“Lock your office door and stay away from the windows…”

On Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 in Blogs

Wednesday October 22nd was set to be a typically busy day in the House. From my first meetings in Centre Block on Parliament Hill starting at 7 AM to heading to my Confederation Building office for staff meetings, reviewing our amendments to try to stop the legislation to dismantle harm reduction sites (like In-Site), improve legislation aimed at increasing hiring of veterans, and then on to meeting with the other MPs who fall into the category of representing small parties or independents. At 2 pm sharp I had been prepared to make a statement in the House honouring the Dalai Lama, whom I will be seeing on Friday in Vancouver, and calling for China to respect human rights in Tibet. By 4 pm I was to be testifying in the Senate committee studying my private members bill for a National Lyme Disease strategy. At 6:30 PM I was to be debating climate policy with the Parliamentary Secretary for the environment. The evening was a series of meetings including with former Parliamentarians at their annual meeting.

Well, that was what was supposed to happen.

Instead it has been a day of tragedies and shock. As I write this, I am still in lock-down. With seven of my staff in Confederation Building, our office door is locked and we are staying away from the windows. The security officers are still monitoring our hallways. We were told eight hours ago to lock the office door and stay away from the windows.

It doesn’t feel real and I wish it were not. Right now I feel we have more questions than answers.

What we do know is that a member of our Armed Forces has been killed at the War Memorial located a stone’s throw from Parliament Hill. We also know that the Sergeant at Arms, my friend Kevin Vickers, was responsible for shooting and killing the armed man inside Centre Block. There are reports of a second shooter, but that remains unconfirmed.

On Monday a soldier was killed in a small community in Quebec, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu south of Montreal. Martin Rouleau, the driver of the car, had deliberately taken aim at members of our armed forces who were off duty in a shopping centre parking lot. He was killed shortly afterward by police. Rouleau was known to the police because his parents became alarmed about his erratic behaviour and sudden conversion to radical beliefs. The description of his circumstances suggest mental health issues may have played a role. We know nothing right now about the assailant (or assailants) in Ottawa today.

So, while it is too early to jump to conclusions, I intend to hold fast to the following: we must ensure that this appalling act of violence is not used to justify a disproportionate response. We must not resort to hyperbolic rhetoric. We need to determine if these actions are coordinated to any larger group or are the actions of one or two deranged individuals. If it is the latter we must develop tools and a systematic approach to dissuade our youth from being attracted to violent extremist groups of any kind. We need to protect our rights and liberties in a democracy.

We do know that through history these kinds of events open the door to a loss of democracy. Naomi Klein details the elements of seizing the opportunity created by tragedy or tumult in Shock Doctrine. The title of her new and important book on climate, This Changes Everything, is correct – the threat of the climate crisis changes everything. The shootings on Parliament Hill do not change everything. It is up to all of us to ensure that, to the extent we encounter demands for change, we keep in the forefront of our minds that once we surrender any rights it is very difficult to restore them. Let’s demand answers, sensible policies and proportionate responses.

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  • Lauralee Proudfoot

    Unfortunately, I don’t think that the current cons much care about what we demand – but I agree that “answers, sensible policies and proportionate responses” are exactly what is needed.

  • keepyourcooland think

    You expressed my sentiments exactly.

  • Terrie

    Thank you, as always, Elizabeth, for speaking up with compassion and calm.

  • etchele

    You can always be counted on for a wise, non dramatic and caring response to whatever the issue is. Thanks again, Elizabeth…if only you were the PM!!

  • Renee

    Thank you for your reasoned and compassionate response to today’s events. So proud to have you as my MP.

  • two_doors_down

    Regardless of the reasons for this horrific attack, we need to return to our role as peacekeepers rather than raising the ire of the world through NATO war mongering. Canada was a much better nation under the likes of John Diefenbaker and Lester Pearson. Violence seem to incur more violence.

    • gragor11a

      John Diefenbaker. Another traitorous Conservative.

      • ladygaga2012

        John Diefenbaker a great Canadian Prime Minister.

        • PhilosopherScientist

          Anybody who REALLY knows what he is talking about would agree that Diefenbaker was a great PM. He once said (from memory, so not quite verbatim): “Many often think that I am giving them hell – in fact, I just describe things as they are”. 2014/10/23.

          • Meliora Cogito

            Anybody who REALLY knows his confirmation bias would think Diefenbaker was a great PM – it is conservative cognitive dissonance at its finest.
            Diefenbaker single handedly destroyed Canada’s burgeoning aerospace industry and leadership by buying Eisenhower’s sales pitch that fighter interceptors were not the future of air defence, surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) were. So what did the Dief do? He scrapped the Avro Arrow (a home-grown CANADIAN designed/developed fighter/interceptor which by all accounts was the 20 years ahead of its time) and instead bought American nuclear-tipped Bomarc SAMs and placed them on Canadian soil.
            Jump to the current Harper government and we find ourselves waving the flag over our Arctic archipelago and needing ice capable naval ships to patrol and assert our sovereignty in the north.
            What do the Conservatives do? They pay 288M$ just for (Norwegian) DESIGN blueprints for ice capable surface warships (the Harry DeWolf-class offshore patrol vessel) to patrol our Arctic waters. Ships which cost the Norwegians only 100M$ to design and build (1) themselves, the Danes built TWO for 105M$ (52.5M$ ea) using their slightly modified Norwegian blueprints and the Irish (who don’t even have a sovereignty claim in the Arctic) paid 125M$ for two similar ships of their own.
            What do we get? 288M$ in design fees for ships that haven’t even had the keels laid.
            Yep. You can always count on Conservatives to make excuses for their largess when doling out public purse funds to their corporate allies.

          • PhilosopherScientist

            I will agree that Diefenbaker had NO VISION, but he certainly had some principles that he stood by. What we need today more than anything else is principled leadership, not crass opportunism. 10/25.

        • gragor11a

          Only a CON would say that.

          • ladygaga2012

            No, a ‘smart person’ that is not befuddled with the usual ‘leftist’ opportunism says that.

      • MSGH

        Traitorous to whom? The US?

        • gragor11a

          No, not traitorous to the US. Traitorous to Canada as was so eloquently outlined above by Meliora Cogito

      • ladygaga2012

        treacherous to who, to the types of your kind? And Stephen Harper is on his way to become another ‘super’ excellent Prime Minister.

        • gragor11a

          Your comment made no sense to me at first. It was a verb tense thing. my bad.

          You are correct. Anti NATO / EU / NZ /AUS / World Bank / Military Industrial Complex folks for sure find this governments actions treacherous but these same people aren’t anti democratic. The afore mentioned group ^^^ are the anti-democratic ones and the treachery I mentioned is perpetrated in their stead.

          Perhaps this actions are the situations that harpo needs to exploit to give in his drive to steal this third (?) fourth (?) election the boost it needs to carry him over the top.

          Conspiratorial theorists might say that not only wasn’t it an ISIS inspired attack but that it has many similarities to a false flag situation (which I don’t believe it is.)

    • Rip Vanden Broecke

      Dief was a member of the real Progressive Conservatives, that’s the party that Mullphoney destroyed before jumping ship and letting the first and only female PM take the fall for him (a calculated move on Brian’s part to keep women out of the PMO to be sure). Not the same as the Reform Conservatives dictatorial regime that is now trying to sell the country to China and Big Oil while letting Canadians beg for minimum wage jobs because “we lack the required skills” (read: you want too high wages so we’ll hire TFW’s)!

    • Cris Paunescu

      Ever heard of WWI, WWII, Korea, Iraq? How about the great UN peacekeeping mission in Darfur? Learn something.

  • Sharon

    Thank you, Elizabeth – absolutely could not agree more. I heard this man speaking on CBC today – http://www.cbc.ca/news/oct-22-ottawa-shooting-outside-witness-hamilton-mp-wayne-marston-parliamentary-secretary-jeremy-scahill-on-shooting-part-1-1.2809714 Jeremy Scahill. Obviously the shooter was mentally ill. I do feel terrible for the family of the young honour guard, however….let us realize today was one nutcase, whom others interested in stirring up stuff will call a jihadist, or a radicalized whatever. But I will go on record as saying I deplore Stephen Harper’s “response” (sabre-rattling – “we will not be….blah blah”…). Love your calm approach. Thank you ;-)

  • Jadzia

    Surprising that the sudden appearance of “Terrorism” in Canada comes in the wake of the vote against Harper’s plan for an all out attack against terrorism. Doesn’t really appear it is a coincidence, does it?

    • gragor11a

      Not sure where you are coming from as sarcasm doesn’t work so well in text mode BUT the terrorist around here are the NATO and Commonwealth countries that insist on destabilizing governments and bombing countries around the world. We have 10 CF-18s and 100 support troops in Lithuania right now enforcing NATO / EU aggression against ethnic Russians in Ukraine. we have 6 CF-18s and other support aircraft in transit to Kuwait right now w/ 600 support personnel in tow to attack a ‘well organized group of terrorists’ that we helped fund.

      Interesting coincidence that when the second bombing mission against ISIL was confirmed and the aircraft were lifting off for Kuwait that the attacks began. Did anybody really believe that we were going to forever be able to get away with bombing countries back to the stone age and then actually be allowed to run back home again to our safe little first world nirvana?

      • chris

        Harsh but true.

      • Stellabea

        Exactly! I could not have put it better.

      • Santa999

        You read my mind brother but, how come Harpo is still PM after all this crap he has done to our beautiful country and some other parts of the world ?

        • ladygaga2012

          Prime Minister Stephan Harper is Canada’s best PM. Canada today is way better and stronger than it ever was in the 80s, all this crap against our PM is simply leftist hogwash.

          • Santa999

            Correction: Your PM, not our PM. And what’s so good about the guy who is selling Canada piece by piece to please his oil buddies ? You must be out of your mind lady…

          • ladygaga2012

            No, our PM. Our economy much stronger than ever before. North America is strong thanks to Free Trade, now Free Trade agreement signed EU, Asia, this is ‘victory’ for all free nations, and we won’t stop until we have Free trade agreement amongst all nations in world. Free Trade is the enemy, curse and death to all remaining tyrants and dictators. Free trade widens freedom and democracy to all the spheres. Of course ‘leftists’ don’t like it, never did and solely for this reason they always supported and support or are silent of tyrants, dictators abuses and human rights violations. ‘leftist’ and dying ‘nationalist’ sitting on the fence screaming, praying that the ‘butcher’ in the kremlin find ways to turn the ‘tide’.

          • Santa999

            You’re really in the dark woman. I feel sorry for you. Here is something that may open your mind. Whenever you have 2+ hrs of free time, go on line and watch “Thrive”. If this won’t open your mind to what’s really going on in the world…, nothing will.

          • ladygaga2012

            You are so ‘enlightened’ right? Another ‘doomsday’ site you suggesting. WOW….Q&A doesn’t work in your case, for sure.

          • ladygaga2012

            Nevertheless the train of progress towards global peace, freedom, democracy, justice, human rights is set in motion since the end of the terrible ‘cold war’ years and the crushing blow to the ‘evil soviet empire’.

            1989 marked the year where a ‘ glorious democratic revolution occurred in the otherwise devastating 20th century, were all Eastern European nations attained their freedom. Now in 2014 we are ‘celebrating’ the 25th anniversary of this hard won freedom. that is steam rolling through our globalized world with obstacles but overall in detriment to tyrants and tyrannies with their failed totalitarian ideologies. Some ‘hardnosed’ folks of the “good old days” still refuse to believe in this reality. They ‘steadfastly engage or play down with their futile attempt to justify their ‘beloved tyrant’ invasions , occupations, annexations, human rights violations, rape , murder in as far places as Africa, Asia (Georgia, Eastern Ukraine, Crimea , Middle East) committed by same tyrannical regimes to safeguard and protect their ‘ideological brethren’ with the same old redundant rhetoric’s and demagogies.. As in reference to the movie “thrive” , most likely another one of many ‘hollow doomsday documentaries’, nevertheless will be open to a session of Q&A period afterward? LOL

          • gragor11a

            And there you go. It’s not every day you see the names of the 3 worst Canadian traitors all in one thread. Diefenbaker, Mulroney and Harpo. One and all, Wan’na Be Americans, willing to sell us out at their first convenience. Ughh.

          • ladygaga2012

            Here you go again: the needle seems to be still stuck in the ‘cold war’ era with the old adage of ‘idiotic’ ideological anti-American east/west debates. Yes; “Ugh” to such a bloody travesty.

      • jsomerlea

        Much of this is Harper’s legacy…Canadian Made

        • MSGH

          I totally agree. When we were the world’s peacekeepers, no one wanted to attack us. Since Harper made us an American colony, lots of people would like to.

          • ladygaga2012

            Canada is not an American ‘colony’, never was , all leftist ‘hogwash’ must be eradicated for these distorted views. Canada and all free and democratic nation are in solidarity with America’s battle against terrorism and their backers.

      • Ronald Lee

        ISIS cannot be stopped by six more fighter jets. even a thousand won’t stop them. Vietnam and many other local wars have shown that you cannot defeat terrorists from the air. You have to win the hearts of the local people to support anti-terrorist war on the ground supported from the air. Asad is certainly not loved by the local population nor is the ruling government of Iraq. Until these countries have popular strong democratic governments that will fight terrorism with the support of the local population in Iraq and Syria, air strikes alone will not eliminate ISIS. They will just take the fighting into the cities where air strikes cannot be used because of the innocent civilians. Harper is indeed a Babe in the Woods when it comes to this hawkish decision to involve Canada in an Obama’s air strikes. The US will probably have to out boots on the ground eventually to defeat ISIS in a back to Iraq Barack solution.

        • ladygaga2012

          Their are reliable boots on ground, there 40 million Kurdish people whooping it up , finally they are getting armed, they all have the backing of a 40 nation coalition led by US and NATO.

          • gragor11a

            Turkey loves it. ISIL kills all their problematic Kurds so they don’t have to.

      • MSGH

        Ethnic Russians? You mean the ones Russia planted in Ukraine & are now trying the country from Ukrainians?

        Other than this, I’m totally in agreement with you.

        • gragor11a

          Surely you joke. We both know that the people living in the east are Ethnic Russians. I don’t need any of your crap just because it seems to me you support firing artillery and GRAD rounds as well as missiles into civilian areas as a way of pacifying the locals of the east..

          • MSGH

            You are right; most of the people living in the east are ethnic Russians. Stalin deliberately settled many of them there to “Sovietize” Ukraine. ” In 1933 Stalin declared that local nationalism was the main threat to Soviet unity.” After WWII, “A large portion of the wave of new migrants to industrialize, integrate
            and Sovietize the recently acquired western Ukrainian territories were
            ethnic Russians who mostly settled around industrial centers and
            military garrisons.[14] This increased the proportion of the Russian speaking population.” “In 1954, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR issued the decree on the transfer of the Crimean Oblast
            from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR. This action increased the
            ethnic Russian population of Ukraine by almost a million people.” See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russians_in_Ukraine

            This is essentially the same system of “planting” that the British used in (especially Northern) Ireland to dispossess the Irish Catholics and replace them with English, Scots, and Welsh settlers from the 17th century onwards.

          • ladygaga2012

            Well spoken in the wake of distortion to an above troll , who wants so dearly make us close our eyes in the wake of ‘Russian atrocities’ in the East Ukraine and the illegal occupation by pro-russian proxies.

          • gragor11a

            If you want to argue the benefits of bombing civilian non combatants I suggest taking it to a more appropriate page.

          • ladygaga2012

            And what is that appropriate page? Where do you get your obscene info? Any sources? Women and children are being raped and murdered and beheaded and you suggest to look the other way, just to protect your ‘tyrants’.

          • gragor11a

            What are the Azov boys beheading people now?

          • ladygaga2012

            “Ethnic Russians” this must be a bad joke, bunch of crony’s on Putin’s payroll took up arms against the Ukraine and its people just to ‘roll back’ the revolution and needed democratic reforms by holding its population as hostages and committing horrendous crimes, Here we have some pro russian kremlin trolls defending these cutthroats to justify the ‘red army’s’ invasion. Pathetic

      • ladygaga2012

        All your ‘info’ does it come from yours truly butcher # 1 at the Kremlin, you seem to enjoy copying word by word ‘crap’ from the worlds worst tyrant. ‘The shoe sits very tight, right?

      • ladygaga2012

        “leftist” radicals need to pay for all their crimes in the 20th century against humanity for having supported dictatorships, tyrants and for having aided and abetted any of the kremlins genocidal activities.

    • Joe

      “sudden appearance of “Terrorism” in Canada”- FLQ, Millenium Bomber, Toronto 18 are 3 of many examples. It’s not so “sudden” as you are implying.

      • Lee

        Don’t forget the Fenians ;)

  • Lee Trentadue

    I so agree, Elizabeth and given this was written under these conditions is even more impressive.

  • Jeanette

    Sad for sure and I agree with most of your article, however for the soldiers family and Mr Vickers , everything is different! And will always be different, what a horrible day.

  • Melanie

    Thank you Elizabeth…. your views such as these is why I continue to hope you will someday be our PM.

  • Dean

    10!!!! great closing statements, thank you

  • Doug Jamieson

    I echo the other comments and have the utmost respect for the compassion and reason in your response to such a tragic day.

  • Heather Cameron

    You are right Elizabeth (as usual). Thank you for your voice of reason on a day of speculation and lack of information.

  • http://www.transitionnelson.org andrepiver

    What is the fertile soil ?, what are the conditions that attract young
    men to youtube renditions of be-headings? Being brought up with violence
    and abuse by a similarly powerless-feeling father, and then treated as
    the other, the “camel-driver”, worthless other. Especially in a culture
    that demands that men always be strong a.k.a. MANLY .Complete
    powerlessness protesting too much and preferring a glorious suicidal
    death. Can we change our man-culture? What about native sex-trade
    workers continuiing their activities knowing they are infected with
    HIV….is it really any different? Can we reach out to immigrant
    families ? Not
    with targeted counter-brainwashing but getting back to addressing peoples’ needs in the underclass.

  • p ruthven

    Yours and Mulcair’s comments were sincere and meaningful. For some reason Justin didn’t get broadcast but his letter on facebook page was similar. PM .. sorry to say not impressed. Words there, but body language did not fit scripted message. Know it is not really a time to be critical but ..

    • chris

      He was also smiling when he mentioned his family.

    • linda

      Yes it is time to be critical, had we stood our ground as Canadian values against Harper, a little boy would have his father home to-night .why wait anymore he has destroyed our name and values around the world while he reads his script words that mean nothing .We lost our Democracy to him and no one else Muslums left us alone till now but he is going home to his Son to-night.

      • John

        Potentially, but the fact that it has not happened sooner is surprising to me. It is easy to say that we don’t go and fight ISIL and everything will be hunky dory in Nirvana over here, but that is also a nieve assumption. There are terrorists in our country. Think they will just sit back and do nothing as long as we don’t send troops? Doubtful. At some point they will try to complete the mission they are committed to do regardless of our actions. So we can sit back and let tyrants and extremists behead, rape and terrorize innocent men, women and children or we can try and help. If the same thing was happening here, peacekeepers would not cut it and peacekeeping ISIS is laughable. We are extremely lucky to live on Canada, many others are born in really awful countries and face death or worse everyday.

        • jsomerlea

          I agree I am surprised it has not happened sooner…Harper has brought a plague to this “ONCE” great respected country…may he rot in hell

        • MSGH

          Yes, there are terrorists here; Harper made sure there would be by making us a military arm of the US.

      • Santa999

        You just read my mind Linda. It is time to send this clown (Harpo) back to where he belongs, and that is: the tialing pond of one of his beloved tar sands mines so he can smell the shit he’s created.

      • jsomerlea

        Harper was quick to exit the scene…reminds me of Bush…..Great Leaders…Will Harper be convicted as a War Criminal …as Bush was in Bosnia

        • terrific_susan

          clinton was president during bosnia dufess

      • Linda Nilson-Rogers

        These people are not Muslims… they are fanatics and murderers and should be remembered as such….

  • Vickie

    We can only hope that your calm response is widely embraced!

  • http://jacksononthemoon.com sharonjackson

    Thank you for this. I was thinking of the days of the War Measures Act and am afraid of a repeat.

  • Louise n’ha Ruby

    I too appreciate your calm and wisdom. Prayers and condolences to the family of the victim. Our prayers must also go to the family of the perpetrator. No doubt they are suffering as well. I live in BC where the cutbacks to health care have left those with mental disorders/illness very little hope of healing. “Deranged” is such a strongly negative word. If someone with a mental illness, in a manic or psychotic state is able to find him/her self in a psych ward instead of gaol they are only “kept” there until they calm down. There isn’t enough staff to actually help them. Part of our tools start with education but again cutbacks to funding leave very little opportunity to reach and guide those who need the most help.

  • avander

    Greatest PM we’ll never have. Thank you Elizabeth. Are we really going to be surprised when the attacks come to our soil, when we’ve been bombing the citizens in the middle east senseless for years, just to add a few coffers to the oil and arms family pockets. Time for a new PM in Canada, and a new list of values for the citizens of this planet.

  • mike

    The best proportionate response would be to vote out the idiot who took us into a war with out the consent of two thirds (liberal/ndp) of the voting public. This isn’t a majority government it’s a plurality…that means it was voted in by less than 50% of the people. With a mere shrug to parliament Harper takes us into a war. Trudeau (Pierre) kept us out of Vietnam. Chretien kept us out of Iraq. And now the sweater who walks like a man gets us into Syria and a few weeks later our parliament is under deadly assault. Yeah…it’s a war! They shoot back!

    America kicked over the hornets nest when they invaded Iraq. Let them clean up the mess they’ve made. Let us offer the desperate victims the greatest humanitarian aid possible. Something Canada used to be known for.

    • Santa999

      “The best proportionate response would be to vote out the idiot who took us into a war with out the consent of two thirds (liberal/ndp) of the voting public”
      Well….., you read my mind Mike.

      • Cris Paunescu

        It took him a whole 1/2 second…

        • MSGH

          Sure it did, the solution was too simple and obvious to need more than that.

          • Cris Paunescu

            An entire half second for his mind… you think it took too long?

    • Cris Paunescu

      The problem we face is that absolute imbeciles like you are allowed to post stuff like the above.

      Where were you when Chretien – all by himself – gave the order that sent our troops in Afghanistan? (making our army the world’s laughingstock in the process – remember the uniforms and the rented Russian transport planes?) Was there a vote at the time? Did he have a majority or a plurality? If you weren’t such idiot you’d know.

      You’d also know that our troops are not going in SYRIA, they are going in IRAQ, as part of a coalition of SIXTY countries, at the request of the Iraqi GOVERNMEMT.

      Send “humanitarian aid”? To whom, ISIS? That British recently beheaded was a HUMANITARIAN worker. Humanitarian aid and peace-keeping work when the war is over – remember Darfur? But I doubt you understand even such a simple concept.

      • jsomerlea

        Mr. Paunescu
        Were you ever in the Army Navy or Airforce of this country? Did you carry a body bag of some young Canadian Boy or Girl hardly old enough to vote…Or do you have a job in the Arms industry…President .Eisenhower once said beware of the merchants of war…probably better referred to as the “GREED MERCHANTS”

        • Cris Paunescu

          I was in the army – back home, when I was of appropriate age – mandatory service, UNLIKE CANADA! Body bags, yes, I had the “opportunity” to dig out several bodies when I was a teen. You may have heard of a 1977 earthquaqe that killed thousands. If you want horror stories, I can tell you, I still have nightmares some times. Oh, and unlike you, I use my real name and picture.

      • MSGH

        So, you think the solution to all these problems is to take the right of free speech away from Canadians? I admit, that would help Harper in his ongoing attempt to make Canada a US colony.

        “At the request of the Iraqi government.”? Don’t you mean “At the request of the US puppet Iraqi government”?

        BTW: Chretien had no right unilaterally to make us an auxiliary arm of the US military in Afghanistan, either, though, at least, he had a UN resolution to support him. That doesn’t mean Harper should copy him & without a UN Resolution.

        • Cris Paunescu

          And where exactly did we get a “resolution” when he sent troops to Bosnia?
          I guess all those murdered Kurds – men, women and children are also US puppets, right?
          Just so you know, both Chretien and Harper DID HAVE the right to unilaterally send troops, study the issue first.
          You “leftist Harper haters” are so easy… Why don’t you read some recent history before you show the world how little you know?

      • TrollStomperBoots

        Where were you when your cretinous hero King Steven pronounced to the world that he was ashamed that Chretien didn’t join the “Coalition of The Coerced” in supporting War Criminals Cheney and Duhbyuh in their illegal invasion of Iraq?

        Typical hypocritical conserva-dooooooooooooooooosh

        Harper should NOT have escalated Canada’s role, not only for the reasons Mike stated, but because if the Muslim nations in the area won’t OPENLY fight back against ISIS and their ilk, WHY the hell should we?!?

        But then again: “I doubt you understand even such a simple concept.”

        • Cris Paunescu

          See? You dummies are everywhere.
          First, if you knew anything about me, you’d know that I have condemned Cretin’s shameful, cowardly decision since he made it, and I still do. So I was on Harper’s side, ashamed of a despicable political decision that flew in the face of our allies as well as humanity.

          You know (my guess is you don’t) that, according to UN, those Saddam’s “missing WMD” were fojnd by ISIS, right?

          And you obviously don’t know that there ARE Muslim nations fighting against ISIS. The only reason the job cannot be done properly is that Russia and China have interests in Syria – I guess you don’t get that either. And it’s really simple…

    • TrollStomperBoots

      You basically summed up a letter to the editor I submitted to a few newspapers, and posted above.
      The fact that you raised the overblown ire of a hawkish Con like Paunescu proves how right you are.

  • Jefferson_Davis

    I’m very glad that you are ok :)

    • gragor11a

      Me too. All of you.

  • Rondo Normal

    The voice of reason is to be respected. Thank-you

  • citizenfirst

    Harper is an amateur and his militaristic behaviour risky, by publicly going to war with ISIS. He has placed Canadians at risk,He did not secure Parliament even tough there was a noted threat last week.He is a Hawk wannabe.And it’s sounding eerily like the US in 2001.

  • DustSpeck

    Thank you for this reasoned response.

  • Evolution

    Well said Elizabeth. Don’t let this turn into another excuse like George W did in order to invade Iraq. There aren’t any WMDs. Let’s not exagerate the threats or dangers based on a couple of lost souls (criminals). I’m just afraid that Mr Harper might use this to satisfy his thirst for war. He has this funny attraction to military oriented things, for a lack of better words.

    • Santa999

      Evolution said: “I’m just afraid that Mr Harper might use this to satisfy his thirst for war. He has this funny attraction to military oriented things, for a lack of better words.”
      You read Mr. Harpo so perfectly. Just look what happened to “our” (?) Canadian currency since this power hungry maniac stealthedly took the office in Ottawa.
      The beautiful “Jade Canoe” ($20 CDN), the symbole of harmony and peace among all races was replaced with an ugly monument of the war that ended so many lives for no other reason than filling the pockets/accounts of a few.
      History tends to repeat itself. Isn’t it interesting ?

    • jsomerlea


    • Cris Paunescu

      Funny enough, if you ask the UN, those “non-existent” WMD were found by the Islamic State… Who woulda thunk it???

  • paulhillprescott

    I have so much respect for you and your work. Thank you.

    • Ivan

      We are a healthy loving Nation peopled from around our Planet, but occasionally a cancer cell will erupt. Today we grew stronger in our humanity like one caring family. Today, Elizabeth you have shown us another side of the wonderful human being you are. Your maternal instincts are showing. We love you Mum.

  • Claudia

    I agree with you, but I have a question. How did this man, with a criminal record, get a gun? Surely we must have rules and regulations in regards to buying guns???

  • gragor11a

    How long did they think we could get away with Bombing ‘Brown People’ before they were going to react. Harpo declared war on ISIL. Well guess what? They brought it back to him. I don’t want to hear anybody expressing surprise at the outcome. It was long over due.

  • Heather

    Thank you for your calm and intelligent response to today’s tragedy. As always you make your constituents proud. What a wonderful Prime Minister you would be!

  • Liz

    Again thank you for the clarity in which you represent situations. Once again proud to have you as our MLA !

  • nsider

    Thank you so much for these words.

  • Liz

    Well said Ms. May. I hope you are holding up ok. I can’t believe how thoughtful and level- headed you are in a crisis situation. I do hope you get to go home and rest very soon.

  • Chris

    Brilliant response. I listened to the PM speech, then I watched it with sound off. I watched that man smile. While he’s addressing the nation about this tragedy, the man smiles.

  • Bennys Jet

    I ache for the day Elizabeth May rules the world … *sigh*

    • Stay On The Truth

      In a true democracy, such as the world has never seen throughout the ages, ‘We the People’ would rule the world, based on all of our spiritual laws, mainly The Law Love and The Law of Forgiveness.

  • Norm Harder

    Harper has got to go…warplanes to fight ISIS (well, not really, but pretend) is about the poorest option for Canada. Provide humanitarian aid, preferably through UN auspices, and let us build an international ‘positive’ reputation like we had as UN Peacekeepers. Ms. May’s response to the attacks by radicalized religious fanatics is spot on!! Let’s not make the same mistakes Trudeau did with the War Measures Act many years ago.

    • Stay On The Truth

      ‘We the People of the Earth’ are responsible for solving every world problem. What would happen if every citizen of this planet had their needs met by every one of us who is able, dedicating her/his life to manifesting “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”?

  • moose

    Thank you Elizabeth, as always your words are elegant even in the darkest, saddest moments. I appreciate your integrity.

  • esme

    Well said!

  • Sheila Rea

    Thank you for a most thoughtful and non-sensationalist response to todays events. I know the Green Party of Canada is being led by a very capable person and I for one truly feel confident that Elizabeth and team are among some of the brightest minds in parliament looking out for all of our best interests.

  • AYA

    Excellent. Will share your comments.

  • Trinity

    I pray you and your friends stay safe tonight and get to go home soon. I am so sorry your friend had to kill another human being today to protect everyone that that young man intended to kill. This is all so, so heart-breaking. Thank you for your words of wisdom under such duress. Hugs, ((you))

  • Harper’s Nuthatch

    The voice of sense and sensibility. I am so proud of all of our opposition leaders today, for providing reasoned responses to the events.

  • Joni McMillan

    Calmly and clearly stated as usual.

  • queensplate

    For this scribbler,this statement, under the circumstances that it was made during,indicates a maximum positive reflection on the entire situation itself and also the necessary objectives going forward.Thank you for your clarity !

  • Ally

    So glad you are safe<3

  • Chaitanya Kalevar

    I shared it Elizabeth! After all you are in lock down but I dread the day when we might be!
    What is Harper bringing to Canada next?
    KOCh BROTHERS – buying elections like they are down south with no limits on election funding – not too different in my Toronto mayoral race with 2 millionaires – Doug Ford & John Tory.

    My attempts to raise green issues amongst the shades of grey that they all represent, with an occasional green spurt from Olivia Chow on her bike!

    None of them, including the media pundits here have yet learnt to spell “Progressive Gas Tax” – a necessary step to reduce dependence on freedom to abuse our environment with larger & larger cars when smaller ones will do!

    If we accept “Polluters must pay”, then why not NATO bullying must pay too?
    It is crazy, that Harper has opened up such logic in some minds! What has happened to Canada the peacekeeper? Good old days already seem so distant.

    • Cris Paunescu

      Seek help – as soon as possible!

  • frothquaffer

    once again you’re the voice of reason and rational thought on Parliament Hill. Clearly PM Harper and Foreign Minister Baird have already jumped the gun with overblown rhetoric and emotional charged public statements/tweets. Leadership? Not them. It is also clear, from their statements that they are planning on doing exactly what you mention vis a vis diminishing our freedoms by ramping up fear, intolerance and war-mongering.

    i remember when the War Measures Act was invoked and the police, across the country, used it as carte blanche for a wide range of illegal searches not in any way related to the “October Crisis”.

    Please keep fighting the good fight.

  • Santa999

    Dear Elisabeth,
    It is so comforting and calming to read your words of common sense and wisdom. It is so unfortunate that those who are in power at the moment, are so immune to this thing called “common sence”. If I may express my own feelings on what happened today on Parliament Hill, I would racall an old saying that I was hearing since I was a child: “If you chose to fight with the sword, you’ll die from the sword”. The symbolic meaning of this old piece of wisdom is very simple: If so caled, “our”, Canadian leaders chose to respond to the act of violence with violent (read military) actions, they will have to face the same kind of response sooner or later. There is no escape from the law of Karama. As I understand it, this tragic events that took place today are the direct consequence of “our”, Canadian and USA foreing Middle East policies. I can’t wait for the day when this Con/Patternal government crumbles into pieces and will never, ever be resurected again.
    In the mean time, I keep votiong GREEN until we have, at the very least, strong and meaningfull GREEN opposition in the parliament.
    (Is the “GREEN GOVERNMENT” too much to wish for ???)
    I hope not.
    Slawomir, aka “Santa”, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

  • Ahte

    Thank you Elizabeth, for being the only rational voice in politics today. That you were the only rational voice, however, is a depressing commentary on the state of our nation’s public discourse.

  • Barefoottothe Pole

    Strive for peace.

  • Janet Hays

    Thank you for your leadership at a time when leaders are desperately few.

    I hate to be cynical, but my immediate reaction was… “Is the Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act up for renewal again?”

    It’s interesting how these sorts of national emergencies always seem to occur when a country wants to renew antiterrorism legislation or – in this case – introduce antiterrorism legislation.

    As reported in the NYT October 22, 2014:
    Pull quotes –

    “Mr. Harper’s government has indicated that it is about to introduce new antiterrorism legislation, a move that troubles some civil liberties lawyers.”

    “Mr. Blaney said last week that he was about to introduce legislation explicitly allowing Canadian intelligence agencies to circumvent laws that prevent them from spying on Canadians by allowing foreign agencies, including those of the United States, to do it for them. The bill would also let those agencies keep the identities of their sources secret, Mr. Blaney said. Many lawyers, however, argue that they need to cross-examine such witnesses in court.”

    My question is, Will parliamentarians succumb to terror and sell off Canadian’s civil liberties?

  • Leeca

    Excellent comments. Bravo.

  • David Smith

    Thanks for the update Ms. May; will the Green Party be running candidates in our federal riding of Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough? I am so glad that you are safe !!!

  • getreal

    Well if PMSH and his Cons were looking for leverage to motivate Canadian support for his policy for dealing with ISIS he now has it – but you have to ask “Is the tail wagging the dog?” We need cool heads here. Thanks for yours.

  • Bukki Kaatz

    We already have all of the necessary elements to deal with this kind of event, but where were they yesterday at all of the entrances to Parliament Hill? Some say they were on coffee break. We don’t need a dramatic change in access for the public to Parliament Hill, we simply need the R.C.M.P. to do their jobs and be where they are supposed to be at all times protecting the entrances to Parliament Hill, and coffee breaks or otherwise must be covered by replacements so that there are no gaps in security like happened yesterday.

    Also, the guards at the Memorial need to have live ammo in their guns – that only makes sense. And, each entrance to buildings in the parliamentary precinct needs to have an armed guard. This tragedy was all so easy to prevent. What were they thinking!?

    Finally, don’t revoke passports from idiots who want to leave this country and join ISIL. Let them leave, then revoke their passport so they can’t come back here, and hopefully they will get killed over there.

    And secondly, let’s not be so afraid of talking about the common denominator in all of the troubles in the world in recent years – it’s religion, and one in particular.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/wisehealing wisehealing@aol.com

    If ever there was a personification of equal parts of the voice of reason, steadfast dedication to service, and fearlessness to tell it like it is in all situations, it would be Elizabeth. i feel so much better knowing you are there in your office on Parliament Hill, which i truly envision as an island of clear reality in the haze of escalating distortion. THANK YOU !

  • christopher

    I will not be intimated by nobody. Not by media, police or government. I just filed a
    complaint on twitter against Starbucks café because their is always for the past month something in my coffee which cause me not to drink it all. Starbucks block the washrooms with chairs. I had to go to the washroom so I moved the chairs. This was deliberate act by Halton Police and Starbucks café. female staff gives me a dirty look give the black female staff a hard time. I think the supervisor female a Starbucks should be fired. Everytime I go to the washroom people give me a dirty look. They look at me if the world is going to end.

    • Santa999

      Are you sure you’re on the right page man ???
      Perhaps you have smoked too much of that “go happy stuff” last night.
      In case you didn’t notice, your comment is a million miles away from the topic at hand. Read this page once again tomorrow when your brain is working properly.

  • Torsion

    Glad to hear a rational voice.

  • Daveland3d

    This has the markings of a CIA Black Op False Flag mission. The USA is doing this all over the world. Fearmongering in order to manufacture consent of the Citizens in justifying the use of Military force by the Police. As soon as you start allowing the police to act as a military force you are kissing your freedom goodbye! Goodbye Democracy, Hello Oligarchy!

  • http://www.daniellevallee.com/ Danielle Vallee

    I share your concern, Elizabeth. Our dictator-in-waiting will seize any opportunity to hurt our system to his advantage. Let’s just hope that people who still have common sense prevail…

  • Philip Bliss

    Good advice

  • Cris Paunescu

    You know, Ms. May, your “statement on the shooting” was just great – did not expect it from you but I retweeted your link, and I applauded it as a mark of statesmanship (or “stateswomanship” if better)
    This one though… right back to your ways, aren’t you…

    To confuse “mental health” with religious indoctrination is an insult to all those with real mental problems – I did not expect it from you.

    The shooter yesterday was not one of Trudeau’s “excluded” – did you find out who his mother is? Check it out.

    And last, but most important, to bring Naomi Klein into this is absolutely despicable. Think about it.

    • Liz Lover

      Why don’t you take your deranged rants back to the PMO where they train imbeciles like you. This is a forum for people too thoughtful to fall for the despotic, dictatorial garbage trotted out by the country’s main maniac, harper. You don’t belong here and are making people sick with your idiocy.

  • Heather gulyas

    I’d like media to stop using the words “terror in Ottawa” “terror in the nations capital” this is exactly what extremists hope to achieve. We need to be measured and strong without sensationalizing and creating fear reaction. Our thoughts are with the family of this fallen soldier.

  • Anne

    I agree with etchele – You bring intelligence and compassion to everything you do. Thank you!

  • mayamar

    Canadians would best be served if our Canadian news programs were turned
    off at any mention of this experience on Parliament Hill. We must NOT become
    like CNN junkies who, ad nauseam, are forced to feed on assumptions of many so-called experts who weren’t involved. And most importantly, we must not allow
    the right to carry guns as civilians in our peacekeeping country. Citizenfirst is
    correct: Harper is a hawk, a danger to our great country. It is time we citizens
    demanded his resignation!

  • Berenice McDayter

    Thanks for this sane, balanced and compassionate response!

  • terrific_susan

    nice thing about these posts is all the true morons are posting their ignorance here.Harper has been the greatest pm in recent memory,if may was pm we would be broke.

    • RobinGal

      Mirror, mirror on the wall?

      • terrific_susan

        obviously you are not smart at all

  • Gail MacKean

    Thank you Elizabeth. I think you are a wise woman.

  • Ron in Waterloo

    Thanks for the very thoughful and calm response in your e-mail. You might be interested that it was just quoted on the German radio station “MDR Info” as a positive example of a typical Canadian response to difficult situations!

  • Ken Landry

    The wise lady of Canada…ELIZABETH MAY, thanks for sharing your thaughts and feelings. Canada is in complete evolution, am so happy that you are there to look out for the best interest of all Canadians. Merci beaucoup, ”…ta gloire est glorieux car ton bras sait porter la croix…!”

  • Anne Brohan

    As usual you show a reasoned attitude a midst so many who are panicking and rushing off in all directions. Is it surprising in a period when there are so many young men who are poorly educated (they may even have a degreee but have never really been engaged in their studies) they do not participate in their communities where they face a future where jobs may never materialize for them, that some will find a cause to follow a war to join. While it is not a fast solution the real answer is to find ways of ensuring full employment especially among our youth. Good jobs not part time temporary make work projects. If we reduce some of the over the top military spending (even hiring regular enlisted soldiers rather than mercenaries) and homeland security spending, we could hire more nurses, doctors, psychologists to work with the mentally ill, gardeners for our parks, workers for infrastructure repair and meet many other national, provincial, and local needs.Young men have been doing this since man began. The crusades, Spain to mention just two.
    If we attack others we must expect to be attacked. More bombing is not the answer.
    We must return to our peacekeeping role in the world.

    • AlbertaHomelessplan

      if we kill in our wars to solve problems, we teach our children killing is the way to solve problems – that is the mental illness in our society today – failure to know how to solve a problem

  • grakat

    Precautionary code?

  • http://www.realmedicineclinic.com/ Ati Petrov

    If it is true that once again a mentally ill person has killed (like in shootings in the USA), we may want to take a closer look at the way psychiatric drugs are used today. There is a lot on the internet about the problem with chemical drugs. Here is one page I found: http://www.cchrint.org/psychiatricdrugs-violence/

    • AlbertaHomelessplan

      our dysfunctional medical system believes it’s healthy to ignore causes that creates a problem. Instead it profits off pills while ignoring causes. While we ignore causes that creates we ignore problems. Ignored problems tend to grow. We’ve created a drug industry that is now to big to fail yet it’s failing and collapsing our economies. Our medical world doesn’t understand causes that creates – all mental health problems are labelled by professionals “we will never know the causes”. We know perfectly well each and every cause but we aren’t willing to face it, deal with it yet so we call it “the great unknown”.

  • John

    Dear Elizabeth
    Thank you for your intelligence and will to serve, we as Canadians are so lucky to have people such as you.
    My comment:Does the true balance in a democracy always have to be opposition, can’t sometime it just be reason and agreement and respect for our leaders.
    This terrible incident yesterday defies reason
    The foundation of terrorism is, as I see it, hatred. The concept of such hatred is foreign to most of us growing up and having the good fortune to live in a country such as Canada we are more apt to see the beauty in things. That is why it is so difficult to understand these horrible acts.

  • 1HughJorgen

    Thanks Elizabeth for being a voice of reason and for helping all of us to recognize how these kinds of events can be used to manipulate others and serve as a pretext to hidden legislation that strives to interfere in the lives or ordinary Canadians (the over whelming majority) and strip of us our right to be private and, in the words of Judge Andrew Napolitano, to be “left alone”.

  • AB

    Thank you Elizabeth for your usual well-reasoned response. I hope our current government will not use this incident to further its own agenda, unfortunately I have little confidence that will be the case

  • AlbertaHomelessplan

    We never look at ourselves as the causes, always blaming others for the hardships we experience. We blame the killer yet I’m sure the killer was blaming government – both shared what looks like the same behavior. Government creates the just society we want to live in yet is it producing the outcome we desire? Do we blame government for not accomplishing the desired goal? We want government to be more responsible and accountable yet we individually, as a society seem to lack responsibility and accountability. We the people, those of us standing on guard for thee vote, support, are drawn to the politician that best represents us, we are creating the governments that is not creating the just society we demand-do we want a just society? Canada use to stand for peace now we seem to spend millions on war, killing not solving problems. If this is the behavior of our government, why are we surprised when members of society solve problems exactly the same way our government our society as a hole decides how problems are solved -with violence? We’ve grown into a country that doesn’t care for each other, we are 10000% focused on our own personal financial wealth. We don’t care who we hurt to gain our wealth, in the end we are hurting only ourselves. We’ll torture our natives, torture mothers and children increasing poverty which increases crime and mental health problems all so the lucky few gain wealth. We are all playing the same game, we accept this game to have losers yet when we loose at the game we call it a crime. The criminal is not the winner, the criminal is not the loose, the criminal is the game we all agree to play. We live in MAN MADE dysfunctional systems designed to make us all dysfunctional. Our dysfunctional economic system allows some to win and accepts others to loose – then we wonder why poverty exists. Our dysfunctional justice system allows for a winner and accepts others will loose not receiving justice. Our dysfunctional medical system labels unhealthy behavior is healthy, while healthy behavior is unhealthy. I’m against violence yet my beliefs are medically labelled “delusional”. I see the world right and wrong and for that I’m labelled “personality disordered”. I gained an education in computer programming where I learn t how to think logically, 0′s and 1′s with no shades of grey so I am now “personality disordered”. I see cause and affect so I’m medically “paranoid”. While taking computer programming I observed this demanding career in “security”. there is no such thing as security, as soon as you design what you think is security someone is there, waiting to figure out a way to break it. similar to our laws, we create our laws but then work hard to figure out how to bend it, twist it, break it for our own financial benefits. We need a new game. If you don’t like our violent societies we need to design man made systems that don’t create violence. Our killers, the smallness of society will mirror our leaders, what we as a society agree to look like. If our leaders have no problems killing others to solve a problem you teach our children killing is the way to solve problems. I am delusional, I see what the majority can’t see. I see possibilities, I’m an unlimited thinker while the majority sees impossibilities while being limited thinkers. If we don’t like killers then don’t be a killer. If one profits, works inside these dysfunctional systems – question – are you dysfunctionally successful? Change is not something “the other guy” has to do. Change is something we all have to do. Change is something our leaders need to do. Change is something society as a hole needs to do. Change is something the wealthy need to do. change is something the poor need to do. Change is something parents need to do. change is something our kids need to do. What are you changing about yourself today? I changed, I no longer support these dysfunctional systems. I am constantly changing, every minute of every hour of everyday I am constantly open to being wrong and willing to change. Each day I’m more proud of myself for making the changes I need to be making. Each day I change I’m a better person, I’m a stronger person, I’m a more understanding person, I’m a smarter person. Insanity is found in someone not willing to change, not willing to admit they are wrong. I’m open to being wrong 24/7, being wrong so I’m more right makes me a better person. I like who I see in the mirror – do you?

  • New Moon Pads

    Well said, Ms. May…well said. Let us not devolve into what terrorists want us to become. We are Canadian…strong…proud…and FREE! Our rights, privacy, and freedoms as a people should not be compromised because of a few who wish to intimidate and terrorize us.

  • Jeff archambeault

    Yes, no disproportionate response. Except: rally to recall the current Government.

  • Neena

    Thank you for your caring and calm way of handling what must be very frightening for a lot of people.

  • Frank Smith

    The latest issue of Harper’s contains a letter suggesting that the very existence pif ISIL is the result of the 2003 dismantling of Saddam’s police and military forces. These men subsequently raided arms depots etc and the result is the present mess. In contrast when the Allies entered Berlin in 1945, the Ordnungspolizei (Order Police) were left in place, performing services for the Allied occupation forces. Similar Landespolizei still exist today. Oh to learn from history!!!

  • Joyce Hall

    So true. My concern is that this event will bolster the right wing vote that responds in a knee jerk reaction to radical “law and order” measures. You are right to raise that as the primary concern of the moment along with determining the exact genesis and nature of the crime..

  • Matt

    Is it almost comical that ms may references historical false flag or other terrorist attacks as a time when we are at risk for losing our rights. It is comical because at all times ms may backs a blanket carbon tax and cap and trade which would pretty much rob everyone of all rights eventually and hand even more power over to the money changers and energy companies who created this mess anyways. 50 years from now you will be on a waiting list to beg for permission to have a campfire with your kids. Can’t be releasing all that terrible poisonous carbon dioxide willy nilly now. Anyone who thinks I’m exaggerating or being riidculous has no idea the way these people who support these ideas really think about most of us.

  • Jamie McDonald

    May for PM!! Had I known she was so real I would’ve waived my no voting clause for her!

  • liquidstar

    Excellent, Thank you for saying the shootings do NOT change everything. I m already sick of that phrase and it’s only been a day.

  • http://www.gatewayconsultingservices.com anne kaye

    I knew you’d support caring and thoughtful response not manipulative reaction. Thanks Elizabeth!

  • R. Smiley

    Radical beliefs. I take it he wasn’t a bird watcher or an environmentalist – the ones who are being monitored by CSIS. And what does this have to do with ISIS?

  • GetInvolved

    Spot on: “answers, sensible policies and proportionate responses.” Now is not the time to allow irrational fear to let others erode our democratic principles.

  • Peter Schaffter

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for having the courage to say what needs to be said when others are fear-mongering and spouting cheap sentiment. Tragic events like this are all too convenient–one might say suspiciously convenient–for those who seek to hobble the democratic process and curtail our constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.

  • bambams

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for continuing to be a voice of reason within our government. When I heard of these attacks I was afraid that the government would use it as an excuse to go to war. Without wanting to sound like a conspiracy theorist, perhaps they could have even set it up as a catalyst for a means to an end. I’m glad that we have you there to provide an intelligent, peaceful voice in support for liberties and helping to steer the conversation onto the issues that really do matter. Thank you again.

  • Turtledweller

    It is sooooo refreshing to read and listen to intelligent discourse on topics, Elizabeth. I still maintain that it is imperative that a coalition government forms, especially as the stakes are as high as they are now. We all know the theory of fear induced societies and how the vote further shifts to the right in fear. Please, please, please find a way to pull the other parties together to beat the Tea-Party style Conservatives currently “leading” this country. We need intelligent, informed, rational AND compassionate leaders who can work together in the best interest of humanity not just their party. Study the Netherland’s history in coalition govts.

  • http://www.traumarecoverybc.com/ Darren Gregory

    I really don’t like feeling this way. I really don’t. But, when power like seems to enjoy being so in Canada is today: Mr. Harper. With such a smelly similarity to the ideals of the power of the day in the United States, Bush: With all the security push. With all the boondoggling with Omnibus Legislation. With all the secrets and the hanging out to dry of the young man for ‘Robo-Calls’. With the Senate used, it seems and with the apparent power of the PMO? My ‘gut’ is wrenching. I’m not suggesting this is so. Not at all. But, I HATE feeling in Canada today, that this could (could-not saying it is) be possible. I really don’t like living in a Country with feelings that say to me, constantly: ” I wouldn’t put it past them to do so.”


    Yes: Elizabeth: We need your voice. We need reason. We need to know what the realities are. Some of us are getting ‘spooked’. Please, flesh out the real story and keep us posted. We trust you. Be Well.

  • Piroska

    Once again your the voice, a logical, calm, compassionate view of the event.
    A visionary, a peoples politician in looking forward . This is what I call leadership ! Elisabeth you outgrown MP – Your a born PM.

  • agenteprovocatrice

    A man has died and the CSIS Act is over 30 years old, so it needs to be changed. But all Ms. May can think about is climate change. This is why the Greens will never have a majority.

  • Marion Endicott

    Thankyou for your response. I agree with many of the comments below including the one that deplores our current government’s scare-tactic response with one-liners like “We will not be cowed . . .” (And Obama’s similar statement) attempting use the event to swing us into an ever increasing mentality of being under siege so that we will support incursions into other people’s countries and tolerate increasing military presence and security set-ups in our own.

  • Harriet

    Well said and thought, Elizabeth – thank you.

  • SF

    Thank you Elizabeth, for being a voice of reason in this seemingly never ending battle to maintain our freedoms and liberties.

  • deliaruhe

    Shock is normal; surprise is not. Harper is an eager-beaver terror warrior, even volunteering to fight ISIS, even without having been asked by Washington. If you take away a guy’s passport to stop him from joining his chosen comrade jihadis, he might just think he owes you some payback.

    Actions have consequences. Now we all face a lock-down of sorts. Anyone need a job? CSEC is no doubt hiring.

  • Herb Neufeld

    If our society is not actively pursuing social justice and human rights, these things actively retreat. Not only has our government not pursued them, with events like yesterdays, it will see an opportunity to actively attempt to diminish them, just like the Liberals did before them. The largest majority grouping of any kind in Canada is always the number of people who do not vote for our governments, and that continues with these non-progressive Conservatives. And from these people we have accepted a level of dreck that I hope is weighing heavily on the consciences of many. We are governed by people who feel no accountability to anything or anyone that does not fit their world view.

  • on the third floor

    One thing for sure, Parliament or any legislature open to the public can still be open but accessibility has to be controlled and monitored by vigilant staff so that perpetrators and their copy cats no longer have the access that this gunman had. I expect the government see who the accomplices are ( since there was a car present that sped off ).
    Violence does incur more violence and it was only a matter of time that incidents like this occur more frequently here. I hope these terrorist individuals encouraged by extreme fundamentalists will be eventually caught and reprimanded before further military atrocities occur, before low tech terrorism becomes a regular phenomena.

  • Emilia Chisholm

    I agree with you completely. I am not going to jump to conclusions about the shooters, or any religious beliefs of others. This would be most unfair. What is Harper thinking? Why is he sending our pilots to a war zone that is already a mess? What does he think he is accomplishing by doing this? Investigation should be here in Canada. Harper is accomplishing nothing by retaliating in such a dangerous manner. Honestly wish you were the PM.

  • Herb Neufeld

    If our society is not actively pursuing social justice and human rights, these things actively retreat. Not only has our government not pursued them, with events like yesterdays, it will see an opportunity to actively attempt to diminish them, just like the Liberals did before them. The largest majority grouping of any kind in Canada is always the number of people who do not vote for our governments, and that continues with these non-progressive Conservatives. And from these people we have accepted a level of dreck that I hope is weighing heavily on the consciences of many. We are governed by people who feel no accountability to anything or anyone that does not fit their world view.

  • Celeste Vermette

    Elizabeth, I appreciate your grounded and compassionate response and valuable use of your ‘locked down ‘ time

  • Rivergull

    I agree, except for your comment “The shootings on Parliament Hill do not change everything.” It did change everything for Cpl Nathan Cirillo.

  • Rc Foster

    Are directed energy weapons banned in Canada ?, Harper’s backing up Barack Obola has put the Canadian people at risk & I don’t want or trust the government to protect me.

    • Mary Susanne Shaw

      Even some cops shouldn’t have guns, as recent events indicate (either that, or police training is entirely inadequate–and/or their IQs). But The Powers That Be don’t want smart cops, because smart cops could catch them, (The Powers That Be) and their corrupt buddies, the Corporate Crooks. We regular citizens ought to take the initiative ourselves and lock up all the rapists, murderers, Corporatists and their bought politicians. By such measures, the planet might yet be saved:)

  • robdale

    I have tremendous respect for you, Ms. May, however I was disappointed with the statement you read in the House this morning. You suggested we should not jump to conclusions and then you clearly jumped to a conclusion when you stated that you believed the gunman acted alone. Until the authorities have a chance to review all the evidence, I believe it is unwise for a party leader to say such a thing.

  • Susi E

    It is so sad when the will of so many Canadians is not heard. Many of us do not approve of changing our world role from peace-keepers to invaders. All for oil which will profit only few, for a technology we should be moving away from. Thanks Elizabeth for always putting forth the voice of reason in such an unreasonable world. If only more Canadians took the time to watch the debates, they would know that you make the most sense. Keep on shining!

  • Monika Marcovici Sheardown

    Thank you Elizabeth!!!!

  • bobs your uncle

    Ms May: This is a good chance for you to experience how Israelis live on a regular basis.

    Not so easy, huh?

  • danhunt

    This guy has had mental problems for years. He should have been getting help. He’s not ‘radicalized’; he’s likely schizophrenic or the like. Harper and Mulcair have been ‘radicalized’ and exaggerating the danger as they expect that’s what Canadians want.

  • danhunt

    Dief and the scuttling of the Avro Arrow obliging the USA!

  • Mary S

    I’d love you to be our PM. Thank you

  • Wayne F.

    Agreed, spot-on, and ditto.

    Elizabeth May for P.M.

    How’s that for a proportionate response…
    (we could not be in better hands)

  • TheNiteOwl

    I am very disappointed in the lack of news coverage about Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and his companion, who I believe is still in hospital. Is he seriously hurt? What do we know about Patrice, his family, his service to our country? Can you provide or direct us to where we may learn more information on these two soldiers? Thnx

  • Shabbir

    A homeless, shelterless person, away from home and mother for last 5 yrs, solitary attack, no connection, Psychopath with no treatment, expensive medications not covered by OHIP, left on street untreated, We all are responsible for leaving such person unattended. Needed Reheb and councilling. Costly isnt it, pay the price now. 24hrs PM guarding not the solution? who will guard the tax payers, paying for these guards. Comments welcome

  • Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

    Am extraordinarily balanced and calm view while still in lock down. I salute your leadership.

  • Robert Ede

    re: “disproportionate response” – We must be mindful of the prompt actions of those who will not waste this opportunity to capitalize on this “crisis”. Please ensure that any ‘security-at-the-expense-of-liberty’ legislation enacted/amended in this time of public dis-comfort/distress, include a “sunset clause” that forces any further Patriot-Act North initiatives to expire-unless-reaffirmed in a year or two

  • bobs your uncle

    What is a disproportionate response to terror? How do you judge the morbidity caused by terror?

    Is the right to life a civil liberty?

  • TrollStomperBoots

    To borrow a catastrophically incorrect and ignorantly
    optimistic declaration from his hero, George, may I congratulate our Glorious Leader
    in saying: “Mission Accomplished”.

    As one of the overwhelming majority of Canadians, who voted
    AGAINST you and your party Steven, (we now have even more pressing evidence of
    the dire need for election reform), we now see the tragic outcomes of your
    chest pounding ‘decisive leadership’ with regards to ISIS and Muslim

    Readers may recall that it was Harper who (in)famously
    announced on the world stage that he was ashamed that PM Chretien refused to
    join Cheney/Bush’s ‘Coalition Of The Coerced’ in their illegal and disastrous invasion
    of the sovereign nation of Iraq under, what has long since been proven to be,
    false pretenses. I don’t even have time to detail his decision to keep troops
    in harm’s way in Afghanistan as a direct consequence of the Cheney/Bush
    decision to draw down and re-direct resources from there to Iraq, thereby
    prolonging and worsening the situation in Afghanistan.

    Our Glorious Leader refused to let our elected members in
    the minority, (whom I’ll state again that the MAJORITY of us voted for), to
    debate his unilateral decision to ramp up our presence in Iraq and create this
    target that has taken the lives of 2 service people on our soil in the last 2

    I agree that ISIS is a cancer and needs to be wiped out but
    when the Muslim nations that are directly affected and endangered by the ISIS
    presence are barely lifting a finger to deal with the group themselves!? WHY did
    King Steven decree we should put Canadians at risk there and, now, here at

    America has no choice. They have a moral and strategic
    obligation as the acts of their government destabilized Iraq and the Middle
    East and helped with the rise of ISIS.

    Harper was full of zeal to join Cheney and Bush and his
    hawkishness now has only harmed us and made us a target. Yes, ISIS had stated
    Canada was a target but talk is cheap, especially coming from cowards like the
    terrorists. But in putting troops on the ground, trotting out his generals to
    proudly decree: “We’re GOIN’ IN!”, what outcome did our Glorious Leader

    I fear that we all will pay for his archetypal conservative
    hawkishness, his Bushesque, “My Way or the highway”, approach to
    governance despite the fact that the majority of us didn’t want him as our

    This is a sad, and supremely infuriating, day.

    My thought and condolences go out to the indirect victims of
    International Cowboy foreign policy that was esseantially dictated by decree from
    within our ‘democracy’.

    Maybe Obama will loan King Steven an aircraft carrier from
    which to make his own pronouncement about how awesome his foreign policy is.

  • Dave Rushton

    As always, Canada’s leading statesman. A close acquaintance who lives near your home riding on Vancouver Island said the same on hearing an interview you did with an Island radio station while you were still in lockdown. I’d like to hear it. Thank you Elizabeth, for your leadership.

  • marstob

    A thoughtful comment on the day and what is now required. Thank you.

  • Meliora Cogito

    As always, the only intelligent leader on the hill.

  • Nicholas Clayton

    My greatest fear is that this tragedy will be used for political purposes to distract from the real issue – much the same way the economic crash did in 2008. The real threat to humanity is climate change! Thank you Elizabeth May, for doing your part (as always) by attempting to steer things back on course.

  • AlsChill

    You are always so spot on and I wish your words had been heard by Harper, taking into account his words spoken on TV, it seems that he didn’t. There’s obviously an agenda that you Elizabeth, have not been made aware of. Thank you for being a voice of reason.

  • ladygaga2012

    What is a leftist?

  • Susan

    What happened in Ottawa was not “an attack on Canada” but the desperate act of a mentally ill young man. I fear that it will be used to take away liberties: why waste a good crisis? The appropriate response would be to look at the mental health support systems in Canada or the lack there of. I am afraid the current governments response will be anything but appropriate.

  • thisislame

    no offense, but do something with your lives people! get hyped

  • jeff archambeault

    so proud of your thoughtful and intelligent response! I am using a portion as my “email signature” since Oct 22 (credited and footnoted)

  • Bernard Dowling

    So you were a block away from the terrorist attack?

  • ILUVmyCountry

    John Diefenbaker was a proud Canadian. I think he made a grave error in scrapping the AVRO ARROW and he was said not to be up to snuff on the French issues. Dalton Camp and Brian Mulroney and others tried to unseat him and run for party leader. He never forgot that and would not back Mulroney as party leader. In fact he stated to the press, “I don’t know who Brian Mulroney’s backers are”… I think he was trying to tell us something. He jumped to his feet in the COMMONS when there was something to be dealt with, (typical lawyer) but I have no doubts he was a strong federalist with Canada’s betterment in mind and strong ties to the Queen, which displeased some. (It’s all in the history books)

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