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On Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 in Petitions

Shark Finning – LeBlanc – Dec 2016

Bottled Water – Brison – Dec 2016

Roundup Ready – Macaulay – Dec 2016

Government spending – Brison – April 2016

Cannabis Regulations – Philpott – Oct 2016

Genetic engineering – Philpott – March 2016

Climate Change – McKenna – March 2016

Protecting Bees – MacAulay – Dec 2016

Protection of the Environment – Carr – Jun 2016

Protection of the Environment – McKenna – Jun 2016

Honduras, Berta Caceres – Dion – Oct 2016

Navigable Waters – Garneau – Dec 2016

Government Spending – Brison – Oct 2016

Grain Industry – MacAulay – Nov 2016

Democratic Process – Holland – Nov 2016

Dying with Dignity

Protect Bees, Ban Neonicotinoids

Meet Our Paris Climate Commitments

Make Every Vote Count

Save the Experimental Lakes Area

Falun Gong

National Moratorium on Fracking

Label GMOs

Establish a National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Abolish Mandatory Minimums

Marine Protected Areas

Establish a No-Discharge Zone

Stop Torture

National Pharmacare Program


End Shark Finning

Protect Southern Resident Killer Whales

End Security Certificates

Ban Animal Testing

End Animal Cruelty

Defend the CBC

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  • Frank

    Seems like I can’t find the Comer (Rocco Galati) petition here or the response from the government?

  • sharon

    Same here – looking for the COMER vs Bank of Canada petition/response. Need current update on petitions – this email states June 2nd!

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