Submission to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel

On Friday, August 31st, 2012 in Blogs

As leader of the Green Party of Canada and as the Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, I appreciate this opportunity to place on the written record my comments on the Enbridge proposal for a 1177 kilometre long, twinned pipeline across northern British Columbia and a port at Kitimat to receive diluents and pipe it to Alberta, while piping back to Kitimat the mixture of diluents and bitumen.  The proposal further involves the shipping of this mixture by super-tankers to be operated by persons unknown to, as yet undisclosed, ports.

Having observed the hearings and the evidence over the nearly eight months since the hearings began, I wish to make the following observations:

  1. The proponent, Enbridge, has failed to provide any specific information about the impact of spills, on land or at sea, of the mixture it proposes to move by pipeline and sell to other carriers for shipment by sea.  Bitumen and diluents were shown in the Kalamazoo Michigan spill to be considerably more difficult to remediate than conventional crude.  The proponent has now admitted all its evidence was based on a substance it is not proposing to ship.  Meanwhile, it should be noted that few improvements or technological advances on handling spills of conventional crude have been made since the Exxon Valdez spill.
  2.  The proponent has violated its social licence to operate through a culture of negligence. This failing is well-documented in the report of the United States National Transportation Safety Board  (Enbridge Incorporated, Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Rupture and Release, Marshall Michigan, July 25, 2010, Accident Report NTSB/PAR-12/01, PB2012-916501, July 10, 2012).  The spills and pipeline leaks in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2010 and additional spill in the summer of 2012 in Wisconsin are ample evidence of the corporate culture of Enbridge being negligent. The panel is commended for accepting the report of the US. NTSB into evidence.  As evidence before this panel, the litany of failures in preventing the Kalamazoo spill and subsequent negligence in ignoring alarms and pumping more bitumen-diluent mix into a broken pipeline must lead to a rejection of this proposal at this time.
  3.  The July 2012 report of the US NTSB is also relevant as it is clear that the Enbridge proposal was developed without any consideration of the experience of the serious spill in 2010 in Michigan.  As such, the current proposal should be rejected and the proponent instructed to revise any proposal to take into account lessons learned in the 2010 failure.
  4. The proponent has offered to this panel a mathematical risk estimate for spills in which the proponent deliberately chose to exclude local spill and accident events in the waters in which the proponent proposes to operate. This evidence of dramatically under-estimated risk of accident should be entirely discounted as fanciful and absurd.  The review of this mathematical alchemy by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation should be accepted instead.
  5. The need for the additional pipeline capacity has not been established.  On this point, the evidence of J. David Hughes should be accepted that unless and until bitumen production increases by 150% from current levels, the existing pipeline infrastructure is adequate. (“The Northern Gateway Pipeline: An Affront to the Public Interest and Long Term Energy Security of Canadians,” November 22, 2011).
  6. Transport Canada’s submission to this panel was reported in the media as establishing that there was no serious risk in super-tanker traffic. In fact, it did not say that at all.  It merely said there were no “regulatory gaps.”  In other words, it said, if there is a spill, we know which department will be in charge. In the entire Transport Canada review, there is no specific assessment of the particularly turbulent and navigationally challenging passages any super-tanker would encounter. The words “Hecate Strait” do not appear in the Transport Canada review, even though, Environment Canada’s Marine Weather Hazards Manual states that the Hecate Strait is “the fourth most dangerous body of water in the world.” The Transport Canada submission should not be used in evidence as relevant to the specific risks of the British Columbia coast.
  7. No federal body nor the proponent have come forward with any credible analysis to lift the 1972 moratorium, honoured by every federal and British Columbia government since that time. It banned super-tanker traffic along the BC coastline, with the Port of Vancouver grandfathered.  The federal government and the proponent would like to “pretend” the moratorium away.  Admittedly, the moratorium was not enshrined in law, but its observance for four decades is a significant statement about its existence and importance. This panel has an obligation to consider Enbridge’s proposal as one that has the burden of proof to lift an existing moratorium.
  8. The increased tanker traffic has been found to be a source of significantly increased risk to the endangered whales in the area. Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) review of threats to humpback whales in 2005 named the proposed tanker traffic to Kitimat as a threat to whale recovery.  Humpback whales are listed as a species at risk in the threatened category.  Scientists actually think the fin whales may be even more at risk of tanker collisions. Proposed mitigation measures of whale spotters on board tankers are mere “window dressing.” The notion that whale spotters can avoid collisions with endangered whales would only be plausible if super-tankers were prohibited from travelling at night, in dense fogs (typical in the area) or in storms and gales (also typical in the area).
  9. First Nations constitutionally protected rights have not been honoured by the proponent.  The proponent made false claims about the extent of its relationship with the Haida Nation, according to a letter sent to this panel by the President of the Council of the Haida Nation last year.  The timelines and deadlines for this panel’s work will be unlikely to survive a court challenge under many precedents of the requirement for consultation and for the federal government’s fiduciary obligations to First Nations.
  10. Dr. Jeffrey Hutchins of Dalhousie University has drawn attention to the fact that the Department of Fisheries and Oceans was unable to provide the detailed scientific information this panel requires to make any judgement about the extent of damage to ecosystems and fisheries in the hundreds of stream and water crossings the pipeline will entail.  It is outrageous that a government agency would conclude all damage can be mitigated when, by its own admission, it lacks the capacity, due to a loss of scientists and budget, to be capable of assessing the situation on the ground.
  11. Recent budgetary cuts make this project even more risky due to a loss of capacity to respond to a spill. Environment Canada’s Environmental Emergency Programme has been shrunk from regional offices, including one in Vancouver, to one office in Quebec.  Ten Coast Guard operations are being shut down.  In BC alone, we are losing the search and rescue operation in Vancouver plus marine communication operations in Kitsilano, Comox and Tofino.  The cuts affect the ability of the Coast Guard to monitor and deal with marine pollution offences. As well, the safety of mariners could be affected.
  12. Further loss of capacity is found in the decision to reduce staff and budget to DFO’s Centre for Off-shore Oil, Gas, and Energy Research (COOGER), ending work in progress in many areas, including a “Baseline Hydrocarbon Study in Hecate Strait.” It was studying impacts of oil and gas leaks, counter-measures for an oil spill, restoration of environment after any spill, among other key areas.
  13. Meanwhile, the entire marine mammal contaminants programme within DFO has been shut down.  Nearly all of the DFO scientists studying marine toxicology across Canada are being laid off.   Dr. Peter Ross, a globally respected scientist working at the Institute for Ocean Sciences in my riding, lamented, “The entire pollution file for the government of Canada, and marine environment in Canada’s three oceans, will be overseen by five junior biologists scattered across Canada – one of which will be in BC.”  (quoted in Times Colonist, “Ottawa sinks pollution checks,” May 20, 2012)
  14. The Joint Review Panel should take note of the fact that even when the programmes listed in points 10, 11, 12 and 13 were in operation, the Commissioner for the Environment and Sustainable Development, within the Office of the Auditor General, concluded that Canada lacked the capacity to respond to an oil spill or other marine emergency.

These comments are not exhaustive, but represent substantial evidentiary hurdles on which the current proposal must fail.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth E. May, O.C.
Member of Parliament
Saanich-Gulf Islands

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  • John Wise

    thorough and damning. well done.

  • Linnea Good

    Thank-you so much for representing us on this, Elizabeth. Is it too late for us to send letters to the government?

    • craigcantin

      The deadline for submissions to the Joint Review Panel was a few days ago, unfortunately.

      However, if you haven’t done so, you can still download the petition against the Northern Gateway Pipeline, have your friends and family sign, and mail – postage free – to Elizabeth’s Parliamentary office.

  • Rob Mason

    Perhaps not “exhaustive” then again one can say a lot with very little. Certainly more truthful and comprehensive than the Enbridge smoke & mirrors.

  • Roothead

    Well done Elizabeth, well done!!! Your points are well stated and accurate, documenting the legitimate concerns so many of us have. Mr. Harper indicates he is only interested in the scientific facts behind this issue – something tells me your scientific facts won’t matter. Please continue to expose the blatant hypocrisy and deceit of our government.
    Thanks for your great work.

  • Rocky Racoon

    General Strike!

    • Mike MacKinnon

      It has happened before. In Harper’s eyes, we are already radicals, why not live up to it?!?

  • Victor

    A sincere thank-you for all your hard work, Elizabeth.

  • Don Grayston

    Fabulous, Elizabeth May! Point 7 about the moratorium was new to me–I haven’t seen it in any of the anti-pipeline public statements before. Special thanks for reminding us of this.

  • Mychol Scully

    I so appreciate your command of the English language, and your ability to be both diplomatic and aggressive in these matters. Kudos!

  • Stuart Cryer

    keep up the important, honest and intelligent work you are doing, Elizabeth …

  • Deets

    great job Elizabeth!! keep up the good fight!

  • D_Wegenast

    Thanks for putting these facts and opinions so clearly on the record. I hope you have sent this statement to the Vancouver Sun, Globe & Mail, and other news outlets, as it’s a great summary of what is so wrong with this proposal.

  • r.wilton


  • Jennifer Clarke

    Thank you Ms. May. Very grateful to have these clear points.

  • Cecelia Keyes

    Elizabeth, your incredible work on this project gives me great hope. Thank you!

    • rick

      Hope for what

      • olsnag

        For a clean future

  • Gary Derdall

    Awesome stuff Ms Elizabeth

  • Tim Bradshaw

    Thank you, I hope that it is not too late to stop this!

  • Gordon Wirth

    I submitted a Letter of Comment to the Joint Review Panel, but I must say it is definitely lacking when compared to your excellent submission.
    Gordon Wirth

  • Rick

    Regarding point 7. The burden of proof should be on the party which introduced a needless ban . The traffic I see every day is not running aground or into each other. More damage and pollution is caused by recreational boaters IMO.

    • Msmcecelia
      N.B. Oil Tanker exclusion zone: Canadian and USA Coast Guard and the Chamber of Shipping enforces this zone because a threat of devastation to our marine environment is not acceptable. That is because of the many islands, shipping hazards, tricky currents, fog and other weather factors, I.e. winds–often hurricane force. See Environment Canada wind records at various locations such as Haida Gwai, Hecate Strait and many others.

  • C. Ponchet

    Dear Ms. May, As a resident of Hazelton, BC, an area that would be devastated by a poisonous spill in our complex river systems, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your factual and articulate comments!

  • James McRae

    You are an amazing person Elizabeth. Many thanks for your work on the Northern Gateway pipeline.

  • Navid

    Thank you Elizabeth. You are doing wonderful work and I am consistently being amazed by your ability to share this information in a clear and concise way. You are the only voice of sanity in our political spectrum! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • KootenayCoyote

    It is clear that BC Citizens live in an environment that has effectively been abandoned by the Federal Government; & thus they have been abandoned. Doesn’t this amount to Treason?

    • Mark

      I think your choice of the word “treason” resonates more and more deeply with all the things going on in Canada and indeed in the world today. Treason against nature, treason against fundamental human rights, and perhaps the hardest to see of all self treason. The bankrupting of the soul in an ever consuming orgy on the dwindling resources of our beautiful planet. All in an attempt to slake a consuming lust and greed than can never be satiated.

      • melody

        It’s treason against reason, pardon the rhyme, but what is going on in the world are things that only morons would do. Also note that intelligence is inversely correlated with wealth: money makes people stupid.

  • James Rogers

    Thank you for the articulate presentation. As usual, our federal government follows the rule of ‘don’t confuse us with the facts, our minds are made up’. Whatever it takes to end this fiasco will be worthwhile to both our own and future generations

  • Christopher Eckart

    Great Work Elizabeth. I thank you on behalf of the fish and my children.

  • E. Lehti

    Thank you for printing the truth on this matter.

  • Don Dyck

    Thank you Ms. May for your submission and for speaking against the Northern Gateway Pipeline.
    Has anyone addressed the issue of geological instability and the effects of seismic activity on pipelines?

  • Janice

    thank you, Elizabeth, for your never ending courage and intelligence to do battle for what is right for BC and Canada. I’ve submitted my letter and wish it was half a brilliant as yours, but am happy with it still.

  • Dan Loeb

    Thank you for continuing to shine light on problems with the proposed Enbridge pipeline project. Keep it up!

  • George Bowie

    Thanks Elizabeth.. As always, there’s no one better qualified to clearly and concisely research and point out the facts, that with this current PM and so called Harper Government which acts more like a Regime, are often obscured, inaccurate, misleading and hypocritical. How far and how long will the will of the people be ignored, disregarded and disrespected?

  • Jeanne

    Thank you for your excellent submission. I hope that people will also pay attention to what is happening in the Northwest Territories where the Premier has invited the building of this pipeline. We do not have near the numbers to do something about this and the environment is equally sensitive here. This offer was made with little or no consultation with the public and a spill or even the work could spell disaster for this ecologically sensitive area.


    It is my understanding that maps accompanying the Enbridge proposal have been “Photoshopped” to remove islands that are presently part of the marine navigation route to the ocean; the purpose, I imagine, to minimize the perception of having to “thread a needle” to enable safe passage through an extremely challenging marine environment. This attempt at deception should be reason enough to send Endbridge packing.

  • Lynette Browne

    Excellent summary of all what is wrong with the pipeline proposal. Thank-you, Elizabeth, for being so eloquent and informative.

  • Winnie

    We have to stop them or we lose our coastal waters and everything in them, because you know there will be spills…so keep on fighting people because we have to protect our Coast….

  • bjazzer

    It’s much easier, and cheaper to keep the river clean than it is to clean it up after a bitumen spill. Bitumen doesn’t float, it sinks! We don’t know anything about how to clean that up.

  • Ian Burnett

    Brilliant piece of work Elizabeth..exacting and well researched. I have read too that the tar sands bitumen contains sand which if not removed is abrasive to the pipeline and that the proposed pipe to be used is not of the best quality of steel. Last week’s Globe article stated that Canada now depends on the Tar sands for a significant amount of our oil that we use. Is this correct?

  • Patricia Brown

    Thank you for you clear headed commentary. You are brilliant, and I am honored to call you my MP.

  • Colleen Skelcher

    Your strength, determination and integrity, are appreciated beyond measure, to not only the proud members of your riding, but all conscientious objectors to this horrific project. So grateful for your voice. We are so fortunate to have you as our Member of Parliament Elizabeth!!

  • cathy

    thank you for being an educated and sincere voice .You are saying all of the things I would love to be able to say ..thank you !

  • Dave Haddock

    So appreciate your work, Elizabeth. Thanks for being an intelligent voice on this important issue.

  • sue oakley

    First, thank you for your fine submission. You are an articulate and impassioned writer.My question is this, can the feds expropriate the pipeline route? We objected to the nuclear powered and armed subs using CFMTR, and the feds just drew a line around it and claimed it. Can they use the same powers in this case? Thank you

    • Elizabeth May

      I am
      very concerned about that too. You are right, they could
      expropriate as the federal government did in the Nanoose example.

  • Adam

    Great job pointing out facts vs. propaganda. Thanks for that. Who will listen though? Our governmental structure proves time and time again that it is a failure.

  • noreen7

    thank you for all your hard work on the behalf of all Canadians-such a complete report!

  • Anna Leather

    Thank you, Elizabeth, and keep up your good work! We really need to stop this insanity: this proposed project would devastate our beautiful B.C. So many businesses depend upon the pristine loveliness and wonderful natural splendours of our province to attract tourists. No one will come to see oil stained beaches and dying whales.

  • Maggie Engler

    Thank you Elizabeth! I appreciate your ability to focus and articulate the salient arguments. Wish we could clone you!

  • K. M. Lewis

    Again, thank you, Elizabeth, for your courage, honesty, and skill–you are a national treasure…

  • Frances Allden

    Good stuff. Thank you.

  • Canadian_Jade

    Elizabeth’s thoughtful submission on this issue illustrate most plainly and articulately that a vote for her and the Greens is never a wasted vote. We need more MPs like her, who are willing and able to voice their conscience. Keep it up, Elizabeth.

  • Tress Backhouse

    You have covered this matter thoroughly and as far as my limited knowledge goes , very fully and accurately.
    The subject of our natural resources , and to whom we allow the privilege of their
    development and disposal, has it seems been taken out of the realm of public interest by government which only represents a minority of Canadians; many of whom are not totally conscious of the lasting damage to our sovereignty ,and the possibility of irreparable damage to the ecology ,and even the beauty of our country.
    We are so often more interested in our more immediate needs than those that will assure us , and our children, a healthy happy future , in a beautiful productive land.

  • Joan

    I sincerely hope that your submission will be heard. Thank you for your excellent work.

  • David Wingate

    Thank you Ms. May. This is a wonderfully succinct listing of the reasons why the Northern Gateway Project must never proceed.

  • Bessie Wapp

    Thank you, Elizabeth! Your clear, concise, and compelling voice gives me hope we can win this fight.

  • Stuart Weiss

    Thank you very much for your hard work on this subject. I 100% support you!

  • joe41

    Ms. May,
    Thank you for drafting a masterpiece of convincing arguments.But I do not understand why Harper continues to deal with a known deceiving and corrupt corporation that any normal person would shun.

  • David E.H. Smith

    Ms. May;
    I’d just like to remind you by asking you; how are you coming along with the simple & basic questions that I sent you on behalf of myself & others. As some of the questions date back to late May, or, early June, 2012, I am getting pretty concerned as I wasn’t able to include your answers in my submission to the Joint Review Panel. Nor was I able to include your answers in my Aug.,2012 letter to the Grand Chief of B.C.’s First Nations, Mr. Stewart Phillip & others. Please find a copy of my letter to Mr. Phillip dated & my re-submission of my even simpler questions dated Aug. 29, 2012. I hope that you are feeling well enough now to take a stab at the questions. It will appreciated.
    David E.H. Smith
    - “Qui tam…”

    Grand Chief Stewart Phillip
    & members of B.C..’s First Nations communities,

    I read with some interest your, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, statement vowing civil disobedience if the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal proceeds. And, while the federal government, the Enbridge Co., &/or, et al, may invoke the terms of The W.A.D. Accord, or, just remind you of the terms, in order to get the compliance of the B.C. Chiefs, the most vulnerable band members here & across Canada may approve of The Accord’s terms as they can use it to empower themselves & to eliminate the basis for their poverty, unconscionably high rates of unemployment, suicides, despair, disenchantment, etc.
    And, while there are several other very important reasons why many Native & non Native Canadians, et al, look favorably to The Accord, besides using it:
    1) to re-open the existing land settlements in order to add the relevant provisions for the most the vulnerable members,
    2) in the design of First Nations’ self-governance
    3) et al,
    I’m wondering how much information regarding The W.A. D. Accord, et al, the aforementioned groups have shared with you & some of the other B.C. Chiefs, et al.

    On the other hand, now that The Accord is a matter of the public record, I’m just wondering if you are aware of some of the ways the B.C. Chiefs can use The Accord to preempt the federal government, et al, & thus, maintain most of your power, especially in regard to the NGPipeline proposal.

    You can access a less comprehensive version of The W.A.D. Accord by way of the Letter of Comment submission entitled:

    “Towards a More Informed Opinion regarding the Environmental Impact & Context of the NGP (Pipeline), et al”, Researched & Submitted by D.E.H.S., July 24, 2012 to the Enbridge Co.’s NGP Joint Review Panel.

    Public Registry; File #A43076
    All letters of comment are under “F”. This comment is available
    under the subfolder “S”.
    Further questions?;

    If you have any problems accessing the aforementioned information, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, you can contact me at:

    David Smith,
    2173 Bradford Ave.,
    Sidney, B.C.
    V8L 2C8,

    or, by e-mail at:
    & I’ll see what I can do about providing it to you.


    David E.H. Smith.

    Chief Phillips can be contacted at:
    Vancouver Office:
    500 – 342 Water Street,
    Vancouver, BC, V6B-1B6, CANADA
    Ph: 604.684.0231, Fx: 604.684.572,

    David E.H. Smith,

    2173 Bradford Ave.,

    Sidney, B.C.

    V8L 2C8

    Aug. 29, 2012

    The Honourable Elizabeth

    Constituency Office,

    1 – 9711 Fourth St.,

    Sidney, B.C.

    V8L 2V8

    Re; Just a reminder about
    my previous letter; “Accessing Information; The W.A.D. Accord,
    Alleged Foreigner Influence, Anti-NGP Foreigners, et al”.

    Ms. May;

    I would just like to
    remind you that while I may not be able to include your answers to my
    simple & basic that I have asked you to provide for my submission
    to the Joint Review Panel re; Enbridge Co.’s highly controversial &
    “dangerous” Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal, your
    answers to my questions are vital to many of the potential
    participants in the project & can be used to clearify other areas
    of mutual concern. Please find below a copy of my previous letter,
    dated Aug. 13, 2012, which I sent to both; your constituency office &
    your parliamentary office in Ottawa.

    Therefore, how are you
    coming along with your answers to the aforementioned questions? And,
    would you please acknowledge that you have received this letter &
    the previous letter?


    David E.H. Smith


    E.H. Smith,

    Bradford Ave.,



    13, 2012

    Honourable Elizabeth May,


    - 9711 Fourth St.,



    Accessing Information; The W.A.D. Accord, Alleged Foreigner
    Influence, Anti-NGP Foreigners, et al.


    response to a letter that I sent to you a couple of months ago, I
    received a letter from one of your staff dated

    31, 2012.Your staff’s response seems to indicate a little confusion
    as to what your understanding is of

    I am asking you. Let me make it clearer by asking; would it be fair
    to say that your answer to

    question “Have you read The W.A. D. Accord?” is:

    ___ , or, “No”
    X .

    do you know who might have a copy of The Accord that can share it
    with you?

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    have a copy of one of the simpler & less comprehensive versions
    of The Accord. As I have been lead to believe

    the traditional political parties have more comprehensive versions of
    The Accord, I have been trying to

    a copy of their comprehensive versions. The traditional parties’
    “responses” do not confirm whether they

    the comprehensive versions, or, not.

    you are the Member of Parliament in the constituency that I live in,
    I would ask you; would you mind asking

    party; its Members of Parliament & its party executives, if they
    have copies of versions of The

    Accord that list 2
    items in the criteria that is embodied in The Accord?

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    would you mind asking the aforementioned Conservatives if they have
    copies of versions of The W.A.D. Accord that list 3
    more items in the criteria that is embodied in The Accord?

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    you mind asking the aforementioned Conservatives to send to you
    copies of the aforementioned versions of The Accord which I can then
    obtain from you?

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    I mentioned, Ms. May, I do have a copy of an less comprehensive
    version of The Accord. Let’s see how you make out getting the
    aforementioned information from the Conservatives before we discuss
    your interest, if any, in the information & the questions in The

    second point that I’d like to resolve is; I have ask you twice about
    Mr. Fadden’s (CSIS) comment about foreign governments, &/or,
    organizations that he has alleged to be trying to bend the ears of
    Canadian politicians; ie. foreigners who are trying to influence some
    Canadian politicians.

    you know which foreigners that Mr. Fadden is referring to?

    there a problem for you in answering this question?

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    you mind asking the aforementioned Conservatives & Mr. Fadden,
    which foreign organizations, other than those answering to
    organizations based in China, is Mr. Fadden is referring to?

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    you mind also asking the aforementioned Conservatives & Mr.
    Fadden, which foreign organizations have copies The W.A.D. Accord?

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    you mind also asking the aforementioned Conservatives & Mr.
    Fadden, which versions of The Accord do these foreign organizations

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    you mind also asking the aforementioned Conservatives & Mr.
    Fadden, what are the various different ways that the information in
    The Accord can be used to provide the basis for an arrangement, as
    opposed to a legally binding treaty &/or, contract, between a
    foreign organization & the executives of the Conservative party,
    et al, such as; the approval of the Embridge Co.’s Northern Gateway
    Pipeline proposal that would be a favourable outcome for, amongst
    others, the foreign organization, in exchange for a consideration,

    future considerations for the Conservative members of parliament,
    &/or, the Conservative party, et al?

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    finally, would you mind also asking the aforementioned Conservatives
    & Mr. Fadden, what are the various different ways that the
    information in The Accord can be used by foreign organizations to
    leverage, &/or, coerce the government of Canada, et al, to
    approve the Northern Gateway Pipeline, et al?

    way way of closing, Ms. May, I think that you may agree that as a
    matter of due diligence, it’s important that all of the participants
    in a project (including the most vulnerable Canadians & all of
    the Members of Parliament), such as the Northern Gateway Pipeline
    project obtain, share & discuss in a safe, open forum all of the
    same information & alternatives, etc.?

    you agree?

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    Ms. May, as The WAD Accord deals with, amongst other things, the
    deprivation of information & its effects, I wonder if you
    understand the importance & significance of this element of The
    Accord, et al?

    you understand the problems that are created by negotiating deals
    where not all of the parties are given equal access to the relevant

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    you understand that the deprivation of information can, &/or,
    does render a party to an agreement, &/or, an arrangement
    “vulnerable” &/or, “disadvantaged”?

    ___ , or, No
    ___ .

    sincerely hope that the above will, amongst other things, minimize
    any of the aforementioned confusion regarding the “answers”
    that I am asking you for as opposed to the “confusing”,
    “diversionary responses”
    (are these what you would call “talking points”?) that
    seems to satisfy your staff.

    Ms. May, I would like to remind you that it would be beneficial to
    receive your answers to the above questions “well” before
    the deadline for submissions to the Joint Review Panel for the
    Embridge Co.’s Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal; ie. August 31,
    2012. If you can not get the answers to me prior to the deadline,
    please Ms. May, just do the best that you can.

    E.H. Smith

  • Linda in Ontario

    Excellent submission. Am very concerned about pipeline maintenance and now, more than ever, about their construction. A recent report charges that the quality of steel being used in many is of inferior quality. If this is true, the situation is even more dire.

  • Bill

    I am heartened by your comments and fight for the ending of this madness. I have been a long supporter of the NDP but recently have been ashamed( particularly the BC NDP) of their lack of commitment to the stopping this project. As Dr Suzuki says
    “Money Talks” Thank you again and from this point on you have my support.
    Bill Gardiner
    Cowichan Bay, BC

  • Jacinthe Villeneuve

    Merci mme May pour votre précieux et nécessaire travail dans ce dossier.

  • Marie

    Merci. Even from as far as Quebec, I’m totally horrify of what they want to do. Thanks so much to speak for the citizens. If they could just listen

  • Guy Lafond

    Merci, Elizabeth!

  • Suzanne Bigras

    Madame May, ce mémoire est excellent et reflète les valeurs de beaucoup de Canadiens et de Québécois. Merci.

  • Irene

    Un merci Québécois pour votre démarche visant à protéger notre société et ses richesses naturelles des grands prédateurs dont fait partie la compagnie Enbridge.
    Ayant visité Haida Gwaii cet été j’ai pu constater et partager l’indignation et le désaccord du peuple Haida face à cette menace de destruction de leur territoire, incluant les eaux, la faune et la flore , et qui en conséquence menace leur propre survie.
    Je souhaite de tout coeur que ce projet ne soit jamais autorisé. Si chaque personne sensibilisée fait savoir sa désapprobation et que des gens tels que vous y mettent toute leur énergie , l’espoir de bloquer ce projet de pipeline et de superpétroliers est bien réel,

  • Louise Bergeron

    Un très grand merci de défendre pour nous la qualité de l’environnement du pays ainsi que la qualité de vie des citoyens et citoyennes.

  • Denise Laliberté

    Mme May,
    Je suis une citoyenne du Québec et je vous félicite pour l’ensemble de vos prises de parole. Vos rapports sont toujours bien documentés, bien fouillés et présentés de façon directe mais avec élégance. Bravo!
    Denise Laliberté

  • Lise D.

    Excellent travail ! SVP continuez à défendre notre environnement et nos droits.
    Merci !!

  • Sad but hopeful

    Bravo Elizabeth et merci de la part de mes enfants et petits-enfants. C’est déplorable que les gouvernements, aussi bien Québécois que celui d’Ottawa, appuient l’implantation de projets qui menacent l’environnement tels que le Plan Nord. Et ce malgré tous les désastres irréparables qui affligent nos océans, leurs résidents et même les oiseaux, générés directement par des fuites de produits bitumineux. Il est inconcevable qu’on retire le financement de tout ce qui étudie et surveille nos ressources naturelles pendant que nos taxes subventionnent des équipements et démarches militaires. Le Québec s’est récemment voté un nouveau PM. C’est à surveiller si les décisions vont s’améliorer.

  • linda kember

    Thank you so much for this excellent submission. I feel so upset about what Harper is doing to our country that words fail me. we must stop the Embridge Pipeline and stop Harper before he gives our beautiful country to the Country

  • ombrelumiere

    Superbe travail, Il y a des jours où je crois que le profit à tout prix est plus important que la santé ou la qualité de vie, notre qualité de vie! Somedays, I beleive that profit is much more important than our life quality, our health and environement!

  • Melanie Gauthier

    Bravo pour votre Mémoire. Intelligent, pertinent, très bien écrit et documenté. Je participerai moi-même aux séances orales devant la Commission lors de leur passage à Vancouver, en tant que citoyenne. Je trouve ce projet d’Enbridge tout à fait déplorable et je suis ébahie qu’après les désastres irréparables d’Exxon Valdez et BP (pour n’en nommer que deux) qui se sont produits si près de nous, nous devons nous battre contre notre propre gouvernement pour tenter d’empêcher cette folie de se produire ici, au Canada! Le jour de l’élection du gouvernement Harper, des larmes amères coulaient sur mes joues. Je voyais déjà les dégats irréparables que ce gouvernement causerait à notre pays et à la planète entière. On ne parle pas ici seulement de dangers énormes de bris et fuites de pipelines et de risques gigantesques de déversements de pétrole en mer. On parle aussi d’encourager l’expansion des sables bitumineux – hausse certaine et impardonable des émissions de GES par le Canada- pour nourrir l’Asie et les USA, des pays énergivores dont la faim pour les hydrocarbures est un puits sans fin. L’utilisation de ces hydrocarbures bitumineux (très sales à produire) par ces pays causera aussi une hausse des émissions de GES en Asie et aux USA. La production, le transport ainsi que l’utilisation de ces hydrocarbures causera une énorme hausse des émissions de GES dans le monde entier, alors que nous aurions dû les réduire depuis au moins 30 ans. De plus, les arguments voulant promouvoir ces projets ne sont plus crédibles: l’économie, les emplois, la prospérité…mais pour qui??? Pour les super riches pétrolières, évidemment! Celles qui recoivent des ”tax break” de notre gouvernement, et participent à financer leurs campagnes électorales pour implanter des politiciens qui seront à leur service et approuveront des projets tels Enbridge. Le gouvernement Harper, après l’administration Bush, est le meilleur exemple vivant de ces supercheries oligarchiques. Harper est en train de commettre des vols, des viols, des meurtres monumentals au niveaux socials et environnementaux. Et il ose appeler ”extrémistes” ceux qui s’opposent à sa sauvagerie!!!

  • Johanne Racine

    Bravo ! de vous tenir debout ,on à pas assez de gens comme vous pour nous représenté.Ou s’en vas notre belle planète? ou?
    Nos océans,nos sols,notre air.On pense pipeline alors qu’on devrais pensé à s’en servir de moins en moins et trouvé des solutions de remplacements alors qu’on nous dit qu’on en à depuis longtemps et que le lobying fait en sorte qu’on nous cache tout .
    Continuons en grand nombre de vous appuyé. Moi je la trouve belle notre planète et je me désole de voir nos gouvernement tout sacagé nos océans notre terre,quand aurons nous un gouvernement conscientisé .

  • Adeline Denis

    excellent rapport! percutant et contrôlé en même temps…impossible de nier l’impact et le danger de ce projet insensé. Il faut absolument qu’il ne passe pas.
    Merci pour votre courage et votre grande compétence…je me suis inscrite chez les verts au Québec pour vous soutenir.

  • Daniel Turner

    We need people like you to defend our rights.
    Great work, thanks.

  • L. Ford

    Bless you Elizabeth May! I hope the Panel hears you!

  • dawn

    Thank you I agree You deserve Kudos I am not a brilliant writer but verbally when I share am Pleased to hear how many are against this plan of Enbridge’s

  • Mike MacKinnon

    Hope we can continue delaying this pipeline until King Harper gets dethroned, He has truly brought disgrace and ridicule to our great country and we must all work to halt or at least hinder his dictatorial ways. Getting this information out is only a first step, but you have been consistent and thorough in that regard. He can only ignore the truth if it remains hidden. Keep up the god work!

  • outwithoil

    Thank-you Elizabeth. I hope our petition helped in some way.

  • Janice Duff Florschutz

    Elizabeth, thank God for you! I pray for all the strength and power to stop these evil acts. If you had not been elected, we would have no clue what’s going on. How dare the government do this! How dare Harper have so little concern for our environment. He needs to go. This insanity has to stop. The backroom deals, sneaking around. The government should represent all people, not be corupt and in the pocket of big oil/corporate. Thank you for your work, Ms. May. May God be with you.

  • melody

    Enbridge executives should be in prison serving life sentences for these indiscretions. This corporation should be broken up or prohibited from operating in Canada. Harper should stand before a committee/firing squad and brought to account for these deplorable actions.

  • June

    Thank you for valueing “our home and native land.” Can we please move beyond these dark ages and towards the committed developement of alternative energy! What does the world of Mr. Harper’s grandchildren look like to him and others of his like-mindedness?!

  • SeedOfUtopia

    WOW, absolutely astounding proceeding analysis! Keep up the Good work Elizabeth, Make us proud!!!! <3

  • Corinne

    Well done Elizabeth, you show very succinctly the blatant dishonesty and short-sighted stupidity of both Enbridge and the government. Mr. Harper has proved that he cares nothing for Canada’s future well-being and that there is no low to which he will not sink in order to further his own agenda. He is a disgrace and a danger to the country, and both he and Enbridge should stop insulting Canadians by treating us like idiots.

  • Sarah Hutchinson

    Thank-you Elizabeth and your team. Is there actually anything happening on the ground yet (clearing land, building pipeline, preparing ports)? If yes, please tell us which organizations are best to link with: I’m comin’ out there with a van-load of activists. This pipeline will never be built!!!!

  • One Fed Up Indian

    Fuck Enbridge and Fuck Harper let’s just go and drag these daredevil capitalists from their fancy fucking ivory towers and musolini the bastards in the public square!!!

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