Speech: Military Contribution Against ISIL

On Thursday, March 26th, 2015 in Speeches

Elizabeth May: Mr. Speaker, I am honoured to be allowed to speak today on the motion before us to extend the mission in Iraq, to expand it into Syria and to conduct it over the next 12 months.

I want to start by saying I appreciate your words, Mr. Speaker. The disrespect and the heckling on both sides of this House and the allowing of this discussion to fall into the disrespectful patterns that we see in question period would certainly be unfortunate.

We are talking about sending Canadian Forces, for another 12 months, into an even more dangerous mission. We should be able to discuss it like grownups, on both sides of this House, in a respectful debate, a serious debate, which would allow Canadians to help form their own opinions about what Canada should do.

I do not think anyone in this place believes that Canada should do nothing. I do not think anyone in this place underestimates the threat that is ISIL or ISIS. Both names are used, but the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is a more dangerous force in many ways than what we have seen before. They claim to have the ability to set up their own perimeters, their own sovereignty and their own caliphate.

They have shown themselves to be excessively brutal, sadistic and to shock the conscience of the world. They are practising a 9th century extremist interpretation of Islam, and they represent a quite dangerous force. I do not think anyone around this House of Commons would deny that.

The question then becomes what best can Canada do to degrade ISIL, which is the wording of this motion, to deal with the fact that there are numerous criminal thug organizations around the world now. Back in 2001, I do not think anybody in North America would have imagined that there was a worse group than al Qaeda. We have al Qaeda still exerting its influence, and al Qaeda behind the attacks in Paris. We have Boko Haram kidnapping innocent schoolgirls in Nigeria. We have the presence of groups that are as yet unnamed that could emerge.

Our discussion should be one of how we, as a western community of nations, best deal with the general threat of terrorist organizations around the world. One of the ways to do this, of course, is to ensure that the west not appear to be at war against Islam. This particular narrative of west versus Islam is a rallying cry in the propaganda that has people gather.

Some hon. members: Oh, oh!

Elizabeth May: I would appreciate it if members opposite would not heckle. I am trying to speak respectfully. I have never heckled them.

We must not allow ourselves to enforce the propaganda and rhetoric of those people we would like to defeat. With that said, let us move to what is being proposed in this mission.

I did want to stop and say that I commend the administration, the Conservative government for the humanitarian efforts we have taken so far. I would have said that on Tuesday morning had I been allowed to speak. I was pleased to hear from the Prime Minister that we are feeding Iraqi children, that we are taking steps to assist people who are in situations of unbearable suffering, but there is much more that needs to be done on the humanitarian side and I will return to that later.

This mission as described is to extend, for a 12-month period, the continued bombing in Iraq where we have been invited by the Iraqi government, but also to extend bombing into Syria. I would like to spend a lot of my time this morning, and I do not have much time, on the question of what this mission will do in Syria and how absolutely fraught with peril that is.

When I spoke to this idea of bombing in Iraq last October, I worked on the general theme that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Canada tends to be a country of great intentions. Certainly, I do not take away any of the intentions of the Conservative government on this issue.

However, we had good intentions when we went into Libya. We had good intentions when we said that we were there under the doctrine of responsibility to protect, to protect the civilian population of Libya against a brutal dictator, Moammar Gadhafi. We then switched our purpose and said that we were not actually there for the responsibility to protect, that we would not accept a ceasefire proposal and would not move to peace talks as long as Moammar Gadhafi was in charge.

I remember John Baird said, and I can use his name since he has left this place, that while we may not know who will replace Gadhafi, we could be sure of one thing, that it could not be worse than Gadhafi.

In so doing, we missed our chance. That is why I was the only member of Parliament to vote against the continued bombardment of Libya. I voted against it because I knew that the rebel forces that we were embracing as a legitimate government of Libya included al Qaeda forces. It seemed all too inevitable to me that the warehouses full of weapons that were held by Moammar Gadhafi in Libya would fall into the hands of extremists and terrorists. In fact, those weapons have now been traced to the hands of ISIS.

We went into Libya, and I do not think there is any question we made things very much worse. Equally, there is no question that our intentions were good.

Let us look at Syria. We have ignored the suffering in Syria far too long. We have allowed a brutal butcher, Bashar al-Assad, to murder his own people. We have been allowing this for four years. Since the Arab Spring in 2011, we have turned a blind eye to the cries for help from the rebel forces of Syria and those who want to get rid of Bashar al-Assad. There are now four million Syrian refugees, and over 220,000 people have been killed in Syria by Bashar al-Assad. That is the most recent estimate.

Why did we not go into Syria? We had the permission of the UN Security Council to go into Libya under the provision of responsibility to protect, and when we shifted our mission from responsibility to protect to regime change, we forever lost the ability to get the support of Russia and China to use responsibility to protect to go into Syria to protect civilians there.

I would not blame neighbouring countries suffering under the burden of trying to take care of four million refugees. The populations of Lebanon, of Jordan, and of Turkey are straining under the weight of trying to take care of the refugees who have tried to escape Bashar al-Assad. Now we show an interest in going into Syria. Why? We say it is because ISIS is in there.

Of course ISIS is there.

A few years back we saw U.S. Republicans posing with ISIS fighters because as rebel forces against Bashar al-Assad, they were the good guys. Now that we believe ISIS forces represent a threat around the world, we are interested in Syria. Now we are going to go in without any legal sanction, without any international law on our side. We are going to have to hope that Bashar al-Assad regards our efforts as somehow friendly to him, or we could have Syrians shooting down Canadian planes.

We now know from the Minister of National Defence, and I accept his word, that ISIS fighters do not have anti-aircraft missiles. Do Syrian government forces have anti-aircraft missiles? They just shot down a U.S. drone.

We know we do not want to ask Bashar al-Assad for his permission, because that would make it completely transparent that the net effect of our first efforts to engage ourselves in the crisis that is the civil war in Syria will be inevitably to assist Bashar al-Assad. We do not want to admit that if we are successful in Syria, we will have made Bashar al-Assad secure by removing a dreadful force that also happens to be against him.

As I describe this, I hope that anyone can see, whether watching from home or in this chamber, that what faces us in Syria is, at a minimum, messy. It is conflicted. The opportunities for things to go wrong are almost infinite. We will be sending Canadian fighter planes to a remote distance without the support of the government of the region, as we have currently in Iraq, and we will be doing so in a war zone that is fraught with sectarian violence.

We know that Bashar al-Assad is supported by Hezbollah and by Iran. We know that the rebel forces include some who are legitimately seeking a democratic transition, but we have stood on the sidelines of butchery in Syria. Now, clothed in moral rectitude, we think we can go in and bomb Syria and nothing will go wrong.

I will go to the words of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for the best way to defeat terrorism in the region. The best way and the biggest threat, as he put it, to terrorism is not from missiles; it is from a strategy of political inclusion. We should be doing much more to get the countries in that region, themselves threatened by ISIS, to take on the ISIS threat.

I congratulate the existing humanitarian efforts, but much more needs to be done for the four million Syrian refugees. Much more needs to be done to stem the flow of weapons to ISIS. Much more needs to be done to stem the flow of money to these terrorist groups, and we should, as a community of nations taking the threat of terrorism seriously, work to end the threat of Boko Haram, al Qaeda, ISIS, and groups of criminal thug organizations as yet unnamed.

This mission does not do that.

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  • Val

    Thank you Elizabeth. I am heartily sick of watching our MPS act like 3 year olds.

    • Patrick Lemaire

      Who elects these idiots is what really gets me…

      • John Fefchak

        Patrick, look in the mirror, there is your answer. It may not be you, but the reflection shows a human being!

    • John Fefchak

      No Val, even 3year olds act much better than our MPS.

      • Val

        No insult to 3 yr. olds intended.

  • montezaro

    She is speaking the ugly truth. That’s why she is not allowed to speak. All those with their heads buried in the sand should know that their butts are nicely exposed.

  • Murray Reiss

    But will the other Green MP, Bruce Hyer, vote to extend the mission he voted to support (as a Green MP) when it first came up?

    • SteveAbbott

      Under our constitution, we elect our MPs, and not our parties. This is one obvious reason why the Green Party’s policy of not whipping votes makes so much sense. Whether Elizabeth’s wisdom in the matter convinces Mr Hyer or not is no more relevant than if it convinces other MPs. I would defend Mr Hyer’s right to vote according to his own leadings, just as I would defend my own right to argue to present my own point of view to him or to any other Member of Parliament. I do suspect that he is more likely to hear me out, than many of his colleagues are, and to the extent that this may be true, I will continue to respect him in the belief that he will allow his individual conscience to be his guide. That is what he was elected for.

  • David

    Everything you say is true Ms May but humanitarian aid does not play as well as bombs in the run up to an election. Mr Harper wants to be seen as the warrior PM and election propaganda trumps common sense.

    • Karen Pidcock

      Dropping bombs unfortunately always is easier than the harder work of looking harder at root causes, seeking justice & reconciliation where it might be made! Especially when there is military at ready to retaliate & join the violent war-making!

    • Dave Vogel

      Proud hero pounding his chest…all the while just painting a large bullseye on our country…


        Guess what sir? They already’ hit’ us and our bullseye!

        • abc k some one


          • outsider

            Are you referring to the 2 men who targeted soldiers in Quebec and Ottawa in October? Because those are not terrorist actions, but mental health cases.

          • TRUEBLUEBIRD

            And you believe that? …

          • Androsterone Silva

            True blue, YOU believe ISIS had something to do with those attacks? That’s funny/sad.
            Sounds like you might be a mental health case yourself….

          • TRUEBLUEBIRD

            And you believe everything the government tells you? Sad/funny! They would not feed that fear to CDN’s on home turf (they were just mentality I’ll-sure!!) and empower ISIS….therefore they win again and again .

          • Androsterone Silva

            Ridiculous. For one, the government in power LOVES to use fear. If there was any connection, they’d be all over it. The news would be all over it. ISIS is a much more headline-grabbing story than a person with mental health issues.
            Your logic is flawed, and your conclusions are paranoid.

          • TRUEBLUEBIRD

            Exactly-Therefore that is why the government didn’t tell the public….duh.
            Freedom of speech here, believe what you want!
            And your diagnosis of me is ‘flawed’ doc! ✌️

          • Bill Lohman

            He who know not and knows not he knows not is a fool!
            WAKE UP.. or continue as nothing but the TROLL you are!

          • Androsterone Silva

            I don’t think you kn ow what “troll” means…

          • Bill Lohman

            I suggest you do a little reading on what ISIS really is, a tool of the US’s CIA and NATO to create sectarian conflict and world-wide fear so governments like Canada can attack civil liberties under the pretense of security. This government has been overtly dishonest about it’s role in the fight against ISIS.
            Elizabeth May’s speech above speaks to the concerns of the government’s duplicitous rhetoric and their “Zeal” for Canadian military involvement.

            Here is the definition you claim I don’t know the meaning to:
            Political TROLL -
            “The act of using emotions, lies, false accusations and broken logic to undermine your opponent and win an argument in a political arena.”

            Patriotism is “Not” blindly following the dictates of the government of the day, rather it is demanding accountability and using any method necessary to protect our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

            And just in case you don’t think I know the meaning of “Patriot”, I’ve included the definition for you as you have clearly bought the propaganda spewed by Harper’s government.
            PATRIOT -
            “a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.”

            Even though I will make attempts to enlighten Trolls, I am aware many Closed Minds refuse to accept fact over the fiction they’ve been taught.

            Good Luck Troll – I’ve nothing more to say to a brick wall filled with neocon propaganda.

      • printmoremoneysociety

        That is exactly what has happened – Harper claims to be protecting Canadians from terrorist danger when it has been his senseless sabre-rattling that has brought us to the attention of terrorists in the first place.

        • Roy Strachan

          Bulldurum, Canada doesnt have a sabre to rattle, to die seeking peace is the ultimate victory

          • Jim

            Spoken like a true dumdum

          • Roy Strachan

            Just like magic?? This is the first time I have been on the Internet today and it seems I made a comment here 5 hours ago. I just found out that I did that when I check my e-mail and found a message from DISQUS.

          • westernlib

            Can’t fathom the possibility that your”king” is wrong once again, can you?

          • LTJ

            The only peace to be found in this war is the peace of the grave.

      • Albert

        Much to his chagrin Harper missed his chance in 2001 to have Canada join the coalition of the willing to invade Iraq. Now that he gets his chance he not only wants to bomb Iraq but Syria as well!

      • Lex Dunn

        I liked him better when he cowered in a closet during the gunman’s attack on Parliament.

    • Steve Dent

      Absolutely correct.

      And this is also why polite platitudes do NOTHING to gain attention.

      We need to take a FIRM stand against American terror empire and her Western war-criminal vassal states.

      We need a Canadian political party that stands-up, LOUDLY proclaims their commitment to severing all ties with the American terror empire, and FIGHTING against their criminal regime until they have been disarmed and forced to submit to International Law and Justice.

      Only once the American terror empire has been destroyed will we in Canada be safe. There is no enemy greater to Humanity or Life on this planet than the American terror empire.

      Quit waffling and get to it. Whining soppy excuses and hand-wringing will only get you laughed at by the neo-liberal psychopaths and their brainless reactionary followers.

    • TheTruthExposer

      He is not warrior he is war monegerer

  • Elaine

    Thank you, Elizabeth. I’m glad you got a chance to say this. So important and so revealing.

  • JudyM

    Heartrendingly true! Thank you, Elizabeth, for speaking on behalf of the sane.

  • Rod E. Keays

    Where is Lester Pearson when you need him?

    • Barry Danielson

      Sorry – all we got is Harper

    • jsomerlea

      His, Lester Pearson’s, intelligence, compassion and concern for humanity was lost when “WE” somehow allowed the “evil” Goons to invade and take over our fantastic Country…It is going to take Decades if not Centuries for this Country to ever be totally respected again…..When that gunman killed the young Hamilton Soldier was HARPER hiding in a closet????….Just Asking???? Thank You Elizabeth

  • Samuel Hearne

    Your conclusions regarding an alternate to more bombs are most sensible Elizabeth.
    Your apparent agreement that the reason western forces were and are in the middle east for some sort of humanitarian cause can only be interpreted as a pandering for goodwill among the hawks. The reason is honourable I’m sure, the sacrifice of principle is not.

  • Gary

    I am totally appalled at a Government who promotes war and disagreement in the world. In years gone by, before the PC governance, we were seen as a peacemaker country and regarded with much respect by the rest of the world. This is totally ugly and the government will not take ownership of the consequence of their actions. Where is good governance? If the country only “spoiled” their ballots when next in the voting compartment, it would send a sound message to our gun-happy government.

    • Michelle

      Spoiling your ballot is as irresponsible as not voting. You still have your head in the sand and your rear end sticking.

    • Dave Vogel

      Following big brother’s (USA’s) lead…conducting war in foreign places…thinking it won’t find it’s way here…

    • jsomerlea

      Those GOONS in Ottawa are definitely NOT Progressive Conservative they are a HARPER / PETER”JUDAS” MacKAY monstrosity built on LIES, DECEIT and a CUT THROAT AGENDA… Ask David Orchard about this BS he was the VICTIM of trusting MacKAY

  • Rick Taves

    A great speech. Very well reasoned.
    We watched as our Afghan mission morphed from objective to objective, and ended up meaningless, and ultimately counter-productive.

  • Wroots

    Thank you, Elizabeth. It’s good to hear you cut through the war rhetoric with such truth and honesty

    RE “This mission as described is to extend, for a 12-month period, the continued bombing in Iraq where we have been invited by the Iraqi government, but also to extend bombing into Syria.”

    I must say I wonder whose equipment Canada is using to bomb Iraq and, potentially, Syria. Canada has around 258 manned aircraft and 9 drones most of which are not going to be of much use in Syria (see list below). Canada has only 79 CF-18 fighter-bomber aircraft (manufactured between 1982 and 1988). Some of these aircraft (6?) have been dispatched to Ukraine, and others play a major part in Operation Noble Eagle, the NORAD mission to protect the skies over Canada and the US, including Alaska. CF-18 aircraft recently saw action as part of Operation Podium, the security mission to protect the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The point is, can Canada spare aircraft that are used for its own security to go and bomb a nation half a world away?

    Instead of joining in the destruction and butchery in Syria and causing more of the terrible post-war misery that we see in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Viet Nam, etc., Canada should return to the peacekeeping, peacemaking and humanitarian work that it used to do so well, and for which it was once respected worldwide, and engage with those who are seeking a democratic transition in Syria. War can only be guaranteed to make matters worse. It always does.

    Why is Canada so concerned about the situation in Syria now after having stood on the sidelines for so long? If the Canadian government is so concerned now about the butchery in Syria, why has it condoned Israel’s ongoing destruction of Gaza and the butchery of its people?

    It seems that hypocrisy is alive and well on Parliament Hill.

    Fighter aircraft: CF-18 Hornet
    Helicopters: CH-124 Sea King, CH-139 JetRanger, CH-146 Griffon, CH-147 Chinook, CH-148 Cyclone,CH-149 Cormorant
    Patrol aircraft: CP-140 Aurora, CP-140A Arcturus
    Reconnaissance aircraft: CU-170 Heron
    Trainer aircraft: CT-114 Tutor, CT-142 Dash-8,CT-155 Hawk, CT-156 Harvard II
    Transport aircraft: CC-115 Buffalo, CC-130 Hercules, CC-130J Super Hercules, CC-138 Twin Otter,CC-144 Challenger, CC-150 Polaris, CC-177 Globemaster III

  • Bill

    Thank You

  • Raymond tremblay

    Thank you Elizabeth for heroically presenting such a clear and insightful perspective, to help us, Canadians, decipher the moral perspective of this complicated issue, and shame on the opposition hecklers who only show their ignorance disrespect, and contempt for the parliamentary process and the concept of democratic freedom that they use as a flag pole to pursue their agenda.

  • Geoff Craven

    Elizabeth, thank you for putting this matter so logically and comprehensibly. Our government under the conservatives still seeks some short-term political capital from cozying up to the American juggernaut, seemingly a lifetime away from the proud time when Canada’s moral influence was recognised and respected around the world.

    • Dave Wightman

      Well said Elizabeth. And you too Geoff!

  • KootenayCoyote

    Harper’s policies do nothing to deal with root causes. IS is there primarily because Bush went there with neither justification, right, not reason. Now Harper sticks there in the same inexcusable context.

    Thank you, Ms. May, for insisting on reason.

    • OwlRol

      I think Harper is trying to make like Conservative PM Robert Borden a century ago. Causes of WW1 were complicated, but nothing like now. But these War Hawks like everything simple and emotional, black and white, to justify their disgusting activities.

  • Jim shepard

    Ms May has said the best that can be said at this time: stem the flow of (American) weapons and (Saudi and Qatari) funding to ISIS and other such groups and stop at least our own ineffective and counter-productive bombing. The Liberals and NDP must grow a backbone and the brain that should be on top of it and remember what their duty is to this country: restore the power of Parliament; take back Canadian control of our military; and destroy the current dictatorial power of the unconstitutional, unelected, unaccountable PMO. In order to do this a multi-partisan political initiative must be mounted to destroy the Conservative Party at the poles, just as once the Mulroney PCs were destroyed by the just outrage of the Canadian voter.

    • Rosie

      I could not agree more with you, we desperately need “a multi-partisan political initiative” to oust Harper. Sadly, I don’t see either the NDP or Liberals moving in that direction currently. They seem to think that they can each win, which will has disastrous effects – at the very least a minority Conservative Government and at worst, if they split the vote, another false majority. It is just basic math. At the same time, I would love to see the Greens under May’s leadership achieve official party status with 12 federal seats so that we can more political leadership with integrity, common sense and in support of a Canada that I want to be part of, for current AND future generations.

    • TheTruthExposer

      It is all being done for Apartheid Zionist State of Israel for Greater Israel Agenda to conquer & rule Muslim Arab lands from Palestine to Yemen.

  • Faye

    Thank you, Elizabeth May, for telling it like it is. You’re one of the few people in the House that I trust to to do that, consistently and with eloquence.

  • James Emler

    Thank you Elizabeth, it is a disgrace that some members of the House act so reprehensibly. You are a voice of reason in this mess we call our government. I am impressed by your intelligence, humanity and strength in what is clearly a hostile and deeply opinionated environment.

  • A.M.

    It is a real pity that the existing government can only ever see “our way” or the wrong way and makes no effort to respect thoughtful discussion involving sincere Canadian values and well reasoned debate in their decisions. Your persistence and good manners are admirable. Does Ms May’s Green Party colleague share her concern and opposition to the government’s maneuvering?

  • Mfanawemkosi Fakudze

    Elizabeth and Fellow Canadians;

    This is the content of the letter I wrote to Justin Trudeau explaining why I think the Canadian military mission in the Middle East should not be extended or expanded.

    This is the time to stand up and
    extract the Canadian military from this fiasco in the Middle East. The current
    state of affairs in that region of the world is not of our own making. The
    origins of the troubles of ISIS/ISIL were the direct result of the actions of
    the United States, its representative administrators in Iraq along with its

    Step back to the U.S. illegal
    invasion of Iraq. It did not have weapons of mass destruction. Every senior
    person in the Bush administration lied about WMDs in order to justify a war.
    There is no doubt that they wanted regime change because the head of the Iraqi
    regime, Saddam Hussein, who had been their boy in Baghdad for a long time had
    gone rogue. Remember the Americans had supplied weapons to both Iraq and Iran.
    Donald Rumsfeld was the principal salesman. The U.S. fostered the war between
    those two nations which killed millions of their people. The situation in Iraq
    was in decline as Saddam began to turn his back on the United States.

    You have to remember that the U.S.
    had been thrown out of Iran after the fall of the Shah, again their puppet
    representative. With them booted out of Iran they loss access and control of
    the oil fields of Iran.

    Then the U.S. did something
    unthinkable, the helped the Kuwaitis drill sideways under the border of Iraq to
    tap into oil reserves on the Iraq side. Saddam had had enough and invaded
    Kuwait. This provocation was seen by the UN as an illegal invasion by one
    sovereign country into another. One has to remember that message was promoted
    by the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. all the while overlooking what had provoked
    Iraq for invading Kuwait in the first place. These events led to the
    First Gulf War during the presidency of George Bush Sr. in 1990-1991. But the
    coalition of the willing was not prepared to go any further than to the border
    of Iraq once all of the Iraqi troops had been defeated or fled back behind its
    own borders.

    Then came the long stalemate between
    Saddam and the U.S. Administration, which imposed sanctions on Iraq. The U.S.
    had lost control of the oil resources in the two largest oil producing nations
    in the world, Iran and Iraq. This spelled trouble. Work arounds were tried,
    such as Aid for Oil, which led to major corruption of people doing
    under-the-table deals to enrich themselves.

    Following the attack on the World
    Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, the pro-Israel hawks within the U.S.
    Cabinet wanted to attack Iraq. They feared that Saddam might launch a rocket
    attack against Israel and they wanted him taken out. It was the former NSA
    Director Richard Clarke of the Clinton Administration that had to point out to
    them that the attacks on 9/11 were the work of Al Qaeda, which was led by Osama
    bin Laden, who was based in Afghanistan. That led to the NATO coalition led
    predominantly by the U.S. and Canada and some other NATO troops. So began the
    long and bloody war in Afghanistan.

    Without a connection between Al Qaeda
    and Iraq, there was no justification for the U.S. to attack Iran. If the U.S.
    hoped to regain control of Iraq and its oil resources it would have to come up
    with a different plan. That plan was to accuse Saddam of having Weapons of Mass
    Destruction in the form of chemical weapons but more likely nuclear weapons.
    The U.S. knew that Iraq already had chemical weapons because they had sold
    those weapons to the Iraqi regime during its fight with Iran. So the executive
    cabinet members in the administration of George Bush Jr. cooked up a pot full
    of lies saying that Saddam had WMDs even though UN Atomic Energy investigators
    proved that there were no WMD bomb-making materials in Iraq. Dick Cheney,
    Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Condoleezza Rice, George Bush himself, and
    Colin Powell (the most trusted person within the cabinet who never told lies
    was fed a pack of lies) which he repeated in front of the U.N Assembly. In
    spite of these statements, diplomats from around the world, particularly in
    Germany and France and elsewhere reported that their intelligence showed that
    Iraq did not possess any WMDs nor did it have the means to build WMDs. Without
    U.N. support the U.S. decided to mostly go it alone except for the help of some
    troops from a few small countries that were prepared to be bribed to send their
    troops to war in Iraq, which gave the U.S. the appearance that it was leading
    the coalition of the willing once again. Nothing could be further from the
    truth. Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada refused to send Canadian troops
    to join the U.S. Gulf War to topple Saddam Hussein. It was a devastating battle
    that destroyed much of Baghdad. It killed more than half a million Iraq
    citizens over and above the Iraqi troops who were killed.

    Then came the mop-up operation,
    something the U.S. had not planned for. Inner conflicts continued between the
    Sunnis in the North, which had dominated the political process during the years
    that Saddam was in power, and the Kurdish population in the Northeast which had
    grown somewhat independent over time and with the Shiite population of the
    southern Iraq which had been the minority group during the years of the Saddam
    Regime. It is important to know that Shiites in the South were supported with
    help from the Iranian regime which was Shia. This created an ungodly mess that
    was impossible to govern. It was an open civil/terrorist type of war between
    the Sunni and Shia factions in Iraq. The U.S., led by its uninformed,
    ham-fisted Country Administrator, Paul Brenner, made a total mess of things by
    trying to impose democracy on a nation that was clearly divided into three
    camps – Sunnis, Shia, and Kurds. Brenner and the American-Afghani who became
    the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, hand-picked a successor to Saddam, a Shiite leader
    from the Southern regions of Iraq, a fellow by the name of Maliki. The problem
    with their choice was that Maliki was strong opposed to the Sunnis. Maliki had
    revenge in his heart. He wanted to get even for all of the suffering that the
    Sunnis had put the Shia through during the 20 years that Saddam was in

    The current animosity between Sunnis
    in the North and the Shia population in the South became a long-lasting form of
    terroristic-styled civil war between the two factions. This arrangement of
    trouble laid the ground work for what is going on today. The U.S.
    military had to launch what was known as the surge to take control of
    neighbourhoods and quell the violence. This worked to a degree but individual
    terror attacks continued to take place all over the country with suicide
    bombers setting off large explosions to kill members of the opposite religious faction.
    Things quieted down over time. National elections were held. Maliki, the
    hand-chosen US representative was elected as President but the Sunnis refused
    to participate in that election or to take part in the crafting of the new
    constitution. It was a recipe for political disaster.

    While all of this was going on
    trouble was brewing next door in Syria. The regime of Bashar el Assad was seen
    as being more hostile to the American presence in Iraq. It was receiving
    support from the Shia regime in Iran, which through Syria was supporting
    Hezbollah, the Shia group operating in Lebanon that was hostile to Israel.
    Israel was very concerned about having a hostile terror group next door in
    Lebanon that was being equipped with thousands of rockets from Iran. It had the
    same fears regarding the Assad regime in Syria, which it feared had WMDs, in
    the form of chemical and biological weapons and possibly a nuclear capability.
    In fact, launched an air strike at a target deep within Syria, which it
    believed was involved in nuclear activity.

    This is where the complexity of
    international politics in the region comes into play because of the close
    controlling relationship that Israel has regarding the Middle East foreign
    affairs policy in the region, up to and including the use of diplomatic
    measures and military force against threats to Israel in the region, in this
    case against the Assad regime in Syria. This led to black ops by the CIA, in
    support of Syrian rebel groups in the North that were opposed to the Assad regime.
    These rebel forces included non-AL Waite Syrians as well as Sunni and Kurdish
    rebel groups in the North and Western Syria that were opposed to the Syrian
    regime. It is reported that the CIA trained and equipped Sunni rebels at secret
    U.S. military bases within Jordan. The U.S. also provided back channel weapons
    support for the northern rebel groups, which were considered by the West as the
    good rebels representing the formal political opposition forces that were
    working to defeat Assad. This backing of rebel groups including Sunni rebel
    groups from Iraq and Northeast Syria led to an open civil war between the
    forces of the Assad regime and all of the rebel groups aligned against it. This
    led to total chaos within Syria, with a strong push back by the Assad regime
    which saw the forces aligned against it as proxies for both Israel and the

    On the diplomatic front the U.S.
    painted the Assad regime as a rogue government that was killing its own people.
    While the fact that the regime was killing rebel fighters in the North and
    citizens living in the region that were aligned with the rebels, certainly
    members of the Assad regime could easily view these forces as illegitimate.
    This led to a massive refugee crisis with millions of Syrians leaving the country
    for Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

    The rhetoric against the Assad regime
    was ramped up in the U.N. General Assembly by the United States which raised
    the spectre that the Assad regime would use its chemical resources
    against its own people and possibly against its enemy, the State of Israel. The
    U.S. threatened to launch an air strike against chemical targets within Syria.
    This danger of this escalation was avoided at the 11th hour when Russia
    brokered a deal between the U.S. and representatives of the international
    community with the Assad regime that would see the removal of all chemical
    weapons and supplies and the decommissioning/destruction of the manufacturing
    facilities throughout Syria. It must be recognised that the pro-Israeli hawks
    within the U.S. Administration, Congress and the Senate were responsible for
    raising the rhetoric for a limited but devastating air strike in Syria. Cooler
    heads prevailed on the Russian side which did not want to have things escalate
    to a Western attack against Syria because the Russians had a close relationship
    with Syria, which included a naval military base for the Russian fleet on the
    coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Russian did not want to be in the
    uncomfortable position of being dragged into a conflict when its only ally in
    the Middle East, the Syrian government of the Assad regime, was to be attacked
    by American forces. This would put Russian in the unenviable position,
    potentially of having to provide military protection for the Assad regime which
    would put it in direct conflict with the United States.

    The problem with the American
    approach, particularly with the CIA training and arming Iraqi and Syrian Sunni
    rebels is that they had no means of controlling these assets. This lack of
    control meant that these forces could determine their own direction, which it
    did, when the Sunni rebels recognised that they could use their forces to take
    control of Sunni held territory in Iraq and Northeastern Syria, known as the
    Levant. This gave birth to the dream of the establishment of the Islamic State
    of Iraq and the Levant, a state that would be independent of political control
    by the Alewife regime of Bashar el Assad in Syria and the Maliki-led Shia
    regime of Southern Iraq, which had support from the Government of Iran. This
    new vision led to severe attacks by the ISIS/ISIL rebel forces south through
    Iraq to the northern reaches of Baghdad, with no push back from the Shiite
    dominated military forces of the Iraqi Government. In fact they turned to
    tailed and ran for the South, leaving behind valuable military assets. It’s not
    clear why they ran away rather than choose to fight against ISIL forces. In
    some ways it was an embarrassment for America which had invested so much time and money in training the military forces of the Iraqi government.

    The fact that the U.S. pulled all of its military forces out of Iraq was also one factor that permitted the perfect storm which allowed ISIL rebels sweep South throughout Iraq to take control of all Sunni regions within the country and displace minority groups in the region, including Kurds in the Northeast of Iraq.

    At the end of the day, the mismanagement of military and foreign policy by the United States in Iraq and Syria is directly related to the current mess within the region, which is something that Canada should have no roll in trying to sort out. Those troubles were not of our own making. Getting involved in Iraq and Syria has increased the risks at home in Canada for all Canadians who may be subject to isolated terror attacks perpetrated by radicalised Muslims in Canada that want to punish Canada for involving themselves in the politics of the Middle East in opposition to Muslim forces of the region. Furthermore, there are much greater dangers concerning Canada’s involvement in the region because there is no clear end-game plan to bring peace and civility to the Shia, Sunni, Kurdish and Syria populations within the region. Canada’s involvement in these military actions open the door to Canada’s military being drawn into much broader conflicts in the region.

    It is no secret that the State of Israel through great influence in America to convince the United States to employ diplomatic, military and off-the-books (CIA) help to degrade all threats to Israel within North Africa and the Middle East Islamic countries, including taking the fight to Iran, to topple what it perceives to be a nuclear threat which endangers all of Israel. Some believe that Israel’s war by proxy through the United States against all of its enemies in the region is the driving force for all of the current and potentially future conflicts in the region. Canada’s involvement with this new coalition of the willing led by the United States potentially drags Canada and its military forces into a conflict which is open-ended and highly risky with no clear objectives and no clear exit strategy. Defeating ISIL forces may be a goal of these coalition forces but there is no clear picture of what will replace this Sunni-backed regime. One thing is clear, the Iraqi integrated, democratic model of governance involving all regions under Shia control, Sunni control and Kurdish control has not worked. The trouble with Canada getting further involved in this engagement opens the door to a deeper engagement which will become more difficult to back away from. Moreover, it also opens that door to a very expensive engagement at a time when Canada can ill afford to run government deficits to finance expensive military actions abroad.

    Canada must be cautious about the back room influences of the pro-Israeli lobby in this country, which no doubt are calling for Canada’s further involvement in the current engagement and may call upon Canada to participate in future military actions against Iran if the nuclear deal falls through or fails to satisfy Israel’s concerns about the Iranian nuclear threat.

    Further involvement by Canadian forces in Iraq and Syria at the present time is not justified given the uncertainties associated with this type of engagement. This is a mess created by the United States, Iran and Saudi Arabia and the major religious factions involving the Sunnis and Shia forces. Let them sort it out. There are many other things we could be doing to support countries in the region, including countries like Nigeria and its fight against Boko Haram.

    • Barbara Bambiger

      Barbara Bambiger

    • iamli3

      dang that’s a big useful post , all i did was tell may that the isis psyop is bs :l lol…..

    • OwlRol

      Won’t get into some of the “facts” in your post, but you missed the Schwarzkopf and others’ warnings that Bush Sr. heeded, but not his dufus son, that of not invading Iraq or all hell would break loose if they did. That dazzling black gold rush. Saddam kinda looks good now.

      And if Canadian planes can occupy Syrian air space without permission, why can’t Russia do likewise over Ukraine?

    • Chutny

      Well said.The Israel involvement I believe is under the “Yinon Plan”.A vast area of the middle east needs to be broken into smaller states to be more manageable for Israel to expand and to protect itself.
      As for the war mongering countries like USA,the American economy has always been about military spending,and I think Harper is following the American method of managing a economy.

    • Roy Strachan

      You went to a lot of effort to try to educate T2.0 but do you really believe his ADD would allow him to read through something that long, or that he would be able to understand it even if it would? Dream on…

  • Bruce

    Elizabeth, thank you.

  • LindaGH

    Bravo Elizabeth!! Too bad you’re not our PM! Truer words were never spoken! They didn’t want you to speak because they knew you would hit it right out of the ball park – and you did. Thank you for your commitment, perseverance and common sense!

    • Angele Ortega

      I agree with Linda. well said.. lets get harper out of control and return the government to a peace truce so that canadians do not become Americans.

      • MomOnEarth

        There are many good Americans. I think what you mean is, the corrupt American system that disenfranchises many of its citizens.

        • Angele Ortega

          Harper wants to drag down Canadians to the same level as Americans, as they dont understand why Canadian want to stay a peaceful keeping nation. Harper and Campbell have plans that most Canadians do not want and never would have voted for if they knew the truth of deception that they propagate… all for our own good.

          • MomOnEarth

            No argument there.

          • Roy Strachan

            In Canada we have the worst government, except for all the others.

      • Roy Strachan

        The only problem with getting Mr. Harper out of control is that we would be saddled with the ultimate air-head in T2.0. That would be a direct route to the toilet for Canada, so I can not agree with you.

        • Angele Ortega

          what does ‘ultimate air-head in T2.0′ mean..
          I do not understand your lingo.

          Harper does not represent me I would prefer Eliz to be PM. What a great name.. like Queen Elizabeth… she is more fitting to bring Canada back to balance.

          • Roy Strachan

            T2.0 is the son of T1 = Pierre Trudeau, and yes he is an air-head.

          • Angele Ortega

            that made me laugh… you get bonus points.
            WE have such an entrenched political system but change is happening quickly so lets think GREEN… and get he young people out to vote. Europe has shown us the way.

  • Mary

    Thank you Elizabeth for speaking out on behalf of the more compassionate and sane citizens of Canada.

  • Joyce Hall

    Thoughtful and smart analysis. Thanks again, Elizabeth.

  • Jean-Daniel

    Well reasoned and well said, Elizabeth. I will be honored to be able to vote for you at the next election. You shine amongst the dull and the mongrels. I wish you could become the Prime Minister. I trust you would do an amazing, memorable job, better than anyone of your colleagues there.

  • JanetHudgins

    Well said, as always. Wonder how she continues to hang on to her sanity and wisdom in utter Bedlam.

  • My2centsworth

    Very well said Elizabeth. I agree 100%

  • fed up canadian

    Then why don’t you got talk to the countries and show Harper who is better. Talking big is cheap, Going out and doing it is something is worthy to talk about.
    Pack a bag and take care of it. I your not willing stop whining about it. Peace can be accomplished 2 ways talking for a while and if it takes forever get everyone to stand up to isis. Or just remove isis promptly without hesitation. There is a time to be nice and then to be an as*****le and don’t let people walk all over you.

  • Janet Vickers

    When the powers of the world retreat to a reptilian dark age, we must use all the energy we have to express our highest ideals. Thank you Elizabeth.

  • Shane
  • Leslie Stanick

    Elizabeth May, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful response to the proposed bombing mission in Syria. You are the sanest and most compassionate voice in Parliament. Thank you for clarifying the political history and real issues in the region. The knee jerk reaction to drop more bombs by the Conservatives only fuels the possibility of WW3. Bombing in Syria does not ensure safety for people on the ground, or safety for Canadians at home. It just dumps more fuel on the fire. Canada used to be a country of peace, it is why we left the US after 11 years of the US bombing in Vietnam, to come home to Canada. But with this uneducated move by the Conservatives to join in the fray, without understanding the subtleties and implications of the situation, is rash and dangerous. I want to see Canada OUT of the tensions in the middle-east and focus on taking care of our own issues. Our meddling has only made matters worse.

  • pygmycory

    I can’t honestly see bombing ISIS in Syria improving the situation. I think we need to reduce our need for middle east resources (eastern Canada doesn’t get it’s oil from Western Canada, it buys much of it on the international market( I’d advocate energy conservation and renewables rather than increased oil sands extraction)) and not get involved in bombing ANY middle eastern countries. It hasn’t been productive over the long term in recent years in terms of the safety of western citizens or the stability of middle eastern nations. We could do more to help the refugees, too.

  • D Jackson

    Didn’t Canada used to be peace keepers? Was this country not respected the world over for its commitment to fairness, human rights and supporting those in need? We need government that reflects the values of Canadians not a government that jumps on the war mongering band wagon that places our country on the “List” of enemy states. If the current conservative government wants to protect Canada, then we should be sending food and medical aid… not bombs and death.

    • jsomerlea

      During the Iran/Iraq War the American military machine supplied Iraq with most of what it needed to defeat Iran..There is a picture of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein…Yes Hussein was a dictator but his people lived and he was not involved with al Qaeda in fact he hated them.
      The George Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld and Tony Blair WAR was was the origin of all that is taking place in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and other wars.
      And NOW HARPER wants to be a HERO to who?????? Not the Canadian people who he seems to detest …..The Military equip that is being used to murder and pillage in the name of Allah has been the salvage of war….,.,.much of it with origins from the USA, Russia, Britain and Yes HARPER’S Canada

  • It a wonderful world

    I wish Elizabeth was our prime minister. Harper is very afraid of her. She speaks the truth and makes sense of a situation.. I will vote for her.

  • saipan

    So what she said really? No wonder the Greens are the last rump party.
    And why did Clinton and Chretien bomb Serbia? Just to help the Islamists.

  • Frank

    Elizabeth. I am a small c conservative and have actively supported the green party at all 3 levels of government. However I found one of your points contradictory. Canada supported/helped remove dictators in Iraq and Libya and the situation for their citizens is now much worse. Why do you support the removal of Assad as the result will even more predictably be identical to what happened in Libya.

    • altor

      I believe Ms. May, like everyone else, here, would like to see the end of tyranny everywhere. She did mention that the West missed an opportunity to intervene positively in the Middle East during the Arab Spring. Instead, empty or unrealistic promises were made, undermining the democratic movements underway i.e. in Syria and Egypt.
      The West has insofar acted to destabilize the region rather than to secure it. Canada, and others, have failed diplomatically since the neocons’s agenda has been adopted by politicians and NATO almost totally, throughout all western democracies and allies!
      Ms. May, also knows and has spoken about and against the meddling that are currently taking place in the Ukraine and in peripheral areas such as Turkey etc. and sees and understand how a perilous an “Eastern Front ” could easily materialize engulfing most nations along and beyond it, if diplomacy is made to fail yet, again!
      Even the infamous Kissinger has said, that western policies are bringing us closer to the verge of a Third World War since the Cold War! It is more complicated than it looks and certain actions may exacerbate the situation anywhere, while scapegoating the Middle East!
      People in general, Canadians in particular and some Greens, forget that the Greens are more than a Political Party and that we are and began as an International Movement and that’s why Ms. May has more knowledge of international issues than all combined pseudo-opposition in our Parliament, most especially, our government’s whose members seems to follows and apply the praxis of both the UK and USA as if by proxy! (Globalization and its Discontents!)


    So very sorry Ms May you should have the right to speak and hopefully someday soon!
    I dread the thought of fights/war and killing but Canada and her pple have been threatened and terrorized and killed already in our country so we now need to be firm and take a stand. There is a dreadful undercurrent here that can explode anytime so we need remove the main cause of it. Truely unfortunate and sad and painful when any harm becomes to any of the innocent but they have done too much to them already! So this must stop…take a stand…send reinforcements …whatever it takes …support our troops wherever they land! Oh Canada!

  • Jim

    Well Elizabeth, a fine speech, but disappointed that you are so willing to fall into the trap of demonizing Assad, just as the Western Bankers demonized The leaders of Libya and Iraq right before their puppets bombed ‘em back into the Stone Age for refusing to play ball …. My research indicates that most Syrians support their leader, and that he certainly didn’t “gas his own people” as the Zionist-controlled media would have us believe. Maybe you should read more alternate sites to get a better perspective on this.

    • jsomerlea

      Right on Jim…….I find much truth from El jazeera as opposed to our Corporate owned Media

      • Androsterone Silva

        Except I don’t think she’s getting all her news from “sites” but rather from actual information.

  • Deb

    Great job Elizabeth… keep holding them accountable and have them stop acting like children. This is SERIOUS stuff and not to be decided by a bunch of rude idiots. I am truly angered and dismayed by the behaviour of other members. Peoples lives are at stake here

  • Keith

    At Last! The truth! Elizabeth May / Green Party behaves as we expect (unlike the others), and speaks clearly, the truth on this mess in the Middle East. Our Government gives us “stories”. Other Opposition Parties haven’t said this. We have a Leader in this country, and it’s the Leader of the Green Party. Who’d have thought.

    • Rosie

      I couldn’t agree more. Elizabeth May is type of person that I would be proud to call our PM. But in order to do that at some time in the future the Green Party needs to first become an official party in this next election, which means winning 12 seats. So I think it’s time to vote Green in strategic ridings where the Green Party has a strong candidate. Time will tell soon where those ridings are but I think a few could be in the City of Vancouver where the municipal Greens got many votes in the last city election and now have a real caucus from the Council, Parks and School Board.

  • iamli3

    mmmm trying to post this comment on this page too , but then the box says i’ve already posted this comment here , however looking through all the comment i don’t see it anywhere , so if someone else sees a double of this post go ahead about point it out to me….

    >i don’t think anyone underestimates the threat that is isil/isis

    mean the threat of the constant very poorly executed hoaxes the
    corporate media is purporting on a regular basis to slap that label onto
    to get people to actually believe another alqeada psyop?……

    i agree may that is a very serious threat , so you should be pushing to
    send the military after the traitors to the respective countries that
    are pulling this bs , unless of course you’re in on the game too , i’d
    like to think that you’re not , but i’ve herd others complain how
    they’ve tried to bring exposure of corruption in the
    political/legal/corporate world to your attention only for you to do
    nothing about it…..

  • Edward Gullickson

    I read MP May’s speech and and give her a big thumbs up for it and respect her views.
    Yes, more needs to be done by the Muslim world to clean up their own mess, because the more we help, the more they hate us.
    The Arab countries, should be caring for these people not us. They are wealthy beyond belief because of the oil that the world buys, which in turn allows them to buy arms to fight and support the Muslim terrorists around the world.
    Now on the other hand would you like to fight them on Canadian soil or on their soil while they are still week.
    I support the PM in fighting ISIS, but I agree that going into Syria is opening up a door that we should leave alone.
    As Marco Polo said the fanatical Muslim ,is the one that cuts your head off, but the moderate Muslim is the one holding your feet .

  • Kishori

    Oh Elizabeth – you are so right – I’m just sick to hear that a majority of people in Canada support Harper in this war. I totally agree we should be contributing to humanitarian work as has been the tradition of Canada in the past. Oh yes Rod – I agree where is Mr. Pearson.

  • Sr. Lise Jolie

    Well said, Elizabeth. Thank you for your insightful words of wisdom.

  • Matt

    Well said. I only wish the message was louder. Please keep up the great work. Glad to see you are not another “yes man”

  • Elektrix

    Yet another prime example of Harper being the most inadequate person to ever hold the seat of PM, and another example from Ms. May of the clarity and integrity we need to strive for for characteristics in a PM!

  • ouefs

    Well said! However I would suggest that a vital element has been omitted. To effect the changes you suggest will need boots on the ground. Lots of boots! The only real solution is an armed invasion of Syria with the intent to remove the Asaad government and put it under a United Nations Mandate for a decade while we rebuild it and prepare it to run itself as a democratic state. Radical I know but necessary. Without such a solution Libya two is just around the corner.

    • SteveAbbott

      What you are suggesting is Iraq 2. The failure of Libya was not in the lack of follow-up, but in overthrowing the government in the first place. Furthermore, the overthrow of Ghadaffi was promoted through the same propagandised news coverage, as has been used in promoting the overthrow of Assad, and it was the same Jihadis that we enabled in Libya, who took weapons from there to dominate and completely overtake the legitimate protest movement in Syria, who our Harper along with other western leaders continued to enable in Syria until they morphed into ISIS. Nobody is suggesting that Assad is a saint, but the disaster of Syria, like the disasters of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, have all been initiated and exacerbated by western military intervention.

  • Barrie Briggs

    The truth is always hard and she has stated the position of I would imagine a large majority of Canadians. If the sitting government of Canada would stop and think for themselves for a change and stop following the whims of the USA president maybe Canada can get back to being the world’s policemen a roll that we fulfilled for years and did quite a good job. Let’s start by cleaning up our messes that are sitting in this country. Clean out the hives of supporters of terrorists in this country and then move with the invite of other countries to help them. Set and example not become like the USA and just create messes and try to bomb the hell out of countries and then tell them it was for their own good and we were helping you. Get out of the shadow of our neighbour and be the humanitarian country we once were.

  • Patricia

    Elizabeth, that dream you had of being Prime Minister, let’s make it real!

  • Jo. Unrau

    We should all be voting Green Party when we go to the polls. They are the only ones who will protect Canada & Canadians. Don’t be a coward & vote someone else because you’re afraid of losing. Things will keep getting worse unless we use common sense. Vote Green & urge all your friends & family to do the same. If things continue as they are our country won’t be fit to live in. Rich politicians, oil companies, etc. will take their $$$ someplace else, but what happens to real Canadians? Think about it!

  • wondering

    How refreshing to see some one tell the truth in an intelligent manner, as opposed to the usual party first politics where one side waits for the other side to say something and then attack it because it was said by another party

  • Tom Ryan

    Bless you Elizabeth for the truth . That said. They will not hear you and My Harper will do as he pleases as he always has. Sad but I fear true.

  • Ancient Briton

    Too many words. too much discussion! More action swiftly, silently and really unpleasantly against Isink or whatever they call themselves and detention under a law similar to Regulation 18B for their adherents like we had during the last outbreak of general unpleasantness with the Huns! Queensbury Rules inapplicable here – the gloves are off!

  • jimb55

    Well said. Why can’t some the other lumps that sit in their chairs have something to say than just be a sheep to their leader.

  • Harry Brock

    Absolutely the only solution stop the bombing and let the surrounding Countries deal with the fanatical groups.

  • fhaedra

    As always, Ms May speaks eloquently, addressing the Members of the House with respect, putting forth her well-reasoned comments for all to consider. The issue is a gravely serious one with potential of consequences our representatives need to fully discuss and debate, leaving ego and petty bickering for those incapable of participating in adult discourse.

  • Leo

    The reason why Elizabeth May will never be the Prime Minister of Canada
    is because she is far too intelligent and makes common sense – something
    that current leaders cannot grasp as they cloak in deceptive and opaque
    practices policies that promote their party agenda at the expense of
    that which makes Canada such a great country.
    Sadly, as a nation we
    have become far too comfortable with the status quo. Proof of that
    level of entitlement can easily be witnessed by the childish behaviour
    within the House by those elected to ‘lead’ our nation.
    It’s all very sad from my perspective.

  • Vera Wilman

    So, was she forbidden to speak because she is of the green party or because she is a woman?

  • Stephen Green

    Elizabeth May has made several observations and from that some very wrong assumptions. In the first place the major Islamic leaders have declared ISIL ISIS as not following the teachings of Islam. Further, while it is all very nice to look at International Law, what section of that Law deals with inexcusable butchery by these IS extremists. The ISIL could care less about International Law, could care less about the treatment of prisoners, could care less about human rights, could care less about national boundries and clearly could care less about the history of mankind. Their only interest is to establish a Caliphate in their name and impose their own dictatorial ideology of ‘false Islam’.

    The suggestion by the Leader of the Opposition and those of the minor parties in the House suggest we need approval from the United Nations. That will never happen as the Russian Federation would immediately veto any such attempt. Why? Russia and the current Syrian government are allies. Why … because Syria has provided a very large Naval installation to the Russians. Therefore, the question must be asked; do all the nations just sit back on their laurels and let the ISIL folks freedom to continue their carnage?

    Let us not forget also that there are a number of Tribal elements who have taken one side or the other which does not help things at all. Let us also acknowledge, that the Islamic radical extremists of differing composition are merging into one under the ISIL banner, in Yeman, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, and several other nations in Africa plus elsewhere.

    So how to moderate thinking nations stop this tide of brutal radicalism? Ten nations of the Arab Council have banded together providing certain air, sea and land military resources, including Iran, to attempt to stop the ISIL. Do we in the West (Europe, North America, Australia etc) just do nothing. I think that would be a major disaster if we did that could very well become even a greater humanitarian slaughter of innocent peoples.

    The Canadian contribution is small and augmentary merged with the other coalition of nations with the aim to stop the radicals. Yes there may be collateral damage, but that occurs in any active war front, but that is minor relative to what ISIL has done.

    The question then turns to the Syrian regime, where some 220,000 humans have been killed, and countless others injured, infrastructure obliterated, to a point where Syria will take multiple decades to recover. So far very little has resulted with multiple attempts by the United Nations, the Arab League, or anyone else. The problem just grinds along with more killing, injuries etc. Should Canada just stand by like spectators in a Roman gladiator fight … I would hope not.

    Bottom line one has to attack the evil medusa before the head can be removed and some sort of calm can be restored.

    I support the Canadian involvement in both the military effort and humanitarian assistance.

  • Judith Macdonell

    Thank you Elizabeth May…clear, honest and respectful….appreciate all you do…thank you…


    Great work and good for discussion MP Elizabeth May.
    Good old fashion common sense that is avoided by small l, leadership like the plaque
    What ever happened to Canada the peace maker.

    Remember the saying, “Hold your friends close, but your enemies closer”.
    We all need to revisit Canada the role in the world and become a focused leader for world peace.
    We run the risk of getting over involved in a war economy and forget to focus on a economic economy and run the risk of have no money for the things that really matter within a good quality of life.
    We think we are there and need to refocus our energy now.

  • Grace Isaak

    We all must insist that Ms. May be allowed to join the party leader debates during the next election campaign. It is the television and radio media that make this decision. Please lobby hard and long or the Green message will not get out!!

  • Teresa Chan

    We need to change our electoral system, or allow Harper to lead us down the wrong path.

  • SteveAbbott

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I am deeply grateful for your opposition to the expansion and extension of Canada’s military role in the middle east. At the same time, I would like to inject a note of caution with regard to a part of the reasoning that you present. The reference to Bashar al-Assad having killed over 200,000 of his own people, and the suggestion that his regime is worse than ISIS is simplistic, and appears to have been cribbed from a recent article by a Star journalist who I usually highly respect. This recent claim, however, is inaccurate and carelessly presented.

    I do not want to take the side of Assad, and the death toll of the conflict in Syria, is indeed estimated to be over 200,000, but only propagandists claim that all or even a majority of them have been committed by Assad’s forces. There is room for a great deal of study, and I could present a very long essay on the inadequacies of the “trial by media”, and foreign support for Jihadist forces in the guise of domestic rebellion that has taken place there.

    The simplest summary would be that foreign intervention in Syria has given rise to ISIS, as has foreign intervention in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. Canada has not been innocent of these errors, despite the fact that we have often taken the role of enablers, through intemperate and ill informed language. More of the same, or worse still bombing, will not correct the instability that we have contributed to in the past, but will only aggravate it.

    Again, thank you so much, for opposing our taking an ever expanding military role.


  • lae

    The only solution is for all nations to withdraw to within their own borders, starting with the miss-named western democracies. Perhaps these others will follow this example, in any case, let them settle their own problems without our interference, this is not our affair.



    • jsomerlea

      The problem is the supporters of HARPER will vote almost 100% and like the FEAR mongering Netanyau he might be re-elected unless everyone gets off the butts and votes the b……out

  • Bryan

    Elizabeth May represents my thoughts as a Canadian… I sure hope she would run a a PM because she would definitely get my vote. I like her no nonsense call it like it is attitude.

  • Linda

    Well done Elizabeth! I concur that you would represent Canadians as Prime Minister much better than Harper or Trudeau. We can trust you to maintain Canada’s integrity as the peaceful country it has always been.Time to shake up our government! Canadians need to find the courage to demand change.

  • Roy Strachan

    Tough call when half a world away, but the facts are…..syria is much more equipped to battle than we are, they choose not to. They are in an area which has been fighting for centuries, is it not best to let two dogs fight and tame the victor, thereby gaining less loss but the spoils of upperhand also??????

  • liztoo

    Shades of Maggie Thatcher and the Falklands! Why does the public feel a war makes the government strong? A strong govt. is surely one which can avoid war.

  • Eve

    Thank you Elizabeth May for being courageous and persistent enough to send out different voice to the House. It is a disgrace, disrespectful and arrogant manner not to let you, who acts as a representative of Green Party in Ottawa, speak in front of the House. We need a voice like you.

  • Michael Hanni Morcos

    Elizabeth ; there are many interpretations of the Truth -I happen , without being boastful know a little more about the area than most Canadians -i originally come from there ; was well educated there ; and i’m so grateful i;m nere now Alive;The buttom line is Islam without exception is Not compatible with Anything else;the reason being is they promote and believe in the Koran and Haddith ;just like Christians believe in the Bibble ;or Buddhists in the Lotus Sutra ,with emphassis in the Sanctity of All Lives ,and Respect for Others and respect for Human Rights and Rule of Law.Elizabeth ;without these we are just Savages . So do not be Fooled and a Martyr to even consider them Humans -In 2011 My Niece;s body parts were scaped from a marble column in New Year Celebration at a church in Alexandria Egypt ; and not long ago i lost 21 Coptic members that were beheaded in Libya. I ;m not looking for sympathy ;i just want to Educate Canadians to safeguard our Country .Secondly No Moslem in their heart respect or agree with our Constitution or Rule of Law ;for it is against Sharia Laws -Only Allah;s Laws ,wich justify Killing Innocent and marrying and exploiting two and three years old Children.Sincerly Respectful… Michael Hanni

  • troubledworld

    seems too me mmay is on the right track just the facts are lybia should have been let alone from what I have rasearched paints a diiffrent picture of lybia and natos trained rebels and if true we would say every thing about the situation needs investigatiion into the alligations against Moammar Gadhafi

    his people were not poor all housed by the man before his own family

    Moammar Gadhafi

    make up your own mind but plz investigate

  • Tedc

    After experiencing more than 60 years of governments this is the only time I have been seriously concerned about the stability of our democracy. With brilliant people such as Elizabeth May being marginalised in favour of The war mongering types in the current Harper government it is no wonder the reputation of Canada on the world stage has taken a nose dive. Thanks ms May for injecting some class into our parliament.

  • SandB

    I agree with Jim Shepard, Harper needs to go – we need to return to a respected, peace-keeping country. Elizabeth May is speaking the truth.

  • Patricia Sinnott

    Well spoken, Elizabeth; I admire your insight and the clarity of your statement .

  • Patrick Lemaire

    This government system is so dysfunctional… This is not democracy.

  • http://batman-news.com lromeo41891@hotmail.com

    Bravo Elizabeth, your words are truly needed in all our debates

  • Liz

    Let the voice or reason and empathy spoken through an incisive mind reign. I will be voting Green as long as E. May is the leader.

  • LeslieL

    Absolutely right. Thank you, Elizabeth.

  • Christina Wilson

    Ms May, you are a gracious influence and a light of reason coming from a very dark place. If Canadians weren’t too apathetic to vote, we might actually get the Conservatives out of there and the Green Party in. I campaign ceaselessly for the Greens and I am praying for you.

  • Jenn

    Maybe I don’t know everything but, if someone heckles in the house of commons… i believe they should have their right to be there removed. all opinions and ideas should be respected. That kind of behavior is no better than an ignorant bully attempting to steal your lunch money. Bravo, Elizabeth for reacting with class and integrity.

  • vanheusen

    Thank you for being such a clear, strong cover of reason!

  • Joseph

    Ms. May hass the right message. I hope for Canada’s sake that the government takes it to heart and stop playing the Wild West cowboy that is so uncaracteristic of the country. Remember , we kill them, they will do their utmost to kill us; and they are doing it peace meal . Perhaps those who propose this action should do it themselves in their name rather than blacken cCanada ‘ s eyes yet again.

  • Sal

    This is George Bush’s Legacy.

  • XLad

    The best thing we can do to protect Canada is stop all Islamic immigration now!

  • Merrychase

    We need to hear more of Elizabeth May, not less. Those who support this extension may be ignorant of the complexity of the situation. ISIS is terrible and it is too easy to have an emotionally based desire to defeat them soundly. Harper appeals to that Cdn decency while neglecting to reveal the very real consequences of bombing Syria. It is too late to stop the extension now; but, an better educated voter is essential to stopping it. Let’s hear more from Elizabeth.

  • Daniel Raymond Sorensen

    I am sorry, but we must continue the fight against Isis. I hat wars and killing, but they must be stopped.

  • Brian Lessard

    The fact that such a sensible argument would be denied the public is good enough reason to start ensuring her grounded perspective be heard on public debates come this election. Time to mobilize.

  • Janie MacAskill

    You are brilliant and you shine even brighter with these thoughtful comments. What an even more wonderful country Canada would be if all MPs were as polite and as thoughtful as you are.

  • Diane

    Dearest Elizabeth,
    How I wish we had you as our prime minister. You are brilliant and right on the money with your erudite and respectful comments.

  • Nick

    Thank you Elizabeth. I totally agree with you. Others would too if they only could hear your comments. Canadian media is not doing their “work” very well. Bloody shame.

  • MurphyBird

    Thank you Elizabeth May for being a voice in the ever-increasing wilderness. Harper wants to be a war lord and he will take Canada down this path of shame.

  • Archie1954

    She is unfortunately speaking after drinking American koolaid. She doesn’t mention that ISIS is an outgrowth of al Queda, an American created, funded and supported entity used to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan during the 80s. She didn’t mention that the US funded the Syrian rebels to create regime change while the Shiite majority of the Syrian people still supported Assad. She didn’t mention that the cruel, evil former leader of Libya was the only reason the extremist Moslem sects didn’t gain a stronghold there until he was removed , or that while he led, Libya became a well managed economic powerhouse compared to the rest of that area of North Africa. No nation Western or otherwise has any right to impose their beliefs or form of governance on any other nation. That includes Canada. We should stay out of American made messes. The US created the problem so let them cure it!

  • lesley

    Thank you, Elizabeth. Your skill and determination to remain civil and respectful towards those in parliament who are disrespectful in their opposition to you are amazing. You speak (I sincerely hope!) for the majority of Canadians who long for the day when Canada will regain its collective senses and act out of compassion and intelligence instead of brashness and ego. Please keep up the good fight.

  • Frances Bickerstaff

    It’s easy to see why the other parties are afraid to allow Elizabeth to speak. One might say, things are beginning to look greener on that side of the fence and possibly my vote and my contributions, would be better spent there in future.

  • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

    Its foolish and not worth one Human Life to put our noses where it does not belong,Russia has been an ally and partner wjth Syria and will not allow any other Regime in Syria….. we must not follow Zionist global invasion plans as they presently do to the U.S. military , global dictatorship escalation means only one thing ….. A Nuclear Holocaust ….. wake up Canada !

  • Wroots

    This is what we helped to do in Iraq. It makes the butchery in Syria look fairly benign in comparison.

    (1). 1.7 million Iraqi violent deaths.
    (2). 2.9 million Iraqi avoidable deaths from violently-imposed deprivation.
    (3). 2 million under-5 year old Iraqi infant deaths, 90% avoidable and due to gross violation of the Geneva Convention by the US Alliance.
    (4). 7,700,000 Iraqi refugees.
    (5). 5,000,000 Iraqi orphans.
    (6). 3,000,000 Iraqi widows.
    (7). 1,000,0000 Iraqis missing.
    (8). 4,000 Iraqi women (20% under 18) missing and presumed “trafficked”.
    (9). 3.5 million Iraqi children living in dire poverty.
    (10). 1.5 million Iraqi children are undernourished.
    (11). Iraqi cancer cases in cases per 100,000 people were 40 (1990), 800 (1995) and 1,600 (2005). (from depleted uranium bombs and US use of napalm in Fallujah.)
    (12). 40% of Iraqi professionals have left since 2003.
    (13). 34,000 doctors (1990) declined to 16,000 doctors (2008).
    (14). More than 2,200 doctors and nurses killed.
    (15). The Iraqi health budget dropped from $450 million pa (1980-1991) to $22 million (2002),
    (16). Most of Iraqi children are traumatized by war.

    Article here:

    (17). From high literacy pre-1990 to 74% illiteracy in 2011.

  • Wayne

    Thank you for your voice of reason and your plea for our elected officials to listen,

  • Gerry Lynch

    Brilliantly put, Ralph Nader also criticized the Harper Conservatives for blindly following US. policy in extending our stay in Iraq, proposing to go into Syria, wanting
    to enact Bill C-51 as Bush did with the Patriot Act. He reminds me of the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld Administration. They were aligned with the Bilderbergers and the Council on Foreign Relations that controls our media, loves to engage in war and loves the profits our corrupt politicians or puppets facilitate for them. Just hope that everyone remembers that Harper said that by the time he gets done with Canada we wouldn’t recognize it. Canada was known for its commitment to peace, its neutrality and genuine concern for humanity. Under Harper, the opposite is true and he is destroying the reputation of Canada under the pretext of eliminating “terrorism”, while he enslaves Canadians and others through his Neanderthal thinking and objectives. thanks you Elizabeth for your political courage to stand up to these warmongers. There are not to many honest politicians left but you are one of them. Most of them represent the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about.

  • Alex

    It is easy to blame the American or the radical Islam for this mess, but the real truth is that we are all to blame for this. The western civilization – all of us – have been living wealthy and healthy off the hard work and the resources of the third world. We are exploiting these countries and people so that we can have cheap food, cloths and whatever else we do not want to make ourself.
    This treatment is exactly that creates the breeding ground for ISOS. We do not threat these human beings as partners, but rather as a resource to be exploited.

    We all need to look in the mirror to see who is really responsible!!!

  • http://www.calgaryrealestatelink.com/ ElkeB

    fabulous speech

  • http://www.wallstreetvacations.ca Denis Caldecott

    This is why we need change in Ottawa, whole sale change, political change, parliament has become a circus act, full of bafoons practicing bafoonery at the highest level,most Canadians have little respect for Parliament, we need people who’s ethics are of a high standard & genuinely have the publics best interest at heart, including our Armed forces something Harper & Trudeau no little about, I as a Citizen of this great country am fed up with this two party system, one of high tax’s, wasteful spending ie: ta x dollars going overseas to suspect countries that have no relivance to Canada, Health Care System in disarray, heading into a two teared system, where the poor & working class fall further into the abyss.
    Change is what is needed,political,judicial & Senate Abolition to rid the governments appointed scum that is a Troll on the public Purse.
    Let’s take back our Government, a change for the better.

  • Mary

    You are a voice of reason, Elizabeth! It is ignorance, poverty, government and civil corruption, and lack of hope that fuels the problems in these and other parts of the world today. We should be supporting peace efforts, education initiatives, health and welfare, and human rights, both abroad and at home, if we want to help curb unrest, violence, and the downward slide into barbarism.

  • karin foster

    there speaks the voice to reason & sanity….

  • Captain Bob

    Y’all sound like a bunch o left leanin’ lyin’ liberals or Greenies, who are not even a legitimate political party yet and i surely would not want to see E.M. as PM of Canada, not even for a day.

  • Hildegard Richter

    Thank you Mfanawemkosi Fakudze for reminding us of the facts regarding the ME and the root causes of the present day upheaval.. Canada has no business getting involved in an unwinable quagmire.

  • vegguy

    Groups of criminal thug organizations yet unnamed can include Knesset and the CIA – to name two. We need to stop supporting terrorists and focus on aiding those in need.

  • MarkyG

    The war in Iraq and Syria is mainly a sectarian conflict between various Sunni, Shia and Alawite factions, as proxies for Saudi Arabia or Iran, complicated by Kurdish nationalism and petroleum resources. No amount of bombing alone will dislodge ISIL from northern Syria, the other anti-Assad groups are weak and divided; only Assad’s army could potentially take ISIL on. Given the intractable Shia/Sunni divide and the regional rivalry between Iran and S.A. (backed by Russia and the U.S. respectively), there is zero prospect for an end to the conflict any time soon. Elizabeth is correct in opposing the motion, but I question whether she would have supported a military operation by Canadian troops directly against Assad under “responsibility to protect?”

    • Steve Dent

      The war in Iraq and Syria is mainly the result of decades of destabilizing efforts by the American terror empire, conjoined with the billions of dollars spent by the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia to push various and conflicted interests at different points in time.

      The BEST solution to deal with the American-created Islamic State is to IGNORE THEM and bring down the REAL criminals: The American terror empire.

      Go for the head. This is no hydra. The PEOPLE are not nearly as crazed and fanatical as we’ve been led to believe.

      If the psychotic oligarchs that OWN the Western world were committed to bringing this kind of chaos to North America, they could easily create an Anglophone “Mujaheddin” here over a period of a few years.

      Similarly, there is nothing that is preventing the people of Islamic State and other Southwest Asian nations from building a progressive, powerful and developed region given a fair opportunity to trade and interact with the other seven billion Humans on the planet.

  • http://www.truthtalkonline.blogspot.com Victoria

    I agree with you for the most part, Elizabeth, but did you or anybody else wonder where all the refugees went when Uncle Sam attacked and destroyed Iraq for no reason? Most of them were taken in by Assad into Syria. Saddam and Kadaffi may have been dictators, but they were vilified and destroyed, and Assad is next on the list. Iraq and Libya had orderly and prosperous governance, with women enjoying equal rights, but their leaders dared to not roll over and be pillaged but to fight back. Look at anyone being vilified by the Western media, including Putin. Iran defied being pillaged, and Uncle Sam overthrew Mossadegh, democratically elected, and installed the puppet Shah, who was overthrown. That’s how they do things.
    I agree with Gary about losing our peace keeping status with Harper. But we need to do more than spoil our ballots. Our first past the post electoral system is a huge problem which needs to be fixed. The likes of Harper has about a third support, which means 2/3 of Canadian didn’t want him. Yet, he acts like a dictator. Why don’t we fix the voting system, and work towards more real democracy?

  • abbas

    thanks so much it’s good you to be in parliament i wish we had more people like you there.

  • Hugh

    true honest thoughtful words, she should be our next Prime Minister

  • Rick Tufts

    Good speech but the one key issue she left out is the fact the ISIS was created by the U.S. to provide an excuse to go into Syria. This is not conspiracy theory. There is ample truth and I urge everyone to go to GlobalResearch.ca to read some excellent articles on the subject.

  • Rick Tufts

    I fear that Elizabeth May is little more than controlled opposition. Her opposition to restoring the Bank of Canada to its constitutional duty to create money for the various levels of government in Canada is evidence of that.The fact that she has a very close relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton also makes me very, very uneasy. They have a questionable history to say the least.

  • Deb

    Shades of Lester B. Pearson and his stance during the War in Vietnam. It is refreshing Elizabeth to hear a diplomatic politcal voice and one that isn’t short-sighted, but pragmatic and willing to examine the root issues to find a path to alternate solutions, not simply band-aid solutions. I am not sure why bombing is seen as a solution when it has not been successful nor effective in the past. I think my vote is turning Green in the upcoming election so you have a regular and consistent opportunity to speak in the House.

  • Len Lefor

    Harper is a Bilderberg puppet following the Bilderberg agenda. They own all western media and fill our heads with propaganda they want us to believe. I read comments on these barbaric leaders of Iraq ,Libya and Syria. If you look closer, Gadhafi actually turned that nation around from the poorest nation to the richest. His only fault was to try to get away from using The American oil dollars. Anyone the U.S. does not want in power become a barbaric leader and outed. Now they use ISIS as the reason but this is a group formed and funded by the CIA. War makes money for this shadow government that controls all western government including Harper. We send over our planes to fight an agenda of the Elites. Too bad so many people are blinded

  • Steve H.

    Everyone knows the facts that Elizabeth has laid out. This conflict we
    are considering is not going to be ‘messy, but rather a meat-grinder.
    Canadians are going to die, under fire from allies and enemy alike and
    also here at home suffering from the post-war effects of government
    neglect for veterans and by their own hands from Post Traumatic Stress
    Disorder (PTSD). In the short term, without achieving anything
    measurable geopolitically beyond securing multiple despotic regimes
    controlling huge oil resources. But, what is the alternative? Allow
    Chinese forces to fill our void and redirect these resources to their
    economy (and they are sorely needed)? The resulting armies we might
    face, well fed on middle-eastern oil, in a future geopolitical contest
    would be far more ‘able’ than the skirmishers that ISIS/ISIL can
    presently mount. Either way it is a blood-bath involving despotic
    governments but the scale we facing in our various choices is
    drastically different. The future is ours to chose, now.

  • Z Zenchuk

    Well said…to the point and eloquent enough to hopefully gets these over paid ‘jack asses’ to rethink the danger they’re putting our country in. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of the rest of us level headed, concerned Canadians. Keep up the good work Elizabeth !

  • Thomas Ginn

    This mission does not do that…! (read E. May’s article to see what the proposed mission doesn’t do…)

  • Lorne

    Thank You Elizabeth. It is wonderful to have someone who brings clarity to these matters. We are fortunate to have a politician we can be proud of.

  • Ancient Briton

    Why do our politicians and the media continue to grace that gang of desert thugs with with their self-proclaimed statehood? Let’s call ‘em The Daesh – something they don’t like!

  • Haig McCarrell

    We can do a lot right here by building bridges between faith communities and modelling a better way. As painful as what is going on in the Islamic world, Muslims and locals there will be the true catalysts for change. If Muslims here can support that (based on a positive experience here), and other Canadians build support for a civil society and religious freedom, things can change, but it will take time.

  • PlentyONothin

    IF ONLY we had leadership with Ms May’s brains and insight. Instead…what have we got? S*** for brains!

  • travelbug

    Thank you Elizabeth May. I am so sad about Syria and the rest of that region and feel completely helpless. I do not believe that we ought to be there let alone be extending our stay and sending troops to Syria. I would like to see Canada participate in helping the countries like Jordon, Lebanon and Turkey deal with the massive influx of refugees instead of spending more money on fighting a war that we can not win. I understand that ISIS, al Qadea, Boko Haram and other terrorists groups are a threat to the world however I think that continuing to have our troops there, bombing and often killing innocent people only fuels the fire for more terrorism. We used to be peace keepers now we are allowing ourselves to be pulled into an ongoing war where there do not appear to be any winners only more death and destruction of countries and souls. I would also like to see Canada take in more Syrian refugees.

  • ajpoll

    In spite of myself, I think I actually agree with her. Canadian jets over Syria? And why are we helping out Obama anyway – he has been giving us nothing but the shaft.

  • Bonnie

    Thank you once again Ms May. It must be tiring being the only voice of reason on the hill. I find it funny that you, along with many Canadians understand the root cause of terrorism, but our government still acts ignorant of these facts. No country on this planet is an island unto itself. We all live on this planet, and we have to grow up and realize we can not bring peace with violence. Violence breeds more violence….We have thousands of years of history to prove this, yet we learn nothing. The human race is insane…Doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result. Keep sane Ms May….thanks again.

  • vox-populi

    The greatest tragedy of this century was not 9/11 … but rather that 9/11
    provided the United States with the justification that has already taken
    2 million lives in the Middle East.

    PM Chretien’s refusal to go to war in Iraq, was Canada’s last act of political courage.

    The U.S led Western war in the Middle East over the past 12 years, has only created more hate, fear, instability, more death and more suffering.

    This is a slaughter for which the world, and especially the Muslim world,
    will hold the United States and Western complicity accountable.

  • Sandy Crawley

    An adult voice. How refreshing.

  • m.c.de wolfe

    I’ve not heard a better, non-partisan, no-nonsense overview of this complex, dark and crucial issue. Once and for all, particularly during this coming election year, Elizabeth May needs to be perceived by Canadians as SO much more than the leader of the “Environment;”(Green) Party. Her grasp of issues ( and political manoeuvrings) and ability to rise above the tired, BS rhetoric, is not only a true breath of fresh air, but is a voice that, given a real, decent chance, could actually get this country’s devolution of the past ten years back on track and closer to the long-term, thoughtful and intelligent values and priorities that mirror who we really are. More US, less ME.
    And once and for all, people, beware of so-called “tax cuts”…Read the ‘small print’ and understand the “trade-off”… Call them a nuisance, a necessary evil, whatever…but reality check: taxes are what make the world go round!…
    And PLEASE: There is no such thing as a free lunch!!!. Taxes fill the govt coffers that in turn pay for the social benefits and programs we all need and value. Tax cuts = quality of life (health, education and a multitude of services) suffers for the majority of Canadians. This is not rocket science!!! And if the only reason/way a certain current government manages to balance a budget/erase a deficit, look no further than the sad, long list of important public, scientific and cultural organizations at whose expense or dismantling this has been “achieved”? Again, no such thing as a free lunch. So can we please wake up from the stupor of too much (taxpayer paid for)propaganda, educate ourselves better as FELLOW citizens and understand this once and for all???) This is NOT a partisan statement! It is a statement of FACT. Lastly, If you’ve taken the time to read this, thank you. it means you’re someone who gives a shit and deserves to vote.

  • m.harris

    stay out of the middle east let the people there settle themselvs

  • Oksana

    Thank you Elizabeth!!!

  • should I worry

    I would like more investigation in to this matter,


  • GalaxyAhr48

    She sees clearly and speaks logically and with humane intent. The boys and girls who favour war and are in the House voting fir military solutions could benefit from reallyblistening tobthis brilliant woman!

  • Steve Dent

    How very polite.

    Why not just skip the platitudes and go straight to the issue?

    The American terror empire thrives off of destruction and chaos. The Libyan campaign is a success NOT just because Qaddafi is gone, but because the country is in ruins and there is no central government.

    We have seen this over and over again. By some bizarre standard of “rules,” the psychotic oligarchs that OWN the American government just LOVE this result.

    We also know that the American terror empire thrives on creating, enhancing and supporting Wahhabi groups, such as their golem Mujaheddin, in order to create more destruction and chaos.

    There isn’t a soul outside of the deluded Western world that doesn’t know this. Many of the seven billion Humans know this FIRST-HAND.

    We have ONE choice in Canada. We either FIGHT against the American terror empire and all that they stand for, or we burn with them. NO, not violence – we don’t need violence to end the criminal ways of the American terror empire.

    For the German people of the 1930′s, the destruction that came a decade later was inconceivable. There is no such excuse for us.

    We need a government in Canada that is willing to do what is necessary to severe all ties with the American terror empire and assist the world of the seven billion Humans in ending that empire. There is no other agenda that is worthy of our efforts.

    No other agenda will survive this century if we do NOT pursue this goal.

  • Marg

    If only our gov will listen!!!!!!

  • Barry Kendall

    We need more war on Islamic states, not less. Islam is as criminal enterprise seeking to enslave the world. Lets kill Omar al-Bashir, Bashar al-Assad, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and their like with drones. We must wipe every Islamic state off the face of the earth. It can be easily demonstrated that Mohammed was a terrorist, mass-murderer, plunderer, extortionist, liar, treaty-breaker, rapist and child molester.

    • Androsterone Silva

      Jesus Christ….

  • Ewa Jarmicka

    Why do major media ignore Elizabeth? Exactly where, what, is the blocking mechanism? Members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery vote her “best MP”, “most polite”, “easiest to get an appointment with”, so why no coverage? Do Gallery members file stories about E. that editors reject? Do they not file Green stories because they know editors won’t accept them? Have editors been instructed not to accept texts about E. or the Green Party? I suggest that we stop adding to this thread and begin writing to editors of major media demanding coverage of Elizabeth May, with CCs to our MPs. In every case, make it one brief personal letter to one editor with CC to one MP. I DO KNOW that this takes time, blood, sweat, tears, because I do it myself. But whatever the critical mass needed to turn Canada on to Elizabeth’s sanity and the GP, we’re more likely to achieve it by communicating with media than with each other. If I’m wrong, we’ll have to tackle the PMO and that’s a scary idea.

    • westwrider

      The main stream media will ignore our plea the same way this
      site ignores any criticism of Elizabeth May. In the atmosphere of total euphoria created by our government every time it sends our sons to yet another military operation abroad, there is no room for a word of reasoning and protests. It could be very harmful since it may actually force people to stop and think for a moment. Without them, it is so much easier
      to create the attitudes like in the letter below…

  • Louise188

    What a wonderfully intelligent and articulate woman you are, Ms. May. It is truly refreshing to listen to you. As so many point out, it is amazing how you are able to function so eloquently in such a toxic environment we call Canada’s ‘parliament’. And what a shame that the idiocy we also call our “government” of today are bent on ignoring you and destroying Canada, I, too, would like to know just who elected them.

  • Claude Mayrand

    Firstly, I would appreciate a summary of these speeches; I don’t care to read about heckling, I care about “the point” of the speech, the proposed solutions.

    Opposing someone else’s proposals is fine, but not proposing an alternative is not acceptable.

    I seem to feel, perceive, like I hear and read about oppositions to everything, no solutions to anything. And perception is reality.

    • Androsterone Silva

      Summaries tend to leave out context, which I think is important. This isn’t some off-hand issue that we can just ask for the bullet-points. This is about a war that may affect all Canadians in the long run. It deserves our full attention. And I think reading about the heckling is relevant, as it is indicative of how serious certain parties are in their handling of this issue.
      Also, if you read carefully, there is an alternative suggestion proposed by May.

  • Mary Russell

    Thank you Elizabeth, on top of the game every time! I fear for our sons and our country, with Harper arranging for war in Syria for months on end without the blessing of any nation. It appears to be a setup for defeat and dying over there, and for evil encursions over here…all because of Harper’s bile? Or seeking vain glory in an election year? Nothing makes sense in Harper’s idelogy he is forcing upon us and the world…

  • Chris Assad

    The honourable Ms. May, you are right on all the points you raised except one. President Assad enjoys the confidence of the majority of Syrian voters. Eleven million out of sixteen million eligible voters, elected him because they know more than anyone, that he being the commander-in-chief of the Syrian armed forces, are their only protection. If his popular support was absent, his presidency would have been history already.

    • westwrider

      Actually I found two more points:
      - Her believe in our ‘good intentions’ when bombing Libya,
      - Her believe that Canada should do more in last 4 years to overthrow the
      legitimate government of sovereign and independent Syria. Government that enjoys support of (as you pointed out) vast majority of its population (73.4% turnout and winning 88.7% of the votes in last year elections). These are the same people who, according to our media and polititians, are butchered
      and murdered by Assad’s forces….
      Having said that, I still admire and respect her courage to stand up and present her position which is shared by so many in this country.

      • Chris Assad

        You are absolutely correct. Further, the UN investigation team on the use of CW’s in Syria did not have the mandate to find out who was the user. They only were mandated to confirm or deny the use of the weapons. On this count all of the party leaders fail.

        • westwrider

          Which makes me wonder whether the international investigation team probing MH17 disaster operates under the same mandate…

  • Carol

    Thank you Elizabeth! I agree, Canada should increase humanitarian
    support to Syrian refugees and let the brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad
    and sadistic ISIS members fight it out. By sticking our nose in where
    it doesn’t belong, we open ourselves up to more terrorist attacks on
    Canadian soil. And the worst part is there is no need for any of it.
    We could simply let these two deplorable forces destroy each other.

  • achieveyourfreedom

    People need to get their news outside of the corporate owned US media. http://www.infowars.com/video-isis-leader-was-armed-funded-by-obama-white-house/
    Then Google infowars.com and really see what’s going on with the US and Canada de-stabilization of the Middle East.

  • achieveyourfreedom
  • Dan Pearlman

    A thoughtful and well considered argument. Let us hope that members of other parties will listen

  • TheTruthExposer

    Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS? The Corbert Report

    ISIS “Made in USA” (for Israel). Iraq “Geopolitical Arsonists” Seek to Burn Region

    The Relationship between Washington and ISIS: The Evidence

  • TheTruthExposer

    MI6, the CIA and Turkey’s rogue game in Syria
    World View: New claims say Ankara worked with the US and Britain to smuggle Gaddafi’s guns to rebel groups – PATRICK COCKBURN-Sunday 13 April 2014

  • TheTruthExposer

    “Zionism & Christianity: Unholy Alliance”

    The Zionist War on Free Speech


    The Insanity of Christian Zionism

  • https://soundcloud.com/potentialforaction hotboxedigloo

    Thank you for standing up for our rights, and please let Harper know that without consent of UN this is a preventive strike which is illegal based on international war laws.

  • Joseph McPhail

    Elizabeth’s values exemplify what Canadians and this Planet need. Together voters we can change the future, they continue to put our priorities 1st. GO GREEN FOREVER

    Stop thinking politics
    Start thinking philosophy

  • Tim

    Thank yo Elizabeth for providing a voice of reason as Harper’s Conservatives take us deeper into the quagmire in Iraq and now Syria. Is there some prohibition in Parliament against talking about the non-combatants that are killed by our “good intentions” and not ISIL or Assad? You did not mention these victims in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq over the past 10-15 years. Those deaths are documented in a recent report, Body Count (www.psr.org/assets/pdfs/body-count.pdf). There will inevitably now be more innocents killed by Canadian weapons.

  • Rob A

    Elizabeth, this is the kind of insightful, rational and thoughtful analysis completely absent from the ultra-partisan government of one Tories! Clearly, it is why you will always continue to be in my mind Canada’s Parliamentarian of the Year – thank you!!

  • lorene benoit

    Wow! This woman needs to be our Queen!

  • Wroots

    I wonder how MPs would respond to this:


    “BBC Trending spoke to Sağırlı – now working in Tanzania – to confirm the origins of the picture. The child is in fact not a boy, but a four-year-old girl, Hudea. The image was taken at the Atmeh refugee camp in Syria, in December last year. She travelled to the camp – near the Turkish border – with her mother and two siblings. It is some 150 km from their home in Hama.”

    “I was using a telephoto lens, and she thought it was a weapon,” says Sağırlı. “İ realised she was terrified after I took it, and looked at the picture, because she bit her lips and raised her hands. Normally kids run away, hide their faces or smile when they see a camera.” He says he finds pictures of children in the camps particularly revealing. “You know there are displaced people in the camps. It makes more sense to see what they have suffered not through adults, but through children. It is the children who reflect the feelings with their innocence.”

    Do we ever think of our children when we attack other countries? Canada, you have signed and ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which requires states to protect children from war.

  • Marlesl

    Thank you Elizabeth!! for persisting with informed and ethical comments amid the recent: shallow, party-whipped speeches seemingly intended to pass as “debates” in the current House.

  • Sue Clinton

    I hope that someday the majority of Canadians will vote for someone like Elizabeth who thinks more about what is best for the people, including those in other countries, rather than mainly for their own political survival. Perhaps politicians will start realizing that they can do the right thing AND get elected!

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