Leaked documents reveal Canada fighting environmental regulations proposed by US in Trans-Pacific Partnership

On Thursday, January 16th, 2014 in Press Releases, TPP

The Green Party of Canada was dismayed to learn that the Canadian government has been lobbying Washington to abandon proposed environmental regulations in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Leaked documents obtained by the New York Times reveal that Canada has been pressuring the US to abandon logging regulations, a ban on the harvesting of sharks’ fins, and other environmental provisions included in a draft version of the trade agreement between Pacific Rim nations.

“Our party has long expressed concern that this secretive trade agreement threatened Canada’s ability to legislate for the good of public health and the environment,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich–Gulf Islands. “While we can no longer be shocked by Stephen Harper’s aversion to all things green, to learn that the Conservatives are actually fighting US efforts to include minimal environmental controls in the agreement is beyond disheartening.”

The TPP is a proposed free trade and investment agreement between Canada, the US, and ten other Pacific Rim nations that would include drastic changes to copyright law and would grant sweeping new powers to foreign corporations operating in Canada.

Negotiations between member states have been carried out in secret, and public information about the agreement is extremely limited. The TPP is opposed by the Green Parties of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and the United States.

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  • Mary MadelineTaylor

    What has Canada become!

  • Steve

    Wow the proposed TPP is even worse than I had thought. I had no idea that it had anything to do with environmental controls, or that the Conservatives where actively pursuing it.

    • AMH4

      Pretty sad, eh? Of course, it seems that anything bad for our country’s health, environmentally or personally is what Stephen Harper and his Conservative buddies (plus his corporation buddies) will pursue!

    • disqus_W3Ta2cq2ZQ

      please, don’t stop Steve -

      get the word out !

  • Brent Tegler

    Ah the Harper government legacy…. Try reading this without getting angry… http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/01/09/ottawa_hires_ad_firm_for_22_million_oilsands_campaign.html

  • AMH4

    I’m totally disgusted by this news! My faith in the Canadian government has diminished to nothing! What else can they do that will bring my beloved country down? I don’t want to imagine – let’s get them out of there!!!!!!!!

  • AMH4

    It’s hard to imagine that my hatred for this party could increase – but it has!

  • Ally

    Please do what you can to stop it Miss May.

  • Remco

    In order to get greater effect of the post: please place a link to the article by the New York Times. Pretty influential source and this adds impact to the statement from “a Canadian political party”. Nevertheless: good work to get this exposed!

  • Gregory

    Today it was announced that new fish farms will be allowed on BCs coast. Another incident of the Conservative government and international corporations to ignore every report by the scientists & conservationists. Make a fast big buck and leave Canada an environmental toxic wasteland in 20 years devoid of natural resources and nothing to fall back on because of our dependency on them to spin our economy. Wake up people!

    • Sharon McCullough

      We’re awake for the most part. That 74-78% disagree with the evil ones and their recklessly immature and rash behavior says we’re at least paying attention. our problem is how do we get rid of a fraudulent and anti-democratic bunch of wienies. We can thank the likes of Judge Mosley, David Johnston and Bob Paulson for our situation. The RCMP have sworn to protect the citizens – and in this case the planet – from corrupt gov’ts only to hear Harper make comments like ” I own the RCMP. I’ll never do a day in jail.” It is the GG purpose to assure that OUR nation is lead by a party that the honest (????) majority respects and maintains a confidence. Harper is in conflict with the sworn and signed agreement he made a third time with the nation that he is to work as a representative of the people and the nation for the interests of Canada – not local and foreign corporations – says that he is in legal breach of contract. Our problem is though we know they got in by fraudulent acts, intentionally and with deceit and dishonor acted against the best interests of the nation to destroy our economy (and lie about it), our social structure (and lie about it), prospects and health of our young people (and lied about it) our future health and prosperity (and lied about it ) and broken our democratic means and methods (and lied about it!!). No, we’re waking up but if anyone can come up with how we can immediately have this lot of monster nation killers we’re dying (!!!!!!) to hear it. We’re all of an opinion that the cons must go but HOW do we get him arrested as the traitor and fraud that he is ?? With the courts only sneaking up and ‘twerking’ his bottom, the RCMP’s failure to arrest the corrupt and the GG’s weakness to preform his duty to the people of the nation because he is controlled by his pal who has told him when he’ll prorogue and that he is not to fulfill his duties to the people …. and here we are. Canada cannot allow another 12 months of this all out onslaught. If you’ve got the path to removal worked out – let’s hear it and act. We’re waking up but remain impotent.

  • Richard Melville
  • dano

    when the harper government starts doing everything in SECRET harper has committed treason, we must remove him and his cronies from office…..they are not good for the people or this country.

    • Kootenay Pagan

      By the time he is finished…what country?

  • Lynne Logue

    The only “green” Harper cares about is the green in his wallet. The environment, all Canadians, science, mean absolutely nothing. He has disgraced this country in the eyes of the world and needs to be gone!

    • Marg

      He cares more about power and control over Canadians!

      • Sharon McCullough

        Harper will always be the school yard bully – even in prison.

  • Richard Rehsler

    Well, it being that I have no offspring … what do I care what this country looks like in 40 years. If it means $$$ in my pocket ad universal health care to be continued, we should encourage the cutting of every tree, the polluting of every drop of fresh water and, sure, let’s throw in – the killing of each and every wild animal in Canada. If the next generation does not agree, perhaps they should get off of their collective butts, turn off the TV and go do something about it. Apparently they really don’t care either because the mindless drivel that now passes for entertainment seems to be foremost in their small minds. Other generations have always stood up and fought for what they deemed valuable and appropriate. Whatever the new moniker – X, Y, or Z generation – seems to be content on letting it all go to waste. The loud voices objecting to this are not there. IOf they were, it would be showing i their art, music, and poetry. There was a time when peace and love were making a stand but it has passed. Corporate profits and complacency against atrocities seems to be the order of the day. Pass the beer nuts, please.

    • Mo

      RIchard, if you’re not trying to be part of the solution, then, you’re part of the problem. Passing the buck to others is why we’re in such a mess, and you’ve passed all of your bucks, obviously. Get a life and stand up for what’s important besides “$$$ in your pocket” and beer nuts.

      • Richard Rehsler

        There really should be a sarcasm italic because it inevitably goes over some people’s heads.

      • Richard Rehsler

        Well I am happy to hear from those who prefer to judge others. I hope that you are indeed part of the solution because the esteem of judges has been somewhat tarnished lately.

    • Sharon McCullough

      Your sarcasm is interesting but lacks any constructive substance. If I may ask your age and what you do for a living ????

      • Richard Rehsler

        I don’t recall antone ever asking another person their age and occupation when discussing political matters. And, asisde from the fact that I am a Canadian, other details about me should not really be relevantThat being said, I am not hiding who I am so I will say that I am a 57 year old horticulturist (tree farm) but was educated in history and languages. at UBC in the 70s. Didn’t feel like a white collar type person so I became a plant man. Part of my diatribe is founded in the fact that young Canadians shun bottom end labour (farm work) .and it has become very difficult to get apprentices in what was once faitly cool profession. I have always paid more than minimum wage and treated employees well. Now I have downsized dramatically and am looking forward to doing it as more of a hobby garden, maybe growing some rarities and herbal remedy type plants to challenge the giant pharmaceutical conglomerates in a small way. Have you heard of Black Seed? (Nigella sativa) touted as a cure for everything but death . Apparently one can get a pretty penny for it. Oh, I guess I had better round that up to a pretty nickel.

        • Richard Rehsler

          I thought that I would qualify the last post with some numbers. My nursery is the last piece of farmland in the middle of a small town and there are about 25 residential properties adjacent. In the 30 years that I have been here, I will estimate that 150 children were raised in this neigbourhood. and approximately 30 of them were employed by me in summer or spring break jobs. They all learned some gardening and plant husbandry skills and a couple of them are still involved in the industry in one way or another. One has her own greenhouse business.

          • Sharon McCullough

            Ha ha ha- I married a rock musician and worked with some of the best bands in the TO area. We were of the ‘get back to the garden’ era, children in the 60′s who were finding direction in the 70s – mine was farming and gardening. Natural remedies and lots of fresh herbs in the organically grown food. If this TPP and CETA go through, we will see a deterioration of land, air and water quality, the overall health of Canadians will suffer. That we are playing the greed game and that our lives and those of our kids’ kids is going to be of suffering and illness. When these pipelines are pushed through the BC interior to the coast and KXL going south, any leak will be a gusher spewing volumes of the most toxic carbon-concentrated filth into mountain streams, deep crevices, elk, deer, bear,….. breeding/nursery grounds, they don’t even know how to clean it up let alone get people to the site and set up logistics for hundreds … and then what? The KXL followed the nation’s main – only! – aquifer and they moved it a few miles – big deal!

          • Richard Rehsler

            America is probably already fried. Their water table has dropped hundreds 0f feet in some areas. Canada might still be salvageable, If simply because our land mass is greater. But the world is already tapping into our water and they will consume ’til there is none left.

          • disqus_W3Ta2cq2ZQ

            CRUCIAL PERSPECTIVE ! please continue to share your experience every day with as many as you can

        • Sharon McCullough

          my query was not at of a personally derogatory nature in anyway, your comment just didn’t go far enough – imo. I’m mid 50s and was forced into retirement and now live on the very bottom of the poverty pile. have seen the most innocent of questions seem as though they are not. I can see that my response was worded badly and for that I do apologize. we fight a mean and cruel-hearted foe in this gov’t and . there have been so many pop up in threads to – as Harper seems to like – divide and conquer. no, I did not take you for a troll :) . the situation in Canada is frustrating and I see what awesome work you have done over the years. you truly are one of the people I admire the most about Canada. Decent, caring and hard working. Yes, I have read some references to n. sativa. Feed the world! we could quite literally save the world if we returned to hemp in a big way. again, I am sorry if my comment offended – it was only a point of reference. I farmed, was a house painter and bartender, I couldn’t sit in an office but I sure could have followed your path. Until this monster got his majority, my interest in politics was casual. If I were fit, I would be building – built – a green, off grid home I am a very capable carpenter with all the tools I need to build. Much of the forest around here are untouched but I’ve thought of combining straw bales, growing hemp for insulation, fabric, hemp-crete, using recycled materials and possibly a freight car made into a barn for a couple goats and some chickens. I eat no flesh or anything that’s like has been taken but chickens help with bugs – lots here ! and the goats – well, I like goats and they can keep the growth down. I would love to see the Harper dictatorship of deceit and racism end. Pushing Obama is not the brightest move and we can hope he gets fed up enough to tell that buffoon boy Baird to take a long, long hike and take the little Joey Oliver with him. we’re in this together, Richard.

  • Charles F. Morissette

    Why in the hells is harper going after shark fining? He does understand that alberta is land locked right?

    • Sharon McCullough

      Hi Charles, I agree !00% but in his smallness if it makes a buck and the Japanese voters in Canada want it ……..he says it’s vital ‘income’. Bull!
      On a similar note of suffering and cruelty ~ What he doesn’t want Canadians knowing is that the annual bloodbath of the slaughter of newborn seal puppies in front of their mothers, nurses and aged caregivers COSTS the Canadian tax payers Millions. The act of seal pup killing is offensive to 94-96% of Canadians and yet for those few votes, Harper will spend millions that doesn’t belong to him.
      Three years ago the dick-tator spent – with no citizen consultation – $10 Million on an ad campaign trying to guilt EU to lift the ban on products made from newborn seal puppies claiming they are causing people financial hardship!! Oh, give me a fricken break! Harper is causing the hardship!
      On top of that he takes an ice breaker and it’s paid crews off patrol/rescue duty and blasts the ‘traditional’ killers through ice flows to the nursery, waits around !!!! and then takes them home all at tax payers’ expense.
      Many don’t know this but on the way home, babies are skinned alive on the decks and their suffering, little wee bodies thrown overboard to sink and drown. If that doesn’t effect anyone as sick and cruel, they are as mentally disturbed as Harper. The Liberals also support this horrific act – all for a few votes. The times are changing. The world doesn’t want these products, WE don’t want these products and are speaking out. This is exactly how shark finning is done. Slice of the little fins and through the shark overboard alive to suffer and drown. How Fricken sick!
      IF a few ‘traditional’ killers want to buy a permit, as for recreational fishing, they will have a quota and must not only get themselves out there, they can get their asses back on their own. The few trinkets they sell to tourists doesn’t get much income but it’s something to do to pass the time. Were Harper to give them each $100,000 to stay home, it would save Canada millions and the people could make a life without death. FIRST though – use all the pelts in storage before any more babies are mutilated and suffer.
      Between the pollution that’s killing the entire planet and causing global warming, the foolishly irresponsible management of Canadian Fisheries is so badly done by Shea, fish stocks are dwindling because Canada has allowed foreign floating canneries to help themselves to all the fish they want with no rests or restrictions for rebuilding populations. Pollution, global warming and lack of food has already made the survival of seals, polar bears, orcas, whales, sea birds and many other species, tenuous at best.
      Harper needs to see the inside of a prison cell. Permanently.

  • DocHoliday

    I didn’t want this, Not my Prime Minister.

    • Sharon McCullough

      We should adopt the American policy where 2 terms and that’s it. No more.

  • Sue Kuisma

    How do we get rid of this awful government now. I think the PM will have destroyed. The Canada we love and are proud of before we can get him out.

    • Cat

      I don’t think we can…there’s not enough unity in this country..we think there is but there isn’t…Too many indoctrinated to believe the b.s.

      • Sharon McCullough

        I disagree. Imo, we have enough aware of the fraudulent, anti-Canadian behavior of Mr. Harper but when you look at the size of this nation and what it will take financially and logistically to get millions of Canadians to the front door of 24 Sussex to arrest and remove the sob and hand him over to the RCMP who refuse to act against this obvious and determined treason, it is a daunting move but ……..
        We know this gov’t is fighting against the loss of KXL and stooped so low as to make up absurdly inflated numbers to give the Americans, dismantle monitoring stations (no facts, no argument) and telling them to do as we say, no underhanded slights should be overlooked or put past this lot.
        Should we tell the RCMP that we want Mr. Paulson removed for dereliction of duty? We’ve tried this with Harper but he has made the law into his own standard of treachery. The Harper padded Senate? Ha! What a joke!…The subcommittees that are con heavy are a sick joke and should be voter elected not con-appointed. The excessive seats he’s making up to pad his majority?
        This monstrous bunch is a menace to the entire planet. Should the people of the earth all come together to demand the removal of this global threat? Yes! Why not? The global demand of millions for Harper’s arrest……. music to my ears.
        Gov’ts want to rape us for our resources to leave us empty or their leaders want us to rape their nations through mining and industry for their corporate gain. The people better stand against the NWO or just get out of the way.
        There are too many who won’t vote. Many need to realize that they will loose their welfare, seniors, veterans and disability unless they actively participate in petitions, protests, send emails and VOTE this idiot into prison where he belongs. But we don’t have time to leave Harper in place until the next election.
        Harper will bankrupt the provinces to the point that another $100. will come off welfare, pensions will be chopped and social programs completely loose all federal funding, unless they start acting more aggressively to tell the GG, federal Ombudsman and RCMP to get Harper out. Or???? Do we gather outside of Con regional offices and demand their resignation? It’s a start.
        Should we demand that enough walk across the floor to unbalance Harper’s fraudulently ‘won’ majority? Absolutely.

      • disqus_W3Ta2cq2ZQ

        got to do it. got to do it now.

  • Jess Gieni

    we need to vote. our generation is complacent and needs to get motivated. we need to show our children how to run a country without running it into the ground. there is a plan in place for a new world order, they want everyone’s economies to crash so ppl will be accepting of a new currency. we need to fight with our numbers and change this. we can guys. we just need to elect someone with a good heart. who truly wants what’s best for humanity. one cannot properly care for their country if they do not know what love is. and we must love all of mankind to make a difference in our own homes. sad fact is the corporations kill off all the good people that push for love and peace. i’d put myself up to prove it. if i somehow got elected prime minister, and pushed for saving the environment and the earth and for love and peace, and made all gov’t officials take a pay cut and have their pensions equal to all other canadian citizens, i guarantee within a year there’d be a bullet in my head. but it’d be worth it to make a difference even for a brief moment.

    • Cat

      Distracted by video games, IPhones, Facebook, Rihanna & Lady Gaga, and trash TV…Over heard an 11 year old say “omg, I have like, over 70 Facebook notifications!” Man I wanted to slap some sense into her… But there you go, the dumbing down of the most powerful generation in history!!! You Jess, are a smart, aware cookie! :-)

    • Karmel Koshman

      Dear Jess!!! I have the exact same thoughts and wishes in my heart! People need to get out and Vote… and support those who understand the importance of INTEGRITY! The Environment is critical to protect! With out this planet’s health, we have nothing worth living for… IMHO.

  • Zachariah

    It is getting harder and harder to be proud to be a Canadian. Harper has slowly taken apart, eliminated and destroyed our good name in the world and my trust in the current ruling party.

  • Robbie Lister

    This is really disgusting. Harper must go! We need Fair voting…prop rep to stop this kind of politics.

    • Sharon McCullough

      I agree Robbie. The problem that we are facing is that we have a group who consistently refuses to follow the rules to be honorable and have cheated in 3 of 3 elections! That Harper says he’s running again says to me that he thinks this time they have a fool proof way to cheat and not get caught. A system such as the States has where you can only serve 2 terms is what we need to adopt. This next election must be the last one where deceit and ulterior motives are played. As long as this bunch is involved, we can be certain there will be dishonesty

      • Robbie Lister

        Oh i totally agree. We’ve always said “elect but don’t re-elect”. Max 2 terms would be ideal. But i would still like to see proportional representation. Was all that sesame street stuff (co-operation) for naught? :O( Seems those in gov never watched sesame street…either as kids or as parents. :O((

        • Sharon McCullough

          Absolutely. Let’s hope that this is the end of the dic-tatorship.

  • Kirsten Mawle

    What else can Steven Harper sell of Canada. This is not the Canada we knew ten years ago. With our history starting with the very first settlers well before the English came. When science was respected and regulations had a purpose to keep Canadians safe. Boo and Shame on Mr Harper for killing Canada.

    • Sharon McCullough

      I’ve had arguments with my 75 yr. old dad. I keep trying to tell him that this is not the conservative gov’t he knew even 1o years ago. His argument is “Who else is there?” Anyone ! I would make a far better PM. I’m not the sharpest tack in the box but at least I have integrity and loads of
      determination to see a better – not worse – nation to leave my grandsons!

      • Kirsten Mawle

        Those older folks who thing there is no one else must be how the Conservatives have had 2 terms. It is this older group who do vote. We need to get more younger, more open minded voters to the polls to make any difference!

        • Guest

          The older generation just THINKS these are Conservatives. They are not, they are Reformers. The old Conservative party is long gone, along with some of its finest members, like Mr. Hugh Segal. The old Conservative party would never have done this; they did, indeed, have a lot of sense. The older people who vote for this bunch of Neocons does not realize that. Sharon, tell you dad about it, it may help.

  • Christopher Porozny

    Just more Harper-psychosis … cheer up, friends, the fool will soon be gone …

  • Nikki Lila

    What can we DO?!

    • bradley moore

      Vote liberal and rally your friends, coworkers and family to do the same!!

      • Western Guy

        Support Justin. He agrees with the KXL pipeline.

  • Anon

    How can we get Harper out of governmewnt now? Treason? Any other ideas?

    • Western Guy

      There is the option of an election!

      • Sharon McCullough

        We don’t have the time. What this monster has shown he can do in one hour is cause for concern. I have put out dozens of doable solutions, a few are being acted on. Imo – and a have a lot of them :) – our best bets are to put out a global petition demanding the removal and arrest of Harper immediately. His tar pits are the single most carbon threat to the planet. His lack of original thought and vision will surely see him go down in history as the biggest dork to ever cheat himself into power. .
        We can call for the resignation of RCMP Paulson for dereliction of duty. It is his sworn duty to protect the nation and citizens from corruption.
        Demand the resignation of the GG unless he does his sworn duty to the people first – not a deceitful, racist, anti-Canadian traitor who bullies him and tells him when he’ll shut down parliament.
        That Harper is going for another election says to me they have what they feel is a fool proof method to win and not get caught. And if they do? So what.
        The Ombudsman is another option. Harper has failed this nation and broken a sworn and signed contract. He is in breach and should have been taken out.
        He has people acting as consultants after being out of gov’t for less than 5 years – big breach!
        We’ll get him but when you are dealing with such a vast landmass the task is daunting but not impossible.

  • Sue Oakley

    “Open and transparent government”,”Fixed election dates” “An elected senate”, These were the lies he told and people fell for it. He did not promise to sign secret trade deals,destroy fisheries and scientific libraries,destroy environments to export raw oil,raise the pension age,bring in USA style omnibus bills and rush them through without debate,suspend parliament and now try to pressure other countries to drop their environmental standards! This is not the Canada I grew up in. Our reputation as a global leader in protecting our health,our environment and our democratic freedoms has taken a complete reversal under the “Harper Government” Can’t even say the Conservative party because he runs it more like a dictatorship than a political party. We need proportional representation and we need it before the next election. Without it our votes do not count,and so people have just stopped voting. I could cry when I think of what is happening to my beautiful country!

    • Sharon McCullough

      I hear you, Sue. It’s heart wrenching.

  • Brenda Rantala-Sykes

    why? What does he want to leave as a legacy of to his grandchildren? Why does he want these negotiations to be secret…he knows it’s wrong or he wouldn’t be hiding it!! Disheartening indeed. Time to get some green into power ! TPP sounds like Harper is getting some kick backs …short term gain is long term PAIN! Wake up Harper and smell some roses…not the oil slicked ones you’re growing in your back yard.

    • Sharon McCullough

      Grandchildren? His own children are collateral damages.

    • Sue Oakley

      Unfortunately Harper represents the christian right wing. They are all concerned with “heavenly” rewards,after they are dead, so it does not matter what a mess they make on earth. In the words of Chief Ruby Dunstan ” when are they going to start treating this land as if they intend to stay”.

  • Elke Greffard

    this is scarey…we as citizens will lose so much more freedoms and rights than we already have and our water food will suffer a great deal…we are going so far backwards instead moving forward and onward…What can we do to stop this??? I have signed every petition going, I have discussed it with friends and family, i do my part on social media….what else can we do to stop Harper NOW?????

  • berwick

    Elizabeth Who???

  • petervq

    ‘Free ‘ Trade… Ha !! What Bogus !! a truly *Free* Trade agreement would be a one-page sheet with the sentence ” The people in your country and the people in our country can trade freely ” signatures – that’s it; no rules, no quotas, no tariffs, no custom-fees, no minimum-prices and maximum taxes – people traded long before governments and humanity evolved just fine ! We’ve all heard too many times of Politician-speak… the names of the laws and regulations they pass almost always mean the opposite of what it says ! ‘the Ministry of Truth’ telling us it is good for us, it is for our safety, the people will benefit, ‘our’ country must…., ‘the Canadian people…. want need have-a-right-to…’ all just self-serving propaganda!!

  • Western Guy

    Is there anything that the Green Party is not opposed to? The Party of NO!

  • Carol

    How do we remove him………now??

  • Carol

    I just don’t get it. Don’t we pay his paycheck. Why is there nothing in place to remove this dictator?? I am asking the green party……Elizabeth may…..how do we get this maniac out??? I keep asking questions of the greens and ndp and no one answers my questions……which is giving me no faith in any party in Canada. The system is not working…..to many closed doors. It seems to me the politicians are all protected……..and why would a good leader, that was there for the people need protecting? If I was running this country the first thing I would do is give the politicians a working wage and take away their gold plated pension plan. After four years working a ordinary citizen would get a pension of 25 dollars…….after four years a politician gets over 100,000 a year. Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture. I get emails from the Greens and the NDP and all they do is ask me for money………I think we tax payers are already paying enough money….for the most part each politician is costing us a half million a year……that could feed a lot of hungry families and children. I don’t know about the rest of you…but I have had enough of all of them.

  • Jana Poohachoff

    So sad, we are not the Canada that I was born into. Not that long ago we were treasured around the world for the beauty of the land and our people… now we have nothing to be proud of if Harper is the one that represents us.

  • Sharon McCullough

    To date the TPP is the biggest threat to any shred of democratic existence Canada has left. When police force, spying, jailing honest writers/protestors and secrecy are the order of the day – we can be certain it is not in the nation’s best interest. When our economy, environment, resources that we’ll need for generations to come ( there won’t be any if he’s not taken out), genocide, breaking treaties, dismantling our social structure, abuse of our seniors, veterans, disabled, homeless, children and systematic rape of our democratic laws with omnibus ‘budgets’ that aren’t budgets are allowed and threatening the sovereignty of the nation, treason charges should be laid. Why haven’t they been?
    Who’s to blame for not halting the coming TPP? Who do we demand action from to regain our national honor?
    We cannot afford for this abomination to pass and no, we cannot afford to keep a treasonous gov’t in place when three quarters of the people want him out. Three quarters in real life IS a majority. Twenty-eight % is not.
    It appears our laws are still so immature that the people must suffer the end of honor and the coming deaths of our children over removal of a hate-filled, deceitful bunch of greed-driven monsters
    I’m all for doing my part. And beyond. We just need to decide on what it is and go all out.
    There is zero doubt in my mind that Mr. Harper is a traitor and prison is the most acceptable place for him to end up, how do we get him there? Eh?

  • Corbin

    Even though this post is almost two years old, it’s the only shred of hope for Canadian leadership I have seen while researching the Canadian response to the TPP. Please keep it up!

    I wish I could vote for you from Calgary, AB, but instead I’ll have to vote strategically..

    Keep striving for proportional representation, keep striving to uphold a moral conscience as a national representative, and keep on offering up interesting and inspiring policy ideas.. We need that kind of honest, aspiring energy..


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