Climate change in the spin cycle

On Friday, September 21st, 2012 in Blogs

It has been a long time since I have heard so much debate in the House about carbon taxes and climate plans. Unfortunately, none of it is focused on the climate crisis. It is the ultimate irony – I hear the words, but the issue is ignored.

We should be talking about the science. We should, as Parliamentarians, regardless of party, be acting responsibly as the evidence piles up. Every day it seems there is new evidence, always more worrying. Climate change is no longer creeping slowly. It is galloping, spurred on by dangerous feed-back loops. The Arctic ice is shrinking in ways that spell danger for all of us, permafrost is melting threatening the release of vast deposits of methane (a very powerful greenhouse gas), oceans are acidifying, food production is threatened, and around the world lives are lost in extreme events from floods to fires to mudslides to tropical storms and tornadoes. We should be talking about how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions as fast as possible in hopes of avoiding ever-more-likely runaway global warming. I don’t like thinking about- or worse, talking about, the worst case scenarios of global warming. But former French President Sarkozy was right: the survival of human civilization is at risk.

Those are not the words of the leaders of the mainstream parties. In the House, we get a Punch and Judy show of feigned outrage. Instead of talking about what we should be doing, the main parties are stuck in a Mobius loop of distortion. Yesterday, I couldn’t finish asking a question due to the heckling of the NDP caucus. What was the trigger for otherwise civil folks, many of them people I love, to act out so rudely? I had the effrontery to mention that there had once been a plan to meet Kyoto targets.

I did not do so to laud the Liberal record. The Liberal record is one of broken promises starting when Jean Chretien dumped the promise in the 1993 Red Book to reduce GHG by 20% below 1988 levels by 2005. I am cursed with a good memory. I remember the day we found out Chretien would not allow the federal, provincial, multi-stakeholder taskforce even to analyze carbon taxes as a possible mechanism to meet the Liberal target. I remember his trip with Anne McLellan to the oil sands to drop a few billion and promise rapid development. I remember feeling like I’d just been sucker-punched. But it is absurd for the NDP to want to re-write history to say there was never a plan. I was about to say in the House, that the plan came very late – in spring 2005. But, again, I remember the struggle to get the plan approved. The day to day battle with Natural Resources Canada leaks, undermining Stéphane Dion and Environment Canada with daily front page stories in the Globe and Mail attacking a plan that was not even public yet. It was not a perfect plan. I would not have designed it the way it was designed. But, according to reliable experts, such as Pembina Institute, if the plan had been implemented, Canada would have come very close to our Kyoto targets. Of course, less than a year later, Stephen Harper killed it and the billions of dollars in programmes that had been in the 2005 budget.

The NDP is right to call out the Conservatives for lies claiming the NDP supports a carbon tax. As Jeffrey Simpson points out very clearly in today’s Globe, the cap and trade carbon pricing advocated by the NDP is no different from what Stephen Harper once said he would do.

On the other hand, while the Conservatives keep accusing the NDP of favouring a carbon tax, and the NDP deny it, what gets lost is that we actually need carbon pricing urgently – as in a decade ago. And even with a carbon price, whether through the free market mechanism of cap and trade or through the more efficient means of a revenue neutral carbon tax, we will need far more in programs, regulations, job-creating initiatives in energy efficiency and renewables, to have any hope of playing a responsible role in the world. Greens favour a carbon tax as the best way to reduce GHG and put money in the pockets of Canadians. On the other hand, if a cap and trade plan was properly designed, I wouldn’t oppose it. This is not Lilliput with a war over which end of the egg gets cracked. It should not be a phony fight over mechanisms. We should actually be talking about doing something.

And that is what is not being discussed. The Conservatives are telling lies about the NDP wanting a carbon tax and the NDP are telling a lie that there was never a Liberal carbon plan, and the Liberal attacks on Mulcair over his comments on Dutch disease (a reasonable issue for him to raise) are also spin over substance. It’s all spin.

It would be easy to say “a plague on all their houses.” But global warming is a plague on all our houses. We have to stop the spin and focus on what matters. Science is divided on whether we still have time. For my children’s sake I refuse to accept that it is too late. I will keep telling the truth about who did what and when, but history is just that. We better start talking about what we plan to do. NOW!

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  • Michael Bradley

    I’m reading Orwell’s ’1984′. It’s Harperland in novel formate. I wish I hadn’t opened it… We all need to fight this menace!

    • John Gower

      How right you are. Read Alan Gregg’s piece for affirmation of this.

      • Eric

        Quite so. Belatedly, Gregg has started to clue in.

        As his own site says, he was the Conservative Party’s official pollster from 1979-1993, during the Mulroney regime that undermined environmental protection with corporate-rights treaties like the FTA (1988) and NAFTA (1994). (Mulroney did undertake some useful environmental initiatives, but these pacts set Canada on a neo-liberal, anti-environment course.)

        Wikipedia says: “Long an advocate for negative campaigning, he directed the famed ‘bridge bombing’ attack on Liberal leader John Turner that was designed to break the bridge linking anti-free trade voters to Turner.”

        I’m not sure if Gregg’s subsequent company, Decima Research (now Harris/Decima) continued to work for the Cons., the Reformatories, the CRAP alliance and now the Harperites, but I’m confident that Gregg has never apologized to Canadians for helping sell out the country.

        It took more than four years of Harper in power for Gregg to be concerned that science and ‘evidence’ play little role in Harperite policy:

        “It seems as though our government’s use of evidence and facts as the bases of policy is declining, and in their place, dogma, whim and political expediency are on the rise. …. My concern was first piqued in July 2010, when the federal cabinet announced its decision to cut the mandatory long form census …” (from the article you cite)

  • Pat Martin

    It is indeed time to come together and lay aside party differences as we lead the world in lessening climate change. Canadians can do it but they have to let their representatives know that is their priority. Senseless haggling for party positioning will cost us dearly and we can never replace what we are losing daily.

  • Susan McLoughlin

    Thanks Elizabeth for being the voice that keeps repeating “but look, the emperor has no clothes! Am I the only one who can see that?”

  • Karen Sampson

    I’m with you all the way, Elizabeth. Don’t stop putting the message out there even in the face of the abuse I know you put up with. I too hope and pray that the human race will come to its senses.

  • F. Harrop

    Thank you Elizabeth May! You are an intelligent, creative pragmatist protaganist!

  • Ben Dover

    Climate change is a real threat, but we should re-evaluate how we are dealing with it. Following a plan created by the United Nations that ultimately strips us of our human rights and property freedoms is a very bad idea(also known as UN Agenda 21 or “sustainable development”) and it is a complete fraud and centralizes power even greater. Instead of creating a carbon tax why wouldn’t we invest an amount into renewable and free energy technologies so we can get off dirty oil all together?
    The suits in Parliament are more than likely not concerned because it is already happening on a Municipal level, look at your city website and they probably already have a slogan like “smart growth” or something along those lines.
    You people will think I am some kind of “denier” or whatever but I really care about the Earth and what we are doing to it.
    Type in your searchbar Agenda 21 and you will see it means serfdom or neo-feudalism, global government, the end of personal rights and is funded by the Rockafeller Foundation. Also read the book UN Agenda 21:behind the green mask

    • Pat 99

      You are spot on with your Agenda 21 comments. We are being suckered by a trendy marketing program to give up out freedoms and national resources. And the fascist Harper is willing to deliver us to the globalists!

  • Henry Kopke

    Your ideas sound good to me. Thanks.

  • Julie Gleadow

    Ms. May, you tell the truth. Such a wonderful quality.

    Julie Gleadow

  • Eric

    Elizabeth, I love you, don’t let them stop you from repeating this message, as often as possible. Maybe they will start acting before their own houses are swept away in some weather related event!

    • Eric

      FYI, the reply post above on Allan Gregg is by a different Eric than this one.

  • Moni

    I am thankful for your hard work and honesty. Keep up the good work.

  • Ann Buttrick

    you are correct- stop the spin and focus on climate change – solutions that will cost us all heavily, nevertheless, but necessarily..BUT then we lose again to the Conservatives. Hobson’s Choice??

    from a loyal NDPer

  • megan packer

    Bravo, Elizabeth! Thank you.

  • Christa Fernau

    Keep writing and publishing, Elizabeth. The key to getting people brave enough to stand up for the truth is more education. Thank you, for my children’s sake, too.

  • Dawn Yerex

    I am ashamed of both levels of government and there half attitude toward climate change I am not sure that carbon tax is the answer It seems it goes to large outfits to correct their problems which is okay but how about getting .the average Canadian help in having a way of upgrading their homes to meet new standards, ie solar power and air or windmill. NO more locking up water for dams and cut back on transportation of goods which could be produced locally. I admire you and your presistence and am fully behind you or with you

  • Fred Kay

    Thanks for continuing to be a beacon of sanity and conscience in the halls of government Elizabeth. May you never lose your strength, wisdom and courage to speak the truth when all about you are too gutless or blind to do so.

  • Izabela

    Thank you for continuing to be the voice of a ‘common sense’ in the Canadian ‘assault on reason’ and continued manipulation of the public opinion by the government and the powerful energy business. We need action and we need collaboration between the three parties: Liberal, NDP, Green so that we start taking measurable steps to reverse the trend that will bring the end to the human civilization!
    Izabela, concerned Canadian and Citizen of the world.

  • Carol

    Please keep it up Elizabeth, your articles are a breath of fresh air and give me hope that there may still be hope. I have tried to bring up the subject to some politicians by asking them what they intend to do about Global Warming and the answers are always vague and usually end with comments about the economy. Why do they all have blinkers on? They refuse to think outside the box, While the ice melts around us they go their merry way promising we have a healthy economy so we should all be happy. Does that mean that those in the world who live on oceans (I’m not one of them) will be able to afford homes higher up the hill? Does it mean we’ll all have enough money to somehow avoid the worst of global warming? What is wrong with them?? Thanks for your inspiring articles, I wish you 125 more green members of parliament!

  • Michael Irwin

    ” the survival of human civilization is at risk.” More accurately, ‘the survival of the human species is at risk.’ just as many other species are also at risk from the same cause.

    • Braum Barber

      This reminds me of a new and chilling book by Minoru Kyo called ‘Already Extinct’ which describes the technogical and social barriers to addressing the many environmental and resource challenges. Indeed, our collective survival is at risk.

  • fjwhite

    Van Jones makes some pointed remarks relative to this discussion in his book Rebuild the Dream. (p. 114-115). He begins with a quote from George Lakoff: “Liberals have the idea that if you just tell people the facts, people will be rational and reach the right conclusion. The facts will set you free. They won’t.”

    Jones continues:

    “Progressives find themselves constantly frustrated and exasperated when the real world refuses to conform to this mental construct. We accuse our conservative rivals of being stupid or crazy because they won’t behave as this model suggests they should…

    But what if it turns out that progressives are the ignorant ones? Ignorant – unknowing of – not stupid. Maybe we are ignorant of some things – meaning we lack some important insights into the way change actually works.”

    “Might we have some learning , rethinking, and growing to do? After all, we are the ones who consistently do the same things in politics, often getting results we don’t like, yet we continue behaving exactly the same way, all the while expecting radically different outcomes.”

    We keep expecting a combination of brilliant rhetoric, countless petitions, Private Members Bills, amendments to Bills, write-in campaigns, letters to the editor, protests on the Hill, and more of the same, will change Harper’s ideologically-biased policies. So far they don’t appear to have had much impact. Why should we expect anything different between now and the next election? I’m not saying that these actions are not necessary; I’m just saying that on their own, they will not be sufficient.

    Recognizing that words alone aren’t enough, Van Jones has developed a multifaceted Heart-Head-Inside-Outside game plan to Rebuild the Dream. To find out what it is you will have to read his book.

  • Ken Dalton

    Your absolutely right Elizabeth! We need action now, not useless haggling. Lets put up wind turbines and solar panels. That’s what we need now!

  • Mitchell

    Is Elizabeth May the only honest, sensible, intelligent person in Parliament? I often think so! She doesn’t spin and manipulate like everyone else. She speaks the truth and shows that it is not about being partisan, it is about courageously doing the right thing. Keep it up Elizabeth!

  • Emmryss

    “We should be talking about how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions as
    fast as possible in hopes of avoiding ever-more-likely runaway global
    warming.” But it sounds from the immediately preceding sentences that runaway global warming is already upon us. I think we have to start from some kind of recognition of what effects are irreversible due to the carbon that’s already in the atmosphere and what we can hope to achieve in what kind of time frame by what kinds and scale of reductions in the present. If we can ever get ourselves to do that.

  • reina

    Thank you… for your long memory, and your clear thinking. Thank you for being.

  • Dinsdale Pirahna

    The fiddlers play on while the planet burns.

  • Rae

    Thank you again Elizabeth. Thank you for your voice in the wilderness.

  • Diana Ellis

    Thanks Elizabeth, this will get shared. Just finished Paul Gilding’s “The Great Disruption” (Bloomsbury Press, 2011) – he lays out a map, with directions. A must read.

  • Please help us all!

    I’m so scared for my son’s life and my own. He’s only 3… :s It makes me sick with anxiety.

  • powderflask

    Thank you Elizabeth – we need more parliamentarians willing to recall history and stick to facts over spin. keep up the good fight – we’re behind you.

  • Mariane Cancilla

    Politicians are elected to represent people, not corporations … thank you for being the people’s voice!

  • Gordana

    Elizabeth, thank you for talking about the issues. I’m rather tired of my elected officials making parliamentary theatrics during the times when these discussions are open to the public to view (questions period). I’d like to actually see them do what they are paid to do, which is talk about the issues and make a plan forward. So thank you Elizabeth, for doing your job and beyond.

  • verderojo

    The lives of our children and grandchild are in peril due to climate change. We should be on emergency footing, world wide. The official reactions in North America are surreal. Please continue to speak out as a lone voice addressing this dire crisis.

  • Larz

    Absolutely – NOW is the operative word.

  • Marty Musser

    Thank you so much for your courage and integrity. I hope you have the strength to continue what you are doing, I don’t know if I would. It all seems so overwhelming. You certainly have my respect and support!

  • ellie friedenberg

    …but here we are, the converted. where is anyone else?

  • Mary-Anne Johnston

    Thanks for being the dogged voice of sanity in the face of such craziness which possesses our House. All they can talk about is the economy. Well how much do they think it will effect the economy when the polar ice cap melts and the earth has no air conditioning? They are smart people and I really struggle with how they are missing the very serious course upon which they have us set.

  • frances

    I support you in calling for open and honest talk about climate change and policy.
    Regarding your comment:
    “Greens favour a carbon tax as the best way to reduce GHG and put money
    in the pockets of Canadians. On the other hand, if a cap and trade plan
    was properly designed, I wouldn’t oppose it.” ….
    … I’m not an expert, but everything I’ve heard and read thus far says that cap and trade is not the solution, based on the history of this system elsewhere. That cap and trade is inferior to a carbon tax system: it’s not straight forward and is difficult to implement, there are problems with oversight, easy for corruption through loopholes, and next to impossible to accurately measure results. So, I don’t understand what a “properly designed” plan would be. If that essentially describes cap and trade, shouldn’t the Greens be pushing for a carbon tax?

  • Simon Rompre

    Thank you Elizabeth for having the courage to face with intelligence a debate that deeply lacks it.

  • Frank Eves MD

    Thanks Elizabeth! I empathize, I can imagine the constant dizziness and nausea that you must experience toiling within the spin cycle that our Parliament has become. I’ve never understood why ‘bullshit baffles brains’ and how ‘money overpowers logic’. How could Canadians have gifted a majority government to the Harper Conservatives? Surely after experiencing a Reform Party majority, hopeful Canadians will demand that the NDP and the Liberals get past their egos and work together with the Green Party to defeat the Conservatives.

  • Peter K

    It seems nature is making the timelines and constraints
    imposed by climate change, environmental degradation and associated social
    fallout clearer by the day – certainly clear enough to eliminate doubt from all
    but the most ideologically paralyzed. It’s also exposing the hypocrisy and
    misguidedness of many politicians and their corporate allies. Even many
    corporate/political sustainability advocates seem to be working on a schedule that
    is blissfully out of whack with climate change-imposed timelines and rather more
    in keeping with what corporate P.R. unilaterally deems most appropriate, from a
    business perspective.

    Is there no
    one in the corporate or political mainstream capable of understanding the
    quantitative and qualitative facts on resource depletion, climate change and
    unchecked exponential economic growth?

    Our current societal
    trajectory puts us on a collision course with a rising storm of events which
    cannot end well, all things considered.

    You go Elizabeth! Keep up the good fight and never give up

  • Leslie

    The image of the melting Arctic ice cover in today’s Vancouver Sun is shocking. What does it take to WAKE UP the politicians and the masses? Everyone should be pressuring the Conservatives to take action.Yesterday the news about oil rights to a vast area of the Canadian seabed being sold for a mere $7 million to a 2-person company in Britain, who can resell it for a profit to any buyer. Canadian sovereignty and protection of our coast and waters from spills gone in a pen stroke Please protest this dangerous mistake. We have to protect the Arctic from burgeoning oil exploration to preserve what ice and clean waters are still left.

  • Don Ross

    The truth hurts, but not nearly as much as what the pain of inaction will. Your message is loud and clear to anyone with their eyes open and heads not buried in the sand.

  • Rob Williams

    Elizabeth, you continue to be an inspiration in the mad house we call parliament. Unfortunately it seems to be another example of how apparently sane and intelligent individuals behave irrationally when in a crowd. In sports arenas it’s worrying but in a parliament that we depend on to steer the country it’s truly scary. Please don’t lose heart and keep fighting the good fight. Even though it may often seem hopeless it would be far worse if there was no-one there to inject sanity.

    Thanks for the great information updates,

  • Jaroslav Zenchuk

    Ah, yes, but what can we do? Here’s one specific, concrete thing we can all do: stop flying. If people stop flying the aviation industry will crash and this will send a clear signal to government will Canadians are serious about climate change and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to address it. But as long as people keep flying, governments conclude (quite rightly) that people don’t really care about climate change, and they will use this as a reason to do nothing.

  • Jean

    It seems an impossibility to bend Harper’s ear, but we haven’t tried hard enough. When are the real protests going to start? Will someone let me know?

  • margaret doyle

    Thank you for continuing to work hard for Canadians. This is an appalling issue. It is so horrible to watch the ‘Harper’ government wipe out programs, policies and gag our scientists. Common sense is not prevailing in Canada.

  • Pat 99

    I certainly think that Elizabeth May has the most integrity of any federal leaders, but I believe the science shows that man made warming is negligable. Most warming is from natural cycles, such as solar flare activity; and most co2 in our atmosphere is also natural, such as volcano activity. A good volcano, in a day, can equal a year’s worth of man’s input to the issue. Certainly, man does contribute largely to pollution, but that is seperate from warming. It seems that most of the carbon tax plans only penalize the developed countries, and send the monies collected to third world countries (with a large amount siphoned off by the “administrators”); while the third world countries continue to pollute, without penalty. Moving a dirty factory to China accomplishes nothing for the global environment; it is just another form of wealth redistribution (read socialism/ communism).
    As I said earlier, I do like Elizabeth May. Harper is a fascist (conbining corporations and state) and the others have yet to show me the sincerety of their convictions.
    I like you Elizabeth, but get off this “man made” warming kick; it ruins your credibility.

    • craigcantin

      Hi Pat.

      I would love to hear your comments about this article:

      • Pat 99

        The article is interesting, but not enough details shared within it to be conclusive to me.
        I know some of these studies used heat sensors in metropolitan areas, which would show more “man made” warming than rural or unhabitated areas. Also, the thirties were the warmest decade in the last 100 years; with 1935 being the warmest year in the last 100 years. While this was clearly after the industrial revolution (coal factories etc), there were far fewer cars, trucks and factories in the thirties than in the last couple of decades. Why wasn’t 2000 to 2010 the warmest decade on record, with 1990 to 2000 the second warmest? I think we are generally stampeded from one trendy cause to another, without critically examining the issue. Does anyone remember all the hyped up fears in the 1970s about the “end of the world” being upon us because we were about to enter a new ice age?
        We certainly need to clean up our (polluting) act; but man made warming? My best guess is that we may contribute 2 to 3 per cent at most.

  • Pat 99

    I just posted a comment, which has disappeared.
    Can anyone tell me why?

    • craigcantin

      Hasn’t gone anywhere…probably moved around with so many comments. Just control-F and search for “Pat 99″. Or, click on “Show more comments” at the bottom.

      (Note: even if a comment was removed, it would indicate that with Disqus.)

      • Pat 99

        Thanks Craig, I expected it to be at the top; but I found it in the middle. I also replied to your reply of my earlier comments, and now don’t see it, either!
        I appreciate a forum where these issues can be shared in a mutually respectful manner. I believe that most people on this forum want the same good things for our society. Co-operation and open discussion is the way to achieve these goals!

        • craigcantin

          I think it’s based on where you ‘reply’. The conversation is threaded, so it’s not ‘linear’ as one expects.

          I’m glad you like this online community. :)

  • Amber Harvey

    You must be the only intelligent person in Ottawa. The rest of our elected officials need to show that they have brains and the will to use them. I wish we could clone you!! Thank you, Elizabeth.

  • Marilyn Maxwell

    Show your support of Elizabeth May and her hard work. Help
    with a letter writing campaign to tell Harper this is not acceptable.
    We need them to work for the

    interests of the not just Canada but the survival
    of our Earth. The Scientific facts are already evident on global warming
    and climate change. I am sure this was pointed out to Harper on his latest
    junket to the Arctic. He must have seen with his own eyes the changing
    landscape. This dangerous denial and greed for power of the Harper government
    must not stand. We agree with Elizabeth May Leader of the Green Party; that they take politics out of the
    equation and work with the Opposition to actually create a plan to combat this
    climate crisis right now! Canadians want our Parliament to work for the good of all life on
    this planet.

  • Paul C. Hamilton

    Each of your blogs, Elizabeth, is like an island of sanity in a sea of disinformation. Please keep on writing them.

  • Ruth Pickering

    Elizabeth, I am so sorry that you are out there doing this all alone!!!! And I know that you know that we are there with you. Your commitment to the planet, and all our children and grandchildren, and hopefully , our great grand children will be noted by them …… someday …. we out here will help all we can … in our communities and in the ballot-boxes. You are an inspiration for us, as we feel hopeless at times too.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Wendy Coates

    Elizabeth thank you so much for standing up for the Environment and for us. There is a shift happening all around the world and the time has come for our government to wake up.

  • Chris Wex

    Keep up the good work. Also think about setting up a wind turbine in parliament so that all the hot air from the nay-sayers is not a total waste.

  • pmagn
  • Carol Kilby

    The posing and grandstanding, literally, makes me ill. There is such an urgent need for consciousness and conversations that co-operate with Gaia’s potential to adapt for a resilient future for the grandchildren of all her species.
    You’ve pulled the prophet’s straw. Take great care of you and don’t let the develolutionary energy break the back of the desperately important Green Party. . Carol Kilby, Gaia Farmhouse Reatreat, Algonquin Highlands

  • Murray Lumley

    I’ve been thinking of calling Stephen Harper’s office to tell him exactly what you (Elizabeth may) are saying – that instead of criticizing the NDP regarding their cap and trade plan, we need to price carbon in some way and that ‘what are you (Harper) thinking’ by not even mentioning the record melting of the arctic ice sheet (which broke the 2007 record which broke all previous records) when you were in the Arctic. I want to ask him what he thinks is going to happen when the ‘air conditioner’ of the arctic is gone (see Globe and Mail article last week) and we are inundated with violent storms and our agriculture is broken because we have lost the stable weather we have had for 4 thousand years since the end of the last ‘little ice-age’. I want to ask him what he thinks his legacy is going to be if he doesn’t start levelling with the Canadian people about this catastrophe and start leading. I want to tell him about my 9 grandchildren and my worries that they have a bleak future – not because of some financial deficit but because of the environmental deficits that Elizabeth mentions – that will make life difficult if not impossible for all of God’s creatures. Thanks for speaking so eloquently Elizabeth. Now how can we get action?

  • RevKees

    Ms May, thank you for your candor and your obvious commitment to holding parliament accountable for its inaction. The evidence for rapid climate change has become indisputable yet our current government continues to push a development strategy that ignores this self-destructive reality. For this government economic arguments (read corporate profitability) will always trump those arguing for ecological sustainability. For this myopic lot, the two will always be mutually exclusive and we will pay the price. To change this requires not only a change of government but a change in fundamental attitude; one that truly recognizes never ending economic growth for the insanity that it is, and favors strategies that are both economically and ecologically sustainable on a global scale.

  • elvira lusa

    People do not read. They believe what is told on TV. Yet, no one ever explained to masses what the carbon tax is, and what is it significance.

  • Joan MacLeod

    Elizabeth, thank you for your intelligence and clarity on the issues. this is why we love you so much!

  • Gina Bisaillon

    Elizabeth, why don’t you have a private meeting with Thomas Mulcair and come to some sort of agreement that you and the NDP will support each other against that villain who claims to represent a majority of Canadians?

  • Arnold

    Elizabeth, you are the greatest. why has our society gone off the track so far.
    Arnold Baker

  • Karlin

    “Masters of the Universe”
    We have to wonder about the corporate types who also stand to lose from global warming. They are “going to go down with the rest of us” so why don’t they get on board with emissions reductions? [almost every year we break the record for more CO2 emissions, and CO2 levels in the atmosphere are, as we speak, surpassing the dreaded 400 p.p.m. mark!!] – I am thinking that it is because the CEOs get the big bucks to be right all the time, and to acknowledge the mistake they made in denying AGW [man made global warming] would reduce their credibility. They backed themselves into a corner.

    They are ignorant, not well read – they pass around reading material to each other and so all they know is what their peers tell them. They never read the alternative news online!!

    Since it is the CEOs of energy companies that make the decisions on where to invest their company assets, changing course now by comitting money to renewables and efficiency would indicate their mistaken belief about global warming.

    Also, it is, under corporate law, imperitive for them to seek the biggest return on their investments, and fossil fuels are still the one.
    They think in terms of 3 to 5 years for ROI [return on investments], so despite the fact that renewables compare with fossil fuels over 7 to 10 years, they stick with oil and coal and gas investments.

    However, if the price of gasoline were gradually increased to $10 a liter as we implement “polluter pay” costs – including tailpipe emissions as well as industrial emissions – then renewables would be the only game in town.

    The other hope to ending this insanity of ever-increasing CO2 emissions is that the rumours of a pending “total economic collapse” will mean money has no value, and therefore everything of REAL WORLD value will be valued again – water, air, sustainable environment, food…

  • chris lots


  • Avery Ascher

    With scientific evidence showing that we can anticipate ice-free summers in the arctic within a few decades, it is sheer madness that much media, business and political chatter is focusing on the ‘opportunities’ that climate change is thus opening up for shipping oil through the arctic. Yes, let’s get more oil flowing and consumed worldwide so that we can increase carbon emissions even further. Yes, let’s test just how ‘robust’ and safe the oil tanker industry is in one of the most environmentally fragile areas of the planet. Yes, let’s see how quickly we can achieve an ice-free arctic year-round, and the massive global climate instability that will bring. Thank you, Elizabeth, for continuing to challenge mainstream thinking and offering sound alternatives.

  • judith wells

    thank YOU Elizabeth… a light of sanity in an insane world

  • Art Lowe

    stop supporting agenda 21 May, you not doing canadians any favors

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