Date: 2018/02/13 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Environmental Assessment, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, as background, I was an intervenor on the National Energy Board process. I am probably the only person in the chamber who went through all 23,000 pages submitted by Kinder Morgan. I found the one piece of paper which it claimed to have studied bitumen. It was an non peer-reviewed study ...

Date: 2018/02/13 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I was somewhat horrified to hear the hon. parliamentary secretary refer to the National Energy Board review of Kinder Morgan as “a thorough review”. At a campaign stop in August 2015, when the Prime Minister stopped in Esquimalt, he was asked by Kai Nagata, a former journalist, whether the commitment to ...

Date: 2018/02/13 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I will follow up on the assertion from the member of Brandon—Souris that this will create thousands of jobs. I was an intervenor in the Kinder Morgan review before the National Energy Board. In that review, Kinder Morgan, and I refer the member to volume 5B of its submission, claimed 2,500 ...

Date: 2018/02/13 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I want to address this question to my hon. colleague from Abbotsford, which is fundamental, about the mania for shipping out unprocessed raw bitumen as opposed to cutting off imports of more high-value crude to eastern Canadian ports. I would put it to the member that I have been advocating for ...

Date: 2018/02/13 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I have been participating, as a listener, in the debate since it began at noon, and this is my first opportunity to take the floor. I hope that as well as posing a question to the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities I will be permitted to say that I will be ...

Date: 2018/02/05 -- Category/Categories: Climate Change, Get Involved, Kinder Morgan, Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, there have been a lot of claims made, even here today in the House, about the jobs that would be created by Kinder Morgan, but there is no evidence to back up those claims. There is no evidence because the National Energy Board refused to hear the evidence of Unifor. The ...

Date: 2017/11/10 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Issues, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I am going to do something I rarely do, which is to forgive the hon. member for Burnaby South for not speaking to the bill before us, because I passionately share his opposition to this wrong-headed project. I would like him to expand on the theme. He carefully laid out how ...

Date: 2017/10/03 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Kinder Morgan, Publications

National Observer, October 2nd, 2017 I am so glad I went to law school. I love the law. Unlike politics, law is a North Star. From October 2-13, 2017, the Federal Court of Appeal in Vancouver will hear from multiple appellants who argue the permits to allow Kinder Morgan to build its pipeline from the ...

Date: 2016/11/30 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan, Question Period, Uncategorized

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, many British Columbians believed the Liberal election promises last year. I myself did. I believed the Liberal campaign promises that the National Energy Board process was so badly broken that no pipeline could be approved as a result of that process. No magical process has intervened, no testing of the evidence, ...

Date: 2016/11/29 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan, Press Releases

Elizabeth May today denounced the Prime Minister’s decision to approve the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project as “political opportunism of the worst kind. “Contrary to the Prime Minister’s claim that this decision is based on evidence, as an intervenor in the Kinder Morgan NEB process, I can confirm conclusively that there was no ...

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