tanks at Kitimat as well as every tanker in our coastal waters, releasing the largest oil spill in the history of the Pacific.
    No more pipelines! No oil port or tankers in our waters!

  • Shas Cho

    There are some things that are not for sale.
    Some things belong to all of us.
    - Grey Owl

  • Carol H.

    “Pollutants rising too fast, report warns” (Washington Post/Boston Globe, June 4, 2013, p. A3 “Agency [International Energy Agency] “says rate of carbon release threatens Earth.” China, no. 1, US 2, India 3… “Global climate talks are aimed at keeping the temperature rise below 3.6 degrees [by 2015], compared with pre-industrial levels. The agency found that the world is on track for an increase of 6.5 to 9.5 degrees.” Will we ever wake up? Canada–will you stop taking part in ecocide, biocide, and genocide — crimes against life — and end the filthiest tar sands extraction, desecration, destruction, and export? There will be no Great Bear Rainforest. There will be what only our species is capable of doing… causing the sixth extinction, and we too will go extinct.

    With hope for life on Earth and the Earth who sustains us all,

    Carol in Massachusetts, USA — mitakuye oyasin — we are all related….

  • Noah_Scape

    I agree, R. Hebner – good reminder about the Michigan bitumen [tar sands] spill – the outrage of keeping media away is enough to say “NO WAY”. If they cannot let the public see what it is like to have bitumen spilled then the public will only have limited information to form opinions on. It is “propaganda by omission”.

  • Noah_Scape

    Oops, I was referring to the Mayflower Arkansas bitumen spill. That was an Exxon pipeline… but they kept the media away, even imposing a no-fly zone over the area.

    • Noah_Scape

  • Sharon

    I think, its not a matter of a possible oil spill, but when it will happen. For me, nothing is worth, polluting our water, soil and air. We know of alternates – lets use them and leave oil and uranium in the ground.

  • cmartin

    Thank you. What we need is a full bore goal of solar energy for the future. When JFK announced the 10 year goal of sending a man to the moon, the technology was not there either. They met their goal. We need to turn away from fossil fuels now!

  • TheTruthExposer

    Trees are like lungs of humans. It helps & gives oxygen to breathe. All the things on Earth & in Heavens are made for Human beings’ use, its existence & survival & not to cut the trees is mentioned in Al-Qur’an by Allah/God Almighty Divine Book & practised by His last Prophet for all humanity & its Creations, Muhammad (pbu Him). Only if human beings use their intelligence & understand not to destroy, wrecking or upsetting the balance, in the name of progress, profit, greed or commerce.

  • Ona

    Please, people ~ greed of oil export & use of oil is not in the best interest of any living creature on this planet.

  • Susan Barr

    Lets leave this planet better than we got it

  • Roberta Walker

    I’ve left a post before, but will again. NO PIPELINE THROUGH BC!!!! When will we realise that all this progress is not only damaging to all animals etc. but is in fact killing the human race. We have more cancer and other disease than ever before. The waters, soil and food is contaminated to the hilt and still the almighty dollar seems to rule regardless of the consequence. We need a complete overhaul in the “powers that be”. Those in power now just don’t get it !!!

  • Anita Swerdlyk

    Michigan now wants Lake Superior`s water. Michigan has almost destroyed their state with fracking. They want money for fracking…not for the people…to support their worm squirming across North America and leaking daily. Stop fracking North America and we will have water!

  • benalbanach

    Look under the table…Harper is chewing on the legs.

  • Susan Pereira

    Does what happen in Lac-Megantic have to happen again before our government and the Canadian people take note: Ignorance is only Bliss until it lands at your door step…and until Canadians stand against plans to run pipelines through our communities sad to say: We may be faced with similar tragedies.

  • Naseem

    Trevor Greene’s Cree Prophecy, tells it all.

  • Don

    Very proud of the work you do and the dedication you show for the people of Canada. Thank you.

  • Ev Leskiw

    How do you feel about the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer(Vancouver to Seattle) May 2012and 13.I have protested to the BC Cancer Society, but the attitude seems to be “It’s for a good cause”

  • Karen Limacher

    I think what Trevor Green below should be placed on T-shirts and sold. I want to be the first one to make a purchase! The money raised could be used in so many positive ways.

  • Ken Bergen

    Trevor: Look at the current state of the U.S. economy, and the impact of the 2008 crash on the rest of the world.. It may not take that long….

    The pollution from the Tar Sands, and the Conservative government’s allowing China to buy Nexen Corp, will be adding to the current level of pollution as well. Nexen Corp will operate outside of Canadian law, with disagreements or violations being decided through Arbitration rather than in our own Supreme Court—the Court of the People of Canada. Under the agreement, they can sue our country if their profits are affected through our governments policies, or by any action that Canada takes, even to protect our own environment! How could a Canadian government in power make such a sovereignty-eroding deal?

    Pollution from the Tar sands will eventually pollute the whole Mackenzie watershed, all the way to the Arctic ocean. David Schindler,scientist from U of A (Edmonton), already proved that existing oil company scientists (trusted by Environment Canada to provide proper testing and reports) were not reporting the full extent of downstream Pollution in the Athabasca river and found a multitude of heavy metals and poisonous PAH’s, which are suspected of causing many deformed, and cancerous fish in the river, hundreds of miles downstream from the Tars Sands site. http://thetyee.ca/News/2010/09/17/AthabascaDeformedFish/

    Indigenous peoples living far downstream from the Tar Sands have been found, for years, to have unusual cancers, cancers which are very rare for other indigenous people living in similar areas.

    When the last drop of oil has been found on this planet, there may not be much of a planet left to pollute.

    To: Galactic Review Board
    Report 222B
    Legacy of Homo Sapiens
    Region: 3rd Planet from Sol

    Evolved to the top of food chain
    After invention of Currency, they began to act insane
    and actually tried to destroy their allotted planet
    then tried to get to Mars (it was too far)
    and not really much fun
    as it was pretty much destroyed already!

    Alien 1: “We should Thank our lucky stars that they are gone!”
    Alien 2: “Amazing that such a large brained mammal could be so stupid!”
    Alien 3: “Oh well, let’s amphibianize a bunch of dolphins and see if they can do better.
    Alien 4: “Yes! They seem quite social, and after all, they DO have a bigger brain…..”

  • A. Hurst

    The jobs and wealth that will be created will be temporary, the potential damages can last for many generations. We need to divert or jobs and GDP efforts towards learning how to create and distribute clean and safe energy sources if future generations are to have any hope at all.

  • Dallas

    These idiot politicians extoll the virtues of oil because, if it weren’t for oil, they would not have one clue where to begin at how to create jobs, or run the economy. Oil is the easy, get rich quick, short term, short sighted solution for them all who jump on the bandwagon. The pitiful amount of jobs that oil creates is a joke for all the environmental destruction it causes in the end. My heart weeps for those whose lives and environments have been poisoned and destroyed by oil, man and animal alike. Get rid of these greedy, ignorant, a–hole bum leaders and CEO’s now, whatever it takes!

  • Diana McMahen

    There exists no possible method by which the environmental impact of an oil spill from a super tanker could ever, ever be reversed on the West Coast of British Columbia. The cost to the environment, and to the luckless people that are left to live in the aftermath of the spill could never be outweighed by immediate benefits. Our government’s interest in oil as an export commodity is futile. We are wringing the last possible supply of oil out of the ground using energy and resources in quantities that defeat the purpose. It is a limited resource, and hence it provides limited job opportunities, and impedes the impetus for us to seriously look at other sustainable alternatives. As long as it is put in front of us, we will continue to use it, until our earth is destroyed, and, in the end, if we are still here, we will need to look for an alternative anyway—too little too late. Let go of the black gold and look further in to the future than the next balance sheet.

  • Nicole

    Canada cannot afford this harm to the environment.

  • Deb Laroche

    There’s been a moratorium since 1972 for a reason: the devastation to our ecosystem when a spill happens is something we won’t recover from, period. Keep that moratorium in place and end this stupidity. Human error as well as spills happen all the time. The answer to any pipeline is a resounding NO!

  • Joy Hanser

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for doing your job so thoroughly and speaking our minds…

  • Jaspera

    Thanks again for a very informative and useful article. I am forwarding it to friends & local media. We have to work hard to get rid of the present batch of dictatorial Tory politicians federally and provincially. Otherwise they will kill our Earth, wildlife and ultimately us through their short-sighted, grab-all greed and lack of vision for the future. Canada should and could be a sustainable environment leader but with the present crew dictating economic policy (and no environmental policy except destroy) we have fallen far behind. Let’s all work towards a very different result in the next elections – federally, provincially, and even municipally. And no tankers, no pipelines!

  • http://www.facebook.com/priscillamorgann Priscilla Morgan

    With corporations and banks running the show and politicians, who are dead from the neck up, letting them; we can only pray that Mother Earth forgives us and can be pulled back from the brink!!!!

  • Norman

    They want to turn Earth into another Mars.

  • cruz_ctrl

    oil spills are inevitable and while millions (billions?) has been spent on improving methods of locating, extracting, refining and distributing oil, nothing has been done to improve oil spill recovery and cleanup. it’s still basically booms and absorbent pads and hundreds of minimum-wage workers trying to look like they are actually doing something to mitigate the environmental impact of these trajedies.

    we need to stop calling them “spills” and call them waht they really are: environmental catastrophes.

  • Edda Loomes

    Let us keep our environment safe.
    Once it is ruined it is hard to fix.

  • Eyes Wide Open.

    It’s a tall order for a whole nation to wake up and suddenly respect the environment. thousands of people are already doing so and now we must insist our leaders get on board because it is a crisis! I believe its possible with this action now gaining momentum!

  • Christine

    Clean air, clean water, clean land, those are our basic neccesities in order for all living beings to survive.

    Please leave the oil alone, and please put a stop to Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway project NOW!

  • VJT

    What can we do with a government that knows the cost of everything but the value of nothing? How do we get more Canadians to care enough to demand change? Is there an answer in time to save anything of Canada’s natural beauty before it is sold to the highest bidder?

  • Rochelle-George McFarlane

    Be the change you want to see

  • Bri

    You can lead a man to knowledge, but you can’t make him think :)

  • ILoveTrees

    The special interests of the 1% will be the demise of this world. Whatever we can do to have our voices heard in defence of preserving our national resources, the better. The pipelines will be the end of our once beautiful landscape. We must stand up and continue to fight.

  • Angie

    Money is todays religion nothing else matters not preserving the environment for those coming after or for those of us today.Politicians should take a hard look at themselves and their morals and the public should be less apathetic.

  • moxylady

    Stay away from our coast oil tycoons.. we will stand up against the madness.

  • Ariadne Etienne

    In 1990 I was at a highschool student summit on the environment. We agreed that every means necessary should be taken to protect the environment since this is the source of our living. This included sabotague and destruction of equipment, and other more desperate methods I won’t name here because Heir Harper might be snooping and have me collected in the night.

    Thousands of years ago we were struggling against the environment to survive, today we are struggling against the sociopathic executives and politicans. It’s time we shut down these people, and put them away where psychologists can find a cure for sociopathy. A “middle class” around the world is the only solution to their game of greed. We’ll never make it to a Type I Civilization, and if we don’t, we’re finished. Done for. Game over.

  • JPierre33

    The little despot (sorry, I refuse to write his name) has already made the NRC part of corporate assets. Full speed ahead. Damn the torpedoes. We must have Green reps in all ridings for the next election. It’s the only party that all the others hate. In that there may be much weight for a very disillusioned commons. Strike for the non-voters more please. I used to be one. I was disgusted decades ago on the heading we were taking. No one was seeing beyond ‘capitalism’; and no wonder: there is NOthing beyond capitalism. Supporting the health of the planet, our environment, can only be a common effort. The Greens as I see it stand for such an effort.
    thank you,

  • Neville Bradley

    Neville Bradley TOO late ! The culprit is HARPER > Four ( 4 ) parliamentary sessions cancelled ! THIS TURKEY ” has sold you out ” and needs to be ” impeached ” !! or removed by public REFERENDUM !!!

  • Kim

    Thank you Elizabeth for keeping the faith. We need you – the country needs more of you. I have such great fear for our future.

  • Jeff

    We must all work together to get rid of this threat to humanity Stephan Harper!!

  • Peter

    This nonsense must be stopped.

  • larryweeks@lynx.bc.ca

    When governments no longer listen to their people they are no longer governments. Corporations should have no votes and lobbying should be outlawed. Give us back our rights as people in a democracy should have!

  • larryweeks@lynx.bc.ca

    I have seen over 100 foot waves in this corner of the world…tankers will be in trouble …..

  • johnhalstad

    The only ones that can prevent the destruction of this coast, Province and Country at the hands of big oil is the people of this coast, Province and Country. Maybe it’s time we all linked arms and take a stand.

  • Mike

    The Harper government is the most criminal and unethical I have ever witnessed.
    When will the people grow a backbone and put a stop to this insanity?
    Why will they not support Green technology and innovations?
    I feel like it has become the corporate and political agenda to do everything possible to poison the people into a mass die off and population reduction plan.
    The oil, food, water and money cartels are going to drive us into self extermination.
    When will this insanity be stopped???

  • Terry Hamilton

    How much devastation has to be caused before they stop flooding the oceans with oil?

  • Brendan Haug

    Seriously?! We don’t have money for things that we NEED, yet somehow find money for things the government wants?

  • Jo. Unrau

    Thanks Elizabeth. Help us stop the scum who don’t give a damn what happens to Canada.

  • Chiaroscurist

    No tankers… No problems..

  • Louise Cantin

    Merci de veiller…
    Il ne faut surtout pas oublier la voie de l’Arctique déjà très convoitée !!!!!!!
    Louise Cantin (75 ans ) , très lucide de ce qui attend nos prochaines générations.
    Qui, elles, ne réalisent pas se qui leur pend au bout du nez , tant ils se roulent dans leur bien-être, leur comsommatio sans discernement!

  • Margaret Singleton

    Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood, may be descriptive of our future in Canada, after all.

  • Denyse Mouck

    OMG is it not time for the Greens to merge with the Liberals. If you don’t you’re handing Harper another kick in the gut to our environment. Working within the Liberal party gives you a voice that will effect change. Right now you’re a voice in the wilderness and it’s killing me to watch that man as he plows through with so little authority because we let him split the vote. Justin has more reason than most politicians to get environmental degradation under control. I believe he’s someone flexible enough to allow you to work well together. I want to vote green. I want green to be our future, but I want it to happen within the liberal party because they can do something. A seat, or a few will not do it for you. Consider our future and join forces with someone on the move that actually has this country and it’s children/future close to his heart.

  • rm

    Greed & the want for Power never ceases to shock me. When such selfish actions such as this (obsession with oil for cars, money etc) matters over People -our lives, the future generations, the Earth – which sustains us completely, plays heavy on the heart. Some people’s greed for that power & money is the downfall of the human race. It is good to read the comments of those who truly care about the Earth, People & Future Generations to find their voice and speak out. Thank you for all of your “voices” through print, it gives me a sliver of hope.

  • lumière et ombres

    Suis-je étonnée? Non, harper semble aider ses “amis” ceux qui pourront l’aider dans son désir de régner sur le Canada! Le seul ennemie de l’homme est lui-même et son appétit pour le gains: nous avons remplacé les valeurs religieuses par celles du Stock Exchange!
    I am surprise, absolutely not! Harper always seem to help rich corporations, using our taxes money, stealing from the poor to give to the riches … etc. In Québec, we have an “inquisition on corruption”, may be we also need one for the Canadian government!
    Have you ever thought of all the subventions that are given by the governments to the enterprises, how many billions, trillions, it cost us tax payer, so that, theses company can give better dividend or profits to their owners!
    The only enemy of mankind is his own desire for profit, most are not smart enough to think of the consequence on others, the only value is the Saint-$$$$$$!

  • lynnbo

    When the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember this land does not belong to you, it is you who belong to this land – Elder teaching.

  • Kathy

    Wake up people you cannot survive on money, this is ridiculous and they are making foolish mistakes all for the sake of greed! you cannot eat money so what will we do then when everything in the world we need to live is decimated, please stop this insanity.

  • Sue

    It is such a beautiful part of our world. Every Canadian should view it for themselves……no where deserves to be threatened by these oil monsters.

  • Elly Hastings

    Stay out of coastal waters. Your next spill will do irreversible damage to all life as we know it on the Coastal Waters of BC.
    Elly Hastings

  • karin

    Yes, time to stop the greed for money at the expense of the environment, animals, people’s health. Glad to see people mobilizing against Big Oil and all the big corporations screwing us for profit! Keep it up people and spread the word. If only the government would put that kind of money of alternative, clean energy development!

  • Marlene Cheng

    What is our so-called government thinking!!!!????!!!! Can they not see the writing on the wall? Why would they trust Embridge with all the harm they have caused this wonderful planet of ours. It’s all about money and power. There is a huge amount of corporate funds in some back pockets, I’m a-thinkin’!!

    Trevor, our Cree and all native people in Canada and elsewhere are trying to tell us all what is happening. We MUST join them in their anguished pleas. Or God help us all …

  • Jean-Claude Génie

    I don’t like Harper goverment about is ecololic situation Gaz , Pipe line etc…

  • omnibol

    We are all guilty hypocrites. Like addicts, our greed is insatiable. With reproduction out of control, we are a run-away species. While this Globe will keep turning, we are doomed, destined to perish. We ain’t seen nothin yet! Have a nice day :) DUH!

  • Elizabeth Mitchell

    No Pipelines, No Problem….No Tankers, No Problem! Never!!!

  • Lesley Currie

    Thank you for all you do. The future for our planet looks bleak with human-kind’s obsession with money and power. Thank goodness for small rays of light from people like Elizabeth May and the Greens, David Suzuki and many more.

  • Brock Hughes

    This is what I expect from government composed of organized criminals.

  • Jo-Anne

    I have always loved that Cree saying. Harper appears to be only interested in so-called Economics and the all-mighty dollar. He does not think in the long term, nor does he think of what kind of world he will be leaving for his Grandchildren. Not to mention the animals who have made their homes there for thousands of years before we even arrived here. I do not, I repeat do not want my tax dollars going to fund something that goes against my values.

  • Marc

    We have already destroyed a great deal of the planet and before long there will be nothing left to save. We need to act now to preserve what little is left of this valuable planet and to ensure our future as a human race is preserved.

  • D. Butler

    When even the U.S. doesn’t want any part of this oil, this environment destroying project, then what else needs to be said?

  • Turtle

    We need innovative leaders with vision and compassion, not greedy leaders intent on pillaging our country for short term profit.

  • Pamela Mariasine

    Government of Canada, beware! Your inaction to protect BC’s fisheries, tourism, coastal communities and natural ecosystems will be your demise. Without a doubt, this will come back to haunt you.

  • ArtG

    What are the GP plans for re-invigorating environmental research and science, education and critical habitat protection?

  • Deborah

    Why am I not surprised?Disheartened ,again,but not at all surprised.That guy has to go…………..

  • Regina Forry

    There has been too many “accidents” concerning oil lines and tankers – should this continue there will be nothing left in the way of nature (wildlife), environment (water and plants) because man has seen fit to destroy this earth. This must stop. I pray that my grandchildren and their children will know a world they can be proud of – not one that used to be and that we ultimately destroyed.

  • Azaeleaprawn

    Unfortunately greed trumps all with Harper’s gov’t and sadly with many politicans in the NDP and the Liberals.

  • jim nobody

    It’s my belief that any resources in Canada should never be owned or controlled by a foreigner or non Canadian. All resources should be cut, made into toys refined, built…etc. etc. here in Canada and sold (if we wish to sell) at world market value…..nothing should be taken out to have the value added elsewhere. IF a pipeline goes in it should service a CANADIAN refinery, the resulting products should be used and sold in Canada to benefit Canadians….end of story.
    I am so sick of raw logs being exported, threats of the oceans destruction, clearcuts………..overfishing, flash floods due to greedy company’s logging mountainsides…..and idiots wanting a better view……it never ends……
    Sometimes I wish they would just log the Island flat and go home. Just get out….we really have no say, and won’t till we get to vote on anything and everything that impacts us.
    As long as the Harper government can do what they want and help out their friends…we are lost..
    I never thought I would see us behind the US in any aspect of health care…..no Harper has taken away medical pot…..and the ‘mericans are legalizing it! Who’da thunk it….
    But their greenhouse owning big money friends are happy…….

    The only answer to the pipeline is for the first nations and their friends to stand up at their traditional borders and stop these thugs from entering their lands.
    The time to fight back is upon us.

    • Serge Trottier

      Jim nobody, j’ai saisi le sens de ton message. J’abonde avec toi dans le même esprit politique. Nous avons l’expérience contemporaine de l’élite oligarchique politique qui nous administre assez mal merci. Jim que dirais-tu si tu prends le pouvoir au lieu de le donner à une personne. Démocratie directe. Le peuple écrit sa constitution pour lui, par lui, le peuple écrit ses lois pour lui, par lui. toute politique est voter par référendum et nous donnons aux exécutants ce que nous voulons qu’ils fassent pour la population. Ceci est un cour résumé d’une alternative différente des alternances de voter en changeant de partis comme nous faisons depuis des siècles. Les partis politiques sont les causes de nos problèmes après nous demandons à ces mêmes partis de régler nos problèmes, sommes nous intelligents ? serge1trottier@gmail.com

      Jim nobody, I grasped the meaning of your message. I agree with you in the same political mind. We have the experience of contemporary political oligarchic elite which administers we thank you badly. Jim what would you say if you take the power instead of giving it to a person. Direct democracy. The people writing the constitution for him, for him, the people writing the laws for him, by him. any policy is to vote in a referendum and give the performers that we want them to do for the people. This is a summary court in a different alternative alternating vote changing parties as we have done for centuries. Political parties are the causes of our problems after we ask these same parties to solve our problems, we are intelligent? serge1trottier@gmail.com

  • Rajani Rock

    Protect our West Coast forever….STOP Enbridge, STOP the tar sands, STOP any type of OIL threat to our coastal waters…We are so fortunate to have this beautiful pristine and natural environment…PROTECT BC’s fisheries, tourism, coastal communities, first nation’s territories, natural habitats and ecosystems….protect them forever…and STOP wasting our precious $$$ on helping Enbridge create a disaster here in our country….STOP duplicitous behaviour Stephen Harper and give us back our democracy…!!!!

  • Guest

    Rapa Nui

  • jim nobody

    I posted a decent piece here last night. All about my thoughts on this issue…and what should be done about it……….it was deleted

  • JoJo

    Permanent Ban !

  • Jonathan Green

    Trevor have said the main thing, poeple don’t own nature,nature own us

  • hélène Paulette

    Pour Stephen Harper, la terre c’est pour les vers…

  • Lawrence

    Elizabeth May is one of the few sane voices we hear and one of the very few who can get at the inside info which Harper et al are doing their best to hide and lie about. Alaska and the Gulf Coast were never “cleaned up”. They don’t have the technology to clean it up and if they did, wouldn’t spend the money anyway, as it would “cut into their profits”. After the spill, fire and explosion in Quebec, the company just “goes bankrupt” and the taxpayer pays for whatever cleanup is possible. If Harper manages to ram through these pipelines to the coast of BC, our coast is toast. Kiss the fish, the animals, the water the air and of course the aboriginal people GoodBye…its really scary that our government is so willing to sell out our beautiful province and country so they can make a few backroom deals that benefit themselves and their Big Oil buddies. Canadians have to get rid of Harper before he pulls a George Bush and completely wrecks our country..

  • Susan Shimodaira

    Not in approval of spending Federal dollars on a project that hasn’t even received all required levels of approval

  • Serge Trottier

    Voici une preuve de non démocratie dans ce système capitaliste qui est en phase terminal, cancer généralisé. Nous subissons les mauvaises décisions de l’élite oligarchique administrative politique depuis des siècles. J’aimerais voir quel ministère est efficace pour la population. Serait-il le temps que l’on devienne intelligent, écrire nos lois par nous, pour nous. Écrire notre constitution par nous, pour nous. Au lieu de faire de commissions d’enquêtes, des pétitions. Nous votons par référendums ce que l’on veut et dictons aux exécutants ce qu’ils doivent faire pour nous. Rien ne nous empêche d’essayer la démocratie directe. Ne pas oublier nous avons ce que l’on mérite. Nous méritons mauditement mieux de ce que nous avons. Seulement si nous le voulons, mais il faut sortir de l’ignorance. Pour cela il faut commencer à arrêter de regarder la télévision. AIME…suis.

  • Jacqueline Steffen

    Time and time again, oil industries have clearly shown irresponsibility to our environment, wildlife and health. What will we do when all of our lakes, lands and oceans are contaminated? How many oil spills can Earth take? Clean energy technology is a way of the future, not dirty oil and coal.

  • muncyhman

    What bothers me most is Harper spending our tax dollars for commercials promoting environmental legislation that will protect the environment, but in fact the Tories have gutted all the major environmental legislation in favour of corporate interests.

  • Frederick Brault

    It seems everytime I hear something about M.Harper and his oil crew, I just get to feel more ashamed that he is the head of our country. I dream that one day, governements will stop thinking that protection of the environment goes again the creation of jobs. Damn economy! It’s not normal that our societies make more money destroying the environement than protecting it. Economist should wake up and think about a new kind of economy (for example, an economy where there is no advantage to make people work for 100$ per month, as in Asia). Think about that, people!!!

  • rogervais

    Mother Earth is dying and we can’t wait any longer!



  • Nancy

    When will the priority for decision-making change from greed to grateful care-taking of the earth?

  • Toni Bacon

    “Safe tankers”? “Unsinkable Titanic. “

  • Michael Runningwater

    I would like to Meet Beth in Person for tea at my place beside the cowichan river here in Duncan Vancouvers Island…here and I have alot in Common…Especially the Environment and OUR Queen! Just Sayin! ;8)

  • Michael Runningwater

    Oooopy..typo…that’s…Beth and I !! ;8)

  • Bernie

    We should really try to look into sustainable energy solutions, they would create sustainable jobs. And not just ripping the earth open and burn all the fossil fuel there is!

  • ergodesk

    This a just a blatant misuse of our Energy Resources. Leaders gone bad as far as I see it.

  • Gail Moody

    My family lives on wild Salmon. I feel fortunate to live on the beautiful central Coast of B.C., where we can fish for Salmon. I have a fear that oil tankers sailing on the very stormy and rocky B.C. coast will run aground and destroy our food source. Remember the EXXON oil tanker disaster near Valdez and the Titanic. Shipping disasters happen – no matter what assurances are given. Consider the people who depend on the Salmon to live. As go the Salmon, so go the First Nations People…..on our way to extinction.

  • bohunk lover

    Yet another reason not to vote Conservative and don’t say all political parties are the same. Only an idiot thinks that way .Remember Brian Mulroney. Same SHIT different pile.

  • Lorraine Beaton

    When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
~ Cree Prophecy

    This garantees that not only the planet will die, but we also will die or if not us, our children and grand-children. We must stand up to these people in goverment who are supposed to represent us, not do whatever they like when they are in there.

  • Julie Goodwind

    How can you teach people who prefer to bury their heads in the ‘OIL’ sands and pretend that all is well?

  • Ximena

    Our only hope is to find the right leaders, to stand up and speak as a cohesive group, but most of all, to change our everyday consumption practices : go local, ride share, recycle… every little effort counts!

  • Pierre Provencher

    Thank you Mr. Harper for allowing ONLY ONE conductor per freight train even those carrying dirty and dangerous tar sand bitumen (dangerous because loaded with explosive chemicals to make them more fluid) …and belonging to your friends. Thank you Mr. Harper for allowing these toxic trains to roll across Canada on rickety rails, inspected by your irrresponsible federal inspectors, threatening human lives and entire communities with utter destruction (remember Lac-Mégantic …and Sarnia). Thank you Mr. Harper for being such a great & responsible Fuhrer.

  • John Flanagan

    The environment is important

  • Beatrice

    I don’t think their heads are in the sand, they are above ground and well aware of the directions they are taking this country. They don’t care about their citizens, they represent the corporations and their elite. They are not democratic in their actions deliberately. Sadly they know what they are doing, and they don’t care.

  • Jo. Unrau

    We are tired of greedy people destroying our world & too stupid to see it’s destroying their world too.

  • Terry Lawrence

    The idea of running large crude oil tankers through the gulf islands and into Vancouver harbour through the First Narrows and Second Narrows on a daily basis is so mind-numbingly stupid it beggars the imagination. That volume of tanker traffic makes a major spill almost inevitable, and absolutely guaranteed with the Conservatives cutbacks in the Coast Guard and the Vancouver Harbour operations being moved to Victoria!

    I subscribe to the BC Ferries email, and virtually every day there is one or another screw-up or mechanical breakdown on the ferries. We can only imagine the non-existent safety standards used by all these tankers owned by dummy companies registered in Monrovia, Panama, or Bermuda. This insane project has to be stopped before the inevitable disaster happens.

  • Maggie

    Trevor Greene has said it best … poetically, spiritually and truthfully.
    When will we learn?

  • Sue Oakley

    “When are they going to treat this land as if they intend to stay” Chief Ruby Dunstan

  • Smcbride

    We need as a country to cease to be selling our raw materials and begin to make value-added products that are sustainable and recycle able.

  • Jeanette

    Stay away, far away, from the domain of the Spirit Bear.

  • Jo. Unrau

    We live on Vancouver Island & I’m very worried about the tankers in our harbour. Between oil companies, logging, & garbage from Japan washing up on our shores, soon there won’t be anything decent left. They won’t be happy until everything is destroyed. :(

  • Bob

    Trevor said it best!!! how long will it take for us to discover this truth,,,, we cannot EAT MONEY!!!!

  • samantha

    I am one of those awful people that joe oliver calls an
    eco terrorist because I see how devasting the enbridge pipeline will be to my
    beautiful province. At 64 years of age however, I am proud to say that I care
    deeply as to what happens to our incredible flora and fauna which is part of our
    province. Indeed, with species at risk and failing to survive due to habitat loss, oil pollution, food scarcity, poachers, overfishing,
    etc. just to name a few, all of the above seem to be blessed by governments. We
    treat our environment like a giant garbage dump and wonder why there is so much
    sickness in society today. I am sitting here quietly weeping and raging for what is being allowed to happen in my province. I am embarrassed at the way
    these govts. go whoring after chinese ill gotten cheap commodities oft laced
    with pesticides and poisons offering our natural resources for their use. our
    environment is being scraped away for an entity that will turn on you in a
    nanosecond when they don’t get what they demand. why on earth would you run a pipeline through the most
    beautiful part of canada with NO benefit for bc AND on a major fault line? this makes not one iota of
    people come from all over to witness the beauty of our province and tourism is a
    done deal with oil spewed all along the coast. salmon are fighting for their
    collective lives and the govt. would have a company with a dodgy reputation for oil
    spills running a pipeline across many salmon rivers running to the sea? I know
    enbridge is spending mega dollars lobbying their cause The majority of
    bc’ers do not want this pipeline of poison rammed through. The oil spills are still seeping in the gulf
    because they can’t fix the problem, people are sick and dying, deformed and
    dying animals are washed up daily in the gulf. crabs born with no eyes or claws.
    they trucked in new sand to cover up the tarballs on the beach and are telling
    the unenlightened to “come on down, everything is fine” but everything is not
    fine. harper, you trumpet the
    fact you bought (on the taxpayers dime) 2 pandas from china whilst the most
    unique bear in the world, kermode or spirit bear is being thrown under the bus
    in the pursuit of oil.he allows the tar sands to continue to thrive but do not
    have the decency or goodness to crack down on the ugliness of the killer tailing
    ponds that kill birds on the migration path or leach into the athabasca river.
    millions of dollars are spent on health care to sick people when a clean
    environment, clean food, clean air and water would go a long way to negate
    health spending. how I wish the elected officials would realize that they are
    there to best represent those who elected them, in essence you are working for
    us and as such should listen to what the people want, not what big business
    dictates. when you really stop to think, who is running this country anyway?

  • Jo. Unrau

    How do you teach people who are either too stupid to learn or refuse to learn. There’s an old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. That is what we are dealing with.

  • locust

    The Conservatives are completely oblivious to environmental concerns. All they see is the money. They will destroy us all if they stay in power. Trevor Greene, you said it best, thank-you!

  • crnchbob@yahoo.ca

    i AGREE 100 % with a world ban on all tanker travel.
    In particular, this IS on the Pacific ring of Fire, a Tsunami
    potential is there. What guarrantee is there that there will
    be no Tsunami off the west coast in the next 40 years?
    This thick heavy crude sinks to the seafloor and destroys
    the entire seafloor ecology, then washes up onto the beaches.
    Multiple ships could be in that inlet at any one time and this
    will increase, unless we have the will to stop it. We are heading
    to the creation of a mass extintion. Of course, we could all learn
    to eat soylent green and screw the environment.

  • crnchbob@yahoo.ca

    Elizabeth, you have my total support in this.
    It’s the one issue I truly care deeply about,
    and you targeted it perfectly!

  • crnchbob@yahoo.ca

    Absolutely! That coast is on the seismatically active ring of fire.
    Considering the consequences, a Tsunami there could destroy
    the coastal ecosystem. Having tankers off the coast for the next
    20 years is inviting disaster.

  • crnchbob@yahoo.ca

    When it comes to OUR environment, we should always
    be cautious, and always consider ‘worse case’ scenarios.
    If the Conservatives weren’t such dummies, they would
    adopt this platform, it is a fundamentally Conservative
    approach. But, their not Progressive enough to realize
    that, – they all got their heads screwed on backwards
    chasing the oily bucks

  • crnchbob@yahoo.ca

    Have they ‘tested’ these suertankers by dropping them on
    rocks from 40 foot waves? If it happens, but they still have
    that pipeline, will they stop shipping? It isn’t over. Apparently
    Trudeau is folding on refuting the TPP. He could also fold on
    protecting the coast. It isn’t over.

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Fax: 250-657-2004

E-mail: elizabeth.may.c1a@parl.gc.ca

Parliament Hill Office

518 Confederation Building
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A6

Phone: 613-996-1119
Fax: 613-996-0850

E-mail: elizabeth.may@parl.gc.ca