Is Your Favorite Lake or River Protected?!

On Friday, October 19th, 2012 in Survey

Sir John A. MacDonaldThanks to our first Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald, Canadians have had the historic right to navigate the millions of lakes, rivers, and streams of Canada without being impeded by pipelines, bridges, power lines, dams, mining and forestry equipment, and more for 130 years.

Thanks to current Prime Minister Stephen Harper, that will no longer be the job of the Government of Canada.

If your favorite lake or river is not mentioned in Bill C-45, you’re out of luck.  Chances are, it’s not; only 62 rivers and 93 lakes are on the list.

Look for your lake or river on the list below.  (It won’t take you long!)

If it’s not there, tell us!

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Which Lake or River is Not Protected?

Andy Tait
Saunders Lake
Karen Dauphinee
Nova Scotia
Little Albro Lake
Sue Stanger
Kootenay Lake
Simo Jamsa
All Canadian waterways
Peter Davidson
Lac Corbeau
Joan MacKinnon
St. Lawrence River
Lakes, Great Central, Woss, Nitinat, Nimpkish, Sproat, Kennedy, Cameron, Cowichan, Shawnigan, Comox, Campbell, Buttle, Horne, Spider, Thetis, Rivers: Vedder, Chilliwack, Nitinat, Nimpkish, Englishman, Goldstream, Sooke, Cowichan, Big and Little Qualicum
Riley Evad
British Columbia
Comox Lake
Riley Evad
British Columbia
Little Qualicum River
Riley Evad
British Columbia
Sproat Lake
Riley Evad
British Columbia
Cameron Lake
niko racicot
muskoka lake
Steve Musclow
Madawaska River
Sharon O'Neill
Trout Lake
Daniel Olmstead
Anne Rankin
Nova Scotia
All lakes on the mainland of NS are unprotected
Nat Bailey
North & South Ram Rivers
Ian Burt
Churchill River
Dianne Haggarty
Bay of Quinte
H Boyle
Kootenay Lake
Sharon Cross
St. Mary's River
Attawapiskat River - Mukeiti lake Ring of Fire area
Kevin McGinn
All the rivers and lakes need to be protected - they belong to all citizens of the world, not just Canadians - they are part of the earth's environment -they are not a comodity
Val Grainger
Al Wright
brenda wainman
:Lake Talon
Maddy Wheesk
Albany River
All our water needs protection
Donna Martin
Cowichan Lake Cowichan River
Balsam Lake
MJS Lachaine
ALL !!! Lakes And Rivers Across Canada And World !!!
Al R.
Rouge River
Clorice Robertson
Nanaimo River and Cameron Lake
Sue Donaldson
Black River, Prince Edward Co
Alex Voogjarv
Knogamissi lake
James Coons
Sunny Water, Temagami
James Coons
Wolf Lake,Temagami Park
Robin Ducharme
Kipawa Lake/Brennan (Sairs) Lake
Carol-Ann McKenzie
Kipawa Lake~Brennan(Sairs) Lake
Chas Florey
Lake Kipawa
Ginette Vaillancourt
Kipawa Lake
Sharon Larrissey
Pine Lake (St. Alphonse de Rodrigues)
Natalie Larocque-Comé
Sturgeon River, Wawiaskashi Lake (A.K.A. Grassy Lake), ALL OF CANADA LAKES!! Why are some more important than others??
Meghan Shutler
Roblin Lake and Shadow Lake
Margaret Clarke
Buffalo Lake in central Alberta
virginia moberly
peter pond lake
Christine Richey
Nova Scotia
Lake Banook

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  • Stan Hunter

    My lake is on the list. This is not so much about protecting navigable waters as it is about removing obstacles to development, mining and pipelines. It’s still wrong.

  • Standing Strong

    Is there no way to stop the Trojan Horse leader, who arose from the Reform Party, morphed into the Alliance Party and took over and renamed the Progressive Conservative Party as the current Conservative Party? Is there no way to stop the takeover of Canada’s resources through full-scale engagement of business deals of our government, acting on behalf of Canadians against their best interests and desires?

    • Andrea Bunt Percy

      The only way to do it is to get together and
      stage protests wherever we can – Ottawa, any other city in Canada,
      online – and to send petitions – and to talk to our neighbours and
      enlist them to the cause. This is how French people run their country.
      They take to the streets. If they can do it, so can we.

      • Ariadne Etienne

        I like the idea of killing the prime minister and the conservative party. They’re all criminals and sociopaths anyway. Why the RCMP hasn’t put them in prison means only one thing: they’ve been bribed.

      • Tina

        #IdleNoMore Canadians!!!!

        • Andrea Bunt Percy

          Canadians will create democracy when there isn’t one.

    • Ariadne Etienne

      The Conservatives BANKRUPTED the Progressive Conservative party, this is why they formed the Conservative Party.

    • Tina

      Yes there is a way, join all Nations rising! #IdleNoMore

    • PamEyre

      I wish to know how too. Harper keeps saying that C-45 is not going to be renegotiated, it’s totally off the table. Support for the First Nations law suit might be the best way at this time.

  • Julia Middleton

    I live two blocks from the Thames River, and camp in the Provincial Campgrounds on the Great Lakes, My water seems to be safe – but that does not make me feel good. In fact, I look at the imbalance in the number of lakes that are safe in Ontario – as opposed to other provinces.

  • Gillian

    Really shocking to hear about this latest environmental gobsmacking, especially when I look at the list above and see how many beautiful lakes and rivers, famous and historic ones, are no longer protected. I know we’re Canadians, but…maybe it’s time for a revolution.

    • Ariadne Etienne

      It’s time to kill the conservatives. Yes, lets just give notice to the opposition and blow them up.

    • Tina

      Yes it is time, #IdleNoMore

    • Chey

      i agree with you wholeheartedly and know if ur people stand up, my people (haudenosaunee) will stand with you!

  • Ellen Polley

    Stephen Harper, leave our lakes and rivers alone! They are not to be used for pipelines and transport of dangerous substances. They are not commodities, they are an amazing resource which we have and don’t want to allow your government [or anyone else's] to ruin. Water is the most precious resource on Earth, and needs to be treated as such. Money means nothing when there’s nothing potable left to drink, and our rivers and lakes are spoiled in the name of “progress” and “profit”.

    • Tina

      Yes, this is why we are trying to protect our resources. #IdleNoMore

  • Christiana Jansen

    Considering that we ARE water, that is to say, we are made up of approx. 80% water, how is it that we can even dream of not protecting what in essence is our life’s blood? Are humans on a suicide mission, taking all life down with us? All in the name of an economic base that is nothing short of criminal. BUT I do have faith in the human being and I do believe that we are heading for a rapid maturing of the human race. So let’s carry on up the river, no pun intended. Keep on rowing Elizabeth!! I’m cheering you on:)

  • Doreen Dixon

    Nova Scotia is filled with beautiful pristine lakes and rivers as well as being blessed with the ocean. Two bodies of water are protected in Cape Breton, and only one river, the LaHave, is protected in mainland NS. Without water, life does not exist. Harper is interested only in foreign companies, not in Canadian citizens. He must be stopped!

    • Tina

      yes he does!!!! #IdleNoMore

  • Marcie Callewaert

    This is REDICULOUS! I want Harper OUT of Parliament. He does NOT deserve to be the leader of CANADA. He seems to be doing the complete opposite of everything Canada stands for. We need to PROTECT our natural heritage – NOT DESTROY IT.

    • joeyjojo

      spelling matters.

  • pitgull

    Has anybody noticed? Anything that has the word “Economy” in it is moral and Good. Anything that has the word “Ecology” is loopy and wrong and getting to be seen as terrorist-like. Economy trumps Ecology every time. Funny that the “CONSERVatives” would go that route isn’t it?

  • Diana

    Oh, no! I didn’t see Kootenay Lake on the list…

  • Greg

    Canada is experiencing fascism. There is no longer any debate about it(pardon the bad pun). The solution is cross party cooperation in 2015. The Liberals, NDP and Greens must work together in order to overcome the new electoral boundaries and the ever existing threat of electoral fraud. Thanks to Elizabeth for stepping forward on this issue. We need Mulcair and the next Liberal leader to do the same. We have a lot of work to do Canada. Getting another Green MP elected in the upcoming by-elections would also really help.

    • Chey

      Canadian people really need to start paying attention to their government…for instance, are you aware that Harper has sold canada’s natural resources to China for 35 years? and China is not required to follow Canada’s regulations on the drilling, mining and transporting of natural resources, some of which are very dangerous substances, and if and when another party comes into power, they are not able to back out of said agreement and if they want to abolish this contract, it has to be done in a Chinese court. This information has not been released by the Canadian Government but it has been released by the chinese government….i’m looking for the link to the document now, but when i found it i just happened across it accidentally on my phone so i will try to post a link asap

  • James

    This Bill is a disgrace to Canada’s democratic system. The majority of Canadians do not support this disgusting abuse of power.

  • Jane Cameron

    I see that Tony Clement has managed to protect many of the lakes in his Muskoka riding where all the multi-million dollar cottages are.

  • Donna Martin

    Well I’ve tried sending notice that Cowichan River is not protected. Keep getting message that it has failed. I’ll try again. Thanks for doing this Ms May. I very much respect and appreciate all you are doing on behalf of Canadians and this wonderful country. Thank-you for bringing forth the truth to light and hopfully waking people up to the urgency of getting this present illegal gov’t overturned.

    • Tina

      Exactly! Wake Up Canada!! #IdleNoMore

  • Tom Rataj

    We train and race dragonboats on Frenchman Bay in Pickering Ontario for several months of the year. Other than the weeds and the sailboats we occasionally dodge, it’s quite navigable. I guess it’s no longer protected. Too bad because some Canadian National Dragon Boat teams train here. We represented our club, Pickering Dragon Boat Club (and Canada) in Hong Kong last July, and have gold, silver and bronze medals to show for it. More despicable Harper tactics…I guess democratic discussion is gone?

  • Holly Pender-Love

    Columbia Lake is not on the list…. computer won’t take the name.

  • George Menzies

    This message appeared ‘Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method’. Probably why there are multiple posting from the same, including myself; you know ‘try try again’ :-)

  • Alice

    The Thames River is not on the list. It runs through Woodstock, London and Chatham in Southern Ontario. It actually was the location of an important battle from the War of 1812, so you would think Harper would want to protect the River. It’s also in the area of the proposed Enbridge Line 9 Reversal. Not sure if that has anything to do with the decision to keep it off the list.

    • Rhonda

      There are lift & swing bridges on the Thames around Chatham. Why? Because the river used to be navigable by pleasure boats and sailboats. It used to be a popular route for recreational boating. Now it’s so shallow most of it can only be canoed. Will only get worse once protection is removed.

  • n

    Miramichi and all it’s tributaries and arms.

    • nbwater

      Amazing eh? One of the World’s largest Atlantic salmon runs, attracting visitors worldwide and generating millions to the NB economy. Even conservative supporters should be able to get behind this one. Can we ask Mr. Ashfield what he thinks of this?

  • Eldon Wiancko

    What List am I supposed to examine? The visible list, or the one that’s Hidden ?
    “Our” lake, Sparrow Lake, is on the hidden list, but not on the visible list above???
    I agree with the comments below. Harper should be sent packing, and as soon as

    • Rhonda

      The visible list are lakes and rivers identified by people posting on this page as their favourite lakes & rivers that aren’t protected under the proposed new law. The “hidden” list (which isn’t really hidden, it’s a drop down list) is the list of lakes and rivers that are named in the new act and will be protected. However, that list is not completely accurate. Only stretches of many of the rivers will be protected, not the entire length of the river.

  • Discouraged.

    Funny… our lake is on the list. Do you think it could be because Tony Clement has his house/cottage on that very same lake? Kind of goes along with his mind set that the Conservatives don’t have to be accountable for things they take off the list, just those on the list. (i.e. his claim that they don’t have to answer to the budget officer for money they are cutting) Unbelievable and sad.

    • PamEyre

      Seems the Conservative government has mistaken a majority House for Canadian citizen consent to govern with impunity, accountability or consensus? In impending intervention or even aide in Mali, today Harper said he would not decide on Canada’s involvement without the citizens input. Why no input from or information to the people on C-45?

  • Sue Simpson

    would someone please throw these people out of office before they do irreversable damage to the biosphere and eocosystems that we so proudly enjoy.

  • KASS

    Trout Lake in North Bay should be protected! It is our source for drinking water but Lake Nipissing is protected? That is where the treated sewage goes. Tsk, tsk.

    • Tina

      Fight for our lakes!! #IdleNoMore

  • Louisette Lanteigne

    You cannot protect the Grand River without protecting the Speed River and the Nith river! They are part of the headwaters for heaven’s sake.

    • Rhonda

      This act is about navigation, not water quality. however, I’ve gone white water rafting on the Nith. Guess Harper wants to kill that industry.

  • Anti

    The sooner this self elected dictator Harper, is thrown out of office for good the better the and safer this world will be,,
    His insidious sneaky dishonourable ways are a disgrace to people with a conscience and know the difference between what is right and wrong.

  • Finewine

    Pigeon Lake Alberta is not on the list.

  • margaret doyle

    Muskoka River is not on list. Having trouble getting the site to take it. The big lakes up here like Rosseau, Joe and Muskoka Lake are though…..funny how money takes care of it’s own.

  • Michael V

    Any lake or river heavy industry doesn’t want on the list won’t be on it. The Harpercons are owned.

    • Peter Van

      check out harper lake in sask its above lake athabaska on top of a gold and uranium deposit guess what steve is gonna do as soon as he gets turfed

  • L. Varcoe

    He’s cutting a wide swath for someone who only got 39.62% of the popular vote

  • carl hunt

    Fish habitat – gone!
    Navigable waters – gone!
    Endangered Species – watch next omnibus bill – gone?
    Its all about “jobs & economy” in one of the most affluent (richest) countries in the world but we can’t afford to protect renewable resources.
    It will take two decades of honest politics to reverse the damage.

    • Chey

      i’m not sure where u are located, but the ministry approved the removal of a Bald Eagle’s nest in southern Ontario to make way for a wind turbine, instead of relocating the turbine (which had not yet been assembled or even begun drilling for the assembly) and this was after there had been an agreement with the Six Nations people that the eagle’s nesting in that area would be left alone as it has taken well over 30 yrs to get the eagle’s back to this area, which were original nesting grounds, it’s known as eagle’s nest….so ur question of endangered species….it’s already begun, the canadian people are just not aware of it yet.

  • Colin Miles

    The Adams River, home to the world’s largest sockeye Salmon run is not “on the list”
    This is an ecophobic, ecocidal bill, that is breathtaking in its destructiveness and hubris. The extreme school-boy bullying pettiness shows forth in including the Bow River that flows through Calgary but not the North Saskatchewan that flows through Edmonton and Saskatoon and many Reserves. A Government that is in contempt of parliament is arguably a government in contempt of nature.

  • Alan Todd

    Remember how Harper insults Canada: DUMP HARPER at the first opportunity!

  • Monica Do Coutto Monni

    I don’t see Lake Kipawa on the list but I know it is about to be polluted by one of Harper’s brilliant wheeler-dealings: a small mining enterprise called Matamec, covering for Easter investments, is coming to the region to mine for REE, gold and URANIUM in open-pit mining inside the Algonquin Nation territory, Eagle Village. Their activities will contaminate all the basin that goes to Lake Kipawa and leave a ghost community in a contaminated area behind, after the years of exploration. Not to mention the trail of cancer – this region has already one of the highest rates of cancer in Quebec due to the air pollution coming from the paper mill Tembec – besides having been already deforested. Imagine after an open-pit radioactive mine. But of course, predators always single out a crippled victim, isn’t it…? Only 3,000 people in the community, most of them elderly, with just high school educational level, or First Nation. So who cares, isn’t it, Mr. Harper? Big bucks to be put in the pocket. Send the mine to them, they’re not strong, educated, or numerous enough to squawk. I am dismayed. Canada the true North strong and free.

  • waterwatcher

    The Luther Marsh near the Bruce Peninsula, where many rivers rise
    to feed Lake Ontario. All are at risk because of the Mega Quarry
    proposed for the area between Shelburn and Collingwood. This gigantic
    hole deeper than Niagara threatens all the water for Southern Ontario.

  • Terry Tufts

    Pursuit of quality of life trumps actual quality of life one more time. And people wonder and judge those who advocate violent revolution as an obligation. If Mr. Harper is so bent on being an American-style industrialist, I think we should make a gift of him to the good people below the 49th.

    • OldUnionist

      1 Mitt Romney is probably enough for them too! Maybe we can get him to retire early, oh wait they just changed that for M.P.s 65 now right!

  • Norm Swaebe

    The continual rape of our lands,resources,in the name of Corporations is a travesty of everything I was taught to respect as a Canadian! This is not Government! This is a blatant misuse of power from an egotistical Conservative Party! Having reached retirement age and to see all my forefathers have fought for go down the drain, disgusts me!

  • Anija B

    We are letting the government take away everything that has made Canada such a wonderful place to live: tolerance, democracy, social funding, diversity, small businesses, and most of all, our beautiful land and waters. Harper&Co should be held accountable for their abuse of power and removed from office.

  • Sunset

    Vancouver Island does not appear to be considered on the list at all !!! We need to protect ALL our Lakes and Rivers from Private Power and pollution. Water is the life blood of our Earth. All of us need to be paying attention and stand to be counted as our Environment is being eroded by Government rather than Nature !

  • Donniemac

    What about lakes and rivers which are within the boundaries of provincial parks?. Are they protected?

  • Dave Blackwell

    When did we become so undemocratic and non-caring towards the environment? Oh, never mind, just realized it was when Harper took office.

  • Doris KC

    Thank you for making this information public and taking a stand! The Magnetawan River is not on the list – it is a beautiful river that flows from Algonquin Park all the way to Georgian Bay (north of Parry Sound, ON). Perry Township is declaring the Magnetawan River a significant natural heritage feature, which will provide some protection – we hope. Residents living on or near the Magnetawan have joined together and are doing what we can to protect the river and its wetlands [so the natural environment - the fish & their habitat, turtles, & many other species (endangered & threatened)], the water and our peaceful enjoyment of our homes. The main threats at this time are aggregate extraction and mining. Fisheries and Oceans were absent when we appealed to have the fish habitat protected. It is unlikely that this federal government would protect the river and its huge watershed from a pipeline.

  • Doris KC

    Thank you for making this information public and taking a stand! The Magnetawan River is not on the list – it is a beautiful river that flows from Algonquin Park all the way to Georgian Bay (north of Parry Sound, ON). Perry Township is declaring the Magnetawan River a significant natural heritage feature, which will provide some protection – we hope. Residents living on or near the Magnetawan have joined together and are doing what we can to protect the river and its wetlands [so the natural environment - the fish & their habitat, turtles, & many other species (endangered & threatened)], the water and our peaceful enjoyment of our homes. The main threats at this time are aggregate extraction and mining. Fisheries and Oceans were absent when we appealed to have the fish habitat protected. It is unlikely that this federal government would protect the river and its huge watershed from a pipeline. Tony Clements did not protect this river in his riding,

    • Doris KC

      This was my post & I am happy to have my name attached.

    • Tina

      Yes for standing up for our waters!! #IdleNoMore

  • Marian

    To decrease protection on water bodies now when water is our most endangered natural resource is intolerable. All aware Canadians have to work to increase awareness and resistance to these retrograde federal government actions.

  • Bulshitstraitup

    STOP STOP Do we not have better things to spend so much $$$$, Energy, Time, Paper, Resourceson other
    than keep changing things. WE must have better things to foccus on. Leave These rights alone…..

  • sharon

    We need a map of Green/NDP/Lib “best environmental candidates” so that some strategic cooperation can happen . . . the alternative is too ugly to face.

  • Bob Small

    Nothing this bunch of reactionary clowns do surprises me any more. I picketed in front of Robert Sopuck’s office in Dauphin MB when c-38 was being bullied through parliament and was surprised by the mostly positive comments I got. People just have to be motivated to get off their rears and make themselves heard. I’m becoming more and more impressed with Ms. May and her stand on the issues, but it’s lonely being green in this part of Manitoba

  • Erwin Dreessen

    As with almost everything else, “navigation” to this government is seen only as something having to do with (big) corporations. This is fully consistent with the gutting of section 35 of the Fisheries Act (accomplished in Part I of the omnibus bill travesty).

  • Rouge River Defenders

    They’re protecting part of the Rouge River with the new National “Urban” Park designation. However, Enbridge’s Line 9 has been sitting exposed in that river for YEARS, waiting to be fixed and protected, while oil runs through it. Soon to be reversed in flow to run tar sands bitumen. What then?
    photos by Environmental Defence:

  • Daniel

    With clean water quickly becomeing the next scarce resource, how is it possible that our elected officials are not protecting this resource. Maybe they will make lots of tax money off of selling clean water to us in plastic bottles. This is a shame and a disgrace to our great nation. Harper has to go. Make way for the renewable revolution!

  • Rosie

    This is outrageous! How could people vote in a party that is so short sighted and plain ignorant? We need a revolt people, and a new government that is visionary with a plan that embraces sustainability at every turn. That means weaning ourselves off of oil and turning to nature for all of our solutions. For energy, building, medicines… the whole works.

  • Wain Farrants

    My favourite lake and river are on the list but not Lake Rosseau or Lake Kashe in Ontario or the Don River that flows through Toronto parallel to the Don Valley Parkway

  • Bob Shular


  • Harold

    Harper should be charged with treason for his attacks on Canadian democracy. I pitty the next government that has to try clean up the mess he’s made.

  • D. Ferguson

    Will rivers and lakes in National Parks be protected?

  • Larry Willman

    It’s completely shocking to see that this government is dismantling everything we cherish about this beautiful country. It’s obvious they don’t like Canada they way it is. If you love this country and want to preserve it for your children it’s time to step up and speak out.

  • Yvonne Hiemstra

    The only way to eject Harper and the Conservatives from power is top unite the left. Read “Fight the Right” by Warren Kinsella. He advocates uniting the left to beat the conservatives in the next election. Its the only way to do it democratically…’s just simple math. 66% of Canadians are non-Conservatives yet the Conservatives continue to win elections and worse get a majority. They do this by creating boogie men over alliances by the left. The Bloc is not a factor now so DO THE RIGHT THING and UNITE! This is crazy people! Think about what Nathan Cullen advocated in his leadership bid. Even Chretien advocates the NDP and Liberals merging for heaven’s sake. Check our

  • Judy Malik

    Have the Harper fascists ever heard the Cree prophecy? When the last tree has been cut down, and the last fish has been poisoned; then you will find that you can’t eat money. If this party stays in power, it won’t be long before these words come true.

  • Wanda Eurich

    Ramsey Lake in Greater Sudbury Ontario is not on the list. Blue-green algae has infected this lake over the last 2 years. It is the drinking water source for about 40% of the City’s population. No further development should be allowed close to the lake and it should be on the protected lakes list.

  • AL

    Is there not enough somewhere in this omnibus bill to impeach this bugger? Or combine this with robocalls, CNOOC, funding cuts ad infinitum, megaprisons ……..

  • Carlotta

    Very shocking that one of the most world renowed salmon fishing rivers in the world is unprotected-Miramichi–on the other hand –having an ignorant government in power explains a lot —— ALL rivers & lakes should be protected –these will be a source of sustenance for our future generations including these politicians children & grandchildren etc——

  • E. Wald

    All the lakes, streams and rivers are important to life. All need to be protected by the government AGAINST, not for the benefit of corporations. Politicians need to be reminded of their place and it is not standing with their hands out for bribes from corporations.

  • Mike Black

    Battle Lake, headwaters of the Battle River, is the only major river system in Alberta that is not glacier fed. Many towns, cities and communities depend on the Battle River for their vital water supplies. Thanks to the countless hours spent by dedicated volunteers, the Battle River Watershed has been brought to the forefront regarding planning and protection measures necessary to sustain this irreplaceable resource.
    Harper & Co. have, in essence, negated this work in one fell swoop.
    The only way to rid ourselves of these traitors is to vote them out next time around.
    Support your local and national environmental groups, opposition candidates and get involved in the next election!

  • The Rev. Kees Zwanenburg

    I would be interested to know how this list of protected lakes and rivers was decided. No one who voted for the current government should be surprised at this latest travesty. Mr. Harper himself said that we would not recognize Canada if he were to come to power. He’s was right, we won’t recognize it once he and his corporate friends are through with it.

  • ofoab

    Shades of 1984 , and Animal Farm , we have met the enemy , its another omnibus bill!

  • Susan Linkletter

    Petitcodiac River – with six species at risk!

  • Sly

    The Millstone is not a big river, but it runs just minute away from my house. Unbelievable that in a country with thousands of lakes and rivers, our federal government has decided that fewer than 100 of each are worth protection.

  • P’d off in New Brunswick

    Harper, Ashfield, Kent, Oliver all deserve public humiliation wherever they have the gall to show their faces. We need a movement to confront them at any and every event they go. We as CANADIANS should not put up with this fascism.

  • Geri Poisson

    Add Nottawasaga River. The health of the longest freshwater beach in the world (Wasaga Beach) depends on it.

  • Sara-Ève Valiquette-Tessier

    Quelle horreur de mammouth. Vraiment, quand on mentionne que le Québec est bleu, ben il est pas mal rouge ici. Il n’y a rien.

  • Sue

    In 50 years time fresh drinking water will relace oil as the most valuable commodity Canada has.The Stephen Harper Conservatives will be remembered as the shortsighted sellouts that served their corperate masters. Its time to act!

  • Hamilton Pare

    This Harper CREEP is nothing but a dictator. He is Canada`s version of an American Republican right winger at its worst.

  • East River St Mary’s

    One of Nova Scotia’s most beautiful and most threatened rivers:
    I question why nearly all the protected rivers are in Conservative (and wealthy) ridings?

  • Denis and June Wood

    The Nechako River which runs past our property and empties into the Frase River at Prince George, B.C. is not on the list. The Nechako is home to the Nechako white sturgeon which is listed as critically endangered (on Schedule 1 since Aug. 15th, 2006) under the Species at Risk Act (although under Chairman Harper this is of little comfort). Just another example of this man’s reckless determination to extract and sell all our natural resourses to other country’s state owned industries and to Hell with the natural environment that sustains us all.

  • Larry Powell

    I heard this morning that 91% of the protected waterways are actually in Tory ridings! Is this true? If so, it would surely be a new low, even for the Harperites.

  • Pablo

    Tony is protecting his lakefront, Mary Lake.

  • Barbara Kohlman

    It is a shame, to have such an arrogant sociopath come in to office and dismantle all that we have worked so hard for, for so long. I agree with all your comments and have nothing left to say except how do we get rid of him and his butt kissing M.P.s.

    He has got to go, the sooner the better, We cannot wait till 2015, he will have wrecked everything. What will be left for my grand kids?? Just let me know what to do, I will work 24/7 to free Canadians from this dictator. The election fraud should be enough to oust him. Shall we all stand up and demand that we have another election. Come on people, we have got to get organized and get this job done.
    And now he is selling us out to China…It is sad. Whats next??? . I can see that the pipeline and the oil tankers will be nothing for him to ram down our throats and not even blink an eye. The global warming will get worse and Huricane Sandy will be a walk in the park, compared to whats coming. But Harper will have his pockets full,and that is all that matters.
    Nanaimo River is not on the list and it is the water supply for some 48,000 people.
    Is this man retarded???

  • Terence Stone

    The Bow river at Calgary and both upstream and downstream outside of Calgary has been a river of wonder and healing for me. I remember three months of agony after quitting a three-pack a day smoking habit back in the ’80s. I’d take breaks from work, shaking and sweating, to sit by the Bow and let something magical about looking into its swirling depths to regain composure and strength. When we talk of environmental protection, the Bow is never far from my mind, friend that it is.

  • Dave Paquet

    One less thing on the list of what it means to be Canadian. The Yukon River is on the list but the Takhini, Teslin, Pelly, Stewart, White, Klondike, etc, all tibutaries to the Yukon, are not! Huh!?! Also non of the headwaters are listed!?!

  • Wain Farrants

    I am happy that Sparrow Lake is on the list. It is on the Trent Canal system through which the Severn River passes from Lake Couchiching to Sparrow Lake to Georgian Bay. In my childhood, the lake water was fairly clean and if we wanted to make a day outing one could either travel to one of the inlets or outlets of the Severn River and take a boat down river to a dam and locks or upriver to a waterfall or into the Trent Canal. There were also many places to visit on the shores of Sparrow Lake itself, including islands. One of our neighbours had a Labrador who loved to pick rocks from the water and deposit on the stoney beach. We did not have a sandy beach but swam from a dock.

  • Carol Myler

    Probably a lot more where this came from. We have been sleeping far too long!

  • Cynthia

    Terrible tout simplement terrible!!! J’aimais j’aurais pensé qu’un gouvernement pouvait être aussi ignorant de l’importance de préserver l’environnement pour assurer la qualité de vie de ses citoyens. Ou la qualité de vie n’est tout simplement pas une priorité.

  • Alexandre

    Ce gouvernement est une vraie honte! Il faut réagir et vite! Il va tout vendre!

  • RR

    While I agree the act needed an overhaul, because a small brook of 8 inches deep is considered navigable, I think that this is ridiculous. Tell me why one of the best salmon rivers in the world, the Miramichi, is not on this list.

  • SClipp

    Stephen Harper is only protecting the ones that make $$$. All he cares about is the Canadian wealth.

  • Ren

    I don’t doubt but I’m curious to know if you could point out where this is in our bills? Perhaps give a direct link? I know bill c-45 but when I look it up all I can find is the bill c-45 of the criminal code or also known as 217.1 of the criminal code.
    Is it within that or am I looking in the wrong legislature?
    I would love to know more about the makings of these changes please.
    Thank you.

  • Phil

    Easy everyone, this does not mean they are not protected. Typical of this site to help you come to that conclusion, which is untrue. It is not open season on our lakes and rivers…. are we really that naive??

  • Matthew Mactavish

    La Rivière de Miramichi

  • rick orton

    what a dickhead

  • Boss

    polly wolly bullshit

  • Paulina Niechcial

    Where was the consultation with First Nations in this decision?? WTF Harper. Time for a revolution people!!

    • Tina

      We weren’t consulted!! Our Treaty rights were protecting these waters!! Harper has undermined everyone! #IdleNoMore

  • Derek

    I can’t believe this. Moreso, I can’t believe I didn’t even hear about this until it passed. I feel like a fool for not knowing, but also I am ashamed of my country’s leader for not making this an issue which should be more known to the public. I really don’t know what to say, I am just deeply disappointed in my country right now.

    • Tina

      Because he is trying to hide it from all Canadians until it’s too late! #IdleNoMore

  • Nicole Dyck

    we are Canadians. we are kind, we are friendly, we are proud. we are also loyal, strong and compassionate. we are Canadians. and we have a beautiful homeland. but we need to have a voice again… email your government or send snail mail, dont simply just put your thoughts out on the internet if it truly bugs you tell your government, flood them. its your right as a citizen of Canada, OR rather DUTIE as a Canadian to stand up for your countrie and say “NO” to the government. THEY WORK FOR US, not the other way around, and i think they have forgotten this.

  • denn

    interesting that only one bc waterway mentioned an the majority are in quebec te whining province and ontario the we want to be la province. cnada would be better off if it was not and instead we became 6 different countries. anoter conservativ sell out.

  • Guest

    Read this link it explains it better.…eam-protected/

  • lyn0208

    Once again – Ontario, Quebec and BC get the most protected waters. Alberta is filled with lakes and rivers. Lac La Biche is actually on the other great divide – from north to south. What can we do?

  • Ted Wood

    Disgusting! I tend to stay out of political anything, but this just goes to show you why being aware of what our government is doing is critical, and requires corrective action. The government works for us, not the other way around!

  • Ranie Stevenson

    I have been out of the country and just heard about this. I cannot believe this and wonder what the impact will be on all the unprotected waterways. It’s a very sad statement. Is it too late to fix this??

  • MET

    OK people. 167 seats won in 2011. Who do you blame? Was it not a democratic election? Did the Conservatives perform voter fraud? Or did all of you haters not vote? Kick your own ass please.

  • Stephanie Jones

    absolutely devastating :( How could we let this happen?!?

  • Sarah murray

    How the hell does this get passed without public approval??? This is in NO WAY a representation of the wishes of Canadians! He’s no longer acting on our behalf! What a twat!

  • John Roberts

    I don’t see a problem here.. even if all the rivers and lakes get destroyed, won’t our beavers, birds, and wildlife migrate south until everything is okay? What is the big deal with this??

  • Allie

    I can’t believe Lake Winnipeg and the Red River are even on the list!! How are they being protected?! Harper dumps all his crap into Lake Winnipeg and then tries to say it’s protected?!

  • George Jardine

    The local newspaper touted how much cleaner the Niagara River is these days , but they are totally wrong , studies on the US side (we don’t do them) found tumours and cancerous fish caught in the river, Also a very high number of people on the Canadian side who draw water from the river also have cancer and Lupus type condition .The Canadian Government spends very little money to clean up the raw sewage going into the river,. The industry here has gone to Mexico so the main polluters are the municipality .Dumping their overflows into the creeks and sewage lagoons drain into the river.

  • Jenn Bustin

    I’m in tears I live in Saskatchewan and we are surrounded with so many beautiful masses of water and to think only two rivers are now protected some future for our children! I’m so angry and taken aback this is an outrageous crime towards humanity and Mother Nature ! How can you live with yourself Steven Harper grr

  • Ron L Clark Jr

    Alot of Lakes and Rivers In The GitxsanTerritories (Hazelton,BC) That Flow In To The SKEENA ARE NOT PROTECTED …. By Government ….

  • Nicole

    North Saskatchewan is protected? Since when? Just by our house on the north Saskatchewan river they have drilled 16 water wells on the river bank and are putting a pipeline across the river. How is that protected?

  • cara

    Why Not have a public referendum vote about the pipelines, tar sands etc. so that the people of Canada can speak for themselves! Yes, we stupidly elected Stephen Harper – we’re stuck with him until 2015. In the meantime, let’s fill his office with complaint letters and explain to him why Canadians love their waterways, beautiful scenery and incredible natural spaces! Watch this link and remember why we live in the best country in the world! Now get writing to Stephen Harper!

  • Gwen Katt

    Harper is a low life lying racist.He should go back to his old job ,mail room boy for the oil company, oh ya he screwed that up too.

  • John Redcorn

    This makes absolutely no sense. Maybe you should get an education rather than complain about a list that does not make any sense at all.

  • Marilyn

    This man is toxic to the environment. His name shall remain unmentionable.

  • steve

    it’s odd to see the negative press and mudslinging at those who are protesting the omnibus bill. the ‘idle no more’ has been trying to bring attention to this horrible legislation which affects our waterways. it strips away the clout and vision that our leaders had when they drafted the original legislation in ….1882 !! why are the media digging into the financial status of one or two of the protestors when nothing is said about photoshopping islands out of the bay where the proposed gas pipeline is going in B C ? the same area where there was a threat of a tsunami after seismic activity that could easily rupture this pipeline in the future. the media is not a reflection of the average canadian’s viewpoint anymore, it is here to serve the government and big business of the day. sounds too much like a different country in europe circa the late 1930′s—we had to go to war to stop that lack of de-”mock”-racy, who will save us from this government ? who indeed ? (think about this people)

  • Skravitz

    Lake Athabasca, Lake Nipissing, are both still within what remains of the Navigable Waters Protection Act. I am researching all the protected waters right now and looking at what is unprotected, and what unprotected water feeds into the protected, along with the major resource projects slated for development across the country around unprotected waterways. While the act doesn’t say the Georgian Bay, all of the cottage country has protection; Muskoka, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, When you look at what remains, it reeks of environmental racism, and classism. 80 percent of the protected waters are also in Conservative Party ridings. My favourite lakes that are unprotected; Ruby on the Sunshine Coast, Stave Lake in Mission, Sasamat in Port Moody, Brohm in Squamish, and many more.

  • no creek left

    I know Mulroney was the start of Canada being sold down the river but Harper and his spineless bunch are even worse …Time for a revolution

  • Not a happy canuck

    Mr. Harper is behaving exactly as he always has — as the man who would be king. He installs Senators who are less than a joke, and C-45 is shameful. Let’s make sure he gets voted OUT of office, and out of any cushy job the oil industry has waiting for him.

  • Anon

    Viva la revolucion. #Anonymous #IdleNoMore #WakeUpCanada

  • Pixie Jensen

    There are two towns on Larder Lake, Ontario, both of which depend on tourist dollars as a big part of their income. These towns are Larder Lake and Virginiatown. If the lake dies, then tourists will have no reason to come up here, build or buy cottages and spend their dollars here.

    Fishing is a huge tourism industry here with 2 derbies on the lake each year that bring in revenue for the local service clubs. If the lake dies, then so too do the fish, resulting in lost revenue for service clubs to help out the less fortunate, a loss of income for the few businesses that we have that depend on tourist dollars – resulting in lost jobs in an already semi-depressed area – and a loss of food source for the humans and animals that depend on the lake for survival. :(

    We cannot sit back and remain idle while the Harperites line their pockets with revenue from our natural treaures. It is time to be Idle No More!!

  • Bill

    Only the North & South Saskatchewan Rivers are listed as protected in Saskatchewan. The North Saskatchewan River is so polluted the fish have cancer and aren’t edible. What was once (not that many years ago) a nice clear stream you could drink from is now toxic mud! There are about 100,000 lakes in Saskatchewan and NONE are protected.

  • Joanne Gordian

    When I look at the Quebec list, strange all those listed are around Montreal, but ALL those higher North, where minerals are, not ONE is listed! What happens to the rivers where salmon comes to frey? All those on gov’t natural reserves? Will Provincial parks still be safe? Harper’s gov’t is really bought by big coops.creating ways to sell our resources, destruction and unbalancing life itself. Less than 50 yrs ago, many still had outdoor toilets, gov’t made laws to banish these on account of land pollution, unsanitary they said. Now Montreal and other cities banished woodstoves in new buildings , on account of air pollution, can’t even have a small your yard or side of river. Now, look what Federal Gov’t is doing!!!!! Wake up Provincial and Municipal law-makers, join in what citizens really want, Down with C45

  • Colleen Walsh-Bouman

    Toxic waste poured into our little town’s sewer for 18 months every day from fracking waste more or less behind our backs. The town of Windsor, the municipality of West Hants, the provincial government of Nova Scotia, the federal government, the persons living in the town and all surrounding communities seem to be unaware of the toxic situation or hoping someone else will be responsible, or they may be #IdleNoMore. One MP local said did I expect that we should send our young men out west? No I would hope that everyone would open their hearts and start caring for the water in their LOCAL environment which connects to all water on the planet. It unifies us all. Let the space be for all of us to recognize we need clean water, everyone needs clean water in the world. Can we start in our own backyard first? Windsor Nova Scotia Water!

  • David Cyr

    Great memory at Lake Athabasca. We were camping along the shore and I was sitting there gazing at the reflection of the forest on the other side. It was as if there was another forest there but upside down. That is how clear this lake was during 1987. May still be today hope it stays that way. Also saw a big tornado that summer a reminder of mother natures fury.

  • s

    If you actually read the bill itself, it doesn’t actually give outright permission for any old company to march in and use the lakes and rivers. There is still a huge process that has to be gone through in order for that to even be a possibility. Yes this does mean that there is a greater likelihood that that these regions can be used which is definetly concerning, but the it doesnt give free reign for corporations.

  • gimme a break

    are you kidding me most of the lakes and rivers that are on the list outside of bc are already polluted!!!

  • Christine Lynes

    I am disgusted with this Bill and this Government, from the top down. We need a changing of the guards, and how!

  • Greenpsychopomp

    Just curious, I have noticed that some of the protected rivers and lakes already have power dams and industrial damage, like the Niagara River, does this mean the power plants and the idustrial effluent in this river has to be removed, or that no more damage can occur? I also notice that in Ontario, Clear lake is protected, which one I know of at least two within ten kilometers where I live

  • Natasha

    So I did a little bit of google search and this is what I found out:

    “Canada has over 3 million lakes . . . more than every other country in the world combined.

    There are some two million lakes in Canada, covering about 7.6 percent of the Canadian landmass. The main lakes, in order of the surface area located in Canada (many large lakes are traversed by the Canada-U.S. border), are Huron, Great Bear, Superior, Great Slave, Winnipeg, Erie and Ontario. The largest lake situated entirely in Canada is Great Bear Lake (31,328 km2) in the Northwest Territories. The deepest lake is Great Slave Lake, N.W.T., 614 metres.”

    I also remember when we had to learn a few names in school, but our teacher told us we had way, way more than what we were covering. Hence the importance of our lakes and rivers of course. Maybe this government didn’t learn well their geography… oh wait a second, it’s the prime minister who didn’t learn his geography. It doesn’t matter about the rest, they follow his rules or they are out. Talk about censorship!

  • al

    I can’t believe the lakes and rivers in Manitoba aren’t on the list. They are missing 997,000 lakes????? And only 2 rivers protected…OMG..I am not going to estimate how many rivers play a key role in the prairie watershed. One riever not protected is the Nelson river…it has 5 hydro dams.

  • Bernadette

    It’s great to have the Green Party represented in Parliament, but, I agree with Tina…”Idle No More” is the next step. For me, supporting the “Idle No More” in any way I can,..well, it’s the only step to take to get the immediate action required to help Mother Earth and all her children. The wave of change has spread Worldwide and Natives Worldwide whom are facing same/similar situations are also taking action…it’s called the ripple effect…same thoughts…creates same results. No time to argue…go with the flow of being one with Mother Nature …all fears of the future will leave you as you are being held by your Mother…Earth. “Idle Know More” then you will “Idle No More”. Much love to all.

  • Rose colored glasses!

    Lake Melville is not protected! What a boldfaced lie!

    Lake Melville channels have been clogged with sand from the effects of the Churchill Falls mega-hydro project from 40+ years ago. There was regular dredging to deepen the channels for shipping for decades after!

    And it was also the tiolet for the military base (used by the USA & NATO forces) which was in heavy use from WW2 & later extensive use as a base for low level flight training by NATO forces.

    And since the Churchill Falls was DAMmed the mouth of the river which empties into LAKE MELVILLE (“the ONLY protected lake in the province of NL) has been the catch basin for decades of raw sewerage from the base as well as the town of Happy Valley/Goose Bay itself.

    The result is a devistated local fishery, loss of spawning area due to habitat destruction, fish that have survived have been contaminated with mercury from the CF’s hydro DAMming righ up the food chain. This also corresponds with the time frame of the collapse of the East Coast fishery

  • Patti

    Trout Lake in North Bay Ontario is not on the list, this is where the city gets it’s drinking water. Thanks Mr Harper glad to see you care about your citizens. Mr Harper needs to be tossed out of office ASAP!!! Anyone who is concerned about the omnibus bills that were put through should join IDLE NO MORE and take to the streets in a peaceful but determined way to stop this government from destroying all we hold dear.

  • saskjoan

    What? I am outraged!! Not ONE Saskatchewan lake or river mentioned. Hold on to your hat, Harper, a lot of good folks who voted for you are going to be demanding yu be held accountable.

  • saskjoan

    OK, one Saskatchewan lake. Out of the hundreds of lakes and rivers that crisscross the north country, and the one big river that supplies almost all of southern Sask. Pitiful.

  • Oli

    Don’t forget! It’s spelled CANCERvative!

  • sandra

    Elizabeth May for Prime Minister, leader of an NDP/Green/Liberal co-alition!

  • Freya Mackenzie

    Please sign the RIGHTS OF NATURE / RIGHT TO LIVE IN A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT petition being launched by the David Suzuki Foundation. It demands that we AMEND THE CONSTITUTION and in particular, the CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS to include the Rights of Nature and the Right to Live in a Clean Environment. This will enshrine, in the highest law of our land, our true values and give power to those who wish to challenge any corporation treading too heavily on our rich and beautiful, life-giving Natural Heritage. Sign today!

  • Claude Clement

    This is absolutely tragic. Am so frightened for my daughter’s future. All Canadians need to wake up. I can understand how so many people are on the fence in regards to IDLE NO MORE, but Treaty rights are our last chance at environmental protection here people. Idle no more may be the only avenue possible. Please do your research and support them in their plight, they are working not only for themselves but for humankind and the great mother (mother earth).

  • Claude Clement

    also i have to add… how is Ivanhoe Lake not on the list? There is still an operable provincial park here! Why is it not still protected?? Isnt this counteractive to the work/funding going toward trying to keep the park open? Or has this been the plan all along and the government is simply ‘humoring’ these efforts?

  • wendy leigh-bell

    Generally find your communiques informative and am grateful to receive them. One thing-let us use Canadian/british spelling for works such as FAVOURITE. This is uphill work especially in these days of poorly educated folk with American spell checks and we all need to keep at it.

    Thank you, Wendy Leigh-Bell

  • Chey

    you know when i was a kid, you couldn’t swim in the Grand River, you couldn’t eat the fish out of the grand river and if you by chance fell into the Grand you were left stinky and a film would develop on your body until you could wash the river water off. the fish had these red lesions on their bodies, and the riverside towns were dumping raw sewage and other waste materials into the river. It was illegal back then to do so and still the government turned a blind eye but at least we had something to fall back on, we, In Six Nations, were able to pull up laws and acts that the towns would have to follow…….Harper’s changed all that, the river is no longer protected and the towns….most of which, including us, get their tap water from the grand, are free to do whatever they want to our River. The Grand River, along with 6 nautical miles on either side from mouth to source was left to the Six Nations people. We were not consulted, nor were we even made aware of Harper’s plans for our River. As Haudenosaunee people we are allies to the Queen’s crown, not subjects under her rule, this was a clear act of treason to the people that fought and saved the Dominion of Canada (all veterans, of all backgrounds) it is disgraceful and disgusting what Harper is doing and he needs to get the boot. This is a democracy not a communist territory, and the voters need to do something about this, not sit back and remain idle

  • Aris

    I’m only 40. I enjoyed history throughout my education. The Conservative party does whatever the US and foreign governments ask. Basically, they are a sell out party. Want change? Unlearn what you have learned. Stop voting for what you know and try something different, go Green :) I know I will from now on. And I was a diehard Liberal… no more. #IdleNoMore right?

  • steve

    As far as I’m concerned, China and all other countries looking at Canada as a means to all of their resource woes can simply Fuck Off.
    We need to control our own resources and no politician will get in our way. Lets send them all packing.

    WE are in control of our country NOT outsiders.

  • Guest

    Wow, I read down the list of comments, and realize that most of the folks commenting have not taken the time to review the Bill. Before jumping into May’s boat, and relying on her words to get you excited, do learn to do your research, and will forget the fear My is tryin to enstill in you.

  • Jamoeba

    Wow, I read down the list of comments, and realize that most of the folks commenting have not taken the time to review the Bill. Before jumping into May’s boat, and relying on her words to get you excited, do learn to do your research, and will forget the fear May is trying to enstill in you.
    PS…come on May…give it up with your attempts at trying to influence with your 1 sided

  • Ottawa Valley Cottage Country

    Standing high up in the Caribou Mountain Fire Tower you can cast your
    eyes Ottawa Valley Cottage Country to the west and look over the splendor of Lake Temagami, turning to
    the east you can see as far as Quebec. A sight like this reminds you
    what Temagami is all about: getting above the day to day and celebrating
    the unique splendor of the Canadian North

  • Ottawa Valley Cottage Country

    Thanks for this list. Canada is so beautiful…we often forget how lucky
    we are! Why spend thousands to fly to far-flung places when there is so
    much to explore in this great land of ours?

  • Eastern Ontario cottage rental

    Ever nosey I asked him to inform Pine Tree State a trifle
    regarding his background and he indicated that he’s a graduate of the
    University of provincial capital in mediation and Environmental Studies. 3
    years past he started Sights on Bikes along with 2 friends, at the start as a
    thought for a cool summer job throughout university. Since then Jordan has
    tutored athletics in Jackson Hole and additionally worked throughout the winter
    at a lobby firm in Washington, D.C. within the summer he came to provincial
    capital to run his company and he’s on the road with guests just about on a
    daily basis.

  • Eastern Ontario cottage rental

    the late 1800s the market building was altered radically once the development
    of Toronto’s hall at Queen and Bay Streets. The central portion of the initial
    market building (the South Building) has survived and therefore the original
    boardroom of the previous hall these days homes the Market Gallery. Susan and
    that i had a fast peek into the market hall and loved the wide assortment of
    food retailers.

  • Christina Moreau

    Kipawa Lake is not on the list, it is currently at risk due to an open pit rare earths mining project as well as proposals for lifting a moratorium on development and hydroelectric projects. Please sign my petition to help save Kipawa Lake and the surrounding watershed.

  • Harley Mond

    You guys need to read more into it ! Or even look at the bill . All he did was take the more important rivers his call . All the other lakes and rivers still have tango through government . Nuts not federal , provincial ! And electing an liberal or mp . You think this is bad . Look at what Obama has done to the states . Damn near made it a one world government . Electing a liberal or mp will cause so much harm to this country . All Harper did was give the provincial and municipal government the say now .. Thst doesn’t make him a bad minister . Don’t forget everything else he HAS done for US ! When no body else did !!! Do NOT elect a liberal or mp . Stick with the conservatives !!!

  • Howi

    So..Kootenay Lake has water Storage licences on it.
    These licences are for run of the River dams on the outlet of the lake downstream of Nelson. Some 8-9 million acre feet. That’s 10 feet of water on an big natural lake.. BC HYDRO and 2 private companys .fortis and Columbia power are the operators
    I believe you should be able manage how well these operators are doing by viewing their storage volumes vs their licences.
    Not true that number is impossible to ask for….
    Try it…

  • matt t jacobs

    let us hope the next govt can turn these laws around.Maybe the Canadian people can charge the harper govt with “TERRORISM Against The Environment”.there has to be some thing the people can do to STOP this attack on our lives.BIG OIL/CORP are the only thing this harper govt cares for,they can line his pockets to his hearts content

  • Teresah Lynn

    Elizabeth- how and when will we gain back our rights to our lakes and rivers? Are there petitions to sign? What can we do?

  • Hobert Boles

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