Date: 2016/01/24 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan, Press Releases

BURNABY, BC — In the final argument phase of the National Energy Board hearing in the application from Trans Mountain to expand the Kinder Morgan pipeline from Alberta to the lower mainland of British Columbia, Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands and Leader of the Green Party of Canada catalogued the many failures of the ...

Date: 2016/01/20 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan

Elizabeth May will testify as an intervenor at the hearings on the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline in Burnaby, BC on Thursday, January 21 at 9:30 AM PST. The NEB will be live streaming audio of each hearing day and, for the first time, they will also be broadcasting video of each day live on their ...

Date: 2015/11/23 -- Category/Categories: In the News, Kinder Morgan

By Fram Dimshaw November 19, 2015 Publication source: National Observer Green Party leader Elizabeth May denounced National Energy Board (NEB) reviews of both the Energy East and Trans Mountain Pipeline proposals as frauds – and warned that Justin Trudeau faces a legal mess. If approved, the Energy East pipeline will transport 1.1 million barrels of ...

Date: 2015/05/27 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan, Press Releases, Publications

OTTAWA – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP (Saanich – Gulf Islands), filed written evidence to the National Energy Board (NEB) today detailing her opposition to the Trans Mountain Expansion project. “While I wholeheartedly agree with the many interveners and critics who have criticized the NEB review of this project ...

Date: 2014/11/14 -- Category/Categories: Blogs, Kinder Morgan

As the debate rages south of the border about the Keystone pipeline, there are some key facts to bear in mind. Every pipeline currently being promoted – whether Alberta to the Pacific (Enbridge and Kinder-Morgan) or Alberta to the Atlantic (Energy East) or Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico (Keystone) – are all about one ...

Date: 2014/08/28 -- Category/Categories: Articles by Elizabeth, Kinder Morgan

To the Editor, I couldn’t agree more with Mayor Fortin that citizens of southern Vancouver Island must have a say, and a definitive say, about the proposal to dramatically increase bitumen-loaded tankers through our waters. I am also an intervenor in the Kinder-Morgan National Energy Board hearing process. By reducing the process to largely a ...

Date: 2014/07/08 -- Category/Categories: Householders, Kinder Morgan, Survey

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Date: 2014/06/25 -- Category/Categories: Householders, Kinder Morgan

In early February, I made my way through the complex, web-based, National Energy Board (NEB) website to apply to be an intervenor in the upcoming hearings on the proposed massive expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker traffic to export unprocessed bitumen. On April 3, the NEB announced those who would be allowed to ...

Date: 2014/05/15 -- Category/Categories: Island Tides, Kinder Morgan

When I became an intervenor in mid-April, realizing that the first deadline to submit questions was early May — and that preparing questions required getting through the 15,000 page submission in two weeks, it was hard to know where to start. Fortunately, I have been in dozens of environmental assessments and NEB hearings. If the ...

Date: 2014/04/17 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan, Press Releases

Andrew Weaver, Deputy Leader of the BC Green Party and MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head, Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, and Adam Olsen, Interim Leader of the BC Green Party, are calling on the BC Government and Kinder Morgan to request that the National Energy Board ...

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