CPAC News: Elizabeth May Responds to Government’s Abandonment of Electoral Reform Promise

On Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 in News, Press Conferences

“I feel more deeply shocked today by this government’s actions than any other in my adult life. Thousands upon thousands of Canadians put faith in this government’s – and in this prime minister’s – direct promise that 2015 would be the last election under First Past the Post. This betrayal is one felt by all voters, volunteers and activists who worked diligently to make this country’s democracy fairer and stronger through meaningful electoral reform.

Video of her response can be found on here

“The Liberal platform, the Speech from the Throne, and the Special Committee on Electoral Reform’s mandate made no mention of a precondition that a majority supporting reform must be found. Despite spending millions of dollars on the issue, the government never actually asked Canadians the direct question. Clearly, the answer from the ERRE committee was not the one the Prime Minister wanted to hear,” Ms. May said.

“In our current global context, it is now deeply dangerous to play cynical politics. Cynicism does not need more cynicism. Cynicism feeds itself. It is work to feed hope. It is work to feed faith. The Prime Minister today not only declined to improve our electoral system, he has fuelled cynicism.

“We call on the Prime minister to reverse this terrible decision, and live up to his promise to Canadians,” Ms. May concluded.

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  • Freeman Patterson

    Elizabeth, I could not agree LESS with you! Trudeau did exactly the right thing, because both the Green Party and the NDP have so far failed to address adequately or communicate publicly enough how to deal with the potential for a proliferation of small parties with a radical agenda that can hold an entire parliament – and country – to ransom under rep-by-pop. Take a look at Israel and its small right-wing parties that always end up in a coalition government; the price that Likud or Labour has to pay to get a working majority is to continue the oppression of the Palestinian people. Take a Canadian possibility; New Brunswick elects 10 MPs, for example. Let’s say that a New Brunswick Party is formed under rep by pop and manages to win all ten seats or several because of totally wonderful, but totally selfish demands for NB residents. And, let’s say that the NDP or the Liberals or, for that matter, the Greens, come close to winning a majority of seats. Well, you can be sure that the NB party will throw its support to the major party that agrees to its selfish demands, which may be very harmful to other parts of Canada.
    Anyway, Elizabeth, this decision makes me respect Trudeau for having the “guts” to “break a promise.” It was absolutely the right thing for him to do until the proper precautions can be built in to a rep-by-pop system.

    • D Jackson

      If Canadians vote in favor of Ronald McDonald in qualifying numbers then so be it…that’s the whole point of proportional representation.

      I suspect you prefer a majority government elected by the minority and a government that represents only their own best interests.

      I also suspect your a liberal shill, not for any specific reason just because you make as much sense as the P.M.

      PS: This isn’t Israel, It’s Canada. I highly doubt Canadians in any numbers would support radical agenda’s….unless it has to do with removing an untrustworthy P.M. hummmmm….Can we do that?

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