Shark Finning

On Thursday, January 12th, 2012 in Get Involved

Shark populations around the world are plummeting due to the making of shark fin soup. Quite often, fishers will retain just the shark fin and discard the rest of the fish.

Help Elizabeth get a ban on the possession of shark fins. Sign below or download this petition, have as many people as possible to sign it, and mail it – postage free – to either her Ottawa or Sidney offices. With as few as 25 signatures, Elizabeth can present your petition to the government in the House of Commons.

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1803 people have signed this petition already. Add your voice to the growing number of Canadians speaking out about this issue.

We call upon the House of Commons to ban the possession, trade, distribution or offer for sale of shark fins in Canada, understanding shark fins to be the raw, dried, or otherwise processed detached fin or tail of any species of shark (subclass elasmobranchii).

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  • Elle

    Very determined to have shark finning be banned! We do not own these creatures and have no right to treat them this way.

  • Fred Oliff

    this is just wrong. deliberate slaughter of an endangered species for what? a marriage ritual to show how wealthy you are? it SICKENS me!

  • mike kowalchuk

    just another thing the chines want total control over,and look what is happening to the shark,it is almost extinct,or will be soon if this is not stopped,and to think its all just for vanity very sick.

    • L. Zhang

      Before you try to slander a specific culture, you should take note that just because the Chinese are the largest consumers of shark fin doesn’t mean they are the ONLY ones consuming shark fin, it also does not mean that all Chinese people are supporters of shark finning.

      • mik007

        there is only one reasone that i say the chinese because it is true,not just the shark,lets go on the tiger,rhino,elephant,bear bile,and not to mention all of the other innocent animals that meet horrible deaths because of vanity yes and it still pisses me off,do a little research .

  • robert macdonald

    This is a culture that eats anything that burrows, walks runs, climbs, swims and flies.

  • grant penton

    Disgusting practice to defend by claiming its legitimacy as a cultural ritual and play the racist card against anyone wanting to deprive Chinese celebrants of their custumn!

  • AlignShineProsper

    Modern cosmology now places Humans central to the meaning of the universe and ‘central’ to the future of Earth. As we stand at the edge of ‘causing’ the next mass extinction, our shared cosmology, our shared dilemma [increasing global problems, extreme solar and geo-physical activity, ability to destroy Earth and intelligent life in physicality], and our shared opportunity [harm no more, free society from obsolete, dangerous misconceptions of physical reality] COMPEL us to remember the truth of our origin, cooperate, willingly discuss and transform debris from the past into a consciously aware new civilization, coherent new world, and sustainable reverence for all life.

  • Ken Dresen

    Shark Finning is cruel and wasteful.

  • Alishia Fox

    Are you planning on teaming up with MP Fin Donelley as well? I know he was working on this issue as well :)

  • Ann-Marie Hunter

    Another stupid plan by people who are so self-serving that they cannot see beyond their noses how devastating their actions are! Please help to resolve this issue and preserve this part of the animal world.

  • frothquaffer

    My ethnic Chinese wife and i refused to serve Shark Fin Soup at our wedding dinner. We explained to our guests, they understood. Now our whole family refuses to eat the dish even on festive occasions like Chinese New Year.

  • Carlos Garcia

    That a few heartless business people and a misinformed judge managed to revert decision by City Hall counselors representing the overwhelming majority of Torontonians is pretty hard to swallow. Hopefully it will change. Thank you Elizabeth for your efforts in keeping this very important issue alive.

  • Rob Fleming

    Thank you Elizabeth for holding our Government accountable. At least we have 1 elected official in Parliament that is representing the majority of Canadians instead of playing party politics!

  • Klaus Mohr

    How would you feel if your arms get cut of and then dumped on a busy freeway?

  • Rob

    This is an easy decision regardless of cultural practices. It is not sustainable, practical or ethical. Time to move on and evolve. Please get it done and move on. Thanks.

  • Wayne Smith

    The whole idea of killing an animal just for its fins is disgusting enough, but then to let it die slowly and waste the rest of the potentially usable flesh as well takes this to a whole other level. The main reason for this soup is to show off how wealthy you are– just like the expensive car that is also not needed, It is way past being acceptable and needs to stop

  • DanMar Dinsmore

    We have to learn to be better Stewards

  • jdrowgym

    I’ve seen packaged shark fin soup (from a Japanese company) in Fairways supermarket. I tried to talk to the manager who didn’t seem interested. I’d encourage people to talk to store/restaurant managers anywhere they see shark fin items sold.

  • SOJ

    We as humans do not have any right to cause such suffering. It should be our responsibility to respect other living creatures.

  • Maureen

    I wrote a letter to the president of the Real Canadian Super store with regards to the shelves of shark-fin soup in our local store. I was appalled and told them so..this was 3 years ago. I haven’t seen any response yet.

  • DS

    This is barbaric behaviour! Paul Watson and his team have done a lot to expose this travesty. Once again it’s all about money!!! What an absolute waste of such a beautiful species. Costa Rica which states in its tourist information—we are ALL about ecotourism and the environment —-yet they have huge industries shark finning and exporting them to the Asian markets. We have decided to cancel our trip to this country due to shark finning. Canadians should watch the movie Shark Waters!!!!


  • Francois Boucher

    My name is Francois Boucher. Close to a year ago, I sent many e mails to the mayors of the region wich I live in, Ottawa-Gatineau to stop establisments for selling sharks products as well as to have the subject brought up in Parliment so that a law could be passed putting an end to importation and selling of shark products. I never gat an answer from Mayor Jim Watson of Ottawa or from his team. I did get an answer from the Gatieau mayor as well as from the minister of fisheries and ocean in Quebec, though he sais basically nothig could be done.
    Therefor, I an very pleased to see that this is finally moving forward and that some peaple have the planets biodiversity to heart and understand that we have tho save these graceful creatures to ensure the futur of are oceans.
    Thank you for youre commitment

  • Edi on Denman

    Why would anyone think this is OK? I am disgusted with the human race!

  • Thomas Brückner

    Sharks are no killers, but the humans are!



  • Shas Cho

    Another despicable move by Harper.
    What’s the matter with him?
    Shark finning is cruel, stupid, and serves no purpose.
    Profit is *not* the basis of Canadian morality!

  • Joan

    The seas are being decimated by over fishing and then there is shark finning. This is the most vile and grotesque abuse of wildlife, allowed to satisfy a small group who apply nonsensical and superstitious properties to a soup made from the fins. A decent society would not allow this animal abuse to occur; which is contributing to the world-wide decline of shark populations

  • david

    It needs a groundswell movement in the Chinese cultural, here and in China. Yao Ming, the retired NBA star is working on it and the Canadian Government should work with him to affect the movement in China and here.

  • Tara

    Killing of an animal in such a hurtful and destructive way

  • Surfer

    Should be required that ALL students in High school watch the DVD Sharkwater!!!
    What is also a little alarming- only 1171 have signed this petition. We still create fear around these great animals. The media coverage of the sharks going to Sable Island to feed was all about fear.

  • SanctuaryOne

    Having scuba-dived with gray, black-tipped and white-tipped sharks I have come to admire and respect these beautiful and perfectly designed but much maligned creatures. Remember, if top level predators disappear we won’t be far behind. They are necessary for a healthy ecosystem -full stop.

  • SanctuaryOne

    Having scuba-dived with gray, black-tipped and white-tipped sharks I have come to admire and respect these beautiful and perfectly designed but much maligned creatures. Remember, if top level predators disappear we won’t be far behind. They are necessary for a healthy ecosystem -full stop.

  • jacky

    If we want to save ourselves we need to save the oceans of the world and everything in it. Plastic waste is also a hugh problem for our oceans when will action be taken to manage that problem!

  • Michael Rutkowski

    Oakville High School create video to send message to PM Stephen Harper to save the oceans. Please watch and share to help get the message out there. Thank you ….

  • J. Daniel Horovatin

    Might add that there also are those fishermen that slice the fins off and return the live shark into the sea to die a drowning and suffocating death. I have not tried it but understand that shark fin soup is tasteless.

  • Wood Guy

    It is time that the open ocean was put under International Law. Fishing out side of territorial limits with no controls is so outdated. We must become good stewards of the oceans, protect it and prosecute those who are abusers.

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