Press Conference with on the Canada-China Investment Treaty

On Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 in Press Conferences

Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands and Leader of the Green Party of Canada, participated in a press conference with Matthew Carroll of and Emma Pullman of  These two organizations collected over 62,000 electronic signatures in support of having a full and proper debate on FIPA in the House of Commons.

Liberal MP Geoff Regan and NDP MP Peter Julian also participated.

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  • Elizabeth Henderson

    I am so proud of your Integrity and Transparency on this issue Elizaeth! I cannot believe that these two MP’s standing on this podium with you did not stand with you in requesting a 4hour debate in the House on this issue. All talk and no action is what Canadians seem to get from the majority of politicians out there. Keep pluggin away.
    Can you publish the voice mail numbers to the conservate MP’s that will be ratifying this agreement along with Stephen Harper. We are loosing our country, its ethics, and the rights we all thought we had. It is very disillusioning and I detest what the Liberals, the NDP and the Conservatives are allowing to happen in this country. I am seriously going to look at what they did in Iceland and now Ireland. Those phone numbers would be handy…a lot of us would phone. Thanks again. You are the only politician with any integrity. :)

  • carol wilkins

    Thank you Ms.May! Still pushing out here and I see the NDP is asking in the house this morning, for an additional Opposition Debate Day for dealing with FIPA. How frustrated you must be with their sluggish ire.

  • Clarence Dolan

    Elizabeth, you are a leader, head and shoulders above and beyond the rest. Please carry on.

  • Joanne Dudley

    Thank you again Elizabeth for trying so hard to rescue our great country from this Machiavellian (sp) “monstrous” (quoth Rafe Mair, The Tyee article just out) excuse for a Prime Minister. I honestly think Harper has lost his marbles. Globe & Mail reports today that Cons. MP Bev Shipley has inundated Don Davies (NDP) email a/c with 1000s of false msgs from 1 email addy to try & shut him down. So everyone, ALL HANDS ON DECK, keep emailing/calling The Hill and don’t stop!! (I’ve sent mine to the PMO so now ‘an enemy of the State’…). The FIPPA Travesty must NOT be ratified!! God Help Canada … oh yes, and Zimbabwe too.

  • CC

    Forget about a public debate, which we have seen from Bill C-30 is just a rubber stamping exercise…how can Canadians go about demanding a public referendum?!

  • bernard murphy

    we need to have a non confidence vote in parliament against the conservatives by the united other parties…mr harper is stealing our democracy…

    • anne marie benoit

      yes Elizabeth! you know what to do and you speak for our democracy as always, you stand very strong in the house of cards, you are the strongest one I think, please protect us!

  • Michelle Hughes

    Elizabeth, please, please, please do what you can. You know the power of grassroots movements better than anyone. Please tell us what we can do to stop this.

  • William

    I could not believe this was going on when I just happened to watch parlement…this is horrible..I am a business owner , this is scary…pleas stop the ratification. I am not a pessimist ….but something smells,feels very wrong when you sign a deal that will last for 31 years and all you will say Mr. prime Minister is it is good for business , it is good for canada…My God ! Really…..then prove me wrong….lets see the deal…this one act that you have done lost you one vote…if that matters

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