Date: 2018/04/20 -- Category/Categories: COP 21, Kinder Morgan, Parliament, Question Period

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, the warnings of climate scientists are becoming increasingly urgent and worrying. The most recent, days ago, was that the world was watching the weakening of the Gulf Stream ocean currents, with potentially catastrophic impacts. The scientists are warning that we must reduce greenhouse gases far more rapidly than our current commitments. ...

Date: 2018/04/19 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, through you, I address my question to the member for Skeena—Bulkley Valley. This is my first chance to take the floor in the debate tonight. With the indulgence of my friend from Skeena—Bulkley Valley, let me first say that the Minister of Natural Resources misspoke when he said that the Kinder ...

Date: 2018/04/19 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, although the debate this afternoon is taking us a little far afield from the budget, I want to pick up on the point the member for Calgary Rocky Ridge made. I could not agree more with former premier Frank McKenna that it does not make sense to be importing crude at ...

Date: 2018/04/18 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Environmental Assessment, Indigenous Rights, Issues, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, I am reminded of something I was asked to say by one of my constituents, the Honourable Pat Carney. She used to be the federal minister of energy. She asked me to please mention that there is no oceans protection plan, that there seems to be an oceans protection wish list. ...

Date: 2018/04/17 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Environmental Assessment, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Madam Speaker, this debate takes place in a kind of history-free zone. Hearing from the Conservatives, one would swear that getting bitumen to tidewater had been the campaign of generations. One member may have forgotten the timing. Kinder Morgan was not proposed until 2013. I want to ask my hon. colleague from Durham ...

Date: 2018/04/17 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan, Press Releases, Publications

April 15, 2018 (OTTAWA) — Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands) has condemned the Trudeau administration’s latest attempt to force through the completion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline extension. Under the guise of “the national interest” the Prime Minister plans to spend Canadians’ hard-earned tax dollars to help an American multinational, violate his campaign promise ...

Guest Column/ Elizabeth May Policy Magazine   When Canadians used to speak of two solitudes, it meant the divide between Quebec and the rest of Canada. Increasingly, I feel that I live in a different country, only the dividing line is the Rockies, and the cultural disconnect is over the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Here is ...

Date: 2018/03/26 -- Category/Categories: Blogs, Environmental Assessment, Kinder Morgan, News

Hello, Thank you for writing regarding my recent arrest at the Kinder Morgan worksite. I appreciate having a chance to explain why I chose to take this controversial step in opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project. I apologize for the delay in responding. It was not my intention to cause offense by my ...

Date: 2018/03/23 -- Category/Categories: Kinder Morgan, Press Releases, Publications

March 23, 2018 (BURNABY) — Elizabeth May, arrested this morning at the Burnaby Mountain worksite of the Kinder Morgan pipeline project, is promising to stand firm with the Tsleil-waututh, Squamish and Musqueum First Nations and their supporters across Canada in opposing the “disastrous, climate-destroying Trans Mountain pipeline expansion”. “I am keeping my word,” said Ms. ...

Date: 2018/02/13 -- Category/Categories: Debate, Environmental Assessment, Kinder Morgan, Parliament

Elizabeth May Mr. Speaker, as background, I was an intervenor on the National Energy Board process. I am probably the only person in the chamber who went through all 23,000 pages submitted by Kinder Morgan. I found the one piece of paper which it claimed to have studied bitumen. It was an non peer-reviewed study ...

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